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FF| AWMARW Thread 2 (Page 102)

Sukrutha IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 December 2009
Posts: 12044

Posted: 13 June 2011 at 10:07am | IP Logged
when will u update this...Ermm

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rhtpkcm Senior Member

Joined: 18 December 2009
Posts: 794

Posted: 14 June 2011 at 11:53am | IP Logged
plz update...

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MeraCheekuVirat IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 July 2009
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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 1:11pm | IP Logged

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iheartChai IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 5:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shahrukh_divya

finally...thnx so much Grace..!! luv u!
ah! dat was an awsum update..ClapStar.!!! luv u rishi..!! so sweet of him..!!!
Prem n Heer hvin 10kids lol! LOLLOLLOL Preet is so badmassh..!!
Prem and Heer plannin 2 hv 2 kids..!! wa8in for 1 of dem 1 cum..!!Embarrassed
Dis update was of babies i guess..!! evry1 askin heer wen r baby cumin?? Rishi dan Badi ma..!! dan in d Ice-cream shop..!! i hope dat day is not too far..!
OMG..!! it means Kiran is d Father..!! whts gonna happen nw???Confused
Nihaal n Veera's love is gonna kick start nw! lolLOLLOLTongue
Luved d update..!! it was awsum...Clap!!! Prem n Heer scenes wer awsum..!!!  thnk they sud plan nw.! lol! kiddin..! Wink 
thnx for updatin u said..!! thx for d pm dear!! ..
update soon ur SS n nxt part of d FFLOL

This updated was the baby update LOL  We will see when it happens for Prem and Heer Tongue
Thanks for all the reminders and notes that I should be updating this FF.
Thank you for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by rhtpkcm

lovedd it!!! update soon...

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Originally posted by Sukrutha

ahaan...babies babies...everywhere...Wink
cant for premeer's...Tongue

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Originally posted by ...Harshiti...

WOW! finally an update Party
Grace you managed to do it before the 100th page LOL
and wow the update was full of babies 

will get back soonEmbarrassed

Edit: I'm back to edit Grace Cool

That was an awesome update...with lots of baby  talks
Loved the scene between Heer and Rishi...awww rishi is a sweetheart and the question he asked Heer ROFL ROFL ...Premeer having 10 kids Shocked ...WOW! LOOOL

and preet was the one who told rishi ...*sigh* preet will never change and now I guess preet mamu is in for some big trouble with his Pb and Bhabi WinkLOL

and then the whole park scene was awesome! Heer heard kiran and that girl talkShocked...I'm still hoping kiran did not cheat on kulraj
and then prem coming there and scaring heer and then he had to show everyone that heer was actually his wife ROFL...Oh prem, what can i say about him!

Premeer bathroom talk was awesome! Loved it...prem being all naughty and took away all the towels Blushing...Just to get his wife's attention and a good morning kissy...
and I just loved the part where prem was copying heer in a girly voice, hahahaa LOOOL that was funny

Very nice trio scene in the ice-cream shop and then again a lady thinking rishi was their I'm sure premeer will be great parents Thumbs UpWink

and Nihaal D'oh... he's an idiot (i need uswah's pan to pan his head LOL)...I knw he loves veera but is just denying it...Hope he realises soon!

Thanks for the lovely update and the Pm Embarrassed

*pans* Nihaal in the head will see what happens between he in love or isn't he?

As for, babies, babies...of course they are the newlyweds so that is what everyone keeps expecting them to do next...make Chahat LOL and with a hubby like Prem...Heer's got her hands full Wink ...every now and then I like to show that yes, Prem can be mischievous just like Preet...of course a different kind of mischievousness Prem is Embarrassed

And as for Preet,'s Preet LOL something we all expect him to do and we love him for it.

Originally posted by brainychild92

that is why I do not forward texts! lol

so is hetal's partner the sibling of kirin.. i will not believe he did anything like this.. it has to be a misunderstanding! great part and continue soon

You're a wise seem to pick up on a lot of things...and that's about all I'm going to say Wink Thank you for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by anushyap

thanks you so much for updating!!! loved this part...please update again soon!!! cant wait to read more!!

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Originally posted by vrushika

nice update dear.. so cute .. loved it thanks fr the pm and also thanks fr theupdate
plz update next asap..

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iheartChai IF-Rockerz

Joined: 09 April 2010
Posts: 6985

Posted: 14 June 2011 at 6:06pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sowmya18

awesome update...
the pm is not working...
premeer planning kids???/waiting...

Premeer are just getting what most newlyweds seem to get...the baby question.  But someoen does have to take care of Scotch if she stays with the Juneja's.
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Originally posted by Aymee

Great update Grace

I loved how described Heer in Rishi's pov.  It was very cute. 

I can't believe what is going on with Kiran.  Now Heer has to keep this secret from Prem otherwise like she said, he will kill Kiran.

It looks like Preet Mamu is going to be in a lot of trouble with his PB.  I can't wait to see that happen.  LOL

My favorite Prem line: 
He then chuckled, "I can't believe you wouldn't come out of the bathroom.  You spent 5 minutes yelling..." Heer looked at him with annoyance as he started talking in a girly voice pretending to be her, "Prem give me a towel...Prem it's cold...Prem what are you doing?  Prem I'm getting late for work...Prem...Prem...Prem..."  He laughed heartedly at the memory while Heer continued to look at him unamused. 
I can actually picture saying this while he is teasing Heer LOL  But I am wondering why Heer is still being shy around Prem. 
Nihaal, I swear this man is a complete idiot.  He fits into the Juneja family perfectly.   I think somewhere deep down in his heart he loves Veera but he is just coming up with excuses for not being with her.  I hope he lets down Veera easily.
I agree with Jyoti with this line:
"So basically the Happy I Love You Day is just a way for guys to see if the girl loves him or not?  You do realize that can freak us out especially if all we did was see you as a friend," Joyti replied
This is why men need to think things through more carefully before they come up with ideas like this.
Thank you for the PM Grace.  Though I wasn't able to access your PM, I am glad to know you updated.  I can't wait to read your next update.

@first bold - Heer, well she wasn't shy it was more like she knew what her hubby was up to he wanted some *ahem* and they really didn't have any time for that in the morning since he was playing around so much...they both needed to go to work.  Even though Prem's Dad owns the hotel...can you imagine a disciplinary discussion between Prem and Bauji?  Lol...

Bauji: Son why were you late?

Prem: the

Bauji: Heer beti?

Heer: Blushing and then gives dirty glare to her husband Angry

Bauji: (*sighs* at his son) I're a newlywed but there times and places for these things.  He then walks closer and whispers to his son..."Next time wake up earlier and hide the towels in the closet."

@second bold - Yes, Nihaal is an idiot and guys shouldn't do these types of things it freaks us out.

Thank you for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by Pumpkinn

Awesome update ...
Loved it ...
Premeer scenes were amazing ...
Waiting for next ...
Update soon ...
Thnx for pm ...

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Originally posted by khajju

woooww finally u updated

awesmeee update...luvd gonna cme soonEmbarrassed...rishi and heer scene was soo cute...prem heer in park scene was really sweet...prem trying to tell people tht heer is his wifeROFL...tht was hilariouss...premeer bathroom convo was greatLOL...heer heard the convo of kiran and tht girlShocked...whts gonna happen noww???...really feel sad for kulraj...nywayzz thanks for pm..update soon plzzzSmile

We will see what happens next in the next chapter about Kiran, Hetal, and Scotch.  What will Heer find out? Shocked
Thank you for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by Oblivious

Very nice update Grace
thanks for the pm Big smile

Thank you for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by uswah

Hey Grace thnx for updating i am getting reserved my post but soon ll unreserved it...LOL  
Hey Grace its such a wonderful update ...
I like d little rishi talk with her Heer mami about ten childrenShocked...Oh God weht if  Really Premeer ten kids ...wht they doing with them LOL
And d park cene is also nice how Prem tell People she is my wife like if he dnbt do it quickly he surely in bg troubeWink
An about tht baby Oh so its KIran baby ...hopefully Heer tell Prem about it soon and dnt wste so much time to investigate  about it ...Bcoz i think its give her trouble i hope its not happened Confused
And Veera and Nihal why he cnt marry d grl she luved him and 5 years age difference its not really a big issue i  think ...i hope he dnt break her haert and accept her love ...Embarrassed
I edit my post Grace i hope now its fine ...and we get another update soon frm u Wink

I thought it would be funny coming from a little kid's perspective...well then again Rishi heard Preet Mamu talking and saying things he shouldn't be saying again LOL  I just love Preet for this.

As for Kiran, Hetal, and Scotch we will see what is the truth in the following chapters Wink

And like most people I agree Nihaal is an idiot...we will see how things come about for him and Veera

Thank you for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by shivangi2092

rishi is sooo cute!!!!
a lot of babies!!!!!!
quite an interesting one!!!!!
waiting for d next update!!!!!
loved d update!!!!
thanks for pm!!!!
update soon!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by harshitideewani

thanks Grace for awesome update Clap
loved the rsihi aksing Heer about kid and saying ROFLpreeth has said it  and loved the way prem gave surprise visit to heer in park and loved the rishi askingWink Prem  HeartHeer about kids specially
ROFL 10 Kids that was nice and lovelyy and whole day Heer got suggestion for getting kids ohhhROFL
Heer came to know about scoth's father is AngryKiran, hope heer gets successful in finding out the whole misser and who is really Fault
Hope Nihal Doest break Veera' Heart but Confusedhandle the situtation
waiting for next updateee soon

You're welcome Big smile  I'm glad you liked it.  We will see how everything unfolds for everybody and what masti the Juneja crew are up too.

Thank you for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by newt2007

Sorry Grace for late comments.

Lovely update
Rishi is so cute. I loved the answer. naughty too. about babyLOL
Rishi and Heer convo is nicely framed.

Madhuri telling Prem and Heer to adopt this mystry childShocked why? they are too young and have strength to deliver more than dozen childLOL

what is the connection between Kiran and scotch. her name is Juhi.  why this Hetal is trying to put in Kiran's custody? what rights she has?Confused

Now Heer saw something. Already Prem heard his phone convo. Hope Prem and Heer solve the mystery soon.

i liked the scene Prem annoucing she is my wife and she loves me. funny and romantic.
Ice cream parlour scene is cute. everyone talks about baby only.LOL

why this Nihal is confusing now? don't he love Veera?

Well, someone has to take care of baby Scotch if she stays in the house...and they are the only other young couple besides Kalraj and Kiran.  But don't worry Premeer will have kids of their own Wink

Yes, Kiran, Hetal, and baby Scotch (Juhi) is quite a mystery we will see what happens in the coming chapters.

As for Nihaal who knows what he is thinking

Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

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sowmya18 Goldie

Joined: 04 June 2010
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Posted: 14 June 2011 at 11:33pm | IP Logged
update soon...

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aaminaman Senior Member

Joined: 12 April 2009
Posts: 588

Posted: 15 June 2011 at 10:16am | IP Logged
Hey will u updAte noww

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Ms.Raizada IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 April 2011
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Posted: 15 June 2011 at 11:30am | IP Logged
waitiing plz update soon

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