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Dreamygal301 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 10:26pm | IP Logged

"The most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world is a woman's heart."

 Josiah G. Holland
Misery etched on her face, Arpita runs to the doorway, to escape the hurt and pain from knowing that she was not enough to sway her husband from his pratigya.
Avdesh looks at her, sadness in his face and eyes. He looks inward and remembers all that his wife had done for him, when he turned her world upside down by getting shot....she had gone over and beyond his own expectation and sadness intensified in him....Forgive me, have done so much for me, stood by me forgiving my mistakes...but I can't do anything for you...forgive me...Avdesh's eyes shimmer with unshed tears as he realised exactly how helpless he was to give back the love Arpita showers on him dismal a husband and lover he was at the moment. The pain was unbearable and he closed his eyes as if to shut the world out.
At the doorway, Arpita silently wept. Her only outlet for the grief inside her. Even then she tries to wipe them away lest it causes her husband pain....Avdesh comes up behind her...Arpita, you have done so much for me and in return, I keep hurting's because of Lal Singh..what's happened has happened...all I want to say is please forgive me...I can't see you in pain...because of Lal Singh -...
Arpita swallows repeatedly at Avdesh's words, her chest heaving with the force of her feelings...Lal Singh!...Lal Singh!..she spits out in anger long will our life burn because of your need for revenge against Lal Singh?..Is there no end?!..Avdesh whirls away, anger radiating from his body at being questioned..his tone hard as stone he replies..there is an end..with Lal Singh's death...

"Can there be a love which does not make demands on its object?" Confucius

Arpita came around him and earnestly tried to show him the truth..after all that happened, you are still talking about revenge?..Her need to make her husband understand the severity of his situation and the precariousness of life fell on deaf ears... Avdesh was determined that nothing will stop him from fulfilling his vow, his angry eyes bored a hole in Arpita as he accused her that if his oath got in the way of her wanting an easy and comfortable life, paining her....Arpita looked incredulous! hurt shining in her comfort?... mine? think I am only thinking about myself?!..Avdeshji, I am your is my duty to be with you every step of the way.. Avdesh interrupts angrily, body tense...then be with me, fulfil your wifely duty! why worry and hurt me?..and besides whether Lal Singh lives or dies what difference does it make to you?...
You are right, it makes no difference whether that man lives or dies but you make a difference to me...your pain makes a difference to me, whether you are safe or not makes a difference to me...I don't care about the world...because you are my world..Arpita's tearful words fall between them, glowing in their vividness...she slowly touched him with one hand, the other going to his hair and stroking it..her face soft and loving...I just want you to live..I can't bear to see you struggling between life and death...I can't bear to see you get burnt because of your need for revenge...that is why it makes a difference to me ...your current situation is because of your need for vengence and there is no end to that..She touches his wound, the red blood stained dark a stark reminder of his perlious health...she looks up as her face crumples, tears streaking her face..I can't lose you!..I can't lose you..I just can't...She hugs him tightly, her body trembling with the force of her feeling and fears...Avdesh is stunned and silent. His anger wiped away by the truth of her words, the love behind it melting his darkness...His face was worried and sad...the girl in his arms was his world, just as he was her world..and that scared him for at present he had very little hope to give her or to reassure her. The one thing she was desperately asking for. He finally hugs her back, tight, and leans onto her.
The next morning, Avdesh wakes up first. He see's his sleeping wife and he takes his fill of her, his face softening at her restful slumber. As he moved to get up, she wakes up and stops him. Hearing that he was going to get food for her, she scolds him lovingly, her tone wifely and very assertive. It was her duty to feed him, whether in the house or outside..he was too weak and needed rest. Her cheerful words bring a hint of smile to Avdesh's lips even as he worries about the police but Arpita was determined to do this for her husband. As she leaves, Avdesh looks at her bemused....his expression awed that this brave girl was his wife, that his comfort and wellbeing was foremost on her he sat back, he knew he was the luckiest man alive.
my thoughts:
This episode saw a turning point in Avdesh. He knew what his wife wanted from him, to end his vengence. Though he did not give a response either way he wasn't as volatile as he once was at the thought. To my mind, that his his first baby step towards the possibility of reformation. To paraphrase 'that is one small step for man, a giant leap for Avdesh Singh Thakur'...
Arpita has definitely burrowed her way into Avdesh's heart and made a place for herself, for eternity. As I said before, her innocence and open heart is her biggest asset. There is no deceit, no selfish gains, no other motive except because Avdesh was her life. Her world. In that situation, who would not fight passionately to keep their world safe and at peace?..Each time she broached the topic of his lifestyle Avdesh reacts aggressively because he feels guilty and cornered, however, each time with her sweetness and a whole load of love...she wipes it away, without each tearing the others heart out...And he accepts her right to do so and talk to him like that. He also listens, taking it all in, keeping her words safe in his heart. When the time is right, he will take them out and put them to use. to make her proud, to give her something back.
As for Arpita, I loved her speech at the doorway. She put her point across very well, negating his half hearted words about why he could not fulfil his husbandly duties...The ring of truth in her words filled his heart to the brim, leaving him with a struggle, more and more Arpita is becoming his biggest and sole consideration. That conversation as all that they could not express while living at the haveli and it was also their first argument.
The next morning, she showed her own assertive side and if the little smile on Avdesh's lips was anything, he too enjoyed being bossed around by his Arpita. And I am sure he was counting his blessing at having her for his wife. There is no other for him. Or for her.
Now we will see how deep they merge their lives together. They are one heart in two bodies, both accept that. Their decisions and actions affect each other, they know. From now on, Avdesh will hesitate once in a while as Arpita's words swirl around his heart, giving him hope and encouragement. Arpita for her part, will walk step by step and hand in hand with Avdesh. He is her world and nothing else makes any difference to her at all. To keep him safe and alive, she will step into a world that was never of her own inclination at all. Love will lead her there....and love will show her the way out as well.
So do let me know your thoughts on this as well.Smile
(if you like, don't forget to press the buttonSmile)

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svmloke Groupbie

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 10:40pm | IP Logged
Hi  Dreamy,  amazing analysis. Each of ur words are  superb.  We wait each and everyday for ur analysis. From where on earth u get such soothing words. excellent. both episode and ur analysis.
Great work . good going. all the best

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Dreamygal301 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 10:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by svmloke

Hi  Dreamy,  amazing analysis. Each of ur words are  superb.  We wait each and everyday for ur analysis. From where on earth u get such soothing words. excellent. both episode and ur analysis.
Great work . good going. all the best
Hi Svmloke,
thank you for reading and your kind wordsSmile. May I know your name?Smile
Did u enjoy the episode? what are your thoughts on it?
chatterbox IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 10:53pm | IP Logged
hi dreamy i had logged off and in middle of my cooking.

wud log off again and come bck in an hr or so.

but once again applaud u for the words u have put

arpi is slowly gaining rightful place in avdesh heart as his wife and his love

she is pushing bauji words behind as she emerges in front

on that note one more point i want to draw here

i was wondering why simple and jagat scene was shown and then when i thought back on the episode i cud understand..

arpi under all circumstances is with her husband
true wife to the core
and does not shy away from her duties or devotion and she is not  hitler type or bossy woman..

she wont leave avdesh at all.

bt on  other hand we see simple already bossing and demanding attention. which for rai family mayb justified

bt given same circumstances as avdesh and arpita

she wont hesitate to look for her own needs first before her husband

simple is bossy and selfish in comparison to arpita who is giving her all to her husband who is everything for her

isnt it

wud come back again to talk more on this

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Dreamygal301 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 11:06pm | IP Logged
Hi Di,
thanks for leaving your cooking to come and read this!...something delicious for lunch?SmileWink
While I was watching the episode, it just struck me really hard that they were having their first proper husband and wife conversation, and their first argument..all rolled into one!...And I could tell Arpita had these words inside her for awhile, but she never got a chance to say it because of Bhootni's constant interference, which also meant Avdesh to some extent brushed aside her concerns as well.
But here, he was listening and he understood. I think he felt really awful because Arpita is putting so much on him, because of her love. He doesn't think he is wortht of it...that bit where she hugs him, he hugs her as well but he looked so is an enourmous thing to be told that your are someone's world. I think many people would say Arpita is blind and deluded, but I liked her speech and felt they suited her and the occasion. And love like this do exist.
Interesting you should bring Simple up...I had a struggle with myself, whether to bring them up or not and in the end my word count decided against(LOL) it because I wanted to concentrate on Avdesh's turning point....but I agree with what you said but also we saw Arpita falling for Avdesh through the newspaper, more in love with the idea of love but now wholeheartedly because she believe in it and is nurturing it........Here too Simple is in love with the idea of love...she doesn't know what it really you said Arpita puts her husband first without a thought to herself, and I agree Simple would never do that because she truly doesn't know what love is, hence her attitude...she thinks she is in love because she is getting married, that is her automatic due....
The Rai's won't know what hit them!!ClapLOL

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-sia- Goldie

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 12:04am | IP Logged
loved each n every word of your analysis n more that that i like your views on the epi!!! :) :)
yest epi was very good..finally like wat i always say this time there was no bhauji to brainwash Avdesh..what happens usually is arpi tries to put in some sense n is interrupted by bhauji n thus she was never able to tell avdesh what she actually was feeling!! n today there was no way Avdesh cud ignore her in this matter n by now i guess her words are deeply echoing in his heart n mind!! their first argument...the way Arpi sweetly bosses around was all too good!! whenever i see japle i dunno why a smile automatically appears on ma face..might be coz i love the way simple speaks to jagat...n the way she advised chirag today to learn some jokes had me in splits..both the brothers are gonna have a tough time ahead including the snake(how can i forget him!! ) like CB di said there is a lot of difference in characters b/w simple n arpi...simple apart from being a bit too bold does not have any other good trait in the sense..she's not like arpi who believes love is everythin...simple is just at the first step..might be a bit fancied by the thought of love...apart from that she's never been aperson with care..concern n love(till now she's been picturised like this...dat's what i feel!!)  all n all  i rate the epi 10/10 for their peformances...n specially the dialogues!! :) 

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Dreamygal301 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 1:37am | IP Logged
it was a wonderful episode...Arpita is slowly taking up her rights as a wife with Avdesh...this is how it should be...she is blossming and becoming confident and more sure of herself and her place in Avdesh's she speaks her mind, her husband listens...she bosses him around and he lets her...all natural and deepening the intimacy between them.
It is going to intense next week for them both....more ties between them, unbreakable and forever...
As for Simple, she may still surprise us...she could decide Jagat is the man for her and really fall in love...and then do her best by him...we are seeing her as a superficial young woman, in love with the idea of love and don't forget, she is obsessed with Avita romance, so that means she probably hankers for love like that...yearns for it....but can she do what Arpita does?..worship the ground her love walks, put everthing aside except the man she loves and follow him all the way?...very few of us can do that...coz we are all human and have our own desires and wishes...only in the rare cases can people do what Arpita does for Avdesh.....Simple is bullying chirag and jagat for something, that if she works for, would be hers automatically...will she learn that?....we will have to see...

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chatterbox IF-Sizzlerz

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hi i m back
got busy again at work..

ok lets see where i left off.

arpi as u said she fell in love by reading newspapers

i think she loved the idea of love coming from the background  where love is not shown at all.

mayb at that time i can say she was totally infatuated with the guy who cud invoke fear in ppl and also respect a woman and on top of that adorable gunda. Embarrassed

but then she faced harsh reality after coming in haveli and being young she cudnt understand anythig.  now faced with circumstances she has brought out her inner strength to bring her husband back on right path and as u had said in prev post. in sickness or in health she is standing by him. and she is on her way to nurture the love she felt first time.
this is her learning step too and her determination would want to see that her husband wud reform and mend his ways
as coming episode wud show us  arpitas perspective of avdesh life. 

first yes now this is the time they get close and understand each other without interference

once these two wud be bck in haveli avdesh would hv changed to arpita ways and arpi wud be more important to him.
pratigya wud also play its part  till he finds out he has destroyed some moments of his love life with false words from bahuji

and coming to  simple.
she is bold girl and bossy type

she orders ppl and she doesnt have the sincerity of the heart at all.
rai men are sure going to dance to her tunes and jagat wud become jhoru ka ghulam

he cudnt say one word for his mother and hv to see if he speaks up for his wife..

simple compared to arpita  is too bindaas and dont care a damn attitude

but she is there to teach rai men a lesson in humility and  given same circumstances as arpita

she wont be able to do what arpi has done now

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