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Passion..Passion..lets Find Solution:Updted ideas PG1

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Don't worry this is not another Mod's note or warning thread coming from meROFLROFLROFL..Even Mods hv the right to hv some fun once in a whileTongue

I was just taking a merry-go-round trip to the whole forumLOL and came across many posts hving several doubts and queries regarding our thought of doing some gyaan batofying to all todayGeekLOL
First Doubt
Is MSK Changed ??..Is he  a love sick puppy now ??Shocked..where has passion and intensity gone ??Shocked:ROFL
Lets all remember the MSK of Monday's episode.,.the way he went on doing hitlergiri in the office and then blasting Annie for not working properly in the officeCool....So moral of the story is MSK is a changed man only for his Gith..he becomes shayar..majnu..romeo only when he is in his private space with GithTongue..but for his rest of the family members and office staff ,he is still the rough and tough MSK that we knowCool..Also lets not forget the Attic room wala smiling MSK tooTongue..We hv only seen the HP wala or Delhi wala khadoos MSK..but do we know his past or how was he before Sam aunty came in his life ??Evil Smile..So in short MSK is still a bit of a mystry for usTongue..We hv seen his agressive and passionate lets see his other sides as well...Tongue
Second Doubt
Why there is passion missing in Maaneet love story,..why is it so sugar-coated ??Shocked..
The phase of extreme passion and desire has passed now after confessionBig smile...A guy desires for a woman till the time he is trying to woo herTongue..Once he knows that she is his forever...he feels relaxed and tries to pamper her more where passion takes a backseat for some period of time and mushiness takes overBig smile;But that doesn't mean the passion is over in their relationshipROFL;Its still intact but has only taken a backseat because MSK knows that Geet is still not very comfortable with his extreme passionate pull..we saw that in pool party fiasco and earlier in RTM fiasco alsoSmile;So he is trying to win her over and make her comfortable fully with his sher-o-shayari ..a zone in which Geet is more comfortable since MSK keeps saying that her happiness matters more to him than his own desiresBig smile;The day MSK feels that she is truely ready to take their relationship to a more matured level,his passion too will b backEmbarrassed;But hving said that,I still believe with mushy romance,a bit of finger passionplay can b shownErmmand also forehead kisses can b promoted to cheek or neck kisses at least if not moreTongueLOL..I hope CVs r listening to me or else I will raise their warning levelROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Third Doubt
What happened to NT-Dev case..why is Geet not informed that MSK-Dadi has withdrawn the case ?ShockedShocked...
Firstly how can Dadi or MSK withdraw the case which was filed by GeetBig smile..Secondly Dadi only talked about withdrawing the case but that doesn't mean she has already finished withdrawing itBig smile;Thirdly Dev and NT r still in that same its not that they hv already gone scotfree and Geet knows nothing about itBig smile;Fourthly MSK has not forgotten the matter ..reason why Dev's name is not there in the wedding card as per the precapBig smile..he has only kept those issues on hold sinse his top priority is marriage right nowBig smile..Lastly if the case itself is not taken back yet,why will MSK tell Geet anything related to that matter at this point of time when after a long time she is enjoying her marriage preparationsBig smile...Moral of the story is that the case track is put on hold till Maaneet marriage happens because Arjun's character needs to b established before the case track comes in front of Geet..u will know why laterSmile...Also in a daily soap there is something called suspense and curiosity element which remains to b there in  such shaadi moments...if MSK tells everything to Geet..then whole curiosity which is generated regarding this case will die down fullyBig smile
Fourth Doubt
Oh no Annie is being brainwashed by now no MarriageShockedShocked
Well think about it ,if CVs had no plan to show marriage why will they advertise it on their official Geet FB page in bold that "Maaneet Marriage will b HUGE"...U think they want dandas and tamatars from their dearest fansBig smileBig smile;Like I said even in marriage scenario,u need a bit of curiosity element and some story which this Annie-Arjun track might let the drama rollTongue..Why take faltoo ka tension when CVs hv already announced it to the world that Maaneet marriage is happening with full band baaja and grand functionsBig smile
Fifth Doubt
Oh no...Maaneet scenes have become repitative..boring...oh no ab kya hogaShockedShocked
Hmmm...Lets not compare any shows but please bhaiyyo aur behno tell me one serial  in tellyland which for the last 8 months hv given us romantic scenes between lead couple before marriage on a daily basisBig smile...If anyone can name at least one such show,I promise I will quit Geet today itselfROFL;When CVs r giving us 10mins of Maaneet for last 8 months on a daily basis,then some scenes r bound to get repitative which even CVs cannot helpBig smile;In such cases as loyal fans of this show,its our duty that instead of cribbing about it,we give some honest feedbacks and suggestions to the CV team and then see if they can implement itEmbarrassed;And whoever feels magic is lost in last few weeks can go and rewatch the recent lap scene or dori tieing scene or even yesterday's hug sceneDay Dreaming..tell me how many shows hv actually given us such innovative scenes where the girl sits on her fiance's lap freely and chit-chats with himTongue;In how many shows the guy so seductively ties the back-dori of his girl's dress and moves his finger around her backDay Dreaming....In how many shows fans get the pleasure to see so many "N" number of hugs between the couple even before marriageBig smile..find me one such show plssss...and lets all quit this one thenLOLEmbarrassed....Moral of the story is CVs might b reserving some scenes even after marriageWink..if they end the quota of romantic scenes all before marriage,then shaadi ke baad kya dikhayenge doston ??ROFL...The physicality between Maaneet which fans want will come only after marriage because lets not forget its a prime time show at 9.30pm which has got certain restrictions..Embarrassed...So lets hv some patience and enjoy these scenes even if they r me aise romantic scenes hardly u will get to see in any other soap on tellyland todayROFL..and this I m telling from my own 12yrs of serial thank your stars for getting tihs showLOLLOLLOLLOL
Ok enough of my gyaan batofy missionROFL...Lets all give some honest feedbacks and ideas to the CVs regarding what all Maaneet scenes we want to see during their courtship period..that is before marriageBig smile..Post-Marriage list baad mein banayengeLOLTongue
Chalo I m listing down my ideas here...Tongue...
1)A Romantic Dance in RainBlushing(Don't ask me how can it rain in Delhi in Dec...Logic and Romance cannot go hand in handAngryROFL)
2)MSK  teaching some hoo-haa exercises to his Geet which mayb good for pregnency...passion can b brought hereTongue
3)MSK taking Geet for a long-drive and hving Nariyal paani and golgappas on their wayDay DreamingLOL..Geet teaching MSK how to eat golgappaBlushingLOL(This was my idea of golgappasLOL...waiting to see if they actually hv golgappas or not todayTongueWink)
4)MSK making an attempt to kiss Geet's lips and neck..I said only making an attemptWink...Geet should run away in time before censor boards ban our showAngryROFL
5)Geet going for some work to MSK's room when he is coming out of the bathroom after hving a good bath...he is wet and shirtless..Geet is embarassedEmbarrassed...he gives all sort of seductive looks to Geet and tries to grab her in his I need to say moreBlushing..CVs baaki ka soch lengeROFL
6)Geet and MSK hving a cute chat about their baby's nameTongue..Geet showing some food cravings which is normal in pregnency and MSK going bonkers to fulfill themEmbarrassed
7)Geet and MSK meeting chup chup ke on the terrace at nightTongue.,,but NOT to do chaand taare talksAngryLOL..but mayb MSK wants to gift Geet a western outfit and want her to wear it just for him...anyone remember "Maine pyaar kiya" ka scene..."Mere sawaalon ka jawaab do"Blushing
8)Geet feeding breakfast to MSK by sitting on her lapDay Dreaming..I don't mind a repitation of lap scene..sorry folksROFL
9)Geet stiching MSK's shirt buttonDay Dreaming..I know a cliched scene...but Maaneet magic can make it extra specialEmbarrassed
10)Khurana employees throwing a bachelar part for MSK before marriage and we can hv a repeat of Kurbaan hua dance there between Maaneet but with a soft number sinse Geet's pregnency needs to b taken into account nowEmbarrassed....again I don't mind a repeat hereROFL
Now waiting for all your ideas and some more doubts TongueLOL..plss don't throw chappals at meLOLEmbarrassed..bas come out with ideas for the CVsBig smileBig smile
Since CVs r taking ideas from this thread and hv already shown us breakfast and golgappa scenes suggested by our fellow members Caco and myselfBig smile., I m pasting other interesting and best ideas which r given in this thread by all the fellow memberBig smile
Ideas by Gouri
Things that can be shown before marriage
1. Maan and Geet in the bed room...geet sitting with her back to maan.... n maan holding her by her shoulders.... whispering in her ears...asking her where she wud like to go for their honeymoon... away from all prying eyes...just the 2 of them..... i want to see that discussiong between them...
2. Geet going shopping for a western dress to wear for her man during their honey moon....
3. Geet going shopping for sexy night wear .... and realising that maan too is in the same mall doing the same... meaning...maan too shopping for a sexy night wear for geet.,....
4. Geet getting crazing for dhaba food very late in the night... n calling up maan n telling him she has to eat it..... maan taking her out late at night to fulfill her cravings.....
5. Geet getting protien shake for maan who is exercising... geet getting a towel n wiping off his sweat..... touching his abs.... n getting naughting...just teasing him..... lol...
6. Maan and Geet again visiting the doctor.... and then on doctor's prescriptiong...they both going on a walk in the garden..... talking bout creating a baby nursery after marraige.....
7. Geet talking to the baby....n maan secretly listening to it while hiding behind the door... geet complaining to baby bout maan..... n then maan coming to meet geet n tell her i hv come to meet my baby...not u... n complaining to the baby bout geet....
8. Geet telling maan that she loves working with him but she wished she cud hv completed her education..... n maan n geet discussing her future.... education, etc....
9. Geet preparing a surprise breakfast for maan n taking it to his room for him.... well this can happen post marraige as well but before marraige wud be more interesting.... Big smile
10. Maan can give Geet a foot massage....
Ideas by Prithvisanyo
now some idea.
1:- maan hugs geet from behind.
2:-Maan nuzzle geet  neck by his nose.
3.Maan kiss geet cheeks.
4.Maan carrasses geet stomach and talking with their child
5.Maan give payal to geet and tie it on her ankel and kiss there.
6.Maan should her geet on cooking.
7.geet help maan to tie his neck.
8.Geet help him on his project and share some romantic moments.

9. geet having foor craving in the mid night want to eat golgape but maan say not in night and said about hygienic and unhygienic stuff about food chat but geet says it's ur child who want to eat it.
Maan:- really then let's go.
Geet shocked and surprised to see it.

Parts of FF by Prithvisanyo on PG2


Ideas by Shraddha

Exhibit A
Dress up provocatively- Munda cannot resist her in sarees. The wedding shopping is the best time to do this. Maybe she can try on some stuff for his viewing pleasure Embarrassed. Maybe they can get locked up in a changing room with Maan purportedly helping Geet with her choli???? 

Dadi/Annie can always knock from outside- perfect rom com setting.

These two can convey enough passion with looks and a few caresses- we don't need too much to send the audience into Maaneet Lok Day Dreaming

Exhibit B
Geet can leave small little post-its for Maan all over office, while she is at home for the day. They can be naughty Wink. Munda keeps getting distracted every time and consequently gets no work done and ends  up looking like a fool in front of the client. He comes back angry and is out to teach Geetikins a lesson she wont forget Embarrassed.  There can be a chase sequence where Maan runs after Geet in the hall trying to catch her while Geet is giggling away to glory and manages to escape him a couple of times. Finally he manages to catch her and you know how one thing can often lead to anotherEmbarrassed.

Exhibit C
At the mehendi/and pre-wedding party we can always find an old Delhi page 3 friend of Maan's who is paying a bit too much attention to Geet. Geet and Maan are as usual not talking to each other because of a tiff they have had in the morning. So when this Delhi Dude asks Geet for a dance, she happily obliges against her better judgement. I don't think I need to spell out the impact of this on our MSK and the consequently what can happen- Kuban Hua part 2 Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming!
Exhibit D
Maan comes back from office after a really long and tiring day...How about Geetikins offers some free massage services Embarrassed! At first all is nice and then MSK can start getting a bit uncomfortable while the Kudi insists on helping in easing the tension a bit Wink. Nothing too naughty but just enough to set Maan's and our hearts aflutter LOL

Exhibit E
How about a date in the planetarium ROFL. We know how much he loves his celestial bodies. He can block the whole dome/observatory for Geet and himself. There can be a candlelight dinner too thrown in tooLOL

And while they fall through the simulated blackhole- Geet can wonder why this weightlessness is nothing as compared to what she feels when Maan gently caresses her Wink. They can easily show some UST (unresolved sexual tension) here. (Dont ban me, please)
Exhibit F
Ice Ice baby LOL and I am saying no more!

Exhibit G
Geet has a craving for chocolate. She is almost through with the bar...while MSK keeps watching her lips...last piece of chocolate left that Maan quickly snatches away and now holds between his lips. If she wants it she is going to have to come get itWink 

Exhibit I

Geet is missing Maan….tries on his shirt to feel close to him. Maan walks in and demands his shirt back immediately.Embarrassed

Exhibit K

Footsie under the table…Can be comic as well-maybe instead of Geet, Dadi is the victim LOL

 Exhibit L

Maan drags Geet into the shower with himDay Dreaming. Under any pretext- missing towel, he slipped, fell and yelled out for Geet, you get the drift.Embarrassed

 Exhibit M

Geet challenges Maan that he cannot stay without yelling at her for an entire day- maybe in exchange for a hug/kiss. Obviously she will go out of her way to provoke Maan, who by the end of the day is ready to strangle herLOL. Can be made funny and romantic too

 Exhibit N

Maan and Geet sitting on the window ledge…Geet between his legs with her back against his chestDay Dreaming- I really don't care what they talk about.

 Exhibit O

Maan going away for a meeting and Geet packing for him. Maan obviously has other plans for her and keeps taking out the stuff that she has packed. Angry Geet, naughty Maan- anything can happenEmbarrassed

Exhibit P

A cute fight about a honeymoon location. Like all good couples- one of them is a beach person and the other one a mountain person. They can argue till the cows come homeROFL!

Exhibit Q

Maan playing with the dori of Geet's blouse/caressing her back as they talk to guests at one of the pre-wedding parties. Obviously Geet is flustered no end and ends up saying all the wrong things as Maan sends her pulse into a tizzy!BlushingEmbarrassed

Exhibit R

Ek scrabble aisi bhi- they are playing when one of them all of a sudden starts making all naughty words (you can guess who that can be) leading to a tantrum from the other party- winner takes it all!

<Yeah I know- there wont be too many takers for naughty scrabble>


Ideas by Opti

Maan whipped out a long jewellery case he had hidden behind him and pulled out a long golden chain-like object which had the initials M and G interlinked in the centre.  Geet presumed it to be a neck chain and bent her head slightly forward so that he could put it round her neck.  Instead, she was surprised to see him kneel before her in one knee.He gently lifted her saree where it covered her midriff and encircling her waist with his arms, he wrapped the chain around it and fixed the adjustable clutch."This is called a kamarband or a waist band," he said by way of explanation. "This is a symbol that I not only accept you but the baby within you."  He then leaned forward and kissed the gently rising mound of her tummy, sending shivers down her spine. "Now that kiss was not for you, but for our baby," he said proudly as he straightened up.


I saw a scene on Kulwant and Geet (dont know the name of the show) where the hero drinks lassi in a dhabba and gets a lassi mustache like our Maan in the dhabba scene. But the difference in this scene is, when the heroine laughs at his white mush, the hero drags her from there to a secluded place and asks her to wipe it. When she tries to wipe with her dupatta, he holds her wrist and whispers that he wants her to wipe with her lips. She goes red and  wriggles out of his hold and runs away. Now this scene on Maaneet will be super cute and hot.  
Since so many want Maaneet to go to Goa. Here's a scene they can have at the beach there. (Again from one of my fics)
Geet's eyes widened in excitement seeing a guy in a trolley selling candy floss. She pestered Maan to buying her one. He was amused at Geet's tastes.  He bought her a big fluffy candy floss which Geet eagerly grabbed in her hand and proceeded to munch as they strolled up the beach.  She offered it to him but he declined.
In the breeze the candy was flying all around and Geet had a tough time holding it and eating it. Once she finished, her face was quite a sight. Pink streaks of candy stuck to her cheeks, nose and corners of her lips. Maan couldn't resist smiling at her comic look. She glared at him and asked him what was the matter. He pointed out the streaks to her and Geet did her best to remove them. Bits of candy were still stuck to her face despite her valiant efforts to get them off.  When Maan asked her if he could help, she nodded and extended her face to him with her eyes closed. He leant forward and proceeded to lick the candy off her cheeks and nose. When she felt the wetness, her eyes flew open and before he could get to the corner of her lips, she pushed him away, admonishing him for displaying such amorous behaviour in a public place where people may see them.
Maan raised his eyebrows quizzically and asked her which people. It is then that Geet looked around and found that they were surrounded by couples who were up to naughtier pranks. She turned a deep red. Smiling at her coyness, Maan whispered that he was only being naughty with his wife, whereas most of the couples there were not even married to each other.

How about a scene where Geet tries to make Lasagna for Maan but it is not baked properly.  Maan pretends to relish it because she has made it with so much love. Seeing him enjoying it Geet wants to try it too. But Maan tries to quickly stuff everything into his mouth so that she does not come to know how bad it really tastes. Geet manages to snatch a piece and quickly puts it into her mouth before Maan can come after it but soon runs to the bathroom to spit it out. She asks Maan why he did not tell her that it wasn't fully cooked but he says that he'd rather eat it all than make her sad which she will be knowing she ruined the dish.
Geet complains of head ache because of the heat. So Maan heats some oil and makes her sit down on the floor while he sits on a stool, rubs the oil into her hair and gives her an oil massage, running his long fingers into her hair. Geet closely her eyes and enjoys the feel and soon falls asleep on his lap.

Another part of Opti's FF on PG22

Another part of Opti's FF pg27


Ideas by dewdropred
 wht abt  KKHH scene in the gazibo ... geet in red saree ... raining both dancing ...Day Dreaming
Ideas by Caco
how about Maan takes Geet to the beach for a walk LOL and they walk holding hands and talking about...MOON ROFL ROFL ROFL

honeymoon should be in Switzerland  since the day he said Swizzerland i have been wanting them to go there
how about a super duper cute scene where Geet is talking to the baby about Maan and Maan hears what she is saying....he would be so happy Embarrassed and then Maan comes and talks to the baby Embarrassed

how about both of them watching a movie  i mean couples do watch movies together right? that would be normal  and then maybe an ahem ahem scene comes on and Geet is all Blushing and Maan can tease her

i want to see a scene where Geet is standing and Maan comes from the back and hugs her.....and they talk while Maan rests his chin on her shoulder and has his arms around Geet's waist...that is gonna be sooooooooooooo darn cuteeeeeeeee

Maan should try cooking a Panjabi Dish for Geet  since he only knows how to cook PASTA...and Geet made PASTA and CHOCO MOUSSE for it's Maan's turn  and it would be fun to see how he blasts off all the servants in the Khurana mansion while cooking   plus i get to see my fav NaCOOL-Maan bonding (This idea was 50% taken by the CVs since we saw Nakool-MSK bonding..only difference is he made continental dish instead of punjabi khaanaWinkTongue)

i want Maan to take Geet for exercise classes they have during'll be fun seeing Maan doing those exercises with Geet ROFL

Ideas by Ansah
Geet comes out of the shower in a towel.
She is of course, shocked, and he as well then intense eyelock
In awe of her shower-fresh beauty.
He slowly walks up to her and get close enough to smell her
She a bit frightened and unsure of his intentions

Maan waking up at night and not finding Geet by his side....
get all tensed.....starts looking for her
finds her at the window gazing outside...lost in her thougts
go and hug her from back and place his head on her shoulder


Ideas by Ranjana
  1. Maan trying to steal time with Geet amidst the marriage bheed bhad.
  2. Geet going for shopping with Annie for you know what Embarrassed and Maan getting curious and insisting on coming along but Geet trying to give excuses. Now really wonder whether CVs will be able to show this.
  3. People organising a bachelorrette party for Geet and Maan caught sneaking in.
  4. Maan and Geet sneaking out in the middle of the night and eating icecream.
  5. Maan tring to look at Geet while she is getting her Ubtan and mehndi done and then getting caught by Annie and Her friends.
  1. Geet trying some westren dress which she bought to wear it for Maan and Maan catching an accidental glimpse stand rooted to his place and Geet realising that he is staring at her turning all pink and shutting the window. Then Maan banging on the door and geet opening it in her usual dress and Maan demanding to see what she was doing and Geet feigning ignorance and giving naughty smiles.Big smile
  2. Geet out for her Joota shopping and male helper helping her trying it on and to tie the straps (of the shoe) LOL lifting her salwar at the ankleWink and Maan getting all jealous ushering him aside and then making her wear the shoe on his own. Same can be even better while she is trying a saree at a desigeners. Wink
  3. Maan helping Geet with her jewellary before one of the functions and both getting late in the process. and then Maan asking Geet as to what was she upto that she got so late.
  4. Geet organising a candle light dinner for Maan.
Ideas by Anu
How about Geet's birthday....

just 1-2 days before marriage they can show that it is Geet's birthday na.....and than MSK gives her a personal party surprise...with only him and her on the chath.....with rain dance , good song and Passion play and closeness Blushing

Idea by Bri
Okay I want Mawwali Mali having fever, then GEET wanting to water those white rose plants, and MAAN comes there, he is entranced as ever and like stuck to the ground, Geet in watering the plants also waters MAAN, or showers Maan with water, Maan's trance is broken, he jumps a few feet yelling with clenched teeth "GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and then Geet laughs like she did when she got the cards printed "Thurana" - Maan gets more angrier and angrier, he pulls off  the water hose from GEET and hoses her down and they have a water fight and then Geet in escaping from Maan is about to trip in the muddy water and then MAAN holds her and MAHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII both HAWT HAWT in DRENCHED WAT WAT Heart WinkBroken HeartEmbarrassedShockedROFL

Geet should cut her hand while splicing veggies

Maan will rush to her and put it in his mouth to stop the blood from oozing

She will say not that finger, this finger and like that she will make him put all her fingers one-by-one in his mouth...

Then Maan knows she is playing him so he will take the other hand and also start doing the same

Daadima walks in and asks "Maan aap yeh kya kar rahen hain"

Maan still sucking Geet's finger will say, "Iski finger cut hogayye Daadi"

Geet will blush and run off from there LOL


Ideas by palbeach1238
1.  Breakfast - Maan is looking for Geet....when is he not looking for Geet!  LOL  Nakul says she is making nashta for him in the kitchen.  Maan goes to kitchen and sees Geet rolling out alu paraths for breakfast.  He comes behind her and puts his arms around her and over her hands on the rolling pin and tries to help her. Wink  Geet is startled and says...What are you doing? Confused   He says I am helping is my duty to help you!  Wink  Then he keeps rolling the parathas.....and Geet smiles.  LOL  It is a very sensous scene. Demi Moore and Patrick Swazye in 'Ghost'.  BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing
2.  Maan sees that Geet is getting tired with all the wedding preparations....she would be if she is pregnant. Smile So he tells DadimaBlushing...that he and Geet are going to a business dinner.  He then leaves a beautiful sari for Geet in her bedroom and asks her to wear it for the dinner.  LOL 
She wears it and comes out of the bedroom and goes down the stairs in the outhouse.   As she reached to bottom...the lights go out and she gets scared. Shocked   Suddenly...Maan lights a cigarette lighter and she sees him...asks him what he is doing!  He says "Ssshhhh" Blushing  and goes and lights some candles on a dinner table.  He says he thinks they should take some time out of the preparations and spend some quality time he has arranged a candle-light dinner with just the two of them in the outhouse. ClapClap
Then he sits her down and they have they can feed each other etc.  Tongue We may even get a romantic dance together with music....but I want to see a hugging dance like couples normally do when they are in love...not a semi-professional waltz type thing.  Angry..but slow shuffling and hugging each other by the waist.  Thumbs Up
A kiss on neck....etc...we get everything in one epi!!  Blushing
Maaneet have a small tiff..LOL.and Geet walks off to the outhouse in a huff! LOL
Maan follows her in a while to apologize....and stops at the door of the outhouse bedroom......when he finds Geet talking to herself/baby in front of a mirror with hand on her stomach.  Tongue
She says 'your papa is always teasing me....when you take my side... ok......together we will show him who rules the house'.  Big smile
Maan smiles and looks like he has just been handed the world. Big smile...and slowly walks into the bedroom...and comes behind her... and puts his arms around her with his hands on top of hers on the stomach.....and apologizes....and long as they are both in his life....he will not ask for anything else. Embarrassed
Ideas by Zee
- Geet making food in kitchen and Maan comes behind her and teaches her some food by u know, touching her arms and stomach, doing shararat, like the scene between Bobby and Kareena in Ajnabi......
- Maan pulls Geet so close in a close dance and try to kiss her on her lips, but she runs away Blushing, but he ends on catching her from her back then kiss her neck Blushing
- Their car stop on night somewhere and they find a place where they can spend their night, their can be rain dance and a lots of passionate romance Blushing
- If lips kiss can be showen, there are a lots of other kisses can be showen and already showen in many Indian serials, beside the forhead, eyes and hands kisses, there r cheek kisses, neck kisses, nose kisses, back kisses, stomach kisses, shoulder kisses, hugs from the backs......
She can kiss too his heart, chest, etc, this has been showen many times.........
What about a scene where Geet was getting ready on wearing a saree to go somewhere and Maan comes near her and helping her with the saree, put it around her and then touch her stomach while he is standing behind her, then she breath heavily and she puts her hand on Maan's hand Blushing
Ideas by Smita
Another rain scene... maybe they are back from somewhere it starts raining and Geet is enjoying .. and a nice passionate hug?? kiss anything thats possible.,
Geet talking to baby and Maan listening and then both of them bantering abt baby names, baby sex, mannerism?
MSK reading a book to the baby(in the tummy)
Geet complaining to MSK abt how fat and unattractive she has become and a nice manoing scene..
Geet looking at some family albums with daadi and then teasing MSK abt it and then maybe wanting a boy just likehim or something..
Geet hugging MSK from behind when he is angry and upset and pataoing him...I want to see her patoing him .
 Geet going to college , MSK trying to drop and pick up but Geet refusing and MSK angryBig smile
Ideas by Geetu
Maan has a headache from an important meeting n he comes home with geet.. Pretty much angry.
Geet says she'll go arrange fr dinner n maan just sits down on the bed clutching his head.
Geet has come back in the room to ask him something n sees him..
She quitely goes out n comes back with hot oil.
Goes unnoticed to him, climbs next to him on the bed and he puts his head on her lap while she massages his head...
Ideas by Jhan
1) Maan should tell Geet that he will teach her how to make lasagna and then turn the whole process into a game where he gets really naughty with her and she is like let me go someone will come. Maan of course has already banned all the servants from the kitchen. Shaana character that he is Wink Cool

2) Maan making a cup of tea for Geet and taking it to her. Geet has been running around all day and is tired. She is touched by his gesture but thinks that he only brought the tea and compliments Nakul on the tea. ROFL Maan is ticked off and fumes Angry . Nakool confesses that Maan made the tea. Geet cutely manaofies Maan. Blushing

3) Maaneet pull a fast one on daadi and NE. They stage a huge fight because they figure out that NE-daadi are setting them up and threaten to call off the wedding. ROFL Maaneet get a little carried away and you can see that the other is getting irritated by what one says ROFL. Daadi and NE are worried and make plans to send them to spend some time together by themselves ROFL. This is what Maan wanted all along and he convinced Geet to go along with it by telling her that they are just having fun Tongue. Geet of course tries to convince Daadi and NE that it is not necessary because there is lot of work to do for the wedding ROFL and Maan rolls his eyes thinking what am I going to do with her ROFL. Finally they get some time off where they have a cute fight about what they said to each other when they were with daadi-NE. Then both apologize, make-up and then have a fun time with the dinner and the moonlight stroll in the gardens.

4) We need a scene where Maan calls Geet the night before the wedding to tell her that they will be together from the following night. DO NOT SCREW UP THIS SCENE Angry. It must clearly convery joy, anticipation, supressed passion (from both sides) and a little fear (from Geet's side). Maybe daadi comes over to sleep next to Geet or maybe Meera, so that they can allay her fears that everything will be ok. They have just finished when Maan calls and assures her that everything will be fine.

5) Geet choosing the color scheme for their room to be a harmonious blend of red and white. Big smile
Maan helping her pick out the furnishings. They go shopping together for this. Big smile

6) Maan presenting Geet with a  heart shaped locket with both M and G intertwined and asking her to wear it always. Big smile

7) Maan wedding gift to Geet is to transfer her land back to her name and he gives her the papers before the wedding.

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geet.a IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 3:33am | IP Logged
Yay jyo di!
This is a great post!
And awesome suggestions!

How about this 1-

Geet in msk's room or well anywhere- looking frcsomething dadi had asked her to get and maan comes, sees her n tiptoes close to her..

Hugs her from behind!
Geet places her hands on his forearms and tilts her face a bit
Asks him what happened
And he just hugs her tighter and puts his chin on her shoulders ;)

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Lovely post jyothi.

Here's my bit. Actually it is part of my recent update for my Maaneet fic.
It involves Maan talking to the unborn baby before he consummates with Geet. Barry can come up with better lines than I did.

Maan knelt before Geet and cupping his hands on her gently rising mound, he called out, "Hey, Junior, how are you kiddo?  This is your papa speaking.  Yes, you heard me right. Till now it was just you and your mama who formed a unit. From now on, I am a part of that unit too. I know you have the first claim on your mama's body because you entered in here (he gently patted Geet's baby bump) long before I entered into her heart. Although you are already a part of her, you have your own identity. So I am addressing you separately. I love your mama very deeply and wish to express it in a manner which will bring me very close to you. Don't be scared by all the movements you may suddenly feel, for I will not do anything that would hurt you. If you feel even the slightest bit of discomfort, let your mama know. She can then alert me so that I can make sure that my union with her will be hassle free for all three of us."

Edited by Opti - 18 December 2010 at 3:40am

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Jyots When I reserved I rolled ma sleeves up coz I thot I am gonna write an essay now and when I read it.. I have nothing to sayErmm coz u wrote my heart out...

Ab aage kya boluLOL
Jyots we had all this discussions na so I am out of words..Perfectly written..The main thing is viewers love the show tht they always expect the best but sumtyms they don;t get it and tht's it they lose tehir patience..Trust me ppl watch it without any high expectations u will enjoy all the episodes..Big smile
And New ideas Will EDIT soon..Embarrassed

Edited by Cute_Ash - 18 December 2010 at 3:44am

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 3:37am | IP Logged
JYOTI......LOL....ur title is just so INVITINGBlushingLOL.....will read ASAP and replyEmbarrassed

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 3:38am | IP Logged
@Geetu:Yup I forgot to put that idea of MSK hugging her from backEmbarrassed,..we hv seen all sort of Maaneet front hugs..but these back hugs can b really passionateWinkEmbarrassed
@Opti:Woww thats very sensuousEmbarrassed...I wish if CVs show this scene,Geet wears a saree hereWinkEmbarrassed..u know whyWinkLOL

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saanjh11 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 3:40am | IP Logged
fully agreed.
how can we think maan showing attitude to geet whom he loves to cores .he cud be msk to others but to geet he is her maan and only maan who has opened his heart, weakness,every emotion in front of geet ,wht else we want.
secondly they r reel life couple not real life ki roj roj new experiments karte raheEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed if u understood WinkWinkWinkWink
ha kissing shud now reach to cheeks and neck atleast or may be they want all types of kissing to be res for srWink

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 3:41am | IP Logged
@jyoti....LOL that was a looooong read...LOL but i loved the clarification for the 5th doubt....Embarrassed for obvious reasons...BlushingROFL the most important one for me Wink

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