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Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

FF| AWMARW Thread 2 (Page 21)

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Welcome all!  I'm back again with another update.

It seems like I left some of you speechless with the last update LOL  Anyways thanks for those who Commented and/or Hit the Like Button.  It really means a lot Big smile

This is flavored with a bit of masala but nothing too flaming. Hope you guys enjoy Tongue

Chapter 60:  Afterglow


Prem slowly opened his eyes refocusing his whereabouts in the dimly lit room.  He grinned at the sight of his wife gently drawing circles on his smooth chest.  "Are you awake?" Heer asked.  Prem couldn't help but chuckle, "Yeah, I'm awake.  Aren't you tired?"


"I am or I was...I don't know why but I just woke up and couldn't go back to sleep," she replied.


"So you decided to wake me up too?" Prem asked.


"Sorry," Heer answered.


Catching the shy grin on her face Prem probed, "Do you want something?"


Heer glanced down and continued to move her fingers delicately across his chest.  "Aren't you hungry?  Prem let out a heavy laugh.  "Sorrrrrie...I haven't really eaten anything since this morning.  I only had a samosa for lunch...and one naan and a few pieces of paneer for dinner.  Just forget I even asked," she replied quickly and turned around miffed by his reaction.  He stifled his laughter and placed his hand on her shoulder pulling her back towards him.  "It's okay.  I'll be fine," she said.


"Come here," Prem replied.  "What time is it?"


"It's like 5:30am," Heer answered.


"Hotel room service doesn't open until 6:00am.  But I'll make a call down and see if they can make something for you.  I think being the son of the current owner and their future boss will probably push them to break the rules for us," Prem said.  "What do you want to eat?"


"What can they make?" Heer said.


"It's breakfast service so anything breakfast related.  Omelets, scrambled eggs, we have turkey bacon, hash browns, breakfast potatoes, pancakes, waffles...this is making me hungry too...I'm going ask for pancakes.  Um, they've got oatmeal, yogurt, croissants, scones..."


"If you order pancakes can we share?" Heer asked.


"Do you even have to ask?" Prem replied.


"I know you like your pancakes," Heer said.


"I'll let you know if I'm going be selfish about it," Prem said.  "Otherwise whatever's on my plate is fair game for you to take.  We're married now...what's mine is yours and what's yours is mine."


Heer smiled.  "Add two scrambled eggs and some breakfast potatoes."


Prem nodded and propped himself up on this elbows to reach the phone on the night stand.  While he was busy talking to the kitchen staff Heer slipped out of the bed to go freshen up.  Even though Prem had seen every inch of Heer's bare body she really wasn't all that comfortable walking around him with nothing on and quickly rolled her suitcase into the bathroom.  Prem turned his head at the sound and smiled at her shyness.  He glanced around the room and realized he should probably blow the candles out.  He hopped out of the bed and slipped back into his boxers and then proceeded to take care of the candles.  He had just finished his task in the living room area when he felt something soft cover his back.  "Bathrobe," he heard Heer say.  "You're not going to go answer the door in just your boxers are you?  Probably not a good image for a future employee to see of their boss." 


"You're probably right," Prem chuckled and turned around to see Heer wearing a pink tank top and pink and white plaid shorts. 


"Where did these robes come from?" Prem asked?


"These were a gift from Meher.  See they have our initials on them," Heer said pointing to the left chest area as she slipped on her robe.


"I'll have to thank her.  These feel really nice...soft and comfy," Prem smiled as he inspected his robe. 


They both turned their heads as they heard the heavy sound of someone knocking on the door and the ringing of the door bell.  "Wow, that was fast," Prem said.  "Heer, can you go get my wallet?  I need to leave a tip for the server." 


Heer nodded and went into the bedroom to search for his wallet.  She came back and handled it to him and then turned her attention to the serving cart that had been wheeled into their room.  A few minutes later the newlyweds were cuddled on the couch; their finished breakfast plates piled on the coffee table. 


"What time do we need to be home?" Prem asked.


"9:30 or 10:00," Heer replied.  She yawned sleepily and tilted her head so it rested on Prem's shoulder.


"I'm sleepy too," Prem yawned.  "We should probably go back to bed and catch a few hours of rest before heading home."


"It's going to be a mad house with all the family there and all the rituals we have to do," Heer said.  "I wish we could have just booked a flight out after our wedding...we'd be on our way to Switzerland by now."


Prem smirked, "That eager to start, huh?"


"The SRK tour!" Heer shouted with glee.


"Hey, what about me?  Your husband?" Prem replied.


"Well, of course you too.  Without you I wouldn't be able to go," Heer smiled.


"Ahh, I get it.  So you just married me so you could go on this tour," Prem said.


"Correct," Heer sarcastically answered. 


"I feel so loved right now," Prem pouted.


Heer grinned at him teasingly but then gave him a kiss on the cheek.  "Two more days...just two more days and then we will be on our honeymoon and you get to have me all to yourself again."


"No, it will be you, me, and SRK..." Prem replied jokingly causing both of them to laugh.  


Heer intertwined her left hand with Prem's and sensed something was missing.  "Where's your wedding band?" she asked.


"Ah, I need to go put that on.   I was going to do it earlier but we kind of got preoccupied," Prem replied rubbing his nose against her forehead.  The remark caused Heer to blush as her mind recalled what had preoccupied them.  "Sorry," he apologized.  "Let me go do it now." 


Heer smiled softly and kissed him, "You're forgiven but I don't want to ever see that ring off your finger."


"It won't ever be again," Prem promised and went to the bedroom to look in his suitcase.


Heer followed behind and before Prem could put the ring on his finger she took it from his hand, "Let me," she said.  He grinned and watched as she slipped the simple platinum wedding band on his left ring finger.  "Husband and wife," she grinned as their hands intertwined.  A sense of pride swelled in Prem's chest as he heard the contact of their wedding bands clinking.  "Husband and wife," he repeated as he held her close around the waist with his other hand.


"We should probably go to bed," Heer said gently patting his chest.


Prem nodded and disrobed climbing into the bed after her.  He pulled the covers over them and then cuddled her in the spooning position placing his hand comfortably on her stomach.  He kissed her ear softly and whispered, "Love you."  Heer grinned at his words and intertwined her hand with the one on her stomach.  "Love you too." 


Heer awoke in the secure arms of her husband; his close presence providing a comforting emotional support.  She stirred softly gathering the covers to her face to snuggle back into sleep when she realized they had to be back at the house.  She quickly sat up causing her partner to groggily awake.  Prem rubbed his eyes and mumbled, "Why are you so stressed?"


"Prem, we are late.  It's 10:00am already!" Heer shouted. 


"Huh?" he sleepily responded and then felt his wife slap his shoulder.


"Get up!  We both have to get ready and the room's a mess...our clothes are all over the place...I should have cleaned them up last night," Heer frantically said and rushed into the bathroom to get ready for the day.


Prem sat up still slightly dazed at what was going on.  His hair was a poofy mess indicating an extreme case of bed head. "Prem, get up!" his wife called from the bathroom making sure he hadn't fallen back asleep.  "I'm up!" he yelled back and then grimaced at the way his mouth felt in the morning.  He made his way to the bathroom and furrowed his eyebrows at the locked door knob.  He jiggled it and then knocked on the door, "Heer, let me in."


"I'm getting ready.  I'm going to take a shower," Heer said in exasperated tone.


"You told me to get up and get ready.  Let me in.  I need to pee," he whined.


"Can you hold it?" Heer asked.


"No.  I wouldn't be asking if I could," Prem said.  "Look, the toilet has its own separate door if you are worried about privacy.  Come on Heer, I'm your husband not some stranger."  He smiled when he heard the door finally unlock after a few minutes of waiting.  Prem tried not to grin at the fact that Heer looked so shy with a towel wrapped tightly around her body.  He quickly slipped inside before she could close the door on him and went to brush his teeth.  He stared at her reflection in the mirror and bit his toothbrush to one side of his mouth, "You going to just watch me brush my teeth?  Go and take your shower."


"I'll wait until you're done," she timidly replied.


Prem returned to his brushing secretly smirking as he finished up.  "I'm going to the toilet," he announced and then closed the door. 


Once Heer saw the door close she hopped into the shower and quickly turned the water on so it could steam up the glass walls.  She never thought she would think of a shower as being elegant but here she was in a spacious room with rich marbled brown stone colored tiles and a rainfall shower head.  She stood underneath the shower head soaking in the steamy goodness the water was providing as it splashed down on her skin.  She loved the feeling it offered and made a mental note to suggest to Prem they install one in his shower.  She always enjoyed playing in the rain and the shower head mimicked the feeling so wonderfully.   She gently sighed to herself knowing she was being a bit irrational at being all shy in front of Prem.  After all the intimate things they had done together taking a shower while he was in the room was the least provocative thing she could do.  They would be going away on their honeymoon in the next couple of days and she knew they would be spending lots of quality time together.  She'd have to find a way to conquer this timid behavior.   She gasped letting out a tiny shriek as she felt a pair of strong arms suddenly encircle her waist.  "Sorry," Prem replied huskily against her ear.  "Wh-what are you dddoing?" Heer stammered.  "I'd thought I take a shower with my wife," Prem replied and kissed her shoulder tenderly letting the droplets of water dampen the front of his hair. 


"We don't have time for this," Heer warned.


"To shower?" he asked.  "We can't show up at the house dirty.  If we take a shower together it will save us some time.  I promise just a shower," Prem said.


"Just a shower?" Heer repeated. 


He turned her around, "Yes," and then smiled, "Just want you to be more comfortable around me like this." He lifted her chin up so she'd stopped staring at his chest, "After everything we did last night how can you still be this shy around me?"  Despite the heat of the shower a deep crimson red flushed into Heer's cheeks.  "And as I recall...there was one time you where staring at me in the shower...and even though you ran away you really wanted to join me," he smirked.  Heer pushed his shoulder slightly with her hand which Prem grabbed.  The contact immobilized her and all she could do was stare as he moved his face closer; his eyes piercing with intensity.  She had fallen into his trap and there was no way out of the situation.  Prem teasingly placed his mouth as close as he could to her lips without touching and let his breath go.  Heer instinctively lowered her eyelids and parted her lips ever so slightly waiting for contact.  Prem smirked at the sight and simply whispered in her ear, "You'll have to wait for the honeymoon for that type of shower."  Heer's eyes popped back open, "Prem!" she shouted as she mercilessly hit his shoulder while he laughed.


"Okay sorry, sorry," Prem replied.  He grabbed her shoulders and turned her around.  "So shampoo the hair first, right?"  He poured a quarter size amount of shampoo into the palm of his hands and started to gently lather her hair up.  "How am I doing so far?" he asked.


"Get the back," she replied.


"Ah, yeah the back," he repeated and moved his fingers backwards.  He then pulled her hair up in a ponytail like hold and worked underneath.  He massaged her head gently, eliciting a pleasing response from Heer.  "I forgot how good your massages feel," she replied.  Prem smiled and then moved her closer to the water so he could rinse out her hair.  "My turn," he announced.


They switched positions and he drowned himself underneath the shower head.  He flipped his water soaked hair backwards with his hands and felt Heer's hands on his shoulders.  He shuffled back so he wasn't standing directly underneath the water and patiently waited.  "It's a little hard for me to reach the top of your head," Heer said.  Prem bent his knees slightly into a squatting position to give her more comfortable access.  He felt her hands gently massage his shoulders and her lips kissing the back of his neck.  He smiled, "I thought we were supposed to concentrate on showering."


"We are.  That was just an award for being good," Heer replied.


"Being good, huh?" Prem repeated with a smile.  "So if I continue being good how many more can I get?"


"That all'll find out later tonight," Heer teased in his ear.


Prem grinned widely.  He then sighed in content as he felt her fingers gently massage his scalp and begin cleaning his hair. 


It was around 11:30am when Prem and Heer arrived at the Juneja mansion.  Heer wore a red salwar kameez that had been gifted by her in-laws.  Her wedding bangles she had to wear for two months matched rather nicely with her new outfit.  Prem was wearing a white kurta and jeans.  He had one hand on the rolling suitcase and the other hand playfully holding on to the end of his wife's dupatta.  "Prem stop playing around and let go of my dupatta will you?" Heer asked.  "We are late as it is."


Prem tugged the dupatta forcing Heer to move backwards.  He slithered his hands around her waist and began nuzzling her right ear.  Heer squirmed tilting her head to the right.  "Premmm...stop we're in public."


"We're in front of my house...correction our house," Prem replied as he continued to kiss her ear.  "This is our property...there is no public."


"Behave...someone may open the door any minute now," Heer said.


"They don't know we are out here," Prem replied as he tried to kiss her lips.


"Prem, we'll have time later for this," Heer reasoned as she tried pulling away.


"What time?  You haven't given me my morning kiss.  And you know the minute we step into this house we won't have a minute of time for ourselves.  Family is still here and they are going to be demanding all of your time," Prem said. 


"I told you later tonight," Heer replied.


"Promise?" Prem asked.  "You won't fall asleep on me will you?"  Heer arched her eyebrow giving him a look.  "Sorry." Prem quickly apologize.  "It's know..." Prem slowly said as he inched his mouth closer to Heer's attempting to kiss her.


"I know..." Heer replied closing her eyes as she titled her head to accept the kiss.  She could feel Prem's warm breath blowing against her skin.  It sent a row of shivers down her spine and an instant ache in her body for his contact.  Just as Prem was closing the distance between them the front door swung open.  They both opened their eyes and jumped back embarrassed that they had been caught.


"Welcome home PB and Heer Bhabhi!" Preet greeted with a wide grin.  His eyes were twinkling with mischief.  "You were taking an offly long time...just standing there on the front steps.  I hope I wasn't interrupting something."


"Oh, no...we, just talking," Heer replied.


"Ooooh, talking..." Preet repeated giving a smirk.  "Must have been an interesting conversation."


"It would have been interesting if you hadn't interrupted," Prem muttered under his breath.   


"We are so sorry we are late," Heer said and quickly walked up to the front door.


"It's quite all right dear.  The reception ended so late.  I'm sure you two hardly had any sleep last night," Gayatri replied.  Heer and Prem both turned bright red realizing what she was alluding to.  Gayatri just gave a soft chortle at their reactions.  She held up the prayer plate ready to complete the Girha Pravesh.  Heer extended her right foot first onto the tray of mixed vermilion powder and milk.  She then placed her left foot onto the tray and then with her right foot kicked a vessel filled with rice and coins over.  With her feet still covered in the red vermilion milk paste she walked her first steps into her new home.  Everyone in the family was there to greet and welcome the newlyweds back with huge smiles.


"As per our family tradition you must now make a sweet for all of us," Lalit instructed.


"Yes, Bauji," Heer replied and went straight to the kitchen to complete her task.


Prem rolled their suitcase into the house and smiled.  He knew he was going to be hearing all sorts of teasing from his siblings and took a deep breath trying to prepare himself for the onslaught.  "So, Bhaiya did you like the way we decorated the room?" Veera inquired.


"Yes, I did...we both did.  Thanks for doing that for us," Prem replied.


"So how many hours did you sleep?  Two?" Harman asked.


"Haha...that's none of your business," Prem replied.  "Remember, I'm going to remember what each one of you asked me and I'll make sure to ask these same exact questions when you get married."  The remarked made Veera, Preet, and Harman turn pale in the face.  Prem just smiled with triumphant that he had successfully shut them up.


"Ah, but I'm already married," Kulraj answered.  "So, dear baby brother...have you started picking out names for your children?"


"Kulraj Di..." Prem whined while his younger siblings all smirked and chuckled at their elder sister's question.


"Oh children!  I'll start praying that you two are blessed with a girl," Neha Auntie squealed in delight.  Her comment then sent a chain reaction of comments from other family members about children and things Prem and Heer should do to ensure they have healthy babies. 


"I'm sorry," Kulraj laughed as she patted Prem's shoulder and then ran off with the rest of the siblings and cousins leaving Prem to fend for himself against the elders of the family.


It wasn't long before there was an announcement that Heer had finished cooking something for the entire family.  The Juneja clan all gathered in the dining room to try her sweet dish.  Heer nervously set the large serving dish on the table.  She felt the reassuring touch of Kulraj's hand on her shoulder telling her everything would be all right.  Heer's family was standing in the far back since this occasion and ritual was for the boy's side of the family.  Eventually everyone including the Maans got a small bowl filled with the sweet that Heer had made.


"Didi made gajar halwa?" Meher asked in disbelief starring at her bowl.  Her mind recalled the last time her sister had made the dish and how badly it had tasted.  "Of all the things to make...why this one?"


"Why?  What's wrong with gajar halwa?" Nihaal asked.


"Bhaiya, you weren't there when she made was horrible...the thought of it still send shivers down my spine," Meher explained.


"You don't have any faith in your sister?" Balraaj replied.


"No, that's not what I mean.  Papa, you know what happened the last time she made it," Meher defended.


"I'm, I know this will taste perfect," Teji said.  "You can just tell.  And I've been told she's been quietly practicing it by herself at the hotel."


"This sweet dish is a favorite of her in-laws," Balraaj explained.  "That's why she made it."


Heer bit her bottom lip as she watched Gayatri take the first bite.  Her mother-in-law didn't say a thing as she gently chewed and tasted the sweet her daughter-in-law had made.  Gayatri motioned with her eyes for her husband to take a taste.  Lalit took a spoonful into his mouth and did the exact same thing as his wife.  Prem gently held Heer's hand giving her his silent support.


"Heer," Gayatri said.  She immediately stepped forward and looked at her mother-in-law for her verdict on the dish.  "Have you made gajar halwa before?"


"Um, a few times...but they never turned out that well," Heer replied nervously.


"Well..." Gayatri said and then gave a long pause.  "This gajar halwa should I say?  Ahh, perfect."  Heer's eyes lit up in disbelief.  "Lalit," Gayatri said asking her husband to confirm.


"It's really, really, really...excellent," Lalit replied with a broad smile.  "Everyone and taste it yourself."  All the family members eagerly dug into their bowls and echoed the same exact sentiment as Gayatri and Lalit.


"Wow, way to go Didi," Meher said with pride.


"See, didn't I tell you?" Teji replied.


Prem smiled as he looked at Heer and he took a bite.  He then took a spoonful and made Heer tried her own work.  "Ma's right." 


Heer was surprised at how well it turned out.  "I made that?" she replied almost unable to believe her own taste buds.


"Anyone can follow a recipe but what sets good cooks apart from the rest is that special touch...and that is love.  It is the true magic and secret ingredient to making tasty food," Gayatri explained, "You made this sweet dish from the sincerity of your heart.  Isn't that right Heer?  Who were you thinking of?"


"I wanted to make this dish for the family...Ma, Bauji, Kulraj Di, Harman, Preet, Veera, and Prem...everyone," Heer shyly replied.


"That's my daughter-in-law," Lalit praised.  "So much love she has for all of us."  Everyone nodded their heads and continued to devour the gajar halwa. 


After Gayatri had finished her bowl she looked at Heer, "Now, it's time to cook lunch.  Heer you will be in charge of today's menu.  We will help but the food is left in your charge."


"Yes Ma," Heer replied and went into the kitchen.  She was followed by Gayatri, Kulraj, and some aunties.  Prem sighed watching his wife disappear into the kitchen knowing full well she would be having a very tiring day.     


Heer gave out a heavy sigh as the day was finally drawing to a close.  Lunch had been extremely successful and she was praised for her cooking.  Heer then spent the rest of the day talking and hanging out with family.  She received a far amount of teasing over what Prem and her children would be like but towards the end of the night her in-laws gave a reassuring comment that they didn't want to push them into anything.  It was more important that she and Prem decided on their own when the time was right for them.  Heer was ever so thankful for their words and Prem breathed a sigh of relief that his parents understood.


Heer walked towards Prem's bedroom that was now her room as well and smiled.  She was finally able to spend some time alone with her husband.  With family around they scarcely had a moment to themselves all day.  When Heer entered the room she found the bed turned down and Prem in his pajamas sitting with the laptop on the bed.  " I know you?" he jokingly asked.


"Hi, I'm Heer," she replied playing along as she extended her hand for a handshake.


"I'm Prem...very nice meeting you," Prem replied taking her hand.  "Hmmm, that name sounds really familiar and you look familiar too.  Did I marry you yesterday?"


"That is correct Mr. Juneja," Heer said.


"Just needed to make sure I'm sharing my bed with Mrs. Juneja.  I hardly saw her all day...I almost forgot what she looked like.  And I don't think she would appreciate it if someone else took her place in my bed," Prem said.


"Nope, she would most definitely not appreciate that," Heer replied with a grin.  She then sat on the side of the bed and pouted, "I've missed you."


Prem pulled her into a hug, "I've missed you too."  He gently rubbed her back.  "Do you need a massage?"


"Mmmm, that sounds wonderful," Heer replied.  "Let me go get change first."


"Okay, I think they put your pajamas in the dresser.  They've completely changed things took me awhile to find my own clothes," Prem said.  "You like the new look of the room?"


"I do actually...this warm green looks really nice.  And I love this new feels so comfy like you could just sink into it," Heer replied as she took her pajamas out of the dresser.  "I think it was really nice of Kiran Bhaiya, Kulraj Di, Preet, Harman, and Veera to do this for us.  I'm glad they kept us out of this room to make it a surprise for us."


"Yeah, it was really nice of them to get this redecorated.  They did a great job of picking out the furniture," Prem said.  "And you'll be happy to know they installed a rainfall shower head in the shower."


"Really?" Heer exclaimed with excitement.


"I told Kulraj Di whatever you guys do you have to get that installed," Prem replied.


Heer walked over and gave a tender kiss.  "Thank you.  I was actually going to ask you if we could get one.  I loved the one at the hotel this morning."


Prem grinned, "I know you like playing in the rain so I figured you would really enjoy that."


Heer playfully tweaked his nose, "I have a smart husband."


"Who loves his wife very much," Prem replied.  He grinned as it awarded him another kiss. 


"I'll be right back," Heer said and went into the bathroom to change.


Ten minutes later Heer had brushed her teeth, washed her face, and changed into a comfy pair of royal purple pajama pants and matching t-shirt.   When she came out of the bathroom Prem had put away the laptop and was sitting on the bed waiting for her.  "You sure like buying your pajamas from Victoria's Secret," he said.  "By the way what exactly is Victoria's Secret?"


"I don't know but she makes really cute and comfortable pajamas, underwear, and bras," Heer answered as she crawled onto the bed and lay flat on her stomach.  She let out a pleasurable sigh as Prem slowly began massaging her shoulders.  She smirked when she felt her hair being swept to the side and his soft lips tenderly kissing the back of her neck.  Heer flipped onto her back and pulled Prem down capturing his lips.  It wasn't long before the kissing intensified.  Prem felt Heer's hands roam down towards the back ends of his white undershirt and began lifting it up.  He grinned and pulled back allowing her to help him take it off.  They share a few more passionate kisses before Prem rolled them over.  Heer slowly wondered away from his mouth kissing his chin then down his neck towards his firm chest.  Prem held her hips as she sat up and started to lift her shirt up.  Just as the shirt was about to go over her head there was a sudden knock on their bedroom door.  The young couple both froze at the interruption.  Heer quickly pulled her shirt back down and got off of Prem's lower waist while he searched for his shirt.  There was another knock and the gentle voice of Heer's mother on the other side calling.


"Coming, just one minute," Heer replied as she made sure Prem had put his shirt back on.


"I'm so sorry for waking you two," Teji greeted as her daughter opened the bedroom door.     


"Oh,, we were just getting ready for bed.  Is there something wrong?" Heer asked.


"We are completing some prep work in the kitchen.  We thought it would be better for us to get this done so it won't take so long to cook breakfast tomorrow morning.  There are a lot of people who have early morning flights tomorrow.  Just need you to come down and help for a few minutes to make this go faster.  I know you're tired," Teji said.  She then looked at her son-in-law.  "Mind if we still your wife for a few minutes?"


Prem grinned, "Of course not.  She's your daughter still."


"I'll go down first," Teji replied allowing them to have a moment of privacy.


Heer bit her lower lip and looked apologetically at Prem.  "Sorry.  I'll try to come back as fast as I can."


"Nothing we can do about it," Prem replied.  Heer caressed his cheek and tenderly kissed him.  Prem automatically slithered his arms around her waist and pulled her closer.  "You better go...before...someone comes...up take you down," he said between kisses.


"Mmmm, you're right," Heer sighed as she reluctantly pulled away.  Just as she turned and took one step out the doorway she felt Prem's hand on her wrist.  He spun her around back into his embrace.  "Premmm," Heer gently warned.


"Sorry I can't help it," he replied nuzzling her cheek with his nose.


Heer pushed her hands on his chest trying to break away but then caved into kissing her husband again.  "Okay, I really have to go.  I'll be back, Prem," she said as she made the final effort and broke away from his embrace.


"I'll be waiting," Prem sighed watching her leave their room with a lonesome expression etched on his face.


Heer walked quickly back up the stairs towards her bedroom wondering if Prem was still up waiting for her.  The prep work had taken a bit longer than expected as she had spent a good hour in the kitchen helping out.  Heer gently turned the door knob of their room and opened the door to see the lights off expect the lamp on her side of the bed on.  Prem was laying on his back sleeping peacefully.  Heer felt bad that she had made him wait so long that he had fallen asleep.  She was also slightly surprised at her own eager feelings to spend some intimate quality time with him.  Heer crawled into bed and placed her hand on her husband's shoulder shaking him gently, "Prem?"  He shifted his head slightly and then scratched the area where she had shaken him and continued sleeping.  A tiny grin formed across Heer's face as she recalled Prem's request for her to not to fall asleep tonight before him.  She shook her head and whispered, "Goodnight."  Heer then turned off the lamp and snuggled underneath the covers.  She heard Prem roll to his side and curiously opened her eyes to see him facing away from her.  Heer rolled onto her side as while and shifted her body closer to Prem's back.  She placed one hand around his waist and buried her head on his pillow close to his neck.  Heer felt Prem's arm move towards her arm and his hand sliding on top of her hand.  "Sorry," Heer apologized.


Prem intertwined his fingers with Heer's and mumbled, "It's okay.  We'll have to wake up early tomorrow to send people off to the airport.  Let's get some proper rest tonight."


"I love you," Heer said as she kissed his cheek.


"Love you too," Prem replied as he brought her hand up to his lips for a kiss.  The couple soon fell into a peaceful slumber eager to start another day together as husband and wife.   


Thanks so much for reading!

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Until Next Time
---Grace Big smile

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sweta2005 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 9:56pm | IP Logged

awesomeeeeeeee too good very nice part waitinggggggg for next asap.


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-SnowKid- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 10:37pm | IP Logged
It was lovelyyyyyyy update......ful of premeer......loved it.......loved the shower scene......*blush blush*:..........thnx for givin premeer scenes...........thnx for pm........update nxt part soon......

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Prem4everRamsha Senior Member

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 10:44pm | IP Logged
this was really really, awesome!!!!!!! I loved it soooo much :)
well im so happy they are married, AND they make a heck of a good couple ;)

upload soon!


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MeraCheekuVirat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 11:12pm | IP Logged
awsum mindblowin no words to sae..!!! luved prem n heer romance...!shower scene was awsum..!!!! siblings teasin both of dem...bechare...!!! aw another nite of romance but was distrub... :(:( undrstdin husband n wife..!!!thx for da pm...update nxt part asap plz..!!

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