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Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
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FF| AWMARW Thread 2 (Page 24)

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Originally posted by Aymee

Great update Grace.

Grace, I have to say that this is the best afterglow I have ever read LOL.  Poor Prem and Heer LOL.  I loved it Big smile.
Prem and Heer's shower scene was cute and sexy.  I still can't believe Heer is still shy but we know that won't last long Wink.
My first favorite part of this chapter was when they arrived home and was about to kiss, before they went inside, Preet opens the door and as usual interrupts them LOLHand it to Preet to always to interrupt their romantic moments so shamelessly LOL.  That is what I always loved about Preet on the show, he was the only one who could do that and us fans wouldn't be upset about his interruption but laugh at him getting dirty looks and his ears pulled by both Prem and Heer LOL.
My second favorite part of this chapter was when Preet, Harman and Veera started teasing Prem about him and Heer having children.  Prem's response was perfect which not only kept the younger siblings quiet but also scared them, knowing very well Prem will tease them after they got married.  But nobody can top Kulraj.  She has to be the best older sister for Prem LOL.  When she told Prem that she was already married and began to tease him, I couldn't stop laughing.    Kulraj was the only sibling on the show that could tease and embrass Prem and get away with it. 
Grace, honestly, I love how you were able to bring Preet and Kulraj's characteristics from the show to your FF.   
I really had a good laugh in this chapter.
Thank you for the PM.  I can't wait to read your next chapter.

Thanks so much.  I really loved Preet's character from the show.  He was so fun loving and the baby brother that could get away with things like bugging Prem and Heer.  He was always there for them too.  He loved his brother and sister-in-law so much.  Aw, talking about him makes me miss him so much.

And I also really enjoyed Kulraj's character she was kind of this zany but motherly sister to the siblings.  She had a very close bond to Prem and in some ways I think he looked at her as his mother sometimes because there was a period of time before Gayatri came into their lives to be their step-mother.

Anyways, I try my best to put in a dash of Kis Desh every now and then in my updates.

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Originally posted by khajju

hii grace *waves*....howz u??.....the chapter was sooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooood......premeer are just tooo adorable.....luvd every bit of the chapter..seriously it was awesmeeeee.....ur ffs are sooo realistic...and i luv tht....aww heer is hungry after tht wonderful night......luvd their convo......srk part was great....heeer is shy in front of prem...urs obvious coz its all new new....nyone will be shy.....the couple is off to sleep after breakfast....they are late it already 10:00Shocked ......heheh yaa u told him to wake up and now u are using the bathrooom then wht abt him.....luvd prems answers to heer in bathroom......he is at times soo funny.....aah i was sure tht prem is definately gonna cme to accompany heer in the shower....luvd the shower scene....they r sooooo romantic......bth shampooed each other....heheh nice awards....heheh prem is soooo eagar to kiss heer.....i was sure tht preet is gonna interrupt them...alwayzz kabab main haddi.....prems words stopped everone frm teasing him....sweet everyone luvd the gajar halwa which heer made.....ya its gajar halwa not gaja halwa...i knw u dnt knw hindi so u wud hav mistaken....aww the whole day premeer wer seperated....awwwww luvd the bedroom scene mr.prem and mrs.prem......luvd premeer scene...ufff this teji...i m reallly angry on her....there wont be any harm if one person wud not help them in pooor prem...its only the first day and this is the sweetly heer asked sorry to prem....quickly send them to there are verryy much interreptions...nywayz thanks for pm....update soon.

Thanks for catching that for me.  Yeah, I had missed spelled that.  I've gone and corrected it in my post.

Anyways, thanks for the lovely comments.  Hehe...Prem and Heer are having a hard time with the interruptions.  But don't fret...Prem will find a way Wink  He loves to romance his Heer.

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are you updating now?

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Haha...ask and you shall receive.  I didn't think anyone was around in the forums but I guess I was wrong.

Hope everyone is doing well.  I know some of you are busy with school and exams.  Thanks to everyone who took a little bit of time to reply with a Comment and/or Hit the Like Button Big smile

I don't know why but I think I've been spoiling you guys with too much Premeer romance.  Anyways, for those of you who are Meet fans I've given them a part in this chapter Wink

Chapter 61: The Beginning of Us


The Juneja household was busily buzzing along until mid-afternoon.  A majority of the Juneja and Maan families stopped by to make their last final congratulations and happy wishes for a blessed married life to Prem and Heer before heading off to the airport.  There were a few families that stayed behind to vacation in Toronto.  They were busy site seeing but had notified the family that they would be stopping by sometime in the evening.  Gayatri ever the most hospitable host welcomed them eagerly despite being exhausted from all the cooking and entertaining that had occurred in the past week.  Teji did her best to help her friend with the kitchen work but even she was beginning to feel the strain.  Meher, Heer, and Ashlesha would help out but even they would eventually get called away by family to go help with something else. 


Teji sighed as she saw the men of the household all gathered around the television set watching the sports channel highly engrossed in a baseball game.  She couldn't help but smile as she spied Prem grabbing Heer's hand trying to sneak her away from everyone.  Heer protested motioning that she had to throw the plastic cups in her hands away into the trash.  Prem pouted and placed the cups off on a side table saying someone else could take care of it.  He then swiftly pulled her towards the foyer and out the front door.  Teji wasn't upset as she figured a little rest and alone time with her husband was much deserved after the hectic morning they had.  Gayatri was upstairs taking a nap and Anjali the hired help had gone back home to rest for a few hours before coming back in the evening to help with dinner.  


Teji gave a warm smile as she saw Kulraj walking towards her holding Tanu in her arms, "Do you need anything dear?  I'll go and get it for you."


"No, it's all right I know how tired you must be with all that cooking going on.  Go and sit down and rest," Kulraj replied.


"You must be pretty tired yourself after all Tanu is only a month old," Teji said.  "Is she sleeping better at night?"


"Yes, she's getting better," Kulraj replied.  "I was just on my way to get some water.  Would you like some?"


"You sit...I'll go and get it," Teji offered.


"How about both of you sit and I'll go and get you some," Kiran said as he came walking in with Rishi.


"How was the park?" Kulraj asked.


"It was lots of fun Mommy!  Wish you and Tanu could have come," Rishi replied.


"Yes, Tanu was sleeping earlier maybe next time," Kulraj answered.


"Come Daddy we have to get water for Mommy and Teji Auntie," Rishi said pulling his father's hand.  Kiran waved goodbye as the two women gently chuckled amused at Rishi's behavior.


When the father and son pair entered the kitchen they saw Veera animatedly chatting up a storm on her cell phone talking to one of her friends.  Kiran gave a mirthful grin at the way Veera was gossiping about the wedding and other things.  He then went to help his son pour water for his mother and Teji Auntie and some milk for the two of them.  "Wait," Rishi said as his father was about to take the glasses and go.  "We need to ask Masi if she would like something to drink.  It is the nice thing to do."


"You're right," Kiran replied extremely proud that his child was being so thoughtful.


Rishi walked over to Veera and politely waited for her to notice him standing in front of her.  Veera paused and held her cell phone to the side.  "Yes Rishi?"


"Masi would you like something to drink?" he asked.


"Oh, I'm fine but thank you for offering," Veera said.


Just then Nihaal came walking into the kitchen with a bright smile on his face.  "Hey Rishi," he greeted.  "Did you have fun at the park?"


Rishi nodded his head, "Yup.  Nihaal Bhaiya would you like something to drink?"


"Oh, it's okay.  I just came in to talk to your Masi.  But thank you for asking," Nihaal replied.


"Okay.  Can we play Lego's later?" Rishi asked.


Nihaal grinned and affectionately patted his head, "Of course."


"Yay!" Rishi exclaimed.  "You and Heer Auntie are the best!"


"Come Rishi, let's go and give these drinks to your Mommy and Teji Auntie," Kiran instructed as he held a serving tray in his hands with the beverages sitting on top.


"Okay.  See ya later Nihaal Bhaiya," Rishi said as he followed his father out of the kitchen.


Nihaal nodded and then walked over to Veera.  He cleared his throat making his presence known causing Veera to pause her conversation for the second time that day.  She gave him a rather annoyed what do you want look.  "You should be nice to people who are about to give you extremely good news," Nihaal simply replied.


"Are you leaving?" Veera asked.


"Haha...I'm going just ignore that comment because I know you'll be wishing you took that back as soon as I tell you what I'm going to tell you," Nihaal said. 


"Really?  Okay, what is this big news?" Veera asked.


"What you've been waiting for.  You've made it into the final round.  Notifications should be sent out sometime this week," Nihaal grinned.


Veera stared at him slightly stunned by what he was telling her.  "You mean...I..."


Nihaal slowly nodded his head, "Congratulations.  You'll be in New York two weeks from now."


"Oh My God!  Oh My God!" Veera squealed in excitement.  She then jumped up and hugged Nihaal.  "I'm soooooo sorry!  This is the best news ever!"


"You're welcome," Nihaal replied with a chuckle as Veera let go and went running into the living room to inform everyone.


Prem gently ran his fingers through his wife's silky hair as he lay on his back holding her in his arms.  They had secretly left the Juneja mansion and gone to the townhouse to spend some time together.  Prem smiled as Heer looked up at him; her angelic face and almond shaped eyes shining with pure love.  He placed a kiss on her forehead causing the corners of Heer's mouth to turn up into a shy smile.  "This idea wasn't so bad now was it?" Prem asked.


"No, I guess not," Heer replied trying to suppress her teasing smile as she rubbing her fingers against his bare shoulder.


"What do you mean I guess not?" Prem asked.  Heer giggled at his response and began moving away from him.  Prem frowned and pulled her back snuggling his face in the crook of her neck.  "Tell me it's not time to go."


"It's time to go," Heer replied.


"You're very cruel you know that don't you?" Prem said.


Heer slinked her hand back brushing pass his jaw line and inserted it into the base of his thick hair and she closed her eyes enjoying the intimate contact that he was giving her.  Prem's lips nibbled against her soft skin elating a pleasing sigh.  "But we have to before they start looking for us.  How much teasing do you want to receive from the family?"


Prem let out a heavy groan and murmured, "A few more hours...just a few more hours and then we will be on our honeymoon."


"Are you going to be chanting that on the plane?" Heer asked with a chuckle.


"Have a problem with it?" Prem inquired.


"No, not at all," Heer replied as she turned over to face him.  "I'll be thinking the same thing."  She gently ran her index finger along his board nose down towards his lips and gave a playful gasp as Prem tired to teasingly bite her finger.  They both let out soft chuckles at their reactions. "We should stop playing around and go," Heer said.


Prem childishly shook his head, "But I don't want to go."  He then rolled on top of Heer and captured her lips.  Prem didn't know exactly why he was acting so needy.  All he knew was that there was this strange intoxication that passed over him when they were together.  Perhaps, it was because they were still in the newlywed phase of their marriage.  There was just a deep driven urge to not only spend time with each other but be one with each other.  He could feel that Heer felt the same way despite her protests that they shouldn't be sneaking away when family was still in town.  It never took her very long to give into the moment and get swept away like he did.  Tiny electrifying shivers jolted down Prem's spine as Heer casted her magic on him again.  The way she kissed him, ran her fingers through his hair, and clung to his body drove him insane with passion.  He would lose himself into this oblivious state not knowing or caring what was going on around him.  The only thing that mattered was Heer and the need to satisfy whatever she was asking of him.  He leaned his forehead against her forehead taking a pause as he breathed breathlessly from the physicalness of their actions.


"Love you," Heer said causing Prem to grin widely.


"Love you too," he replied.  "So, we should go, huh?"  Prem knew that Heer was right.  If they didn't leave soon they would fall into another make out session that would lead to a second round of love making and it would be hard to hide that fact from their families after disappearing for so many hours.


"Yes," Heer answered as she sat up and gathered the white bed sheet around her bare body.  She scanned her bedroom with a smirk as she saw how their clothes had been flung across the room when they had initially come in.  Her cheeks glowed into a light pink as her mind was still fresh with the experience of their first afternoon love making session.  Heer smiled as she felt Prem encircle his arms around her pulling her into his chest bringing an instant warmth against her back.  "We need to finish packing when we get back home.  This morning we hardly had any time to do it properly."


"We're almost done," Prem replied.


"Throwing in two pairs of jeans and handful of t-shirts into the suitcase is not done," Heer argued.  "We are going to be gone for a month and half."


"That's enough for me," Prem said.


"What are you going to do if your clothes get dirty?" Heer asked.


"Well, wash them of course," Prem answered using a tone that implied she was asking an obvious question.


"So you are going to continue wearing one pair of dirty jeans until your other pair of dirty jeans is washed, cleaned, and dried?" Heer replied in disgust.


"You make it sound worse than it's not like I'm going to be playing in the mud," Prem said.  "Anyways we should pack light...what about all the souvenirs we will be carrying?"


"I'm not going to be buying a whole bunch," Heer said.


Prem snickered causing Heer to give him a dirty look.  "Okay.  Fine do whatever you like.  Just promise me you won't be packing your entire wardrobe with you.  Carrying two large suitcases is enough."


"Then let me ask you this...what if we find out there is this really great restaurant and they have a dress code?" Heer inquired.  "You really want to spend the money to buy a suit?"  Prem opened his mouth to protest but then closed it shut realizing she had a point.  Heer smirked in triumphant that she had made her case.  "I'm not going to bring twenty pairs of jeans for you.  We just need enough clothes to see us through until we can get them washed and maybe one outfit that is dressy as a just in case.  I'm going to be smart about the packing.  I think you should pack your black blazer, black trousers, black dress shirt...and maybe also the black vest.  Then you have a whole suit but then you can mix and match with your dark blue jeans.  And if you pack the white dress shirt you have another causal but dressy outfit...there, you will be all set.  And you're going to be wearing cargo shorts on the plane should pack three pairs of jeans, two cargo shorts, some t-shirts, two sets of pajamas, and your least week and half's worth.  See that's not that bad and there will still be some leftover room for your toiletries and a pair of your nice dress shoes."


"If Veera heard this she would be so proud...this mix and matching outfit thing is all she ever does," Prem replied.


"Glad someone will be appreciating me for something," Heer responded.


"I appreciate you," Prem said.  "I'll do what you suggested."


"Thank you," Heer replied.


"So what dressy outfit will you pack?" Prem inquired.


"Hmmm, I haven't decided.  I think I might bring a saree," Heer mused.


"Bring that new black one you have," Prem requested.


"That black one?  How do you know about that one?" Heer asked.


"I saw the pictures on Veera's guys had a little fashion show while I was trapped at Kunal's house," Prem replied.


"Yeah, we did there were so many new clothes we decided to try things on and decide what looked the best," Heer said.  "So you like the black one?"


Prem nodded his head and whispered into her ear, "You looked extremely beautiful."


"Thank you," Heer replied smiling brightly.  She then finally made the effort to get out of bed and began dragging the white bed sheets with her.


"Hey, why are you taking everything with you?" Prem asked as he got up and tugged at the sheets she collected.


"Prem, stop doing that.  I'm going to go take a shower," Heer replied.


"You can go take a shower, but don't take the bed sheets with you," Prem said.  "I'll be cold."


"Then go put your clothes back on," Heer huffed.


"Don't get angry," Prem said as he stepped forward and wrapped the sheets around both of them.


"Are you inviting yourself along somewhere?" Heer asked.


"Is that a no from my wife?" Prem inquired.


"Promise you'll be good?" Heer replied.


"You know I can be a good boy," Prem answered and then smirked with a mischievous twinkle in his eye, "But I can also be very bad."  Heer tried to remain compose as Prem playfully lifted her off the ground and began nuzzling her neck.


"Only the good boy is allowed in the shower with me," Heer replied ignoring Prem's affectionate gestures.


"Okay," Prem sighed as he stopped flirting.  "Good boy...I'll be a good boy," he murmured.  Heer smiled and brought him along with her into the bathroom to get cleaned up.


Meher smiled triumphantly while Preet grumbled as he sprayed window cleaning solution on the windows of Meher's guest room and wiped it away with a clean paper towel.  "You missed a spot," she commanded pointing to a spot on the window.  Preet turned around and gave a glare.  "You lost the bet fair and square so you have to clean my room."


"Why are you making me clean your room?  Why don't you call Maya?  She's the one who has to learn how to clean," Preet whined.


"We made a deal that if I won the bet I got to pick whatever I wanted," Meher replied.


"I thought you would have asked for a gift.  Not make me your slave," Preet pouted.


"Well, you are my slave for the entire week.  Now, get back to work," Meher ordered.  "Learning this will be good for you.  Do you expect to always have your sister or mother around to clean for you all the time?"


"Great, next thing you are going to do is make me do laundry," Preet mumbled.


"That's an excellent idea!" Meher said.


Preet turned around and stared at her with narrowed eyes.  He then suddenly broke out into a bright smile as an idea came into his head, "Are you really sure you want me to do that?"


"Why not?  Harman you should too," Meher replied.


"Okay, but you do realize I'll be seeing some delicate things," Preet smirked.


Meher's eyes bulged at his remark.  "Ahhh...uh-um..." Meher stuttered.


"But if that's what you want me to do," Preet said as he started walking towards her bathroom.  "I guess I have to do it."


"Noooo, it's really okay," Meher quickly replied as she ran to the doorway and blocked his way.


"But I'm your slave right?  And I'm suppose to do things for you," Preet innocently replied as he placed his hand on her arm trying to pull it away so he could get passed.


"That's really not can do other things," Meher replied.


"Not necessary?  Why not?  I've been ordered to clean your room.  So laundry is part of it, isn't it?" Preet answered.


"Preet, it's okay.  I'll find something else for you to do," Meher answered.


"Don't be silly.  It will be my pleasure," Preet replied and forced his way into the bathroom.  Meher freaked and pushed him to the side where he almost fell into the bathtub.  She grabbed her laundry duffel bag and sealed it up tightly while laughing nervously.  Preet was pleased that his plan had worked but he decided he wanted to have a little more fun and started to chase after her.  "Give me the laundry Meher."


"No way!" she yelled and ran out of her room.


Preet chased her down one flight of stairs and down the hallway heading towards his room.  Meher realized her mistake as she should have just made the mad dash downstairs even with family present she could at least escape out the front door.  Now, she was heading straight into a dead end with nowhere to go.  She spun to her left and charged into Prem's room hoping to make a u-turn in the room and back out into the hallway heading towards the stairs to run out of the house.  Preet grinned and followed Meher into his brother's room.  He stood in front of the bed acting as a road block as Meher stood on the bed trying to find a way to get past him.


"Preet move," Meher ordered.


"No!" he replied shaking his head.  "You need to come down before PB and Heer Bhabhi come...they won't appreciate you jumping around on their new bed."


"Then move!" Meher commanded.


"Nope," Preet smirked and then charged after her.  Meher hopped down and made a circle around the bed as Preet continued to chase her.  Meher hopped back on the bed and slipped on the bedcovers.  Preet saw her falling and tried to help her but ended up tumbling into the bed after her.  They both raised their heads inspecting if the other was all right and realized that their faces were inches apart from each other.  Preet found himself getting lost in Meher's deep brown eyes and started to close the distance between them.  Meher could feel her heart racing frantically as Preet's image came closer.  She let her eyelids close and waited for the contact of his sweet lips against her parted ones.  They both jumped back when they heard the deep cough of someone clearing their throat announcing their presence in the room.  Preet turned to see Prem with his arms crossed across his chest and Heer staring at him with a disapproving look.  "Ah, see, um-this isn't what it looks like..." Preet babbled.


"That's right...he wasn't listening...and chased me...wanted to do laundry..." Meher rambled.  They were making very little sense as they continued talking at the same time stumbling over their words causing Prem and Heer to stare at them with unamused looks.


"Out of all the rooms to romance in you just had to pick mine?  You have a perfectly good room of your own," Prem finally replied.  Heer gave him a slap on the arm for his comment as Meher turned a bright red.  "What?" Prem pouted as he rubbed his arm.


"What kind of advice is that?" Heer asked.


"That wasn't what was going on," Preet said finally speaking a full sentence. 


"He lost a bet," Meher explained as she got off the bed.  "I was making him clean my room."


"And she told me to do laundry," Preet said.  "But she forgot what was in her laundry."


"And so he chased me," Meher replied giving Preet a dirty glare.


Preet held his hands up in innocence, "I was only doing what she told me to do."


"What's with all your bets lately?  You keep losing them," Prem said.


Preet shrugged his shoulders, "I guess I'm going through a bad streak?"


"I'm really sorry Didi and Jiju," Meher replied as she started fixing the bed.  She slapped Preet's shoulder trying to make him get off the bed.


"So are you guys all packed and ready to go?" Preet asked trying to change the subject.


"Yes, we got it all done when we came back this afternoon," Prem replied.


"What time is your flight again?" Preet asked.


"9:30 we have to leave the house by 6:30am," Prem answered.


"Oh, I can't believe it tomorrow you guys will be going to Switzerland!" Meher squealed excitedly.  "The land of rolling green hills and beautiful cascading mountains...and you're going on the SRK Tour!!"  She ran over to her sister and grabbed her hands, "Didi you know what this means, right?"  Heer nodded her head and smiled brightly.  "Oh, you'll see the field that they shot for DDLJ...Kajol's scarf flew off her and landed on the rock.  You'll get to see the rock that Shahrukh was sitting near."  Meher then dramatically reenacted her words as if she had the scarf in her hands, "And he put it on her so lovingly," and pretended to place the scarf on her sister.  Meher clapped her hands with glee.  "And oh, oh...the bridge they shot the scene where Shahrukh is standing and hoping Kajol will look back at him...and when she does he knows she loves him!  Then you'll see that hill where Shahrukh stood and did that Titanic arms spread thing with Kajol...ooooh, I can just see the Swiss Alps in the beautiful.  You'll take pictures right Didi?"


"Of course," Heer replied.  "You think I'm going all the way over there and take the tour and not take pictures?  I made sure Prem packed his camera equipment."


"Oh, you're so lucky Didi.  Can you buy me a cow bell from know which one I want...the one from DDLJ.  And I want some Swiss chocolates from that place where Ranbir shot at in Bachana Ae know the one where he steals the chocolates from cause he has no money.  And oh, oh...I want a rock...just a little one from the field where Shahrukh stood because who knows he might have touched that rock!  Oh My God...I can't breathe!!  You are going on the SRK Tour!" 


The sisters were turning giddy with excitement at the fact that one of them was going to Switzerland and taking a Yash Raj Tour of all the places they shot their films at.  The biggest point was that majority of the places would be Shahrukh Khan related.  Preet stared at his fingernails realizing he should probably get them cut soon and was barely paying attention to what was going on.  Prem furrowed his eyebrows in concern when Meher started rambling about wanting to hide in their suitcase.

"Didi, can't you just stuff me in your suitcase?  I'll cut a little breathing hole so I can breathe.  It's a relatively short flight.  I'll bring a packet of Parle-G biscuits and a bag of hot mix.  You won't have to feed me or anything," Meher pleaded.


"But how are you going to go to the bathroom, Meher?" Heer asked.


"It's okay I can hold it," Meher said.  "It's the SRK Tour!"


"Nnoo...nno...naahin..." Prem said shaking his head.  He then slapped his brother's shoulder and whispered, "Please, knock some sense into your girlfriend's head, will you?  She's trying to join your Bhabhi and me on our honeymoon."


Preet yawned and then smiled at Meher.  "Oh don't worry Meher.  I will give you an awesome will feel like you are in Switzerland but you don't have to spend the money to go there!"


"Huh, wait what?" Meher asked looking at him with great curiosity.


"Yeah, we don't even have to get married or anything we can have a honeymoon before marriage.  Heh, we can watch all of your favorite SRK films and put the A/C on really cold and tada!  We're having a romantic honeymoon in Switzerland.  I can be your SRK," Preet said as he did the famous Shahrukh Khan pose with his hands outstretched.


"Aye!  Nooooo!  Besharam!  What are you saying?!!!" Prem, Heer, and Meher yelled.


Preet stared at them startled that they didn't like the idea.  "What?"


"Honeymoon before marriage?" Heer asked with her arms crossed.


"Hee-hee...that part was just a joke.  Don't take it so seriously.  But really Meher, you can't go with PB and Bhabhi...they can't stuff you in a suitcase.  I will watch all of your favorite SRK films every night until your Didi get's back.  Okay?" Preet suggested.


Meher's eyes lit up with adoration and hugged Preet tightly, "Oh, you're the best!"


"Um, Meher," Preet wheezed trying to remove the death like grip of her arms around his neck.  "Bbhabhi and PPB are hherrre."


"Oh, oops," Meher shyly replied and quickly let go.  "Um, so see you later.  Bye.  Goodnight!"


"Goodnight," Preet said and then hurriedly left the room causing Prem and Heer to burst into a fit of laughter.


Heer slowly rubbed her eyes and looked over on the night stand to check the time on the clock.  Her eyes widen and she quickly shot up in bed.  "It's 6:30am!  Prem, we are late!" Heer yelled as she scrambled out of the bed.


"Heh, whwhat happened?" Prem asked as he sat up.


"Did you set the alarm?" Heer asked as she grabbed her clothes that she had laid out the night before and ran into the bathroom.


"Of course I did," Prem replied a bit annoyed.


"Well, why didn't it go off?" Heer yelled.


"I don't know.  Maybe it's broken or the electricity went off," Prem said scratching his head.  He crawled over to the night stand that held the clock and inspected the alarm.  "Oh crap, it was set for pm not am."


"Prem!" Heer berated through the half closed bathroom door.


"I'm sorry.  It was an honest mistake," Prem replied as he got out of bed.


There was a loud knock on their bedroom door and a concern voice on the other end.  "Are you guys ready?"  Prem walked over and opened the door to see Preet.  "Um, you going to the airport in your pajamas?" his brother asked. 


Prem shook his head, "The alarm got set wrong.  It's my fault."


"We'll your flight is at 9:30 so as long as we can leave by 7:00 that will give you only thirty minutes to go through the security check will be cutting it really close...but hey, worse comes to worse you guys can just catch the later flight.  I'll see if we can get you checked in online and then all you need to do is drop the luggage off at the counter," Preet said.


"Thanks," Prem said and closed the door.  He then quickly ran inside the bathroom and started getting ready for the day.


Twenty-minutes later Prem and Heer came running down the stairs with their suitcases.  "I'm driving," Meher said holding up the car keys.  "Preet was able to get you guys checked in.  Come on let's go."  They quickly placed their luggage into the van and got inside.  "Everyone buckle up!" Meher commanded and then started the car.


A horrifying fifteen minutes later, Meher pulled the Honda Odyssey next to the curb side parking for Air Canada.  "Oh My God, I think my heart is still back home," Prem heaved.


"Meher, please don't ever drive like that again," Heer said as she placed her hand on her forehead.


"But we got you guys here fast, right?  Come on, you guys still have to drop your luggage off and go through the security check point.  Love you loads and have fun!  Bye!" Meher said.


"You'll be okay in a few minutes," Preet said as he took their luggage out for them.  "I've gotten use to it...afterall I was the one teaching her how to drive." 


Prem opened the door and stumbled out of the van.  He offered his hand to Heer which she thankfully took and fell forward into his chest.  "You okay?" he asked.


"Aw, I think my head is still spinning," Heer replied holding onto him.


"Okay, got the bags out.  You two take care.  Call us when you get there.  We'll see you in a month and half," Preet said.  He then gave a hug to his brother and his sister-in-law.


"Bye," Prem and Heer said waving a quick goodbye before walking into the airport terminal.


Honeymoon and other adventures await as the gang back in Canada start teaching Maya all the household and cooking.  Prem celebrates his birthday.  Veera goes to New York for her design contest.  Just some things to look forward to in the coming chapters. 

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Preeti.xo IF-Stunnerz

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Awsome part!!
Luved it!!
the couples r soooooo cute
Meher is a fast driver lol!!!
Premeer r on their way for the honeymoonnnnnnnnn!!
Update soon n thnx for the PM.

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il be back after my exams...Ouch

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awesomeeeeeeee too good very nice part waitinggggggg for next asap.


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