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Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
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FF| AWMARW Thread 2 (Page 118)

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Originally posted by divya4salmanyk

shockin update...!!!
Hetal is kiran's full sister...!!!
i thnk he sud forgive his mum...!!! Heena had done no mistake...!!
happy 2 hear dat Ajay n Hetal's matter has sortted out...!!!!
luved meet n premeer scenes..!!!
thnku so much for updatin so soon GRACE...!!!
thnx for d pm too...!! I was able to shock you? Evil Smile  Heena was a victim of circumstances and misunderstandings.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.  I'm glad you liked the chapter Big smile

Originally posted by Oblivious

the update was awesome...Smile
thenks 4 da pm ...
update soon...

Thanks for taking the time to comment.  I'm glad you liked the chapter Big smile

Originally posted by kiran_28

thanx 4 d PM
nice update nd shocking also.
but i want more premeer scences.

More Premeer scenes?  Don't worry.  Thanks for taking the time to comment.  I'm glad you liked the chapter Big smile

Originally posted by newt2007

Grace, its true we get nice ceoncept when we think about Harshiti. but Harshiti has to be ready to return together to work for our script.

Thanks for the update.
I was about to ask you to solve the Scotch track fast. Don't mistake me I really felt its going like our daily soaps. Good you gave wonderful explainiation. what you have in your mind for their track i don'r know.

but i hope we'll get nice Premeer scenes soon.

You gave solved the such a complicated thing so simply.

Preet overhearing part is very funny.
and the psotiong in that room Nihal taking Tanu away . You have given care to each and every important events.
continue soon.

Don't worry Selvy...we can make a script that they can't refuse LOL...they will want to play our characters Wink

Don't worry Premeer will be back with plenty of scenes.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.  I'm glad you liked the chapter Big smile

Originally posted by sherma

great were so cute.preet is so sweet/thanks for continue soon

Thanks for taking the time to comment.  I'm glad you liked the chapter Big smile

Originally posted by vrushika

hey at  last the secret is revilled

thanks grace for your lovely update
it was really nice
it was very sweet kind of
thank u sooo much

grace u rock yaar!!!

  No matter what happens...if you disappear then I'll wait for you to come back to me.  If you leave this Earth before me then I'll live with our memories.  I don't want or need anyone but one else can take your place in my heart.  And I'll be both a Mama and a Papa to our son or daughter.  Besides with Ma, Kulraj, Meher, Veera, Maya, Ashlesha our baby will have plenty of motherly love."  Heer's eyes welled up with tears and she hugged him.  Prem rubbed her back and said, "I love you Heer."


"I love you too Prem," she replied with an emotional voice. 

wow so cute yaar!!!!

and so sweet also

actually a heart taking scene

and thank god at last u had somethng on premeer!!!!

that was so lovely...

thanks fr the update

thanks for the pm...

thanks for giving the pleasure 2 read ur ff

thank u so much

love u grace and ur ff's

with love 


I'm really happy that you liked the chapter.  More Premeer is on its way Wink

Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

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Originally posted by repunzell

yipppeee truth is revealed...Clap!!! was waitin for soo longggSmile!!!

don't knw how shuld kiran reacts or shuld he forgive his motherTongue!!! let see wht happenes!!!

nw more premeer scenes although u give many bt u knw na v soo love premeer tht jitna bhi hoo woh bhi kam haiEmbarrassed!!!

update soon!!!

I know you guys can't get enough of Premeer...don't worry they will be back.  Yes, the mystery of Hetal, Ajay, Juhi, Heena, and Kiran has been revealed in full to everyone.  Now it's just time for the families to heal.
Thanks for taking the time to comment.  I'm glad you liked the chapter Big smile

Originally posted by sweet_girl234

Loved the update can't wait for the next one looved all the scenes of the three couples at the end, thanks for pm 

Thanks for taking the time to comment.  I'm glad you liked the chapter Big smile

Originally posted by annokhi


Thanks for taking the time to comment.  I'm glad you liked the chapter Big smile

Originally posted by Pumpkinn

Awesome update...
Loved it ...
Waiting for next ...
Update soon ...
Thnx for pm ...

Thanks for taking the time to comment.  I'm glad you liked the chapter Big smile

Originally posted by harshitideewani

Thanks gracee for awesomeee updatee Big smile
finally whole the mystery is revealedd , WinkKiran  misunderstanding of his mother Heena and Hetal is cleared and finally Ajayis read to take take responsblity Big smileof Hetal and Juhi and also his parents.
wohh PreethAngry is angryy with prem and heer for not telling them  the truth of kiran whatever they knoww,, Finally cutee anddd lovely scenes of HeartMeet  making their relation more strong and alsooo  of Harmaya sceness seeeing that somethingg is finally going their side , and last but not the least the besttt part Prem Heartand Heer sceness were their trust Hugand love gets more strongerrr day by dayyy, lovelyyy parttt
waitinggg for nexttt updateee

Yes, everyone was cleared up in the last chapter.  Now it's healing time for all the families involved.  The brothers and their ladies got a little heart to heart talking time. 

Premeer will be in full swing in the next chapter.  And we will finally see what happens with Veera and Nihaal.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.  I'm glad you liked the chapter Big smile

Originally posted by Aymee

Great update Grace.
Wow.  I can't believe Heena went through that and yet she still defended that jerk to Vinay.  My heart goes out to her.  I wonder how Kiran will behave with his mother now that he heard her side of the story.  We have yet see his reaction to all this.
Preet and Meher's conversation was funny.  What is wrong with Preet?  Meher never said she was pregnant so why did that boy panic?  LOL 
"You're pregnant?!" Preet exclaimed.  "Oh My God!  PB is going to kill Heer Bhabhi will...then Chand is going to strangle me...after I get slapped by Ma!" 
I love this line and his reaction when he heard the about Meher's pregnancy news.  Preet calling Babuji, Chand has me remembering Kis Desh times.  I could even picture Gayatri slapping Preet for getting Meher pregnant LOL     
"You catch on quick," Meher replied rolling her eyes at him.
After Preet realized that Meher couldn't be pregnant, Meher's response had me laughing. 
Harman and Maya scenes were cute.
Veera admiring Nihaal for taking Rishi out of the kitchen when everyone was waiting for a response from Prem and Heer was great.  I am still mad at Nihaal though, that big chicken LOL.
Thank you for the PM.  I can't wait to see what happen with Nihaal and Veera.

Well, I was trying to show how they both handled the issue inappropriately.  Siddharth refused to acknowledge his wife's mental state and because of that it put a strain on their marriage.  Heena should have told her husband where she was going instead of leaving just a note even if she was afraid he would track her down and drag her back because at least they would be communicating.  Anyways I'm pretty sure if Siddharth did come to the clinic he would have gain a clearer understanding from the specialist and the whole situation...and there never would have been a situation where Heena disappeared for 2 months and him finding someone else to replace her.

Siddharth isn't all bad...he's like any normal human being with shades of gray.

Coming to the couples:

Meet - what can I say about Preet LOL he obviously flipped out for no reason and this was coming from the guy who was hyper and happy if his PB got a certain someone who was yet to be his Bhabhi pregnant's nice to hear Preet talk about the future with Meher and that he's becoming more serious in the relationship...but with him sometimes it's one step forward and two steps back...he's still slightly immature.

Nihaal and Veera - Nihaal really is a big chicken but we will see what is going to happen to their story

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Surprise!  I'm back with another update.

As promise Nihaal and Veera situation cleared.

Don't worry lots of Premeer in this one.

Chapter 83: Sniffles, Tears, and Tissues


Prem rubbed his eyes with the back of his left hand as he walked into the Juneja mansion.  It was 10pm at night and he was tired.  He felt his stomach gurgle and he realized he hadn't eaten any dinner.  He flipped the light switch on in the foyer as the house was completely dark.  The family had decided to go to their cabin in the mountains for some outdoor fun.  It was in honor of the Maans who stated the day after the pool party that they were going to be leaving to India in a week.  His parents were really saddened by the news but they understood that they had things to take care of back in India and they had stayed in Canada for quite some time.  Meher and Heer were saddened as well when they heard their parent's announcement.  The sisters had gotten so use to having their parents around and with the health scare they had with their father it was only natural that they didn't want them to leave.  Prem and his brother could only offer their ladies warm embraces and loving kisses on their heads.


Prem sat down on the bench in the foyer and took off his shoes.  He sat there for some time bending and stretching his toes.  He never felt more relieved to have his shoes off his feet.  He had spent most of the day working the front desk checking people into their rooms and speaking with guests.  He leaned his head back against the wall and sighed.  He was all alone in the house.  Everyone had left to go to the woods.  He would have been there with them but an emergency occurred at the hotel.  He decided he would go back and handle the matter so his father could enjoy some time with his best friend.  He told the family he would come up on the weekend.  Heer had the morning shift at work but was going to join the family later in the afternoon.  Prem had a hard time saying goodbye to her even though he knew she was just going to the family cabin.  He kept hugging her and asking if she had packed everything she needed.   It was going to be the first time they were spending the night a part from each other since their marriage.  He wondered how he was going to sleep without her laying next to him.  Prem removed his shoulder bag and left it on the bench and made his way into the dark living room.  His ears perked to a shuffling sound as his eyes adjusted to the darkness in the room.  He narrowed his eyes looking for whatever it was making those noises.  He tightened his fists and tried to remain calm even though the hairs on the back of his neck were standing up.  He knew what he was doing was stupid as he didn't have a weapon in his hand to protect himself from a possible intruder in the house.


He saw a shadowy figure pass a few feet in front of him and he lunge out to tackle the person just as the dining room lights turned on.  There was a high pitch scream followed by a muffled panicked yelp for help.  Prem's senses were tense but the minute he saw the silky hair and smelled the sweet floral perfume he knew who it was.  "Heer?" he asked in disbelief as he let her go.  Unfortunately, his wife didn't hear him and turned around and wildly started to kick and punch.  Prem hunched his back and put his arms up in a defensive manner, "'s me!  It's's Prem...your husband!  Heer, please stop!"    


Heer pulled her arm back in an attacking position and then stopped and stared at him.  "Prem?"


"Yes Prem Juneja...your husband.  The one who loves you more than life itself," he replied as he held the side of his head.  "What are you doing here?"


"Why are you walking around in the dark?" Heer questioned back.


"I could ask you the same question," Prem replied.


Heer turned her head and coughed to the side.  "I came home and felt really tired and just didn't feel really well.  I called and told the family I was going to take a nap and then drive up.  But two hours later when I woke up I had this horrible headache, the sniffles, a scratchy throat, and a slight fever.  I called them back and said I was going to stay the night here since I was getting sick and I pretty much fell back asleep.  What time is it?"


Prem walked over and placed his hand on her forehead and frowned.  "You're still a bit warm."  Heer turned her head and coughed into her arm.  Prem rubbed her back and answered her question, "It's 10pm."


"What?  Really?" Heer exclaimed.


"Have you eaten yet?" Prem asked with concern.


"No, I just woke up now," Heer said.


"You were out for a very long time.  Are you feeling a bit better?"


"Not really," Heer replied trying to hold back a cough.  "I think there is some left over vegetable curry in the fridge."  She made her way into the kitchen and opened the fridge looking for something for them to eat.  She shivered slightly at the cold emitting from the refrigerator.  Prem walked up and placed his hand on her shoulders.  "I guess not...there isn't anything here.  They probably finished it for lunch before they went up to the cabin.  I can make some chole and puri for us."


"It's okay Honey.  Don't cook anything.  You rest.  I don't want you to strain yourself," Prem replied.


"Prem I can do doesn't take that much time," Heer reasoned.


"No, you aren't going to cook."


"It's really easy...very simple dish to make...I just throw some things into the pressure cooker," Heer argued.


"You aren't well," Prem said as he tried steering his wife away from the stove."




"I'm putting my foot down.  You aren't going to lift a finger," Prem ordered.


"Then what are we going to eat?  It's 10:00 at night."


Prem held up his finger telling her to wait and he opened the freezer and pulled out a frozen pizza.  "We'll have this.  You go and take a shower.  I think there is some medicine in a cabinet on the end over there," arching his eyebrows and directing his head to the end counter by the archway, "By the time you finish with your shower the pizza will be ready."  Heer gently stared at him.  "Go...what are you waiting for?"


"Jaanu do you know how to turn on the oven?" Heer inquired.


"Sure of course I do," Prem smiled.  He turned around and walked up to the stainless steel device.  His brows knitted as he looked about the control panel and began mumbling, "Okay those are the microwave buttons...where's the start oven button...huh, that's not it."


Heer shook her head, "Let me," she turned the oven on and set the temperature for the preheat and then turned around to explain, "So, it's preheating right now.  When it's done it's going to beep.  Then just push the bake button...set the temperature using the same keypad for the microwave and then press the time start button and set the time and then hit the start button.  You got it?"


"Sure no problem," Prem grinned trying not to look slightly confused.


"Wow, Preet was right about you and then kitchen," Heer sighed.


"Hey...I helped in the kitchen last time didn't I...I didn't burn anything down," Prem exclaimed.


"You were just chopping vegetables for me," Heer said.  "Set the temperature to 350 okay no higher than that."  She turned around and started walking away when she heard her husband hesitantly ask, "Hey, um, Honey how long?"  She gently chuckled and replied, "Read the box Prem it should tell you how long."


Prem flipped the pizza box over and smiled, "Hmmm...18 to 22 minutes."  He then looked back at the oven waiting for it to beep.  "Ma usually does this for me or Kulraj Di does it...this doesn't seem so hard...this should be easy..."  His eyes scanned to the control panel and he mentally recited what Heer had told him to do.


Heer walked down the stairs with a box of tissues.  She was wearing a long sleeve shirt and pants pajama set.  She walked into the kitchen and saw to her horror Prem holding a towel around his thumb.  She saw the cutting board with a half cut tomato sitting on the counter.  "Did you cut yourself?" she asked as she rushed towards her husband.


"It's's just a little cut," Prem replied.  "I thought I make us some salad to go along with the pizza."


"Prem you're bleeding threw the towel," Heer gasped.


"It's a thin towel," Prem defended.


"You might need stitches."


"I don't need stitches," he frowned.  "Stop fussing over it."


"We need to bandage it.  And how do you know you don't need stitches?"  She dragged Prem over to the sink and turned on the faucet so he could wash his thumb.  While he was doing that she got the first aid kit and came back to inspect his wound.  "It's not too bad."


"See I told you," Prem replied.  He patiently watched as Heer cleaned his wound, applied ointment on the cut, and then bandaged his thumb.  He looked at his thumb and gently chuckled at the white bandage wrapped around it.  "You think you put enough around it?"


"You need some pressure on there," Heer replied coughing slightly.  She then cleaned the knife sitting on the cutting board and finished fixing the salad.


Prem walked to the pizza that was resting on a cooling rack and on a counter near the oven and moved it to the kitchen table.  He had already set the dishes while Heer was in the shower the only thing he need to do was fill their glasses with something to drink.  "What do you want to drink?"


"Just warm water," Heer replied as she carried the salad bowl to the table.  She then quickly grabbed a tissue from the tissue box and sneezed into it.  She gently wiped her nose and groaned.


Prem changed out her glass with a mug of warm water while he took a can of Coke.  "Have your dinner and then take the medicine and go to bed," he instructed as he rubbed her back.


"I know," Heer sighed.  "Ugh, I hate being sick."


Prem finished brushing his and wiped his face with a towel.  He turned on the dryer and blow dried his hair for a few minutes and then exited the bathroom.  He saw his wife trying to find a nice position in the bed to fall asleep in.  She moaned in agony as she took a tissue and wiped her nose.  It was becoming pink from all the sneezing and blowing she was doing.  She threw it into the trash can that had been positioned right next to the bed and turned to her side.  "Did you put some Vick's Vapor rub under your nose to help you breath?" Prem asked as he slipped into bed.


"Yes, but now I'm having an issue with the nose mucus going backwards down my throat," Heer replied.


"Yeah, I hate it when that happens," Prem said.  He tenderly moved her hair from her forehead and gave her a kiss on her forehead.  "Goodnight Honey."


"Prem, I think I should go sleep in one of the guest rooms," Heer suddenly announced.


"Why?" he asked.


"So you can sleep...I'll probably be tossing and turning...coughing or sneezing...and I really don't want you to get sick," Heer explained.  "Sharing a bed...all my germs are going to get to you."


"I'm not going to get sick," Prem reassured.  "What happens if in the middle of the night you need something?  If we are in the same room I'll be able to help you.  I know what it is like when your head is all fuzzy and you can barely put two feet in front of you because you're sick."


"Okay, then I'll sleep on the floor," Heer replied.


"Are you crazy?" Prem inquired as he pulled his wife back down.  He touched her forehead and mumbled, "I think we need to take your temperature.  You're not going to sleep on the floor.  You need to sleep in the bed.  I'll go sleep on the floor."  He lifted the covers and was about to exit the bed when he felt Heer's hand grab his arm pulling him back.  "No, you're not going to be sleeping on the floor.  I know you had a hard day at work...Prem get back into bed."  Heer then started coughing making him turn around and frown.  "Let's stop fighting about this and go to sleep."  Heer nodded and laid back down while Prem settled himself in.  He turned off the lamp on the night stand and then turned to his side and went to sleep.


Lalit sat in the living room of the mountain lodge reading through the morning paper.  He lowered it down when he sensed someone walking into the room.  "Morning Vinay," he greeted.


"Morning Lalit," he replied.  He was very surprised that he had received an invitation to the family outing and what really threw him for a loop was that Lalit had actually called and personally invited him and Maya to join the family.


"Sleep well?" Lalit asked.


"Yes, thank you," Vinay answered and sat down.  Lalit handed over a section of the paper for him to read.  "Thank you."


"I um, what to thank you for what you did...clearing up the misunderstanding between Kiran and his mother," Lalit said.


"You're welcome.  I'm glad the air has been cleared and some healing can take place," Vinay replied.


Lalit gave a small smile causing Vinay to smile back.  They both turned their heads when they saw Gayatri come walking in with Heena and Teji carrying a serving tray filled with chai.  Morning greetings were exchanged and the men took their tea cups.  "Where is Balraaj?" Lalit inquired.


"He went out on a morning stroll," Teji informed.


"By himself?" Lalit inquired.


"No, with Preet, Harman, and Kiran," Gayatri answered.


"He didn't bother to ask me?" Lalit asked slightly pouting.


"That's because I know how you like reading your morning paper with chai," Balraaj answered as he walked in with the boys.


"See you later Uncle," Preet waved as he, Harman, and Kiran went upstairs.


"Thank you Teji," Balraaj smiled as his wife handed him a cup of chai.


"I would have taken the walk with you," Lalit expressed.


"It's okay...maybe tomorrow then.  It was nice walking and talking with your boys," Balraaj smiled.  "You've raised some fine young men and Kiran is an upstanding're very lucky."


"I know we are...we lucked out on Kiran.  Harman always had his head on straight much like Prem.  And are you sure you want to say that about Preet?  All he does is party...I have to threaten him to study or do any work," Lalit replied.


Balraaj laughed and looked at Gayatri, "You know the harder a parent is on a child just means how much he truly cares for him.  The potential he knows that is there that is just untapped."


Lalit scowled at his friend while Gayatri grinned.  "I couldn't agree with you more."


"The rest of the children should be up now...should we go and make breakfast?" Heena suggested.


"Yes, let's'd be surprised how much these boys can eat," Teji teased.


"Preet, our family's bottomless stomach," Gayatri laughed.


"Nihaal is the same way especially in the morning," Teji chuckled.


The three women quickly left the room leaving the men to continue sipping their chai, reading the morning newspaper, and discuss about news events.


Kiran opened the door to his room and saw that Kulraj was busy getting their children ready for the day.  "Daddy!" Rishi exclaimed with delight and ran over to his father.  Kiran bent down and scooped his son up in his arms.  His hair was unruly and he was still in his pajamas but his mouth was fresh from brushing his teeth.  "Where did you go?"


"I went on a walk with Preet Mamu, Harman Mamu, and Grandpa Balraaj," Kiran explained to his son.


"Oh," Rishi replied and then pouted, "But I wanted to go to."


Kiran chuckled softly, "You were still asleep."


"But Daddy you could have woke me up," Rishi protested.


"Okay, if tomorrow I go on a walk again I'll wake you's that?"Kiran suggested.


"Okay," Rishi smiled.


"Kiran..." Kulraj called.  He turned towards his wife wondering what she wanted.  Kulraj simply pointed to the outfit laid out on the bed.  Kiran nodded understanding what she wanted.  Ever since the incident at the pool party Kulraj was being very short and direct with him.  "Let's get you dressed Rishi," Kiran stated.


Rishi obediently stood still while his father began dressing him.  "Daddy, why is Mommy still not talking to you?"


"What makes you think that?" Kiran asked his precocious son.


"Does she not like you anymore?  She's been mad a very long time.  When Mommy gets really mad she doesn't talk to people she's mad at.  One time I broke a vase and she didn't talk to me for the whole day," Rishi said explaining his reasoning.


"No Mommy isn't mad at me," Kiran replied.


Rishi furrowed his eyebrows at his father and simply answered, "Okay."


Kiran pulled his shirt down over his head and grinned, "You're all set.  Go to next door and make sure your Masi is awake."


"Okay!" Rishi smiled happily and left the room.


Kulraaj had Tanu on the changing table and had just finished putting on a fresh diaper for her.  Kiran stood next to her and timidly asked, "You aren't mad at me still are you?"


"No," she replied as she began changing Tanu into a nice little pink onesie with a cupcake on the front that said "I Love Grandma."


"Uh-huh," Kiran replied.  "I told you I was sorry.  You were right I should have told you about what was going on.  I was ashamed of what I thought I knew about my real mother."


Kulraj turned towards him and said, "For years Kiran...I didn't know about this for years.  You could have at least told me that your biological mother was still alive.  You could have shared with me what she did to you and your father but no...not one single word.  And then this?  Meeting with her for an entire year and keeping this from me?  Then Baby Juhi came into the house and you still didn't tell me what was going on?  I'm hurt.  Extremely's like I don't know you."


"Kulraj, I haven't changed.  It's still me...I'm Kiran the man you fell in love with.  The man who loves you so much...the father of your children...nothing has changed," Kiran pleaded.


"You're wrong everything has changed.  I don't know if I can trust you anymore," Kulraj replied and then picked up their daughter in her arms.  "Everyone is probably up now...we should go down for breakfast." 


Kiran watched his wife turn her back to him and leave the room.  He sighed and looked about him not knowing what he could do to fix the situation.   Little did he know that his mother had overheard their conversation.  She had gone upstairs to tell her son and his family that breakfast was ready.  When Rishi had left the room the door had been slightly left ajar.  Heena was about to knock on the door when she heard Kiran and Kulraj's discussion.  Heena quickly walked away from their room heading towards the bathroom pretending she hadn't heard a thing when Kulraj walked out.  Luckily for her, Kulraj was concentrating on Tanu and making her way downstairs that she didn't even register her presence.   Heena was shocked and saddened because she was the cause of her son and daughter-in-law's argument.  Things were still on shaky terms between her and Kiran as they were going through all the emotions of trying to rebuild their relationship.  This family trip was the first step in that process and she was ever so thankful that Kiran had invited her.  Heena stood in the corner of the hallway thinking and knowing she needed to do something to help her son and her daughter-in-law.


Prem's eyes immediately opened the minute he heard the alarm go off in the room.  He sat up and looked to the side and saw that Heer had been woken up as well but was turning to her side to go back to sleep.  He slipped out of the bed and went to the bathroom to start his morning routine.  A few minutes later he was searching through his closet picking out a suit to ware for work.  Prem had just finished tucking in his white dress shirt in his gray pants when he walked over to the bed to touch Heer's forehead to make sure she feeling better.   She was bundled up in the covers and resting on her side.  His eyes flexed with worry at how hot she was.  "Honey?" Prem called.  Heer grumbled something and opened her eyes.  "You've gotten really hot."


"I know...I'm trying to make myself sweat but it's not working," Heer weakly replied.


"I'm going to go get the thermometer.  I'll be back," Prem said as he left the room.  Heer nodded and then pulled the covers up over her head as she shivered.


Prem shuffled through the medicine draw looking for the thermometer while he was on the cordless phone with the office secretary.  "Hi Shelia, I don't think I'll be able to make it into the office today.  I'll be working from home.  Heer has a really high fever.  I don't want to leave her home alone."


"Oh my.  You know I heard from my friend who is a nurse...she says there is something going around," she replied.  "Makes sure she drinks plenty of juice...water...and chicken soup does wonders."


"Yeah, I will definitely be doing that.  Has Mr. McKenzie reached the office yet?"


"No, he hasn't," Shelia replied.


"Okay.  I'm going to try to reach him on the cell.  I'll be voice conferencing in on the meeting.  It's still scheduled for 10:00am?"


"Yes, it's still scheduled for that time."


"Hey Shelia do you know what to do if the fever won't go down?"  Prem asked.


"Well, just make sure she drinks plenty of liquids...use a cool towel on her forehead...not too cold cause you don't want her shivering...and she could also take cool baths...usually the first two work for me.  And oh, if her temperature reaches 38.8 degrees Celsius (102 degrees Fahrenheit) and stays like that for a day then you should take her to the doctor.  It's not good," Shelia advised.


"Okay, thanks," Prem replied and then hung up the phone.  He then quickly dialed Will McKenzie's cell phone number and reported to him that he would be working from home and would be voice conferencing into their morning meeting.  Prem picked up the thermometer and ran back up the stairs where his wife was.  "Okay open up," he ordered as he slipped the thermometer underneath her tongue.


Heer held it and looked at her husband with pouty eyes.  Prem touched her forehead and frowned.  "I'm going to go downstairs and get you some water."  Heer tried to open her mouth to speak but he silenced her by shaking his head.  "I'm working from home today.  I'm not leaving you here like this.  I'll be working in the office downstairs.  Just call me...on my cell or the house phone..." placing her cell phone on the night stand, "if you need anything.  I'll be right back."

When Prem came back into the room he was holding a serving tray with a plate of eggs and couple pieces of buttered toast with jam spread on it.  There was also a tall glass of water and a bottle of Vitamin Water.  Heer hazily lifted her head and looked at her husband.  "It's 37.7 (100 degrees Fahrenheit)" she said.  "Prem, I'm not hungry."

"You need to eat something.  So you can take some medicine and we can get that fever down," he replied.  "Just a few bites at least."  He placed the breakfast tray down on the other side of the bed and handed her a fork while Heer sat up.  "So I got you some water and a bottle of Vitamin Water to help replenish those electrolytes.  I'll bring up a couple more bottles of water for you."


"Prem you made these eggs?" Heer asked looking at the plate.


"Yeah I did," he smiled proudly.  "Didn't burn the house down."  Heer gave a congested chuckle at his remark.  "Oh crap, I forgot to add the salt.  Don't eat that I'll make some new ones for you."


"It's fine it isn't like I can really taste anything anyways.  You can give me some ketchup if you want."


"Okay, ketchup," Prem replied and got up from the bed.




"Yes Honey?" he asked turning around.


"Thank you," she said giving him a thankful grin.


"Why are you thanking me?  I know you would be doing the same for me if I was sick.  I just want you to get better," Prem said and started walking towards the door.




"Yes," he replied as the stuck his head back into the room.


"Have you had breakfast yet?"


"I will...don't worry about me.  You eat first," he replied and then disappeared into the hallway.


Veera watched as Nihaal went upstairs to the bedrooms.  She looked about her making sure there wasn't anyone around and then silently went up the stairs as well.  She had enough of this hide and seek game they were playing with each other.  She needed to know if he had received the letter or not and what his answer was going to be.  She slowly opened the room where the boys were staying and walked in.


Nihaal was searching through his suitcase looking for some swim trunks when he heard the click of the bedroom door closing.  He turned around stunned to see Veera in the room with him.  "Um, Veera...wh-what brings you here?"


Veera took a deep breath and then said, "Okay, I'm tired of playing games.  I'm going to ask you some simple questions."


"Huh?" Nihaal replied wondering why she was acting this way.


"I'm asking you some questions...what is so hard to understand about that?"  Nihaal nodded his head but the look of bewilderment didn't leave his face.  "Did you receive a letter from me?"


"A letter?"


"Yes or no," Veera demanded.


"Um, yes...I guess..."


"Did you read it?" Veera inquired.




"I'm going to assume you read it because you look like you know what I'm talking about."


"Yes," Nihaal replied.


"Then you know what I'm going to say next."  She looked at him with nervous eyes.


Nihaal rubbed the back of his neck and replied, "I'm flattered.  I're a great are.  You're smart, bold, and you know what you want..."


"But...there's a but in there isn't there?" Veera asked trying to maintain her composure.


"You're still'll find someone better than me.  I'm not right for you.  I'm sorry," Nihaal answered.


"I see..."


"I still care for you but just not like that," Nihaal further explained.


"So you just want to remain friends?"


"Yeah, if that's all right.  But I can understand if you don't want to.  I'll give you space," Nihaal said.


Veera simply turned around and walked out of the room.  She had originally wanted to ask him why it took him so long to reply back to her but after he told her he didn't feel the same way her mind went hazy.  She quickly walked to the nearest bathroom trying to contain her emotions as she didn't want to be seen crying.  She made it safely in and turned on the faucet to mask the sound of her tears.


Heer slowly opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling.  She lifted away the little wash cloth that had been laying on her head to cool her fever down.  She was still feeling icky but at least she didn't have a fever anymore.  She sat up and saw Prem sitting at the foot of their bed with his laptop busy typing away.  He had some folders and papers placed on the bed bench.  She watched as he took a drink from his coffee tumbler.  Her husband turned around and smiled, "Hey you're up.  Feeling better?"  He placed his laptop to the side and got up from the floor.


"I thought you were going to work in the office," Heer answered.


"I was there for the meeting at ten but then I moved everything up here.  So you feeling better?" Prem asked again and touched her forehead.  "Feels like your fever went down."


"Yeah, it did...but my head still feels awful," Heer replied as she got out of the bed.


Prem looked at his watch and replied, "Looks like you woke up just in time for lunch.  Feeling hungry?"


"Not really."


"Well, you're having chicken soup for lunch," Prem said.


"Please don't tell me you cooked that," Heer replied.


"You don't think I can cook something for you?" Prem asked.


"Eggs and toast yes...but chicken soup, really?"


Prem grinned and sheepishly nodded, "Yeah, you're right.  I got Chef Brown to make us lunch.  Kunal should be delivering it to us."


"So if I'm having soup what are you having?" Heer asked.


"Just a sandwich," Prem replied.  He then watched his wife slowly make her way to the bathroom.  Her shoulders were slightly hunched and she was dragging her feet.  "You going to be okay?" His eyes wore extreme concern.  The doorbell rang just as he finished asking her the question.


"That must be Kunal," Heer coughed.  "You better go answer the door."


"I'll be back to take you downstairs," Prem said.


"I'll be fine.  I can walk down the stairs," Heer replied.


"Right, by the time you walk down the stairs to the kitchen the soup will be cold," Prem said.  "Took you awhile to get to the bathroom door."


"I'm sick," Heer said with annoyance.


"Exactly," Prem grin.  "I'll be back."  He quickly ran down the stairs as he heard the door bell go off again and loud banging on the door.  Prem opened the door and greeted, "Sorry about that.  Heer just got up.  Thanks for picking the food up for us," his eyes then scanned over to the Lysol disinfectant spray his friend was holding in his left hand, "What's that?"


"Lysol disinfectant spray," Kunal replied. 


"I know but why do you have it?" Prem asked.


"Well, Heer is sick isn't she?"


"And?" Prem replied.


"Germs man, have to disinfect otherwise other people will get sick," Kunal explained.


"It's not like she's wiping her nose with her hand and then touching the door knobs," Prem frowned.


"Look here's your food," Kunal said thrusting the bag to him.


"Aren't you going to come in?" Prem asked.


"It's really okay," Kunal said.  "I hear there is a bug going around."


"Well, you do have your disinfectant spray," Prem replied.  He then reached out and grabbed his friend, "Get inside Kunal.  I'm sure Heer would love to see you."


"I saw her at the pool party," Kunal said as he tired escaping from his friend's grasp.


Prem pulled the back of his collar and dragged him into the house locking the door close.  Kunal pouted and then started spraying Lysol around the room.  "Hi Kunal," Heer greeted with a weak smile, "Thanks for picking up lunch."


"Um, hi Heer," he replied.  "Yeah, no problem.  So, you're sick?" 


Heer noticed how his eyes kept going towards the box of tissues she was carrying with her.

"Kunal are you afraid of getting sick?"


"Nooo, no-no...what makes you say that?" Kunal asked shaking his head.  Heer stepped forward making him spray the Lysol at her. 


"Kunal!" Prem yelled.  "What are you doing?  You can't spray Lysol on her like that.  You can't disinfect people like that."


Heer coughed into her shoulder and waved her hand in front of her trying to dissipate the Lysol mist.  "I never knew you were a germaphobe," she replied taking a more light-hearted attitude than he husband.


Prem yanked the Lysol can from Kunal's hand and sprayed Lysol on his body, "Take that..."


"Stop it Prem," Heer ordered as she put her hand around his arm.


"Thanks," Kunal smiled.


Prem grumbled and shoved the can back at his friend.  He then walked to the kitchen and began setting the table.  Kunal pulled out a chair and sat down.  "Would like something to drink?" Heer offered.


"Don't worry about.  I'll take it myself Heer," Kuanl answered.


"Should I spray Lysol on the glass for you?" Prem dryly suggested.


Kunal just smiled at his friend's attitude.  He turned and looked at Heer, "Sorry about spraying you."


"Maybe it will help me get over this cold faster...or maybe stop this from spreading to Prem," Heer replied.


"I told I'm not going to get sick," Prem admittedly stated.


"You were in our bedroom all morning," Heer frowned.  "You should have seen it Kunal he had his work papers spread out around him and his laptop on his lap..."


"Hey, most wives would appreciate what I did.  I didn't leave you alone.  I was there to take care of you," Prem reasoned.


"I'm very thankful for your dedication but I don't want you getting sick and you will if you keep hanging around me," Heer said.


Prem opened the hot container of soup and ladled it into the bowl for her.  He then opened a clear plastic takeout box where there was some nicely toasted garlic bread.  He then opened another box that contained his turkey sandwich and homemade potato chips.  His eyes followed the hand that reach over and stole one of his potato chips and frowned.  "Have you had lunch?"


"No, I was just going to get some," Kunal answered as he stuffed the chip into his mouth.  He chewed happily and then stated, "These are good," he reached back over to steal another when his hand was hit.


"Go get your own food," Prem scowled.


"Hey, I did you a favor.  Be nice to me," Kunal replied.


"You can have some of my chicken soup...I can't drink this whole container," Heer offered.


"No, you should keep it for tomorrow.  It will make you feel better," Kunal said.  "Okay guys, I'm off."


"Hey, why don't you grab something and bring it back here?" Prem suggested.  "Heer's up and she'd probably appreciate some company.  I have some reports to go over so I can't really talk.  Anyways, you have your can of Lysol with you so you needn't fear."


"You don't have to if you don't want to Kunal," Heer said.  "I'd feel horrible if you got sick."


Kunal saw the look his best friend was giving him and did the brotherly thing, "No Heer, I'll keep you company.  I can only imagine how bored you'd be with Mr. Office Worker over there."  Heer gave a croaky laugh while her husband just arched his eyebrows but continued eating his sandwich.


Thanks for reading!

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thnku so much grace for updatin it so soon.ClapSmile.!!
luved the update...!!
so mny premeer scenes..!!!
aw! heer is unwell..!! prem is cho chweet na...takes care of heer so much...!!! i m jealous!Embarrassed
hope evrythin goes wel between nihaal n veera! they both luv each othr yar!
cnt wa8 for nxt update...!!
do update soon dis 1 n ur SS alsoWink
Thx for d pm...!!!i noe u r gonna send it 2moro...!!! n i wil b gettin it therefore in advance!LOL

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Sending out PMs tomorrow's very late here...going to bed.

So I apologize if you stumble upon this without a PM.

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awesomeee part lovelyyy waitinggg for next asap 

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It ok 4 not sending the PM.
nywaz nice update.
thanx 4 premeer scences.
I really luvd it.
prem is a caring husband and kunal is such a crazy frnd but nice also.
update soon!

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lovely update...
heers sick...and see the too sick...i have a very bad cold...urrgghhh...
thanks for the pm...

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