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Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

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whn?? whn??? update!!!!!

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Thanks to all who Commented and/or Hit the Like the Button.  It really means a lot Big smile

Sorry for any spelling and grammatical errors...there is a lot of explaining going on in the chapter.

Chapter 82: Truth Be Told


Nalini Sherma walked up to her son and lifted her hand up giving him a hard slap on the cheek.  "This?  This is what we taught you?  To be careless and irresponsible?" pointing her finger at Hetal, "To sleep with some girl and get her pregnant?  This girl?"


"Don't point at my daughter like she's nothing," Heena Gupta shouted.  Vinay tried to stop her from walking forward but he couldn't grab her arm in time.  He cringed at seeing the two mothers start to confront each other.  "You take back what you just said about her right now."


"Excuse me?  You should have taught her the meaning of respect and dignity.  What kind of upbringing did you provide for her?" Nalini asked.  She gave Heena a look over noting her attire and sneered muttering under her breath, "Figures...lower class."


Heena's eyes flared at her elitist remark.  "You of all people shouldn't be pointing fingers especially when your son did no better...he knocked up my daughter.  She didn't do it on her own."


"Your daughter tricked my son.  She saw how rich he was and poisoned his mind," Nalini heatedly replied.  "She's nothing but a gold digger!"


"You take that back!" Heena angrily retorted.


"She is..."


"Mom stop it!" Ajay shouted.  "Don't talk about Hetal like that.  I admit what we did was wrong but she didn't trick me..."

"Ajay, you're just saying that because she's made you feel guilty about all of this...she was just using you..."


"My daughter does not use people," Heena defended.


"Excuse me ladies but Hetal's mother," Lalit sternly said looking at Heena, "I'm sorry but I have to ask you to leave.  This..."


"Wait just one minute Lalit," Vinay interrupted.  "I was invited to this party and she is my guest."


"Your guest?  Who has come here and disturb the entire party?" Lalit inquired.


"I didn't know anything about this...I had no idea who was going to be here.  But still Ajay needs to take responsibility for his actions.  I would think a man like you who talks so much about honor, respect, and your word would want responsibility to be taken.  You would really act any different if this was your daughter or son who took a misstep of some sort and landed themselves in this wouldn't want them to take responsibilities of their actions?" Vinay questioned.  Lalit opened his mouth to say something but then closed it knowing that he had a point.


"Then I'll ask you to leave with Mrs. Heena Gupta," Kiran said.  "There is a time and place for these things and this is not one of them."


Everyone stared at Kiran in shock that he had said such a thing.  "Kiran?" Kulraj uttered stunned to see this side of her husband.


"I agree with that," Akash Sherma said.  He gave a hard glare at his son disappointed at his reckless actions.  "I think this conversation can be handled another time.


"No," Madhuri stated firmly.  She looked at her grandson and asked, "Ajay, what are you going to do?"


"Hetal wasn't using me," he explained.  "It was a choice we made together.  I loved her," glancing over at Hetal and Juhi, "I will take responsibility for this."


"Ajay..." Hetal softly whispered.  "Don't do this because..."


"I'm Juhi's father.  I won't let her grow up without one.  As for the other things I think you and I need to talk some more," Ajay replied.  Madhuri smiled happily while his parents had a sense of relief but still great concern etched on their faces.  They didn't know a thing about Hetal and her family.  Having seen Heena Gupta act the way she acted they were worried at what their son had gotten himself into.          


"Well, I guess things have worked out," Heena said.


"That's very good for you and your family.  Now, you may leave," Kiran ordered.  Heena's eyes widen at her son's remark. 


"Kiran, she's a guest..." Kulraj said trying to reason with her husband.  She was in disbelief at his attitude.


"Bauji asked her to leave.  Everything has been cleared between Ajay and Hetal...she can leave," Kiran said.


Heena gently bowed her head and then proceeded to walk back towards the patio sliding door when she was stopped by Vinay.  "You're not going anywhere.  You have just as much of a right to be here as I am.  I was invited and you are with me."


"Please, we've already made enough of a scene as there is," Heena replied.  "Why don't you stay?  You should for Maya's sake."  Vinay's eyes look on with great concern at his friend.  "I'll be okay."


"Enough with the dramatics," Kiran muttered.  "Just leave."


"Kiran?" Bauji gasped.


"I'm sorry...I just don't want any more drama...ever since she stepped into the house people have been on edge..." Kiran replied trying to explain himself.


"As much as I hate causing more controversy but I think there is something you should know," Vinay said looking at Kiran.


"Vinay please, no," Heena said with worry.  "Just leave it."


"I'm not going to have him continue to believe in something that is wrong.  All the years of pain you went through...Priya would never forgive me for that," Vinay replied knowing his wife would be disappointed in him if he didn't help her friend.  "You stayed away all these years because of that man."


"It's better this way..." Heena replied.  "I should have never listened to you...coming here to the party it was against my better judgment."


"For who?  For you?  For Kiran?  He's gone Heena...the truth needs to be told," Vinay replied.


"What are you talking about?" Kiran asked.  He then looked at his mother, "Is this some sort of trick...another plan of yours?  I can't believe you have roped Mr. Bindar along in this."


"Daddy what is going on?" Maya asked with concern.


"Who's he?  Do you know Hetal's mother?" Kulraj asked.


"I think you should take the children and go inside," he replied.


"No, if this has to do with you I deserve to know.  You're my husband," Kulraj heatedly answered.


Heer knew things were probably going to get worse.  She nudged Prem and motioned with her head.  Her husband understood her meaning and followed her lead.  "Let's go inside and have some ice cream," Heer said as she picked Rishi up in her arms. 


"But Mommy," he said questioningly.


Kulraj patted his head, "It's okay, you go in with Heer Mami."  She looked at Heer with a thankful grin.


Prem picked up Tanu from the play pen and carried her into the kitchen where his wife was heading.  Preet, Meher, Harman, and the rest of the gang all knew it was time for them to leave as well.  Preet motioned to Hetal that he would take care of Juhi for her while she continued to discuss things with her mother.  Preet took Juhi into his arms and gently patted her back trying to calm her down.  "'s okay...your Mama needs to talk right now.  She'll be back."


When the children were out of ear shot and inside the house the adults returned to their conversation.  "Who is this Heena Auntie to you?" Kulraj asked.


"I don't have any relationship with this woman," Kiran replied.  "I don't know who she is."


"No matter what you say you can't deny your own biological mother," Vinay said.


"What?  But Kiran's parents died a long time ago," Lalit said in shock.


"That was his father and his step-mother," Vinay said.


"Why didn't you tell us Kiran?" Gayatri asked.


"I'm sorry but she walked out on my father and me so I don't consider her my mother.  I have had no contact with her until recently.  She needed money for Hetal's doctor bills.  Hetal had gotten sick during the pregnancy," Kiran explained.  "I'm sorry I hid this truth from you but my mother isn't the most trustworthy person.  I was afraid she'd try to do something to the family.  You don't have to worry about a thing Ma...Bauji...she means nothing to me."


Hetal cringed at hearing Kiran say that about her own mother.  Her eyes widen in surprise when she felt Ajay's hand holding hers in a comforting gesture.  She turned towards him with a look while he simply nodded his head that he was there for her.  Akash and Nalini Sherma had grim faces as they listened to what was being revealed.  If Kiran was describing his own mother like this then it was probably safe to assume that Heena Gupta was not a person they should associate with.  The biggest question weighing on their minds was Hetal just like her mother?


"There is a lot about your mother that you don't know," Vinay said.


"Please Vinay," Heena pleaded.


"I don't like to speak ill of the dead but seriously the things he did to you..." Vinay replied.


"Don't you say a word against Siddharth," Heena warned.


"Even after all these years you are still going to try to defend him?"  He looked at Kiran and confidently stated, "Even after all she went through she is still devoted to your father and you dare to question her character and deem her untrustworthy."


"She left us...she left me...she never looked back," Kiran explained.  "You want me to respect her for that?"


"You only know half of the story...the story your father told you and what your mother lead you to believe," Vinay said.  "Heena tell him the truth."


"I didn't come here for this," Heena replied and turned around to leave.


"Please Mrs. said you didn't want to cause harm but you've already done a lot with your presence.  Leaving now will only do more harm to whatever relations you were hoping to establish," Gayatri said.  "If what Vinay says is the truth and you said you didn't want to come but he somehow convinced you...that must mean you still have a attachment to Kiran."


"Ma..." Kiran said looking at his mother-in-law.


"Let's at least hear her story after that you may do as you wish," Gayatri reasoned.


Kiran sighed knowing he couldn't say no to her.  He glared at his mother waiting for her to say whatever she had to say.  Heena looked around her and saw everyone's anticipating eyes.  She knew even if she were to explain herself there was no guarantee that any one of them would believe her but after her good friend's husband had stood up for her and staked his own reputation on the line she knew she had to speak up.


"Preet what are you doing?  Close that door," Prem ordered.  His brother had the kitchen backdoor slightly opened and he was standing with his ear nestled in between the space of the door frame and the open door. 


"Guys, be quiet I can't hear anything," Preet said as he motioned with his hand trying to tell his siblings and friends to quiet down.


"I said close the door," Prem said and went up behind him and shut the door.


Preet jerked back and held his left ear in panic, "Hey, you almost got my ear."


"Why are you eavesdropping on them?" Prem asked.


"It's not like I heard anything," Preet pouted.  "I thought there would be a lot of shouting.  Kiran Jiju looked upset.  I've never seen him like that before in my life."


"I know I never seen him like that either," Harman said.  "I'm still pretty shocked to learn that Heena is Hetal's mother and that Baby Scotch, errr, um Juhi is Hetal and Ajay's kid."


"He got what was coming to him," Ashlesha said.  "I mean seriously he left Hetal and then she had no choice but to place her on someone's doorstep."


"Yeah, but don't you think it's weird that she ended placing her at our doorstep?" Veera asked.  "I mean it would make more sense to drop the baby off at Ajay's house...I mean he is the father.  It would have been a great way to teach him a lesson...that he needs to take care of his own kid."


"I know...she had to have known where he lived," Yuri said.  She then looked over at her boyfriend.  "Sang, what are you doing?"


"Just letting in some fresh air," he replied with a nervous smile as he stood next to an open window.


"You're letting the heat into the nicely air-conditioned house," Yuri barked.


"Sang, close the window," Prem commanded.  Sang frowned and glanced over at Preet letting him know that he tried.  Preet gently nodded his head acknowledging his efforts. 


"Anyways, Maya is still outside with the rest of the adults...she'll probably fill us in.  I mean it's her father that brought um, Heena Auntie to the party," Harman said.


"You know..." Kunal muttered as he started rubbing his chin in thought.  He glanced over at Heer and Prem and narrowed his eyes, "You two are oftly quiet.  Wasn't Hetal your guest Heer?"


"That's right," Meher chimed in looking at her sister.  "Didi, did you know what was going to happen?"


"What top secret mission have you two been up to?" Kunal questioned.


Heer didn't say a thing and scooped one scoop of vanilla ice cream for Rishi into a plastic bowl.  She then tucked a children's plastic spoon into the side.  Nihaal picked Rishi up from where he was sitting and said, "Come Rishi let's go watch some cartoons."  He knew what was probably going to be discussed wasn't suitable for young children to hear and especially someone impressionable as Rishi.  It was bad enough he had seen and heard what had been discussed at the pool about Hetal and Ajay.  Nihaal took the ice cream from his sister's hand and walked off to the living room.


Veera's eyes followed Nihaal's retreating back admiring how he was trying to protect her nephew from overhearing things he probably shouldn't hear.  She slipped off the stool she was sitting on and made up an excuse to exit the room.  "I should probably go get Rishi a change of clothes.  With the AC on and all we don't want him catching a cold."


Kunal stared at Prem quizzically as he handed him a popsicle.  Prem went around the room handing everyone a popsicle before taking one himself and sitting down on a stool by the kitchen counter.  Meher placed Juhi in her carrier and gave her Ellie the elephant to occupy herself with.  Tanu was sitting in her own carrier busy cooing and staring at the animal mobile hanging up above her. 


"You going to say anything?" Ashlesha inquired looking at Heer.


Heer ignored her cousin's question and tapped her husband's shoulder.  She gave a thankful smile to him when he let her take his partially licked blue raspberry in exchange for her strawberry popsicle.  She took a few licks and then finally answered, "I had no idea this was going to happen.  But yes, Prem and I found out Hetal was Baby Scotch...Juhi's mother and that Ajay was her father.  We were just trying to get them to talk to each other...hopefully find a solution to their situation.  As for Vinay Uncle we didn't know he was going to bring Hetal's mother to the party."


"Wait, you guys knew Hetal was, Juhi's mother and you didn't tell us?" Preet exclaimed feeling hurt.  "Bhabhi you kept the truth from the family?"


"Why are you accusing her?" Meher asked defending her sister.  "I'm sure Didi had a very good reason...didn't you Didi?"


"And PB you didn't tell us either?" Preet gasped.


"Preet stop it with the dramatics," Meher warned. 


"I'm not being dramatic.  We've been taught at a young age to respect our parents...learn from them and our elder siblings because they have experienced life first...they know more things than us.  And wasn't one our first lessons as a child is not to lie?  Not to hide the truth?  And Bhabhi and PB did it...they hid the truth from us...lied to us," Preet explained.


 "What utter nonsense are you babbling about?" Ashlesha asked.


"I'm not babbling," Preet replied.


"You're just upset because Bhabhi and Bhaiya knew something you didn't know and they didn't share it with you," Harman smirked.  Preet narrowed his eyes at his brother and made stabbing motions with his popsicle at him.  "Haha...proves my point."        


"We didn't lie to anyone.  We just withheld some information," Prem explained.


"Same thing," Preet mumbled.


"Look, it was a delicate situation," Prem replied.


"So there is more to this story?" Kunal inquired.


Prem and Heer told them the rest of what they knew leaving them all stunned.  "Well, no wonder Kiran Jiju was so upset.  I can't believe it...his own mother..." Preet said.


"Poor Kiran Bhaiya..." Ashlesha uttered in sympathy.


"There has to be more to the story...I mean Vinay Uncle and Priya Auntie were friends with Heena Auntie," Harman reasoned.


"Even bad people have friends," Meher replied.


"I just don't know...I think there has to be something else," Harman argued.


"Maybe...but with what Kiran Jiju told's hard to believe that there is anything more to the story," Prem said.


Meanwhile back at the pool everyone was listening to what Heena had to say.  "We met in college Siddharth and I...we were totally smitten with each other...I guess you call it love at first sight?  I was never really that good in parents were forcing me to take business when I wanted to do art design...painting.  Anyways, my parents didn't really approve of our relationship.  But we didn't care we were determined to be together so we secretly got married.  When my parents found out they kicked me out of the house.  Siddharth was also kicked out of his house.  So we found a place to live and we carved out a little life for ourselves.  He continued to go to school...studying sports management while I dropped out to work.  Life was hard but we made it work.  When Siddharth graduated he got hired by a local cricket club while I worked as a secretary for a small shipping company.  Then I got pregnant...those were happy times...Siddharth was so excited.  He couldn't wait to be a father.  When Kiran was born he showed so much love on him...he was a great father.  And me...I don't know why but I just felt something was wrong with me.  I couldn't quite understand it and neither could Siddharth.  He use to tell me to just forget about everything and just smile.  But the thing was I couldn't.  Some days I was able to muddle my way through and other days it was really hard.  Whatever it was that was going on with me made life for me unbearable.  But why?  I had a husband who loved me and a beautiful baby boy.  Why couldn't I enjoy my life?  I was suffering postpartum depression but back then I had no idea.  I could see how my condition was putting a strain on my marriage.  We started fighting a lot and things were beginning to get really hard.  That's when I met some ladies that worked for a local clinic in our neighborhood and we started talking.  They advised me to go see a specialist a few towns over.  I thought about it but I wasn't sure.  I tried talking to Siddharth about it but he became so defensive.  He told me there was nothing wrong with me.  I was fine and I didn't need to go speak with some psychologist.  He refused to talk about it to me after that.  So I thought maybe he was right.  This was something I could control after all it was my own mind we were talking about.  So I tried.  A few years passed and Kiran was around six years of age...I remember one night I had slipped out of bed and was sitting in the kitchen staring at a bottom of sleeping pills.  I was so tempted to take them all but I stopped myself...and that's when I knew I had enough.  I couldn't continue living like this.  So I left that night...packed my things and left Siddharth a note saying I would be back.  I went to that specialist to get treated.  I know it was wrong of me to not tell my family where I was going but I was afraid if Siddharth found out he would come and take me back but I needed this help.  I didn't even tell my closest friend Priya what was going on because I was afraid she would judge me too and think I was crazy.  Two months later I came home as I was feeling much better.  My recovery was far from over but I was a lot happier.  I was so eager to see my family again but what awaited me there was something I never thought I would see.  Another woman in my house with my husband...she was apparently a secretary for the club office...oh, the irony of it all...and Siddharth and her had been friends ever since he had joined the cricket club.  He was telling her things about our marriage...whenever things were going wrong he would talk to her.  I was livid that he could do such a thing to me.  And he rightfully attacked that I had left him and Kiran without any explanation.  If I didn't want to be a wife and a mother then I was free to go.  He had found someone who could take my place.  I stormed away from there in shattered pieces.  Priya found me sitting at the food court in the mall that same day.  She brought me home and of course yelled at me for disappearing for two months but then held my hand as I cried telling her my side of the story.  Priya was fuming with anger that Siddharth had down that...had gone off and had an affair with some woman.  I told her to forget about it.   I was through with him but I wanted Kiran.  I was going to raise him not that other woman.   I came back the next day demanding to take Kiran with me but Siddharth said he would fight me for him.  What judge would give me back my baby after hearing that I disappeared for two months?  I knew it was going to be hard even if I was able to get a doctor to explain my condition.  There were other times that I had done things that I knew would count against the time I had accidentally left Kiran at the market.  And there was no guarantee that this depression I was suffering wouldn't come back...was I really going to be a fit mother for Kiran?  Siddharth pointed these things out to me and said he would argue to the judge that he could prove a more stable environment then I could.  I was a college dropout and I had no job at the moment.  I wouldn't be able to provide for Kiran at all.  Even in his anger over this whole situation I realized he had a point in some of the things he was saying.  I gathered what I could of my things and made sure to take a picture of Kiran and left.  It was one of the hardest things I ever did," Heena explained.  She then looked over at Vinay with a thankful look, "Priya and Vinay took me into their home and helped me through this period.  Then I found out I was pregnant with Hetal."


"What?!  She's my full sister?" Kiran exclaimed in shock.  Hetal was just as stunned at the announcement and looked at her brother.  They both stared at each other in disbelief.


"I know I should have told Siddharth but what was the point when he had already written me out of his life?  He already had one child I wasn't going to allow him to take the other one away from me.  It wasn't soon after that Priya found out she was pregnant as well.  She was having a tough time with her pregnancy and poor Vinay having to deal with two pregnant women in the household.  I made up my mind that once Hetal was born I was going to leave.  I had already hassled them enough...I didn't want to continue being a burden to them," Heena continued.  "I gave Hetal my mother's maiden name...Shroff as her last name.  I didn't want Siddharth to find out the truth.  I tried going back to my parent's house but they refused to talk to me.  My uncle took pity on my situation and made arrangements for me to go to Canada.  A friend of his was starting a business over there and I could come in and be their secretary in the office."


"Shortly after the divorcee Siddharth moved away to another city.  Then when Heena left, Priya had kept in touch through letters with her during the earlier years but even they eventually lost touch with each other.  We moved to Canada too but we couldn't find Heena," Vinay filled in taking over Heena's explanation.  "Then about a year ago I received a knock on my door and it was Heena.  I invited her in and we started talking about the past and everything.  She told me she hired a private detective and she had found her son and that is how she found me as well.  It was quiet the surprise when she told me who he was...that he was Kiran Gupta...the son-in-law of Lalit and Gayatri Juneja."  Vinay then looked at Kiran, "I know you have a lot of misconceptions about your mother.  Whether wrong or right...some of the things she did...but don't you ever believe for one second she didn't love you.  You know that money you were so upset about...that business she was investing in...if she hadn't done what she did your business would be without a partner.  She took those funds and asked me to make the investments into your business partner's backing firm because she knew if something came up would look bad for your company.  I threw in a little extra of my own money as well.  When I found out that I was invited to this pool party I thought it was time to put an end to this issue between mother and son.  Hiding the truth was only causing more pain between you two.  Enough time has been wasted because of certain decision made.  I wanted to stop all of that so I forced your mother to come to this party and confront her past head on."  Vinay turned his head and looked at Lalit and Gayatri, "I'm really sorry for ruining the party but I felt this was something that needed to be done."


"That's the whole story...I don't blame you if you don't believe me," Heena said.  "I know I've said some things that have definitely questioned my trustworthiness."  She then looked at Hetal and Ajay, "I'm sorry I was so hard on you both during your relationship.  I was afraid what was going to happen.  I was prejudice because of what had happened to me.  I didn't want to see that happen to Hetal.  And that night you came home and told me that Ajay had left you after you told him you were pregnant...I didn't want you to go through what I went through...being a single was clear that the father didn't want his child...that is why I suggested what I suggested.  Can you ever forgive me?"


Hetal's eyes softened, "Yes.  I understand why."  She walked over and gave her mother a teary hug.


"I promise you Mrs. Gupta I'll take care of Hetal and Juhi.  You have my word," Ajay firmly stated.


Heena looked at the young man standing in front of her and nodded.  "I know you will.  You've admitted your mistake and are willing to take full responsibility."  Ajay bent down and touched her feet while she touched his head giving him blessing.


The pool party soon wrapped after the long talk Heena had with the rest of the adults.  Maya of course explained everything she had heard to Harman and the gang.  Everyone was reeling from the story.  It seemed so unreal yet they felt in their hearts it was the truth. 


Preet sat on the floor of his bedroom with his back against his bed playing a game on his handheld PSP device.  Meher was laying on her stomach reading a magazine on his bed.  She put the magazine down and asked, "So you think Hetal and Ajay will get married?"


"I don't know.  He did say he was going to take responsibility.  I mean what else is there other than marriage?"  Preet replied.


"But Hetal seemed a bit hesitant about marriage," Meher said.  She then sighed, "Well, I don't blame her...he did run away when she told him she was pregnant...there isn't a guarantee that he won't do it again if things get tough."


"Heh, Badi Ma would hunt him down and drag him back to the house if he tried to run away again.  You know whatever Badi Ma says Ajay does," Preet said.


"Yes, his grandmother is very strong willed."  There was a moment of silence when Meher suddenly asked, "So what would you do?"


"Me?  I'd beat Ajay up," Preet answered.


"Not that.  What if you found out you got someone pregnant?" Meher asked.


"Why would I get someone pregnant?" Preet inquired not following along with what she was trying to get out.


"I'm just saying what if," Meher snipped.


"Um, of course take responsibility," Preet replied.


"So you would get married?"


"No, I'd buy a house and make her my live in girlfriend," Preet answered sarcastically.


"Preet!" Meher yelled into his ear.


"Aaahhh," he yelped and then started tugging on his earlobe.  "What was that for?"


"I need you to be serious for once," Meher said.


"Why do I need to answer these questions?  You've been reading a lot of those women's magazines lately...all those quizzes you make me take...Couple compatibility, anger management, how romantic is the this another quiz?"


"This is not a quiz.  I'm asking because what if I were to become pregnant?" Meher asked.


"You're pregnant?!" Preet exclaimed.  "Oh My God!  PB is going to kill Heer Bhabhi will...then Chand is going to strangle me...after I get slapped by Ma!" 


"Preet stop shouting you want the whole house to hear?" Meher said trying to cover his mouth.  "Will you please calm down?"


Preet took a few deep breaths and then smiled as he removed her hand from his mouth.  "Wait, you can't be pregnant we haven't done anything yet."


"You catch on quick," Meher replied rolling her eyes at him.


"Look Meher," Preet said as he held her hand.  "If that happened I would marry you.  I'd take responsibility for my actions.  But you won't have to worry about a thing.  Nothing's going to happen until we are married...that's when we'll have children together."  Meher grinned at his response and hugged him.  Preet placed one hand on her head and held her tightly.  They then both gently pulled back and gave each other a sweet and tender kiss.


Harman smiled as he wiped the water from his face and turned off the bathroom light.  He quickly grabbed his cell phone and said, "I'm back.  Just finished brushing my teeth and washing my face."


"Me too," Maya replied on the other end.


"I really think it's a good sign...what happened this afternoon.  Bauji seems to be thawing to your father," Harman said.  "He was talking about it and how he liked the fact that Vinay Uncle wanted to clear the misunderstanding between Kiran Jiju and his mother."


"That's great.  Little steps at a time.  We just need to keep working on them and eventually they will see.  Heena Auntie was actually talking to my Daddy about us."


"You were in on the conversation?" Harman asked.


"No of course not...I was listening in the hallway," Maya replied.


"So you were eavesdropping?" 


"Hey, it was about us," Maya defended.  "I thought it was appropriate."


" what did you find out?"


"Well, Heena Auntie wants Daddy to lighten up a bit on us.  And then later she came and had a chat with me about our future plans and all," Maya said.  "So I explained you're working on your law've been working at this law firm and you probably will be hired once you graduate.  I have plans on opening up a boutique with Veera.  And once we sort of settle some things we want to get married.  She was happy that we were thinking things out and had an actual plan.  She understands things will be tough with two fathers unwilling to be friendly with one another but that no matter how hard it may get not to act impulsively.  Family is one of the most important things and we are both so lucky to have...fathers that care for us so much."


"I agree with Heena Auntie," Harman replied.  "We'll see what happens."




"Good night Honey Bun.  Sleep tight," Harman wished. 


"You too.  Love you Sweet Cakes," Maya replied.


"Love you too," Harman smiled and then hung up the phone.  He then snuggled underneath the covers hoping to have sweet dreams of his girlfriend.


Heer laid on her stomach and giggled into her pillow.  She turned her head and looked at her husband who was grinning.  "Why are you laughing?" he asked.


"I don't know I just think it's sort of weird," Heer replied. 


"What's so weird?" Prem inquired as he stuffed his hands underneath the pillow.


"We're sleeping upside down.  We're sleeping where our feet normally are," Heer answered.


"'s still the bed...makes no difference," Prem said.  He slinked over and gave his wife a tender kiss and then grinned causing her to smile.  He flipped onto his back and said, "You know I have a confession to make."


"Oh, and what is that?"


"Sometimes I smile just so I can see you smile," Prem replied.


"Liar," Heer retorted.


"Why would I lie about that?" Prem asked in shock.  "You don't believe me?"


"Nope," Heer giggled.


"You're mean...I'm trying to say something romantic to you and you're not working with me here," Prem pouted and turned his head away.


Heer smirked and inched over and placed her hand underneath his chin and forced him to turn his head back around.  "And I have a confession to make...sometimes I purposely pretend I don't know what you want so you can chase me or I can do this..." placing her lips delicately on his in an attempt to pacify his sour mood.  Prem immediately responded to her gesture and cradled the back of her head with his hand.  When the kiss had naturally ended Prem grinned.  "You're smiling...see..." he pointed out.


"I'm smiling because I want to smile," Heer replied and rolled over onto her back.


"So you say," Prem said.


"So, why are we doing this?"


"Why not?" Prem simply replied.  "If you want you can sleep the right way."


"And have your feet in my face?  No thank you," Heer said making a face.


"So, you think Kiran Jiju will forgive his mother?" Prem asked.


"You've known him longer...what do you think?"


"I'm not sure," giving a pondering look, "It's a complex situation.  I mean with everything that happened.  Heena Auntie married so young and struggled a lot...she had Kiran Jiju and then suffered from postpartum depression..."


"I can't believe Siddharth Uncle was so uncaring about her feelings like that.  How could he just turn a blind eye and not know she was suffering?" Heer inquired with a twinge of anger.


"Maybe he really didn't realize how depressed she was.  Or maybe he thought if he could just ignore would go away.  Some people have trouble coping with the idea of a mental illness...not that it meant Heena Auntie was crazy or something.  She was just depressed," Prem explained.  "I hear it happens to women either during pregnancy or after the birth of the kid.  I can't imagine what that feels be depressed like that."


"I must be all the hormones and everything...the body is going through a lot of changes...the weight gain...and then all the thinking about am I'm going to be a good mother, how am I going to be able to take care of a baby because I know nothing about parenting, will I be able to go back to the weight I was before, will my husband even want me again?" Heer rattled off.


"That's a lot to think about," Prem sighed in agreement.  


"It's so sad what happened and then Uncle cheated on her like that...and they were supposed to be so in love," Heer said.


"I know...that was just wrong what he did...I know Heena Auntie left but it took only two months?" Prem replied shaking his head.


"Oh are you saying if it was longer than two months it would have been okay?" Heer questioned. 


"No, of course not that's not what I'm saying.  Uncle shouldn't have started a relationship with another woman.  I guess in his case if he was really that unhappy maybe two years?"


"So if I disappeared you would wait two years before marrying someone else?" Heer asked.


Prem inwardly cringed wondering why she did that.  Sometimes their talks would end up turning into philosophical questions and hypotheticals of what if this happened what would you do?  "No, of course not.  Why would I get remarried?"


"Well, you do need someone to help you raise the baby...the baby needs a mother...and even you need a companion in life," Heer reasoned for him.


Prem took her hand into his and looked into her eyes, "I'll never remarry because you're my wife.  No matter what happens...if you disappear then I'll wait for you to come back to me.  If you leave this Earth before me then I'll live with our memories.  I don't want or need anyone but one else can take your place in my heart.  And I'll be both a Mama and a Papa to our son or daughter.  Besides with Ma, Kulraj, Meher, Veera, Maya, Ashlesha our baby will have plenty of motherly love."  Heer's eyes welled up with tears and she hugged him.  Prem rubbed her back and said, "I love you Heer."


"I love you too Prem," she replied with an emotional voice. 


He cupped her face and gently wiped her tears away with the pads of his thumbs.  "You know sometimes I get the feeling you asks these questions so you'll get to hear these things from me."


"But you say them so well," Heer replied with a watery chuckle.


Prem gave a half grin and hugged her again.  He gave an affectionate kiss on her head and simply held her.  "Oh, didn't you want something tonight?" he inquired.


"It's okay...we can do it another night," Heer replied into his white undershirt.  "I like this better...just hold me tonight."


"Whatever you want Honey," Prem grinned and cradled his wife in his arms.  



Sorry there was so little about Prem and I added the little shots of the three main couples.  I'll get to Veera and Nihaal real soon Wink

Thanks for reading!

Please Leave A to know what you think Big smile


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MeraCheekuVirat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2011 at 12:23am | IP Logged
shockin update...!!!
Hetal is kiran's full sister...!!!
i thnk he sud forgive his mum...!!! Heena had done no mistake...!!
happy 2 hear dat Ajay n Hetal's matter has sortted out...!!!!
luved meet n premeer scenes..!!!
thnku so much for updatin so soon GRACE...!!!
thnx for d pm too...!!

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the update was awesome...Smile
thenks 4 da pm ...
update soon...

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kiran_28 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2011 at 4:59am | IP Logged
thanx 4 d PM
nice update nd shocking also.
but i want more premeer scences.

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newt2007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2011 at 5:12am | IP Logged
Grace, its true we get nice ceoncept when we think about Harshiti. but Harshiti has to be ready to return together to work for our script.

Thanks for the update.
I was about to ask you to solve the Scotch track fast. Don't mistake me I really felt its going like our daily soaps. Good you gave wonderful explainiation. what you have in your mind for their track i don'r know.

but i hope we'll get nice Premeer scenes soon.

You gave solved the such a complicated thing so simply.

Preet overhearing part is very funny.
and the psotiong in that room Nihal taking Tanu away . You have given care to each and every important events.
continue soon.

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