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LifeReplayed! MJHT FF#2 PROMO pg 28 (Page 25)

AttractiveAdya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 3:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MjhtFan_Mahima

part 11 (a)-
awesome yaar
just loved it yaar

Thanks  Di! :)
I'd  be  updting  soon!....:)  

AttractiveAdya IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 21 December 2008
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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 9:09am | IP Logged
Okay  ,  so  I'm  FINALLY  BACK!!  so  here's  the  part  after  I  guess  2  MONTHS!  anyway  no  one  missed  me  or  my  FF! Plz  do  READ  THE  NOTE  BELOW!!

Part  11 (B)


*In  Gunjan-Nupur's  room*

"GUNJAN!!! Kahan  hai  tu??  Zarra  yahan  aakar  meri  help  karde! " Shouted  Nupur , dressed in  a  light  pink  saree. She  had  left  her  hair  open  and  applied  silver  nail polish  on  her  nails.

"Haan  Di  main  do  minute  main  aayi" said  Gunjan  from  the  washroom.

Nupur   looked  at  her  reflection  in  the  mirror  and  suddenly  she  imagined  Mayank  next  to  her  wearing  a  brown  jacket  ,  one  of  his  palm  on  her   shoulder  and  eyes  into  eyes. They  looked  so  perfect  together. She  kept  staring  at  the  mirror  until  she  heard  the  washroom's   door knob  move. She  came  out  of  her  thoughts  though  unwillingly  and  murmered  "yeh  mujhe  kya  horaha  hai?" Before  she  could  think  about  it , a  hand  on  her  shoulder  jerked  her.

"Kya  Hua  Di?" asked  Gunjan  plainly.

Nupur  turned  around  and  looked  at  Gunjan  and  shrieked  "Gunjan!! Tu  kitni''kitni'" She  was  short  of  words.

"Kitni  Kya  Di?  Achi  nahi  lag  rahi  kya?" asked  Gunjan  getting  all  worried.

"Kitni  Sundar  aur  Pyaari  lag  rahi  hai!" said  Nupur  holding  Gunjan's  arms.

Gunjan  was  dressed  in  a  plain  red  saree. Her  hair  left  open  on  a  side  and  and  elegant  look  on  her  face.  She  had  applied  very  less  make-up  and  she  really  didn't  need  it. Her  fair  complection  had  a  certain  glow  to  it  and  a  slight  blush.

"Acha  Di  ab  agar tum  tayar  ho  toh  chale'" said  Gunjan  who  was  now  worried  all  over  again.

  "Haan  Haan  chal ek  minute'kala  tika  toh  lagga  doon" said  Nupur  applying  the  kala  tika  behind  her  sister's  hair.



Samrat  was  walking  by  the  corridoor  when  he  saw  Mayank  in  his  vest  murmuring  something. Samrat  thought "What's  up  with  him  , He  is   Murmuring  That  is  so'so  unlike  him"

Samrat  went  in  and  saw  Mayank  holding  his  head  and  aksed  "Hey  Dude'What's  up  with  you? Koi  problem  hai  kya?"

"Nahi   Samrat  koi  baat  nahi  hai" said  Mayank  trying  to  be  normal.

"It's  okay  dude ,  u  can  tell  me  you  know!" sais  Samrat  trying  to  ensure   Mayank.

"Actually  tum  toh  jaante  ho naa  ke  main  yeh  competition  jeetna  chahta  hoon  par  yeh  Nupur  aur  Ruhi  ke  plans  dekhne  ke  baad'I  don't  think   its  possible."  Said  Mayank  dejected.

"Chill  yaar  Mayank,  Nupur  ko  ek  chance  do. She  won't  let  you  down" said  Samrat  smiling  at  him  with  a  look  of  assurance. 

"Thanks  Samrat" said  Mayank.

"Your  Welcome ,Dude  now  let's  go!"


*At  the  Hall*


Gunjan  and  Nupur  were  already  standing  there  waiting  for  the  others  to  come  when  the  saw  Samrat  and  Mayank  entering  the  hall.

Nupur  instantly  got  lost  in  Mayank. She  was  shocked.  Mayank  was  wearing  the  same  brown  jacket , she  had  seen  in  her  reflection  in  the  mirror.

Samrat  was  in  his  dreamland  too. He  looked  at  Gunjan  from  head  to  toe  and  mouthed  beautiful. He   was  completely  blown  off  by  her  beauty  and  essence  and  there  was  no  denying  that  at  all. He  was  staring  at  her  completely  forgetting  the  place  they  were  in.

Gunjan  and  Mayank  exchanged  their  "Hi's"  but  Samrat  and  Nupur  looked  as  if  they  were  frozen. Mayank  and  Gunjan  looked  at  each  other  and  shrugged  their  shoulders.

They  were  all  interrupted  by  the  Host  "Please  take  your  positions ,  the  first  team  to  go  will  be  of  Samrat , Gunjan  and  Kabir. Please  get  ready ,  your  on  in  the  next  10  minutes."





"Hey  Gunjan ,  you  look  pretty" said  Kabir  in  a  normal , friendly  manner.

"Thanks  Kabir" said  Gunjan  smiling.

Samrat  watched  the  two  with  and  angry  glare  and  stepped  ahead  to  say  something  but  unfortunately   it  was  their  turn  to  go  on  stage.

 As  they  reached  the  stage  Gunjan  ,  wearing  a  dupatta  over  her  actual  saree  started  saying "Koi  meri  taraf  nahi  dekhta" etc  and  came  back  in  the  saree. Samrat  and  Kabir  came  near  her ,  and  touched  the  cloth  of  their  saree  and  said  how  soft  it  was.


Next  were  Mayank ,  Nupur  and  Ruhi. They  began  with  Mayank  waliking  towards  them .

Mayank  thought  "ab  main  kisko  pehle  uthaaon?"

He   looked  at  Ruhi  who  smiled  fluttering  her  eyelashes  and  then  at  Nupur  who  nudged  him  to  pick  her  up.

He   starts   walking  towards  them  and  was  about  to  pick  up  Ruhi  because  he  felt  weird  when  he  thought  of  picking  Nupur. 

Nupur  pushed  Ruhi  and  said  

"Mayank  tum  mujhe  uthaaoge"

"Nahi  tum  mujhe  uthaage"  said  Ruhi

"mujhe" said  Nupur

"Mujhe"  said  Ruhi

"Mujhe"  said  Nupur  loudly

"Nahi  mujhe" said  Ruhi  also  loudly

"hmph"  said  Nupur  turning  to  the  right

"Hmph"  said  Ruhi  turning   to  the  left.


Mayank  was  confused  but  he  picked  Ruhi  first  as  he  was  weak  and  couldn't  actually  pick  her  up  according  to  the  act. Nupur  felt  bad  but  then  again  she  thought  why  was  she  feeling  SO  bad?  When  suddenly  he  dropped  Ruhi  and  drank  the  milk  and  then  picked  up  Nupur. Nupur  was  totally  lost  in  him. She  looked  at  him  ,  admiring  his  face  and  completely  forgetting  where  she  was. Then  Mayank  slowly  placed  her  back  to  the  ground.


The  rest  of  the  thing  went  like  flowing  water. After  an  hour  the  judges  announced  Excel  College  as  the  winners.

"This  calls  for  a  party!"  said  Diya  all  excited.

"Uh- there  is  a  new  year  Party  in  the  hotel's  Party  hall after  2 hours , you  all  could  go  there!" said  the  host.

"Lets  get  some  rest  and  assemble  for  the  party  and  EVERYONE  has  to  come"  said  Samrat.


*At  the  party*

Gunjan  wore  a  very  light  shade  of  peach  churridaar-Kurta  with  silver  work  on  it,  while  Nupur  wore  a  blue ' brown  Anarkali. Diya  wore  a  Purple  dress. Samrat  wore  a  purple  shirt  with  a  black  blazer. Mayank  also  somehow  wore  the  combination  of  blue-Black.

"Please  come  on  the  dance  floor  all  you  people , there  isn't  much  time  left  for  the  New  Year  to  begin."  Said  the  host.


Nupur  went  and  asked  Mayank  before  anyone  else  could

"ek  dance , please?" said  Nupur.

"Okay" said  Mayank.

Samrat  on  the  other  hand  to  wanted  to  dance  with  Gunjan  and  he  approached  her  before  Diya  could  come.

"Dance?"  said  Samrat  offering  his  hand.

"Uh Thik  hai!"  said  Gunjan.

The  music  played'

Saanson Ko Saanson Mein Dalne Do Zara (Mayank  and  Nupur  swayed  back  and  forth)

Saanson Ko Saanson Mein Dalne Do Zara
Dheemi Si Dhadkan Ko Badne Do Zara
Lamho Ki Guzarish Hai Yeh Paas Aa Jaaye

Hum... Hum Tum...
Tum... Hum Tum...
(Samrat  held  Gunjan  by  her  waist and  Gunjan  put  her  arms  around  his  neck. )


Salvatein Kahin Karwatein Kahin
Phel Jaaye Kajal Bhi Tera
Nazron Mein Ho Guzar Tha Hua
Khwabon Ka Koi Khafila''''''''''
(Nupur  was  completely                   lost  in  Mayank  ,  she  didn't  know  what  she  was  doing  but  she  went  closer  to  him)
Jismo Ko Ruho Ko Jale Do Zara
Sharmo Khaya Ko Machalne Do Zara
Lamho Ki Guzarish Hai Yeh Paas Aa Jaaye 
Hum... Hum Tum...
Tum... Hum Tum...
(Mayank  didn't  know  what  to  do  he  remained  like  that  only)

Choolon Badan Magar Iss Tarah
Jaisa Surila Saaz Ho'''' 
(Samrat  tightened  his  grip  around  Gunjan  staring  deeply   into  her  eyes  with  a  lot  of  affection)
Hum Hai Re Chupe Tere Zulf Mein
Kholo Ke Raat Azaad Ho
Aanchal Ko Seene Se Dhalne Do Zara
Shabnam Ki Boondein Phisalne Do Zara
Lamho Ki Guzarish Hai Yeh Paas Aa Jaaye
''(They  came  closer  to  each  other. Very  close!)
Hum... Hum Tum...
Tum... Hum Tum...
Saanson Ko Saanson Mein Dalne Do Zara
Bahon Mein Humko Pighalne Do Zara
Lamho Ki Guzarish Hai Yeh Paas Aa Jaaye
Hum... Hum Tum ... -5'
(As  the  lights  got  dimmer  the  song  ended  and  count  down  for  the  New  Year  started.)








That  all  for  today!  Its  short.......But  I  promise  to  update  regularly! SGians  theres  lots  coming  up!  no  worries... Moreover  tell  me  if  this  update  was  biased  on  one  couple!!  So  u  can  understand  by  now  we're  heading  towards  Nup's  realization...Do  give  me  ur  views  on  how  its  going  for  MN!

Luv  Adya!


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crazymayurian IF-Dazzler

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osom i liked it but can't say anything now

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Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 9:52am | IP Logged
heyyy dear,
nice part
continue soon


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aashizin IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 10:10am | IP Logged
hey dear after so long time Hugloved this part loved song sequence now can't wait for next part and thanks for pm hon 

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kashrocks IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 10:23am | IP Logged
heyyy !! Adya i also dun wanna say much .. @:ROFL
but niceeee .. Tongue

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mayur-ki-diwani Goldie

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 10:30am | IP Logged
awesomeeeeeee part

mayur were cute

continue soon

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-Rinki- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 10:43am | IP Logged
Why do you think no one missed you dumbo? :| Kitni buri hai tu. Ouch

Update mast tha :) Missed your writing so muuucchhh! Mayur are so cute haye :D I love Gunur, they're so good Embarrassed Haayyee mujhe Nupur jaisi behen chahiye! LOL Kala teeka, typical Nupur drama. ROFL
Gunjan's wearing all pretty pretty dresses everyday LOL Oye hoye. LOL OMGG SAJAAAAAAN. Day Dreaming HOT HOT! :D

Arre itna short update :( & you've gotta update fast! :D
& we all love you Adu, don't ever think we don't idiot. Stern Smile Warna I'll haunt you in your dreams, muhuhahaha. Evil Smile
Loved the update, short yet sweet :D

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