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FF| AWMARW Thread 2 (Page 29)

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Originally posted by nasco

 hey. came across ur ff by chance and i should say u brought me back to kis desh world
thnx a ton for scripting such a nice ff.

by the way my name is shwetha . can i get the link of ur other ff's if u dnt mind??

Hi Shwetha!  *waves* 

It's always nice to hear from new readers.

Here is the link to my other works in one single Thread called Chai's Teahouse which is currently featuring my new SS At First Sight.  I have one completed work called Pee Loon there.

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Originally posted by aaminaman

Hey when are u gonna update this one

Hehe...still need to finish up a part...sorry Embarrassed

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update soon

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Big Thank Yous to all who Commented and/or Hit the Like Button Smile

Oh and just to clear up any confusion.  Veera has not won the design contest...she's going to New York for the final stage where she will be judged then...I know it's been such a long time ago since I've mentioned her design contest LOL  I don't expect you guys to remember it...even I forgot Tongue

Chapter 62: Honeymoon and Other Adventures


Prem strolled about the airport duty free shop just looking at things as he and Heer waited for their flight to be called.  It was miracle that they were able to drop their bags off and make it through the security check point without any issues.  He knew Heer was elated that they were on schedule and would be in Switzerland soon.  They grabbed a quick breakfast and bought a couple of sandwiches for the plane ride just in case the food wasn't very good.


Prem was wearing a black hoodie over his white graphic t-shirt, khaki colored cargo shorts, and sneakers.  His hair was slightly gelled up and his face was clean shaven except for a slight stubble left around his mouth and chin.  His camera backpack was hanging casually on his right shoulder.  Prem stopped at one of the displays to look at what types of candies the store was selling.  He felt a strange sensation as if something was creeping up behind him and glanced up to see two girls standing diagonally in the far corner from him with their backs turned giggling at something.  He scratched his head thinking he was just imagining things and looked back down inspecting the candies again.  Prem then sighed and moved onto another display.  He looked back up searching the store wondering where Heer had gone off to.  He spotted her in the liquor aisle looking at some things.  She was wearing a thin white long sleeve shirt underneath a yellow ribbed graphic Henley t-shirt that was only half way buttoned.  Her shirts and jeans fitted perfectly against her body accentuating the curve of her womanly frame.  Because of the rush in the morning Heer didn't have enough time to properly dry her hair and had opted to pull her hair back into a high ponytail.  She carried a black Coach swingpack bag diagonally across her body.  Her white hoodie was folded over the purse and tucked in close to her hip. 


Out of the corner of Prem's eyes he noticed three guys starring at Heer.  Every time Heer would look up or towards their direction the guys pretend to look the other way.  He narrowed his eyes as he realized that they were slowly moving towards her direction in a sly attempt to start talking to her.  One guy in particular seemed to be very interested while the other two were simply standing there as his look out.  Prem made quick strides and within a matter of minutes he was standing next to his wife.  Heer looked up surprised to see him suddenly standing next to her.  "Something wrong?" she asked.


"No, nothing..." Prem replied.


"Prem, what are you doing?" Heer asked noticing how he seemed to be hovering around her.


"There are these three guys that keep starring at you.  I just want to make sure they know you're taken," Prem replied.


"What three guys?" Heer asked.


"The three guys over there standing by the Johnnie Walker sign," Prem replied.  "There is one in a blue shirt, one in a gray shirt, and the one in a garnet and gold stripped polo shirt."  Heer briefly glanced up and saw the guys Prem had described talking amongst themselves and looking around the store.


"They aren't even looking over here.  I think you're being paranoid," Heer said.


"I'm not being paranoid.  They were looking and I saw them," Prem insisted.  "Are you feeling wanna put on your hoodie?"


"Prem, I'm not cold," Heer replied with some annoyance.  "And what is that suppose to do?"   


"I mean your shirt is kind of tight...maybe you should wear it to cover yourself from wondering eyes," Prem said. 


Heer stared at him giving him a look, "I'm just going to take that as a compliment."


"Where are you going?" Prem asked in alarm as she started to move away.


"I'm going to go look at stuff over there...the little travel items.  Do I need to ask you for permission?" Heer replied.


Prem shook his head, "No."


"Okay then," Heer said and continued walking towards that side of the store.


Prem turned to his right and saw the guy in the garnet and gold stripped polo shirt start to slowly make his way over to where Heer was.  He gave a deadly glare at the polo shirt guy's friends making sure they got the message that he did not appreciate them starring at Heer.  They received it loud and clear and then look on worriedly as they saw their friend approaching the aisles near Heer.  They tried waving at him to get his attention but he wasn't paying any heed to their gestures.  Prem gave a determine face that he was going stop the guy from hitting on Heer and started to make his way across the store.  Just as he was halfway there he accidentally bumped into someone causing them to drop whatever it was they were carrying in their hands.  "I'm really sorry," Prem apologized as he got on the floor and started picking up the coffee boxes that had been dropped.


"It's really okay.  It was my fault," the girl replied as she picked up the candy packets scattered around the floor.


Prem glanced up and recognized the girl as one of the two girls that he had seen giggling earlier in the store.  "Here," Prem said as he handed the boxes back to her.  "You okay?  You got it?"


"Yes," the girl replied with some embarrassment.  "Thanks a lot.  It's really hard to find people who are so understanding these days.  Many would just yell and blame and then run off."


"It was accident.  We both bumped into each other," Prem said.  "Maybe you should exchange the boxes with some newer ones...are the candy packets okay?"


"I think the boxes are okay...they seem pretty sturdy.  It's only coffee's probably all right.  But I think I'll exchange the candy packets," the girl said.  "Really thanks for being so understanding...what's your name?"  Prem's eyes widen at her question.  "Sorry, if I seem so forward I just want to properly thank you.  My name is Jenny."


"Um, it's Prem, Jenny," Prem replied.


"Thank you very much Prem.  It's nice meeting you," Jenny smiled.  "So are you buying anything for the family?  I thought I take home some of the maple candy for my family back in Switzerland."


"Switzerland?  You live there?" Prem asked with great interest. 


"Yes, but I'm studying here at the University of Toronto...getting a Master's in Marketing..." Jenny said.


"Oh really?  I'm studying there too...Master's in Business Administration," Prem replied.


"Wow, what a coincidence," Jenny said.  "But the programs are slightly different we probably haven't taken a class together."


"No, probably not," Prem replied.  "So, you are going back to Switzerland for summer vacation?" 


"Yes, I'm going back for summer vacation.  My family really enjoys the maple syrup candies and I was suppose to buy them yesterday and get them packed but I was so busy getting ready for the trip and exams had just finished that it completely slipped my mind.  Good thing the duty free shop had them.  I almost didn't make it here on time because I woke up late.  My alarm didn't go off but luckily my friend woke me up in time," Jenny said.


Prem chuckled, "That happened to me too this morning except I had set the alarm wrong.  I actually woke up late.  Almost didn't make it in time but my sister-in-law who drives like a maniac got us here on time.  She was doing so many illegal things I was surprised the police didn't pull us over."


"Really?  Sounds like that was quite an experience," Jenny replied.


"Yea, it really was," Prem smiled.  "So since you are native of Switzerland...are there any places you would recommend to definitely check know from a local's perspective?"


"Oh, you're going to Switzerland?  You're not on the Air Canada flight are you?" Jenny inquired. 


"Yup," Prem nodded.


"No way, I'm on that flight too," Jenny said with a smile. 


Prem gave a simple grin back.  "I guess we were destined to meet." 


Jenny shyly tucked her hair behind her ear and said, "Well, it all depends on what city you are visiting...there a lots of beautiful attractions."


"Other than the first week everything is pretty much unplanned...I mean more free's a vacation so I didn't want to be all rigid with know a few days here and then a few days there," Prem explained.


"Well, in Geneva you should check out Lake Geneva of course, Jet d'Eau, Cathedrale de St. Pierre, Place Bourg du's a historic town square in the heart of Old Geneva, Stettler Chocolates..." Jenny suggested.  Her eyes sparkled with delight as Prem nodded his head with a smile very much engrossed with the conversation about places to visit.  "Um, then if you are going to Berne you should go to the Gurten, the Bundeshaus...home of the Swiss national government, the Rose Gardens, Bern Cathedral, the Clock Tower, the Cathedral at Munsterplatz...St. Vincent.  I've listed a lot of places you sure you can remember all of this?"


"I have a guide book.  These places sound really familiar.  Please continue," Prem encouraged.


"Um, okay.  Well, you should stop by Lucerne if you can and visit Mount Pilatus...the view is simply breathtaking.  Then there is the Lion Monument, Glacier Gardens, Chapel Bridge which will take you into Old Town, and of course Lake Lucerne...taking the cruise will be a nice way to see the surrounding towns and the scenic views," Jenny said.  "And there are lots of museums to visit in all these places if you like doing that kind of thing."


"You sure know your attractions," Prem complimented.


"My parents work for the department of tourism in Geneva and my brother works as a tour guide in Berne." Jenny explained.  "I use to work at my uncle's travel agency during my summer vacations."


"Wow, all in the family," Prem replied.


"Yes, it is," Jenny grinned.  She then cautiously began to ask, "Since you will be spending some time in Switzerland...if you need someone to..."  Prem looked away at that moment as he became distracted by the voice of his wife calling him.


"Prem?  Honey, would you come here and look at this?" Heer sweetly called.


Prem's eyes zeroed in at her location and saw the guy wearing the garnet and gold stripped polo standing next to her.  He gave the guy a stern look and then turned around with an apologetic but thankful grin at Jenny, "Sorry.  My wife...we're going on our honeymoon.  Thanks for all the information Jenny.  I guess I'll see you around campus?  Have a great summer vacation."


Jenny tried to mask the stunned expression she knew was on her face and forced a smile, "Oh, you're on your honeymoon.  Uh-um, yes...see you around campus...and same to you."  When Prem had left and was well out of ear shot Jenny's friend came quickly to her side.  "Oh my God, I feel like such an idiot."


"I was trying to tell you that I saw his wedding ring on his left hand.  I can't believe you didn't check his left hand," her friend replied.


"Gretchen, it's not something I have a habit of checking.  I mean he was young," Jenny said.


"Young people get married too you know," Gretchen answered.


"He goes to the same school as us and he's getting a Master in Business.  And he was so cute too!  I swear all the good ones are taken," Jenny sighed.           


Meanwhile, on the other side of the store Prem had made his way quickly to his wife's side.  "Yes Sweets, you wanted me to look at something?" he asked.


"Jason here was just telling me how good these travel pillows are," Heer said.


"Oh Jason, nice meeting you," Prem greeted giving him a hard handshake.


Jason meekly smiled trying to contain the pain he was feeling from Prem's grip on his hand.  "Nice meeting you too," he hoarsely replied.


"What do you think?" Heer asked holding up one of the pillow packages.


"Um, well, it was really nice meeting you both but I have to head to my terminal now.  Have a safe trip," Jason abruptly said and made his exit.


Prem grinned as he watched him scurry away to his friends and quickly left the store.  "I told you didn't I?  And you wouldn't believe me."


"You were right.  But what were you doing with that girl over there?" Heer asked a bit miffed.


"Jenny?" Prem replied innocently.


"So Jenny was her name?" Heer asked.  "Have a nice conversation with her?  Did you forget about me?"  Prem grinned at her tone noticing her jealousy right away.  "Why are you smiling like that?  First, you were all concern over those guys trying to hit on me and then you disappeared somewhere...and end up talking to some girl named you obviously forgot about me...and I had to deal with Jason," Heer huffed.  "Jenny was---" was all Prem was able to utter as Heer angrily cut him off, "I don't want to know about Jenny, okay?"


"She was just---"


"I told you," Heer quickly replied.


"Telling me about places we should visit in Switzerland," Prem completed holding onto his wife's arm preventing her from storming off.  "What are we going to do if people don't know we are married, huh?  We should probably show them shouldn't we?"  Heer looked at him wondering where he was going with all of this.  Prem placed a tender kiss on the side of her forehead as he put his arm around her waist.  He felt Heer soften and lean into his body.  "So are you serious about the travel pillows?"


"I know we're flying in the executive class but it would be nice to have our own pillows, don't you think?  We could use them on the train too," Heer said.


"It's up to you.  They seem small enough that they won't take up space.  I have room in my backpack for them," Prem said.


"Maybe we should get the pillow and blanket set.  They come with their own carrying bag.  I know it is a bit bigger.  You will only be able to fit one of these in your backpack.  I don't mind carrying the bag," Heer suggested.


"Whatever you want Sweets," Prem said.  Heer raised her eyebrow and gave him a questioning look.  "You called me Honey earlier," Prem explained.


"I called you that to make Jason realize our relationship," Heer answered.  "But can't you come up with something better?"


"Better?"  Prem repeated.  "I thought it was rather unique...everyone uses Baby.  Are you going to continue calling me Honey?"


"Mmmm, I don't know.  Maybe I should call you my Cuddle Bunny," Heer teased with a giggle.


"Cuddle Bunny?  That's way too sugary," Prem complained.  "I'm a guy, you know."


"These are love names what do you expect?  They are all like this," Heer replied.


"I'm not going to respond to that if you use it," Prem said rather gruffly.


"Well, we have the whole honeymoon to think of something appropriate," Heer said as she gave him kiss on the cheek.  "I'm going to go pay for these...maroon for me and blue for you, okay?"


"Fine with me," Prem replied.


Maya and Veera stood next to each other with perplexed looks drawn across their faces as Meher marched up and down in front of them.  The coffee table of the living room was lined with all sorts of cleaning sprays and products.  Meher had decided that her cleaning lesson would be delivered at the townhouse.  It was a lot smaller to clean then the Juneja Mansion and Maya wouldn't have to worry about accidentally breaking or ruining something.  "All right, today we are going to go over some of the basic cleaning products you use every day to clean.  Pay close attention because three days from now I'm going to test you."


"There's a test involved!?" Maya exclaimed.  "How am I suppose to remember all this in three days?"


"Wait, one minute why are you talking as if I'm going to be doing the same thing as she is?" Veera asked.  "I'm here for moral support just like Harman and Preet."


"Your Mom thought it would be a good idea for you to learn something as well," Meher answered.


"I'll be leaving in two weeks to go to New York for the design contest and you want me to learn how to clean?!" Veera whined.


"I'm not the one your Mom is the one."


"No way I'm out of here," Veera said and tried running for the door only to be blocked by Preet.  "Let me go!"


"Actually I'm here to stop people from running away," her brother replied with a smirk.


"This is not fair," Veera sighed.


"Um, is it just me or is someone making popcorn?" Maya inquired as she heard the distinctive sound of something popping and the fragrant aroma of butter.


"Oh, that's probably Nihaal," Harman answered.


"What's he doing here?" Veera asked.


"I'm here to watch of course," Nihaal greeted as he carried a bowl of freshly made popcorn and a can of Coke.  "When I heard you were going to learn how to clean I just had to come over."


"Don't you have work or something?"


Nihaal shook his head, "No," and offered his popcorn to everyone.  He then sat on the couch his eyes sparkling with mirth as he watched Meher conduct her lesson.


"He's not going to watch he's going to participate..." Meher said as she grabbed her brother's can of soda from him, "as a training helper..."


Nihaal's eyes widen in horror and he yelled, "Meher what are you doing?!"


To everyone's disbelief Meher poured the can of Coke on her brother making sure to get his shirt, jeans, and the couch and rug wet.  "Okay, lesson to clean up a spill."


Heer yawned and slumped down on the big comfy bed in the Presidential suite.  She rolled onto her back and inspected the room.  There were only three words to describe the hotel room and that was modern, elegant, and luxurious.  She knew that it probably was very expensive and she felt a bit guilty that Prem was spending so much money on the trip.  She shifted her head to the side amazed to see a bathtub behind a glass window that had the shades drawn open.  Their bathroom had an open layout.  There weren't any real doors just two archways on either side of the glass window that lead you into the bathroom.  Heer hoped that they at least closed the toilet area as it would be super embarrassing for either of them to be using it out in the wide open while the other one was in the bedroom.  It was one thing seeing each other in the buff when they made love or showered together but the other thing was an entirely different matter.  In her mind it was just plain inappropriate and she didn't know if it was some strange European or Swiss thing to design the room like that.  Heer's thoughts were interrupted as Prem came into the room and collapsed onto the bed next to her.  "Ahhhh, this feels good," he murmured stretching his arms and back out.  "Those plane seats were a bit hard when laying down in them.  I spent most of my time in a half recline.  I tucked the airplane pillow behind my back to give me more support.  So, what do you think of the room?"


"It's really nice Prem, but it must be pretty expensive.  We're changing hotels in a week right?" Heer asked.


"Yes we are but don't worry about it Heer.  It's our honeymoon.  It's okay to splurge a little.  I just want our first week here to be comfortable," Prem replied as he took off his sneakers and socks.  "I've budgeted appropriately.  The rooms after this probably won't be as grand."   


"It's really okay.  All we really need is a clean place to sleep and take a shower at night after a day of sightseeing.  But thank you, though," Heer said and gave him a kiss on the cheek.


"You're welcome," Prem beamed.  He then smirked, "But we need to make sure to add something else to that list...privacy...we can't have thin walls."


Heer scrunched her nose up knowing what he was implying and hit his shoulder, "Premmm!" 


He chuckled and pulled her on top of him.  "What?  I don't want to hear other people's conversations or listen to what their watching on TV."


"I know what you meant so don't even try denying it.  Stop being bad," Heer replied.


"Sorry Cupcake, but you're going to be dealing with the bad boy during our honeymoon," Prem cheekily answered as he rubbed his nose against her nose.  He then titled his head to capture her lips but was prevented when she turned her head to the side and hit his chest with her fists.  "Ahhh, that hurts," Prem grumbled.


"Serves you right," Heer said.  "And what is Cupcake?  You were complaining about the pet names being too sweet and you come up with Cupcake for me?"


"So, that's a no.  All right I'll think of something else," Prem mused out loud. 


"By the way, why is the bathtub out in the open like that?" Heer asked.


"It's really cool, huh?" Prem excitedly exclaimed.  "You can draw the shades up on the glass window and be able to watch the big flat screen TV from the bathtub.  When I saw the pictures of this suite I was sold.  I like how it's really modern but yet classy."


"You saw the pictures of the bathtub and flat screen TV and you just had to get this room?" Heer asked raising her eyebrows.  Prem smiled nodding his head.  "The bathroom is so out in the open.  It's not very private."


"What is there to be private about between you and me?  We are on our honeymoon," Prem said with a naughty smirk.


"But the's probably just sitting out in the open behind one of the walls back there," Heer replied.  Prem's face fell into a pondering expression.  "You didn't think of that now, did you?"


"No, not really," Prem nervously laughed.  "Well, there is a half bath outside.  We can use that."


"We should call home," Heer suggested as she got off the bed.  "I'm so tired and all we did today was sit on a plane.  I'm taking a shower first and then I'm going to bed."


"Yeah, we should call," Prem replied and went to go look for his cell phone and calling card.


Heer emerged from the bedroom in her pajamas toweling her hair dry.  Prem was lounging on the couch watching television and eating one of the sandwiches they had purchased from the Toronto airport.  "The shower is free," Heer announced.


"Oh good thanks," Prem said as he sat up.  "Not much on...well, interesting that is...I can understand most of what they are saying though every now and then they use a term I haven't heard before but then again I learned French Canadian."


"Is the sandwich still okay?" Heer asked as she sat down on the couch.


"Yeah, it tastes fine to me.  You can have the other half if you like," Prem offered.


"Nah, it's okay," Heer replied.  "You know, I can't believe Meher is training Maya and Veera like they are in some army boot camp."


"Cleaning boot camp," Prem laughed.  "Meher is pretty funny."


"I hope they don't get into an argument.  Meher can get rather carried away at times," Heer said.


"I'm sure your brother will think twice about going over to the townhouse when she does her training," Prem chuckled.  "I can't believe she actually poured an entire can of Coke on him."


"Exactly what I mean," Heer sighed.


"Well, it was a creative why to teach her first lesson," Prem replied handing over the remote.  "I'll be back."


"I'll be waiting," Heer answered.


Fifteen minutes later Prem walked back into the living room feeling clean and refreshed from his shower.  "So did you miss me?" he teased.


Heer turned around and smiled but then frowned as Prem sat down next to her.  "Did you dry your hair?"


"Yeah," Prem simply replied.


"It looks really wet still," Heer said and ran her fingers through his damp hair.  "Prem!" she yelled as he began running his hands through his hair and thrashing his head about so water droplets went flying everywhere.


"What?" Prem replied smirking.  Heer just threw her towel on his head and gave him a really hard rubbed down on purpose for his actions.  "Thanks," Prem chuckled as he rested the towel around his neck.  His hair was spiked up and rolled around in a mess.  Heer sighed and gently started parting his hair properly.  "So, should we go to bed?"  Heer simply shook her head.  "No?  Oh yeah, it's not good to sleep with your hair wet."  Prem arched his eyebrows when Heer started to straddled him.  "I thought you said you were tired."  Heer smiled as she pulled the towel away and rested her hands on the back of his neck.  "I'm not anymore," she replied tilting her head in a teasing manner, "Are you?"  Prem exhaled softly and whispered against her lips, "No, not at all."  Heer giggled as she felt Prem's hands on her lower back holding her in place.  They kissed sweetly savoring the feeling of their lips against each other's soft skin.  Prem's mind was starting to go blank as intense surges of pleasure pulsed through his body.  He never thought it could feel this good to be lost as Heer took him under her magic spell again.  Prem protested as he felt his wife began to pull away and tightened his hold on her body.  "Why do you always try to leave me?" he breathlessly asked.  Heer gently nibbled on his earlobe and whispered, "I'm not."  She then gave him a seductive kiss that made him go weak.  She seized the moment and quickly got off of the couch.  "Heer," Prem whined.  He turned his head around and heard her giggle as his view went dark.  He pulled the thing that was obstructing his view off his head and inspected it realizing it was her shirt.  "Are you coming Prem?" Heer asked her voice deep within the bedroom.  He shot up from the couch and tore his shirt off over his head as he ran inside the room, "You bet I am."


I apologize that I only wrote a little bit about Meher's cleaning camp.  I'll write more in the next chapter along with some more Meet and Harman and Maya moments.

Thanks for reading!

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yayyyy.  I was waiting for this update :D

LOVELY premeer scenes!! I loved them... and omg meher did that to nihaal! Thats extremely funny.

I love how you have that romance in it with just the touch of humour.... it makes it all perfect :D

Good job and update soon, btw i skipped studying for my exam to read this :)



p.s. i loved the jelousy parts, and heer sooo deserved that muahahha!

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awesome update graceClap
i loved it
thanks for pm

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