Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai


Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai
Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai

FF(Angini) Last Part of 7 yrs gap, 16Jan on pg 15 (Page 8)

Lovenarbhi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
Rehana ji aap to kamal ke cheeze  ho yaar.......Kya likkthe hai yaar, Masttttttt. Mai to ek dummmmm flatttt I am in .Heart with your FF.

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jpp06 Groupbie

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Love your your concept of filling in the gap of seven years.  Really makes the pain of  Bidaai going off air bearable.

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Amii90 IF-Dazzler

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Hey Rehana, i got ur PM. I have no issues with Vinod lol, i just pointed out thinking maybe it was typo or something. its cool. 

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tvmylove IF-Rockerz

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waw... i like it... No i love it... i was wating to read a part like this.. u made my wish come true. thank u yaar. keep it up...

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shanti05 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 2:03am | IP Logged
Awesome Rehana,Clap

Look at those babies awww they are such cutie pies .. Both Tammy and Khushi are so adorable, I was left with smiles along my face seeing Anmolso so sweet with these  angles..

I mean see  the foster father he has become for his partner khushi and to his daughter he is such an awesome father

Ragini's pain after the C section and the insertion hurting her and Anmol taking care of her calling the doctor, Daam his meeting his  worry is Ragini and the top priority , Loved it totally loved it !!

And teh mark left on his heart like a pierce of love holding a new hope for him that he could love again and fall in love with his wife now, The doors of his heart  has opened for her and a new beginning for him , how long it will take  time will tell but it gives him much satisfaction to be around this family

Rehana dear please continue !!

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luv_sakshi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 1:40pm | IP Logged
Gr8 updates Rehana!ClapClapClapClap Loved reading themBig smile...Anmol looking after the babies is really Cute!!EmbarrassedWink Love the way you started off with Angini's relationshipClapClapClap...the hesitation b/w the two of them, Anmol's concern for Ragini, his first feelings for herEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Aww...really interesting!Smile Do update soon!Wink

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Rehana86 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 12:22am | IP Logged
First of all, love you for your wonderful feedback Hug .... secondly, too lazy to proof read so plz ignore any mistake LOL...... wud love to read your take on this one Wink
PS: Amitoz darling, even i m cool with it..... but to keep the characters consistent i changed the name..... thanks for correcting me tho....Hug
Part 6: Love is in air
"Guddi...where is your Bhabi?" Anmol asked when he did not see her after coming back from office ....... then changing himself in a comfortable white kurta and pajama, he came to the dining table while rolling up the sleeves of his kurta ....... "...She is with Alekh bhaia ... he refused to have his dinner as he is busy with some painting..... why don't you have a seat? dinner is ready..." the girl offered ..... "... Don't worry, I will have it with Ragini .... I will go see them .... " with a smile he gently declined ........
He was touched by her devotion and love for her family ...... without disturbing the two, he decided to capture this moment in his heart ..... the floor was scattered with all colorful paintings with pencils, colors, boards and so on ...... sitting on the floor she was feeding Alekh bhaia, who was busy capturing his new imagination on the paper ..... he could clearly observe her true happiness and satisfaction in feeding her brother-in-law ...... as if she was Alekh's second mother, he thought ..... and he smiled to himself before entering the room.....
"Hi ..... Can I see your painting too ??" Anmol requested..... the friendship between the two men was still in the raw state....... noticing the guy, Alekh had a weird feeling .... trying to recall his connection to this family...... observing the reaction, Anmol tried to lighten the situation, "I promise, I won't disturb you...." like a kid, he made a promise before joining them on the floor ..... and it indeed brought a smile on his brother's face ..... "Ok Ok.... you can sit... but " he paused, did not know how to ask " .... who are you again?? ...." Ragini slowly looked at the little kid ...... her heart went out for him as she felt her eyes filling up ...... noticing her gaze at him, Alekh turned his attentionn to her when she quickly looked down to hide those tears " Ragini, you know him, right?.... you tell me.. " his innocent question seemed to pin through her heart ....
"..I'm Tammy's papa..." he finally stepped in to answer Alekh's question ...... and she kept her gaze down, pretending to play with the food..... "Oh yes!... I'm so stupid naa.... always forget about you ...." Alekh grumbled ..... " It's ok.... it happens to everyone ..." Anmol cheered his innocent brother while stealing a glance at her ...... "Tammy ke papa, can you pass me that green color?" Alekh requested as he dumped his brush into a water container to clean it...... Anmol fulfilled his request and smiled as he saw Ragini, like a mother, forcefully filling Alekh's mouth with another morsel ...... "..three more...then you are done...." Ragini insisted ..... ".... NO more ... No more ....feed him the rest... I am done....I am done..." like a stubborn kid, he dismissed Ragini ......
"Bhaia, you know, God gets upset with those who waste food?.... " .... "That's why I am telling her to feed you the rest naa?.... stupid" Alekh explained his reason...... "and you Ragini, why aren't you feeding him??....Go ahead, feed him... you two are naa! .. bilkul same same.... stupid! " he growled again....... Anmol couldn't help but giggle at his brother's comment, then he noticed her playing with the little piece on the plate ".... But I already had my dinner..... I am completely full and if I even force one more morsel into my stomach, it will get burst... you want that to happen??" he made a cute face and Alekh laughed..... "No No.... then it's ok ...I will finish the rest..... Ragini chalo, feed me" he opened his mouth and she fed him with a broad smile......
" Bhabi, dinner is ready...." Guddi notified as she saw both Anmol and Ragini coming towards the dining table...... "Thanks Guddi, keep this plate in the kitchen and go to sleep, I will keep everything in the fridge...." Ragini offered her the plate ...... "...But won't you two have your dinner?? ..... Bhaia didn't eat anything yet..." saying that the girl took the plate and headed for the kitchen.....
"...You haven't had your dinner yet?...." Ragini asked with confusion...... and for the answer, he simply smiled at her ".... You really thought I had it...'without you'?...." the last two words did hit her when she lowered her gaze and went on to set up the dinner for the two of them, leaving his passionate eyes to follow her every little action ...... God! She is beautiful ......
Instead of working on the transactions, he was busy in his own world...... keeping the file open on his reading desk, Anmol looked out at the window to enjoy the beautiful light of the moon with his right cheek resting on his right palm ...... nowadays his brain is too occupied thinking about his wife...... that's what he did during the dinner too, his intense eyes paid more attention to her beautiful face than his food ...... and he smiled to himself ...... Dude! You are gone for good ..... taking a deep breathe he decided to go to sleep as he realized his brain was not in the mood to do any work for tonight ....... also Ragini must had been into sleep by now, so it was safe for him to make his presense in their room.....
He stopped at the doorstep, when he saw her walking right and left with his daughter while breastfeeding her ...... when he was about to turn back to leave, his eyes caught Tamanna on the bed, sleeping peacefully...... She was feeding Khushi ....... and the idea of leaving the spot got erased from his memory, as he amazingly watched them while standing on his left leg and right one crossed over it ...... then with a smile on his face, he folded his hands and leaned against the doorframe ...... He was proud of her ....... She was the new invention of motherhood ...... as if she had preserved all the special love for her 'family', therefore, his heart had decided to reserve all the special love for 'her' only ...... once again, she had given him another reason to 'love' her ......
For the last almost two years, it'd become a routine for him to enter the room after Ragini is in asleep as he always tried to avoid any awkward situation or make her feel guilty in some way....... stretching out his hands, he decided to head towards their room when his noticed someone in the kitchen ......
"... Bhaia?.... What are you doing here so late??..." Anmol saw Alekh with a mango in his left hand while hiding the right hand behind ...... "...What are you hiding behind you ?..." the suspecion was visible ...... when Alekh slowly brought his right hand forward holding a large double edged santaku knife..... the sight of it was enough for him to get panic as he tried to calm both Alekh and himself.... "..What are you doing with that knife? " he tried to sound calm as he took a step forward ....... "..I wanted to eat mango, so I am cutting go to sleep... and let me work ..." Alekh dismissed him and tried to peal the fruit when it slipped but luckily he didn't get hurt while it scared the crap out of the two observing him .....
Coming out of the washroom, she heard some fade noise from outside and Ragini decided to give it a check ...... her heart stopped as she saw the knife almost hitting his skin ....... and she stood there with her hand on her heart, shocked ........
" Please let me help you .... you won't be able to do it ... see, it got slipped..." Anmol carefully offered....... "...NO.... I'll do it myself.... it won't slip again.... Tammy ke papa... don't.... don't disturb me " Alekh was not in the mood to accept any interruption ..... " Jijaji, please give me the knife " this time Ragini interferred but Alekh simply ignored her.... ".... But you are using the wrong knife .... let me get you the right one..." saying that Anmol's right hand carefully got a hold on the middle part of the steel as both sides had sharp edges and Alekh's grip on the handle had tightened...... "... NO!!... " .... "Ouch!" Anmol let out the sudden pain when Alekh tried to get the knife out of Anmol's hold causing one of the sharp edges to pass through his skin .......
Without thinking twice, she grabbed his wrist and almost dragged him towards the sink while he kept his gaze at her, the pain seemed to be vanished somewhere..... and he didn't bother as his eyes, mind and heart all were focusing on her concern for him, nothing else mattered ....... Alekh quickly placed the knife on the counter and walked to the couple ...... "... I told you not to disturb me.... now see, what happened.... I am sorry ..." Alekh apologized with regret as he saw Ragini holding Anmol's fingers under running cool water ...".... don't worry Bhaia.... it's just a mere cut...I am absolutely fine...." Anmol confirmed with a grin ........ "I promise never to touch any knife ..... what about my mango? " Alekh made a face ....... "....Don't worry I will cut them for you..." ....
" None of you are touching any knife " after turning off the tap as the bleeding seemed to stop, Ragini declared almost sounded like a strict mother ..... both Alekh and Anmol looked like 2 years old kids who were told that all the chocolates in the world had been eaten ...... then leaving the two men behind she walked towards the fridge and got some sliced mangoes out of it ...... "...Here! You can have these ... and if you want more, you are coming straight to me ... okay? " with a smile, Ragini handed the plate to her brother-in-law, who already started to satisfy his appetite ...... "...Okay okay.... Thank you... Good night.." Alekh left the place with his much wanted mangoes ...... then turning off the light both Ragini and Anmol left from the kitchen....
'..God! Is she upset with me?.....' Anmol thought as he sat on the couch and pushed the blanket away with his left hand when he saw her coming with some ointment '...Oh shit!.... not that......' Anmol prayed as he noticed her getting some ointment out of the tube and before she could apply it he quickly hid his right hand behind him "...It's ok, Ragini... don't worry about it..... it'll be fine by morning..." Anmol tried to convince her ...."... Ok ..." Ragini said as she looked dejected and turned around when she felt a strong grip on her right wrist......
He hated to see her upset, that's when he decided to deal with his own fear just to keep her happy and held her wrist with his left hand then gently made her sit to the single couch to his right front...... she kept her gaze down at his hand that was holding her and he as usual refused to take his eyes off his beautiful wife ...... after that he slowly brought his wounded hand forward and left her hand to do its' job ...... she didn't dare to look up at him when Ragini noticed his right hand shuddering ...... ".... Why is your hand shiverring??..." she finally had to look up at him to meet his gaze...... "aadat se majboor" he absentmindedly blurted out ...... "..haan?!?.." she was clueless.......
"..I mean, umm.... I am always .... scared ... of such... things.....cause it burns... " he confessed like a kid with his eyes closed tight..... and she watched his innocent face with amazement ..... the man who was scared of some mere ointment was ready to hurt himself to save others from getting hurt .... her father used to say, 'we always try to save those from getting hurt whom we love the most, without caring about our own safety' ..... and a small smile happened to visit her lips ..... "... it's just a cold cream, not a syringe or needle..." she stated ..... "whoaw... if it was a needle then I would have been flat on the floor by now" opening his eyes he again confessed and the next moment, he found himself lost in her giggle...... the sound was low but soothing..... for the first time, he saw her laughing with her heart ......
Noticing his glance, she stopped and looked down at his hand "...Sorry...." Ragini tried to control her laughter ....the thought of Guni's superman Chachu being afraid of a needle was quite funny to picturize ...... "..when Sadhna and I used to take shots, Papa used to tell us to always think about good things or look at good things around you and ignore the needle and stuff, this way you won't even realize whether the needle was injected or not.... and it always worked for us..." she explained while applying the medicine on his wound .....
Not for a single moment his eyes blinked from her face as he read her lips during her narration of her papa's lesson ...... and to his surprise, he got this sudden desire to touch those lucious parted lips ...... the desire to taste them ..... never did he feel so drawn to someone like he was feeling for Ragini ...... as if he was learning a new definition of love from her ...... her smile just made his entire world lighten up....... he wanted to keep that smile on her lips ..... he wanted to give her all the happiness in the world...... he wanted to love her so much so that no sadness come across her way ...... he wanted to love her till eternity......
"... Done ... did it burn..." with the last bit of touch she inquired as she looked up only to find him staring at her with a smile ....... Anmol nodded negatively as he came back to reality .... "... Your Papa is right.... it did work " he notified while his eyes spoke the rest ..... Quickly grabbing the medicine she got up from her seat without meeting his intense gaze when he called out to stop her " Ragini " ..... she did not dare to turn back as her heart decided to play its' own tune ...... "Thanks" in a husky voice, he appreciated her 'concern' for him ..... she forced herself to turn at him but eyes were afraid to meet his when she just managed to give him a half smile as she could not get any words coming out of her mouth.....
After a quick check on her daughter, she lied down beside her and turned off the light of her bedside...... and he smiled to himself before comfortably lying down on the couch ....... then he closed his eyes , hoping her 'concern' proved out to be the first step of 'love' .......

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Wow Rehana  U kill me with this !!

I was in full grins you totally bring the gap so well of these years we yearned for !!

The expressions made me smile and imagine the scene !!

beautiful !! and very well described ..
I liked this pace  and flow of their connection here !!Clap

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