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FF(Angini) Last Part of 7 yrs gap, 16Jan on pg 15 (Page 7)

Rehana86 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 12:05am | IP Logged
First of all, thanks to all my lovely responsive and silent readers for appreciating my work Hug.... hope you enjoy this one too......and as usual feel free to criticize Tongue
Part 5: A New Development
Without any disturbance to his wife and daughter, Anmol half leaned on the divan close to the large window with Khushi comfortably sitting on his right arm now, almost leaning against his chest, while his right hand held her chubby thighs...... "... Now, my sweetheart will drink yummy yummy milkiee.... hai naa?! " with his left hand, he tried to feed her but ignoring the milk bottle she was too busy playing with his lips as she found them interesting whenever they moved as he spoke ...... he kept on moving his head back and forth, trying to get rid of her fingers as they would not stop grabbing his lips......
" Beta, you are supposed to drink this milk, not me .... what are you trying to do?? " he couldn't help but giggled as her tricks were getting out of his control now ...... watching his big smile, she too shared her toothy smile and again went ahead with her mission......
After a lot of insistence and pacification he finally succeeded to insert the nipple of the bottle into her mouth and held the bottle at 45 degree angle...... then he enjoyed the feeding time, how she was sucking in the liquid and amazingly watched him smiling at her..... gradually, her eyes were getting heavy as he noticed her catching up with sleep & the bottle was nearly empty too ..... before she could inhale any air, he gently took the nipple out of her mouth and kept it on the table on his left hand side .......
Great! He is stuck with this beautiful angel now ....... he smiled to himself as he realized that now if he even bothered to move a bit then his dear partner would take the entire house on her head by her loud speaker and that was the last thing he wanted to happen at that moment...... so without bothering to move, he decided to stay at his position and slightly leaned back to support his head against the soft divan but little did he know that a quick nap was on his way to catch up with him ......
Noticing the door open, she did not bother to knock and quietly entered the room to spot Ragini and Tamanna both in sleep on the bed and crib, respectively....... as she was about to turn back to leave, her eyes caught the scene on the divan and Mrs. Rajvansh paused for a moment .... sucking in her right thumb while holding onto one of the buttons of his shirt in her four fingers' grip, little Khushi was peacefully sleeping on his chest when both his hands were secured around her tiny figure ..... to her unknown, a fade smile seemed to cross her lips when she saw them sleeping with content ...... and she left the room without any noise ......
She carefully opened her eyes as they wanted to remain closed for some more time but she had enough sleep and the pain too seemed to be diminished from the spot ...... then she slowly pushed herself up to a sitting position and her eyes caught the scene right in front of her..... bunch of questions revolving in her head as she watched them from the distance.... 'didn't he go to office?...... he was screaming at some guy..... Mr. Sareen!!..' she tried to recall what happened when the pain hit her ...... '.. So, he missed his own business meeting ...... it had nothing to do with Rajvansh business ..... otherwise he would have mentioned Rajvansh ....' and she felt bad for him as he had to go through a lot for her .......
'Why is Khushi sleeping with him?? Did she have her milk??.... When did she have her last feed??.... Is it time for another??..... Where is Tamanna?? ' then she turned to her left to see her lovely daughter was sound asleep....... and finally she smiled ...... gently pushing the blanket aside, she got off the bed to secure her sari with a safety pin, the first thing she needed to do...... while doing so, she quietly walked towards the divan and for the first time, she noticed him from close ...... he did come into her life as a 'farishta' where he had been supporting her in every decision, giving love to her two daughters, caring about the family .... but she was doing injustice to him and she did not know if she would ever be able to return the favor of him meeting his expectation......
Finishing with the pin up, she smiled at her Sadhna's daughter who was as usual sleeping with her thumb in her mouth ...... and all of a sudden, a weird feeling struck her mind, she thought who was looking more cute in sleep as both her Khushi & he were looking absolutely adorable in their sleep ...... surprised at her own thought, Ragini shook her head with a smile when she noticed a small scratch barely visible on his chest as the shirt hid the rest..... the top two buttons were missing from the shirt as well.... it seemed like they had been torn off and instantly her hand was on her open mouth ....... 'Oh my God.... it was me.....' she hated to admit...... then she recalled how he had to become a victim of her pain...... and yet he did not bother about himself ..... why he had to be so ignorant of himself and bear all her pain?? ..... and a fresh tear decided to drop from her eyes .....
Wiping off the tear, she very carefully removed the thumb from Khushi's mouth ..... as a result Khushi made a bare move that caused her partner to jerk off from his quick nap to notice his beautiful wife standing right in front of his eyes..... well, the nap turned out to be worthwhile as he got to wake up seeing her face ..... and he did not bother to remove his eyes from her ....... then very carefully settled himself in a sitting position without disturbing the little one in his arm ...... and he was succeeded....
and she searched for the right words to begin with when her gaze fell on the almost empty milk bottle and she decided to sneak out....... "... how are you feeling now??..." he asked, not ready to let her go that fast ...... she stopped and turned to him, " much better " she admitted meeting his gaze ...... for the first time perhaps he noticed her looking at him with an answer ...... " and I am sorry!... You had to go through a tough time because of me" she continued ..... "..c'mon Ragini... you are my wife....I --" he regretted the words as they distracted her gaze away from him and he too looked down at the girl sleeping against his chest, all dejected ...... "... umm Sorry!!..." she again apologized this time not meeting his eyes......
When she realized him silent, Ragini dared to meet his gaze to find him with a blank look... " .... there! I... I am sorry!!...." she was indicating towards the scratch and mumbled with words as she did not know how to explain.... Damn it! she found herself in the most embarrassing situation yet again ..... "I hope you are ok" she asked with a hesitation...... he looked at where she had been pointing out and noticed that there was actually red scratches ...... he shared a small laugh "...Ohh!.. that is j-u-..." ....."... I have got a lot of work to finish up .... aap araam kijiye.." before he could finish she quickly cut him off and grabbed the bottle then left from there .....
He watched her leaving with an amazement in his eyes ...... then slightly tracing down the scratchs he remembered the incident with a smile ...... she indeed managed to leave a mark of her existence in his heart ......
"Bhaia?" Anmol was surprised to see Ragini's brother in his office ...... he had met him twice or thrice but never got a chance to have any family chat ...... "Please have a seat!" they both formally shook hands and comfortably settled down in a silver leather office sofa.....
"Just wanted to..." he paused, "..Thank you..." finally Vineet confessed, noticing Anmol's courtesy, he gently cut him off, "Please let me continue....It took me a lot of courage to say what I have to say today....a lot of things I wanted to share, I wanted to say, I wanted to confess ever since you became a part of my Ragini's life .... I don't know if I will ever have this chance to gather all my courage to pass it all please let me get out of this...." Anmol kept quiet while placing his left hand on Vineet's shoulder ......
"I've lost my one sister .... and I don't have the courage to see the other one dying in every single moment of her life mourning over her past ....." Vineet controlled his tears .... " I know Tamanna is there for her.... but she also needs a life partner to live.... " he again paused, "... and I heard about the other day when Ragini was in pain.... the doctor notified Malti.... she is also our family doctor.... I don't know how destiny works but one thing I can say is that I thank Ranveer for choosing you to take care of my Ragini.... " Anmol kept quiet as he did not know what to say ...... well, he was afraid actually, the limited expectation that he could sense in Vineet's care was scaring him ........
" I know, I don't need to say that but yet I believe you will keep my Ragini happy... give her the love that she deserves as your wife....from will take her some time to get over her past and I very well know how caring and understanding you are towards her.... thanks for that " he took Anmol's hands and requested " my only request to you "......." I promise not to give you a chance to complain " Anmol assured him with a genuin smile ...... Vineet felt as if a huge weight was lifted off his heart as he had a content smile on his face...... his sister was indeed in safe hands .....
'She is your wife, damn it .... she has the right to be loved by her husband..... whatever Vineet bhaia said today was true..... so whatever you are feeling for her is not wrong..... You should give her the love she deserves..... isn't that why Ranveer gave her responsibility to you? he loved her and that's why he chose you because he had that believe in you that only you could love her as much as him....... and you should not break his trust at any cost ' ..... " and I'll love her as long as I live "..... standing in front of the large glass window in his office, he looked at the clear blue sky and his heart felt happy..... slipping both hands into his pockets, he grinned at the sky ...... finally, the love happened to blossom again ...... finally, he was ready to fall in love all over again......

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jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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wow rehana amazing part finally anmol is in love cont soon

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saveeta24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 3:04am | IP Logged
@rehana..just lovely..really amazing...Thumbs Up
love the flow you are giving in  the story of angini...
step by step you are describing how this relationship is  developing into a strong bond..
so well described scenes be it for khushi/anmol or ragini/anmol ones..
ragini for the first time looking anmol so close and even thinking who is cuter khushi or her handsome hubby.Smile
anmol opening his eyes and his beautiful wife in front of was like a dream comes true for him..
ragini's bro/anmol scene too  well written.the concern of a bro but also the confidence that anmol will take good care of ragini..
thats wat anmol promised to do love his ragini for is in the air..Smile
awesome and please do continue..
as usual great job...ClapClapClap...

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seared Senior Member

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 3:08am | IP Logged
SmileHi rehana .i liked your the way you made
anmol fall in love again .i hope you would
Include more scenes of them in your next

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krithikas IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome work RehanaClap ,Plz continue is truly mindblowing.Smile

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Amii90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 5:16am | IP Logged
Hey rehana, i read all ur updates but didnt get a chance to reply earlier. Great concept of ur FF as it shows the story from the time Anmol came in Ragini's life after Ranvir's death; something that we didnt see in the show as they showed 7 yr leap. We didnt see what Anmol and Ragini went through in their initial stage of marriage and how Anmol fell in love with her! U r great writer, each scene written in such detail; I can easily imagine it. Well done, keep posting soon. Waiting to read more! (PS: in this last update where Anmol meets Ragini's bro, u wrote the name Vinod, was just wondering was that error as in the show name is Vineet or u wanted to name the character, Vinod?)

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anizor IF-Dazzler

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really very nice, cant wait for more,please continue soon.

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ruslan Groupbie

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good job Clap

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