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FF| AWMARW Thread 2 (Page 16)

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So I'm back again...this time with an extremely long post like I had mentioned.

Wedding and everything after all in one big chapter...I was nice and didn't split it up.

Thank you guys again for all the lovely Comments and/or Hitting the Like Button Big smile

Please excuse any spelling and grammatical errors Embarrassed

*Things get BOLD towards the end so you have been warned.  Please if you have any issues please PM me instead of reporting me.  I will be more than happy to do the necessary edits.  Thank you so much for your cooperation.*

So without further ado here is the next chapter...

Chapter 59: Two Hearts, One Soul; Underneath the Moonlight


Prem flipped a pen around his right fingers with great easy; pleased that his cast was finally off his arm.  He regularly exercised his fingers now to help the rehabilitation process to regain his muscle strength and full operation of his hand again.  He took a deep breath and sighed that he was sitting in Kunal's bedroom being guarded like some criminal by his friend and brothers.  He had spent the last few days living at the Kapoor's residence so he could maintain the ritual of not seeing the bride before the wedding.  He was hoping that he would be allowed to stay at home after the Sangeet but that didn't happen.  His brothers had caught him hiding in the closet with Heer and dragged him back to Kunal's house.


"Here's your dumbbell...why don't you go and do some exercises for your hand?" Preet suggested.  "There's some time before we have lunch."


Prem took the weight from his brother's hand and looked at him thinking how much he would like to drop the dumbbell on his foot.  Earlier in the morning before the Haldi ceremony he had stolen Kunal's cell phone and made a quick call to Heer to see how she was doing.  Needless to say he got caught by Preet who immediately took the phone away before he could even utter a single word to her.  "Thanks I'll do that," Prem grumbled.


"PB you've been in a sour mood all morning," Preet said.  "Just a few more hours, okay?"


"He just can't wait to be all alone and get his hands on someone tonight," Kunal joked.


"Hey, that's my wife you're talking about!" Prem said.  "Respect man, show some respect."


Kunal held up his hands blocking himself as some cushions flew through the air towards his direction.  "Okay, excuse me.  I'm sorry.  But don't go acting all innocent.  This isn't some TV serial where you're going to wait several months before you consummate.  We all know what's going down tonight.  I bet the elders of the family have already started the clock...wondering when you'll deliver them a grandchild."


Prem turned pale at the mention of children while Kunal and his brothers laughed at him.  "He loves to romance Bhabhi that's for sure.  If we had shown up a few seconds late last night I'm scare to think what we might have been interrupting in that closet," Harman said.


"Nothing was happening.  I was only hiding from you guys," Prem pouted.  He then mumbled under his breath, "Anyways, Heer wouldn't have let me do anything."


"Heheheh...good thing Heer Bhabhi knows how to keep him in check," Preet snickered.


"She'll be keeping him in check for a lot of things from now on," Kunal continued teasing.  "Like my Dad for example.  He says all these things about how he's the man of the house and all this other nonsense but the minute my Mom says's yes dear, you are absolutely right.  Mom tells him exactly what to do and how he should act...and he does it because he knows if he doesn't she'll kick him out of the house."

"Wow, sounds a lot like Bauji and Ma.  Well, Ma has to keep an eye on him and the sweets.  He's always trying to eat them and of course smoke his cigars," Harman said.  "I swear a couple of days ago he and Balraaj Uncle were out behind the pool house enjoying some cigars.  Ma and Teji Auntie had gone to the temple so they had no idea."


"How did you know they were smoking?" Prem asked.


"Because I could see and smell the smoke," Harman replied.  "Though I wonder how they didn't get caught...doesn't the smell of the smoke stick to your clothes?"


"They had a fan on blowing the smoke away from them," Preet answered causing his brothers to look at him.  "Who do you think was their look out?  I promised not to say anything if they gave me some compensation."


"You bribed Bauji and my father-in-law?" Prem asked in disbelief.


"Hey, there was no bribing...we were just exchanging services...a trade.  I set up the fan for them and kept an eye out on any intruding people and they gave me fifty dollars each," Preet grinned with satisfaction.


"You got a hundred dollars?" Harman replied.


"They were getting some funds ready for PB's know you're seeing some family members again after a long have to give a little something to the kids cause you never know when you're going to see them again.  The smallest they had were fifties.  Oh, and they were of course setting aside some funds for PB when the bride's side tries to steal his shoes," Preet explained.  "Speaking of which...we are not going to let them succeed, right?"


Harman smiled confidentially, "Absolutely...there is no way they are going to get the shoes."


"How many pairs did you buy?" Kunal asked.


"Just enough to keep them guessing.  They are either one size larger or one size smaller then PB's really shoes.  And I've already marked with a red marker on the inside of his shoes just in case we get confused," Preet said.


"You guys are taking this game a bit too seriously," Prem replied.


"Hey, we're trying to save you from having to pay," Preet said.


"Ah, Prem doesn't really care whether his shoes gets taken or not as long as he gets the girl," Kunal said.


"Knowing Bhaiya he probably would help them," Harman mused.


"No helping...I don't care if Meher is on the bride's side...I'm not letting her win," Preet reported.


"Ah, so now we know what's really going on," Prem said crossing his arms.  "What, you two made a bet or something?"


"Ahhh," Preet smiled nervously and then composed himself, "No, of course not.  Why would we make a bet?"


"I think that confirms it all right," Prem replied.


"What did you bet?" Harman probed.  "Come on out with it.  We're on the same side here."


"Well, we are both taking Man's Food for fall's a really easy credit course to take to complete our science requirement.  If I win she has to do my homework for two class periods and if I lose she does mine," Preet answered.


"So you're cheating in class," Kunal replied.


"No, we are not cheating.  It's homework.  Cheating would be if she took a quiz or exam for me," Preet clarified.  "It's only two homework assignments." 


The boys turned their heads as they heard a knock against Kunal's bedroom door.  "Come in!" they greeted.  Mrs. Kapoor smiled as she opened the door, "Hope I wasn't disturbing anything.  Just wanted to tell you lunch is ready."


"Thanks Mom," Kunal said as he got up from his bean bag chair and began following her out the door.  The Juneja brothers followed suit and continued talking merrily about the plans they had to thwart the bride's side from getting Prem's shoes.


Heer wrapped her hair tightly in a bath towel before exiting the bathroom to take some much needed rest after being woken up so earlier in the morning to perform the Haldi ceremony.  She wore a pair of comfy gray sweatpants and a plain white t-shirt.  She collapsed face forward on her bed and closed her eyes for a few minutes.  She groaned when she hear her bedroom door open and the voice of her sister asking, "Heer Didi what are you doing?"


"Sleeping," she mumbled into her pillow.


"You don't have time for that.  Lunch is ready.  I went ahead and made a plate for you.  It's like a mad house downstairs.  Everyone is asking where you are.  I told them you were busy cleaning up and you'd be down later," Meher said.


"I'm not hungry Meher," Heer replied as she rolled over onto her back.


"You have to eat something.  Dinner is going to be late tonight'with the wedding and everything going on...all the guests you'll have to meet who knows when you'll be able to eat next," Meher said.


"Really, I'm not very hungry at all.  I'm still stuffed from breakfast," Heer said.


Meher sat on the bed with the plate of food in her left hand while she held a spoon in her right, "Don't make me shove this food down your throat.  You'll thank me later for it."


"Meeeheerrr," Heer whined as she tried moving away from her sister.


They were interrupted when Ashlesha came walking into the room.  "Wow, I can't believe everyone downstairs.  I just had to get out of that mess and find someplace quiet to eat."


"Ash, Heer Didi won't eat anything," Meher reported.


"I suspected so.  She's got to be all nervous and stressed out...who can really eat at a time like this?  You're worry about how you'll look tonight, right?  If the wedding saree will still fit properly?" Ashlesha asked.


"Of course it will fit alright, she tried it on just last night.  She couldn't have gain weight since then," Meher replied.


"I'm just not hungry," Heer said as she sat up and started to towel dry her hair.


"You're stressed," Ashlesha simply stated and sat on her bed and began eating her food.  "Ooooh, I forgot how good Teji Auntie's chicken curry is."


"Mama makes the best," Meher replied with a smile.


"Knock-knock," Veera said as she popped her head into the room.  "Mind if we come in?"


"Sure," Heer smiled.


"It's like a zoo downstairs.  People are behaving as if they haven't seen food in days.  Ma came out holding a huge plate filled with samosas and the next thing you know it was empty," Veera said.


"It's got to be the guys," Ashlesha replied.  "They descend on food like nobody's business."


"I bet Nihaal Bhaiya had one in each hand," Meher replied with a giggle.


"Hey, where is Maya?" Ashlesha asked.


"What do you mean where is she?" Veera replied and pointed behind her.  "She's right here."


"Um, where?" Heer asked arching her eyebrow.  "There's no one behind you."


"What?" Veera said and turned around to inspect.  "Where did she go?  She was right behind me."  Just as she finished saying that Maya appeared in the doorway all flustered.  "What happened to you?"


"I got lost," Maya sarcastically replied.  "I'm not going downstairs again if I have to.  Your cousins...I know they are your family and all I had my plate of food and I was following you and then one of the aunties stopped me to ask me for my help in I but my plate on the table.  I swear not within two seconds of me putting my plate down someone was eating from it.  So after I finished helping the auntie I went back into the dining room to fix myself another plate.  And what happened?  But of course someone needed my help to bring something out of the kitchen.  I go in there and help them bring another plate of samosas out and I see another one of your cousins walking away with my food.  I had to go through this four times...four times.  So nobody better ask me for anything from my plate."


"Um sorry?" Veera meekly replied.


Meher sighed and looked at her sister again, "Heer Didi please eat something."


"Meher how many times do I..." was about all Heer could say when a spoonful of rice and aloo gobi was stuffed into her mouth.  "Meher!" she grumbled.


"Didi it's not nice eating with your mouth open," she instructed.  Heer swallowed the food and glared at her sister.  "Say ahh," Meher said as she put another spoonful of rice in front of her.  Heer silently crossed her arms in front of her chest and turned her head away in defiance.


"Leave it...if she really isn't hungry there is no need to force her to eat," Ashlesha said.


"But she'll be hungry later.  It's not like we can hand her a samosa while she's on the mandap," Meher explained.


"Well, at least eat a samosa Heer Bhabhi," Veera said.  "Meher does have a point."


"Okay fine if it will make you leave me alone," Heer sighed.  Meher smiled and handed her a samosa on a napkin.


"So nervous about tonight?" Maya probed.  There was a round of snickers from the other girls in the room as they looked at Heer for a response.


"What's to be nervous about...we follow what the priest tells us to do for the ceremony," Heer replied.


"Very funny...that's not what I meant and you know it," Maya said.


"Uh-heh," Heer sputtered as her cheeks turned red while the girls started giggling.  "Shut up," Heer protested and threw a pillow at Maya.


"Hey, don't make me spill my food," Maya replied as she ducked.  "Or you'll be the one going downstairs in that crazy mob to get me another plate."


"Good luck coming back," Veera said.  "They are all wondering where you are'they seem so eager to see you and talk to you...if you went down you probably wouldn't come back for a few hours."


"She should rest because we all know what's going to happen later after the wedding is going to descend on her and Prem...forcing them to chit-chat and carry on long dull boring conversations asking about this and that...where are you going for your honeymoon, when are you graduating, where are you working...blah, blah, blah, blah..." Ashlesha said.


"Anyways we need to start getting you ready after lunch," Meher said.  "We still need to dry and straighten your hair."


"Yes, indeed...lots of work to do," Ashlesha said in agreement.


"Meher are you still scheming of ways to get Prem Bhaiya's shoes?" Veera asked.


"Of course," she replied.  "But I can't discuss are on the groom's side."


"She's got a bet going with Preet," Ashlesha explained.  "She's determine to best him at his own game."


"Well, if that's the case I'll help," Veera replied.  "Anything to get Preet."


"Ah, familial love...what did he do to you this time?" Maya asked.


"Nothing, just fun messing with him.  I'm sure he had a chance to mess with me he would do it," Veera answered.  "I'll be your insider."


"Will he trust you?  You've been hanging out with us a lot," Meher replied.


"Trust me...just leave it to me.  I'll find out what they are doing...I have my ways," Veera said with a mischievous glint in her eye.


The wedding venue was decorated extravagantly like it was some huge ceremony for a celebrity.  No expenses were spared to make this one of the most memorable events as two childhood friends celebrated the joining of their families as their children entered into holy matrimony.  Both sides of the family were buzzing around chatting and eagerly waiting for the wedding ceremony to commence.  Prem entered the large white tent in a cream colored sherwani holding the wedding garland in his hands in nervous anticipation of seeing Heer.  His breath caught in his chest as he stared at his soon-to-be wife slowly walking from the other side towards the mandap.  She was looking stunning in her red and gold bridal saree.  Preet smirked and nudged his brother to walk forward.  "If you keep standing here and starring you won't get married PB."  Prem blinked coming out of his reverie and began walking again. 


Heer blushed afraid of making any eye contact with Prem as Meher and Ashlesha made teasing comments about her soon-to-be husband's behavior.  Eventually the two sides made their way towards the mandap to exchange the garlands.  The boys playfully lifted Prem up preventing Heer from placing the garland around his neck.  "Stop playing around," Ashlesha ordered.


"It's just a little joke," Kunal said.  "Relax, we know Prem is very eager to get married...he'll beat us if we do it again."  The boys put Prem back down on the ground and grinned as Heer placed the garland over Prem's head.  Prem gave a loving gaze as he placed the garland in his hands over Heer's head and gently mouthed the words, "I love you," causing her to blush and look away.  The family members present began teasing them making them both red in the face.


The elders of the family soon came and took over the ceremony as they started instructing Prem and Heer on what they needed to do next.  The Priest sat at the mandap and began the ceremonial and religious rites that needed to be completed for the couple.  As these proceedings were being done the younger siblings and cousins from the bride's side and groom's side started their games fighting over the groom's shoes.  Prem and Heer were obviously to all the things going on behind them as they were concentrating on what needed to be done.  The young couple snuck shy glances at each other as they performed the rites.  The elders of the family just chuckled softly in delight at seeing them acting so modestly; knowing full well how happy they truly were feeling inside.


Ashlesha gave a triumphant smile as she scurried to Meher and Maya hiding her secret package underneath her duptta.  "I got it!" she squealed in delight.


"Really that easily?" Meher asked.


"Something isn't right...there is no way the boys would give it up that easily," Maya said tapping her chin.


"I don't one was guarding the shoes.  They were all busy celebrating and everything," Ashlesha replied.


"That's because you have the wrong shoes," Veera said as she quickly walked up to them.  "Thos are fakes.  The real shoes...they've already hid them."


"What?  Where?" Meher asked.


"I don't know.  Preet couldn't tell me everything because he got called away to do something and then Harman was busy talking to one of our uncles...but I know the ones you have are fakes," Veera said.


"Well, we will just have to search for where they would hide the shoes," Maya replied.


"The real shoes have been marked with a red marker...on the inside sole," Veera said.


"Let's check the groom resting room," Meher suggested.  The girls all agreed to the suggestion and ran off to locate Prem's real shoes.


Meanwhile, Preet and the boys stood there snickering as he saw the girls go running off.  "They must be finding a place to hide the shoes.  They just don't know that they have the fakes!  Haha!"


"Um, is that Veera with them?" Sang asked with some concern.


"What?!" Preet and Harman exclaimed.


"That little traitor!" Preet grumbled.


"You didn't tell her anything did you?" Harman asked.


"I just told her that we hid the real ones and the ones at the mandap are fakes...and the real ones have been marked by a red marker," Preet answered sadly.


"Well, where did you hide the real ones?" Kunal asked.


"I gave them to Kiran Jiju to hide them.  I don't know," Preet replied.  In a panic the boys started searching for Kiran to find out where the shoes had been hidden.


Prem grinned as he and Heer finally stood up to complete the saat phere.   The family members gathered around and started to throw rose petals as they walked the seven rounds.  Heer gave a gently smile as she felt Prem's nervous fingers tie the mangalsutra around her neck.  He grinned widely as the Priest moved the prayer plate towards him that had the sindoor.  He took a pinch and filled Heer's maang sealing them in unity and completing the final stage of the wedding ceremony.  Family and friends broke out into cheers and clapped fervently that they were now husband and wife.  It wasn't long before the reception party was in full swing with good food, dancing, and all around merriment.


"Ahaha!" Meher grinned brightly as she marched over to Preet with Prem's shoes in her hands.  "Guess what I found."


"That's not fair.  You cheated!" Preet replied.


"I did not!" Meher retorted.  She then looked at Prem and stuck out her hand, "Okay Jiju pay up."


Prem just grinned and put his hand in pocket to take out a wad of cash.  Preet put his hand on his brother's arm stopping him from completing the action.  "No PB, we'll get the shoes back.  You don't have to pay a thing."


"How are you going to take them back when I have them?" Meher replied.  "This is his size and these are the shoes you marked.  I'm not letting these leave my sight."


"Forget it Preet, she's got the shoes.  I'm tired of walking around bare foot in the grass," Prem said.


"None of this would have happened if Veera hadn't told them about what we were doing," Preet said.


"Look I found the shoes fair in square after you guys ran and hid them again," Meher replied.  "Face it I won the bet so nah-nah-nah..."


"That's right...all we knew was we didn't have the right shoes.  We still had to look for them," Ashlesha said backing up what Meher had explained.


"But you still cheated!  Cheaters!" Preet shouted.  Kunal, Sang, Harman, and the rest of the Juneja cousins all bellowed the same sentiment.


"We did not!" Meher, Ashlesha, and the rest of the Maan cousins countered.


"All right...all right..." Prem said trying to calm the situation down.  "The fact is Meher has my shoes so I have to pay them.  Sorry guys, rules are rules and the party is about over."  Preet gave a scowl and grumbled along with the rest of the groom's side as they saw Prem dole out the cash to Meher and the rest of her cousins. 


"Hey, no way she can't get paid," Harman objected as she saw Veera come up in line.


"Why not?  She helped too," Ashlesha and Meher replied.


"She's a traitor that's what she is...she betrayed all of us," Preet huffed.


"I just choose to work on the winning side that's all," Veera replied with a smile as Prem handed over a fifty dollar bill.  "Thanks Bhaiya!"


"Okay I got everyone right?" Prem asked.


"Me," Maya said sweetly as she came running up.  "I was in the washroom when Meher decided to go and collect."


"Here you go.  All right, hand my shoes over please," Prem said.


"It's been great doing business with you Mr. Juneja," Meher replied handing his shoes over. 


"You're a tough negotiator Ms. Maan," Prem chuckled.  "Thanks."


"No, thank you," Meher smiled.


"All right guys, let's get them on the dance floor," Preet challenged as he hiked up his sleeves and led the charged.  Meher and the girls all screamed and started running towards the dance floor where they all broke out into dance.


Prem gave a mirthful smile at their actions and went to find a place to sit and put on his shoes.  His ears perked as he heard the familiar rustle of fabric and payal chimes come up behind him.  He felt a gentle touch on his shoulder and he immediately placed his hand on top of the soft feminine hand.  "Finally got your shoes back?" Heer asked.


"Yes," he replied as he pulled her hand down and inspected her mehndi.  "Now I can stop worrying about getting bug bites and stepping on sticks and things."


"How much did it cost you?" Heer inquired.


"Doesn't really matter...Meher was happy.  And she won the bet...which in some ways is a good will make Preet work harder in school," Prem replied.  "Are you ready to go?"


"Yes, but everyone is still having so much fun," Heer replied.


"Yeah, they are," Prem said as he looked at the dance floor.  He then murmured, "But it's time for bed and other things..."


The sly remark had not gotten passed Heer's ears and she gently hit his shoulder, "Prem..."


"What, aren't you tired?  I know I am," Prem said trying to cover up his previous remark.  "It's time to sleep."


"Okay, let's go inform," Heer suggested.  "Do we need to call the limo?"


"Nope, it should be here any minute now," Prem said with a smirk as he held her hand.


"Ah, you're little plan, huh?" Heer replied.


"You know if we don't make them leave our families would be here partying until the next morning," Prem said.


"But the venue has set a curfew of 2:00am," Heer said.


"It's 1:30 right now," Prem answered.


"What?  Really?" Heer replied.


"You've had too much fun dancing with your cousins that you lost track of time," Prem said chuckling.


"Let's go then," Heer said dragging him towards the parents.


Much to the disappointment of the partiers that were immensely enjoying themselves the reception was drawing to a quick close.  Everyone gathered out front to wave goodbye to Prem and Heer as their limo arrived to take them to the Juneja hotel.  Teji cried profusely hugging her daughter as if she wouldn't be seeing her again.  Heer was overcome with emotion herself at her mother's words and was shedding tears.  Prem respectfully stood to the side letting them have their moment.  Balraaj gently placed his hand on his wife's shoulder, "You'll see her tomorrow.  It's not like she's not coming back to the house.  Let the children go and get some's very late."


"My baby..." Teji sniffled as Balraaj pulled her away from Heer.  He then motioned to Prem to take Heer.


"We'll see you tomorrow morning Mom," Prem softly said.


Teji nodded and then rested her head on her husband's shoulder trying to control her tears and waved goodbye to the couple as they got into their limo.  Fifteen minutes later, shuttle buses came to pick up the rest of the family members staying at the Juneja hotel.  They had been timed that way to give the newly wedded couple some space and privacy from their family as they made their way to the hotel.


Continued in the second post just underneath this

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The Second Part of this long chapter Embarrassed

PHingoli Blushing I believe is the term used? LOL

*It gets BOLD towards the end.  You have been warned.  Please PM me instead of reporting me Ouch if you have any issues. I'll be more than happy to do the necessary edits.*


When Prem opened the door to their hotel suite they were greeted by a room filled with romantic decorations.  The floor was sprinkled with red, pink, and white rose petals and candles were placed throughout the suite.  Heer's eyes took in the wonderful sight before them and smiled.  "Wow, Meher and the girls really out did themselves.  It looks so beautiful."


Prem grinned as he spied a large card with their names written on the front leaning against a white candle on the side table of the foyer.  He picked it up and began reading the message out loud, "Dear Prem and Heer...Congratulations on your wedding!  Your journey to come to this point today has been a road filled with many tests and hardships but through it all you've always had faith in each other.  It is this faith and love that will guide you through as you take on the new roles of husband and wife.  May this new journey be filled with much happiness, love, and understanding.  Tonight is your night to celebrate.  So enjoy our romantic creation to the fullest.  And even though we should have some mercy on you because the parents will be asking it soon enough...but we want to be the first to say we want to be aunties!  Love Meher, Veera, Ashlesha, and Maya."  Heer felt her cheeks grow warm at the last comment the girls had made about children.  She knew the parents would be asking soon enough about when they will hear the pitter-patter of small feet but they weren't quite ready for that step yet.  "Don't worry.  I'm sure our parents will understand we want to build our careers first before we settle down and start having a family.  If two years is good enough for us than two years can be good enough for them to wait," Prem said noticing the way Heer was blushing nervously.  "Should we light some candles?"


Heer smiled and took the candle lighter from him while he took the match box and they went around the suite lighting the candles.  Prem turned the lights off and the atmosphere of the room blossomed into an even more intimate and romantic setting.  Heer glanced at the sliding glass door that lead out to the balcony and felt the strong urge to step out and see if there was a full moon present in the night sky.  She slide the doors open and walked outside breathing in the cool night air.  She involuntarily jumped a little when she felt Prem's hands slip around her waist.  "Sorry didn't mean to scary you," he spoke soothingly.


"It's okay," Heer replied and leaned into his embrace.


"You aren't nervous are you?" he asked.  Prem could sense a bit of tension in her body and wanted to ease any doubt in her mind about being alone in the bedroom together for the first time after being married.


"A little," Heer confessed.  It wasn't that she didn't trust Prem, she did.  She loved him dearly and her heart belonged to him but tonight's act would unite them in a totally different way than their wedding ceremony had.  He would be claiming her body in the most intimate way possible performing the last ritual to make her solely his forever.  She felt a strange nervousness about what was to come and thought it was funny she was feeling this way after all their playful and at times sensual make out sessions they had.  Her heart was starting to race and she didn't know how she was going to be able to make it through the night if it continued to pound so hard.


"I'm a little too," Prem replied causing Heer to look at him in surprise.  "Yeah, me Mr. Romantic nervous tonight of all nights, ironic isn't it?  I've never done this before...I just want to make sure you're okay...that you're comfortable."  He had heard of nightmarish stories about inexperienced couples having issues on their first night together; spending fifteen minutes trying to figure out how to position themselves so they could enter the domain of pleasure.  He'd hope they wouldn't have the same problem.  His brothers had teased him to no end while Kunal had provided him ample reading material to acquaint himself with the basics.  He could read but reading was one thing; if he'd never done it before how was he suppose to know what to do when the time came?  How was he going to know he was satisfying what needed to be satisfied for her?  He felt his stomach tumble and tried pushing his nervous thoughts away.  He knew his anxiety would only make matters worse and instead started focusing on Heer and his love for her and the loved they shared.


Heer gave him a thankful grin.  "Thank you." 


He smiled and then went back to gazing at the sky.  "The moon's so bright tonight."


"Like that night at the pool," Heer said.


Prem grinned recalling the fond memory of how they consoled each other, "Exactly."  They stood there for a few more minutes their heads leaning against each other both of them enjoying the gently breeze, the night sky, and the warmth of being with each other.  "So, you want to take all this jewelry off?  It seems kind of heavy."


"Yes, I'd love to.  I have so much on I thought Meher and Ashlesha were trying to drown me in all this stuff," Heer replied and quickly broke from Prem's embrace heading towards the bedroom to take it off.  Prem followed behind and removed the red stole from around his neck and gently tossed it onto one of the arm chairs.  "Prem, please hang that up properly.  I don't want to have to go hunting for it later because it somehow got lost in the room," Heer ordered as she began taking off her earrings and placing them back into their jewelry case.


He smirked and remembered his brothers' comments about how once he was married Heer would be taking over the relationship and she'd be the one with the upper hand.  "Yes dear," he replied with a smile and took the stole from the chair.  He went to the closet and found the suit garment bag and hung the stole.  "Need any help?" Prem asked after he had finished his task.


Heer had removed her dupatta, maang tikka, nath, and earrings and was working on removing the necklace.  She was having trouble with the clasp so Prem came behind to help.  She felt his fingers gently touch her neck causing a tingling sensation to spread throughout her body.  "Thanks," she replied as he carefully pulled the ornate necklace off from around her neck making sure not to snag her mangalsutra.  "I can finally breathe a little."


Prem moved to the front and took her hand into his, "Bangles next?" he asked.  Heer smiled as he tenderly applied pressure on the knuckles of her thumb and pinky finger elongating her hand into a nice slope so he could slip the bangles off.  Heer gasped when one of the bangles got stuck and rubbed roughly against her skin.  "Sorry," Prem quickly apologize and kissed the area that was hurt.  The feel of his lips against her skin was intoxicating.  "It's okay," she replied trying not to look him in the eyes.  Prem smirked seeing her act so shyly in front of him.  He finished taking the bangles off from her right hand and moved onto her left hand.  As he was removing them he suddenly stopped and kissed her hand.  "Just in case," he simply replied answering her gaze.  Heer couldn't help but softly chuckle at his actions.


"My bichhuas and my payals next," Heer instructed.  Prem grinned and obediently got down on one knee.  Heer used the dresser to steady herself as she lifted her right foot first.  Prem bent his head down and kissed her foot before taking the toe ring off.  He then gently lifted her foot higher onto his knee so he could remove her payal.  Heer felt him tenderly caress her ankle and then plant a kiss before removing the bells.  He moved onto her left foot and repeated the same actions as he had done for her right foot.  Heer's heart was beating rapidly at these affectionate gestures.  The touch of his hands and the feel of his lips against her skin were causing a wild yearning to develop from within her body.  She was still nervous but she didn't want him to stop his kissing and caressing.  Prem slowly rose up to his feet and placed the jewelry on the dresser and gazed at Heer lovingly.  He did his best to contain all the raging emotions inside of him so he didn't scare her and make her feel even more nervous than she already was.  He just wanted to shower her with all his love and affection and make this night special for both of them. 


Prem moved closer to her and began removing the hair pins that he could find.  "You look beautiful either way but I prefer your hair down," he said.  Heer reached behind her head locating the pins that he had missed and eventually her hair came cascading down sitting below her shoulders.  She tossed it lightly trying to detangle the poof of a mess that she knew it was becoming.  "My hair looks awful now," she sighed.


"No, you look fine," Prem said as he ran his hands through her dark tresses.  The silkiness was coming back to life with each brush.  "Very cute," he complimented.


Heer smiled shaking her head slightly, "Stop trying to flatter me."


Prem slipped his arm around her waist making sure to brush his fingers across her exposed skin and gently left his grip there.  He could feel Heer inhale sharply as he pulled her closer.  The feeling of having her in his arms was exhilarating.  "I'm not.  It's the truth," he replied and then slowly and tenderly started to kiss her.  He could feel his body responding eagerly with each kiss they exchanged; their tongues greeting each other lovingly.  Even though he wanted to explore more he commanded his fingers to stay put until he knew she was ready to move forward.  Heer lifted her arms up gently encircling Prem's neck pulling them closer together and began kissing him passionately.  As Prem explored her mouth sometimes nibbling on the lower lip or kissing just above the mouth a sudden soft moan escaped her throat.  He grinned slightly and began exploring with his hands the exposed areas of her skin.  He felt the heat of the contact through his hands and wanted to feel more but knew he had to be patience.  Prem slowly left Heer's lips and began moving his way across her jaw line to her right earlobe.  He gently sucked and tugged lightly causing another moan to escape.  He grinned again and began kissing with soft wet kisses down her supple neck.  He could sense Heer's shallow breathing and could tell by the way her hands roamed that she was enjoying every bit of affection he was giving her.  He tugged at her saree requesting for more to be revealed to him so he could continue his quest to shower her with his love.


Heer pulled back and unpinned the fabric from her shoulder letting it fall away to reveal more skin.  She smiled against his lips as Prem greeted her there first before moving on to the newly exposed areas to explore.  With the help of Prem's free hand she untucked the pleats and pulled the rest of the elegant gold embroidered red fabric out of her skirt letting it to fall onto the soft carpet.  She felt a tingly sensation spread through her body and her skin burned with each kiss and touch he gave her.  She moaned as Prem kissed down the left side of her neck and then the upper area of her chest.  She felt the strings of her blouse being untied and the garment loosening against her body.  His fingers trailed softly against her back singeing her skin as they went.  "Wait, Prem," Heer whispered as she felt him began to tug at the garment.  He obediently pulled away, "Am I going too fast?" he asked worriedly.


She grinned shaking her head, "No," and placed her hand on his cheek lovingly.  "I need to take the mangalsutra off first.  I don't want it to get caught on the fabric."


"Let me help," Prem said as he moved behind her and swept her hair to one side.  He unclasped the sacred necklace and then gently kissed the back of her neck.  Heer closed her eyes enjoying the sensation of his lips against her back.  "Have I told you today how much I love you?" Prem softly whispered into her ear.  Heer timidly smiled as he encircled his arms around her waist.  "How much?" she asked giggling slightly at the way his breath tickled her ear.  "A lot...far beyond any words can describe.  But I'll try to show you everyday how much you mean to me.   And this," he said picking up the mangalsutra in her hands, "and this..." pulling out the platinum diamond encrusted wedding band from his pocket and slipping it on her left ring finger, "represents my love, devotion, and my vow to always be by your side in sickness and in health till death do us part and beyond that.  Even after our bodies cease to exist and we are reincarnated again...I'll find my way back to you...I'll always find my way back to you no matter what because I belong to you, only you.  That's how much I love you Heer."  Soft droplets splashed down on his hand and he turned her around shaking his head gently, "Don't cry," and brushed her tears away with his thumbs.


Heer smiled through watery eyes, "I love very much.  You're all that I could wish for and I couldn't ask for more.  I'll be with you always...wherever you go I'll follow.  I'll never leave your side."  They both leaned their foreheads together and smiled.  Heer hugged him tightly and closed her eyes enjoying the moment; her heart filled with so much emotion.  They stayed there like that for a few minutes before she finally broke the hug and carefully placed the mangalsutra on the dresser with all the other jewelry.  She rearranged her wedding band and engagement ring so that the wedding band was on first and her engagement ring sat on top.  "Tradition says the wedding band goes on first so it sits closer to your heart," Heer said as she drew her hand up to look at the set in awe at what it represented.


"It does, does it?  Well, we have to follow tradition then," Prem said as he slipped his hands around her waist again.  He then gently swayed her and asked, "Do you trust me?"


"Of course," Heer replied knowing where this was going to lead.  The feel of his fingers touching her bare waist was sending a row of shivers down her spine.  Having him so near was intoxicating to her. 


They were already well on their way to something but Prem still felt like he needed to ask permission before he continued.  "Will you take this journey with me tonight?  May I make love to you?"  Heer turned around and saw the intensity burning in Prem's eyes.  The desire to cross the boundary was evident in his gaze.  Her heart was pounding in her ears as she allowed herself to be drawn into the soulful pools of his brown eyes.  "I want you to," she softly uttered.  She closed her eyes as Prem gently kissed her forehead, the tops of her eyelids, her nose, and then her lips.  Heer lifted her arms up as Prem helped her take the blouse off and they shared a few more kisses before he wandered away to her shoulders.  He spread a trail of wet kisses on her right shoulder as he pushed her bra strap off and then went to do the same treatment to her left shoulder.  He wanted to spend equal amount of time and affection to each area he explored.  Heer savored the new sensations that she was feeling and how her body was reacting to the kisses and the loving touches Prem's hands were giving her.  She moaned as he kissed down her chest cavity and moved his way down to her stomach.  Prem sensuously rubbed his nose against her soft skin enjoying the tantalizing electricity flowing between them.   He then slowly got up from his knees and kissed his way back up to greet her eager lips. 


Heer clutched the front of his sherwani and tugged causing Prem to smile.  "It's your turn," she said against his lips.  Prem found the zipper and slipped out of the jacket.  He could feel Heer's disappointment that there was an undershirt underneath it as her hands roamed along his chest gripping the cotton fabric.  He broke away from their kissing to remove his shirt and was surprised by how immediately Heer was there to roam her hands along his bare chest.  He was in pure bliss as she began kissing her way down his neck.  She gently licked his skin marveling over the taste; the saltiness of who he was and then continued with wet kisses along his chest.  Prem felt like he was losing himself with the way she was exploring his body.  The feel of her lips, tongue, and hands were wreaking havoc on him as a deep arousal awoke and he had to maintain his control not to suddenly pounce upon her.  He fidgeted as she moved down his stomach to his belly button.  He groaned her name causing her to move back up to his lips.  Heer undid her skirt and slipped out of it and then pulled at Prem's pants.  He grinned at her insistence and took them off without break away from the kissing.  They both moaned against each other's mouths as they felt their nearly bare bodies make contact; her hands around his neck while he held her tightly around the waist.


Prem reluctantly pulled away from the kissing knowing he had to so they could move to a more comfortable position to continue their exploration.  He swept Heer up in his arms and carried her to the bed.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and continued to give him sweet kisses.  Smiling, "I can't lift the covers up...need help," Prem said between the kissing.  Heer giggled slightly and turned around grabbing the covers and tossing them aside.  "How's that?" she asked.  Prem smirked, "Beautiful," and gently laid her down.


Whatever nervousness Heer had before was now replaced by a deep growing need to fulfill a hunger in her body.  She pulled Prem on top of her wanting nothing more than to melt into him.  Their bodies rubbed against each other flaming the desire to become connected and become one.  Prem grunted as he fumbled with Heer's bra unable to unhook it from the back.  He wondered why it had to be so difficult to remove.  "Let me do this, Prem," Heer finally said reaching behind and pushing his fingers away.  She inhaled sharply as he hungrily greeted her now fully exposed chest with his lips.  A deep seeded moan erupted from her mouth as she gently gripped his hair as he continued to spend time exploring her bosom.  Eventually the last of the clothing barriers were peeled away and thrown chaotically off to the side of the bed.  Exploration continued as hands, lips, and tongues caressed, massaged, kissed, sucked, and licked all areas of the body without reservations.  Inaudible murmurs and sweet moans began to fill the bedroom. 


Having their bodies so close together was indescribable to Heer.  She never thought she could feel this way; in total pleasurable bliss yet still tormented by some unknown desire to feel more complete than what she was feeling now.  Prem was beside himself feeling all these intense sensations.  His passion for her was running wildly and he felt like he was going to explode soon.  They paused briefly so protection could be slipped on and then returned to their passionate journey.  Heer suddenly felt a sharp pain and tears began to well up.  Prem's worried face hovered over her as he gently kissed the few tear droplets that fell.  "Sorry," he replied torn by the fact that he had just hurt her in the very act that was supposed to bring them great pleasure.  "Should we stop?  Are you going to be okay?" he asked with concern.  Even though he knew this was going to happen he still felt guilty.  He pulled back from his position so he could give her some breathing space.  Heer swallowed back the pain and cupped his face, "I'll be okay."  Prem continued to look at her with apprehensive eyes.  "I want you to make love to me Prem," she said.  "Don't stop."  Prem nodded and did his best to be as gentle as possible as he continued.  He showered her with loving kisses before repositioning himself.   "I love you," he softly whispered against her lips in the hopes his words could lessen the pain she was feeling at the moment.  Heer didn't really know how to respond as the pain continued to linger but ever so slowly a building pleasure she never experienced before began to replace the feeling.  Prem was amazed at how two people who had absolutely no clue what they were doing where here at this point; guided only by their for love each other and this instinctual need and desire to satisfy each other.  The tender rhythmic motion that had began was starting to increase in pace as the passion between both partners ignited sending a fury of intense yearnings through their bodies.  Prem didn't know how he was able to control himself but he did knowing his first priority was to Heer.  Then suddenly a climactic surge uniting two souls crashed forward and intense pleasurable moans of fulfillment escaped their mouths and echoed through the room. 


Prem felt himself collapse onto Heer feeling spent but he quickly pulled himself together wanting to make sure she wasn't hurt.  "Are you okay?" he asked breathlessly.  The only response was a small whimper.  "Heer?  It doesn't hurt still does it?" he asked worriedly.  "I'm fine," she finally managed to say.  The truth was the feeling of what they had just experienced together had left her speechless.  Her heart was still pounding crazily in her chest and her breathing was just as haggard as Prem's breathing.  She knew the intensity she felt was because of his love.  It made her feel whole.  Prem gave a thankful grin and then noticed the way Heer was gently smiling at him.  They both rested their foreheads against each other and softly chuckled.  "Thank you.  I'm more than fine actually...I feel wonderful," Heer said causing Prem to grin widely.  "It was incredible."


Prem couldn't stop grinning at her words.  It made him feel good that he had brought her to such satisfaction.  "It was," Prem simply replied and gladly accepted the few thankful kisses coming his way.  "I love you," he said as he gently rubbed his nose against hers.


"I love you too," she replied smiling tenderly as she caressed his jaw line with her fingers.


Prem gingerly dismounted and gave her a quick peck on the lips.  "Be right back," he said and went to the bathroom to properly dispose the protection.  He crawled back into the bed gathering the covers around them making sure to tuck themselves securely underneath as they cuddled together basking in the afterglow of their first love making session.  He kissed Heer's forehead and wrapped his arm around her possessively as she snuggled onto his chest.  A sense of overwhelming pride and triumphant washed over him as the night's events had made Heer his forever.  Heer felt complete lying in Prem's arms listening to his heart beat.  She knew as much as she was now his; he belonged to her as well.  This intimate act and feeling they had just shared was only allowed to transpire between them and no other would be tolerated. 


Eventually the young couple drifted off into a peaceful sleep as the day's events finally evoked the weariness in their bones.  A few gentle illuminating rays from the full moon outside the window snuck in through the white gauzy curtains.  It offered blessing to the newlyweds and carefully watched over them as they slept.


There you go.  Hope you all enjoyed that.  So naughty you people are Tongue.

Some more fun tender moments coming up and of course the honeymoon trip...I think I've spoiled you guys way too much this week.  Three updates and some *ahem ahem* and a long chapter at that.

See you guys next week.

Please Leave Comments Geek I would really appreciate it.  Thank you!

---Grace Big smile

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Way to go girl Shocked...tht was one longggg HOT part!!! Embarrassed Luved the wedding part...Preet n
Meher laying a bet on who will do the hwk...Lol. Veera helped the girls n got the money of Prem along with others. Big smileGlad the wedding got over smoothly...
The suhaag raat Embarrassed
Update the nxt part asap n thnx 4 the PM. Smile

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omg omg omg..........that was way hooott girl..........i really enjoyed the duals btw the groom's side n bride's continue soon..........thanks for the pm..........

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awsum luved it...!!! bechara prem heer se dur...!!! finally prem n heer r one in both da ways...!!! luved d romance...!!!! thx for such an wonderful update...!!!

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oh...god i am not in the position to comment also....Blushing

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loved it really goood plz update soon can't wait...

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