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FF(Angini) Last Part of 7 yrs gap, 16Jan on pg 15 (Page 10)

shanti05 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 3:16pm | IP Logged
Rehana i thought so u did take a short leap was confused weither it was 3 years or 2 years !!
Thanks for clarifying !!

Rehana86 IF-Dazzler

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no prob Shanti di... so it's just almost 2 years, like about 18 -19 months so instead of the months i just rounded it off to years LOL .....

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Rehana86 IF-Dazzler

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First of all, love you all my lovely readers Hug..... just to make some quick notes, my own brother started calling names when he was around 2 and half, so it's not necessary that all the babies start with ma-ma, papa when they are about 8 or 9 months, sometimes it takes them a little more time to work with their vocal section Big smile.... and it's absolutely NORMAL Smile...... ok, now abt next part, honestly don't know when as i really need to give some serious time to my portfolio due in two weeks and then again back to labs Disapprove... so will have to bear with me dearies  Hug.... finally feel free to tear it apart Smile
Part 7: A Lovely Moment
She always waited for this time when her two beautiful daughters would be on their own feet and making her life a bit easier ....... but seemed like she was wrong ...... now she wanted them to go back to their earlier stage of infants ..... taking a deep breathe she could not help but giggle at her two young toddlers while sitting on the floor she tried to put a baby yellow colored top on Tamanna ........ both the girls showed courtesy when their mom and maasi ma had made them wear their respective cute little skirts but when it was time for the tops, none of them paid any attention to Ragini, so in a way making her life a bit miserable ......
It was pay back time, both the girls shared their own conversation in their own magical language ...... None of them wanted to take shower as they were busy playing with their baby food, almost dumping themselves into the mushy khichdi when Ragini lost her patience and took them for a shower with the help of Guddi...... as she did not let them play, they decided not to cooperate with her completely...... when she started with Khushi to put on the pink top, Tamanna took the chance to walk to the other way, disrupting Ragini's attention from Khushi...... "Tamanna, Stop!!" Ragini almost screamed at her daughter, who initially stopped, turned back to steal a glance at her mommy and then ignored to proceed to her destination, leaving the mommy to shake her head in disbelief ......
Keeping Khushi on her spot, the mother almost crawled to grab her daughter by her tiny skirt and carefully pulled her back to herself...... but to her bad luck Khushi escaped from her spot...... "Lo ! aab yeh ladki kahan bhag gayi, Khushi ??" Ragini gave up as she wrapped her right arm around Tamanna's tummy and looked for Khushi, still crawling around the bed to see if her clever daughter was in the mood to play hide and seek, when she found her Khushi grabbing onto a formal trouser ....... looking up to see the man, Ragini immediately knew it was his trick .....
All his tiredness flew away when he caught those beautiful people in front of him ..... quietly placing the laptop bag on the reading table adjacent to the main door of their room, he loosened his tie to unbutton the top two buttons of his purple shirt, then rolling up the sleeves, Anmol gestured little Khushi towards him when on the other side of the bed, he saw the back of his wife getting a hold onto his other daughter, who left no stone unturned in giving his lovely wife a hard time ...... with a wide grin Khushi ignored her maasi maa and escaped to almost ran towards her partner and grabbed onto his trouser ......
Watching his partner responding to his gesture, with a big grin he picked her up into his warm arms and almost squished her into a hug as he giggled noticing Ragini's expression who looked like she was ready to kill him ..... still holding Tamanna by her little tummy against her right hip, Ragini stood up and tucked the end of her pallu to her left waist ...... little did she know what she was doing to her poor husband with those little actions of hers ....... the sight of her with slightly soaked in water was heavenly beautiful as Anmol thought with a half smile ...... his eyes were only made to drown into the beauty of his beautiful wife .......
He walked towards the bed and settled Khushi down on his right thigh as he sat at one corner of the bed and saw Ragini placing Tamanna on the middle ...... then he grabbed Tamanna's leg when he saw her crawling towards the other corner of the bed where Ragini was picking up the stuff from the floor...... "... and where do you think you are going sweetheart?..." Anmol pulled the little one towards him with his left hand while still holding Khushi with his right arm ...... Tamanna giggled and turned back to throw herself at her papa who caught her on time ....... then placing both the kids on the bed, Anmol took the leapfrog from the side table and started playing with them when his eyes caught her sight and he forgot his job ......
Getting irritated by her long silky traces, she pushed all the hairs back to make a loose bun while some of the wetted locks escaped to fall on her face ..... and he was mesmerzied by her beauty..... there were still some water droplets on her face and he so wanted to help her remove those locks from her face ..... get rid of those droplets that were giving her a sensuous look...... to get a proper view of her lovely feature ...... he quietly watched her picking up some towels and clothes from the floor and keeping them on a basket ....... then picking up 2 more little tops, she walked towards the kids and sat on the corner of the bed across them ........ keeping the pink one on her lap, Ragini prepared the yellow one to put on Tamanna ......
Without looking up at him, Ragini smiled at Tamanna with her right arm open, welcoming her while holding the fabric on her left hand ..... this time the little one did cooperate and forgot about the toy as she quickly crawled to grab her mommy's hand ...... he smiled and decided to offer his help ".. Ragini ..." ....God! she always gets an alert whenever he calls her name..... she still could not figure out in these months why she felt like that .... as if the sound directly knocks her heart before her ears ...... and she carefully looked up to meet his gaze, afraid to get caught by his intense gaze yet again ...."..May I ??...." he gestured her towards the little cloth on her lap ...... still in her task with Tamanna, she reluctantly passed the pink top to Anmol, who gently took it from her with a smile.....
Like a proud partner, he made Khushi sit on his lap & then went on to make her wear the cute top ... but being his partner, she had to give him a hard time.... & again her attention diverted to his lips as she tried to touch them "Hold on a second, let me put that on first, partner ..." he requested grinning at his little partner's sudden excitement .... Khushi on the other hand tried to catch the last word came out of his mouth as her expression changed from excitement to serious frown ...... when he was busy tying the knots with the strings of her top around the shoulder, the little one carefully touched his lower lip and repeated with her tiny lips "..pap...paat.." but her tongue just failed to throw the last syllable of the word.....
Ragini stopped fixing Tamanna's dress when she heard the familiar voice..... she then slightly turned her head to the right and noticed him amusingly looking down at his partner's lips..... then turning her attention to the little one she half smiled seeing Khushi with a bit of her tongue out, still on her practising mode ...... "...P-a-r-t-n-e-r.. " after stealing a quick peck from those tiny pinkish lips he repeated still looking at those cute lips with a grin ..... and with a wide smile she again made an attempt but in vain ... "..paap ..paaat.. paaap ..."
"..Paap-Paa.." this time little Tamanna followed her sister when he felt his heart just happened to skip a beat or two ..... and he abstractedly looked at his daughter ..... still trying to figure out whether he heard it right or his ears were tricking him ...... on the other hand, Ragini's attention instantly turned back to the one on her lap as soon as she heard her daughter calling 'Papa' for the first time ... & a mixed feeling debated inside her ...... but the moment her gaze caught the overwhelmed yet quiet emotion in his eyes due to Tamanna's sudden response, she forgot about her own feelings as her heart for a moment felt his true happiness ...... He seemed to be on cloud nine ....
"...Papa?!!..." in his husky voice he repeated after the little one with a broad smile when he felt Tamanna's chubby fingers on his lips yet again and he left a series of kisses on them ...... then opening his left arm, he welcomed his other daughter who quickly walked towards her papa from her mommy's lap and almost threw herself on his arm yet again with her usual musical laugh .....
"... Bhabi ...." Guddi showed up .... " ...Here is Tammy baby's milk...and Maam is asking for Khushi baby... Can I take her?? " she notified as she handed Ragini the feeding bottle ..... Ragini nodded and Guddi gently took Khushi away while Anmol just held onto his Tamanna after leaving a quick peck on Khushi's right palm ...... "Bye!" he silently waved at the cute one ...... then turning his attention to his daughter he grinned and playfully blinked his eyes ..... "... Pappa..." Anmol silently whispered and both the father-daughter decided to go on with their lesson ........
She did not bother to disturb them as Ragini quietly got up from the bed to get her sari out to change after shower since she was not completely dry yet, 'thanks to her lovely daughters for giving her almost a half shower before she could take a full one' ...... His eyes followed her too but was hesitant to offer the help when his cell rang and he put Tamanna down on his left to get the cell phone out of his pocket ".. Hello ... No, I am home ..." ...... she closed her eyes while looking through the wardrobe.... Despite being treated like a stranger, he did refer it as his 'home' ......
After some time he hung up, meanwhile composing herself, she closed the drawer and walked towards his side of the bed with the bottle, when he finally offered seeing her standing at his right "... Do you mind if I ??..." he pointed at the milk .... " ..Please!..." it was a heartfelt request and Ragini couldn't get the heart to say 'NO' as she observed the anxiousness in his eyes for her response ..... with a half smile she held the bottle forward and his eyes lighten up.....He was going to bottlefeed his daughter today for the first time ..... indeed a lucky day for him ......
"....Hey!!.." Ragini almost scolded her daughter when she caught her redhanded in putting a part of the leapfrog into her mouth and quickly bent down to take the toy out of her reach, totally forgetting about her position when stepping on her own pleats, she almost bent over him when Anmol quickly leaned back a bit and looked at his daughter, who pouted seeing her mommy taking the cute frog away from her ..... "...Awww... " he pitied for his lovely daughter ....
In the process of straightening up, she lost her balance as the force of the pleats under her feet were pulling her down..... grabbing his left collar with her right hand she fell on his lap with her left hand getting a grip on his shirt over his right shoulder and his left hand instantly caught around her waist while the right hand was moved back as it was holding the bottle ..... the odd part was when she felt the right corner of her lips bumping against his as she fell ..... and her eyes closed while she bit her lower lip ...... Before he could react she quickly got off to walk faster as she could to grab her clothes and finally entered the washroom ......
Anmol sat there numb as he helplessly watched her closing the door ..... he could not think straight about what just happened except the fact that she was in his arms and he felt her against him ...... the quick encounter of their lips shook him up to the core and his heart seemed to forgotten beating for a while .... Damn! He was deeply in love with her .... he took a deep sigh ...... Crap! Now he would not be able to see her for quite a time as she would go back to her 'running away from him' mode, he thought ..... he was back to square one ...... then looking at his daughter, he smiled and inserted the nipple of the bottle into her mouth after comfortably lying her down on the bed ...... he held the bottle on it's position along with his daughters fingers around it but his heart was somewhere else ...... lost in those emotions that evolved inside him when she was in his arms ......
Closing the knob behind her, Ragini leaned against the door as her heart refused to stop pounding and she found herself collapsing on the floor against the hardwood while two fresh warm tears streamed down her cheeks .... She was afraid to fall in love again ...... Her unconditional love for Ranveer had failed to stop him from leaving her alone ...... only she knew how many sleepless nights she had spent thinking about living her life without him and closed all the possible roots leading to her heart ...... but now her heart seemed to open one of its' doors and she was afraid ......

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anizor IF-Dazzler

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wow excellent part,please continue soon

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u are amazing Big smile very well done Clap

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shanti05 IF-Stunnerz

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Beautiful rehana !!

I mean I could definatly imagine his state of mind when she fell and got up and went
Somthing which was similar to the  one before the rain dance lagtha hai barish honey wali hai

Gawd so wished such  fillers were shown atleast during the present  show was running
Daam I want b2 with Anmol and Ragini !!

Aww and with those babies he is such an adorable guy !!

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Fantastic RehanaClap Clap Clap Clap Clap,Beautifully WrittenClap Clap Clap Clap.Iam just SpeechlessBig smile,Please continue soon.Big smile Star

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@rehana...tooooooooo good...Thumbs Up
had a smile on my face reading the first part with ragini struggling to get the two girls wear their clothes...can see ragini's situation as toddlers really do such mischief at this age..her saviour anmol and wat a beautiful scene you have penned down..khushi trying to say the word "partner" in her own baby language and tammy straight to calling him "papa" aww that was so heart touching esp for anmol..his daughter calling him "papa" could feel his happiness at that moment..
the best ragini falling in anmol's lap and the way you have described the scene clearly could visualise it..anmol who already mesmerised by ragini's beauty now after this his love for her has grown much much unexpected situation but its like their first romantic moment..
ragini at a crossroad ..  the presence  of anmol  in her life is definitely opening the closed door of her heart for him but also getting scared to fall in love a second time..lets see how long she will escape anmol intense gaze and not reciprocate to his immense love for her..
as usual rehana another awesome part of this FF..
thanks again for this as how was the life of angini before these 7 yrs we did not had a reading your FF we definitely get the idea of wat have had  been their day to day life upbringing these two angels along their own relationship changing  from compromise to love gradually...
btw these girls do adore anmol's "lips" and i know someone who just loveeeeeeee her betu's "lips" guessing rite..Wink
this for you rehana ...ClapClapClap..
definitely priority your study work will wait for next part patiently...

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