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Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

FF| AWMARW Thread 2 (Page 140)

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update soon please

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So I know I have made you guys wait far too long. I'm really sorry but I have been extremely busy lately.

Please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors.

So without further ado here is the next chapter. 

Chapter 86: Ways to Make Amends


Ashlesha rubbed her blurry eyes trying to focus in on the textbook she was reading.  Her hand was cramping from all the notes she had taken causing her to massage her hand every few seconds.  She lifted her head when she heard a knock on her apartment door.  She got up from the dining room table and went to the door to see who it was.


"Brought you a gift!" Veera shouted holding a small package in her hand.


"Cupcakes!" Ashlesha squealed in delight.  "You came at the right time...I needed a break."


"I haven't seen you in awhile and thought I stop by," Veera replied.  She looked around the apartment and smiled.  "I really like your new place."


"Thanks.  I do to.  The old place wasn't bad but you have to admit this is a lot better," Ashlesha said and placed the cupcakes on the dining table.  "Coffee?"


"Sounds perfect."


A few minutes later they were happily eating cupcakes and drinking coffee.  "I love these cupcakes.  This lemon one is fantastic," Ashlesha said.


"I know.  I really like this vanilla bean one," Veera smiled in agreement.  "So, what have you been up to?  Besides's that guy you've been eyeing...what's his name again?"


"Sameer," Ashlesha replied.


"Are you blushing?" Veera teased.  Ashlesha gave her a tiny glare as her cheeks turned a soft pink.  "I'm happy for you.  Things are going well right?"


"We've been talking...studying together."


"Well, that is a start.  You know a lot of us thought for sure you and Kunal were going to start dating," Veera said and took a sip of her coffee.


"Kunal and I are just good friends," Ashlesha explained.  "Besides he's seeing someone..."


Veera's eyes widen at her revelation while Ashlesha had an uh-oh expression that she had just let something slip.  "He's seeing someone?  Who?  You know something before Prem Bhaiya does?  Spill the beans've already told me the secret might as well tell me everything."


"You promise you won't tell can't say anything because of Kunal finds out he'll kill me.  He wants to tell it himself," Ashlesha pleaded.


"I promise I won't say a thing.  Now, who is it?  Don't tell me it's Sanjana Rampal."  Veera saw how mute she had become and she gripped her hand.  "It's Sanjana?  Oh wow, Prem Bhaiya hasn't forgiven her yet.  He doesn't hang out with her or anything.  And his best friend is dating her now?  And since when did Sanjana suddenly start liking Kunal?  I mean she was head over heels in love with Prem Bhaiya...that is why she did all those things she did with Prashant.  She tried to break Prem Bhaiya and Heer Bhabhi apart.  You really can't blame him for not trusting her."


"Well, Kunal and Sanjana were keeping in touch when she was away in Australia.  He was a bit confused with his feelings...we had long conversations...very long ones...and you know how Kunal times I wanted to strangle him.  In the end he decided he was going to take the chance and ask her out when she came back.  They've been dating for about two weeks now," Ashlesha explained.  "He's afraid to tell Prem because of what had happened."


"I can understand why he would be afraid.  But Heer Bhabhi has forgiven Sanjana and you have to give it to Sanjana...she kept to her word.  She's been very low key.  She didn't attend any of the wedding functions.  She sent gifts and cards filled with well wishes to both of them so I think I want to believe her that she's over Bhaiya and won't try to do anything," Veera replied.  "I hope Kunal tells Bhaiya soon though...he won't be happy if he finds out Kunal's been lying to him.  Bhaiya values trust and if you lose that with him the relationship is practically over."


"I know.  I've been telling Kunal he needs to tell him.  I told him two weeks was fine but now that we're heading into the third week it's time he tells Prem what is going on," Ashlesha sighed.  "I would hate to see anything happen to their relationship."


"So would I," Veera agreed nodding her head.


Ashlesha took a sip of her coffee and then cautiously ventured, "So, I've been so busy with studies and everything I've been meaning to ask you...what's going on between you and Nihaal?"


Veera looked down and gently stirred her coffee with the fork she had been using to eat her cupcake.  "Nothing much."


"Nothing much?  What happened?"


"He doesn't feel the same way that's all.  So there isn't much to say.  We're still friends," Veera replied.


"Oh Veera, I'm so sorry.  You wrote that letter and everything.  I can go talk to him.  I'll make him see straight," Ashlesha offered. 


"No, don't do that.  I'm fine.  I mean I won't hurts but I'll be okay.  At least at the end of it I got a friend, right?"


Ashlesha gave her a sympathetic look.  "It's our fault...Meher and I shouldn't have pushed you like that.  We thought for sure...we were wrong...I'm so sorry."


"It's not your fault or Meher's...I did like him a lot...and it was just one of those things.  He doesn't like me like that so it's fine," Veera replied.  "Anyways, I've got all sorts of stuff going boutique Maya and I are trying to open designing...I've got a lot on my plate.  I probably don't have time for a relationship right now."


"All right Veera.  But I'm also telling you this.  If you want me to go beat him up for you I will.  I'd gladly do it even if he is my cousin," Ashlesha said making Veera gently laugh.


Prem opened the front door to the townhouse and was surprised to see Meher sitting in the loveseat eating a bowl of Maggie noodles.  "Hi Meher.  I didn't think anyone was using this place."


"We aren't really but sometimes I stop by and take a nap here or if I have a really long break between classes and I don't want to stay on campus I come here.  There are more Maggie noodles if you want any.  I think we've pretty much cleared out the pantry though.  The fridge is empty except for a few cans of soda.  We've cut the cable so no TV I'm afraid.  But we still have DVDs...we can watch a movie if you want," Meher replied.


"No, it's okay about the movie.  I actually came here to check up on the property and well take a nap," Prem said.  "Have you guys thought about renting this place out until your lease is up?"


"Yeah, we've talked to Papa about it.  We'll need to move all our stuff out...I think Didi still has a few of her things laying around here...same with me...I have a few clothes, books, and DVDs.  But he said we have to talk to the owner about it since we would be breaking our contract.  We'd have to find someone who will stay the rest of the term we signed for."


"I'm sure there are plenty of people on campus who would be interested in a townhouse apartment," Prem reasoned as he sat down on the couch.


"Yeah, I'll talk to Didi and Papa about it again," Meher said.


"It will save Papa money.  I think you guys should do it.  You know Ma and Bauji have no objections with you moving permanently into the practically live there already," Prem said.


Meher nodded and went back to eating her Maggie noodles.  Prem loosened his tie and stretched out on the couch.  "So how are things with you and my little brother?  He isn't bothering you too much is he?"


"Um, no..." Meher hesitantly replied.   


"Good but if he does something let me know and I'll set him straight," Prem replied.


Meher quietly ate her noodles for a few minutes before she mustard up the courage to talk about Preet and their relationship.  "Jiju?"


"Hmmm?" Prem sleepily replied with his eyes closed.


"I'm sorry...never were sleeping," Meher apologized.


"No, no...Meher, what is it?" Prem asked as he sat up.  He knew something was wrong by the way she had reacted.  "You can talk to me."


Meher looked down and played with the fork in her bowl.  "It's just...I'm sort of worried about Preet."  Prem quietly sat on the couch letting her take the time to finish her thoughts.  "He feels I could say neglected?  Okay maybe that isn't the right's just the way he's been acting...pushing everything to the side.  We're just trying to help but he gets a bit defensive...he won't pick a major...he doesn't really seem to care about grades...I don't know if it's the expectations that are making him worry or his self-esteem or what.  We had a fight and he started talking about how Veera is the youngest so everyone forgives her for her mistakes, Harman is Bauji's favorite and Ma can trust him with household affairs, Kulraj is the wisest and married and has kids so no one worries about her, you are Ma's favorite and everyone trusts you...he's just the trouble maker...that's his position in the family.  It's like he wants to live up to that image but deep down inside I know he doesn't like it.  He wants to make everyone proud but he won't do anything about it.  I'm just worried because I can't seem to get through to him."


Prem tightened his jaw and sat there reflecting everything Meher had said.  He felt bad that his little brother had been feeling this way.  He was also sad that Preet couldn't come to him and talk to him about what he was going on.  Whenever Prem needed Preet he was there for him to do anything he asked.  Now, the situation was reversed and Preet wasn't coming to him for help.  He'd hope they had a relationship that no matter what the case was they would help each other.  But he was finding out this wasn't the case.  His brother needed someone right now and he was keeping everything lock inside.  Prem suddenly felt upset that Preet was doing this.  "Jiju?"  Prem raised his head realizing he had been pondering quietly to himself for way too long.  "Sorry Meher.  I never realized this was what he's been thinking.  He usually jokes around with these kinds of things...saying no one loves him.  But I guess I was so use to his jokes I couldn't see the truth hiding underneath."


"I know the family loves him and I know deep down inside he knows too...but I just don't know what to do with him.  Preet's smart and very capable I just don't know why he's holding back.  I know your Dad only wants the best for him that is why he pushes him so hard," Meher replied.  


"Don't worry Meher I'll have a talk with him.  He's always been there for me...and this time I'll be here for him," Prem said.


Heer wiped her face on her towel before exiting the bathroom.  She was in her pajamas, a simple black tank top and blue-green plaid pants.  She went to the desk in the room and started organizing her school books and a few of Prem's papers.  She stacked them nicely to the side and then went to the closet to get her clothes ready for tomorrow.  She heard the sound of the bedroom door opening and knew Prem had entered.  She sighed at the current state of their relationship.  They weren't really talking to each other unless they had to.  She came out of the closet and saw Prem changing into his pajamas.  His work clothes were thrown in a pile on the bed.


Heer took a deep breath and went to the closet to get hangers for the jacket and pants.  "It's okay, I'll take care of it," Prem replied when he turned around.


"I've already done it," Heer answered and placed the items back into the closet to hang.


Prem took his blue tie in his hands and walked into the closet to put it away.  He almost ran into Heer as she was walking out.  Their eyes briefly met and then looked away as they were both still sore over their fight.  "Sorry," Prem mumbled.


"It's okay," Heer mumbled back.  Prem shifted to the side so she could get out and then went into the closet.  Heer took his white dress shirt and put it into the laundry basket in the bathroom.   When she came out she saw Prem sitting on the edge of the bed in deep thought.  "Are you okay?"


"Huh?" Prem replied and then looked at her realizing she had asked a question.  "Um, yeah..." rubbing the back of his neck, "I went to the townhouse this afternoon to check on the place.  Meher was there eating Maggie noodles.  We had a little chat.  She had a fight with Preet...she says he's putting up this front...she's worried about him...his future and everything."


"I know.  I ran into Preet a few days ago at the ice cream parlor he looked pretty down," Heer said.  "He's going through...for a lack of a better word...growing pains."


"You talked to him and you didn't tell me?" Prem inquired.


"Well, you were busy with had two big meetings this week I didn't want to bother you with were so stressed..."


"Bother?  This is my brother we're talking about," Prem snapped.  "He's always been there for me and he needed me and you didn't tell me?"


"It was only a couple of days Prem," Heer argued back.  "I wasn't withholding anything from you."


"A few days is very different from a couple of days.  I heard you distinctly say a few days."


"A few days or a couple of days what's the difference?" Heer replied with annoyance.


"A couple of days is two...a few days is more than two," Prem clarified.  "So there is a very big difference.  "A few days could mean a week not two days ago."


Heer was about to retort back with a snide comment but held her tongue.  She knew how much Prem cared for Preet and knew how the news about Preet's behavior was making him worry.  She breathed in and sighed, "Are we seriously arguing over this?"  Prem looked at her understanding her meaning and then looked away remaining mute.  "I know you're worried.  When I was talking to him he seemed very stressed.  He's comparing himself to you and Harman.  He knows how the family sees you up to these expectations...I don't think he thinks he can achieve them.  Maybe that's why he won't pick a major...he's afraid of failing in front of the family."


Prem shifted his eyes back up to his wife and gave an apologetic look, "I'm sorry I snapped at you.  It's just I wished he'd come and talk to me.  I'm his older brother.  I love him a lot and I'd do anything to help him."


"I'm sure he knows that.  He's really sensitive right now...just something to keep in mind when you talk to him.  He idolizes you and Harman a lot you know.  It might have been hard for him to come to you about this since you have this reputation of doing everything right."


"I'm not God Heer, I'm human too.  I make my share of mistakes.  I studied hard just like everyone else.  I work hard just like everyone else.  It's not like I snap my fingers and just like that I know and can do everything," Prem replied.


"I know Prem.  I'm just saying that others just tend to see you in this light," Heer explained.  "It's just a perception."


He ran his hand through his hair and sighed, "I never asked for it.  It wasn't something I focused on.  I just do what I think is right that's all."


"I know.  That's one of the reasons why I love you.  You try your best to do the right thing and live a good life.  That's what makes you a good man," Heer said.


"You still love me?" Prem asked arching his eyebrow.


"Yes," Heer answered.  She walked over to the desk and opened a drawer to pull out a folder.  Bowing her head a little as she walked towards she sincerely said, "I'm sorry Prem.  You were right.  I over reacted over the meeting."


"I'm sorry too," Prem replied looking at her. "I probably could have handled everything a lot better.  I shouldn't think twice about agreeing to something you proposed just because you are my wife.  It was wrong of me to think like be concern what others would think.  I'm very proud of you, you know that?  I want you to know I believe in you."  He looked down at what she was handing him.  "What's this?"


"My proposal.  I did a little more research."


"It's really good Heer," Prem said as he scanned through the documents.  "Really good."


"Thank you," she answered with happiness.


"You going to make this proposal for the next meeting?" Prem inquired.


"Yes," Heer said.  "You think they'll agree to it?"


"I don't see why not.  If they don't you know I'll just put it into place when I take over."


"Prem, don't do that.  That's---"


"If they are stupid I'll have to correct their mistakes," Prem defended interrupting her.  He got up from the bed and placed his hands on her shoulder.  "I told you I believe in you."  Heer smiled and leaned into his chest hugging him.  "I missed this," he said holding her tightly.


"Me too.  I don't like fighting with you."


"Let's promise to never fight again," Prem said.


"You know that won't happen.  But didn't you hear it's good for couples to fight once in awhile?"


"As long as it's once in awhile...let's just promise to not to go to bed angry if we can," Prem said.


"I think we've handled this pretty well...I mean even though we were upset with each other we didn't try to kill each other...that's a good thing, right?"


"It was.  We behaved rather civil with each other in front of the family.  Though you did give a tough silent treatment to me at times," Prem replied.


"I'm sorry," Heer said as she snuggled her face into the crook of his neck making him giggle.


Prem was feeling ticklish at the way his wife's breath was fanning across his skin.  He tittered lightly at first with a broad smile on his face but soon his eyes flexed as his mouth went into an "oh" form.  He felt the delectable delight of Heer's lips caressing his skin and the moist zing of her tongue playfully licking.  "Mmm...I forgot that the best part about fighting is the making up."  Heer pulled back and grinned but she then looked at him wondering why he was pouting.  "Aren't you going to continue?"


"Go get ready for bed," Heer instructed.


Prem nodded and quickly ran into the bathroom doing what was being asked of him.  A few minutes later he came out and was surprise to see Heer in bed with her eyes close sleeping.  He frowned in disappointment and turned off all the lights before slipping underneath the covers.  He heard Heer shifting in the bed and watched as she turned towards him to sleep on her side.  She opened her eyes and smiled as she inched closer to him and caressed his cheek.  "I thought you went to sleep already," Prem replied.


"And miss this?" Heer asked as she placed her lips on his.  "I couldn't go to sleep without receiving one of these from you."


"I'm happy...mmm...really happy," Prem replied between kisses.  He scooted closer to her and cupped the back of her head as their mouths collided and adjusted with increasing passion.


When the kissing naturally broke Heer simply smiled and placed her hand on his shoulder gently pushing him down.  Prem grinned and laid down so she could lay her head on his chest.  "I love you Jaanu.  Goodnight."


"I love you too Honey.  Goodnight," Prem replied and then closed his eyes for a comfortable night's sleep.


A hand shot out from underneath a blue comforter fumbling around the night stand searching for the off button to the alarm clock.  As soon as the hand found it the tired figure curled on the bed sat up and sleepily wiped his eyes.  Preet yawned and scratched his head and glanced at the clock; 5am.  He couldn't believe he was actually waking up at this hour.  He shook his head trying to shake off the sleep in his body and got up from his bed to go take a shower and get ready for the day.  He knew he needed to be quick.


Fifteen minutes later he was out of the bathroom throwing on a t-shirt and jeans.  He grabbed his backpack from his desk and then silently crept down the stairs.  If he had timed everything correctly his mother was still getting ready for the day and wouldn't come done for morning pray for another fifteen to twenty minutes.  He gently opened the front door and closed it behind him making sure not to make any noise and then got into his car.  He had moved the cars around the night before positioning his car so that he could make an easy getaway in the morning.  He checked his watch and sighed at the time.  "The things I do," he mumbled to himself and then drove out of the driveway and down the street.


Prem knocked on the door of his brother's bedroom and waited a few seconds for an answer.  "Preet?" he called as he knocked again.  "You there?"  Prem opened the door and walked into the room expecting to see him sleeping in his bed.  He was surprised to see that his bed was made and the room was relatively clean.  "Preet?" he called again as he walked into the bathroom.  Prem arched his eyebrows upon seeing the bathroom empty.  He walked back into the room and opened the closet door just to make sure his brother really wasn't in his room.  He frowned and quickly walked to the room next door.  "Harman," he said as he entered the room.


"Yes Bhaiya?" Harman answered as he was tying a purple and black stripped tie around his neck.


"Have you seen Preet?"


"No sorry Bhaiya, why?" Harman inquired.


"Oh, nothing really.  If you see him tell him I'm looking for him," Prem replied and then walked out of his room.


As he was walking down the stairs heading to the kitchen he ran into Veera.  "Morning Bhaiya," she smiled."


"Morning Veera.  Have you seen Preet?" 


"No sorry.  He's probably in the kitchen trying to steal a hot paratha from the pan when Ma's not looking."


"How are classes going for you?" Prem asked.


"Not bad.  It's the usual stuff you know...projects and papers," Veera replied.  "What about you?"


"Same with me."


"Bauji said you really impressed some people at some big meeting this week.  Congrats," Veera said with a proud smile.


"Thanks.  I tried my best," Prem replied.


"Bhaiya, one day you're going to be nominated for the Best Business Man Award and you're going to win," Veera said with assurance.


"I think I'm far from's going to take me a long time to even get to the status that Bauji has established for himself in the business community."


"Stop being so modest Bhaiya.  I'm sure once you take over things are just going to go up and up for the hotel and rest of the company," Veera encouraged.  Prem just grinned and gave his little sister a sideways hug.


When they walked into the kitchen they saw their mother and Kulraj making parathas for the family.  Kiran was placing Rishi in his high chair while Tanu was in a carrier gently sucking on her pacifier.  "Morning," Veera and Prem greeted.


Prem looked around the room perplexed to see that Preet was nowhere in sight.  "What's the matter Prem Beta?" Kulraj affectionately called.  "It seems like you are looking for someone."


"Heer just went to get Meher," Kiran teased causing laughter to erupt from the adults.


"Nice to see things are back to normal," Gayatri smiled as she patted her son's cheek making him blush.


"Um, actually..."


"Look, there she is," Kiran announced.


Heer walked into the kitchen and wore a confused expression on her face at hearing her name.  "Have you been looking for me?  I'm sorry.  I just went to get Meher.  Is there something you needed me to do?"


"Relax Heer," Kulraj said calming her down.  She then pointed with her spatula towards her little brother, "This one has been pining for you."  Prem's eyes widened while Heer's cheeks went into a soft pink glow.  "I know the perfect thing for both of you to do.  Go set the table.  It's an activity you can do together."  Prem and Heer were playfully pushed towards the kitchen table while Kulraj, Kiran, Veera, and Gayatri softly chuckled.


"Still so shy after five months of marriage?" Kulraj asked as she continued her teasing.


"Good morning," Lalit greeted as he entered the kitchen.  He took the newspaper he was holding in his hands and divided it into half giving one half to Kiran to read while he read the other.  He sat down at the head of the table and saw his son and daughter-in-law setting the table.  "Couple punishment?" he inquired.


"Bauji..." Prem uttered as his face flushed a bright pink.


"Did Ma tell you to two to do this?"


"It was my idea Bauji," Kulraj answered.  "Prem was looking for his wife so earnestly this morning.  I thought he was going to call the police if he didn't find her in the next five minutes."


"No, send out a S.O.S to the entire neighborhood," Kiran chimed in with a mischievous twinkle in his eye.  "Beep-beep-beep...this just in Prem Juneja looking for his wife Heer Juneja...if you have any information please call the Juneja household...Repeat...Prem Juneja looking for his wife Heer the Juneja household with any information...Beep-beep-beep...end of transmission..."  Everyone laughed joyfully at the teasing except for the young couple busy setting the table.


"Daddy you're funny," Rishi giggled.


"Wow, Jiju, you and Kul Di are just as bad as Preet," Veera chuckled.


"Speaking of Preet where is he?" Gayatri asked.  "I made an extra paratha because I know he likes to steal one from the pan."


"I haven't seen him all morning," Meher said answering the gaze of the family members.


"Good morning everyone," Maya greeted as she walked into the kitchen with Harman.  "Auntie...Uncle," nodding her head towards them in a respectful manner.


"Good morning Maya, I've made parathas for breakfast.  Take a seat," Gayatri warmly invited.


"Orange juice anyone?" Harman asked as he went to the refrigerator.  There was a series of affirmative responses to his question so he went to the table and poured juice into the glasses of those who wanted it.


"Have you seen Preet this morning Bhiaya?" Veera asked as her brother poured juice into her glass.


"Preet?  Prem Bhiaya was looking for him this morning too," Harman replied.


"So no one has seen Preet this morning?" Kulraj inquired.


"Maybe he went early to school," Maya said venturing a guess.  "A project or he's in the library?"


"You realize who you are talking about," Veera said under her breath.


"Why is it so hard to believe that?" Meher questioned.


"It's not," Harman replied.  "But's not the place you would think of first when you mention his name."


"Well, if he's at the library this early in the morning then that's great for him.  He needs to go everyday like this so he can get better grades.  I'd prefer this then him staying out all night or playing videogames all day.  That boy doesn't understand the meaning of hard work.  Prem and Harman knows what it takes.  They worked very hard and got excellent grades.  He is just lazy...won't use his brain at all.  I sometimes wonder how he is my son," Lalit ranted.  "Gayatri pass me a paratha."


His wife had been frowning at the way he was digging at Preet's lack of motivation and academic achievements.  She simply ignored her husband's request and turned to her daughter-in-law, "Heer, paratha..." 


Heer looked up surprised by the offer when her father-in-law had requested for a paratha.  "I have one Ma..."


"Take another one while it is hot," Gayatri ordered.  Heer nodded and obediently lifted her plate towards her as her mother-in-law gave her another paratha.  Prem reached over to his wife's plate and took half of the paratha knowing she usually ate one and at most one and an half for breakfast.  She would normally have a whole apple or banana in addition to what was served for the morning meal.  Heer placed a small dollop of yogurt on her plate and quietly ate.  Gayatri made sure to give everyone else a paratha before she handed another one to her husband.  Lalit grumbled quietly to himself knowing he had made her upset.  The talk around the table quickly turned to other topics such as the news or movies.


Meher walked into the afternoon Man's Food class searching for her boyfriend.  She walked half way down the large auditorium before she found him seating in the side seat in the middle row.  "Hi, where were you this morning?  Everyone was wondering about you," she greeted as she sat in the seat next to him.


"Oh, I had a project in another class and had to go to the library," Preet answered and took a sip of his Red Bull.


"Why are you drinking an energy drink?" Meher questioned staring at the silver can.


"I can't drink an energy drink now?  I have to get permission first?" Preet asked his voice thick with sarcasm.


"No, that's not what I meant," Meher replied with an exasperated tone.


"I just felt like drinking one, okay," Preet said.


Meher chose to ignore the tone in his reply and continued talking, "You know a group of us are going to the coffee shop after school...around 5:00..."


"That's nice," Preet said.


"Well, I just thought you might want to join.  It's Deepika, Abhi, Keri, and John," Meher explained a bit taken aback by his lack of concern and interest.  "I---"


"Class is about to start," Preet said cutting her off.  He opened his notebook and took out his pen ready to take notes.  "We should listen to the professor."


Meher stared at him confused at what was going on with him.  She sighed and turned her attention to the professor to see what today's lecture was going to be about.  She figured she would be able to talk to him after class was finished.


An hour and thirty-five minutes later the lecture finished and class was dismissed.  Meher turned to speak with Preet and saw he had already packed up his things and was ready to leave.  "Preet, wait...I thought we could talk..."


"I can't Meher.  I have to go to the library.  I have a group meeting," Preet simply replied and mingled into the crowd that was leaving the auditorium.  Meher sat alone in her seat biting her lower lip extremely concern with everything that had just transpired.  They had never formally apologized to each other after their fight.  The next day Preet was acting relatively normal with her but had refused to talk about the fight that had occurred between them.  As far as she could figure they were still in a relationship as he was doing all the usual boyfriend type things like eating lunch with her and carrying her books.  The word breakup had never left his lips.  Meher packed her things into her backpack and left the auditorium feeling upset and confused.


I know I told Meet fans this is the Meet track and it seems like a lot of this chapter was about the other characters but I wanted to show the perception and feelings of the family members about Preet.  He is dealing with a lot of insecurities and how sometimes the careless words of his family members hit upon those insecurities and make him even more insecure.

And I also wanted to explore the brotherly bond between Prem and Preet.  We saw how Prem reacted to the news about how Preet has been acting and his deep concern and affection for his brother.  Needless to say the next chapter the brothers will interact with one another.

And as always...I try my best to move all the other character's stories along...they are a huge family so they do not live in a vacuum...they talk and find out about each others' lives and what's going on with them.

To me the Meet track is dealing with real relationship issues.

Prem and Heer was the typical dramatic relationship we see in the TV serials or the parents decided to pick some stranger for their daughter to marry not realizing the daughter has fallen in love with a boy of her own the couple must cope with the possible separation and then discover the boy the family picked for the girl is actually bad and how they must expose the boy's misdeeds.  Of course things like this happen in real life too so Premeer's story/relationship isn't that far fetch from reality.

A really sincere thank you to all my readers who have stuck with me so far.  I really appreciate when you take the time to Hit the Like Button and/or Leave a Comment.  It really means a lot.

Thanks for reading and giving me all your support.

---Grace Big smile

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Ms.Raizada IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 12:59am | IP Logged
yehhh i m first to comment... yippe yippe...

an update...
thank god...

the update was... superb... catually the actuall word is..

so so so happy...

the update was...


tooo goooddd...

Bother?  This is my brother we're talking about," Prem snapped.  "He's always been there for me and he needed me and you didn't tell me?"


"It was only a couple of days Prem," Heer argued back.  "I wasn't withholding anything from you."


"A few days is very different from a couple of days.  I heard you distinctly say a few days."


"A few days or a couple of days what's the difference?" Heer replied with annoyance.


"A couple of days is two...a few days is more than two," Prem clarified.  "So there is a very big difference.  "A few days could mean a week not two days ago."

prem getting angry

i know its normal after all he is a human being and very possesive about his brother.. but ...

Yes," Heer answered.  She walked over to the desk and opened a drawer to pull out a folder.  Bowing her head a little as she walked towards she sincerely said, "I'm sorry Prem.  You were right.  I over reacted over the meeting."


"I'm sorry too," Prem replied looking at her. "I probably could have handled everything a lot better.  I shouldn't think twice about agreeing to something you proposed just because you are my wife.  It was wrong of me to think like be concern what others would think.  I'm very proud of you, you know that?  I want you to know I believe in you."

awww what a patch up yaar... so cute...

When the kissing naturally broke Heer simply smiled and placed her hand on his shoulder gently pushing him down.  Prem grinned and laid down so she could lay her hand on his chest.  "I love you Jaanu.  Goodnight."


"I love you too Honey.  Goodnight," Prem replied and then closed his eyes for a comfortable night's sleep.

breakfast scenes were superb... and funny too...

just worried about preet...

hope all is well... 

thank you for the wonderful update... and also for the pm grace...

If we had more time for discussion we should probably have made a great many more mistakes.

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Hcsee17 Senior Member

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i ve update...

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repunzell Goldie

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 2:36am | IP Logged
it was lovely graceClap!!!

loved it Heart!!!

premeer patch p was cute...thank God they patched yah couples hav to fight once in a whileLOL bt not a Major fight coz v can't see our premeer fight for two longEmbarrassed!!!

awww preettt Day Dreaming want to give him tight hugHug

prem worried for him n preet want to be like him...loved thm bothStar!!!

waiting for their interaction in the next update...i hope preet opens himself to prem!!!

and kunal n sanjana datingShocked...thts really shocking...!!!

waiting to see prem reaction over it...i'm sure heer will handle him with care bt kunal shuld open himself before it too late alreday it late

do update earlyy graceee!!! want to know loads of thingss!!!! hehhe

thank u for updating

update soonnn plzzz

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luvharshiti IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 2:48am | IP Logged
wow...this was fabulous as always ...
thanks for the pm ...
and please update soon ...

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kiran_28 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 4:05am | IP Logged
Oh! God Kunal is dating sanjana, but why?
luv prem nd meher scene nd premeer's making
up sceneEmbarrassed. kiran jiju was really funny nd cool jiju.
i hpe every thing got alright wid meher nd preet soon
olover it was nice update.
pls cont soon
Thanx 4 PM

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