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Mahak Sinha IF-Sizzlerz
Mahak Sinha
Mahak Sinha

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 4:52am | IP Logged

Priyanka Bassi a star actress on Television has made a come back by the show Rang Badalti Odhani and once again she is in lime light. What should I say more about her, the characters she played tells a lot about her.

A Lady who is ambitious and she knows how she can achieve what she wants. She uses all means to achieve her target. Her target is to become the most famous actress in Bollywood.  She had been given to her father, who was a small actor of his time. Her mother was bahoo of Khanna Family. Sheena craved for her mother's love who dumped her, she wanted to show her that she can be the best even without her support. She knew how to show off, she knew house to impress others, she knew how to make an entrance, she knew how to evade baddies.  She has everything in her to be successful and which made her presence on screen more and more effective. Sheena married the millaniore and became the producer finally.  She was Sheena a beautiful combination of mind n beauty. She has been nominated for the best debut in female category for this show.

It's time to talk about the most famous character of Indian Television of "Naina Singh Ahluwalia". She was strong, determined and brave. But this was not the real Naina, the circumstances made her like that. She was lovely, bubbly and chirpy Naina to whom his brother used to call "chuhiya". She was beloved of his brother Naveen Singh Ahluwalia a Captain in Indian Army n later he was called as a traitor and killed in an encounter when he was trying to escape. Naina totally transformed after all of this incident in her life and vowed to bring back the honor of her brother Naveen. She took admission in KMA (Kanchanjanga Military Academy) and from day one she tried her best to prove her brother's innocence and his picture on Wall of Fame.  She got the best mentor Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhwat ( Rajeev Khandelwal)who used to be the best friend of Naveen. His chemistry with Rajveer, Huda, Alekh & Pooja was the centre of attraction. In the journey she lost his mentor ( later she realized that he was more than mentor, he was the love of her life) but still her determination gave her way and she proved that his brother was a martyr not a traitor.

After the long gap of 2 years she is back to hit the screen once again.

She is here on Star One's Rang Badalti Odhani as Samaira, the one of the oldest friend of Shantanu ( Karan Tacker). They were the members of a band "Square". Her old love Rahul ( Manish) was one of the member of Square who left her only because of the reason that he was not that much rich as Shantanu was. Sam has now become an event manager and now she is planing Rahul's marriage and she has confronted Manish many times till date. 


One more reality show by Priyanka Bassi as herself

Mr. & Ms. Television

Priyanka has taken part in Mr. & Ms. Television a reality show after finishing Left Right Left. She didn't win that reality show but once again she showed her skills by this show. She has proved that she is a brilliant actress and a beautiful actress too.

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Mahak Sinha IF-Sizzlerz
Mahak Sinha
Mahak Sinha

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 4:53am | IP Logged

Deedar My OS to RN

When I got down from my train there was a lot of rush on the station. It seemed to me as if the whole Mumbai has been come to the platform and there was not a little space too walk properly. Log ek doosre ko dhakka de k aage badh rahe the, kahin kisi k pass itna time hi kahan tha ki koi kisi ka saath de ya sahara bane. "Shayad aise hi hai Mumbai, jaisa bataya tha aap sab ne." Mai bahar aaya taxi lene k liye bahut mushkil se.

"Bhai sahib andheri chalna hai."

"haan ji challenge bilkul challenge."

"kitna kiraya lagega?"

"Bus jee Rs. 250/-."

"Kya kaha?"

"Sunai nahi diya kya? Agar nahi hai to jaa jaa k kalti ho le, fokat me itna waqt kyoun barbaad kar rahela hai apun ka." Taxi driver ne kaha.

'kamal hai bhai, kya yahan k log aise hi baat karte hai ajeeb se bhasa me?' he thought. But said, "ok chalo." And as he tried to place his bag and suitcase his ID card dropped.   That taxi driver saw that ID card. He read the name, "Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhwat." Ab to taxi waale ki halat kharab.

"Oh sorry sahib jee," he said when I leaned to pick my ID card. "Are aap kyoun rakh rahein hain apna saaman laaiye mai rakh deta hoon na andar." And he took my bag and suitcase and put in in dickey.

"Arohi, jaldi kar na kitna time legi mujhe late ho raha hai. ",a sweet voice came to me and my eyes fell on a beautiful face in front of me.  I was just mesmerized when I saw her beautiful face. 

"Bus di aayi." A gal replied.

I don't know who was she but when I saw her I got stuck on her pretty face. That pretty face, her eyes, her lips and all of her features; she just looked stunning. Ye to mujhe samajh me aa raha tha ki vo vahan pe kisi ko lene aayi thi kyounki us k saath me ek aur ladki thi. May be her sister as she was just as pretty as her.

Mera man nahi tha ki mai vahan se jaaon, bus yu hi dil kar raha tha ki us ko vahin khada dekhta rahoon aise hi. Jab taxi waale ne kaha, "Sir jee baith jaaiye to mai chaloon."

"Haan bus ek minute," and I got again busy to watch that pretty girl. Her dress was making her more gorgeous and my eyes got glued on her till when she and her sister got seated in their car and drove off. Again that driver came to me and asked, "Sahab jee time lagega kya?"

I came out of my dream world and sat in the cab, "nahi chalo."

Poore raaste mujhe bus us ka hi khayal aa raha tha aur kuch soch hi nahi paa raha tha jab vo fir se dikhi mujhe. Like me she was too on the traffic signal and for me once more I got the opportunity to look her or should I say stare her like an idiot. Aisa nahi hai ki maine pehle ladkiyaan nahi dekhi hai, but still pata nahi kya hai us me jo sab se alag hai. Khaas kar k us ki aakhein jin me doob jaane ka dil karta hai humesha k liye. Jaldi hi signal ho gaya n vo apne raaste aur mai apne raaste.

Three months later:-

"Come in Captain Shekhwat." One of my seniors Brigadier Dutta said.

"Good morning sir,"

"Captain itne subah subah aap ko ek jaroori kaam se bulaya gaya hai yahan."

"May I know sir kya kaam hai?"

"off course Captain, aap ko kuch der me Khandala k liye nikalna hai. Humare pass kuch info aayi hai ki kuch log vahan koi bada dhamaka karne ka plan kar rahe hain." Brigediear told.

"Ok sir,"

"To I hope aap jaldi hi nikal jaayenge aur vahan aap ko Lft. Chaubey milenge jo aap ki kaafi help bhi kar denge." And I left after taking all the info for Khandala.

Five hours later:-

"So Lft. Chaubey aap se mil kar kaafi khushi hue."

"Sir jee mujhe bhi, par please aap mujhe Chuabey hi kahein accha lagta hai." Par ab us ki baton me dhyaan kahan tha mera, mai to window k bahar dekhne laga jahan vahi ladki mujhe fir se dikhayi di. Oh god fir se vo aaj mere saamne theen maheeno baad. Mujhe apni kismet pe jaise yakeen hi nahi ho raha tha. I thought I have left the hope that I will ever meet her again in my life. She was there with her friends I think for spending the weekend.

"Kya hua sir jee?" Chaubey asked and looked in that direction where I was staring.

"oho, to love shav ka maamla lagta hai." He made a comment and that attracted my thoughts.

"Ok Chaubey aap chaliye, mai abhi aap se milta hoon kuch der me." And Chaubey followed my order smiling.

Us ki smile ka matlab mujhe kuch khaas samajh me nahi aaya aur shayad mai samajhna bhi nahi chahta tha ab. Chaubey k jaane k baad jaise hi maine mud k us ko dekhna chaha vo fir se gayab ho gayi. 'kahan chali gayi, abhi to yahin thi na.' I was very impatient to see her once more when she again came there with one of her friend. I didn't  know why but when I saw her friend who was a boy and he circled his arms around her neck I felt jealous. 'kaun hai ye kameena jo is tarah se is k saath ghoom raha hai. How can he? Is k saath to bus mai accha dikhoonga aur vo bhi mujhe lagta hai is ko pasand nahi karti hai.' I didn't notice that she was angry with that boy n he was trying his best to say sorry so that she could forgive him. I thought y not to meet her once, I don't understand how this thought came in my mind but I decided to meet her once and I was still unaware that whatever happens is all for good and may be something of that sort is going to be happen with me too.

As I came out I saw that boy was still yelling to her, "maaf kar de yaar tu abhi tak gussa hai mujh se."

She said, "nahi mujhe to gussa nahi khush hona chahiye na tujh se. Pata hai vahan pe maine kitna wait kiya hai tera? Mai mai Ms. Naina Singh Ahluwalia wait kar rahi thi tera vo bhi poore two n half hours."

I smiled looking at her angry face, 'so Naina naam hai tumhara. Kitna pyaara naam hai na. I don't know pehle bhi kisi ne kabhi ye naam rakha hai ya nahi but aaj bahut special lag raha hai ye naam mujhe. But u look really cute in anger.' I thought and still I was smiling when I saw the sound.

"boooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm'. And yeah as being solidier of Army I realized that it was the sound of bomb blast and immedieatly a chaos filled the atmosphere. I was not shocked as I have already got the information that such kind of blasts can take place here. All were scared and people started running here and there when I saw her feeling miserable as she was unable to find any of her friend in that smoke, I immediately came in action and it take me a few minutes to reach at Naina and I just pulled her down, she was surprised as she doesn't know me and thinking hard who am I and from where I came to her rescue. It was after two or three seconds when she realized that a pillar behind her was about to fell over her.

She was over me and I was over him, our eyes met and her eyes looked me deep inside my heart. Kuch tha un aakhon me jo mujhe andar tak dekh leti thi.Pata nahi kyoun mujhe ehsaas ho raha tha ki un najron se mai apne aap ko door nahi kar paa raha hoon. She was still staring in my eyes and it was happened again when again a bomb blasted near us and we both came back from our terrance. I left her and she stood up but her eyes were still stuck to me.

"Are u alright?" I asked and in response she just nodded her head without saying a single word.

I ran towards the sight where again the bomb blast happened. Chaubey and few of my team members came there in rescue and after two hours all was in control.  We found two more live bombs to which we diffused and now one thought stuck in my mind. I tried to search her but she was lost and once again I couldn't find her.   The news of bomb blast spread like fire in forest and soon a lot of phone calls were started coming for the confirmation of dear ones of people.

Six months later:-

"Captain mujhe nahi lagta aap us se kuch bhi niaklwa paayenge?"

"Aap mujhe mauka de k dekhiye sir mai kar loonga I am sure." Raj has a confidence in his tone which made Brigediear convinced.

As I came out of the Brigediear's room I again saw her, she was seated on a chair with two people it seems one of her mother and second one was his father. I saw those eyes which have now a lost look on her face. Her eyes were blank and her face was showing a different type of sadness and quietness which was very contrary her character as whenever I saw her, she was lovely talkative and chirpy but this time..........; her eyes were still speaking volumes and I was lost once again watching them deep pool of emotions which shows the emptiness of her life.

I asked a orderly, "Kaun hain ye log aur yahan kaise?"

"Sir jee aap Captain Naveen Singh ko jaante the?" he asked and his question brought me back nine months later when I met that young captain firstly. He was really a nice human being, a lively hearted , jolly person and a big flirt too. I spend two and a half months with him but it seemed to me as if I have a long time bonding with him.

"haan suna hai."

"Ye log un k hi ghar k hain. Matlab ye sahib jee un k pita jee hain saath me un ki maa aur ye un ki choti behan hai."

Now I could understand her situation n her condition, she was silent but it seemed to me as she has lost one of the most valuable treasure of her life. I wanted to talk her but...

"Excuse me sir, aap k liye ek urgent call aaya hai." An orderly informed me.

"Haan abhi aaya." I said and as I saw her I found her gazing me hard. Now I can see the tears in her eyes forming clearly. My heart wants to console her right than but I couldn't do that. Her gaze was making me weaker now and I don't know what to do. Her eyes said all her pain from which she was gone through and I couldn't do anything still.

Two years later:-

In do saalon me mai Major ban gaya tha aur abhi bus 10 din hue the mere promotion k.Aaj mai phir us chehre k saamne khada tha, jaane kyoun par ab us chehre me shayad bus ek aur ehsaas baaki tha aur vo tha badla, us ki aakhein saaf ye dikha rahi thi ki us ko badla chahiye. Mujhe samajh me nahi aaya ki us k yahan aane ka kya reason hai, tabhi us ki awaaz ek baar fir mere kaano me padi.

"Lft. Naina Singh Ahluwalia reporting sir."

Mere man me ye khayal aa rahe the ki shayad aaj ek mauka hai jab mai us ko jee bhar k apne saamne dekh sakta hoon. Us ki aakhon me aakhein daal kar. Shayad in hi khayalon me doobe rehne ki vajah se maine suna nahi ki vo mujhe officially greet kar rahi thi.

She said it again, "Lft. Naina Singh Ahluwalia reporting sir."

Ab mai apne khayalon se bahar aaya, "Good evening Lft so aaj se aap mere saath kaam karengi?"

"Yes sir." She replied.

"So Lft., Army join karne k bare me kaise socha aap ne? I mean aap ki umar k log to mostly Doctor, Engineer ya phir M.B.A. kar lete hain to aap ka interest kaise bana is taraf?"

In response she gave me a solid reply for which I was waiting, "Sahi kaha aap ne sir, par mujhe un logon se apne desh ka bachana tha jo kitne he gharon k bacchon ko anath kar dete hain, kitne maaon se un k bte, kitne biwiyon se un k pati aur kitne behno se un k bhai cheen lete hain. Apne desh ko bachana pehle jyada jaroori hai kyoun ki desh se hum hain." And I was impressed, shayad us se mai yahi expect kar raha tha. Par jab us ne ek line kahi ki behno se bhaiyon ko juda kar dete hain to jo dard maine Naina k naino me dekha hai shayad us ko mai apni poori zindagi bhi bhool nahi paoonga. We got busy in a mission and when the mission got over successfully one day I called her.


"Haan Raj."

"Aaj kahin bahar mile?"

"Kyoun date pe le jaana chahte ho mujhe?" she said and I was really astonished how she got that. I was at a loss of words when she called again, "hello, kahan gaye?"

"H...haan mai yahin hoon."

"Tum kuch keh, I mean pooch rahe the." She reminded me.

"Kya tum chalogi mere saath?" I asked again aur is baar mere poochne me jo sincere tone tha I think Naina noticed that.

"Yes," she said and I felt that as if she is saying that feeling shy and I was happy.

We met four hours later when I went to pick her up and I saw her coming towards me, when I saw her this time the sight blown my senses away.

'oh Naina kya karna chahti ho mere saath,mujhe chain se jeene nahi dogi kya? Vaise hi last kuch dino se mai  har jagah tum ko hi dekh raha hoon har pal aur aaj to is red saari me kayamat hi utar aayi hai lagta hai.' I thought and she moved closer to me.

"Shayad captain bhool gaye hain ki ek lady ko kaise welcome kiya jaata hai?" she reminded me and I came back from my dreamland. I got embarssed as it's not expected from me.I came out of my car and opened the door for my lady love and she sat in smiling.

We took half an hour to reach there and in whole journey I was silent as it was my nature not to speak much. One thing I noticed in whole way that Naina was smiling from start to end, to which I was surprised that why is she smiling that much today. We reached there and I said her to wait for me on table no. 14 as I have booked it for us and I went to park the car.

When I came back I found her reading something on her mobile and smiling. "Kya hua aise kya baat ho gayi jo smile kar rahi ho itna?" I asked her and in reply she gave me again a smile.

"Bus kuch khaas nahi ek dost ka sms tha."

"Ek dost.......bahut khaas hai na Naina agar mai galat nahi hoon to."

"Haan vo to hai Raj."

"Vaise agar koi problem nahi ho to may I know who is he or she?" I asked aur mujhe bhi samajh nahi aaya kyoun ye sawal poocha maine us se, haan shayad apne dil me chupi hue insecurity ko khatam karne k liye aur apne doubt to clear karne k liye ki kahin Naina ki zindagi me koi aisa to nahi hai jis se us ka rishta dosti se kuch jyada ho.

Naina was not surprised she looked at me and said, "kyoun jalan ho rahi hai kya?"

I was speechless, samajh me nahi aata ki kya kahoon naina se abhi. "Bus aise hi agar tum nahi batana chahti to koi baat nahi." I said shayad itna hi aa raha tha tab k liye mere dimaag me. Naina can read my thoughts now I feel. She just gave me a grin and said.

"Alekh ka sms tha, aap ko bataya than a maine Alekh k bare me?" she asked and I nodded, "Aap ko pata hai Alekh sab se alag hai sab se hat kar hai. Us se milne k baad shayad us ko maine jitne acche se samjha hai utna kabhi kisi ne nahi samjha ye Alekh khud kehta hai. Us ne sms kiya tha ki us ne jis ladki se pyaar kiya hai aaj us k parents se baat karne jaa raha hai shaadi k liye. Aap ko maine bataya tha na ki humare saath Yudi tha bus us ki hi behan se pyaar karta hai vo aur aaj jaa raha apne pyaar ko humesha k liye apna banana k liye." Naina ne sab kuch bata diya mujhe and now I was feeling tension free.

Now this was the time for a main moment and I excused Naina for a while.

"Ladies and Gentlemen aaj yahan hum sab k saath maujood hain Major Rajveer Singh Shekhawat jo kisi se kuch kehna chahte hain apne alag andaaz me." A loud sound of clapping echoed that big hall of restaurant. Naina was surprised by this sudden announcement and her eyes glued to stage waiting for me.

Rajveer came there having guitar in his one hand and he said, "Ladies and gentlemen aaj ki sham us khaas insaan k naam jo mere saath aaj yahan aayi hain "Lft. Naina Singh Ahluwalia". Naina this is for you." And the next sound was sound of guitar and when Raj sang this it made the song more melodious.

Dil ko tumse pyaar hua, pehli baar hua

Tumse pyaar hua........


Main bhi aashiq yaar hua, pehli baar hua

Tumse pyaar hua.........


Chhaayi hai betaabi

Meri jaan, kaho main kya karoon


Chhaayi hai betaabi

Meri jaan, kaho main kya karoon


Naina was now feeling shy to look at Raj this time and Raj was just enjoying a shying Naina as it's rare he generally has seen Naina in anger or talking continuously.


Dil ko tumse pyaar hua, pehli baar hua

Tumse pyaar hua...............

Main bhi aashiq yaar hua, pehli baar hua

Tumse pyaar hua.............


Raj was roaming around a lady and a man who were husband and wife and he sang for them intending towards Naina. He made them stand up and brought them to the floor where they started dancing with each other, having each other in their arms.


Oh, kho gaya main khayaalon mein

Ab neend bhi nahin aankhon mein

Karvatein bas badalta hoon

Ab jaagta hoon main raaton mein


Ab doori na sehni, har lamha kehta hai

Na jaane haal mera aisa kyoon rehta hai


Main deewana tera ban gaya jaane jaana

Main fasaana tera ban gaya jaane jaana

Haseena gori gori, churaaya chori chori

Churaaya dil chori chori chori chori chori


He came close to Naina and Naina was still blushing and this was clear from her dark red cheeks, she was unable to look in to his eyes and he went closer to her and keeping his guitar on the table he made her stand up and rose her chin with his fingers gently.


Dil ko tumse pyaar hua, pehli baar hua

Tumse pyaar hua

Main bhi aashiq yaar hua, pehli baar hua

Tumse pyaar hua


He bought her to the floor and made her look in to his eyes and his eyes this time conveyed all to her, she was accepting him he found in those eyes. She was unable to bear that gaze of him and she broke the gaze and hides her face in his chest.


Aarzoo hai mere sapnon ki

Baitha rahoon teri baahon mein

Sirf tu mujhe chaahe ab

Itna asar ho meri aahon mein


Tu keh de haske to tod doon main rasmon ko

Marke bhi na bhooloon main teri kasmon ko


She was in his arms perfectly loving the closeness but soon she realized what was she doing and she tried to part but I was firm that he will never let her leave me. I pulled her again in my arms circled her waist and took her another hand in my hand.


Main to aaya hoon yahan pe bas tere liye

Tera tan mann sab hai mere liye


Hai kya haseen nazaara, sama hai pyaara pyaara

Gale laga le yaara yaara yaara yaara yaara


Main bhi aashiq yaar hua, pehli baar hua

Tumse pyaar hua


Chhaayi hai betaabi

Meri jaan, kaho main kya karoon


Kya karoon, kya karoon, kya karoon


When the song finished she was still there in same position when a waiter came and offered her a small glass of wine. Raj picked up that glass and asked, "Naina will be the integral part of my life forever?"


In response she just took that glass from me and took a sip, and finally she saw that beautiful ring in the bottom of the drink.


"So it means yes?" I asked.


"Raj make me wear this." She said slowly and I did the honor to made her wear the ring.


Again we received a round of applause for my proposal and for Naina's acceptance as well. We came out after an hour, "Naina are u happy?" I don't know why but I thought to ask u.


"Yes, off course kyoun koi doubt hai aap ko?" she asked in her tone.


"No I just asked," I said.


We reached back to our quarters @ 10 p.m. and she was about to leave when I called her back, "Naina tum ne good night nahi bola?" I asked.


She smiled and came to me, "good night Raj", and her next action made me numb, she just kissed me on my lips and she left quickly running.  I was surprised but now it's very hard for me to resist the touch of those rosy patels for too long. I went behind her and as she was about to close the door I entered inside and said, "Mera good night baaki hai abhi."


She just said, "Raj............" and now I have a fire in me to taste that beautiful creatures, those lips for which I was waiting for from past three and a half year. I closed the door behind and started tasting her lips with mine, she started giving me full encouragement and we don't know till how much time we got glued with each other. It was when I felt her pallu dropped down and this scenario made me more passionate for her. I was just loving her and touching her all visible parts from my lips and she was shivering by my touch, she was literally stuck to me and I was unable to control the fire in me. My lips descended and from deepness of her neck I kissed the most beautiful mounds she have.Neither me nor she was interested to stop the rhythm and finally I picked her up in my arms and laid her down on her bed. Her eyes were still closed as if she was enjoying me on her and giving me a silent indication to continue further but soon I realized that it's getting so much for me and perhaps it's not the right time to do that.


Four months later:-


This is our wedding night and she has been mine forever and I am again thinking from day one to now, how I first saw her two times, than I met her to more times; finally I found her working with me. Than to my proposal to here all was just like a dream come true to me. I told her all about it and she was surprised to know that I have a longing for her from a long time.


She now gave me everything of hers to me, us ka Tan aur man bhi ab mera hai and now I don't have any boundation to her and satisfy myself from a thirst of three and a half years. I loved her and she loved me, that night we made love several times, no I should say enjoyed love making several times. She was not shy, she was bold and I was getting wild on her and she was enjoying that wild and in hostile animal on her.She was mine and I was hers forever now.


Now I think "Ek deedar ne pyaar se mila diya".Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

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30th June- Swetha ( SV003)

25th September- Arpita


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credit to Priyanka Bassi Birthday Bash FC & Other Fan Club

Credit to LRL Forum

Priyanka's Ranking Per week

122 -Priyanka Bassi (Last week 0)

In last week of Dec-10

130- On December 28th

Party70- On January week 16th to 23rd. Clap Clap

Priyanka Bassi

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Congrats for the new FC!!!ClapClap

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