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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Passion..Passion..lets Find Solution:Updted ideas PG1 (Page 5)

-pixie- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 4:15am | IP Logged
Exhibit F
Ice Ice baby LOL and I am saying no more!

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Shradha I m loving your ideasClapClapClap

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I saw a scene on Kulwant and Geet (dont know the name of the show) where the hero drinks lassi in a dhabba and gets a lassi mustache like our Maan in the dhabba scene. But the difference in this scene is, when the heroine laughs at his white mush, the hero drags her from there to a secluded place and asks her to wipe it. When she tries to wipe with her dupatta, he holds her wrist and whispers that he wants her to wipe with her lips. She goes red and  wriggles out of his hold and runs away. Now this scene on Maaneet will be super cute and hot.  

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cacoethes IF-Rockerz

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how about Maan takes Geet to the beach for a walk LOL and they walk holding hands and talking about...MOON ROFL ROFL ROFL

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ranjnanarang Goldie

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Originally posted by jyoti06

Don't worry this is not another Mod's note or warning thread coming from meROFLROFLROFL..Even Mods hv the right to hv some fun once in a whileTongue

 Was missing this from your end while you were monitoring JO
I was just taking a merry-go-round trip to the whole forumLOL and came across many posts hving several doubts and queries regarding our thought of doing some gyaan batofying to all todayGeekLOL

Yeah this was really Needed Jo the doubts were killing people
First Doubt
Is MSK Changed ??..Is he  a love sick puppy now ??Shocked..where has passion and intensity gone ??Shocked:ROFL
Lets all remember the MSK of Monday's episode.,.the way he went on doing hitlergiri in the office and then blasting Annie for not working properly in the officeCool....So moral of the story is MSK is a changed man only for his Gith..he becomes shayar..majnu..romeo only when he is in his private space with GithTongue..but for his rest of the family members and office staff ,he is still the rough and tough MSK that we knowCool..Also lets not forget the Attic room wala smiling MSK tooTongue..We hv only seen the HP wala or Delhi wala khadoos MSK..but do we know his past or how was he before Sam aunty came in his life ??Evil Smile..So in short MSK is still a bit of a mystry for usTongue..We hv seen his agressive and passionate lets see his other sides as well...Tongue

Yes ise kehte hain yeh ishq nahi aasan ek aag ka dariya hai aur doob ke jaana hai kitna mushkil hai character change karna for people in the office and then Geet. Maan is doing is so very well I am loving it totally. Loving this caring MSK who is bery concerned about Geet and her well being.  
Second Doubt
Why there is passion missing in Maaneet love story,..why is it so sugar-coated ??Shocked..
The phase of extreme passion and desire has passed now after confessionBig smile...A guy desires for a woman till the time he is trying to woo herTongue..Once he knows that she is his forever...he feels relaxed and tries to pamper her more where passion takes a backseat for some period of time and mushiness takes overBig smile;But that doesn't mean the passion is over in their relationshipROFL;Its still intact but has only taken a backseat because MSK knows that Geet is still not very comfortable with his extreme passionate pull..we saw that in pool party fiasco and earlier in RTM fiasco alsoSmile;So he is trying to win her over and make her comfortable fully with his sher-o-shayari ..a zone in which Geet is more comfortable since MSK keeps saying that her happiness matters more to him than his own desiresBig smile;The day MSK feels that she is truely ready to take their relationship to a more matured level,his passion too will b backEmbarrassed;But hving said that,I still believe with mushy romance,a bit of finger passionplay can b shownErmmand also forehead kisses can b promoted to cheek or neck kisses at least if not moreTongueLOL..I hope CVs r listening to me or else I will raise with warning levelROFL

Absolutely Jo koi aisa show kahan ofcourse guys they need to save something for the SR waise Jo shaadi se pehle ek tabela to banta hai na Tongue Manali was a little damp thanks to the relentless editing. May be on full on but a small pre-cap of the SR 

Third Doubt
What happened to NT-Dev case..why is Geet not informed that MSK-Dadi has withdrawn the case ?ShockedShocked...
Firstly how can Dadi or MSK withdraw the case which was filed by GeetBig smile..Secondly Dadi only talked about withdrawing the case but that doesn't mean she has already finished withdrawing itBig smile;Thirdly Dev and NT r still in that same its not that they hv already gone scotfree and Geet knows nothing about itBig smile;Fourthly MSK has not forgotten the matter ..reason why Dev's name is not there in the wedding card as per the precapBig smile..he has only kept those issues on hold sinse his top priority is marriage right nowBig smile..Lastly if the case itself is not taken back yet,why will MSK tell Geet anything related to that matter at this point of time when after a long time she is enjoying her marriage preparationsBig smile...Moral of the story is that the case track is put on hold till Maaneet marriage happens because Arjun's character needs to b established before the case track comes in front of Geet..u will know why laterSmile...Also in a daily soap there is something called suspense and curiosity element which remains to b there in  such shaadi moments...if MSK tells everything to Geet..then whole curiosity which is generated regarding this case will die down fullyBig smile

Right baad ke liye bhi kuch bacha ke rakhna hai na and Devs character too needs to be eased out since Abhi is leaving. Abhi to Maaneet ko shaadi enjoy karne do. And I am really curious what is that one way mirror arjun upto.
Fourth Doubt
Oh no Annie is being brainwashed by now no MarriageShockedShocked
Well think about it ,if CVs had no plan to show marriage why will they advertise it on their official Geet FB page in bold that "Maaneet Marriage will b HUGE"...U think they want dandas and tamatars from their dearest fansBig smileBig smile;Like I said even in marriage scenario,u need a bit of curiosity element and some story which this Annie-Arjun track might let the drama rollTongue..Why take faltoo ka tension when CVs hv already announced it to the world that Maaneet marriage is happening with full band baaja and grand functionsBig smile
Annie has to have brains for them to be washed sorry my stance on that character is still the same. Yeah but I am curious about the culmination of Arjun and annie track. 
Fifth Doubt
Oh no...Maaneet scenes have become repitative..boring...oh no ab kya hogaShockedShocked
Hmmm...Lets not compare any shows but please bhaiyyo aur behno tell me one serial  in tellyland which for the last 8 months hv given us romantic scenes between lead couple before marriage on a daily basisBig smile...If anyone can name at least one such show,I promise I will quit Geet today itselfROFL;When CVs r giving us 10mins of Maaneet for last 8 months on a daily basis,then some scenes r bound to get repitative which even CVs cannot helpBig smile;In such cases as loyal fans of this show,its our duty that instead of cribbing about it,we give some honest feedbacks and suggestions to the CV team and then see if they can implement itEmbarrassed;And whoever feels magic is lost in last few weeks can go and rewatch the recent lap scene or dori tieing scene or even yesterday's hug sceneDay Dreaming..tell me how many shows hv actually given us such innovative scenes where the girl sits on her fiance's lap freely and chit-chats with himTongue;In how many shows the guy so seductively ties the back-dori of his girl's dress and moves his finger around her backDay Dreaming....In how many shows fans get the pleasure to see so many "N" number of hugs between the couple even before marriageBig smile..find me one such show plssss...and lets all quit this one thenLOLEmbarrassed....Moral of the story is CVs might b reserving some scenes even after marriageWink..if they end the quota of romantic scenes all before marriage,then shaadi ke baad kya dikhayenge doston ??ROFL...The physicality between Maaneet which fans want will come only after marriage because lets not forget its a prime time show at 9.30pm which has got certain restrictions..Embarrassed...So lets hv some patience and enjoy these scenes even if they r me aise romantic scenes hardly u will get to see in any other soap on tellyland todayROFL..and this I m telling from my own 12yrs of serial thank your stars for getting tihs showLOL
 Nahi Romance kabhi bhi boring nahi ho sakta and we have been treated to its dosages very well these days even my man is watching it for romance. Though he laughs it off but asak dikh raha hai us par bhi.Embarrassed
Ok enough of my gyaan batofy missionROFL...Lets all give some honest feedbacks and ideas to the CVs regarding what all Maaneet scenes we want to see during their courtship period..that is before marriageBig smile..Post-Marriage list baad mein banayengeLOLTongue
Chalo I m listing down my ideas here...Tongue...
1)A Romantic Dance in RainBlushing(Don't ask me how can it rain in Delhi in Dec...Logic and Romance cannot go hand in handAngryROFL)
2)MSK  teaching some hoo-haa exercises to his Geet which mayb good for pregnency...passion can b brought hereTongue
3)MSK taking Geet for a long-drive and hving Nariyal paani and golgappas on their wayDay DreamingLOL..Geet teaching MSK how to eat golgappaBlushingLOL
4)MSK making an attempt to kiss Geet's lips and neck..I said only making an attemptWink...Geet should run away in time before censor boards ban our showAngryROFL
5)Geet going for some work to MSK's room when he is coming out of the bathroom after hving a good bath...he is wet and shirtless..Geet is embarassedEmbarrassed...he gives all sort of seductive looks to Geet and tries to grab her in his I need to say moreBlushing..CVs baaki ka soch lengeROFL
6)Geet and MSK hving a cute chat about their baby's nameTongue..Geet showing some food cravings which is normal in pregnency and MSK going bonkers to fulfill themEmbarrassed
7)Geet and MSK meeting chup chup ke on the terrace at nightTongue.,,but NOT to do chaand taare talksAngryLOL..but mayb MSK wants to gift Geet a western outfit and want her to wear it just for him...anyone remember "Maine pyaar kiya" ka scene..."Mere sawaalon ka jawaab do"Blushing
8)Geet feeding breakfast to MSK by sitting on her lapDay Dreaming..I don't mind a repitation of lap scene..sorry folksROFL
9)Geet stiching MSK's shirt buttonDay Dreaming..I know a cliched scene...but Maaneet magic can make it extra specialEmbarrassed
10)Khurana employees throwing a bachelar part for MSK before marriage and we can hv a repeat of Kurbaan hua dance there between Maaneet but with a soft number sinse Geet's pregnency needs to b taken into account nowEmbarrassed....again I don't mind a repeat hereROFL
Now waiting for all your ideas and some more doubts TongueLOL..plss don't throw chappals at meLOLEmbarrassed..bas come out with ideas for the CVsBig smileBig smile

Not thats my Jo back in full swing loved this post my replies are there in red. 
Now to add to the list I want the following.

  1. Maan trying to steal time with Geet amidst the marriage bheed bhad.
  2. Geet going for shopping with Annie for you know what Embarrassed and Maan getting curious and insisting on coming along but Geet trying to give excuses. Now really wonder whether CVs will be able to show this.
  3. People organising a bachelorrette party for Geet and Maan caught sneaking in.
  4. Maan and Geet sneaking out in the middle of the night and eating icecream.
  5. Maan tring to look at Geet while she is getting her Ubtan and mehndi done and then getting caught by Annie and Her friends.

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-pixie- IF-Rockerz

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@Caco: They live in Dilli...beach kahan se aayega?ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

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Arwen. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 4:18am | IP Logged
Oye Caco .. no beech in Delhi ... that could be a honeymoon scene though Embarrassed

what i want to see .... hmmm.... i ll think some more and come back LOL

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-pixie- IF-Rockerz

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Opti- thats really Embarrassed....

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