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Veena...what a great person..she has heart problem (Page 12)

Cutelicious IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 3:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Rasny

Originally posted by Cutelicious

Originally posted by Rasny

Originally posted by Chits1

I hope and pray Veena's heart problem goes away soon.
hey meraa raspberryyyyyy ice creamEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Mai rasgulla huEmbarrassed
to kya kha jao tujeEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

zanish_k Goldie

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 3:10pm | IP Logged
In this video she never said she got heart attack,she said she got tachycardia attack,but whatever conclussion is she is a heart patient.and feel she should care of herself,not eating oily food,not take extra stress.And in bigboss she had suffer some chest pain,sometimes heart patients might suffer this kind of pain,due to excess of breating,and they  regulate their breating by  drinking a lot of water.

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alpha_sigma Senior Member

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 2:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by thickhead

Originally posted by alpha_sigma

 are u like kidding me or have u taken ur user name a little too seriouslyWinkeh thickhead???Ouch

LOL I like my username ...dnt mind if u call me thickhead .. LOL
hey that was just a jibe, i hope u didn't take it too seriouslyWink

   first and foremost she cleared in her interviews that she did not have a heart attack as most ppl thought and presumed that anything with cardia and attack means heart attack but a tachcardic episode....and

Sahar28ca, his 1st post, has referred to it as "heart attack", hence the explanation. Kindly read the post carefully b4 making comments.
i DID read the post AND SAW  the video of her interview posted on the the words i wrote were spoken by veena mallik and not in my delusionsLOL
secondly tachycardia of 180 bpm not serious!!!!...dude get ur facts straight an untreated case of ventricular tachycardia is a life threatening situation..

Who says that it was vt ?? akashvani hui thi kya ?
In Veena's case her 180bpm wasn't life threatening.  You are wrong here ..:
#1 Check the link . Btw this was also postd by Sahar28ca in the 3rd post o the same thread. Sad that u again didn't check. Let me quote here - 

She was watering the plants at her Defense, Lahore residence in evening, when she felt sharp pain in her chest near heart. She rushed to hospital with her sister and brother-in-law. Doctors examined her, and told her that everything was ok.

So, the docs who examined here also believed that nothing was wrong with her. Now wud u still call it life threatening ??? .. Read on..

But she received yet another attack, at the outer gate of hospital during her return. She was then briefly admitted to the hospital, and doctors have prescribed her full bed rest and some other tests.

So, even after the 2nd attack .. she was only briefly admitted to the hosp ...and guess what was prescribed - a brief bed rest. .. Doesn't sound like life threatening .. does it ? ..

She's young, fit ... wasn't admitted .. evn after examination .. what does that sound like ? Life threatening .. no cant be ... so what else .. how abt Sinus Tachycardia .. does it fit the description .. .. Read on ..

Lets see how sinus tachycardia wud've been more apt ..
#1 Doc examined her, found no problem. I assume (a very valid assumption since its a common practice) that the doc must've checked her pulse ..and since he discharged her immed .. it must've been a regular rhythm.. does it still sounds like VT .. or more likt Sinus T ?
#2 She mentions in the interview, that she was suffering from depression ..Guess what ..anxiety in deprssion can lead to ... SINUS TACHYCARDIA 
#3 Regarding that night, she again mentions a similar situtation .. that she was missing her mother a lot .. and suddenly felt pain .. again the same trigger - anxiety. 
#4 Before and after the episode, as can be seen from the BB eps .. she doesn't have any problems whatsover.
#5 BB participants are screened before entering ..So, it cant be any "obvious illness"
#6 Sinus T. is a benign condition .. not life threatening at all. Its symptomology also matches her description .

Conclusions are drawn from the info available. I'd like to know how u reached the conclusion of ventricular tachycardia ? What were the reasons .. name any 2 ..any 2 reasons from the info at hand ... that prompted u to think it that it was VT. .. Kahi 6th sense to nahi ?? Why straightaway jump to VT .. any fetish for VT ? sunne mein achha lagta hai ? BTW, since both of you are such smart fellows ..i'm expecting a super explanation ... usne sirf tachycardia bola .. and aapne usko ventricular khud bana diya .. Veena ke saath saath aap bhi drama karne lage ho ?

nahi aakashwani to nahi hui thi but going by the fact that acc to her her heart rate reached 180 bpm twice associated with chest discomfort( again narrated by her in the interview and not in my imagination LOL)the possibility of it being a sinus tachycardia is remote and it being of vt or psvt more probable...i didn't read the article as i thought the source was a gossip column
but i do agree that if she was not kept in observation and let out without any medication then vt isn't the most apt diagnosis eitherEmbarrassed 
although fyi even sinus tachycardia of 180 bpm is ALSO NOT discharged without any follow up
and one more thing i appreciate the effort that u took to find out the points in favour of it being sinus tachycardia but ur points seem to be more in favour of it being an anxiety attack rather than st(not IF st but sinus tachycardiaLOL...pls excuse the pun as the discussion was getting too academicOuch)
and a thallesemic trait isn't...

I repeat, read the posts carefully b4 making comments .. I had written thalassemia needs more medical care (never said it was life threatenign). It certainly does need more med attention...Ashmit can be seen taking pills in many clips .. he eats only boiled food ....frequently falls ill ... so definitely .. it needs more attention ...  or do u want to argue even that ? 
OMG talk about taking offence for not taking offence with veena malikLOL
firstly even if ur conjecture of it being an st is true that ALSO is more serious than a thalassemic trait...and it doesn't need ANY medical care apart from keeping a healthier iron rich diet ...his eating boiled food is probably cause he follows a fitness diet regimen and as for frequently falling ill- if he indeed is anaemic cause of his condition then yes it does lead to easy fatiguability and a general felling of lethargy but couple it with the fact that he manages to work out without feeling breathless or tired shows that , that's not the case...his frequent' falling ill 'episodes have always been inconclusive as regard to his symptoms since the only common thing that i've noticed is the fact that he likes to lie down when he's down with his 'illness' 
p.s. case in point he won a physical task against sameer during one of these attacksWink
if she indeed has ventr tachycardia like she claims then i do agree that she has the sense in not playing it for publicity...

Nobody in the house has been voluntarily vocal about their illnesses. They answered only when asked by Salman. This is the crux of the entire discussion. Sahar28ca had started by saying ..Veena is great coz she didn't make an issue out of her super-dangerous-heart-attack .. which I thought was wrong .. and suitably argued to explain my position. Everybody has problems .. she might be hving one .. whats the big deal abt it ? Like every1 else she also didn't talk abt it .. how does that make 1 great and the other makkar, kalay mann wala .. LOL

Once again, keep ur eyes open .. and read a bit more carefully .. jumping to conclusions and calling the other person wrong is foolishness.
oh i do agree i found the title 

'Veena...what a great person..she has heart problem'

hilariousLOL (no offence sahar!!!) it presumed that veena is a gr8 person BECAUSE she has a heart problemLOL
and to the bold, the fact that SHE never spoke about it until asked , (the interviews and articles were hunted by our IF fleet of investigatorsLOL) kind of did prove my point of her not playing it for public sympathy...
p.s i deduce from the bold that u r an st fan( this time the original IF st!!!Wink)

 Yes, members r trying 2 make fun on each and every post.

Mention one line in my post, where i make fun of Sahar28ca .. Dont make hasty judgements and try to portray urself as the good samaritan .. little more care in reading and comprehension, wud be appreciated and be more useful.

In case, if she is really suffering from ventricular tachycardia then the cause might be electrolyte abnormalities (I guess, she is not on antiarrhythmic drugs, any tricyclic antidepressants or is she suffering from bradicardia??Embarrassed).

LOL, this is hilarious. Ur statement begins with "if" .. an illogical assumption ... and then u go on building over it ?? Where did electrolyte imbalance cm from ? Did u see her taking any drugs ? what symptoms did u see, that prompted u to think abt elec imbalance ? Did she call a doc ??

LOL .. now this makes u look a tad silly .. u begin with tachycardia .. and then she suspect that she might be suffering from bradycardia ??  

Antiarr.,  TCA sabh kaa se aa gaya ??  dude name dropping is fine .. can impress ppl .. but looks flimsy unless backed up with solid reason ..

Now, I am in doubt that if a patient having electrolyte abnormalities, how it is possible 2 live in a locked house with limited food?LOL she never able 2 get enough potassium or enough calcium from her diet may leads to her case waste. so, I am relly confused now. I think due 2 Khali's food caused her gastritisTongue.

There's a quote - "Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt"

Normal food khaane ke baad elec imbalance ? No signs .. no symptoms ... gastritis ?? when ? how ?? .. kuchh bhi bolne ka hai kya ?? LOLLOLLOL .. AIDS bhi add kar dete list mein .. LOL

Thickhead might be thinking ash is suffering from T.majorOuchOuch and thanks for the clarificationsSmile

LOL i wasn't thinking abt anything .. i dont jump to conclusions dude .. all ashmit mentioned was Thalassemia .. beyond that i know nothing abt his illness .. so wont hazard a guess.. i never mentiond major/minor ..reasonable since we dnt know anything abt him

And dear genius.. did he mention .. alpha or beta thalassmia .. how do u know that it wasn't intermedia .. ?? any reason ?? nahi na .. bas kuchh bhi bolna hai .. bekar ka lecture baazi..

I have seen many time members trying 2 copy paste from internet regarding disease

Dude are u accusing me of copy paste ? If thats the case .. lol .. give me the source where u think i copied those 2 lines. Secondly, copying from internet, from a reliable site, is much better than the rubbish that u wrote above .. just that u know sm med terms .. kuchh bhi bolne lago ge ??? aisa nahi hota ..

and try 2 do some nonsense arguments
What didn't make sense in my arguments .. to me everytingu said/wrote appears to be garbage from a poorly read person.

members always forget that this forum is a mixture of every profession.
Every1 thinks what he/she thinks is right .. it is expected that they backup their statement with proper logic/evidence. When such practice is followed, profession of the person hardly matters. Anyday, reason is more important than reputation. 

since the rest of the post is not mine i'll let the person explain her/himself and
 as far as reason and reputataion go, if it helps making my post more reputable i'm a doc so i do have some idea of wat i'm talkin about!!Wink
suniali Newbie

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 4:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sahar28ca

and shame on all those people who are laughing shamelessly on Salman's ghatya jokes... this person has no respect for women, he used to beat Somy Ali, broke a glass on Aishwarya's head in a public restaurant and also being physically abusive to katrina thats why all her gfs left her...that includes Sangeeta Bijlani, Neela and Shaheen Jaffrey....he is a bit calm now in 40 + age but he used to be very violent in his youth, but still usko females say baat karne ki tameez nahi and he very easily cross the limits in her jokes with females

Salute to Veena to ignore such 3rd class jokes, and shame on all the members who are laughing like shameless people just bcoz Salman didnt cracked those jokes at that makkaar teewari woman
Here comes veena's laywer..Lol
Kajenfan.Sonia Senior Member

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 5:40am | IP Logged

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Faraan92 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 7:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kajenfan.Sonia

When there will be soo many boys in her heart at a time , tou heart attack nahi tou kya hoga
Kajenfan.Sonia Senior Member

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 9:16am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Faraan92 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 9:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kajenfan.Sonia

Originally posted by Faraan_4_Shweta

Originally posted by Kajenfan.Sonia

When there will be soo many boys in her heart at a time , tou heart attack nahi tou kya hoga

Ur welcome..!!!EmbarrassedLOL

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