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Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

FF| AWMARW Thread 2 (Page 130)

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pls update
it has been ages since u have update.

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waitin for d update

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Thank you everyone for being so patient with me.

Lots of things were happening last week and there may be even more things happening in the next few weeks Geek

I'll be updating the next chapter in a few minutes Big smile

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Grace did u reply to me?

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Originally posted by Xxcoolchick1xX

Tea Guru/ Guru Tea erm wht was it? Ermm ROFL
I remember u told me to call u that Tongue...u might aswell remind me...or i can call u Romance Guru? Wink...Nooo...i like Tea...just Tea ROFL
Hehe just kidding...
Loved the Grace...dunno why u always say wht u write is never is Tongue...i always feel like im wiv the Junejas/Maans whenever im reading this just feels so ur work...u still gotta teach me ahem now madam dont say u've forgotten Tongue...i remember everything hehe LOL now even Teji is reminding Premeer about Chahats arrival...its like the time has been exactly two years ROFL...everyone knows about it too...poor PH they were so embarressed n why not...the question came form Teji ROFL
Ok now i have not idea why i find that funny...i mean it normal right...the parents asking ROFL.
N'ways hoping to see Chahat soon...but not too soon Embarrassed...u know there is room for some more PH romance...we shud enjoy that otherwise Chahat will always be interupting...
So now im waiting for the next part...Tongue
When is that???
I want an update soon...Approve
Thnx for the PM Hug

A comment from you Hug  it's been a while my dear.

Yes, Tea Guru is going to show you the ways of writing ahem ahem/romance scenes.  Just tell me when you want your classes to start LOL

Thanks for the compliment about the FF...I try my best to make it real...characters we all see and encounter in real life.

Chahat will be coming but like you said too soon and then there goes the romance.   But you know we won't mind Chahat interrupting her Mama and Papa...she's just a baby and they need to take care of her instead of romancing with each other all the time LOL chapter is going to posted in a few minutes.

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Chapter 85: A Change in the Wind


Meher sat on the floor of the living room busy taking notes from her textbook.  She couldn't believe summer had ended so quickly.  It just seemed like yesterday her parents had left for India.  But it was actually three weeks into the new semester and she was already studying for a quiz for one of her classes.  She looked to her side and saw her boy friend gently chewing on the tip of his pencil.  "Eww, Preet that's disgusting."


"Huh?" he replied staring at her.


"That're chewing on it," Meher pointed with her finger.


"Oh," taking it out of mouth, "It doesn't have the eraser tip," he explained showing it to her.  "I can't help's a habit of mine."


"So, you're almost done with the Man's Food homework assignment?"  Meher inquired.  


"Huh?  Oh, yeah that problem," Preet smiled nervously.


"Good," Meher replied satisfied with his answer.


They both turned their heads when they heard Harman coming down the stairs.  "Hey guys how's the studying going?"


"It's going..." Preet replied with a bit of a frown.


"What about you Mr. Lawyer?  I don't think I've seen you for weeks." Meher said.


"That's because he spends most of his time at the law library or so he says," Preet replied.


"What do you mean by that?" Harman asked arching his eyebrow at him.


"You could be off celebrating with Maya now that Bauji and Vinay Uncle are starting to get's pretty much understood you two will be allowed to get engaged.  Vinay Uncle just went to India to help Balraaj Uncle with some international property investments," Preet replied.  "Bauji was really pleased with that."


"I'm so happy for you both," Meher said.  "It's great that they finally approve of your relationship."


"Thanks Meher," Harman smiled.


"See look at that cheesy smile on your face," Preet teased.  "Don't try to hide've been celebrating with Maya."


"Actually I haven't seen much of her...I've been busy with classes and the internship and Maya is busy with school and her boutique project with Veera," Harman replied.  "I've only spoken to her on the phone."


"Well, it is Maya's last year in school so I'm sure she's got some tough classes and she wants to make that dream of opening up a boutique with Veera into a reality so she's researching and planning the timeline so they can have something up in running three to four years from now," Meher said.  "You got to admire her work ethic."


"Yeah.  Bauji likes that about her."


"You guys decided to get engaged two years from now right?" Meher asked.


"Yeah, we were thinking it would be a good time.  She'd only have one more year left her Master's program.  I'll also have only one year left in law school.  We have a year engagement so we can have time to prepare for the wedding.  Then we'll be done with our education and we can start our lives together," Harman reasoned.


"Sounds like a plan," Meher said.


"Well, I'm off to the law library.  I'll probably be back late.  Tell Ma when she comes back from visiting Heena Auntie's house," Harman waved and then left.


"I wish I was Rishi's age again," Preet sighed.  "He's busy playing at his grandmother's house right carefree."


"He's goes to preschool now."


"Yeah but he doesn't really have homework.  He just colors things and learns his letters and numbers.  He gets stories read to him.  He gets snack time too!" Preet griped.


Meher just laughed at how silly he was being; envious of a little three year old.  "When is Kulraj Di and Kiran Bhaiya coming home?" she asked.


"I don't know.  I think tomorrow?" Preet mused.  "I was a bit worried about them after the whole Hetal and Juhi episode.  Di wasn't really talking to Juji that much...there was a lot of left over tension from that day.  But it seemed to fade a little after the summer cabin getaway the family had.  And I think it was a good idea for Juji to take Di on a mini vacation without Rishi or know give them a chance to properly patch up."


"I know what you mean," Meher replied.


Their conversation was interrupted again when they heard the front door open and saw Veera carrying Rishi in her arms.  "Hi guys!" she greeted.


"Where's Ma?" Preet asked confused to see his sister holding their nephew.


"Oh she's coming...she's carrying Tanu and Bauji is helping her carry in her bags.  We pulled into the drive way at the same time," Veera explained as she put Rishi down onto the ground.  "Where's Heer Bhabhi?  I saw her car parked out front."


"Bhabhi is refusing to drive the car cause she thinks it's was an unnecessary expense on PB's part to get her a car when we already have enough cars in our driveway.  Remember last weakened when we were playing musical chairs with our cars?  Someone had to go to the grocery store so we had had to move like three cars to let that car out.  We don't have enough space...not that we did in the beginning but you know what I mean..."


"Well it's not like we can help it...we all have different schedules and we need to have our own transportation," Veera explained.


"I know.  Anyways Bhabhi rode with PB into the city.  They are both at work I think?  Should be coming home soon," Preet said.


"Sssh..ssh...I know...I know Tanu're hungry for milk.  We'll get you some nice warm milk for you," Gayatri soothed as she gently patted her granddaughter's back as she entered the house.  Everyone could hear Tanu's cries as it echoed around the house and they were all feeling very sympathetic to her plight. 


"Veera, go fix the milk," Lalit ordered as he came in carrying his wife's purse on one shoulder, a baby bag on his other shoulder, his briefcase in one hand, and a tote bag in his other hand.


"Veera, it's okay.  I'll go do it," Meher said as she quickly got up and went into the kitchen.


"Looks like you need some help Bauji," Preet said looking at his father.


"Good to know your eye sight isn't poor," Lalit replied.  "That's one less thing to worry about with you.  So this semester you'll get better grades right?"


"Sure," Preet replied.  "Instead of a 79.8888 I'll get a 79.9999..."


Lalit frowned at his son's joke, "Preeet..."


"You know I don't get Cs anymore...I'm a B student now."


"Only because of Meher.  You need to show more initiative.  You can't expect to have her telling you what to do for the rest of your life.  You can't expect people to continue doing that for you for your entire life.  You have to do that on your own.  You understand?  And have you declared a major yet?  Business?  Accounting?  Finance?  Marketing?  It's your Junior year and you need to start applying for will help you gain good work experience," Lalit lectured.


"Bauji, school just started.  I still have time to decide all of that," Preet reassured. 


"Now is the perfect time to decide," Lalit harped.


Preet sighed as his father continued to lecture him.  "Lalit, could you bring the tote bag and the baby bag into the kitchen?" Gayatri asked interrupting him and handing Tanu over to Veera.  "The girls need to put the things away."  Lalit stopped talking and immediately went into the kitchen following his wife's orders. 


Preet was thankful for his mother's intervention and turned around with an appreciative look.  Gayatri lovingly placed her hand on her son's cheek, "But your father's right Preet.  Declare a major and start looking for some internships, okay?"


"Ji Ma," he replied.


Gayatri smiled brightly, "We know you have so much to give to the world and we just want you to do your best, understand?"


"Yes Ma."


Mother and son turned their heads towards the front of the house when they suddenly heard the front door angrily open.  They heard Prem's voice requesting in a pleading tone, "Heer, please can we talk about this?"


"There isn't anything to talk about.  You obviously made up your mind.  My opinion doesn't mean a thing to you."


"That's not true and you know it.  I value your opinion."


"Sure you do...just like during the meeting...way to stand in my corner.  You're my husband and I'm your wife or have you forgotten that?"


"That's not fair.  You can't use the wife card like that.  You really wanted me vote yes to a project just because I'm your husband?  So whatever you suggest I'm suppose to approve?"


"You voted yes to Derrick's suggestion.  In fact you voted yes to every suggestion that was brought up by a male.  Typical...siding with guys all have the same male chauvinist business thinking mentality..."


"What are you talking about?  That's because the only ones giving ideas were guys...the girls just kept silent."


"I didn't."


"Look, I ran into Derrick on the way to lunch and he was talking about his proposal and he's done a lot of research about it.  He knows what he's talking about."


"And I don't?"


"That's not what I mean Heer and you know that."


"I don't want to talk anymore."


"Good I don't want to talk about this anymore either.  Let's just get cleaned up...what do you want to have for dinner?"


"I mean I don't want to talk to you anymore!" 


"Heer, you're being ridiculous...Heer?"


Gayatri and Preet stood in the living room surprised by the argument they had just over heard.  Heer walked through the archway leading towards the stairs and briefly stopped looking a bit stunned and embarrassed that her mother-in-law and brother-in-law had heard the argument.  "I'll go change and come back down to help with dinner Ma," Heer nervously replied as she felt her cheeks grow warm.  She quickly raced up the stairs wanting to get away from the uncomfortable situation.


A few seconds later Prem walked through the archway and paused in mid stride at seeing his mother and brother standing around in the living room.  "Oh hi Ma," Prem greeted trying to act as normal as possible.  He wasn't quite sure what they had heard.


"How could you not vote for Bhabhi's idea?  You're going to be in the dog house for weeks," Preet said making Prem frown.  Gayatri placed her hand on Preet's shoulder in a silent but firm action letting him know that he should probably go to the kitchen.  Preet understand the hint and mumbled, "I'll go make Chand his chai."


"I'll go freshen up and come back down," Prem said and tried walking away.  He stopped when he felt his mother's hand grab a hold of his arm.  He turned and answered her concern gaze.  "It's nothing Ma.  Don't worry."


"That's why she's not going to talk to you anymore?" Gayatri asked.  Prem eyes shifted downward looking away.  "I don't want to get involved because she is now your wife and you are her husband.  This is a matter between husband and wife.  It's never easy working together...the line between business and personal can sometimes get blurred.  Even your father and I had our share of issues and discussions."


"But I didn't do anything wrong.  She's over reacting over a stupid vote.  I didn't just blindly vote.  She knows it's important to have supporting evidence...Derrick had that...why is she mad at me for voting for a sound proposal?" Prem asked with frustration.  "I didn't laugh at what she was saying.  She had some valid points but in the end Derrick had a stronger case.  And she never acted like this before we got married."


Gayatri just gently placed her hand on her son's shoulder.  "Once you get married your relationship changes...don't give up on talking.  You two will get through this.  Go upstairs and freshen up."  Prem nodded his head and obediently went upstairs.


Harman walked through the front door and slipped off his shoes.  He smiled when heard some animated talking coming from the living room.  He could tell right away it was his sister and girlfriend.  "Hey," he greeted.


Maya got up and smiled giving him a kiss on the cheek.  "Hey, you're alive!" she giggled.


"What do you mean by that?  I just talked to you last night on the phone," Harman replied with confusion.


"I know but I haven't seen you in person for the last couple of days.  It's nice to know you look the same," Maya joked.


Harman let his hand rest around her waist and just grinned.  "So how's the boutique planning going?"


"Well Vinay Uncle emailed us a listing of places that are currently available so we can get an idea of the pricing for property around certain areas.  Obviously, we won't be buying property right now but it's good to know...keeping an eye on the market so we can anticipate the rise or fall in prices," Veera replied.


"We've been talking about starting off know word of mouth type thing like Veera could offer to make a few dresses for some close friends and maybe take on a few clients...get a base going so when we do open up our boutique we will already have customers.  But of course studies are important so we're trying to see how we can make it easier on her so she doesn't get overwhelmed," Maya said.


"Yeah, but in the mean time I've just been sketching things," Veera said.


"Hey, you know the school sometimes has fairs right?  You could link up with an organization and sale some of your clothes or accessories there...maybe make a deal like take a certain percent as profit and the other as donation for the cause," Harman suggested.  "That would be a great way to get the word out but you don't have to deal with clients.  You know just say something like you aren't making anything for's just something you're doing when you have some spare time."


"I think that's a better idea.  Thanks Bhaiya," Veera replied with a thankful grin.


"Any time."


Everyone turned their heads towards the foyer and sighed.  They could hear the voices and knew who was arguing.  "Don't they ever get tired of fighting?" Veera asked.  "They fight like over everything."


"You know I read an article recently that said it was good for couples to fight.  Compare to couples that don't fight within the first few years of marriage...those couples end up having a pretty bad marriage and end up divorcing...where as the couples that had a few tiffs in the beginning tend to have a more satisfying and lasting's cause they were able to work through the differences in the beginning and are now on the same page," Maya said.


"Well, it's not like those two fight over something serious...they are usually fighting over something silly like the last slice of pizza," Harman replied.


"Yeah, that's true," Maya said.


"So I guess it's good that Bhaiya and Bhabhi are fighting right now?" Veera inquired.


"What?  They're fighting?" Maya asked in disbelief.  "They are like the perfect couple...they are so loving and caring with each other...they are just know they should still be in their Honeymoon phase...more concern about trying to find some privacy to ahem."


Harman chuckled, "I'm sure Bhaiya doesn't have any problems with that.  They both work in a hotel and not to mention that the townhouse is empty.  I don't think there is any issue in that area."


"And based upon your article you said it was good for them to fight," Veera replied.


"What exactly are they fighting about?" Maya probed.


"Not too sure.  All I know is that you could feel the tension between the two.  Bhabhi was talking to everyone but Bhaiya unless she absolutely had to," Veera answered.  "They weren't fighting in front of the family but you could tell something wasn't quite right between them."


Harman, Maya, and Veera continue to chat being totally oblivious of Meher and Preet's arguing.  They simply waved their hands and said a hello to them and returned back to their own conversation.  Preet marched up the stairs and entered his room with Meher closely following behind him.  He turned around and cringed that she still had something more to say to him.  "What now?  I already told you I'm sorry."


Meher crossed her arms and took a deep breath.  "Don't you understand anything?  You think saying a simple sorry will take care of everything?  That's it?  I trusted you Preet and you told me you had everything under control.  But you didn't.  You lied to me."


"I didn't lie.  I told you I did the homework.  I fulfilled my end of the bargain," Preet replied.


"You did it all right but it was a sloppy job.  This was an easy 100 but we got a 70!  Do you know what that is going to do to our grade average?" Meher asked.


"We have plenty of opportunities to get it up.  It isn't the only homework assignment and 70 is a C...that's average," Preet defended.  "And a lot of the stuff was tricky.  All the vitamins seem to have almost the same characteristics of what they do for the body."


"You forgot about the homework didn't you?  It wasn't until I reminded you that you decided to do it.  Preet, when are you ever going to learn to keep a scheduling book?  You can't remember everything in your head," Meher fussed.


"Fine if you want me to get a scheduling book I'll go buy one right now," Preet replied.


"You're only saying that so I'll stop talking," Meher said.


"I said I'm going to go get it.  Why are you still trying to fight with me?" Preet asked in an exasperated tone.


"Because of the way you're talking."


"I'm talking this way because you're fighting with me.  Sorry.  Do you want me to go get it now?  I'll drive us there to the store.  You can see me purchase one," Preet replied with a patronizing tone.


"You seriously want me to take you seriously when you're talking like that?  Don't patronize me."


"I'm not," Preet replied.


"You are."


"God, do you ever stop nagging?" Preet snapped.  "If it isn't about my grades then it's about my major...or the clothes I wear, what I eat, what I don't eat, the money I just go on and on and on..."


"Well I'm sorry for caring about you so much!" Meher heatedly replied. 


"I didn't realize caring meant nagging," Preet scowled.


"Your father's right---"


"Oh now you're taking my father's side too?  This is just great," Preet said rolling his eyes.  He walked over to his desk and started to take things out of his backpack.  He needed to focus on something else other than the angry look on his girlfriend's face.


"What are you going to do?  You've got all the opportunity in the world and you're---"


"Just wasting it?" Preet cut in turning around.  "Of course...I'm the good for's my job.  I mean Prem Bhaiya is the business man...he's got the hotel to run...he is Ma's favorite...and he can do no wrong as far as Bauji is concern...he is the perfect son.  Harman Bhaiya is the lawyer...he is Bauji's favorite...and Ma can count on him with the household affairs.  Veera is the youngest so everyone spoils her left and right...they forgive her for her mistakes.  Kulraj is the eldest and she's married and has given grandchildren to the family.  She's the wisest one so Ma and Bauji don't have to worry about her.  So you see someone has to be the trouble maker."


"Preet..." Meher sighed not sure how to respond to what he had just said.


"But it's okay.  I'm fine with it.  Anyways, I'll just go and work for the hotel in the end like a good little boy because ultimately that is what Bauji wants me to do.  So all this talk about majors and everything is pointless," Preet added.


"That's not the point," Meher said.  She wasn't quite sure how to explain it to him so he would understand what his father was trying to instill in him.  "So you're just going to spend your parents' money for the rest of your life?  Everything that you've ever owned...your clothes, your shoes, your car...that was all bought with your parents' money.  Not a single thing was bought with your own money."


"Oh really?  What about you?  Don't go pointing fingers when you're doing the exact same thing," Preet countered.


"There is a difference," Meher replied.


"I fail to see the difference at all.  I come from a rich family and my parents are paying my way through school.  What about you?  You're here in Canada spending your parents' fact you are being more wasteful cause you're an international student.  If you cared so much about not wasting money then you should be back home in India studying not here."


"At least I'm trying to make something of myself.  I have some actual goals in life," Meher angrily replied.  "I guess I was wrong about you.  I thought you had something to give but are a good for nothing!"


Preet saw the disappointed look on Meher's face as she quickly turned and left the room.  He was trying to play it off like her words hadn't hurt him but they did.  The insecurities and issues that he had buried deep inside were reflecting back at him making his heart ache.  He always cracked a joke or displayed a jovial face in an attempt to divert his true feelings about his situation and the way his family members viewed him.  He looked down on the ground trying to hold his composure together and softly whispered, "I am a good for nothing."


Prem turned off his computer and then grabbed his laptop case slinging it around his shoulder in a cross fashion.  He walked down the hallway and took a left into another common area, past an empty reception desk towards, and an ornate office door.  He knocked against the door and waited patiently until he heard his father tell him to enter.  "Bauji, I'm leaving now."


"Tell your mother I will be home in the next hour or so," he replied.


"Okay," Prem said and turned to leave.




"Yes?" he answered turning around.


"Is there something bothering you?"


Prem furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.  "No."


Lalit put down his pen and got up from his desk.  He walked over to a set of cabinets and opened one of the glass doors taking out two glass tumblers.  He used a tong and carefully selected a few ice cubes from the ice bucket and placed them in the tumblers.  He then took a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label brand whiskey and poured into the tumblers just past the height of the ice cubes before stopping.  He handed a drink to his son who took it and continuously stared back and forth between his father and the alcoholic beverage in his hand with puzzlement.  Prem recalled the last time he drank and the painful hangover he had the next morning at Heer's townhouse.  "Sit."


Prem sat down at his father commanded and politely took a sip; inwardly cringing at the sharp biting taste of the alcohol.  Lalit chuckled at his reaction, "It does take some getting use to."




"Son, I am going to give you a piece of advice that I have learned over the years.  It's something you should always do regardless of the situation.  Apologize," Lalit said and then took a sip of his drink.  "Whatever it is just apologize."


"Bauji..." Prem said with his eyes widening.  "But I did nothing wrong."


"You keep telling yourself that and see how long she's going to continue to not talk to you.  Trust me on this.  I've been married a lot longer than you have.  There are other husbands out there who can attest to this...just apologize," Lalit stated.


"But that's not right.  I didn't do anything wrong.  She's the one who is over reacting...over a stupid vote!  I'm not going to apologize for it," Prem replied.


"Were you trying to compensate for the fact that she is your wife and you didn't want vote for her in fear of what others would say that you are simply voting for her because she is your wife?" Lalit inquired.  Prem's face paled at his father's remark and he quickly took a sip from his tumbler trying to avoid the question.  Lalit shook his head and sighed.  "Not a smart thing to do."


"Derrick had a sound case.  She's saying I have to agree with her just cause I'm her husband...that's not smart business...even you wouldn't approve of that Bauji," Prem defended.


"Did she really say that?" Lalit probed looking at his son.  Prem nodded his head adamantly.  "Those exact words?"  Lalit smirked when he saw the hesitation in his reply.  "I didn't think so."


"She said a husband should support his wife."


"And he should," Lalit replied.


"But how far?  I mean it goes without say...yes to be there for her and support her with the kids and things like that.  But I can't always vote yes to a proposal just because she presented it or approve some idea because she showed it to me.  I have to be fair.  I can't be bias Bauji," Prem explained.


"She has her part in this argument...I didn't say she wasn't at fault.  But don't you think you could have responded to her better?" Lalit asked.  Prem looked down and pondered silently.  "Go's been a long day.  Thank goodness it's the weekend...relax tonight."


"Okay," Prem replied as he placed the tumbler that was still full onto the side table, "I'll see you later Bauji."


The rhythmic dinging of the bells announced Heer's arrival to the ice cream parlor as she opened the door.  She smiled at the workers who greeted her warmly.  Her eyes flexed as she saw Preet sitting at a booth by himself eating a bowl of ice cream.  "Preet?" Heer curiously inquired.


He looked up a bit shocked to see a family member of his in the store.  "Oh hi Bhabhi," he replied.


Heer frowned slightly and sighed, "Eating dessert before dinner?"


Preet smiled nervously and folded his hands up in front of him, "Please don't tell Ma..."


Heer eyed him hard and then smiled brightly.  "I won't.  So what flavor are you eating?"


"I got one scoop of s'mores and a scoop of real strawberry," Preet replied. 


"I see.  And let me guess strawberry so you can say you had something healthy?" Heer asked venturing a guess.


Preet grinned widely, "Yeah, you know me so well.  Want some?"


"Let me get another spoon," Heer replied.  She came back a few seconds later with another spoon and sat down on the opposite side of Preet.  "So how is everything?  I don't see much of you now that school has started."


"It's know the and home," Preet replied as he pushed his bowel forward.  "So what are you doing here?"


"Veera called me and asked me if I could stop by the ice cream parlor and buy a gallon of mint chocolate chip...apparently we are out again," Heer answered.  "We just bought a gallon last week."


"Bhabhi, we are a household of 12," Preet stated.


"I know but we have two other tubes of ice cream...vanilla and chocolate...and those are only half way eaten," Heer replied.  "Hmmm...I wonder if anything is bothering Veera...she's been acting a bit fact, glancing up at Preet, "she isn't the only one acting a bit weird."


Preet held his spoon in his mouth and stared at his sister-in-law.  Heer continued eating waiting for him to tell him his problem.  "Did you really come here to get ice cream?" Preet finally asked.


Heer chuckled, "Yes.  I'm not a psychic but I am a part of this household of 12."


"Are you still mad at PB?" Preet asked venturing a daring question.


"Touche," Heer gently chuckled as she lifted her spoon in the air. 


Preet gave her a attentive expression, "Is there anything I can do?  You help?"


"It's fine Preet.  Your PB and I still love each other very much.  We're just having a disagreement that's all."


"You two sounded pretty upset that night..." Preet shifted his eyes downward and took another spoonful of ice cream.


"We were...but even loved ones fight from time to time...doesn't mean we stop caring for each other," Heer replied.


"I guess.  Unless you make a really big mistake," Preet softly uttered.


"Mistakes can be rectified.  It's never too late unless you give up," Heer advised.


"Heer Bhabhi..." 


"Yes Preet?"


"I think I messed up and I'm not sure what to do..."  He put down his spoon and sighed, "I try to do the right things...I really do...but I still somehow mess up.  Maybe Bauji's right about me...I've been playing this role for so long that maybe that's all I know how to do."


Heer set her spoon to the side and gave a concern look.  "Preet, sometimes growing up is a pain but that doesn't mean you can't have fun too.  Your family loves you and just wants what is best for you.  There isn't a right way or a wrong just need to find your pace."


"I don't think I deserve Meher," Preet replied.  "I'm not PB...I'm not Harman Bhaiya..."


"If she wanted either of them she would be with them but she's not," Heer reasoned. "Besides I think I would have a word or two with her if she ever laid eyes on Prem like that and Maya would probably beat her." Preet gently chuckled at the joke she made lightening the mood between them.  "Take one step at a time.  You're getting better grades now...find out what you really want to do and go for it.  Whatever you choose I know Bauji and Ma will be very proud of you."


Preet gave a half grin and nodded his head taking in her suggestion.  "Thank Bhabhi."


"Anytime," Heer smiled.  "So now that we've both had our dessert...let's go home."


They both got out of the booth and turned towards the door when Preet realized something, "Bhabhi, the ice cream."


"Oh yeah that's right.  I have to get the mint chocolate chip.  Should we get another flavor?"


Preet pondered for a few seconds and then glanced at her.  They both simultaneously smiled and said, "S'mores."


"Chocolate ice cream mixed with marshmallows and a little bit of graham crackers...can't beat that," Preet said.


"It tasted fantastic," Heer replied.  "Is it a new flavor they started making?"


"Yeah, the owner said they just started making it this week and it's become really popular," Preet answered.


"I think the family is going to love it," Heer said and went to the counter to make her orders.     


Hope you guys enjoyed that.

I tried my best to sprinkle in a little bit of the other couples.  Gave just a dash of Premeer but the main focus is still Meet as their argument, their relationship, and the things Preet is going through is going to ultimately affect everyone else in the family. 

Until next time Big smile

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