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Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

FF| AWMARW Thread 2 (Page 110)

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where is the update??? both update??? AWMARW n AT FIRST SIGHT??

u hav commented on our post bt update kaha haiiEmbarrassed??

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plzzz update

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Originally posted by uswah

Finally i m commenting on tht FF ...i just read it so now i coment on it ...Sorry Grace this time i take too much time na.Embarrassed...
But i hope we get new part soon...
Ok first i luv Heer and Prem conversation on jelousy...she tell her point of u so simply and beautifuly husband and wife should dissolve thier problem to talk with eachother...
I feel sorry for Kiran how her mother is so cheap poor boy and Heena is with Binder oh i m scared d must be plan something against Juneja's...hope so not but i get tht feelingConfused
Nihal why he cnt accept Veer luv wht is his problem ...i hope he dnt break her heart...and i m waiting for beach Party its looking so intresting ...and i wnt Heer also there like Prem wnt herWink ...maybe we get some romance again frm PremeerBlushing
And d last part is so cute and Naughty ...its really funny Prem tell Heer about grls sniff himLOL
Awesome part ...plz update Soon

I'm a big believer in communication...if you don't say anything how is anyone going to know what you are thinking and you can't assume what the other one is thinking.

Kiran sure has an um, interesting mother.  We will see how this whole Hetal, Juhi, Ajay thing work out.

I don't know what Nihaal's problem is LOL Geek

Romance...every time you want romance with Prem and Heer...we will see Embarrassed

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Thank you to those who took the time to Comment and/or Hit the Like Button Big smile

There is a little masala towards the end Wink for all those craving Premeer romance know who you are.

Chapter 81: Negotiations


Prem checked his watch and saw that it was 11:59 am.  He was one minute early for the appointment.  He got out of his car and walked into the little bistro and requested for a table for four.  The hostess nodded and grabbed the appropriate menus and escorted him to a table by the window.  He sat there for a couple of minutes before the waiter came by and filled the water glasses.  Prem thanked the waiter and ordered an appetizer of calamari for the table.  He leaned back in his seat and pulled out his cell phone to check some e-mail messages.  His eyes gently lifted when he heard the sound of someone coming his way. 


"Sorry, I hope I didn't make you wait too long.  I lost track in the library," a young man of twenty-two replied.  He was wearing a red polo shirt and jeans.  He was clean cut and well shaven. 


"I took the liberty to order an appetizer...calamari...if that's okay," Prem replied.


"No, no...sounds great.  I'm pretty hungry," the man answered as he sat down.


"So Ajay how's the search for a job going?"


"I've got a couple interviews lined up next week so we will see what happens," he said.  "It's a tough market with the economy and everything."


"Yeah it is but don't worry I'm sure you will do fine," Prem encouraged and took a sip of water.  "So how's the personal front going for you?"


"You're on my case too?" Ajay chuckled.  "Mom's wanting to go the marriage bureau Indian Aunties route..."


"Oh," Prem replied with mild surprise.  "You've been seeing people then?"


"If you can even call that, not lunch meeting at the house and that's about it.  Turns out the girl had a boyfriend and her family didn't know about...she told me of course when we're talking by ourselves.  Anyways, after our meeting she finally confessed to her family," Ajay said.


"So did the family accept her boyfriend?" Prem asked.


"I'm not sure.  It's not exactly like we kept in touch afterwards.  I only found out because my Mom was informed about it by an Auntie," Ajay said shrugging his shoulders.


The waiter interrupted their conversation with the appetizer order and placed it in the middle of the table.  "Is there anything you would to drink sir?" the waiter asked looking an Ajay.


"A Coke please."


"I'll have that right out for you," the waiter replied and then left the two men to enjoy the appetizers.


Prem shoveled a few calamari pieces onto his small plate with his fork and dollop the sundried tomato aioli on top with a spoon.  He had only eaten a couple of pieces when he saw his wife walking towards their table.  "Hi Honey," he greeted and quickly wiped his mouth a napkin before he gave her a kiss on the cheek.


Heer felt a bit shy at displaying this affection in front of someone they knew.  Her hand had automatically clutched his hand when he leaned in to give her a kiss.  "Hi," she smiled.  "Calamari?"


"Yeah, sorry we were hungry and I thought to order an appetizer," Prem explained.


"It's fine," Heer replied.  "Hi Ajay."


"Hi's been awhile," he greeted.


"It has.  It's great you could make it out to lunch with us," Heer replied.  "By the way I invited someone to join us I hope you don't mind."


"Mind?  Why not...the more the merrier," Ajay grinned.


"I'm glad you feel that way," Heer said and turned around motioning with her hand for the person to come forward.  Ajay turned around in his chair wondering who this person was and froze stunned at what his eyes were seeing.  Hetal walked forward carrying a baby carrier.  "I think you know them."


Ajay's mouth gaped open not knowing what to say.  "I think you should greet the mother of your child," Prem sternly commanded.


"H-Hetal..." Ajay uttered.  His heart was racing like crazy in his chest and he felt light headed.  This was someone he never thought he would see again.


"Hello Ajay," Hetal greeted.  Prem got up from his seat and moved his plate and silverware aside.  He pulled the chair over to the front of the table so Hetal could rest Juhi's carrier in the chair.  He then moved the chair in the seat next to him over so she would have a place to sit.


"I think you two have a lot to talk about," Prem said.  "We'll be outside in the patio seating area if you need anything."  He and his wife then turned and left the young couple to discuss things.


Ajay looked at Hetal and then at the baby inside the carrier.  Juhi was smiling and gurgling at him for some unknown reason.  He swallowed uncomfortably at her reaction and lifted his head back toward Hetal for an explanation, "Is she..."


"Yes, she's yours," Hetal replied staring somberly at him.  Ajay was a loss for words and shifted his gaze back at Juhi who was biting the ear of her favorite toy, Ellie the Elephant.


Heer slowly shifted her fork along the leafy greens of her salad in contemplation.  "Stop worrying."  She lifted head and saw her husband looking at her intently.  "I'm just wondering what is going are they getting along or fighting?"


"Well, we sat out here for a reason...if Ajay ran away we would have seen him.  Hetal hasn't come to our table for the past thirty minutes so I think maybe this is a good sign that they are at least talking," Prem reasoned.  "We just don't know what if anything they are agreeing to."


"I know," Heer frowned.  "What if they don't agree on anything?"


"Do you want to adopt Juhi?" Prem asked knowing his wife was asking an indirect question to him.


"Do you?" Heer replied.


"I'm going to be honest.  I really don't know.  I mean we both decided we weren't ready to have our own children yet because of the responsibilities...and I mean if we adopt we are going to have to face that responsibility.  But Juhi isn't even our kid," Prem said.


"Are you saying you couldn't love her as much because she wasn't biologically ours?" Heer questioned.


"No, that's not what I meant.  You know how I feel about these things.  Ma didn't have to accept me as her own but she did.  I'm not her biological son but she has never let me feel otherwise.  I know I could and would love Juhi like she was one of our own," Prem replied.  "Are you really comfortable with all of this?  I mean we would be raising my brother-in-law's half sister's daughter."


Heer thoughtfully pondered for a couple of minutes and said, "I know that the smartest thing to do would be to have Kiran and Kulraj adopt but with the way Kiran feels about his family...I just don't know if he would want to...and then of course Kulraj has Tanu to take care of...she's just a few months old."


"I know," Prem sighed.


"We really haven't come up with an answer have we?" Heer asked.


"No, we haven't," Prem replied.


They both turned their heads when they felt the presence of someone walking towards their table.  Hetal was walking towards them carrying the carrier.  Prem and Heer were trying to dissect the expression on her face to see if they could tell if the meeting had gone well or very badly.  But Hetal gave no direct sign of anything.  "Thank you guys for arranging this meeting," she said.


"Anything to help," Heer comforted.


"I'm not sure if this is good or bad but Ajay said he needed some time to think about everything.  I didn't push him because I was surprised he was being a bit more mature about this situation then the way he had handed himself when I told him the first time that I was pregnant.  I don't know maybe it was because we were in public so he knew he couldn't just yell and cause a scene," Hetal said.


"I don't think so," Prem replied.  "If he really didn't want to deal with this he would have walked right out of the restaurant."


Hetal gave a half grin to his response.  "So, that's about it...I'm not sure what's going to happen.  In the meantime...Juhi..."


"She'll continue to stay at our house," Heer replied.


"Thank you.  I'm really sorry for all the inconveniences," Hetal apologized.


"You know why don't you come to the pool party this coming Saturday?" Prem invited. 


"But Kiran Bhaiya..."


"Don't worry.  You'll come our guest.  You can spend some time with Juhi there.  Kiran Jiju won't object to that," Prem said with reassurance.


"I think we should invite Ajay as well.  It will get him a chance to see Juhi and get a sense of family environment," Heer suggested.


"I think that would be good.  Make him understand what he's missing out on," Prem agreed.


"I'm not looking for Ajay to marry me.  I've told him that.   I didn't want to pressure him into something...I mean we have enough responsibility with the baby...if he can be a father to Juhi then that's enough for me," Hetal said.


"Are you sure?  You'd be fine with Ajay being the father but not your husband?" Heer asked.


"I've been thinking about it a lot.  Yes, we messed up that night and did something that we shouldn't have done if we weren't ready to get married to each other.  I see that we were young and stupid and got carried away.  When Ajay ran away after I told him about being pregnant I think that was a pretty big clue he was never really all that serious about me in the first place.  I made one mistake already I'm not going to make another.  I don't want him to marry me because he has to.  Just because you get doesn't erase the differences or issues you have with each other...our marriage would be fake...a show to put up in front of people.  We would both be miserable and I don't think Juhi should be raised in that type of environment...where her parents don't love each other but are forced to be together for the sake of principle and what is considered right.  I would rather have a decent relationship with Ajay then a horrible one with him.  He can still be Juhi's father without having to marry me," Hetal reasoned.  Prem and Heer remained thoughtfully silent as they processed her remarks.  "Well, thanks again for helping."     


"Did you order anything to eat?" Prem asked.


"No," Hetal replied.


"The bill was on me at the table.  Order yourself something to eat," he instructed.


"It's fine.  You've already done enough for me," Hetal said as she handed over the baby carrier to Heer.  She bent down and gave a kiss on Juhi's forehead.  "Mama will see you later.  You be good while I'm gone."  Juhi crinkled her nose and smiled at her.  Heer placed the carrier into the seat next to her and began playing with Juhi so she wouldn't see that Hetal was leaving.  They had learned that they needed to do this otherwise Juhi would start crying for her mother.  After Hetal had left Heer carefully lifted her from the carrier and sat her in her lap.  Juhi became curious to all the things in front of her eyes.  She reached out with her hands and began grabbing at things.  "Oh, no-no can't play with the fork," Heer soothed.


"Say ahhh," Prem said trying to distract Juhi as he moved a spoon towards her.


"Prem, what are you doing?"  Heer asked.


"It's just mashed potatoes Honey.  She'll be fine.  It's no different from the baby food she's started to eat now.  Ma says her teeth are starting to grow now...that's why she's been grabbing a lot of things and sticking them in her mouth...she's teething," Prem replied.


"But still...babies eat baby food for a reason," Heer said.


"You like that Juhi?  You want more?" Prem asked the baby ignoring his wife.  Juhi gave an excited high pitched squeal delighting him.  "Come here to Prem Uncle," he said as he reached over and picked Juhi up from Heer's lap.  "You want to have some more right?  We'll have a little more of this and then you can have your milk."


Heer waved a waiter down and asked, "Is it possible to give me a small pot of hot water? And other glass of water no ice?  I need to make baby formula."


"Sure no problem...I can get that for you," the waiter replied.


Heer reached into her purse and pulled out Juhi's bottle that was already filled with the correct amount of powder.  Juhi's eyes lit up at seeing her bottle and began to bang her fists on the table.  "Don't worry your milk is coming," Prem said holding onto Juhi's body tightly as she began to lung forward.  She started to extend her legs trying to stand so she could move closer to her bottle.  Prem lifted her up so she could stand on his thigh.  Juhi then started to jump in excitement and made some gurgling happy noises causing Prem and Heer to chuckle.


"Ah, don't worry...your milk will be done in a few minutes," Heer sweetly said.  "But in the meantime let's play with Ellie."  Prem took the stuff animal from Heer's hand and began preoccupying Juhi with the blue elephant.


Veera stared at her cell phone wondering if she had any missed calls.  The past week she had been on edge wondering if and when her cell phone would ring.  She had called and left two more messages to Nihaal just in case he had missed her first one.  She couldn't understand why he wasn't answering her calls.  She understood if he was really busy but he should have at least sent her a text message to explain that to her.  She sighed in frustration that she was letting him get to her like this.  Meher and Ashlesha were busy caught up in their own drama of their daily lives that they weren't keeping tabs on Nihaal's behavior.  Veera was actually thankful that they weren't.  She would feel so embarrassed and humiliated if Nihaal turned her down and said he wasn't interested.  She wanted to handle the rest of this personal matter herself.


"Hey there you are what are you doing up here.  Everyone is downstairs heading out to the pool," Maya said as she entered Veera's room.


"Yeah, I was just coming downstairs," she replied and grabbed her towel from off the bed.


They both made their way down the stairs when the door bell rang.  Maya was being called by Harman to come and help him bring the drinks and food out to the pool.  Veera nodded her head and went to the front door to see who it was.  When she opened it she was stunned to see Nihaal standing in front of her.  "Nihaal..."


"Oh um, hey," he replied nervously.


"Wh-what are you doing here?" she asked.


"My Mom invited...well, more like told me to come...cause..." then pausing realizing he wasn't suppose to say anything, "um, my parents," Nihaal finished.


"Huh?" Veera replied with confusion.


"Well, I guess there isn't a point in hiding it since they will be telling everyone soon.  Just pretend you don't know.  They plan on leaving and going back to India next week.  They wanted me to come up this weekend so I could see them before they left," Nihaal explained.


"Oh wow Auntie and Uncle are leaving?" Veera replied.  She had gotten use to having them in the house that she considered them family and not just in-laws.  "Wow, Mom and Dad are going to be really sad...not to mention everyone else.  I'll miss them."


"I'm sure they will appreciate hearing that," Nihaal said.


"Hey Nihaal!  What are you doing here man?" Preet enthusiastically greeted.  "Come on in...we're having a pool party.  Did you have any swim trunks?  If not I think PB's will fit you.  You can go ask him for one."


"Um, yeah, funny thing I actually packed one with me this time," Nihaal answered.


"That's great.  You'll want to put your suitcase down and get dressed, right?" Preet asked and pulled him into the house.  Veera closed the door and shook her head slightly at the way Preet was going on and on talking while Nihaal politely followed him up the stairs.


The pool party was getting into full swing as Lalit stood by the grill with Balraaj carefully monitoring the tandoori chicken.  Teji and Gayatri along with the Shermas were chatting by the poolside near the food table.  The younger crowd was on the other side of the pool hanging out.  Hetal was playing with her daughter allowing Harman and Preet to take a break from babysitting so they could eat.  Just as Prem had predicted Kiran didn't object or say anything when Hetal came to the pool party.  He respectfully treated her like any other guest in the Juneja household.  Kunal sat in the group silently grinning at the gossip that Maya, Meher and Ashlesha were discussing as he checked some text messages on his cell phone.


"Wow, you're really good with her," Preet said to Hetal as he momentarily paused in his mouth stuffing fest to take a sip of Coke.  "I've never seen her get accustom to anyone that fast before...I mean she's a good with strangers but she like really likes you."


Hetal politely grinned and shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know."


"Thanks for watching her while we eat," Harman thanked.


"It's the least I can do for you guys for watching her," Hetal replied.


Harman furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, "Huh?"


"I mean you guys have been taking care of her...I'm sure you were tired so I thought I could watch her so you guys could gets some time to eat, know hang out a bit.  Heer and Prem told me about how you found, Scotch," Hetal corrected herself.


"Yeah, we still don't know who she belongs to," Preet said rather sadly.  He then looked up and smiled at the person walking towards their sitting area.  "Hey Ajay, it's been awhile."


"Yeah, it has," he greeted.  He was carrying two plates of food in his hands.  He placed one plate in front of Hetal who looked up at him in surprise.


"I thought you could use something to eat since you're watching the baby.  I didn't know what you wanted so I just got a little bit of everything," Ajay simply replied.


"Thank you," Hetal said with an appreciative smile.  Ajay pulled up a plastic patio chair and sat down next to her.  Juhi's eyes lit up at seeing her father and began wiggling around trying to grab his arm.  "He's eating can play with him later.  Let's sing a song and dance..." turning her around in her arms, "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands..." Hetal sang trying to distract her daughter.  She was hoping Juhi would start clapping in time when she sang the clap your hands line but all she did was mildly jump and then look at her father.


Ajay turned his head and stared at the little 8 month girl with bright brown eyes.  He realized after awhile that those eyes looked exactly like his.  He watched her tiny hand pump up and down in eagerness to cross the space between the chairs towards him.  Ajay swallowed nervously not sure what to do.  "She won't bite.  She just wants to play with you."  He glanced over at Preet who was smiling and instructing him what to do.  "Just sit her on your lap.  Hold her up with your hands underneath her armpits."


"It's okay...Ajay is busy eating," Hetal interrupted.  "I'll take a walk around the pool.  You guys eat."


"Um, it's okay," Ajay said just as Hetal stood up from her seat.  "I'll take her.  You've been watching her for awhile.  You eat."  He reached out with his hands to take Juhi into his lap.  Hetal looked at him and flexed her eyebrows asking him silently if he was sure.  He replied with a quiet nod of his head.  A thankful expression formed on her face as she passed Juhi to her father.  Ajay grinned in awe as he held his daughter in his arms for the very first time.  It made him wondered how he was ever afraid of this being that he and Hetal had created together.


Rishi squealed in delight as he paddled with his arms and kicked with his feet trying to swim over to his father who was standing a few feet in front of him in the shallow end of the pool.  His arms were being held up by arm floaties as he made his way successfully into the arms of his father.  "Great Job Rishi!" Sang and Yuri cheered as they watched with happiness that he had succeed in his goal.


"Daddy I made it!" Rishi said.


"Yes, you did.  Great job son," Kiran praised. 


"Looks like we have a future Olympic swimmer," Kulraj joked as she handed Tanu over to her mother.


"But of course...he's got Juneja blood in him...he's a born winner...he'll destroy the competition..." Lalit boast.  "You should sign him up for swimming classes and get him properly trained...Rishi Gupta...Olympic Gold Medalist..."


"Let's not get carried away," Gayatri said.  "He's only three.  He has plenty of time to do that if he decides that's something he wants to do."


"What do you mean something he wants to do?" Lalit inquired.  "You saw him.  He's a natural swimmer.  The sooner he gets into swimming classes the sooner his talent can be developed and molded."


"He may not want to be a swimmer.  Why are you pushing him so much?" Gayatri replied.  "He may want to become a doctor.  You know we already have plenty of people in business in this family...and we have a teacher, a fashion designer, and a lawyer..."


"Now, all we need is a doctor?" Lalit added with a questioning tone.


"Exactly," Gayatri replied.


Teji and Balraaj laughed at their friends' playful argument.  "Don't you think I'm right?" Lalit questioned looking at his best friend.


Balraaj held his hands up in the air and pleaded, "Don't get me involved in your discussion here.  I have two children doing business and the other is deciding if she wants to do psychology or education."


"I think Gayatri is right.  You shouldn't push things upon children at such a young age," Teji said voicing her opinion.  "If Rishi enjoys swimming I think there isn't any harm but you shouldn't force him into competitive swimming unless it's something he actually wants to do."


"Kulraj beta, you agree with your father don't you?" Lalit asked.


"I'm sorry Bauji...I'm with Ma on this one," she replied causing him to frown.


"I'm the same way Bauji," Kiran said agreeing with his wife.  "I think when Rishi goes to kindergarten we can at least look into summer swimming would be something fun he could do and it would also allow him to meet and make new friends."


"I guess I got overruled on this one," Lalit sighed.


Wearing a white ribbed tank and blue swim shorts with green strips on the side Preet walked out of the bathroom whistling merrily.  He was making his way back towards the pool when he saw Meher walking inside towards his direction.  He grinned and grabbed her wrist just as she was about to pass him.  "You look really beautiful in your tankini Meher," Preet said softly into her ear.


Meher felt her cheeks glow warm at his compliment.  She was wearing a white and brown Hawaiian floral print swim-tank and a skirtini for the bottom part of the swimsuit.  "Thank you Preet," she smiled.  She had been extremely worried when she went swimsuit shopping with the girls.  She didn't know if was going to be able to find something that she would look good in.  But the girls rallied around each other so their own personal anxieties over their body image wouldn't take over and make them want to abandon the shopping trip.  Meher was comforted that she was not the only one who felt a bit apprehensive about having to deal with finding the perfect swimsuit that fitted well, tucked what needed to be tucked in, display what it needed to display without showing too much, and still look good.   Ashlesha, Veera, and Maya had pounced upon Meher pushing her to buy the tankini even though she wasn't too sure after trying it on.  


"I'm really glad you decided to wear a swimsuit," Preet grinned letting his hand slip down from her wrist so he could hold her hand.


"Preet, they're people outside," Meher warned.


"So?  They are outside," he replied and leaned inward to give a kiss.  Meher closed her eyes accepting the sweet exchange.  "That's all I wanted."


Meher smiled and then said, "I need to use the restroom.  I'll meet you outside."


"Okay," Preet replied and slowly let their hands separate as they walked away from each other.


Nihaal stood near the pool listening in on a conversation between Sang and Harman who were discussing tennis.  He was still dry as he was the only one out of the boys who hadn't taken a dip in the pool.  He smiled and laughed along with the conversation sipping his half filled cup of juice.


Ashlesha watched from afar noting how Nihaal was on one side of the pool area while Veera was on the other side.  She had a distinct feeling they were avoiding each other.  She decided she was going to have to help them get rid of the silence going on between them and get their relationship back on track again.  She had been wondering if Nihaal had ever replied back to Veera's letter.  Whenever she briefly mentioned something about that to Veera she would change the subject or give vague answers.  Ashlesha knew something had gone wrong and Nihaal was probably being a chicken avoiding the issue. 


Her eyes scanned over to Veera and smiled a half grin as she watched her petite figure in  a turquoise tankini make her way over to the food table.  Ashlesha glanced over to Kunal who gave a slight nod of his head letting her know he was ready.  Kunal gently tossed a small foam football to Maya and began running backwards heading towards Nihaal's direction getting ready for her to throw it back to him.  Maya tossed the football back just as Veera crossed paths with Kunal and Nihaal.  Kunal bumped into Veera who then bumped into Nihaal sending both of them splashing down into the pool.


Nihaal popped up out of the water and flipped his bangs back in surprise.  He looked over with concern as Veera started coughing because she had inhaled some water.  "You okay?" he asked.


"Um, yeah..." Veera replied her voice hoarse.  She started coughing again causing Nihaal to gently pat her back in an attempt to sooth the coughing fit she was having.  He then looked up in anger at Kunal.  "Watch where you throw the football," he berated.   


"Sorry," Kunal replied with a sheepish look.


"Hey look who is finally in the water," Sang announced.


"You need to watch what you are doing Kunal," Ashlesha said with stern look on her face.  "Veera could have gotten really hurt."


Kunal furrowed his eyebrows in confusion hearing Ashlesha scold him.  "Yeah, she is right you know," Maya chimed in.  Kunal's mouth dropped slightly open at hearing Maya join in on rebuking him.  Ashlesha and Maya both gave each other sneaky glances and suddenly ran up to Kunal and pushed him into the pool.


"Hey that's not fair?!" Kunal protested as he popped his head up and began treading water.


Maya and Ashlesha's triumphant was short lived when Sang and Harman came up from behind and pushed them into the pool.  The girls screamed and fell into the deep end of the pool with a loud splash.  Sang and Harman gave each other a high-five at their success.  But they were soon being doused with water as Yuri came up behind them and poor a bucket full of cold icy water on them.  Meher and Preet had water guns in their hands and they were spraying Harman and Sang in the face.  The two had no choice but to jump into the pool so they could get away from Yuri, Preet, and Meher.


Prem who was already in the pool laughed and watched as everyone started to play a game of water splash, his eyes widen when he saw his father come out with a large water gun and started to soak his siblings with it.  Rishi danced around happily at seeing this interaction and wanted his own water gun.  Kiran handed him a small one while he held a medium size one and they joined in on the festivities.  Prem looked around him and noticed that his wife was missing from the family fun.  He carefully got out of the pool making sure no one had seen him and snuck into the house.  He carried his towel and dried himself as he searched for Heer.  He first looked in the kitchen but found nothing but half open bags of chips, empty boxes of cheese crackers, and several bottles of soda on the kitchen table.  He then walked into the hallway and checked the bathroom but found it empty.  Prem scratched the back of his wet head and went up the stairs to their bedroom.  He opened the door and found Heer sitting on the bed bench in front of their bed talking animatedly on her cell phone.  His wife smiled and waved at him but then pointed at his swim trunks.  Prem looked down and realized she wanted him to dry his swim trunks more as he was leaving behind a trail of water.


Prem obediently started to pat his shorts dry and then looked at Heer wondering who she was talking to.  His ears listened carefully and surmised that it was a friend from India.  His eyes trailed to the red sarong tied around her waist covering the bottom half of her red tankini.  He didn't know why but there was something about the color red she was wearing that was extremely alluring to him.  He walked closer to her and gently tugged at the sarong.  Heer's eyes widen at his actions and she turned to him and held his hand trying to pacify him.  Prem looked at her with pleading eyes causing her to squeeze his hand.  He sat down next to her waiting patiently for Heer to be finished with her phone call.  Heer hung up the phone and turned towards her husband, "You're still so wet..."  She took the towel from his hands and began drying his hair.


"Who was that?" Prem inquired enjoying the rub down she was giving him.


"It was Seema, she's in California visiting some friends," Heer replied.  "She sort of met this guy over there and she doesn't really know what to do if she should try a long distance relationship or just remain friends with him."


"Oh, what did you advise her?" Prem asked.


"I told her long distance relationships are tough.  But if it's something they both feel like they could do...that they genuinely like each other and want to continue seeing one another than they could try it out.  I just told her not to rush into anything while she is spending time with him here," Heer said.


"Ah, the physical stuff," Prem replied.  "Yeah, don't want a Hetal, Ajay, Juhi situation."


"No, we do not want that to happen.  Her parents would beat her," Heer said.  "You know, I'm really glad that Hetal and Ajay came to the pool party...they seem to be getting along."


"Yeah, Juhi is having a blast playing with her parents.  There is a huge water fight going on downstairs even Bauji got into it.  That's when I noticed that my lovely wife was missing," Prem replied adjusting the towel around his neck. 


"Well, I'm done with the phone call.  Let's go downstairs and join them," Heer replied patting his chest.


Prem held her hand and looked down at it as he lovingly stroked his thumb across the surface of her silky skin.  "I was thinking we could spend some time together while everyone is preoccupied downstairs."


Heer let out a soft chortle at her husband's request causing him to lift his head and move closer to her.  He gently placed a kiss on the tip of her shoulder and then brushed his nose inward towards her neck.  He took great care in running his tongue along her collar bone and then delicately sucked the flesh at the crook of her neck.  "You've been so touchy since this morning," Heer said as she cradled her husband's head in her arms.  "Don't suck too hard...I don't want a hickey...then everyone will know what we've been up to."


"I don't know," Prem answered as he breathed against her skin taking a break from his affectionate kisses.  "Seeing you in this red...I just can't help it.  Can we have fifteen minutes?"


Heer got up from the bench making Prem pout as he knew what his wife was going to say.  His eyes flexed in surprise when he saw her lock their bedroom door.  She gave a tiny grin causing his face to light up and a huge smile to be plastered on his lips.  "How about thirty minutes?"


Prem leap up from where he was sitting and dropped his swim trunks and boxer briefs.  Heer laughed at his eagerness.  "You said thirty minutes," he defended as he rushed to the bed and pulled back the covers.  "Let's go."


"Jaanu..." Heer uttered in mild amusement.


Prem pulled her onto the bed and kissed her passionately.  "Don't worry, I know...let me handle this...I'll make it satisfying for both of us..."


"We have to be quiet...more than normal...just in case someone comes looking for us," Heer said between kisses.  "No noise."


"An added challenge?" Prem asked arching his eyebrow.  "I like this.  Done.  But you're the one who's usually louder."


"Premmm..." Heer replied slapping his shoulder.


"Ssshh...we have to be silent remember?" he replied. 


"Just help me get this off," Heer said as she started to untied her sarong.


"With great pleasure," Prem grinned as he helped his wife strip her swimsuit off.  He hungrily held her and lingered his mouth close to her neck letting his hot breath fan her skin.  "Did I tell you how hot you looked in that red tankini?  That color red just does something to me...I've been waiting for this moment all day...I wanna show---"  He stared back in surprise at feeling the palm of his wife's hand clamping his mouth shut.

"No more words Prem just actions," Heer seductively whispered and then let her hand slip away from his mouth.  She feverishly kissed him causing him to moan into her mouth.  Prem melted into the moment and felt the familiar tingles spread through his body whenever they embarked on this intimate act together.  Their arms wrapped around each other as the flame of love, lust, and yearning burned deeply within them.  They collapsed onto the bed knowing it was going to be a very steamy thirty minutes.


Prem breathed heavily trying to control his breath as his eyes took in the view of his wife's face.  Her cheeks were a gentle pink and she had a soft glistening look.  "Are you okay?" he whispered.  They were use to turning down the volume in the bedroom since they lived in a household filled with people but it was a totally different experience trying to be completely silent.  Making the conscience effort to make no noise while making love was tough but it became rewarding in other ways as they learned to listen and react to their other senses; touch, taste, smell, and sight.


"I'm fine.  Well, more than that," Heer smiled as she gave a thankful kiss to her husband.  "I needed was amazing."


Prem grinned at her comment.  It always made him feel good when she told him how much she enjoyed their intimate experiences together.  He wanted to make sure he was doing things right and he was able to satisfy her needs properly.  "That was a lot tougher than expected but Totally Hot," he said with excitement.


Heer giggled and repeated, "Yea, extremely hot.  That's something we can add to our list."  Prem nudged his nose against hers sighing in content and in agreement to her remark.


"We have to go back downstairs don't we?" he frowned.


Heer nodded her head, "Come on," patting his shoulder.  Prem dismounted and held out his hand to help her out of the bed.  They quickly ran into the bathroom to clean themselves and check their bodies to make sure they didn't have any love marks. 


A few minutes later they were putting their swimsuits back on and getting ready to go back downstairs to the pool.  They both had goofy grins plastered on their faces unable to stop smiling with that they had gotten away with.  "Stop smiling Prem," Heer ordered.


"You stop smiling," he replied.  "You're smiling just as much as I am."


"They are going to think something happened so we have to just stop smiling," she answered.


"Good luck with that," Prem laughed.  Heer playfully pushed him and he retaliated by grabbing a hold of her waist.  "Be careful or I'll take you back to bed with me."


Heer ran her hand through his hair.  "Oh?  Is that so Mr. Juneja?"


"Very much so Mrs. Juneja," Prem replied wiggling his eyebrows up and down.


Heer lean forward with her lips barely touching his and answered cheekily, "Tonight...looking forward to it..."  Prem closed the distance between them sealing their lips together in a sweet and tender kiss.  When they parted they started giggling and smiling again.  "Okay, we just won't look at each other," Heer suggested.  "Because every time we look at each other we start smiling or laughing."


"How am I not supposed to not look at you?  Should I close my eyes when I face you? I mean I have to talk to you...people will become suspicious if we do that especially Preet," Prem jokingly reasoned.  He then started imitating his younger brother, "PB, did you and Bhabhi have a fight?  Oh, I see what really happened...mattress fighting?  When can we expect a Choti Heer or Chota Prem?  Let's see nine months from now...that will be March of next year...I'm going to be a Chachu..."


"Premmm..." Heer uttered.


"You know that's going to happen," he answered.


"Forget it, let's just go before they start looking for us," Heer replied and opened their bedroom door. 

Prem followed his wife down the stairs and to the sliding glass doors of the patio.  When they walked outside to the pool they were surprised to see Vinay Bindar standing next to a lady they had never seen before.  Kiran had this upset look on his face as he stared at the woman.  Hetal was holding a crying Juhi and Ajay had his head bowed low.  The Shermas had displeased looks on their faces while the Junejas and Maans had shocked expressions.  The rest of the guests silently looked on with anxious and stunned faces.  Prem and Heer could tell that they had just walked in on an argument of some sort.  They both exchanged worried glances to each other and watched what was to come next.


By the way when I used the term football (I mean American football not football like everyone else knows it which we Americans call soccer)

Thanks for reading!

Please Leave A Comment Big smile


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sweta2005 IF-Sizzlerz

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awesomeee too good very nice part waitinggg for next asap. 

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awesome update...
loved it...
thanks for the pm...

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hey grace
loved the update
actually i firstly want 2thank u fr updating
then say sry
if i m late 2 reply
and also thank u fr the pm
and nw ur update
wow wow wow
actually awsum 
fantastic lovely 
all the best words fr ur update
nt oly this bt all
i just love them
all are really very special
half of my day goes in thnkng wht u r gng 2 update
and whn u r gng 2 update
iu eagerly wa8 fr them
talking abt 2dy update
it ws superb frm
start till end
especially the bedroom part ws the best
i cld imagine
wht must b happeneing
wow prem and heer
and then wow wow wow!!!!
how romantic and sizzling
and hope ajay accept juhi and hetal
and i thnk that prem and heer shld really thnk abt wht
preet has said
actually it ws prem
who immitated preet
but anuways they shld
thnk abt it
it wld b love;ly
so plz update the next part
love vrushika

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Thanks for the wonderful update!  You are an amazing writer Grace!

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