Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

#Devil's Den#: Mr.SeeEEEoo becomes TailorMaan!

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Post 1: Must Read its About Innovation & Ideation.  A Challenge for All
Post 2: Questions of de Week - Den Contest (Last Week's Winner isLOL )
Post 3: Today's Episode Analysis
Post 4: Index & Rule
This wknd's most "happening" thread:

'I criticize by creation, not by finding fault.'*
Devils r Critical Critters - We rarely go OMG! (EXCEPT SATURDAYSAngry) We prefer "Halla Bol"!  In simpler verbiage, criticism comes naturally to us.  My open challenge to all the next few Dens is to instead Deconstruct and Reconstruct the story that we watch!   Let's look at the story through DIFFERENT NAZARIYA, let's DISCUSS, but also REFLECT & IDEATE!  
In keeping with that Next Weeks' Den Roster will be a MYSTERY!Wink It Will be UnExpected - Shock or Surprise!Evil Smile That is for de Readers to Determine!  Each Den will have a theme - Someone/Something you can cream and stuff that will hopefully get u to howl n scream!  I will kick-off todayWink   

Analyzers, before u chop chop next week read the opener's discussion topic (today's is THEME) and see if u can incorporate it.   Readers, If u don't read then do read the Analysis in the first 2-3 pages and discuss it.
*Quote Credit: Marcus Tillius Cicero

The title is "Geet:Hui Sabse Parayee" but, what is the theme of the show? Does anybody know? Is it "Justice"? Is it "Life"? Is it "Love"? Has the theme changed?  Has the scene changed?  Let's think about it!  And let's examine the evidence, haan!  

This is one of the first promos of the show:

Shreya, my buttercup, gave me the link. It got me to THINK! The title maybe  Geet:HSP, but its about a girl living her life - zindagi - against all obstacles.  Its hopefully about her giving birth against all manacles.  Its about her finding love and happiness against all insurmountables.  Its about her finding Justice against all impossibles.  Its as simple and complex as that. Living life ain't that easy, so lets commend her for it.Clap

Let's stepback and celebrate her progress.  The story began with her fake marriage to a CONMAN who robbed her of her zest for life, but gave her the gift of "life".  That "life" gave her purpose - a reason to live.   

All along there was another MAAN - a troubled soul sent to her by destiny. Someone for whom she is "life" not just "wife". 

She has also battled those who wronged her. Learnt to stand up to the Sasha's of the world. Had her jungli bro jailed.  Got DevNt arrested though not "justice"! Lastly, she has boldly told the world her "truth" time & again and faced its condemnation with courage.  Now she is set to marry de "One".    

So, the story's journey is complete, haan? NO! She learnt to live life, na? What else is there?  Plenty more should they wish to show theme does she "live" in high society? Life is not just romance, what about "education"? Moving forward surely means attaining "Justice"** - that loop remains open? (DevNt R out on bail, so they haven't got a free pass..let's not assume!) The practicalities of carriage ya miscarriage - how will Geet "live" it?  And lets not forget de impending marriage - Maan has SaMaan in is attic and remains a maan-o-mystery! "Live-in" with him, they will surely create new "history".ROFLROFL And her "tapkofying/jhatkofying" in-laws they sure won't make "living life" easy/peasy

Now you may not agree with the above analysis about what the THEME of the Show is. So, let's discuss it along with today's episode.  

**Some say "Justice delayed is Justice denied" and declare themselves pragmatic!  As a lawyer, i lauff at such "idealistic" naivety.  Justice is often *slooooooooooooooowwwwww*.  T.V. land's courtcase resolution rate and speed are actually better. Also, "Justice" is an ambiguous/amorphous term that varies from person to person.   

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Mera Name Change Q: Mera Id and Mera MarziROFL  Please don't file an aarzi!  Vijay & Co. won't lemme marry someone else for another year, so u ain't getting AnjanaToronto.Tongue Who did I marry post my deevorce with Toronto?  Go search Uncle Google - the answer is OBVIOUSBig smile

Last Week's Question Winner is.....*drumroll* - Raji B.  Raji's answers are below after the Questions for this Week:

Questions for de Weekend*
*Entries must be sent to me via PM (post link) before Monday's episode.  Marsha is the judge & jury, so bribe her.  She also made this week's prize!

1. Is Anvil Dev's sister or Maan's or both?Confused

2. What Character & Show made the lighter in elevator infamous? Who all have tried to follow those footstepsROFL

3. Lift Mein Pyaar, Lift Mein Takraar, Lift Mein Ishaar.... How many Maaneet lift scenes have we had?  Which was your favorite and why? Geek

4. Is Maan still Kanjoos? Justify.Tongue

5. Who will we see shirtless next and in why? C'mon StRip ChAnNeL... deliver mee StRiP MaLeAngryAngry

Best Answer from Last Wknd

1. Maan will see Geet how many times a day?
a) Once for 1/2 hour
b) Twice for 15 mins
c) Thrice for 10 mins
d) He will see her for more then 1/2 
e) He won't see her but, finally buy her a phone so he can yap with her about celestial bodiesROFL
Answer: I don't think Maan can stay away from Geet very long. Once or twice a day meeting option is out of the window. He will sure see her more than half hour or its high time he buys her a cell phone to yap with her. Cheapo will have to spend some money on his would be wifeLOLLOL... how is this possible?? I think this is just to buy time for DD to get back and then CV's will forget their own half an hour rule.LOL

2. What is the minor MU that Anvil and Daadi are planning?
a) make Geet think Maan ranaway with SaMaan?
b) make them think the wedding is cancelled, so they runaway
c) The possibilities are endless - ive me urs?
Answer: I really didn't get what they are planning. I would choose option c coz I think the possibilities are endless. This prank may turn into trouble and may backfire. The wedding may get postponed etc. Maan and Geet are not going to runway in any case.

3. Obviously Maan is not comfortable telling Anvil about Dev's sach.  Whom will she learn it from and how?
a) run into NT while shopping and get earful about Geet
b) Daadi will tell her - i doubt it.
c) from dastardly dev himself
d) The office staff will fill her ears about it especially Tasha
Answer: I think it will come from NT but then I think she may need to hide it from her brother as now she is blackmailing her brother emotionally. If Daadi was to tell she would have already told her. Dev is an option but office staff seems more likely option in this case.
4. Will there be closure to the Sasha story or do you think they shud cont with a new actress.
Answer: Sasha didn't have much of a story anyways. She was just a jealous employee LOL. Now that she was shown against NT, she can't be much of an obstruction for our leads. Sasha can only be an option if Geet and Maan's wedding gets delayed, otherwise she can't drool over a married manLOL.

5. Will Dev leave to become a saint?  I don't think his murder is currently in the cards and he does not seem the suicide typesROFL.
Answer: I think CV's have forgotten about Dev and Meera otherwise they could have used them both instead of BD's this whole week Confused. I think CV's are as confused as the audience itself, if they really wanna show the positive side of Dev then they should have given more screen time to him. I think he is a lost soul in all this drama and probably CV's are hoping the audience will forget him over time. His job is done LOL after getting Geet pregnentLOLLOL.

6. Will Arjun target Geet or Anvil and who will be the fuse his lightbulb?  
Answer: I think Arjun's target will be Annie. Haath ke badale haath aur behen ke badle behenLOLLOL. But if Annie is Maan's sister and Arjun is NT's brother than they must know each other. Then that means Geet should be the easy target who is not aware of Arjun's relation to NT. But how can he target her?? Arjun can't hurt Geet, this will end him in jail and the end of story. With least Annie he has an option to break her heart/ ruin her and all that which may indirectly hurt Maan. This means streching the story line of Arjun and Annie. This option is more feasible option considering Geet is six days a week show now.

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De Bold, Gold, Cold n Old
BOLD: Geet teasing her Maan and wiping of his glitter, betting him a kiss, and declaring him wholly hers.  

GOLD: MSK's measuring moves, the toasty tugs, and the happening hug.

COLD:  Even the match did not set fire to the elevator.  De Operator is kewl, but Anvil acting is total bhool

OLD:  De ur my life dialogue was stale and camera angels did not gel!  

Glittering Geet
Wat makes this show unique is it's characterizations of Geet & Maan.  A shy village girl who knows how to life live and taught her mate to do so as well.  She is no chuha, but a sherni who knows perfectly how to drive her Maan insane.  Kudos to the Geet HSP for creating a character that stands positively apart from her contemporaries in her modernity while maintaining her self-respect and morals.  That joie de vivre is de real spirit or theme of the serial as embodied in its original promos.  Thank you CVs for maintaining this get back to the absent story!  Stop basking in today's glory.  

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The information here is Xclusive to de Den ONLY! Read n FORGET IT!  Infringe our CopyRite and Anj will make u watch the "India Paints" Videos till u c the Light! Everyone Is Welcome, so Post Post! We are like Appy Fizz and Grappo Fizz....Cool to de Core!   
- Devils of the Devil's Den-

1. If U don't like the Devil's Den residents then just fly away!  We don't like to be mean hosts!

2. U can only jappoo Geet HSP ki Geet at Den - So, stay in your maryaada and don't jam about other shows!

3. The Den is not just about CONfakes, but reel takes so discuss dey story constructively in all its gloryBig smile

Do dish about the Actors, but don't diss em or their frogs!  Anj won't post ur IF bail!

5. This is not Dadimaa's Darbar, so don't spam about the best way to bake ham, etc.!

6. We r going to open new Den before airtime and shift there once the show finishes whether u ve reserved ya not!  So, be PHAAST!

7. Don't QUOTE use "@" to reply varna you will get a Watt o Unwanted pics that will make ur eyes snap crackle n pop!  Max of 1 quote is okkie if u really must - that's all.

8. Naya Den if we run outta the original 1 for the day can be opened by anyone, but only post these rules & the link to the old den in the 1st post.  Don't forget to leave link of 2ndary dens in original one for the day.  

9. There is Devilsden A/C.  Its for emergencies & our awesome Kreations Corner 
All the Devils raise hand and repeat after me 
"And hereby Pledge to diss All de Spoilers n Spoof de Pictures" 

Star Player is testing whether they could go live at the same time or within the half-an-hour of airtime, but are NOT fully live yet.  So, watch from the site if u can.  Its the least we can do as good viewers.   


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Tere mast mast do nain, mere dil ka le gay chain ….


… this pretty much sums up today's episode.  A fantastic end to the week with a sensual, passion filled Maaneet episode that had the viewers swooning all over the place.  For most of the week, we'd been cribbing about the stinginess of Geet HSP in showing passionate Maaneet scenes, we were wailing about the slowing down of Manneet chemistry. Guess we'd become too complacent in our cribbing and we got hit by truckloads of romance today.  No one seems to be in a fit state to complain…LOL !


Watching the passion play between Maaneet made me very happy for them.  At the same time I wanted to take a look at how Geet got to where she is today….kinda taking a step back and trying to take a look at the big picture.  What better way to look at it than compare the past with the present ? 


Thanks to Anj and Shreya for pointing me to this promo.


Wo antariksh mein jaane wali peheli mahila nahin,

wo kisi company ki chairman bhi nahin,

naahi wo koi sports champion hai,

na wo rashtrpati na pradhaan mantra hai,

par phir bhi laakhon mahilaon ke liye prerana banegi wo,

kyon ki usne zindagi jeene ka faisla kiya apni sharto par.

Miliye Geet se


So in the span of a few short months, we've been held spell bound by the travails of Geet. We've been watching religiously her journey

-         from the obscurity of her home in HP to the big city of Delhi

-         from being a happy, lively, fun loving girl into someone who had to grow up overnight

-         from being tricked into a fake marriage to fighting to make a respectable living in the city

-         from being tricked by a sauve, NRI fakester Dev to being taught to stand up tall and fight her battles by a rich, arrogant yet fair tycoon

-         from someone who gave up her way of life to protect the life growing inside her to the confident child-woman who is willing to stake her life for her child and the man she loves

-         from being the girl who was looked down upon by her familiy for being a female to the child-woman who is worshipped by her soulmate


So yes, I was extremely happy to see Geet embarking on her new status in life looking forward confidently to a life of happiness with her Maan.


@ the Boutique


Maan seductively dissolving Geet's doubts about him not paying attention to her choice of trousseau, tapping into the reservoir of passion, barely held in check.


- the way Maan wipes off the gold glitter from her cheek.


Barry such beautiful dialogues –


-         chudi ki khankhanahat bilkul tumhari haseen jaisi hai

-         tumne mujhe jeena sikha diya, muskurana sikha diya, bas ….hamesha mere saath rehna zindgi bhar ke liye, rahogi na ?


The helpful store attendant unknowingly says …shaadi bhi ek hi baar hoti hai na.  Notice the unconscious jerk in Maaneet….at the whiff of reality.  But loved the way Maan assured Geet by linking his fingers with hers.  Yes, they have to face the real world one day with Dev/NT, Arjun, legal cases and all …but not at this special moment.


So now it's Geet's turn to wipe off the glitter from Maan's cheek.  Loved the authority shown by Geet. Maan seemed to like it too.


But I think Maan did a better job of wiping off the glitter from Geet's cheek…with much more feeling than Geet.  I guess Geet was lost in feeling the texture of his cheek more than wiping of the stain


Maan's possessiveness


I thoroughly enjoyed the measurement taking scene with Masterji.  Geet seemed to have caught on to Maan's possessiveness early in the game seeing his reaction to Masterji's questions and her naughtiness kicks in.  Oh, how I loved watching Maan squirm and then swivel around when Masterji asked Geet's name and says 'what a sweet name'….when he asked her to take off her dupatta … when he bends down to measure her ankle….LOL !  That was just tooooo much for Maan.  He's on a mission to drive away the Masterji …could have very well shipped him off to Timbuktoo !!  Did u see the way he tosses back the dupatta at Geet while he's dealing with Masterji….ROFL !!!


Fantastic performance Gurmeet !  U brought out the jealous fianc fabulously.


Geet must have egged Masterji on to estimate the level of Maan's possessiveness but in the bargain got more than she could handle.  Maan ki moam ki gudiya to bilkul pighal rahi thi….awww !


Maan's measurement taking session was sensually divine….a one-way ticket to Maaneetlok !  Oooh I loved the candlelight….classic Nissar and Maaneet style.


Beneath the passion one can still see a glimpse of the sleeping tiger. Geet, tum sirf meri ho aur mein tumhe share nahi kar sakta….but Maan is equally surprised when Geet confesses 'aap bhi sirf mere ho'


Maan is surprised further by his Mishti…when she gives him permission to kiss her.


Guess we have to wait until next week to see if he collects his payment :))


Arjun-NE in the elevator


Seems like CVs are showing us another option at romance.  Testing to see how we react to Arjun-NE's chemistry. They are still building up his character…will need to have him ready by the time Maaneet wedding ends.


In the meantime, let's sit back and enjoy the Big Fat Indian Maaneet wedding.  Leave logic at the door and join in the festivities.  I fully plan to do so.


Nissar, Hrishikesh – good execution, lighting, setting, camerawork.  Seems like you're testing us with the Arjun-NE elevator scene. It's nowhere close to the Maaneet elevator scenes but I'm open to new players.


Barry – fantastics dialogues


CVs – storyline is making the most of the pre-wedding scenes. But I'm hoping that u r furiously working in the background to pick up the storyline after the wedding.


Gurmeet, Drashti – pls take a bow for your fantabulous performances today. Strawberries and chocolate all the way !

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Geet's journey

 We should never forget that this is the story of Geet and her battle against evil and her eventual triumph. She embodies the situation many hapless women find themselves in - married off before they complete their education, abandoned by their NRI husbands and having no one to turn to as they are shunned by their families.

This is the story of one such woman who has the courage to stand up for herself and her unborn child and carve a niche for herself. Along the way she finds a soul mate who will stand with her through thick and thin and friends who believe in her and will go the distance to help her. The basic core of decency, innocence and goodness attracts everyone to her including her soul mate - the one man who had always been a lone wolf - the most eligible bachelor of Delhi.

This is the story of the woman who a lot of people wanted dead and how she taught one man to live, love and became his sole reason for living. Big smile

This is the story of a woman who will see her culprits punished against all odds and a man who will take on the world and his own family for her. Big smile

This is a story of a girl who was forced to become a woman and fight her her rights at a time that she was supposed to be having fun. This is the story of how she succeeded in making a place for herself in the very same society that once disowned her.

This is the story of a woman who had to leave the only home she had ever known for an unknown city to save the life of her unborn child and ended up creating an identity for herself. She also ended up making a home for a man who had not known one for a long time because he had chosen to distance himself from his family. Big smile

This is the story of a woman who lives with a passion and will anything to save the man she loves.

Last but not the least, this is the story of a woman who will be an example for young girls to follow everywhere. I want Geet to become active in charitable activities and use the Khurana fortune to advance the cause of those girls who are not as fortunate as her.

Episode analysis

People have waxed eloquence about the epi and I just have a few more things to add LOL LOL LOL

1) Hats off to you for showing the new bold avtaar of Geet Evil Smile - wanting a straight answer from her man and luring him in with the promise of a kiss  Clap. Attagirl Geet Thumbs Up
Maan dude do you even know what you are getting into ROFL will find out after marriage that you got more than you bargained for ROFL ROFL......when you realize that kudi is going to have the upper hand in all areas Wink and can make you dance to her tune at will ROFL ROFL

2) Maan's possesiveness regarding Geet was really funny to watch and so was his jealousy for the old tailor touching Geet ROFLROFL.......he is like a 2 year old going MINE MINE MINE Evil Smile.....and clearly indicates that he does not like to share which kudi replies that you are mine too and I ain't sharing either. Wink Take that Sameera whether you exist or not, whether you will show up or not Evil Smile........ our kudi is a sherni who can kick her sher's butt if needed Wink......not to mention anyone who tries to chase her sher......did you not hear the woman.......he is all hers and no one else gets to play with him Evil Smile

3) Geet playing with Maan using the poor Masterji as a pawn ROFLROFL was just hilarious to watch because it was a pure display of female power Evil Smile.......she knows which buttons to push exactly to make him do exactly what she wants. ROFLROFL

4) DD and GC were brilliant and outstanding Star Star Star.......I especially loved DD's performance when Geet tells Maan he can kiss her. She brought out the hesitation at doing that, but then she throws caution to the winds and grabs the bull by the horns and goes ahead. Maan thinks Geet had not bargained for the fact that he would fess up to being jealous and possessive. Yehahahahahaha Evil Smile.....think again dude.....she has you exactly where she wanted you and you think it is all your doing ROFLROFL .....wah wah Geet Clap Clap Clap......age old woman trick of making the man think it is all his idea in order to get your own way. ROFLROFL

5) Of AnAr the less said the better. Why was the woman screeching like a banshee Ouch Confused Confused.....ah my poor ear drums and her expressions ROFLROFL......I almost fell off the couch and hurt myself Ouch.......she is terrible. Is that why Arjun was trying to kill them both up by lighting a match in a stalled elevator. ROFLROFL ...........oh my sweet lord was like having a bucket of cold water thrown on you after the hot Maaneet romance. Ouch.......those 2 have zero chemistry Thumbs Down

6) What was up with those golden disc shaped bacteria floating around? Ermm

7) The editing was a mess once again Dead

8) The background music was louder than the dialogues..................MAAAAHHHIIIII Angry......tone it down will you Angry.......Barry writes such beautiful dialogues Day Dreaming and we can barely hear it thanks to all that horrendously loud background music Angry

9) NE better not be mean to Geet and make Geet cry. I will personally kick Maan's butt if he takes NE's side on this. Angry

10) The wedding better go off without a hitch else ........Evil Smile


Moi is late but moi has lotsa ideas - but one warning to the CVs before I share my ideas Angry ...... you use any of my ideas an Urjun-NE Angry  .................. I will hunt you down and kill you (Achmed style) Approve

1) Maan should tell Geet that he will teach her how to make lasagna and then turn the whole process into a game where he gets really naughty with her and she is like let me go someone will come. Maan of course has already banned all the servants from the kitchen. Shaana character that he is Wink Cool

2) Maan making a cup of tea for Geet and taking it to her. Geet has been running around all day and is tired. She is touched by his gesture but thinks that he only brought the tea and compliments Nakul on the tea. ROFL Maan is ticked off and fumes Angry . Nakool confesses that Maan made the tea. Geet cutely manaofies Maan. Blushing

3) Maaneet pull a fast one on daadi and NE. They stage a huge fight because they figure out that NE-daadi are setting them up and threaten to call off the wedding. ROFL Maaneet get a little carried away and you can see that the other is getting irritated by what one says ROFL. Daadi and NE are worried and make plans to send them to spend some time together by themselves ROFL. This is what Maan wanted all along and he convinced Geet to go along with it by telling her that they are just having fun Tongue. Geet of course tries to convince Daadi and NE that it is not necessary because there is lot of work to do for the wedding ROFL and Maan rolls his eyes thinking what am I going to do with her ROFL. Finally they get some time off where they have a cute fight about what they said to each other when they were with daadi-NE. Then both apologize, make-up and then have a fun time with the dinner and the moonlight stroll in the gardens.

4) We need a scene where Maan calls Geet the night before the wedding to tell her that they will be together from the following night. DO NOT SCREW UP THIS SCENE Angry. It must clearly convery joy, anticipation, supressed passion (from both sides) and a little fear (from Geet's side). Maybe daadi comes over to sleep next to Geet or maybe Meera, so that they can allay her fears that everything will be ok. They have just finished when Maan calls and assures her that everything will be fine.

5) Geet choosing the color scheme for their room to be a harmonious blend of red and white. Big smile
Maan helping her pick out the furnishings. They go shopping together for this. Big smile

6) Maan presenting Geet with a  heart shaped locket with both M and G intertwined and asking her to wear it always. Big smile

7) Maan wedding gift to Geet is to transfer her land back to her name and he gives her the papers before the wedding.

Will think up more LOL LOL LOL

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My Analysis on Theme of the show towards the bottom!

Brilliantly showed passion play today

I genuinely don't know what to do or say

except hats off to GC,DD ki acting

I even liked anwesha-Arjun scene - kill me if you will!

I love the song so much!

I didn't have problems with Maan ka possessive dialogues today- why?
Because my only problem then was it was like owning her..

She said the same thing- so I can't have a problem now..this makes it okay..possessiveness and jealousy..passion and tenderness...aur is sab ke saath ek pati who can be a tailor too..aur kya chahiye??LOL

Arjun-anwesha- chemistry missing.

although she's still improvingSmile

I loved how Maan  reacted to the tailor and Geet scene..HILARIOUS!LOL
Although the tailor -and the concept of measuring reminded me of Antony and Cleopatra by Shakespeare...
where Cleo asks Antony how much he loves her and he replies back that a new Earth and heaven must be discovered if he were to define the love he has for Cleopatra...LOL

I also liked how Geet took a step finally(poor gal..nahi toh aise hi reh jaati) and got what she wanted- answers to her questions as well as the promise of a kiss!

The glitter was definitely how they see each other now-
with that glow of love which has aglittered both of them!

loved Geet touching Maan's cheek..aww..

Geet- Hui Sab Se Parayi

Except Maan- whom she joined hands with in this struggle against life...
Somewhere..her struggle and her association with Maan made her realize that her life is worth living...she deserves happiness in life and deserves to LIVE it with an open heart..not a resignation to be alone(like she thought earlier)

The re dreaming of all her past hopes and dreams..even after those bad experiences in a circle of groW*H Geet has completed
But life is a journey...and she's ready to take a new road..and travel along with maan on that road.

She has already laid her claim- he's mine. and I'm possessive about you. Equally possessive. You are my life

She has found an equal with whom she can dream and live dreams...she can LIVE life with him.
and the show is about her LIVING her life- since the first- it's been about her taking a decision to give LIFE..not take it away.
she had forgotten to live life but now she has remembered and she will live.

After is a new struggle.

Her decisions will take her down new paths and undiscovered roads and she'll travel them- meet difficulties along with her "jeevan saathi"

Today what we got is Sringar Rasa..full on isn't it?
Reminded me of Kalidasa's Shakuntala
Duhsana as Maan, and Shakuntala as Geet
Both love each other and unite- as it is destiny's plan
Of course, my thought is of course more feminist than His..
Cuz here..instead of Shakuntala being the destined wife
We have Maan as the destined hum-safar of Geet- to help her fight the battles of Life

The fruition of Their love story is a life-long struggle..filled with moments of joy and peace..

"tumhare saath zindagi bohot dilchasp hogi"
It will be an interesting ride.
As there is no Bharat to be born here..instead their fruition will be the creation of a unit'Hum' that will enable a woman live on her own terms

kuchh samjhe?LOL
I'll write more on this on Monday
So this is what the theme still is-
Geet- Her journey..
She doesn't give up
She doesn't give in
She gives life
She is Creativity

MY love letter to the Team
Don't think ki passion play mein dialogues diye toh I'll not notice.
I noticed the important dialogue of possessiveness- could be sign of coming struggles,na?
and apt too..she is his wife-to -be after all!

Fine, I still am thinking more..and I will write more tomorrow.

About the Chooda and White

Yes, white stands for long as Geet isn't wearing plain white it's cool..but can we have colors like red and pink more too...
Embarrassedsince she'll be a bride soon..we can have more of reds and maroons for sometime?

I saw the epi quite late and so didn't write.
There may be some problems when you show a tradition like that-
the chooda isn't supposed to be shown to the bride..and has to be removed once a woman conceives
Fine,Geet ke saath sab kuchh different hai so it isn't v v earth shattering..LOL

But..for the wedding,
can we have Pinky's dad making Geet wear the chooda?Embarrassedas the maamu?

That's all for now..

Edited by geet.a - 18 December 2010 at 11:59am

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

Joined: 30 December 2006
Posts: 104435

Posted: 18 December 2010 at 7:22am | IP Logged
Confused what is going on in the show or what will happen ??Tongue..Refer to the following linkCool
After watching the episode...

**Jyoti's Soul Reporting from Swarglok**

Now tell me one show today on TV where all viewers go back to OMG after 8 months of watchBig smile..thats why Maaneet r special and thats why we r still addicted to this damn showApprove
Don't worry about Monday..I gave crying emoticons because as per my birdie..this passion is nothing what we r going to witness next weekBlushing..I was crying because in that case we will hv to temporarily shout down the Den or shift it to swarglok permanentlyROFL,..keep in mind Geet in white saree is socho kya hoga'll really think MSK will let go of the bet of kiss so easilyBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing..don't expect a lip kiss..but.........Wink
Myself and Gouri were talking about these happenings onlyROFL..but today Gouri is not in a position to come to the Den and claim the creditROFLROFLROFL...
MSK's eyes were breathtaking today..he was literally making love with his eyes todayDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming..
And I hv always admired Geet's character for being so bold and outright honest with her feelings and feel proud of herEmbarrassed

GC-DD...Take a bow/..wonderful display of classy passionplayStarStarStarStarStarStar
**Jyoti still in Swarglok doing her detailed take but still not in her senses**
Well I dunno how to start writing my take today because I m still in OMG mode and I really don't want to come out of this stance nowDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming;After a long time,I get an episode which I can watch over and over again without getting tiredBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing...
I will keep saying this that Maaneet is one rare couple who can give me goosebumps even after 8 other couple has done that for me in my 12yrs of serial experienceBlushing
Often People ask whats so different about GHSP..its the same cliched love story of boss and I guess today we got the answer of what is so unique about this show....Firstly Measurement scene was the first in any teleserial todayStarStarStarStar...then secondly in how many shows we hv seen female lead challenging the guy and in return opting for a kiss ?Tongue..even the glitter scene..the way she boldly says its my haq to remove the glitter from your face and then carasses his face so lovinglyBlushing..or then later when she says "aap bhi sirf mere ho"EmbarrassedEmbarrassed.,..normally guys make such statements in teleserialWink ..but here the heat was on from both sides and this is something I m yet to see in any teleserial today.. Smile..
Loved the way MSK  showed his extreme possessiveness for Geet todayThumbs Up;I know in real life such type of possessiveness can b dangerous where your BF is not even allowing the tailor to take his ladylove's measurementsROFL but I think during courtship period any girl will enjoy such type of possessiveness and passion coming from her partner as long as it doesn't turn into dangerous obsessionWinkLOLTongue...The sexual tension was quite evident between the two here especially when MSK was making his seductive moves around her hand ,back and waistBlushing
What was so awesome about the whole scene was that both were actively participating in the passionplay unlike other soaps where the guy shows the passion but the girl behaves like 40s ka heroineROFL;In this case if the guy admits that "I m possessive about u..can't share u with anyone else..I feel jealous when someone is around u because u r only mine"...the girl immediately reciprocates to his man's statements strongly by tightening her grip around him with full authority and confessing that "Even u r only mine"Thumbs Up..Thats why GHSP is the girl shows the courage to challenge her man and in return giving him the permission to kiss her if he wins the betWinkTongue...Its alomst as if she was teasing him to come and own her fully todayBlushing;It was clear that she was instigating him deliberately and thus igniting the passion and desire in him so that he confesses that "yes girl I m crazy about u"WinkLOL..and thats what MSK did today...Geet deliberately threw her dupatta and invited the tailor to measure her knowing that MSK will not allow it happenWink..and women power won here forcing her man to become her ghulam and go down on his kneesBlushing...Now give me name of one teleserial where we hv seen such a scene where the female lead is being portrayed in such bold manner and the male lead too has no inhibitions in showing his raw passion and desire for his lady love just with his bedroom  eyes and hand movesBlushing..In how many shows both the male and female lead alomst makes love with their eyes ?EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Also I believe a chemistry between a lead couple will completely fail if the fire and intensity is not there from both sidesSmile..but in this case GC-DD both hv given top-notch performances by just oozing passion in each and every scene today Embarrassed..If GC's eyes and hand moves did the trick today then DD's portrayal of hyperventillation and trembling lips were no less eitherClapClapClap..They both were complimenting each other flawlessly in what I can say is the best display of passionplay I hv witnessed in a daily soap everThumbs Up...
Compared to that the Arjun-Anvesha lift scene failed for me and I thought both had zero chemistry in that sceneThumbs Down;Scene was not executed badly but well I will hv to say that Nikunj can't actStern Smile;I thought Piyush as Arjun was good in that scene and he was bringing that macho or hot element in the scene but Nikunj faltered badly and so the scene looked I said a chemistry of a couple cannot shine if one of them fails to deliverSmile...
CVs should show Arjun directly challenging MSK in a one upmanship game mayb with some sort of business rivalry rather than giving us this cliched not so happening Arjun-Anvesha love trackThumbs Down
Even though I thought today the whole execution of that boutique scene was perfectEmbarrassed but I hv serious issues with camerawork today and I thought it was very sloppy and badOuch;I dunno why CVs need to use those special camera effects in these passionate Maaneet scenes ??Confused..they did the same in that "mein agar kahoon" song sequence too and ruined the again we got those balls on screen which were not neededAngry..also camerawork in long shots were sloppyOuch..CVs when MSK is making those passionate moves around Geet's body..make sure we get close-up clear shots of such scenes since the long shots ruin the impact of such scenesSmile...
Now the best scene of the day for me was MSK holding Geet's hand tightly when that boutique guy makes a comment about how girls feel special during their first marriageThumbs Up...This also proves one thing that MSK in his past was not married because he was not at all affected with that comment Big smile..I hope CVs remember this when they bring MSK's past in the pictureWink
MSK's last dialogue to Geet that "mayb u hv never imagined that I will do something like this " was an indirect message from the CVs to their viewers who were cribbing since last few weeks regarding how passion is missing between them nowWinkLOLLOL...Passion was always intact in their relationship..its just that CVs don't want to finish the whole quota of Maaneet scenes before marriage..they r preserving the best ones for post-marriageWinkTongue...
We hv seen 100 different types of Maaneet hugs by nowLOLLOL..Today's hug also have an unique element to itEmbarrassed;After the hug the way MSK carasses Geet's hair from her forehead marks the sensuous speciality of this hugBlushing
Now the million dollar question is whether Geet will fulfill her challenge and let Maan kiss her or notErmmBlushing...In spoiler pics Geet is wearing a white saree and looking divine which means we r going to get some more passionate treats next kiss is a possibility..mayb not lipkiss but a cheek or neck kissEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
My rest of the Analysis about the story..logic..and other issues will come not in a state to talk about those issuesLOLEmbarrassed
My Episode Rating:9/10...I would hv given it a perfect 10 if the camerawork was good and if Arjun-Anvesha lift scene had some these 9 points r strictly for GC-DD and their sensuous display of passionplay todayClapClapClapClap..Execution of the scene too was terrificThumbs Up

Edited by jyoti06 - 18 December 2010 at 4:13pm

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