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The World's Oldest Story!!#6AR In Another World..

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Thread SIX!Shocked

Cheers and a Big Hug Hugto all you guys for apreciating TWOS!! and liking all the crap that i dish out under that pretence..LOL lol!! hope this one is as cheerful as the last one..Smile and hopefully it is not, but i doubt, the last thread for this ff.. but there's still a long time to go as far as the story is concerned.. maybe the magical no. 7 will be it.. for now.. i'll put up the next update by tonight.. hopefully..Tongue wait for it.. and keep reading The World's Oldest Story!!Big smile

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"Riddhima.. You're leaving already?.. Ruko.. I made breakfast for the two of you.. Lekar jao..", Padma stopped her as she was about to step out of the door.. She had come home late last night to find both her parents waiting for her.. They had been worried about her when she had broken down after Armaan had left after dinner last night.. They were confused because till he was there she was behaving all normal, not a hint of any tension between them.. She didn't tell them initially, but when her dad threatened to call Armaan and ask him why he had made his daughter cry, she gave in..  Plus she realized that telling them the truth was the only way she could go see him.. And they had been very patient with her.. Even her dad, though reluctantly, had allowed her to go.. She had said nothing except that it was his mothers' death anniversary and she wanted to be there for him.. But she was not  in any condition to talk about it, so they had not persuaded her either..

"Mamma its ok.. Main bana lungi.. ", she said, hoping her mom would let her go.. She was in a hurry to get there.. She jus t hoped that he wasn't up yet..

"Beta please.. Maine already banaya hai.. Come I'll pack it.. Besides, I think we need to talk..", Padma told her smiling a little as she requested her to come in the kitchen to talk to her.. Riddhima sighed and followed her in. to find her dad sitting at the counter sipping his morning cup of tea..

"Good morning..", he wished her, his tone somber..

As Padma packed the food for her children she asked Riddhima, "So.. Armaan kaisa hai?..  We were wondering if he's ok.. "

Riddhima recollected  the way he had broken down last night and wasn't sure of what to answer.. But she was sure that he was feeling better than what he was last night under the whole pretence of being unaffected.. "He's fine mamma..", she answered, giving her a half-hearted smile..

"Uh.. Toh.. Koi pooja rakhni hai ya.. I mean..", Shashank asked her..

Riddhima looked confused for a moment then said softly, "I don't know papa.. I don't think Armaan yeh sab karta hai.. And I don't want to remind him about it either..", as far as she knew, she had never seen even a photo of either of his parents.. Its almost as if they never existed.. And the only conclusion she could draw was that it was too painful a reminder for him, so he preferred to not  have it with him..

"Riddhima.. Why didn't you tell us yesterday.. Aur dinner pe bhi kucch nahi bataya.. Usse koi baat pareshaan kar rahi thi toh baat karni chahiye na..", Padma asked, while Shashank just silently listened to their conversation, feeling like an intruder here..

"Mamma.. That is exactly what I told him.. Aap nahi jaante, but I didn't know about this either.. Agar Nikki ne galti se bataya nahi hota toh mujhe pata bhi nahi chalta..", her tone a little bitter as she answered her mom.. But just as immediately her expression softened as she felt she gave away too much information..

Padma raised her eyebrows, "He didn't tell you?.."

"No..", she answered in a monosyllable, getting uncomfortable under her mom's gaze..

"Riddhima is everything alright beta?.. Koi baat ho toh tum hume bata sakti ho..", she said, running a motherly hand on her head..

"Jee mamma.. But there is no problem as such..", she said, avoiding her mom's gaze.. She didn't know why but she found it extremely difficult to talk about her feelings about Armaan to her..

Padma knew her daughter well .. She knew this conversation was not exactly in her comfort zone.. But she had always been like this.. She told her everything.. Everything that went on around her, about her friends, about her life.. But she always blocked her out when it came to her feelings and anything that was close to her heart.. "Riddhima.. If something is bothering you, at least talk to Armaan about it.. Clearly you're not comfortable having this discussion with me.."

"Nahi mamma.. Aisa nahi hai.. Why would I hide anything from you?..", she asked her, genuinely surprised by her mom's concern.. Here she was the one who was struggling to find out why Armaan was not talking to her, and her mom was worried that she is hiding her feelings..

Padma smiled at her daughters defensive tone.. But she had some idea that Riddhima was struggling to manage her relationship with Armaan.. And she realized they were in the most sensitive period of their relationship.. After all they had just recovered from a major pitfall.. And they had to talk this phase out with each other.. "Riddhima.. Maine aaj tak iss bare mein tumhe jyaada pareshan nahi kiya.. But beta I know you well.. Tum apne feelings kissi ke saath share nahi karti.. I know its not my place to speak between you and Armaan, but I hope tum Armaan se toh at least baat karti ho.. I mean, communication is very important to a relationship beta.. I know.. I've been married for the last 30 years now.. "

"Mamma please.. Aap yeh kya.. Armaan is the one who is hiding his feelings from me.. He is the one who is not telling me what he feels or what he wants.. Who pehle aisa kabhi nahi karta tha.. I don't know what has gotten into him.. And Mamma I don't understand why you're giving me this lecture..", she got agitated, taking her mom's advise as her accusation.. And it irritated her more, coz maybe she was right..

"I am sorry Riddhima.. I didn't know.. Main bas keh rahi thi.. Ki tum bhi us se baat karo.. Tell him how you feel about him not telling you all this.. Kabhi kabhi silence is not enough.. "

Shashank saw that Riddhima wasn't comfortable with where this conversation was going.. Nor was he. So he stepped in to cut it short.. "Padma.. I am sure they can sort out their problems on their own.. If she is not comfortable talking about it why are you pressing the matter..", he butted in and as always took his daughters side..

"Aap bhi na Shashank.. Main uske bhale ke liye keh rahi hoon.. And by the way she's taken after you in this matter.. You are also a closed book when it come to your feelings..", she declared blatantly..

"Padma.. Kya bacchi ke samne.. ", he glared at her a little, then turning to his daughter he continued, "Riddhima.. Tum jao.. And if there's any problem just tell me.. Don't worry I am sure everything will be alright..", Shashank said with a smile, encouraging her to go on.. And Riddhima didn't waste time in case her mom starts the discussion again, and taking the packets of food that she had packed for them, she hurried towards her car..



Armaan was sleeping peacefully, ensconced in his warm bed and blanket.. It was past seven and his infamous alarm had not gone off yet as Riddhima had taken care to switch it off before leaving last night.. He of course didn't know that.. He didn't know anything that was going on around him.. He didn't know what was going on in her head.. He never did.. He always guessed it.. And more often than not guessed it right.. And unlike her, he never was curious to know.. Coz he didn't need it, always thinking that she would open up when she would feel comfortable.. He was just grateful that she gave him a place in her perfect life.. Unaware that any such rift existed between them, he slept on, peacefully, still under the impression that he was in her arms, hugging the pillow that was supposed to be under his head.. And that's how she found him when she sneaked into the room, making no noise whatsoever.. Any burglar would have been proud of how noiselessly she moved around when she wanted to..  Armaan smiled a small smile, still in his dream world, when he felt her lips on his ear.. She kissed him softly, moving to his cheek, and when she kissed his lips once, he couldn't help but open his eyes.. This is where his reality got better than his dream..

"Good morning..", she wished him with her trademark sunshine smile as he opened his sleepy eyes slowly.. When he realized she was there, he quickly threw the pillow out away from him, pretending he didn't know how it got there.. Well.. He actually didn't know how it came there as all this while he thought he had been hugging her.. Riddhima smiled at his cute antics as she moved closer to him when he sat up straight.. Armaan raised his eyebrows when she hugged him tight and then pulling out a little, looked into his eyes.. And before he could ask her the reason for this generous display of love early in the morning, she placed her lips on his.. And when she was done kissing him, he was left in a daze, and wanting for more.. She winked at him inspite her blush, and that totally flipped him out.. "Basket.. What is with you?..", he asked her suspiciously..

"Nothing.. Just wishing my fiancee a good morning.. Tumhe koi problem hai kya?..", she asked, frowning at his comment.. She had come well equipped today to blackmail him into revealing his feelings, but of course she didn't want him to see through them so soon.. But then again he was Armaan Mallik..

He smiled at her expression, though his mind started working in fifth gear.. She had come last night and he had cried like an idiot.. She was bound to ask him some questions now.. So he tried to divert her attention to something he knew would distract her for sure.., "Basket.. What do you want?.. Don't tell me its about the tattoo.."

She scowled as he caught her spot on, but it wasn't the only thing that she wanted out of him.. She had thought about what her mom said throughout the drive, wondering if they really lacked communication.. Wasn't it a good thing that he understood her silences as she did his?.. At least all the films and romantic novels she had read said so.. "Well yeah.. I do want to know about that.. But first there is something we need to talk about.."

He cringed as he heard that.. Apparently she couldn't be distracted that easily.. "Phir se?..", he frowned and pulled her closer, so he could resume his oh so good morning.. At least kissing was a fool proof distraction, and he was sure of that..

But she kept her hands on his chest to keep a distance.. She knew what he was trying to do.. But today she was going to get her answers.. She had to get him out of the delusion he was living in.. She needed him to be happy if she was to be happy.. How difficult was that to understand.. "Armaan.. Please.. I don't like this secrecy between us.. I don't care why you're not telling me whatever you're hiding, but I need to know..  You know I couldn't sleep peacefully last night coz I was thinking what I've done to deserve this from you.. ", she said quickly before he could say or do anything else.. Armaan heard her, not understanding at first.. But as her words sank in he let her go, looking away as he didn't know what to say to her.. This was the first time she was telling him about what she felt.. So according to her she wasn't really happy by what he thought he was doing to protect her feelings by keeping things from her.. She worried about him anyway..

"Basket.. I am doing this only to protect you.. Why do you have to know everything..", he asked her not looking at her still, annoyed by the fact that he always ended up doing something wrong..

"Coz that is how a relationship works Armaan.. If you keep hiding things from me, I will never be sure what is going on in your head..", she said, making him look at her..

"Riddhima I don't  hide anything from you.. I have always told you everything.. Even those things that no one knows.. You know almost everything about me Riddhima..  So much that I cant even lie to you.. But there are certain things I want to deal with on my own.. Without troubling you.. Cant you trust me on this once..", and this time when he looked into her eyes, she saw that honesty in them.. Yes he told her everything.. But why had he to change now.. Especially now, when she was most insecure about losing him..

"Armaan I want to know the rest of you too.. There are still so many things I don't know.. Like I didn't know it was mom's death anniversary yesterday.. ", she confronted him.. He smiled a small smile at how easily she had called his mom hers.. But that didn't change the fact that he kept this from her only so he doesn't upset her.. Not after making her cry for the last whole month.. "Basket.. I am sorry.. But I didn't want to.."

"I know you didn't want to spoil my mood, or make me sad.. But Armaan I would have been happier if you shared it with me and we could have faced it together.. You didn't need to take all the burden alone.. We could have shared it and overcome it together.. ", she explained to him calmly, though she was agitated initially when she cut him off..

Armaan sighed as he heard her.. "But at least for half the day you were happy.. If Nikki had not blabbed..", a little bitterness made its way through.. He had even called Nikki and fired her for opening her big mouth.. He had to apologize to her today, he reminded himself.. But Riddhima was just glad that Nikki had told her.. At least she knew.. But Armaan wasn't understanding what she was going through "Armaan.. Some day I would have come to know.. I would have felt as bad then too.. In fact the thought of all the pain that you go through had me so worried yesterday Armaan.. It was so difficult to see you  pretend that nothing was troubling you..", she told him sincerely, caressing his face as she did..

"I wasn't in so much pain Riddhima.. You just exaggerate everything.. ", he said, annoyed by her excessive concern for him.. It made him feel worse.. If he tells her, she is upset.. If he doesn't, again she is upset.. What was a guy to do!!

Riddhima scoffed at his claim.. "Really.. And that is why you cried like that yesterday.. Armaan even after that you are lying to me.. ", she demanded, trying to control her irritation..

"I am sorry..", he said, looking away from her again, trying to avoid the discussion..

She riled up at his behavior this time, raising her voice as she yelled at him.. "Stop doing that Armaan.. Enough of your nautanki.. Tumhe kya lagta hai humesha jaisa tum chaho waisa hoga.. Don't I have any right over you.. Any right to make decisions for us.. Pehle bhi tumne mujhse door jaane ka faisla khud liya tha.. Phir se wahi galti kyun repeat kar rahe ho Armaan.. Why don't you listen to me..".. And Armaan lost his head at that, as he got out of bed and stood up in his frustration.. He couldn't take it no more.. She had provoked him completely as he almost yelled back in exasperation.. "Toh main kya karoon Riddhima.. You know.. All my life I have lived on my own.. Taken care of myself.. I did not need anyone.. I have always taken my own decisions since the time I was 10.. I don't know what these relationships are about.. I don't know how to make promises.. Heck.. I didn't know what love was until you came in my life.. And from that moment I have become so dependent on you.. Even when I didn't know you that night a year ago..  I don't know what it is about you.. I couldn't hide my pain from you.. And with you I found peace Riddhima.. A place where my past doesn't bother me.. You don't know how guilty I feel of sucking you into this mess that I am.. But since I have.. And since you, for some reason need me back, its my responsibility to keep you happy.. You changed me.. Changed everything about me.. You gave me so much Riddhima.. I cant even start putting it in words.. I don't think I can list it out.. And I am not saying some dialogue from those sad romcoms that you love so much.. I am just saying that you've done enough for me..", he did not want to say all this to her.. He had promised himself he will keep his feelings about this to himself, but like all his promises, this one fell apart too.. She was too stunned to say anything, just staring at him and his frustration.. When she didn't say anything, he continued.. "You're always there for me Riddhima.. Always have been.. Even yesterday you came.. Throughout the day, you pretended, for my sake.. But you knew what I was going through.. You supported me without asking for any explanation.. Like you always do.. And I got momentary relief.. But you don't realize that you just added another thing to the list of things that I am grateful to you for.. If you can do so much for me Basket, cant I do this much for you. Just keep you away from something that I think will cause you any kind of pain.. ", all these feelings that had taken seed the day her dad had accused him of taking advantage of her were coming out today..

Riddhima couldn't believe what she was hearing.. How could he think this way.. She loved him.. Didn't he know.. Why did he need explanations.. "Armaan.. Where did this.. From where did this 'me' and 'you' come between 'us'?.. I don't worry for you coz I am doing you a favor.. Armaan main tumse pyaar karti hoon.. Its not something I consciously do.. Its something natural.. When you love someone.. Like you take care of me coz you love me.. Ek saal baad tumhe yeh lagta hai ki main tumpar ehsaan kar rahi hoon?.. Are you insulting my love.."

Armaan was alarmed at the way she interpreted his words.. It was partially true, but he wasn't doubting her love.. He just felt that she was the one who had to sacrifice again and again because of a whackjob like him who screwed up her life.. She deserved someone less broken.. Someone with a family.. Not someone who was constantly wallowing in his past.. He just felt indebted to her for loving a loner like him so much.. He felt he didn't give her enough in return.. "No Riddhima.. I am just saying that this relationship is not balanced.. Riddhima you had everything in life before I came.. You had a family.. The perfect friends.. The perfect job.. You had a perfect life.. Minus any sort of pain or worry.. And I just brought my pain into it and made it what it is today.. And not once did you ask for anything in return.. I wouldn't have realized this if the whole fiasco with Dr. Shashank had not happened.. I would have never realized Riddhima.. How much more you love me than I love you.. How much I've taken from you and how much you've given me.. Now I just want to make up for all that by giving you all that you deserve.. I know we cant live without each other.. I know I am what you want.. And I will try my best to keep you as happy as I can.. I don't want anything else Riddhima.. I don't want anything else.. I saw what I had done to you the day I left you Riddhima.. I cant forgive myself for that pain I gave you.. Even if I want to I cant.. If you are allowed to run away from home for me, cry for me when I am in pain, forgive me without asking even once why I went away, why am I not allowed to just take in a little extra pain that I am anyway used to, just to keep that smile on your face.."

She had no words.. No words at all to reciprocate to that verbal rally of his.. All that he said was so right.. And the belief with which he said it made it sound so right.. She didn't want him  to believe it.. She wanted to tell him he was so wrong in thinking that.. But she couldn't.. She didn't have a logical backing.. A proof to support her refutation.. She didn't have anything to say to that, so she said, "We're getting late Armaan.. Get ready.. Mamma's sent you breakfast..", Armaan scoffed silently at that, her reaction only reinforcing his beliefs.. Of course.. what was he expecting her to say.. It was the truth after all.. But he couldn't bear to see those tears that were brimming in her eyes, he knew he had indirectly hurt her by confessing his feelings.. "Basket.. I am sorry.. I shouldn't have said all this..", he said taking her face in his hand.. But she gave him a defiant smile and said, "Armaan we're getting late.. I know you're SupArmaan.. But I still don't think you have the power to turn back time.. So hurry up..", she tried her hand at lamely changing the topic, still clearly disturbed by his crazy ideas and not ready yet to discuss them.. For some reason she felt like she was caught under the spotlight.. Like it was somehow her fault that had led him to this absurd belief that she somehow suffered in this relationship..

Armaan chuckled at her attempt.. she always used his dialogues.. He knew she didn't want to talk about this.. Maybe she didn't have anything to say at all.. But he could see her turmoil on her face and felt so helpless that he couldn't do anything about it.."Basket.. Please..", he started.. But didn't know what he could say to her now.. He wished he could take his words back.. He cursed himself in his mind for opening his big mouth and hurting her once again.. But she just held his hands, kissing each one by one, before kissing him on his forehead once.. "I love you.. Now please hurry up.. Main bahar wait kar rahi hoon..", and she left him in his room, now all worried for her.. He could kill himself for this.. As he took his towel and headed for the washroom, he dreaded what this day had in store for him if it had started on such a depressing note..


Riddhima was sitting in her cabin in the OPD, just having seen her last patient before lunch.. She had a surgery scheduled in the morning, which she had performed.. But she was a little worried.. She had been very distracted throughout, and even now, those thoughts were taking over her mind.. On their way to the hospital, he had tried to talk her into forgetting whatever he told her.. But she had just mocked him playfully saying his superpowers were not working.. Even though it had lightened the tension between them, that thought had not left her mind even for a second.. His words were so confounding, so absurd.. She couldn't relate to them at all.. Yet they felt true.. Especially the way he had spoken without a stammer or a doubt.. Clearly he had given this a lot of thought.. Clearly this was what he was living by.. The only doubt he had had was why she loved him so much?.. Why she needed him.. What kind of a stupid question was that.. He thought that he was the one who needed her.. For obvious reasons.. He was alone and without a family.. And he felt indebted to her coz she had everything he didn't have.. So their relationship had a give and take, but it was unilateral.. It felt so wrong, but it sounded so right.. The more she thought about it, the more right it sounded.. He was right.. From that day one year back, it was always about how she supported him through everything.. It was always about his past, his pain, his feelings.. She always felt so protective about him.. When he fell sick, when he got angry, when he was sad.. It was always how she loved him.. What about how he loved her.. She knew he did.. Of course he did.. He did more than anyone had loved her in her life.. She was sure he loved her even more than her family did.. She just loved him back.. She had just done what a normal person in love would do.. What could then give him this bizarre idea.. She knew it wasn't true.. It wasn't true that she was the only giver in this relationship.. She had gotten so much more in return.. She had gotten him for heaven sake.. And she had earned him.. He was hers.. She didn't have to share him with anyone.. He was just hers.. She had to share her parents and her grandparents with her Di.. Share her Di with Atul and her parents.. Share her mom with her dad.. Her dad with her mom.. But Armaan.. He was one person who was just hers.. She didn't have to share him with anyone.. She was the first person he came to when he was happy, or troubled.. She was the only person he shared his secrets with.. And this sense of ownership had only been heightened by the fact that he had no other family.. She would have obviously wished for a better childhood, a happy family for him while growing up.. But the fact that he didn't have one, and the fact that she was the one who he trusted and called family, was what made her so protective of him.. At the risk of being selfish she had to admit that she loved the fact that she didn't have to share him with anyone.. She loved him.. He was the most important person in her life.. How did he not understand this?.. But then, how would he understand this?.. She had never told him, never discussed with him about how she felt.. She always wanted to know about him, she always pestered him to tell her about himself, like she had done today.. She was always alert when it came to his feelings.. But never once did she reveal her feelings to him.. He had told her everything about himself.. Anything that she asked him to.. Though it took him time to open up, but his past was the only thing that he had trouble talking about.. But he didn't know anything about her.. They had never spoken about her.. Even if he tried to, she wouldn't respond and he would never force her..  She realized that apart from the 'I love you's and 'I miss you's, and the obvious fact that she was with him when he needed her as he was with her, she had hardly ever told him how she felt when she was with him.. She realized that he had on numerous occasions told her what she means to him.. Like the time when he had told her that she was his Angel.. That thought still brought tears to her eyes.. But she had never ever once told him that he was her Angel.. Yes he was.. He couldn't even imagine how important he was to her.. But how would he.. She never ever once mentioned how he had changed her.. How she felt when he was with her.. How her life had changed because of him.. She had thought her silence, her actions were enough.. Clearly she was wrong.. Her mom was right.. She never had been comfortable talking about her feelings.. Even with her mom.. Even with her Di.. Even with her friends.. She always was an introvert.. Though she had managed to fool quite a few, but it was a fact that she did not trust people easily.. That she liked meeting then and interacting with them was a given since she was a doctor.. But it was true that it took her a lot of time to make real friends.. Who really knew who she was and not who she was pretending to be.. The reason she still made so many friends was that she never managed to hurt anyone's feelings.. She always cared for the other person's feelings more than her own.. Even if she hardly knew them.. And in her diplomatic responses her so called friends never realized that she hardly ever revealed much about her feelings to them.. Even if it was about a movie they had watched together.. But with Armaan, she was no pretence, from day one.. She didn't know what it was about him.. The way he had understood about her fear of heights without even saying a word, when even her own family hadnt realized in so many years.. The way she could curse him, fight with him and get away.. She wouldn't have done that normally with anyone else she just met.. But he was different.. He always had been.. she was always amazed at how he understood her feelings.. She didn't have to hide them, but she didn't have to tell him either.. He always understood.. But like her mom said.. Sometimes silence is not enough.. Her actions weren't enough.. And all those times that she had kept shut and not told him her feelings had built up now and were hurting him.. Though he didn't realize and blamed it on himself, but the truth was that it was partially her fault.. She realized now that the only time she came close to revealing her secrets was when she had gotten drunk..  and even then he had said that it was ok if she didnt want to tell him certain things.. but she had taken him too literally.. I mean, that dolthead had never pestered her to reveal her feelings.. Not once demanded anything as long as he knew she was happy and with him.. And unintentionally she had taken him for granted.. As that realization hit her, it dawned upon her that all this while she thought he was hiding his feelings, but she had not realized that it she had been doing exactly that.. Though unknowingly, to her and to him, but she had been a closed book compared to him in this relationship.. Of course he was bound to feel it was one sided.. That mad-cap thought her life was perfect before he came into it for god sake!!.. But she had to put this straight now.. She had to make this right.. She had to tell him.. She had to say what needed to be said, in clear words, before that guilt eats him up.. Making up her mind, she got up from her desk and headed for the door.. She would find him and tell him everything she felt about him.. She hurried through the corridors, in hurry to see him now.. Eager to finish off this gap that she herself had created.. She would tell him everything.. She would tell him that she was as grateful to have him in her life as he was to have her.. She would tell him exactly why she loved him so much!!..


She rushed through the corridors towards his cabin.. But was highly disappointed to find that his cabin was empty.. Wondering where he could be she made her way towards the cafeteria, hoping to find him there since it was lunch time.. But she found only Atul and Muskaan there today.. Apparently everyone else was too busy to have lunch. Sighing she too left without eating anything, resuming her hunt for him.. As she passed the corridor she saw the intern who mostly assisted him in all his surgeries, "Dr. Payal.. Aapne Dr. Armaan ko kahin dekha.."

"Yes ma'am.. Woh Dr. Shubhankar ke cabin mein hain.. ", the intern answered her senior sincerely..

"Thanks..", Riddhima smiled at her as she turned to go back to the caf and join her friends.. If Armaan was in a meeting it was unlikely that she was going to be able to talk to him.. And that he was in a meeting with Dr. Shubhankar was even more unnerving.. It had something to do with his Singapore problem that he didn't want to share with her.. But that didn't matter.. If he thought he could handle it on his own so be it.. It was more important to first tell him how she feels about him.. She was sure he knew most of it.. But there were some things that just needed to be said out loud..



"Yes Sir.. I'll take care of that..", Armaan said as he walked out of Dr. Shubhankar's cabin, with a not so happy expression on his face.. The doctor who had come for the interview for his replacement was not up to the mark and had failed to impress Dr. Shashank and Dr. Shubhankar. So they had come to the conclusion that Armaan would have to go to Singapore for this one surgery coz he had already committed to it.. "Armaan.. We have no choice.. We are doctors.. Hum aise kisi ko bhi nahi bhej sakte na.. Sanjeevni ki bhi koi reputation hai..", Dr. Shashank had said when he had tried to counter their decision. There wasn't much he could say after that.. He was a dedicated professional.. He could not let his patient down.. He had to keep his word. But his only concern was Riddhima.. How was he going to tell her.. She had already been disturbed by what he had said in the morning.. He had seen the guilt in her eyes.. He shouldn't have lost his cool. But when she reminded him of how he had left her alone she had stepped on a raw nerve.. He didn't realize when he had said what was disturbing him out loud.. Something that he had very bitterly accepted.. Something that he wished he could change if he had the power to.. But what was done was done.. And if that wasn't enough now he had to break this news to her. His only respite and excuse would be that its just two days.. Surely two days wont make a difference.. He scoffed silently as he thought that.. Two days would be like two years in that hell hole and without her..

"Sir!.. Dr. Armaan..", he turned around to see an intern calling out to him just as he was about to enter his cabin..

"Dr. Payal.. Kahiye.. ", he acknowledged her as he turned to face her completely..

"Sir.. Dr. Riddhima aapko dhoond rahi thi.. ", as she informed him a little blush crept up her face. He had that effect on mostly anything female that was in a five foot radius around him..

He smiled an awkward smile as he saw her blush.. He was always amused at not only her but most of his female colleagues, juniors, nurses by  the way they behaved around him.. It was really weird the way they got all awkward and expectant when they spoke to him.. In college even a few of the female teachers would favor him and his friends would tease him of how they had a crush on him. But he was always a people's person.. And he did enjoy all the attention.. Always getting away by harmless flirting.. It just made the other person feel good and he felt nice to bring a smile on their face.. But after Riddhima came into his life flirting was a big no no.. So it would get awkward at times when his juniors, the nurses, or his colleagues just couldn't help their blushes around him.. He tried his best most of the time to make them feel comfortable by cracking a few jokes or smiling at them.. But apparently it lasted only for a day.. Coz the next day they would be back to their blushing ways, perpetually smitten by him.. He had kind of become used to it now.. But what he was not used  to was them telling him about Riddhima.. Now that it was official and out in the open, it felt even weird when they told him something about his fiancee and still looked at him hopefully.. This would take some getting used to.. "Thanks..", he said as she was still smiling at him.. When he couldn't hold up his smile for long, he cleared his throat as he said, "Uh.. Dr. Payal.. I have to go to Singapore tomorrow.. So the surgeries scheduled for the next three days are cancelled.. Aap Dr. Keerti se kehekar kisi aur ko assist kar lena.. I'll of course inform her.. But still..", he informed her as she was scheduled to assist him in his surgeries..

The girl however was still smiling at him, and by the look of her, she hardly followed what he had been saying.. "Uh.. Dr. Payal..", he brought her out of her daze, snapping his fingers in front of her..

"Yes.. Yes sir..", she snapped out as she nodded her head and walked out on him.. He just chuckled at her as he headed for the canteen guessing that his Basket was looking for him for lunch.. As he neared the canteen his heart beat increased, dreading her reaction when he breaks the news of his Singapore trip to her..



Riddhima had just reached the canteen and was about to start her lunch when she was paged by Dr. Keerti to the nurse station.. She had gotten there and been informed by the senior gynecologist, who was also in charge of the interns, about a change in schedule.. Not like she had a major problem, but she preferred if there weren't too many interns in her OT when she operated on someone.. "Dr. Keerti.. But already ek intern mujhe assist kar raha hai. Why the change in schedule.."

"I know Dr. Riddhima.. Lekin I already have one on me and one on Dr. Muskaan.. Dr. Rahul ko Chennai jaana hai ek surgery ke liye and Dr. Abhimanyu and Dr. Nikita are on leave.. Now if Dr. Armaan is going to Singapore for the next three days someone will have to take an extra intern..", she said in her typical professional demeanor, no personal attachment whatsoever.

Riddhima listened to her calmly, though her mind was half with Armaan and all that she had to talk to him about.. And in her lack of attention she did not realize what Dr. Keerti had exactly said and she immediately started to counter her argument, "But Dr. Keerti.. ", and she faltered.. Slowly she replayed what she had just heard and wondered if she had heard right.. When that information registered in her head her eyes opened wide in shock as her heart started beating faster, "What?.. He's going where?..", she asked, hoping to get a different answer than what she expected.. Dr. Keerti just looked at her in confusion. Clearly she did not know about this new improvement in her fiance's schedule.. She knew this was going on from quite a few days.. Her husband had told her about how love struck their juniors were that they couldn't spend even two- three days without each other.. And she was surprised now that Riddhima did not even know about what Armaan was doing to be with her.. She didn't want to be the one to break this news to her, but she hardly had a choice now that she had already unknowingly blurted it..

But before Dr. Keerti could answer her, "Excuse me Dr. Keerti.. I had to inform you about the change in schedule for the surgeries..", Armaan interrupted, as he addressed Dr. Keerti, giving Riddhima one nervous glance.. He had heard the latter part of their conversation and was positively scared of what she was going to do.. When he reached the canteen Muskaan told him that Riddhima had been paged by Dr. Keerti.. That is when he had realized and in fact guessed right as to why she had been called.. But by the time he caught up with her, Dr. Keerti had already broken the news to her.. He didn't want her to find out from someone else.. This surely spelt doom for him.. But he had not foreseen this sort of a thing happening.. He cursed himself now of telling that intern about his plans before talking to Riddhima..

"I know Dr. Armaan.. Dr. Payal ne mujhe bataya hai.. And I was just informing Dr. Riddhima about the change in schedule..", Dr. Keerti told him, noticing the hurt expression on Riddhima's face.. Armaan felt a pinch as he felt her eyes boring into him, daring him to look at her..

"Yes ma'am.. Thank you..", he smiled a small smile.. Dr. Keerti returned his smile, "All the Best Dr. Armaan.. Hope the surgery goes well.. And Dr. Riddhima.. I hope aapko koi problem nahi hai..", she asked Riddhima who turned her attention from him to look at Dr. Keerti..

"No ma'am.. Mujhe kyun problem hogi?..", Armaan winced at the acerbity in her tone and almost died when she turned her glare at him..


As soon as Dr. Keerti left she turned to him, "Armaan.. What the hell is going on?..", she demanded angrily..

Armaan shut his eyes tight in fear of what he had to face now.. "Basket.. Lets go somewhere else and talk..", he said calmly, hoping no one heard her yell at him.. She looked around at the people who were passing by and agreed that she needed more privacy to yell crazy at him.. She couldn't believe he was doing this. Plus he didn't tell her.. What was he thinking.. But more than the fact that he didn't tell her this she was disturbed that he was going back.. Why?.. He had promised.. And in just a week he was doing this to her.. As he led her to the fire escape she thought of how best she could vent her frustration on him. But when she saw the fear in his eyes as he looked at her warily she forgot about her anger.. The worried expression on his face melted her and had her worried for him.. But he just stood there, hanging his head in shame waiting for her to start with the lecture.. He waited and he waited, but it did not come.. When he glanced up at her to see if she was hoping to torture him with her murderous glare, he was left surprised to see her smiling a small smile.. "Basket.. Are you ok?..", he asked her, wondering if she had lost her mind.. Her smile widened at that as she held his face in her hands, "Armaan.. I am very very angry.. ", she said looking into his eyes..

"Then why are you smiling?..", he asked her, gulping, wondering if she was planning on strangling him with her own hands..

"Coz you look so cute when you're scared of me..", she said, amused by the horror on his face.. And his expression turned from terror to a frown as he heard that.. When she kissed him on his cheek once in affection he pulled out, "What!.. I am not scared of you.. What crap!..", he said defiantly..

She teased him as she saw him scowl.. "Yeah that is why you look like you've seen a ghost.." , and leaned on him as he leaned his back against the wall.. But before he could pull out of it, she wrapped her arms around him and asked, "Armaan.. Please tell me all this is a lie.. You are not actually going, are you?" as he heard her small hopeful voice, he sighed and brought her closer instead of pushing her away.. "Riddhima.. I am sorry. Mujhe jaana padega..", and he explained to her why exactly he had to go.. How there was no one else who could and how he had already been scheduled to do this surgery.. He still had to payback for his stupid impulsive behavior more than a month back..

Her eyes welled up as she heard that.. She didn't want him to go.. But when he told her about how he had it scheduled and the patient wanted him as the doctor she could hardly say anything.. Even she was a doctor.. Her conscience wouldn't allow her to just abandon a patient.. And she knew the dedication Armaan had towards his profession.. There was no point in arguing about it.. They had to bear this time apart. And if she got angry then they would lose the precious time they have together before he leaves.. But the logic of her mind didn't pacify her heart that was still beating frantically, afraid to let him go away from her..

When she didn't answer for a long time he pulled out to look at her, "Basket.. I am sorry.. I tried to avoid this.. I tried my best.. But I have to go..", and she could see the sincerity in his eyes.. Her resolve to not express her fear got stronger as she tried convincing her heart that she had to do it.. For them..

But he felt rotten.. He felt like a failure.. He couldn't even keep a promise that he had made less than a week ago.. He thought he deserved to be snubbed.. So he was surprised when he heard her whisper, "I understand.." and she smiled a small smile determined not to cry even once..

Armaan just stood there and stared at her not being able to comprehend the meaning of what she had said.. Was she being sarcastic?.. Was she serious?..

"Armaan..", she called out to him as he seemed to be analyzing something very seriously.. He looked at her once, then craned his neck to look behind her, as if looking to find someone there..

"Armaan kya kar rahe ho?.. ", she asked him, confused by his weird response..

"Where's my Basket?.. And who are you?..", he asked in a mock pretence of suspicion..

She rolled her eyes at that, smacking his shoulder lightly, "Armaan.. Kya hai?.. What is with you?..", she whined..

"What is with you Basket.. 'I understand'!!.. Is that what you really said?!! I thought you will kill me..", he expressed his surprise to her reaction, only to see her smile in realization.. "Is that why you didn't tell me?..", pretty amused by the fact that he was scared of her..

Armaan smiled back as he saw her amused expression, then sighed as he told her.. "No Basket.. I was trying to get out of it.. I refused to go.. But I have no choice here.. I hoped things would work out well.. But as usual mera bad luck hi kharaab hai.. I have to accept that I am a loser.. I mean there was no point in hiding it from you when ultimately I had to go anyway.. Aur who bhi tumhe kahin aur se pata chala.. I give up Basket. I am sorry but you're stuck with this loser for life. ", though his tone was light Riddhima did not miss the seriousness in his eyes.. She knew it hurt him to not keep his word to her.. But she understood.. He was stuck. He had to let go of one.. And at this point someone's life was more important than her baseless insecurities.. But she also knew that she would worry all along if he had told her.. She accepted that.. And she didn't like the fact that he was blaming himself again.. She had to make that guilt go away.. "Armaan what are you talking about.. You are not a loser.. What is wrong with you. You didn't tell me coz I would unnecessarily worry.. I know that.. Didn't you tell me that so confidently that day.."

"Yeah but I was supposed to handle this on my own and get out of it.. Not come and tell you that I have to go.. ", frustrated now at how everything seemed to be going wrong.. The bloody day was only cursed..

She tried to consol him, caressing his face.. "At least I didn't worry about it for the last few days.. Aur ab it doesn't matter.."

"It doesn't matter?..", he asked, raising his eyebrows at that..

"Ok it does.. A little.. Armaan main jaanti hoon you were worried about me and I know how that feels.. But there's no way out of this.. Jaana toh tumhe hai.. Main kuch bhi kahun ya karun koi fayda nahi hone waala.." he sighed at that.. She was right.. And now that she was being so understanding his fears came to the forefront.. He didn't want to go.. And her being mad at him was not the only reason he was trying to get away from this responsibility of his.. That place was next to hell for him.. He was extremely apprehensive of facing it again.. "Riddhima main bhi nahi jaana chahta.. Please can we talk to Dr. Shashank and ask him if you could come with me..", he asked hopefully..

She smiled at his request.. But both of them knew it was not going to happen.. "Armaan I'd love to.. Par mujhe bhi yahan kaam hai na.. Abhi abhi toh Dr. Keerti ne naya schedule pakdaya hai mujhe.. And already Abhi and Nikki are not here.. At this rate Sanjeevni mein koi doctors hi nahi honge patients ko treat karne ke liye.."

He frowned at that logical explanation.. "Why are you always right Basket.. Tch.. Forget it.. " she made him look at her as he turned away, smiling at his frown, "Armaan.. Tumhe mujhe samjhana chahiye aur yahan tum hi aise muh latkakar baithe ho.. And what.. Its just a question of three days right.. "

"Actually two.. Kal shaam ki flight hai.. So I'll come to the hospital tomorrow..", he informed her grudgingly..

"Great.. Toh we get more time to be with each other.. Lets not waste it by fighting and arguing pointlessly over it.. ", she tried to cheer him up..

He grinned at that as he came closer to her and said cheekily.. "Then how should we waste it Basket.." but before he could peck her lips she turned away, resisting him with her hands on his chest while he tried to pull her close..

"Armaan.. We need to talk..", she said before he succeeds in his not so innocent intentions.. But he scowled when he heard her plan and exclaimed aloud "Again!!.. Yeh tumhara favorite dialogue hai nahi.. 'Armaan.. We need to talk..'.. Kitna baat karti ho tum Basket.. Thak nahi jaati kya..", he teased her..

She thought about what he said and smiled a stern smile thinking to herself about all that she had not said when she was supposed to.. "Your right Armaan.. Main bohot baatein karti hoon.. Lekin jo baat karni chahiye woh hi nahi karti.. But this is really important.. I have to tell you this before you leave.."

He heard her serious tone and replied, "Basket.. I am confused.."

She smiled at his frown and added.. "I know..  And I am going to clear out all your confusion today.." looking into his confused eyes as she did..

"Basket..", he started again, but she cut him off, "Shh.. Shh.. Now no more of your bak bak.. Ab sirf main bolungi aur tum sunoge.."

"What's new in that..", he commented, just to receive another frustrated smack on his arm.. "Armaan!!" and she glared at him as she yelled..

"Ok sorry..", he grinned but apologized anyway..

"Armaan about what you said in the morning.. ", she started to say when he finally shut up, but he interrupted her again.. "About that. I am sorry.. Basket, whatever I said in the morning was all crap.. I shouldn't have said any of it.. Mera na dimaag thoda sarka hua hua hai..", he joked, but his eyes told her how troubled he was to think that she was disturbed by his words..

"Thoda?.. ", she raised her eyebrow and asked condescendingly, "And what Dimaag?.. Agar dimaag hota toh tumne mujhe yeh pehle hi bata diya hota.. And for your information this is the most sensible thing you've spoken in a long time.. Usse bhi crap mat kaho.."

"Kya?.. Basket.. You've lost it today..", he said, confused again by what she was talking about.. He couldn't understand that code in which she was talking. Today she was being extra understanding.. For all the times when he thought she'd be angry or upset with him, she had surprised him by acting all cool.. at least she was pretending to be cool of nothing else..

"No I finally found some sense today.. And though you don't realize it, its all thanks to you..", she retorted, smiling as he tried to make sense of what she said..

"Basket I don't understand what you're saying..", he said again, his eyebrows scrunched as he gave it some serious thought..

"Coz you're not letting me explain you chatterbox!!.. Will you shut up for two minutes..", she almost shouted at him..

"Ok.. Fine.. Bolo..", he gave in, his eyes widening as she yelled at him.. But before she could start explaining, her pager went off.. "Oh crap.. Tch.. I am sorry.. Baad mein baat karenge.. Yahan koi baat nahi hone waali.. I have to tell you so much.. What time are you going to be free?.." she asked him in a hurry..

"Aaj late ho jaayega.. I have a surgery..", he told her..

She frowned, then made a plan, "Accha Ek kaam karo, after your duty today come home.. "

"Which one?.. ", he asked her, as she got out of his arms to leave..

"How many homes do you have Armaan?.. ", she asked him, irritated by his questions now..

"Well I have two.. So which one..", he answered, only to make her smile..

"Well I have only one.. So milte hain.. ", she replied and her reply brought a wider smile on his face.. And before she could leave he held her hand and pulled her back.. "Basket.. Ek aur baat kehni thi.."

"Kya..", she asked him as his other hand found her waist, pulling her closer.. He grinned at her when she realized what he wanted to tell her and tried to push him away.. "Armaan.. I am in a hurry.. I have to go..", but he didn't pay heed to her protests as he caressed her face lovingly and before she knew it she was lost in his eyes.. He kissed her gently once and pulled out saying, "I love you.." and she couldn't help but blush, her eyes lowering as she fought her smile.. And that smile lasted her for the rest of the day even though her mind was occupied by the  fear of him leaving and the thought of freeing him of his guilt..


Armaan was walking down the corridor towards the exit all ready to go home.. From the time she had left him in the fire escape in the afternoon he had spent every moment of his that he had not been working wondering what she was on about.. He couldn't believe she had created no fuss about him going. Something that he had dreaded. He obviously knew it was all but a put up, but still it definitely made life easier for him.. He remembered the first time he had to leave her and go, she had cried silly.. At that time he had found her behavior unreasonable.. He wondered now how all of a sudden she was being so understanding.. But now he found it weird that her reaction was so perfectly logical and controlled.. And that especially after the way she behaved in the last couple of days, playing detective with him, trying to find out what he was hiding by whatever means she could employ.. And now when she knew, it was a  completely different reaction than what he had expected. For the first time he was finding it difficult to read her.. Or so he thought at least. Maybe it was because of his outburst in the morning.. He was sure this had something to do with it coz she had hinted to something like that in her cryptic words in the afternoon.. She was really unpredictable, he thought.. And talking of unpredictable, he really wondered what she wanted to talk to him about.. Something she wanted to tell him before he left. And what intrigued him most was the sparkle in her eyes when she was trying to talk to him about it. Like she had figured out something he had missed. Like she was going to absolve him of something and he didn't know what.. But he was dying to know.. Somewhere he felt that at the end of that conversation was a new beginning.. But more than anything else he was just excited that after a long time she would be home waiting for him, when he gets back.. As he drove out the gate of Sanjeevni, still thinking about his Basket, he noticed one of the interns standing at the bus stop near the hospital. Seeing that she was alone he decided to stop and ask her if she needed a lift. She turned crimson the moment she saw him peeping out of his window and talking to her. And she didn't seem to understand what he said, "Dr. Payal..", he called out again to get her out of her daze, "Yes.. Yes sir.."

"Do you want me to drop you somewhere..", he asked her, irritated a little with the whole blush and dream routine.. She seemed to have realized his irritation too as she stammered, "No.. No sir.. I'll manage.."

"Are you sure.. Do you take the bus everyday..", he asked her sensing that he had probably intimidated her by his tone..

"No sir.. Actually I go back with Riya or Rohan drops me back.. But Riya is on leave and Rohan is busy in a surgery. ", she answered him with a smile..

"I think I'll drop you.. Its dark and you don't even know the bus routes..", he decided for her.. He knew how confusing the bus routes could be if you didn't travel by bus.. If he was in her place and someone offered him a lift he surely would have taken it. She protested a little but Armaan got his way as usual. Payal lived in some girl's hostel that was a little out of the way for him.. He regretted giving her a lift a little, coz he knew Riddhima was waiting for him and he couldn't wait to see her.. Like she said, they shouldn't waste even a second of the time they get together before he leaves tomorrow. After dropping the intern off he zoomed his way back home, but unfortunately got caught in traffic. As he drummed his fingers on the steering, anxious to get home he saw a florist at the side of the road.. Since the traffic didn't seem to be moving at all for the last 10 minutes, he got out of the car and ran across the sea of cars to the florist to buy his Riddhima her favorite orchids. Flashing his dimples at the annoyed drivers who were honking at him he hurried back into his car and drove on, when his phone buzzed, "Armaan!.. Kahan ho tum.. Come fast.. Then we have to go home for dinner also.. Papa wants us to go home for dinner.. He's not listening to me.. Armaan.. Hello..", she called out as she didn't get any response from him..

"Hey Basket!.. ", he said coolly as he drove, his phone on speaker, his smile wide and bright, amused at how she could continuously speak without needing to breathe..

"Armaan where the hell are you..", she asked him as she heard his amused tone..

"I am on my way.. Itna hyper kyun ho rahi ho?..", he asked her calmly..

"I have been waiting for more than an hour now Armaan.. Itna time kyun laga.. Last time I called tumne aadha ghanta kaha tha.. ", she interrogated him..

"I know Basket.. But I was stuck in traffic and then this intern.. What's her name.. Haan Payal.. She was waiting alone outside Sanjeevni toh I gave her a lift. Usme time chala gaya.. But I am almost there.. Waise someone is really desperate to see me..", he teased..

"Shut up Armaan.. Tum jaldi aao.. I'm bored now. And next time kissi ko lift dene ki zaroorat nahi hai..", she had tried to ignore that piece of information but couldn't help herself..

Armaan grinned at her attempted nonchalance.. And he loved the hint of jealousy in her tone.. "Basket.. Woh akeli khadi thi.. And we work together.. Aisa nahi hai ki main kisi random stranger ko lift de raha hoon.."

"Mujhe toh kabhi tumne lift nahi di Armaan..", she frowned as she complained..

"That's coz you're never standing alone on a bus stop Basket.. Tum har roz mere saath toh hospital aati ho.", he reminded her.

"Yeah I didn't think of that..", she agreed in realization only to make him chuckle at that.. , "Waise I like jealous Basket.. I can smell the fire from here.. " he teased..

"Armaan I am not jealous.. I just want you to come back fast..", she didn't really lie when she said that.. Nothing was more important right now than to tell him what she had been dying to tell him since morning.. But Armaan was in another world.. "This is so cool na Basket.. You waiting for me at home to come back from work.. Just don't start calling me Armaanji.. "

"In your dreams Mallik.. Armaanji my foot.. ", she scowled..

"Waise Basket, when are we going to get married?.", he asked her, hoping she says 'lets get married today'.. Unfortunately he had to settle for.. "I don't know.. You tell me.."

"Lets get married after I come back from the trip.", he said excitedly..

"Armaan tum pagal ho kya.. How can we get married so fast.. And anyway we'll have to talk to papa and mamma about it.. I wonder how they haven't brought it up..", she couldn't believe how immature he acted at times.. Lets get married after I get back! Really!

Armaan frowned at her reaction as he said.."I think we should remind them Basket.. Coz I cant take this anymore.. I want you to be there, waiting for me, everyday when I get back home.. " a dreamy smile made its way to his face as he realized that he was going home to her after such a long time..

"Armaan.. I don't want to be waiting for you everyday.. Coz waiting for you is the most difficult thing to do in the world..", and his smile only widened on hearing that .. "Oye hoye!!.. Keep saying things like that Basket and I'll never leave your side.."

"Armaan!..", a scowl replaced her smile as he saw her yell over the phone.. He had just pulled over in front of their place only to find her waiting for him outside the house.. "Basket.. Tum bahar kyun khadi ho..", he asked her surprised that she was so desperate to see him..

She looked at him sitting in the car then at the phone in her hand and spokei into it.. "Tum abhi tak car mein kyun baithe ho?..", she asked, irritated by him now.. "I don't know.. We're so stupid..", he chuckled as he realized they were still talking on the phone.. As he got out she came to him and said, "You're stupid Armaan.. Ab jaldi andar chalo.", and she started pulling him towards the door..

"Aur in phoolon ka kya karna hai..", he asked as he held the flowers in front of her.. She looked at them and left his hand immediately in exchange for the flowers.. Armaan smiled at the beautiful smile that spread on her face when she took the flowers in her hands as she said, "Wow.. They're so beautiful.."

"Just like..", he had started but she interrupted him., "Don't!!.. Please don't say 'just like you'.. I will still love you without those cheesy lines of yours.."

Armaan rolled his eyes at that.. "Fine.. So can we go in now.. We don't have time Basket.. We have to go home for dinner remember.. ", and before she could reply to that he picked her up, cradling her in his arms as she yelled, "Armaan!!.. Put me down.. Kya kar rahe ho.."

"Darwaza kholo..", he said when they reached the door..

"Armaan. Tum pagal ho pata hai..", she said as she unlocked the door so he could carry her in.. He didn't put her down, taking her to the couch and settling on it with her in his lap, "Haan pata hai.. Now tell me.. Tumhe kya baat karni thi.. ", he asked, pulling her close to him, finally giving her the chance to say what she was dying to say and he was dying to hear.. Riddhima was a little stumped by the sudden change of topic and she found herself tongue tied. When she didn't reply he kissed her a softly on her cheek as he asked , "Kya hua?.. ab bolti kyun band ho gayi?.."

"Armaan stop distracting me..", she scowled, trying to get away.. But he didn't let her go, holding her close, "Ok sorry.. I wont distract you..", grinning at her, as he apologized..

"Armaan.. I am sorry.. ", she finally said as she didn't know what else to say.. She didn't seem to remember all that she had to say now that he was actually in front of her.. This is what happened to her every time..

Armaan, however, confused by her apology, asked, "And why are you sorry Basket?.."

Riddhima looked into his eyes as she tried to find the right words, "Coz you're wrong.. "

Armaan raised his eyebrows at that, "What.. Basket could you please talk in a language I understand.."

"Armaan.. What you said in the morning.. About being grateful and all that crap.. Armaan you're wrong in thinking like that.. And I am the reason you believe something like that..", she said in a small voice, leaning her head on his chest.. She hated it when it was her fault and this time it was a major one..

"Basket!".. He started to interrupt her but she continued.. "No Armaan let me finish what I have to say.. All that you said in the morning was absolutely right.."

Armaan was absolutely confused now.. More confused that he already was.. Was that even possible.. "Riddhima.. You know you don't make sense right.. Pehle keh rahi thi I am wrong.. Then you're saying that I am right..", he said slowly trying to tell her how crazy she was sounding..

Riddhima smiled at his reply as she pulled out to look at him.. "No Armaan.. I am saying that you're right in thinking what you do even if you are wrong, coz I am the one who didn't tell you anything about myself.. I just realized today that you don't know me at all..", she declared.. But that made him frown.. Though he didn't understand what she was saying, that last declaration of hers didn't go down well with him., "What rubbish.. I know you.. Much better than you think you do.."

"No Armaan you don't..", she argued back..

But he wasn't about to give up.. "I do.. I know that you love me.."

"Armaan.", she tried to cut him off, but he overruled her.. "I know that you love me.. I know that you love your family.. You love mostly everything in this world.. But you love me the most.. Only chocolates come close to beating me there.. You can probably live on chocolates but you don't eat a lot of them coz you're a doctor and know the consequences of overeating them.. Plus you have to tell the kids that you love so much about how they shouldn't be eating them.. So you feel guilty if you don't follow what you teach them.. You care about others more than you care about your own feelings.. And you care the most about what I feel.. You are the happiest when you are with me and when I am happy.. And you feel bad when I am hurt.. Some times even more than what I do.. You hate it when I irritate you like I am doing right now.. But I know you secretly like it.. You pretend you don't want to kiss me, but most of the time you do.. And when you do, you love to ruffle my hair..", and he winked at her, as she frowned and went "Armaan..", but he didn't stop.., " When we make out you just cant resist me and give in almost every time.. Yeh toh accha hai that I am sharif.. But later you get embarrassed about whatever happened.. Oh and yeah you also enjoy it when I tease you about it later..", he said, grinned as he pulled her closer.. But she was fuming now.. When would this guy get serious.. "Armaan that's enough..", she glared at him.. But Armaan was unstoppable.. "No its not.. My list is longer.. You love it when I call you Basket, coz I am the only one who can call you that.. You love Blue coz you wear that most often, but you still make it a point to wear white as often as you can, coz you know I like it.. You hate it when I hide things from you.. And you know how to force them out of me.. You're very stubborn when someone doesn't listen to you.. You are jealous when I talk to other girls.. You don't like change much.. You like to settle in a routine.. That is why you didn't want to get engaged so soon.. And now probably don't want to get married so soon.. You're mostly not scared of anything. But you're scared that I'll leave you and go and that is completely my fault.. Haan and you are scared of heights but you don't like to talk about it to anyone.. You don't like to talk much about what you feel, but your actions always say what your words don't.. Some things that even words cant.. ", Riddhima just stared at him as she heard that.. She wasn't expecting him to say that.. She realized how observant he was and why he never felt the need to talk to her.. He read her like an open book and still gave her an option to stay shut if she wanted to.. Armaan saw her dazed expression and halted his long list of how-well-I-know-Dr. Basket Gupta.. "Basket!.. Looks like you're not the only one who can talk non-stop.."

"Armaan.. I.. ", she didn't have the words, still lost in the fact that he realized she didn't tell him things and still didn't pester her about it.. "Basket.. This list can go on.. But then humari saari zindagi iss couch pe nikal jaayegi and mere pair dysfunctional ho jaayenge coz of inadequate blood supply.. ", he joked when she didn't seem to say anything..

Riddhima ignored his silly joke as she found her voice and asked him.. "Armaan.. Why didn't you ever ask me about myself if you noticed that I don't share any of my feelings with you.."

He just smiled at her question and calmly answered.. "Coz your eyes say it all Riddhima.. And when I don't understand, I ask you.. Like today I cant understand what is going on in that head of yours.. And I am sorry that I messed it up.."

Riddhima got frustrated at that declaration of his.. "Armaan you haven't messed my head up.. I already was messed up.. Whatever you know about me is from what you've seen.. You don't know anything about me other than that.. "

"Coz there's no need", came his ready reply..

"There is a need. Armaan  you think that my life was perfect before you came in it.. On the contrary it has become perfect after you came Armaan.. I don't know why you blame yourself for everything.. ", her voice increasing in volume as her frustration increased..

"Common Basket.. Its clear.. You must not have cried half as much before we started dating than after.. ", he said coolly, like he was stating the obvious..

"How do you know Armaan?.. Tumhe kya pata.. Jab tum nahi the I was lonely inspite of having so many people around me to take care of me.. just living life the way others had planned it out for me..  I had only one aim.. of becoming a good doctor and that too according to what my dad said. I couldn't even imagine that I would be so lucky to have you in my life.. Armaan main boring si nerd thi jisko books ke alava aur kuch nazar nahi aata tha.."

"Woh toh tumm ab bhi ho..", he interrupted, but her glare shut him up..

"Armaan!!. You don't know.. You don't understand what you've done for me.. I could never ever, maybe still cant, talk to anyone else the way I am talking to you right now. I always said and did things to make others happy.. Not like I wasn't happy then.. But many times I would just accept someone else's happiness as mine and move on.. But with you, I never had to do that.. I never had to put up something that I wasn't in front of you.. You just accepted me for what I am..", Armaan was amazed by what she was saying.. She had never ever talked about her past before.. It felt weird but at the same time it felt like he was discovering something new about her.. And it brought a warm feeling to him.. "Coz you're perfect Riddhima..", he said softly as a small smile spread across his face.. He still didn't understand what her problem was..

"No I am not.. Armaan bachpan se mamma papa have been very protective of me.. So much that it stifled me. I didn't understand that at that time, but when I grew older, like in college, I realized how overprotected I was.. There used to be a car and a driver at my disposal 24 x 7.. Mamma used to call me every five hours to see if I was ok.. Papa never let me go out after seven.. And I never protested coz I knew they love me so much.. And I couldn't even think of betraying their trust or hurting them. ", she spoke softly, not knowing how to talk about it.. Not knowing if she was using the right words.. She had never ever spoken like this to anyone.. She felt exposed and unarmed.. But she forced herself to let her insecurities go today.. Coz she trusted Armaan more than anything .. And if this was how he was going to let go of that guilt that was eating him up, then she was ready to take this risk..

Armaan, on the other hand was wondering what his Riddhima was saying.. He was genuinely surprised by what he heard.. "But Basket.. Anjie toh aise nahi hai.. I mean.." and she cleared his doubt at once, "I know.. Anjali di always got her way.. And I was always jealous of her.. She was also kind of my role model.. She hung around with the coolest crowd, partied, enjoyed the good life while still managing to have a decent scorecard.. I envied her.. But papa always convinced me that I was smarter not to go that way.."

"That's weird.. Why would they be so protective of you and not about Anjie.. ", he asked her, his eyebrows scrunched at this new piece of information..

"Coz they had almost lost me once.. ", Riddhima said, but couldn't look into his eyes for long as she dropped her gaze.. Armaan couldn't believe what he was hearing.. "What.." he asked, wondering if she meant what he thought she meant..

Riddhima was apprehensive about talking about this thing. She had never ever, not even to her mom, spoken about this.. This was a part of her history that everyone in her family had locked up in a dark corner of their minds, to never remind themselves again.. "Armaan.. I havent spoken about this to anyone before.. But..", she faltered as she started.. Armaan sensed her discomfort and said, "Its ok if you don't want to talk about it Riddhima.. We can talk about it later.. ", he was curious to hear what she had to say.. But he didn't want it if it troubled her so much.. But Riddhima had decided she was going to talk it out.. And this was the only time she would be able to.. So she hugged him tight and started speaking softly as he caressed her back to ease her tension.. "Armaan.. Woh.. When I was six.. I had fallen off the terrace of our old house.. I was like.. declared dead.." Armaan forgot to breathe as he heard that, his grip tightening on her as she buried her face in his neck.. "That's what mamma tells me.. But they tried hard.. And papa being a senior doctor in Sanjeevni, he used all that was within his power to save me.. And I recovered fast coz I was young.. That's how I get this weird dimple under my eye.. Some surgery.. I didn't understand much that happened around that time.. I don't even remember how I fell.. Mamma told me later that I was waiting for Santa Claus on the terrace to climb down the chimney. Only that place didn't have a chimney.. ", she said, chuckling a little trying to make it sound like it didn't bother her much.. She didn't want him to think it bothered her so much.. It was pretty silly and a long time ago.. All children have accidents.. So she had one.. big deal!. But she knew what that had done to her.. What had made her what she is today..

But Armaan didn't like the way she made light of it.. For a moment he was scared, dreading the consequences, if Dr. Shashank and Padma mom had not saved his Basket.. "Basket, you should have been careful na.. Aise kaise koi.. " he started to scold her, pulling her out to look at her.. But then suddenly realized something.. "Wait a minute.. Is that why you're scared of heights Riddhima?.."

She smiled a small smile and asked back.. "What are the odds.."

"Riddhima.. Agar tumhe iski wajah se dar lagta hai toh how come no one knows about it..", he couldn't believe this was the reason she was so scared of heights.. He was glad that he had stopped her from going on that stupid sky diving thing in goa.. But what she said next left him even more stumped.. "Coz I didn't tell them.. Armaan long aftet I recovered from that fall, I still got nightmares about it.. I was small.. I didn't know why I got them.. They kept me up at night. And I used to feel scared to sleep because of them.. So mamma papa took me to a psychiatrist.. She was good.. But her daughter turned out to be a senior in the same school as I was.. She went and spread the word that I was seeing her mom coz I was a little crazy.. All the kids used to tease me.. And no one wanted to be my friend.. But I didn't want to tell mamma coz I thought even they'll feel that I am crazy and send me away.. But I refused to go to the psychiatrist then.. I lied to them that I don't get nightmares anymore and it doesn't bother me.. It did.. But as time passed and I reached secondary school the nightmares became infrequent.. And things became almost normal.. But that incident changed everything about me.. I never protested or did anything against anyone's wishes even if I didn't agree with it.. I just wanted to keep everyone happy so that they don't leave me alone.. That is why I always listened to what papa said.. But I was still scared of heights.. And that I didn't tell anyone in the fear that who mujhe phir uss psychiatrist ke paas le jaayenge..  Everyone at home was very protective of me.. So when I refused to go on treks and other such activities that involved being at great heights they didn't have a big problem with that.. That's how they never found out.. I always wanted to go you know.. I always wondered how it would feel.. That is why I always took the window seat during a flight.. I couldn't look down during take offs and landings, but when we were above the clouds I loved staring at the sky.. That was the only time I didn't feel scared of heights.. And I managed to keep it a secret for the longest time.. But you didn't take a second to figure it out.. "

"You're eyes say more than you think they do Basket..", he said, caressing her face, unable to believe there was so much she was hiding behind her smile.. He knew what it felt to be lonely.. Hers was a different kind but still the same.. He made a promise to himself to never let her feel like that again.. Her voice however interrupted his thoughts.. "But you know what touched me most was that you didn't let out my secret to anyone.. I don't know why but I still prefer people not knowing about this.. And you not only guessed it right but also kept it to yourself.. That was actually when I fell for you.."

He stared at her statement for two minutes, then his eyes widened.. "You what!!.. Hold on.. You fell for me that day!!.."

Riddhima couldn't help but grin at the surprise on his face.. "Yeah I didn't want to believe it, but now that I think of it.. Yeah!.. In fact by the time I was on the plane back to Mumbai I was head over heels in love with you.. I was so stupid you know.. I used to keep dreaming about our life together.. And would listen to romantic songs all day.. It so embarrassing na..", she couldn't believe herself, the ease with which she said that.. But now it wasn't bothering her so much.. She wondered why she had not told this to him before.. She could tell him anything .. And she felt so light now as she  let out her deepest secrets to him.. And Armaan was more surprised by every new revelation of hers.. His eyebrows almost disappearing in his hair that had now started falling on his forehead a little.. "You were in love with me already when I came to Mumbai!.. But we didn't even know each other..", he had always thought that she fell for him after he started pursuing her.. This news was not only interesting, but changed the entire dynamics of their relationship..

And Riddhima was quite enjoying the shut up mode of Armaan Mallik for once.. She smiled as she continued with her confessions.. "I know.. That is why I kept calling it a crush.. But now I know it wasn't.. There was always something between us Armaan.. From the moment I set my eyes on you.. I couldn't stop thinking about you.. And I know it sounds filmy but there is some weird connection between us..", she didn't care if he thought she was crazy.. He already knew that by now.. And surprisingly he didn't tease her and just nodded in agreement.. "Yeah there is.. Even I thought about that.. But then I thought you would think I am crazy.. So I didn't mention it to you.."

"You did?. But I always thought you were too good for me when I was trying hard to refute that I was in love with you.. Nikki had told me that you don't believe in love.. And I had accepted that I can never get you.. And when you came to Sanjeevni I thought I had a chance.. But then papa hated you.. So I gave up on you again.. "

"So what changed your mind..", he asked her, wondering what did it for him.. He really was enjoying this conversation.. He would have never imagined that there was so much he didn't know about her.. She just smiled at him and said obviously.. "You Armaan!!.. Everything about you.. You're perfect.. The perfect guy a girl could ask for.. The right amount of naughty, the right amount of sensitive, the right amount of cool and the right amount of intelligent.. "

"You forgot good looking.. ", he added, smirking at her uninhibited confession..

She chuckled at that and said.. "Oh.. The good looking factor in much more than 'in the right amount'.. I wish you were a little less good looking.. I don't like girls drooling over you wherever you go.."

He grinned at that.. "Basket.. Thank you for your compliments but mujhe chadhane ki zaroorat nahi hai.. I am already in love with you.. ", he teased her, as he kissed her cheek softly..

But she wasn't joking.. She had to tell him what he meant for her.. She looked straight into his eyes as she said.."Armaan I am serious.. Tumhe pata hai, all through college I didn't date even once.. In fact I hardly had any guy friends.. Guys normally were scared of me. They thought I was too uptight.. No one ever dared to ask me out coz they knew I would reject them.. But it wasn't that I didn't want to date.. It was just that I had such high expectations.. Though I knew I wasn't good enough.. But I always had sky high hopes about the perfect guy.. And I had almost given up on one.. Until you came along. And what surprised me was that you surpassed all my expectations.. I couldn't believe that such a guy existed.. You had everything.. The freedom, the brains, the cool quotient, the soft side.. I could be myself with you.. Talk to you the way I wanted.. I didn't have to think twice before saying anything to you. I felt so free when I was around you.. Armaan you are all that I wanted and so much more. You wont believe how grateful I feel to have you in my life.. I know what I faced in my life wasn't as painful or hard compared to yours.. But I did have my share of problems Armaan.. And they all went away when I was with you.. You changed me in many ways and I am grateful for that.. I would have never ever thought some one like you would fall for me.." he saw how she meant every word that she said and that made him a little uncomfortable.. He wasn't sure that she was talking about him.. "Basket.. Enough.. Yeh kya grateful and all.. You're the one who's perfect.. coz you made me fall for you.. I didn't believe in love and I still  fell in love with you.. I did not do you a favor.. I just fell in love with you.." she smirked at that.. "Exactly!!.. Now do you understand why you're wrong in thinking what you said in the morning.. Armaan this relationship is not one-sided.. I have got more than what I asked for from you.. I got more than just love.. I feel free.. Like I can do anything I want.. Like I felt when I got the tattoo.. I feel confident to talk to people.. When its about you I don't care so much about what others feel.. I feel beautiful when I am with you.. I feel needed when you come to me with your problems.. I feel like I don't need anything else when you love me Armaan.. I don't even get those nightmares anymore.. Coz I have something better to dream about.." and now she was satisfied as she made her point clear.. This was what she wanted to convey to him. And she saw it in his eyes.. The realization had finally penetrated that thick skull of his..

Armaan however joked as usual to try and divert the conversation.. He didn't like to be proved wrong either.. "And you didn't mention how you feel when I kiss you.."

"Armaan.. I am serious..", she glared at him.. He sighed at that and finally admitted.. "Yeah ok.. Sorry.. You're right.. But how would I have known Riddhima.. You never told me.." though he didnt show it to her, he suddenly felt light.. He loved it the way she proved him wrong.. Coz it meant that all that guilt of his was for nothing.. it was like a big burden was taken off his heart, something that he didnt know was weighin him down..

And Riddhima couldnt help but smile at what he said.. "Exactly!!.. That is where you were right in thinking what you thought.. ", she concluded.. Armaan grinned at her triumphant smile and shaking his head said, "Wow!.. Today I understood why they call women complicated.. How does it not drive you crazy.."

"Armaan.. It drives you guys crazy..", she retorted, placing a soft kiss on his cheek as he still thought in amazement at how his Basket had finally arrived at that conclusion, proving herself right and still wrong.. Einstein would have been proud.. "You're right.. And we still dare to fall in love with you.. I guess I am stuck for life..", he shook his head, pretending to be defeated by that.. Love!!

"Yes you are mister.. But one thing makes all this less complicated.. And we learnt it the hard way..", she said, like she was concluding a lecture on quantum mechanics.. Armaan stared at her again.. "You lost me again Basket.. Please talk in English.."

"Armaan.. Itna bada lecture sunne ke baad bhi.. You are so slow..", she said condescendingly..

"Basket will you tell me what it is.."

"'Talk' Armaan.. We should talk more often.. Tell each other everything.. ", she revealed, only to make him whine.. "Oh no.. More talking.. Basket hum saari zindagi sirf baatein karte rahenge toh dusri activities kaise karenge..", he came closer to her, trying to steal a kiss.. But she moved back rolling her eyes as she reprimanded him.. "Tumhe aur kucch nahi sujhta na.."

But he complained back., "Kya nahi sujhta.. Hum pichle do dino se sirf baatien kar rahe hain.. Don't you think I deserve a kiss.."

"No you don't.. First tell me what that tattoo is all about. ", she asked, grinning a naughty smile.. He sighed.. Why wouldn't she let it go. "Armaan come one. Abhi abhi toh humne decide kiya na that we'll tell each other everything.. Toh ab kya problem hai..", she asked him, unable to understand what was making him so uncomfortable..

"Basket.. You don't understand.. Its very very embarrassing.. I'd rather you not know..", he looked away from her as he said..

"Armaan come on.. Maine abhi abhi tumhe kitni saari embarrassing baatein batayi.. Cant you just tell me what that thing means.. I know you got it in Singapore when you moved from here.. I don't know anything.. I want to know.", she demanded stubbornly..

"Basket.. You'll think I m a psycho.. Let it be.. I think I'll just get it removed.. ", he said, till not looking at her..

"What!.. Armaan.. Please.. I cant even google the damn thing.. Its in Chinese.. ", she grumbled.. There had to be someway to find out..

"Even if you do.. You wont get anything Basket..", he smirked at her.. Google!.. How lame..

"Kyun?..", she asked with that irritated frown..

"Coz none of the Chinese databases have your name in it..", he replied smugly, smirking at her stupidity.. She didn't pay attention to what he said either as she started.. "Yeah but.." then realizing.. " What!!.. ".. And he realized his own stupidity right at that 'what!', as he got up, his eyes wide in shock trying to take back all that he had blurted.. "I mean.. I.. Shit.. Ok sorry.. Please don't leave me Riddhima.. I swear I am not a crazy guy.. I really love you.. And I'll get it taken off if it makes you uncomfortable.. I don't know what I was thinking.. I am such an idiot.. But I really didn't think you would ever see it.. You know.. ", he tried explaining it in every way possible.. Riddhima was still in shock, processing his words as she got up to face him.. "Armaan.. Just tell me if I am wrong.. " she asked him slowly, making sure what she understood was right.. "You got my name tattooed on your arm!!.. Are you crazy??!!.."

"I am sorry..", he said, shutting his eyes tight..

Her eyes widened at that as she exclaimed.. "You're unbelievable.. ", how could he do such a stupid thing..

"I know.. I am a fool.. ", he said, defeated now. Thoroughly embarrassed by what he had done.. What the hell was he thinking! As he sat back on the couch with his face buried in his hands, she smiled.. "You're crazy.. But I'll still love you.." then looking at the tattoo on his arm added.."Okay.. This feels weird.. Why did you tell me?..", and she made a face at that..

"You asked for it Basket.. And you tricked me.. ", he scowled, looking at her now..

"Armaan you really believed that everything was over between us didn't you..", she asked him saying out what she had been thinking the moment she had realized that it was her name he got tattooed.. She realized that he thought if he couldn't have her, he'd just tattoo her name to make it a part of him forever.. That sounded like just the crazy thing Armaan would do when he was upset.. Armaan stared into her eyes that told him how she understood everything that he wasn't telling her.. But now he had to.. "I am sorry.. I just thought I wasn't indispensible to you as you were to me.. Mujhe laga tha tum mere bina khush reh sakti ho.. If you try.. I didn't know I mean so much to you Basket.. I should kill myself for hurting you so much.. And then in a bout of madness I decided to get another tattoo.. The guy asked me what I want, so I told him about you.. He got your name translated in Mandarin from an expert according to the meaning of your name and your date of birth.. I mean, thank god I wasn't crazy enough to do it in a language that everyone around me understood..", he chuckled lightly at that..

Riddhima looked at him as he laughed half heartedly.. he really thought he wasnt indespensible for her.. "Armaan.. You know that I need you as much as you need me right..", she asked him..

"I do.. I do now..", he added softly, looking into her eyes..
"Can we forget all that happened and move on now Armaan?.. We both know we're not perfect.. but when we're together everything just falls into place.. " she said caressing his face as he pulled her closer..
He smiled as he heard her.. She was so right.. they just seemed to complete each other.. he had been so stupid in thinking there was a way possible to be without her.. But the good thing was he had her to counter his stupidity.. and that would always save him.. She completed him and he completed her.. They would always be amazed at how they found each other.. Always grateful to have each other.. "I know.. So the tattoo is not that big a problem?.. ", he asked hopefully..
"No that still freaks me out.. But at least now I know why my friend said it's a new word that she didn't know.. Even the dictionary didn't have it..", she informed him of her unsuccessful attempts at finding out what she'd rather have not known..

Armaan sighed at that.. "Yeah.. It will be updated in the next edition.. The translator sends all the new translations every year.. Its going to be official.." and that for some weird reason got Riddhima excited.. "Wow!!.. So you added my name to the Chinese dictionary.. That is the most romantic thing ever..", she declared dreamily..

But Armaan scoffed at that.. "Yeah the geekiest romance on this planet.. Really Basket!.."

"No I am serious.. So cool..", she really seemed to be happy about that.. Armaan frowned at her as he said.. "You are a nerd Basket.. And I cant help you with that.. "

"Armaan!!.. Don't make fun of me or I'll go and tell everyone that you got my name tattooed on your arm.." she threatened him..

"No you wont..", he said, wondering if she really could..

"Try me Armaan..", she challenged, coming closer to him..

He just moved back and said.. "I think I should get it removed.. Warna tum mujhe zindagi bhar blackmail karogi.."

"You cant get it removed without my permission Armaan.. Its my name.. Dare you take it off without my consent..", she said stubbornly.. Armaan smiled at her cute frown and decided his own hand at teasing.. "Basket you secretly like it don't you..", he asked her, raising his eyebrows..

She scowled at that.. "No I don't.. Its just going to be fun having something to tease you about.. "

"Don't lie.. I know you love it.. ", he teased her again..

"Shut up.. I don't.. ", she refuted angrily..

"Yes you do.."

"No I don't.."

"Hello papa..", she spoke into the phone all of a sudden.. Armaan scrunched his nose, then wondered in shock if she was telling her dad about him.. "Basket what are you doing.."

"Haan hum aa rahe hain.. Just five minutes..", she smirked at his reaction, showing him the tongue.. Her phone was on silent and she had felt it buzz next to her.. Her papa was calling them back for dinner.. "Chlao.. Bulawa aa gaya..", she said as she cut the call and got up to leave.. She'd rather cut the tattoo topic short here.. It was getting embarrassing.. Though it was a little creepy, it obviously was flattering that he did something like that for her.. But he didn't have to know that.. Not yet anyway..

Armaan too let it go.. He was embarrassed enough for today.. Though the pain that had accompanied this madness reminded him that he had to go back to that hell tomorrow. He didn't want to go.. And because he had to, he didn't want to go and have dinner with the entire family.. Not today.. "Basket lets not go na.. I have to leave tomorrow.. And we hardly spent any time together.. "

"Armaan.. Papa wants us to come for dinner.. I wish we didn't have to go either..", she too wanted to spend as much time with him.. But her papa was insistent on them having dinner together.. He wanted to talk to Armaan about something.. Pehle toh he was sending her Armaan away.. And now he wanted his time too..

Armaan was also thinking on the same lines.. He wished he could avoid this trip.. Or probably take her with him..  "I don't feel like going Basket.. Please mere saath chalo na Riddhima.. Mujhe mera samaan bhi wapas lana hai wahan se.. Who will help me pack it.. ", he tried to convince her into coming. Riddhima smiled at his attempts.. She would if she could.. But now it wasn't possible.. She did not have a visa.. It was too late to apply for one.. And apart from those technical difficulties, she also had a lot of work in Sanjeevni.. So ignoring his attempts she remarked on his missing samaan.. "Oh yeah.. I didn't realize tumhara saara samaan bhi wahan hai.. Who told you to take everything.. Anyway if not for anything else, you'll have to go for the clothes at least.. I am bored of seeing you in the same shirts everyday.. ", she tried to joke, but it fell back on her as he said cheekily.. "Would you rather I don't wear the shirts Basket.. Coz I'll be happy to oblige..", she scowled at his grin.. "I knew it.. I knew it the moment I said those words.. Armaan tum nahi sudhroge na.. "

"Nahi..", he said, unabashed..

"Besharam.. Ab chalo..", she started pulling him..


"Armaan stop whining.. "

"At least give me a kiss yaar Basket..", he pulled her back to him.. Riddhima sighed as she looked at his pout.. There was no point in arguing.. So she leaned in to give him a quick kiss.. But just as their lips met her phone buzzed.. Armaan scowled as she took the call.. "Yeah.. Papa hum.. We're on our way.. Windows band hai iss liye traffic ki awaz nahi aa rahi papa.. Stop being a detective.. Haan.. Paanch minute.." as she cut the call he remarked.. "How does he know.. Like there are some sensors..", he wondered in amazement, scanning Riddhima from top to bottom..

"Armaan.. Stop it and chalo..", and she dragged him out of the house..

"Maybe I'll know when I have a daughter.. Haina Riddhima.."

"Armaan what are you.. Shut it.."

"What tumhi toh keh rahi thi.. We should talk.. And tell each other everything.. Even the most embarrassing.. "

"Armaan shut up.. "

"Aur koi dialogue nahi mill raha kya?.."


And they bickered on all the way back, not realizing that they had been talking continuosly for the last two hours.. But when they were with each other, even an entire lifetime wasn't enough..
Jab Mila Tu - I Hate Luv Stories

Jaise ghadi ke girah se, waqt kahin pe gira ho

Jaise roshni subah se, ho jaaye judaa

Jaise gaane aur nazam se, sur koi chura le

Waise aadha adhoora, main hoon tere bina


Jab mila tu, ru tu ru ..

Na thi kami na justaju, ru tu ru ..

Aur aadhe aadhe pal huye phir poore yun

Jab mila tu, ru tu ru ..


Khaali jo raat ho, main khwabon chaand taaron se woh poori bhar doon

Teri jo baat ho, main bin kahe hi aadhi pauni poori kar doon

Jo aadhe se hum hain, woh poore ho tumse

Na jaane yeh sauda bhi kab tay hua

Adhoore se kisse, barabar ke hisse

Tu dil to main dua


Jab mila tu, ru tu ru ..

Na thi kami na justaju, ru tu ru ..

Aur aadhe aadhe pal huye phir poore yun

Jab mila tu, ru tu ru ..


Kal tu jo khoyi ho, to gumshuda yeh zindagi basar kar doon

Manzil jo soyi ho, to khwab saare tere hi nazar kar doon

Tu aadhe se dil ko, jo laayegi bhi to

Main sau khwaishon se hi bhar doonga wo

Kare na yakin tu, abhi ke abhi tu

To aake aazma


Jab mila tu, ru tu ru ..

Na thi kami na justaju, ru tu ru ..

Aur aadhe aadhe pal hue phir poore yun

Jab mila tu, ru tu ru ..


Jaise gadhi ke gihra se, waqt kahin pe gira ho

Jaise roshni subah se, ho jaaye judaa

Jaise gaane aur nazam se, sur ko hi chura le

Waise aadha adhoora, main hoon tere bina


Jab mila tu, ru tu ru ..

Na thi kami na justaju, ru tu ru ..

Aur aadhe aadhe pal hue phir poore yun

Jab mila tu, ru tu ru ..

Jab mila tu...


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kavyaa IF-Dazzler

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shonagudia IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by kavyaa

ressssssBig smile 4 comments  on d nxt part!!!

It's not fairCry You reserved it b4 the part only ......

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shonagudia IF-Rockerz

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Congrats Zappy for the new thread. Can't believe we are in sixth part of it... Wish many more thread to come. Don't ever end the story Wink

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Alu- IF-Stunnerz

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Ok so since that thread had crossed the number of pages and i hadn't commented as yet. I might as well do it on this thread before i forget.

Anyways that update actually left me speechless you always amaze me with your updates some how or another and i actually look forward to them. Shanky was a pain in the  update but i love how you show him and armaan bonding i think i have always liked those sort of scenes.
Honestly you know your updates are a mixture of everything love,fights and thats what makes it so perfect.
Anyways i still wonder what the tattoo actually means roffl

Hope to see you update soon
  take your time because you actually good job with it and i hate seeing people complaining.

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