Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

3 Idiotz-Burning Passion, Melting Wax..Maahi Ve!

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In efforts to REIGN in our THREAD and REGAIN the OLD MOMENTUM....We have decided to open the thread for the coming week.................!!

Idiots' Tantra Mala

Chamatkar ya Balatkar'idiots ki tantra mala....

We forgot we are Idiots who are supposed to do chamatkar and not balatkaar Ouch...So new improved Tantra Mala includes what is defined as chamakaar and what is defined as balatkaar

1. Your POV
2. Symbolism
3. Ripping of promo, precap, episode
4. Deciphering the characters and their characterization.
5. Storyline, plot, future of the story, track or anything that a new character can bring
6. Ideas unique to Idiot Family
7. Songs, Shayari, Verses, Prose that bring newness to the thread related to the family, characters, story or in general entertainment.


1. Bashing anyone ' character, actor, member or anyone who has expressed a POV you do not agree with
2. Ripping ' anyone
3. Ignoring ' Anyone

Ikkraar Big smile

Aaaal Izzz Weelll as along as we agree to disagree..
Yaar paancho oongliyan barabar nahi hoti'aur muthi mooh par thodi na maarte hain..use to fight depression, oppression, compression, suppression, impression and enjoy the session


1. The first three pages are for analysis ONLY as it gets lost in the pages later on. We have received requests for this.
2. The chat thread would be the previous day's thread. So feel free to express anything and everything there.
3. Once the reserve of spot is done within say the first hour, the thread is then open for discussion and replies.
4. Anyone who misses the boat on first three pages to analyse the episode, should send a pm to the opener to index the link so that people find it easy to read your take.
5. The thread will open at 9:00 pm IST
6.We want maximum people to read the analysis and appreciate the effort and time put into watching the episode several time to bring in nuances.



Dol's OS on Idiotz

Vrush's Short Story Link

Vinu Ki Nihu - Nautanki Ka Raaz - A Love Story

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Index of analysis beyond pg 3:

Aditi's  take on 17th dec...
Aditi's  take on 18th dec....

Nihu Ka Piya kholenge raaz in Apna Andaaz (Vinu's sexy spoilers):

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Wow i did mention it would be a Rocking Epi and was it one..all words seem superfluous!!

loved the atmosphere created...

it is fitting to see that one romance is reaching its peak while the other romantic!!

i was waiting for the symbolism where Arjun burns the match but he gets scalded too...when you play with prepared to be burned..and yes...Arjun is going to be scorched. He is planning everything but he did not plan that he would fall for the girl's innocence...

loved the epi damaadji... but then you knew i would

jealous man i was not
your innocence did wrought

burning passion to melt you
my wax doll i ache to devour you

your touch is like a searing iron
branding my soul, you siren

a temptress with beguiling eyes
luring me into depth, soaring in skies

passion that burns on simmer
waiting for the day to bring you nearer

where heaven and earth shall meet
and you'll be mine, my Geet

more a little later...i am kinda lost in maan's eyes..and his burning passion..

the title was with help of Pu....and of course... Maan's reference to Geet as a Wax doll has lot to do with it..

now a little bit about...the white saree on...FB...

i would love to see..him..say hi to the baby to include in their a unique..way.....a small hug and a kiss...i know GEET said no talk of kiss or a i dont want her to jump in front of the bus..
lekin baby ko kiss karna..toh..taboo nahi hai na??

ok....i still have few minutes... so came up with this idea for the white saree seq...hai white saree will be the death of me...

list of the solha singar

1. paazeb - song...iss reshmi paazeb ki jhankar ke sadke
2. waist chain - just like the one she was wearing in Peen Loon seq...and he puts it around her..that would be sizzling...
3. jhumkas- now Rev and i have written about this god knows how many times
4. Bindi - done
5. bangles - done
6. tikka - done
7. necklace - done
8.sindoor - done
9. saree - a red one - or purple is also color of it not...GG thora light daal..
10. Make up - though part of solha singaar he will say her beauty does not need it just kaajal
11. Perfume - ittar.. traditionally this was given too
12 Ring - given 4 times same ring kanjoos
13. flowers - done...he gave her red and white roses
14. mehndi - done on engagement but now for wedding..
15 turmeric - haldi for the rasam to make her even more beautiful than she is
16. Hair decoration - clips with diamante on it....kuch toh diamond de kameena besides the ring..of course thora cheap banana hai toh he can make do with swarovski crystals...Crystal Band Barrette lekin..remember usse sirf..real jewellery deni thi Geet ko..maan hum kuch nahi bhoolte....

guys...pls add to this..and see how...we can make this wedding a memorable one...

solha din to the wedding..and ek ek shingaar..har din...

dulhan woh banayega apne haathon...apni Geet ko...!!

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nanditasingh IF-Sizzlerz

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hi guys...

my post ...
Living a Fairytale

Looking forward to see how well Sasha..ah Ma'am has trained 'silly me' Tasha

hmm...Tasha was kept away ..either that means you wanted us to prepare our selves for a big showdown owing to mis-constructed truth ...
letting us enjoy naughty-shy-bold Geet & passionate-possessive-dreamy Maan.....


Song Sequence

Obviously thank you for the choice of song....soulful & passionate just as our Maan & Geet ...


the song had but one flaw that is same as that of 'kurban hua'

inclusion of DevTara in that sequence & today same melody played for Annie-Arjun.....tasteless

i so wish it was not done.



The Lift sequence ...Annie scared of darkness affected Arjun..he repented having dragged the prank long
 It shows goodness hidden in rugged surface...& a hint that he might be NT's sibling but his values & nature is not same as hers ..


Master ji - Maan - Geet

 Well having heard the word 'item' was enough to put the Possessive Punjabi Munda on guard ....

upar sai Geet ... lol the way she threw away the dupatta & raised the chudidar wonder he dint let the tailor master stand anywhere near his Geet

So a new feather added to his cap....'there is truly nothing that The Maan Singh Khurana' cannot do with perfection & passion


Maan aur Maan ki Geet

I'm still in trance & could do no justice to the beauty & effect it had on me with words alone...

so lets just relive them


Another passionate & honey coated episode
loved it but still i add again ..
using the same melody on Arjun-Annie was tasteless & spoiled the impact of the song...
na not of MaanEet moment


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Take 1:

i am dead today ... matlab.... gone gone gone dead !!

this is called an over dose of mahiiness.... mummy!! mujhe ghar le chalo .... dil dhak dhak kar raha hai ..

this is for sure one of those episodes mumma's wud never recommend to their kunwari betis .. and this also one of those episodes that beti's wud watch despite their mummies changing the channel at a later slot!! 

mahila mukti waalo ko bulao ...LOLLOLLOL
yeh hai humari sanskrriti? sabhyata?
ek kunwari ladki, shaadi se pehle .. hawww....!!!
woh bhi Maan jaisa banda...

how could he be so outta character ... how dare he come that close to geet?

and what does me mean by tum sirf merii ho? has he forgotten shee is already married ..

i am dne with this show! this was officially my last episode ...



mujhse peecha chudana itna aasaan nahi hai ...


Take2 :

I was dying to see possessivee Maan ... and loved the way he flung the dupatta on her face and protected her frm the master ... awwwwwww.... and i had to say .. this is thee Maan i lovee ... looveee ... love ..
forr the past feww days i was watching maan and geet, but i was watching the Geeet thee showw .. today .. i juust saw Maan ... Maan and only Maan ...

and the zikrrr of thee kiss .. ab main kya bolu .. my talli takee is enoouough evideenceee i am noot iin a stateee to wrriiteee a sanee takeee .. and my stuppid keeyboard also iis acting weeeird man ... some wwoorrds get typped so many times ... annooyiing .. but its kinda cool .... loooks liikee meerrre laptoopp koo bhi vinu kii aadat ppad gayii hai ....Wink

Anwwwesha geets stuck iin thee liift eeh .. and theeen she hoolds his collarr .... sab deekh rrahii hoooon main ...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

thanks for thee choicee of sngs thats on my toopp ten at thee momeent ... ... nice.... ....!! 

Arjuun and Anwwesha arree slowly growing on me and i like theeeirr story .. but the maaneet maddness is what took me by storm ...

ek baar fir creatives ne sabit karr dia .. its not thee kiiss that eevokees thee eemotiioons or thee passiion bt thee effeeect and thee eemootions around iit ... i am bowled oover .....!!!

hats off !! yoou have ooncee mrre brrought mee to a state wwheeere i can say once more after ages ...

yeh monday kab ayega ...

Vinu ......... u better come today ... !! atleast to take this from your nautanki ...Hug


PS: pardon me for the randomness and inconsistency in thought ...

wah wah wah !! Wink

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LavZ IF-Rockerz

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Sataane ke manaane ke
Yeh din hai aazmaane ke
Zara samjha karo dilbar, tumhe meri kasam

Zameen hogi, gagan hoga
Tera mera milan hoga
Main agar tumse nazrein milaaya karoon
Laazmi hai ke tum mujhse parda karo.....
Apni shaadi ke din ab nahin door hai...
Main bhi tadpa karoon, tum bhi tadpa karo...
Aiyo rama hath se ye dil kho gayaDay Dreaming
Mujhe bali umariya mein bali umariya mein
Kuch ho gaya haLOLLOLSilly
Oye Vinu mere Jeeju Pops.......kya haal kardiya hai aapne aur aapke CVs ne hum sab ki....DeadDead.......LOVED da episod!!!ClapClapClap
Tumhe dekhta hu to sochta hu bas yahi
Tum jo mera saath do, saare gham bhulake
Jee lu muskuraake zindagi
Tu dede mera saath thaam le haath
Chahe jo bhi ho baat, tu bas de de mera saath
Tu dede mera saath thaam le haath
Chahe jo bhi ho baat, tu bas de de mera saathDay Dreaming
Maan wnts her to b wid him alwaz......he has alwas givn her wat she wnts.....all dat he wnts frm her is her presenz.....if she is wid him...he has everythin.......nothin else matter to dis man.....EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Tujh ko jo, paaya toh hai yeh lagta kyu....
Baho me bas teri mehfooz hoon....Embarrassed
"aap meri zindagi ho...aap agar mere saath hai tho duniya kadmon mei lagthi hai"she has expressd herslf in wrds......she noes he feels da same n gvs him wat she had - da promise to be besid him wateva may cum.....Ven da salesman talks abt girls being very conphused as dis bein der frst marrige.....Geet gets uncomfrtb bt Maans one touch changes her mood n she feels safe n secure......Embarrassed
tumhe koi aaur dekhe, to jalataa hain dil....
badee mushkilon se fir, sanbhalataa hain dil....
kyaa, kyaa jatan karate hai, tumhe kyaa pataa....
Maan Singh Khurana J fr Jealous!!!!!LOLLOLDont v Love to c dis avtar of MSK!!!! got a glimpse in Manali dis one was da BEST!!!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
!Both Guru n DD ver grt bt DD was FAB!!!ClapClap...da way she irritates him.....n says....."wohi tho....aap master ji ko wapas bulalijie" DD's hand movmnt n her expression ver Too GUD!!!!ROFLROFL....
"Main loonga...koi shakh??"ShockedShockedLOLLOL...: Aisa koi bhi kaam hai jo MSK nahi kar sakthe?"ROFLhaina...bohot saara kaam hai.....shd i pass on da link to our previous thread ver v hav enlistd da kiss kisska chakar which MSK chahthe hue bhi nahi kar sakthe.....LOLLOL
Aaja Tera Aanchal Yeh Pyaar Se Maein Bhar Doon
Khushiyaan Jahan Bhar Ki Tujhko Nazar Kar Doon
Tu Hi Mera Jeevan Tu Hi Jeene Ka Sahaara...
I cnt write nythin fr dis scene!!!DeadDead...i skipd a heart beat......GOSH!!!! Embarrasseddey cam sooooo wasnt a kiss bt da effect it had on us was out of da much passion widot physical intimacy....dis is da beauty of dis jodi....da passion dat oozes out thru der eyes n gesturz r way mor dan ny physical intimacy shwn......EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Maan bends dwn......keeps Geet's feet on his lap  - He wdnt even think twice if he had to bend dwn n give in fr her happiness.....he wd do that widot a second thought....Wink
Maan keeps her hand on his shoulder n measures - although da method was wrong da intention was fulfiled......hw wil gv her the support.......even if she hesitates he wil support her as he has done till date......Embarrassed
Da followin moments - well NO COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!DeadDeadDeadDead

Jo wada kiya hai...nibhana padega....LOLLOL

First she asks him to say y he sent masterji bck....n if he does so she wil let him kiss her.....WAT??!!?! ShockedShockedShockeddid she jst say Kiss???ShockedShockedhaiye ALLAH!!!! mare hue insaan ko aur kithna maarogeOuch..........LOVED da way he accepts it.....nw she challengd him....he is MSK who neva fails.....dey ver abt to kissssssss.....ven da electcy gets bck its life......kya timing hai!!Angrybhai wah!!!AngryAngry......Maan pulls her bck n den FRezzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeee.....AngryAngryOuchOuchOuch
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!Mondy is a day far bt it looks miles away!!!!Ermm
So me eagrly waitin fr Monday.....Geet is once again in White Sari......Jeeju i hope dis is da Kurbaan Hua Sequl dat u had promised us......Ven eva she is in white v get over dose of Mahiness n beautifl Maneet momnts....EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Loads of Luv,

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rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Top 3 Acting-Star Rating

StarStarStarStarStar (5 stars)
Maan-StarStarStarStar (4 stars ...Sorry he was still not there 100% for me)
Arjun-StarStarStarStar (4 stars)

Top 3 things about today's Episode

1)The Ambiance Created
2)The Idea of Maan taking Geet's Measurements (Great Thinking CV's)
3) The Song Selection( Not with the seq though)

 Top 3 Dialogues

1) Maan telling Geet that her part that of teaching him to Live and smile again is done now its his Job to make their wedding memorable
2)Maan telling that he is Possessive and wont share Geet with anybody
3)Geet telling Maan ki if he answers her question he can KISS her (BANG ON !!)

Top 3 Actions
1)Geet Throwing the Dupatta away (Hilarious)
2)Maan throwing the Dupatta back on her Face(Equally Hilarious)
3) Maan Placing Geet's feet on his Lap

3 Things that i felt could have been Better
1) Execution of the Measurement Seq with "Tere Mast Mast Do Nain" as BG could have been better (Individually Both Great...Together not actually thereConfused)
2)GC at places looked out of times he was full of Passion at times he faltered.....He was not there 100% can't believe he is the same Maan who adorned Geet the Jhumka (JA Seq).....and Took of the Ornaments in August 16th 2010...
3) Arjun-Ani incorporation in between the song

Overall rating 8/10.......
Patha nahi mere liye aaj bhi kuch Missing tha.....
I Totally respect all the hardwork put through to give us this Episode...But could have been 10/10 if not for a few things.....I am sure the CV's will do better much next time....

The CV's of GHSP has always been brilliant in selecting the perfect song and Executing it in the best possible....But today as i have mentioned above...Individually the song and the scenes were Good But when together...something was a Miss.... Smile

Love Viji


I just saw Band Baaja Baraat today......and so here is a wishful from my side....Day DreamingArjun is a wedding Planner....Ani Maan's Sister Dono mein kuch toh spark ho rahi hai.....An i am liking itEmbarrassed.
I wish we have a song seq...b/w the two just for fun as a part of Sangeet...on the song Aiywayi Aiywayi from Band Baaja Baarat.....The lyrics would look awesome on both.....

Is it Possible???

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Silentsoul IF-Sizzlerz

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I am officially dead now....When i will come out my dreamland.....maneet dreamland.....I will write something....
TEll me who watched today episode not alone....I pity her

Its too hot to handle
Its too bold to handle
I love it I love it.....
I blush I blush
I am dead I am dead

DOL ur OS seems quite chidlish now....see today episode....take some lessnsLOL

Maan ne kiya aasa sitam.........

aa agayi sabko sharam

tailor ke chune se maan  hua baichan

Aabb kiss ne uda diye sabka chain

I dont want staright away kiss but I want lot of hit and miss....before kiss.....till final kissLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

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