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#Devil's Den#: Mr.SeeEEEoo becomes TailorMaan! (Page 2)

Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 7:43am | IP Logged
-"You have taught me to live to laugh and now one more thing Stay by me forever..Your companioinship tht is all I want."
Dhilllonn Jhappiss for tht...Hug
-Loved the reassurance Maan gave to Geet wen tht dude mentionedd marriage only happens onceEmbarrassed
-MSK is soo Hawt even tht shop dude was checkin him outROFLand Kurri wanted to wipe the glitter surely this chuhiya is bcuming sherniBig smileaww tht was adroable...
-Tht tharki called Gith item ooo0 u r deadd MSK will not let u touch him...
Areee abhi toh Measure bhi nahi kiya tha and Munda got a heart attack
-aHHH it was hilarious the way Gith kept on putting her leg up for Masterji to continue and Munda butts in with hiss hand twiceROFLROFL
-And Kurri is soo naughtyy she is teasing himm..Good Going Sherni he has dun it so many tyms wid Arahna & Pari kudi has the right toooLOLand then MSK gets his aggressive tone "Koi zaroorat nahi hai Nikal jayiye yahaan se"ROFLROFL
-I loveeeee Posessive MaanBlushing
Msk cannot see any one Touch his LOver
So he bcums Ladies Tailor
-So MSK changes his profession from an architect to tailor..Good Going Mundaa..Construction buziness mein toh u dun do much tailor mein u will be much better...ur buziness will do tarakki..all gals will cum only to u for measurement Lagee Rahooo..
-Loved MSK I find him hawt even when he is not doing anythingBlushingBlushing
-Err-Jun has brainss man Evil GeniusLOL
-Tere Mast Mast Do Nain sequence the Less I say the better it isBlushingBlushingBlushing
-Neva seen such a scene on Indian television..So kudos to you guys for tht Unique thoughtDay Dreaming
Kudi is totally Loossing ControllLOL
-"AAp Mujhe Kiss Kar Sakte Haii"
Hailaa tht baby in ur tummy gives u shoo much Himmmat...
-the way he pulled her back AHHHH my heart beat is increasingg
He accepts tht he feels jealosy he accepts he is pussessiveLOL
Tu Hai mera Main Hoon Tera
Aaaja Meri Baahon Mein Aaa
Jeena mera Haseen Bana
Tere Jaise Koi Chehra Nahin
Tu mere Saath hi rehna
Duniya ko Saath Hum Sahenge
Tu Hai Meri Main Hoon Tera
- ok so wen this main tera tu meri session was goin he said he will not share her and Sam aunty popped in my Mind..When Gith knws she is gonna virtually do khoon of Munda...I want her to taunt him with the liness...He deserves it all how dare he say "Mujhe laga tum sirf meri ho" in the conference room...
-Ok so I get it protein shaked work on geet when ish darkk and as soon as ish light she bcums all shy shy...EmbarrassedLOL
 EvERYone isgonna need this so ash to the  rescuee
and Sum O2 masks for eevryonee..This is from mum since she is there with the same O2 masks but her case is different and ours is different....LOL
Lift Mein Kalyaan TodaySleepyMinus Err-Jun and Un-vesha the episode was DREAMYYYDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
But I love how Arjun is practical tht no point in screaming stay calm unveshaa I knw u r despo to be in his arms but chill..LOL
jus saw the new FB pics woah seesms lyk they were reading the passion threadLOL
he can do passionate wonders as a tailor..
Cannot describe anyting in detail today..Ish jus less for wordss...Day Dreaming
Everyone was at their Besht today:
Dhillon for da Dialoguess JhappissHug
Nissar3 Kisses
-GC-DD Ur chemistry can burn my Screen
BUT BUT thre is always a but huh The camera angles were bad..You guys need to be clever with tht..Why were those Orange blobs used I mean they were not even kissing or anything then why did yu use tht Sandip& Gunjan Not needed so in SR are u gonna put one BIG orange blob oh wait there will be NO blob but Light offso ish gonna be blackROFLROFLand we will be sitting and imagining it all in the dark like owls
Mum missed the best episodee she is gonna curse herselfROFLROFLshe is in the flight right now probably watching a movie, drniking coke cans or dreaming abt MSK...LOL
New VM

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-pixie- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 7:44am | IP Logged

Theme of the show


If I correctly remember the initial promos of the show- they were about how every parent would want to name their daughter Geet. If I were to look at the promos alone, and forget for a moment all that came after, one would assume that the show would be about a girl who did something exceptional. May be stand up against society and fight for her rights, bring her culprits to justice (it was evident early on that the show would be about fake NRI marriages), or how despite being away from her family and support system in a foreign land, the girl still fought for her rights.


If I were to just look at the title of the show- GHSP, then I would assume that the story is about a woman who inspite of being alienated from all that she holds dear continues to fight her battle and does not give up.


Now if I look back at the 7-8 months that the show has now been on air and try and gauge what has been the underlying theme of the show- then it was been the evolution of Geet- the innocent child into Geet- the young and (sometimes) strong woman. From being a sheltered, naive, repressed teenager in small town India she has grown to become a mature, confident and determined young woman. The change in her personality is pretty tangible if you compare the HP Geet with the Geet in Delhi (and for a moment I am ignoring the writers' motivation behind this overnight change). Instead of accepting all that is dished out to her, she has learnt to fight back! Whether its putting Sasha in her place, a verbal dual with NT, sending Dev and NT to Jail or refusing to bow down to a dominating partner- she has learnt (part by design and part by accident) how to fight back.


This story should have been told from a woman's point of view methinks. However, the overarching plot has gone from being about Geet and her quest for justice to Geet and her love story with Maan. Maan has taken precedence over everything that was important in her life. She is willing to give up everything else for her one burning love- who am I to judge. But what I find hard to digest is- why she would not think of sending NT and Dev back to Jail, why she would not get lawyers of her own and only rely on Maan, why she would not take better care of her baby (She is eighteen and not retarded), why she would not try and reach out to her parents on her own (again Maan was instrumental here), why she would not show any inkling of furthering her education especially when she was so keen on studying earlier on in the show etc.


So as much as I may drool over Maan's eyes, I shall pass on naming my first born Geet for now.

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spshastr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 7:51am | IP Logged
Overall episode is  Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
Nothing to write abt the episode..I loved the way he held her hand...when the shopkeeper came in..
I loved shernis courage Clapto speak directly and the Bedroom eyes and khudi hyperventilating and lips quivering..ClapBig smile
There are so many things you can show for her to feel important in his life.. so that dialogue of her not doing anything needs to stop...
Situations where he is emotionally helpless and she cares ... for him and heals him?
His troubled childhood and his past?
Her fight for justice for her baby?
Arjun Maan fight where geet becomes his strength.. and Anwesha his weakness
The dialogue yesterday that she should always be there for him will come to closure when Sam comes out of the closet I think... She will fight Sam for MSKs sake if her character is kept intact is my feelingSmile
 CVS GeetHSP is Geets story... Thaks Anj for the promo.. So this is her story of
the happy girl in HP who got married to to Dev with lots of dreams ,  whose family never listened to her views, she got cheated by him ,she came to delhi for her baby, its about her life for her baby, her MAAN who worships her..and now his family as well...
Geet HSP is abt Geets life her trials and her victories... how this simple village girl has the courage to fight life and at the same time extremely kind and loving , the people who help her in the process
It could be her unborn baby, her  extremist lover and soon to be hubby., his matriach grandmom, sasha, tasha, Annie whoever..
So now that we see a new phase in her life.. I hope u show us something different on how she handles her husband and all the skeletons in the khurana closet , being his strength and never his weakness..Big smile
And in all this please dont forget Dev needs to be punished..Big smile

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vivacious_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 8:04am | IP Logged
Reserved for analysis
Sorry ppl...i din analyse last night as i wudnt hv been rational....
now let me come straight to the point...
I love continuity.... i saw continuity in the episode.....
Maan-Geet scenes were hot and passionate.... loved the way they are showing their right on each other....
For all those who complained bout was a slap on their face... nuthing was fake BD..everything was real.... no camera angles....
i loved every dialogue of maan n geet.... most of all i hv never seen an actress taking the lead n showing her right on her man....generally the female leads r shown coy n shy ...running away from their men...but here we hv a protogonist who has been thru hell in her fake marriage n yet is taking a lead with the man she loves.... she is shy but not the one who will let him do everything....
the tailor measurement scene was a lift off from a tamil b grade movie.... ladies tailor... but i wud give complete credit to Geet HSP team for creating magic.... the scene in the movie is sooo cheap..... well i still had watched it as i had nuthing better to do in my hostel about 5 years ago....
The measurement scene created magic ..... for all those who were crying bout lacking passion...this one was for u.... n well this is the happening happening me n Jyo were talking bout for the past 3 days n were dancing.... hahahhaha
anyway...for a TV series the measurement scene was really innovative n well executed.... u cud really feel that Maan is smelling n devouring Geet with his eyes and Geet was enjoying everything he was doing.....
Geet wanted to hear from him that he is possessive n she is only his.... she played her game well... but had no clue that he wud actually end up measuring her... Her man din let her down.... told her in clear words that he feels Jealousy if someone is close to her... he is possessive bout her...she is only his.... n he wont take it if she makes fun of his feelings like that.... Geet too openly told him she too feels the same..he is only hers....
she had challenged him to tell y he din want the tailor to measure her....if he answered he cud kiss her.... which TV female protogonist has ever taken that link of lead?? telling her man he cud kiss her?? thats where GHSP is different....
Lights coming back n geet backing off....maan reminding her that the kiss hasnt happened yet...
Anvesha - arjun scene in the lift was really OTT... well i know they wanna show the love story brewing there...but there r better ways to do that.... n where did he get teh match sticks from??? btw u rnt allowed to use match sticks inside an elevator....
overall  - maneet romance n passion is back in full swing... GC n DD rocked.... the aesthetic setting was good.... but camera angles not very good.... the light globes flying around also not good....
Some points 
1. Malls in india have backup electricity.... so there was no need of candles... well but i will give it to cinematic liberties as else how wud u hv created those scenes....
2. I was ok with candles everywhere.... n ppl who r cribbing bout whre the candles came from n how maan lit all of them...well he din... i dont think he lit all.... the shop was in darkness..n the shop ppl just lit the candles everywhere...
3. CVs - I hate u for this..... for heavens sake.... they r in a shop.... in broad day light...hugging n getting romantic like that.... PDAs...y?? when they hardly ever do anything in a decorated bed room for themselves...y do it in a shop???
4. arjun- anvesha scens was really OTT... i hv no more words for that...
5. Camera is spoiling a lot of good scenes... when maan was smelling geet's hand...i thot there was a hand kiss...which i kind missed coz of the camera angle n the editing...
am in no mood for more.... not keeping will just stop here... 

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vivacious_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 8:05am | IP Logged

Here I am gonna talk bout the theme of the show....

What is Geet HSP all about???
Is it Geet's fight to get justice for what Dev n NT did to her?? Is it her fight against the society n her family for gals like her are forced into marrying NRI guys without even proper checks? Is it her love story??/
well here is my answer... GEET HSP is a story of the gal - Geet.... how she got conned into a fake she fought her family to keep her baby.... how she found a new identity and life in a new place.... how she found the love of her life.... how she fought at every stage to survive, get justice, get her love.....
Its about Geet.... n right now she in the phase where she has got her love... but hasnt still become one with him..... once she is married to will be her struggle to keep her man happy...
i shall write more later... now not welll

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shreya_l IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 8:22am | IP Logged

Theme of the showSmile

Ek ladki thi humne dekhi,

Kuch dari kuch sakuchayi.

Yeh baat nahin puraani,

Thi yeh sacchayi.

Apne badon ki baat sunana,

Thi jiski acchayi.

Jeevan jeene ka ullas tha isme  bharpoor,

Par parampara ke naam ki janjeeron se bandhi majboor.

Aage padhane ka sapna tha isne sanjoya,

Gharwalon ko yeh na raas aaya.

Shadi kar bane voh kisi ki patni,

Aisi jindagi ke liye gayi voh chuni.

Var bhi aaya jo laga sundar aur salona,

Thaga usne aise....toota iska har ek sapna.

Baali umar mein mili aisi jimmedari,

Gharwale bhi ban gaye atyachaari.


Chod unko chuna isne naya rasta,

Ek jaane anjaane se pada phir iska vaasta.

Har mushkil mein saath deta voh iska,

Anjaane hi ban gaya voh iska farishta.

Saath yun kuch ek duje ka dono ne nibhaya,

Lagane laga voh iska humsaya.

Farishte ke nakabil isne khud ko paya,

Badi mushkilon ke baad yeh brahm toot paya.

Payi isne phir jeene ki nayi umang,

Apne pairon par khade isne ladi har ek jang.

Jeevan ki ulajhano ke balboote kuch ban paayi,

Yeh nahin ab kisi ki parchaayi.....

Insaaf isko milega aisa hai mera sochna,

Umeed hai sach hoga iska ab har ek sapna.

Jiski kahani hai sunayi, uska naam hai Geet,

Naye safar par chalegi ab ban ke Maan ki meet.

Bahut jagah chodne hain ise apne kadamon ke nishaan,

Apni pehchaan aap banaye, banaye naya gulistaan.

Geet kabhi nahi hogi mujhse parayi,

Kyunki iski kahani mujhe bahut pasand aayi.

Episode analysis underneath!Smile

Darpan mein nihaaren khud ko,
Roka yun badate haath ko.
Choona chahta hoon  tumhare rukhsar,
Surkh hote hain jo sharam se harbaar.
Choodiyan voh bhaye mujhe,
Tumhari hansee ki khanak sunatihon mujhe.
Apne pyaar se banate sab kuch khaas,
Mujhe hota hai humesha yeh ehsaas.
Jindagi jeena tumne hai sikhaya,
Ab jaake main hoon muskuraya.
Ek vaada mein maangon tumse,
Saath hi rehna kabhi roothna na mujhse.
Jindagi se badkar hai saath tumhara,
Tum nahin to jee na paaonga dobara.

Dukaan ka malik beech mein aaya,
Jaana chahta hai ki kuch pasand aaya?
Kapadon ka chunav karna hota hai mushkil,
Aakhir shaadi jeevan ki sabse badi manzil.
Geet ko baat hai chubhi, Maan haath thaam de rahe tasalli.
Chunane mein lage jo samay,
Is beech aayenge darzi mahashay.
Maan ke gaalon ko geet ne sehlaya,
Kehti hai ab yeh haq maine paya.
Darzi mahashay ka naap lena Maan ko na bhaye,
Geet yeh dekh Maan ko chede jaaye.
Darzi mahashay ko bheja vahan se bahar,
Maan ne liya naap lene ka kaam apne ooper.

Anvesha ki baat na karon to hi accha,
AA batteries mein pyaar ho mujhe nahin lagata.

Bijali ko bhi abhi tha jaana,
Maan jalayen deep sama ho gaya mastaana.
Naap liya ya nahi yeh to pata nahin,
Kaamukta se bhare drisya dekh,
Hosh na ud jaayen kahin.
Aapko kareeb aane se nahin rokana chahti main,
Par ek sawal ka jawaab janana chahti hoon main.
Jawaab ke badale kya milega mujhe,
Apne adharon ka pyaar de saktein hain mujhe.
Tum ho sirf meri, nahin baant sakta tumhe,
Tumhare koi kareeb aaye yeh bardaasht nahin mujhe.
Aap hi nahin ye ehsaas hain mere,
Aap bhi sada rahenge sirf mere.
Bijali hai vapas aayi,
Lagata nahin jo ghata thi voh sacchayi.
Maan kahein baat hai nibhayi maine,
Jo tumne socha na tha voh kar diya maine.
Ab hai tumhari baari,
Peeche nahin hat sakti kar lo taiyaari.

Rukhsar = Cheek, Kaamukta = Passionate,
Adhar = Lips, Ghata = Happened

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DancinFireflies Senior Member

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 8:27am | IP Logged

The best episode this week..............SATURDAY

Ok............loved the episode minus NE n arjun...........all the issues I had yesterday r gone.......EmbarrassedBig smileStar

Cvz this is for you..............Hug

Barry ji....................ClapHug

GC n DD....................u were fab..............take a bow..............ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

Yepiiiiiiiiiii...........I got Goosebumps today.........I still have butterflies in my stomach.......Embarrassed

When that guy said "after all we get married once in a lifetime"..........the way maan held her hand..... the Understanding between these two is serine, beautiful, simply divine.......Big smileEmbarrassedClapStar

The J maan....loved it..... Won't say much just one word BEAUTIFULEmbarrassedBlushingDay Dreaming...........

Nikunj ruined the scene with OVERacting N piyush did not have that did not work........Ouch

Might write more if I get time............Embarrassed


thank you CVs

well we know KISS wont happen on monday but still a cheek kiss can..... we'll be happy with that also though i dont know why but m sure we'll get a forehead kiss instead but i guess m ok with that......

those two spoiler pics from monday's epi.............did she cry.......her eyes were wetCry.... btw white saree looks amazing on DD

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bDgT IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 8:34am | IP Logged

Warning LABEL: Read only if you want a direct ticket to HELL from the HEAVEN where you all have been since this night's episode

Caution: Reserve all your HATE for me for laters

Welcome Note: If anyone wants a place in Hell where I permanently reside unlike all you folks who are attached to the HEAVENS and Swarglok LOL ROFL


"The sum of all things measurable is immeasurable"

Disclaimer: If you are expecting this to be another divine heaven and abode of wah-wah's and taalias, please pass over this post to the next recipient of my diatribe. This is not for the weak-hearted or the utterly butterly delicious folksy.

A bit about me: I am a bit of a Devil's Advocate and lastly, I have a tendency not to overlook certain things, guess it comes with the territory


So where are we Nissar bhai, in all these months, I've never directly addressed you, but tonight you put me in a spot from where I just gotta yell your name out in depression and disillusionment. Perhaps in your millions of fans (! - yeah, I tend to blowup the numbers sometimes) that are singing your praises tonight, you will find me missing in the rostrum. You absolutely know the reasons.

 The heart knows what the heart K*N*O*W*S.

Reason known REASONS


Sans any Expression
Sans Emotion
Sans Intelligence
Sans Intuitiveness
Sans Illusion
Sans Delusion

Let me say my bro, I certainly did not expect such a low
Did not imagine in the farthest corner of my mind that we would stoop so low
In etching a scene and in sketching a scene
Tell me why
We gotta a reference point to some banal and blase


The cult of GHSP does not emerge out of wisps of passion on display
In designer darji stores
Can MSK be brought to the level
Of competing for affection with a mere mortal doing his job

Being everything to GEET
Is that the job profile?

Can I say I am disappointed at the tacky scene
Despite the passion that burnt my screen?
Can I tell you why I can't applaud you
As it immediately brings to my mind
Some other tacky regional film by the title name that was MSK's game tonight
Can i ask you to broaden your horizons
And enlarge your repertoire


Will you think me to be one of those who can find no good
Even in golden sunshine, glades of green, and grains of sand
If I told you that you could have made mincemeat of any damn thing on Indian screens
Had you and your team invested in not just wish fulfillment
But Wish Elevation

I simply say
Aurevoir my friend
I am not one of those hard to please
Nor one hard up for a tease
So let's say I know where you come from
And where you are going
But surely the road you are taking
Can be like Smooth Jazz not Srebrenica

Final comment

All said and done
The only reason and sustenance
Standing and Outstanding
Are the two fabulous actors in GC and DD that you have
Who can elevate any scene with their magnificence and brilliance

If there is anyone who deserves a standing ovation it is these two - GC and DD
Congratulations on two of the most intense and fabulous actors on the Indian Small Screen


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