Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

17/12 Epi 36 - Analysis & Discussion

Anjalii...xXx IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 9:27am | IP Logged
Heya guyz..Hug
For ppl who love the show n love analyzing herez a common pour in & share your views/thoughts about the episode/show..
Few rules to keep the discussion flow nice. :)

1. No actor or character bashing.
2. No derogatory terms to be used.
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum.
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.

Note : Since there are few more options to be considered for the name of the thread we will give it a few more days and then announce the name in the weekend thread. Will discuss about that later in the thread. For now pour in your thoughts about the episode.


Yet to watch epi...Embarrassed
btw im so sorry...cudn't edit my posts yesterday because i had 2 do last minute science hwk...OuchLOLLOLSleepy....i even went of my lappy late cuz i had 2 type so much...Ouch...sorry...Embarrassed
but amazin takes everyone...Pooja and aanchii...uff u guys always make me ROFL so much.ROFL ...this emo cna never get old...LOLLOL..and Eshu ur takes r so intellegent..u always have somethin for each scene...StarClap...really u amaze me...and yay shibz u edited ur post...lovely take like always...dnt hav 2 say more cuz den u will get dnt worry will praise u on FB...EmbarrassedTongueLOLHeart
@everyone else...great readin dem...Hug
I really loved today's epi once again.Big touched my heart and u cud clearly see and feel the fire and passion and love between arjuhiBlushingDay Dreaming...the way arjun was trying to stop her from drinking and grabbing her arm 3 times...hayeee...HeartDay Dreaming...he even... sed sorry 2 her...Embarrassed and u cud see in arjun's eyes the love and feelings he has for his arohi...that arohi hu he said to Gauri that he can leave everythin one can ever love someone as arjun and arohi do to each other...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedHeart... and arjun's love is so deep that everyone can see it...Day Dreaming.... KK was jus superb in that whole i wish they showed a close up of his eyes...BlushingBlushing...Camera wale...Evil arohi got influenced by Gauri's words....Ouch...uff yaar this Gauri....AngryCensored...a vamp gone wrong and her plans gone in the dustbin...ROFLROFLROFLROFL..really hate her so much nw...Angry...a vamp role doesn't suit her one bit...esp if acting is bad...Thumbs Down
I loved hw arjun didn't believe that stupid brainless Gauri...Thumbs Up....his love for arohi is much greater than his trust for Gauri....Star....wait till arohi finds out what gauri did....den gauri ki band bajegi...Evil Smile...Evil SmileApprove...
Arohi's hartred for Arjun reminded me of what Savita said in KMH1....somethin like this "Nafrat se bhi zyada gehra ehsaas hota hai Pyar"..ClapClapClap....hw i wish someone cud say that to arohi...that one line....has so much effect...and it's so true...Star

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-tehreem- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 9:37am | IP Logged
haye that desperation for arjun i loveeeee it
i knew this gauri was going to create some misunderstanding between arjun and arohi
now she is playing vamp vamp in arjuhi lovestory D'ohDead
can ekta maiya leave any her of her show out from the vamp idea..i think she is in love with the vampsROFLROFL
but still i hate gauri and i hate myself for feeling sorry for her earlierAngry
Now arohi is on the mission to forget arjun as if thats going to happen Ermm....but whatever it is that chiku guy is hell funny man ROFL his expressions are worth the ROFL
Sanchit and his friend scene was justDeadDeadROFL
So now arohi has started the comparison ehhLOL
but let me tell you arohi ,arjun is the best TongueLOL
arjun hota to ye arjun hota tou woh maan lo arohi you cant live without himBig smileBig smileBig smileLOL
chikku do you even have any dance movesROFLROFL   what are you going to do jinga lala ho hoROFLROFL
Then comes the much awaited confrontation where arohi first admits that she was missing him but then what gauri said came in her mind and she changed what she was going to sayDeadDeadDead  see arjun knows you much better than yourself arohi you need to know that yourselfBig smile
haye this gauri i want to kill herAngryAngryCensored
just because of her there are soo much misunderstanding b/w arjuhiAngry
The expression which arjun gave when arohi told him that she is going to dance with that chikku made me hate her for a secondCry
patanga and dor OMG chikku you are hillariousROFLROFLROFLROFL
So now the jelous you jealous you game has startedLOLLOL which actually workedTongue
and the bg track BIN TERE worked quiet good with the situation
now arohi is using the weak points of arjun by drinking wineWinkWink
and she knows she is just saying bla bla about arjun but her mind is restricting her to admit itOuch
so she knows she can get lost in his eyes easilyWinkTongueLOL
stop making your heart listen to your mind when you know your heart is rightBig smileBig smile

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vaishnavi... Senior Member

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 9:43am | IP Logged

have exam on monday ,so have to rush nw .but a quick take on today's epi:
1) gauri ,i hatee uAngryAngryAngry.she told arohi arjun ne kaha ki tum uske saath kuch bhi karne ko taiyaar ho gayi thi.Shockedarjun ke pyaar me phasna bahut asaan hai.this developed more hatred for arjun in arohi's heartBroken Heart.Gauri tujhe nahi chodungi main Angry.
2) Arohi agrees to go to the party wid that chikoo .there arohi refuses to dance wid chikoo .thnk god.she is standing dere akele thinking about arjunOuch .and arjun reaches there and says "mere baare me soch rahi thi ".awwEmbarrassed
3) nw arohi shouts at poor arjun,tears in his eyes,dey both dance wid their respective partners to make each other jealous.But still their eyes searching for each other.they can't even stop looking at each other.....awwCryCry

but what i liked was when arjun asked  arohi :ki gauri ne tumhe bataya arohi  said haan bataya ek ek shabd yaad hai mujhe.i mean aftr this arjun shud come to noe ki us gauri ko messenger ka kaam nahi dena chahiye 
bdw where did shefali dissappear and wo billu and makrand.wo teenon kahin holiday pe oh nahi nikal gaye LOL
two days W*Hout kmh.m happy as well as sad.happy coz saturday and sunday I can study widout dreaming about karanika hopefullyBig smile


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blueangel341 Newbie

Joined: 22 September 2009
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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 9:56am | IP Logged
I hope Arjun comes to know about Gauri's truth !!!
I hope Arjun and Arohi get to spend time together again !!!
I hope Arohi rejects Arjun!!!!

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 9:57am | IP Logged
For the starters, Gauri is such an impossible schemer, uff!! What a she-jerk! She calls herself Arohi's best friend????! Well, Arohi certainly doesn't need enemies with the presence of such 'friends' around her. Gauri didn't even think that she was saying such unforgiving things about a man she supposedly 'loves', if she even knows what that means.
Coming to Arohi. She's had salt sprinkled on her wounds by her so called 'best friend' and she wants only one thing now: to prove that she can move on in her old life without Arjun. No, she does not want to prove this to Arjun or her family or Chiku, she wants to prove this to herself. She doesn't want to accept the everlasting impact Arjun has left on her. She lets Chiku take her to a place which had so much noise that the voice of her heart can't be heard. Her mind takes over and wants Arjun to get the one thing he deserves: punishment! And she is going to punish him, by keeping herself away from him. She is with Chiku physically but alas! Her heart is no longer hers. She's given it away long back to her kidnapper. 
Arohi may have fallen in Gauri's trap, but Arjun believes in applying his own brains and trusting his instincts. He knows that Arohi loves him and he wants to make her realise that the feeling is mutual. He pursues her relentlessly and begs her to reconsider. He knows that she's with Chiku just to spite him, to hurt him, to make him burn with jealousy. He can do the same. But he knows better. He knows he's at fault, so, he's trying to be fair. But Arohi and drinking? That is the last straw! There is a limit. Blinded by rage and fury, Arohi's heart has long become silent but the overflowing emotions take the form of bitter words: Agar kutte saath rahe toh uski bhi aadat par jaati hai. Ouch!! She wants to hurt Arjun, make him feel what she is feeling. Little does she know that there is just one person in the world who's feeling even more pathetic about Arjun than she is: Arjun himself. Little does she know that she doesn't even need to make that extra effort to spite him! Just her tears are enough for Arjun to feel the pain. 

Arjun and Arohi have definitely left gaping holes in each other's hearts which only they can fill. Now, we just have to wait and watch when the two will complete each other. Ekta Maiyya ki Jai!

Memorable quotes:

Arohi: Agar Arjun hota, toh mujhe rokta, mujhe sabki nazaron se bachata.

Arjun: Lekin majboori mein, warna woh wahan akela dance nahi kar raha hota. 

Arjun: Tum mujhse pyaar karti ho aur jitni marzi koshish kar lo, apni aankhon se yeh baat nahi mita sakti.

P.S. Can I please go and give Arjun a tight, teddy bear wala huggie?? He so deserves it!

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 9:58am | IP Logged
*Double posting*

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AmnaIsh Goldie

Joined: 07 December 2010
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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 9:59am | IP Logged

HugOk! time for a serious review of todays' episode, after the initial reaction of not watching the show again..:-Tongue
Arohi - aik kaam karo, apne ghar ki naukrani se dosti karlo, woh bhi tumko khana saaf bartan main deti hogi - this GAURi, your so called bestfriend, needs to go back to the bazaar and buy herself some sense and a brain to use sometimes.."Aasteen main saanp" this saying fits her best...!AngryAngryAngry
your initial reaction to gauri's "bul****" was too real...Shocked
The way you cnat stop thinking about Arjun struck .Hug.Luv'd your interaction with arjun - the jealousy - the pain - ufff...
oh! and one more thing i absolutely LOVED - the way you wereputting a cold front to arjun, but inside u were fighting urself from even looking at him...LOVED IT LOVED IT...EmbarrassedThumbs UpHug
Arjun - absolutely love the fact that you have so much confidence in arohi's love for you... ! you have some brains man..(plz lend some to gauri ...YUCK!Dead) "Mere baare main soch rahi thi na"..haha..dam right she was..:-) The jealousey - the care - the anger -  the annoyance...uffff kya possessiveness tha yaar..too good..Clap
Excellent chem between you two, like always..even when you're not talking, it seems like your minds, your souls and your eyes are talking to each other...and that fact DRIVES all of your fans CRAZY...:-) kEEP ROCKING - KEEP ACINTNG - SHOW THE WORLD WHY YOU'RE THE BEST! LOVE BOTH OF YOU..but seriously...*snif* *snif* hate to see them so close yet so far much in love yet poisoned wid hatred...Can't stand the pain and can't stand the tears.... CryCryCry

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nilo-kmh Senior Member

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 9:59am | IP Logged
Omg...todays epi was sooooo TOUCHNG!!!
it was by far one of the most difficult situations for Arjun... :(
SHE RUINS EVERYTHING!!!! IF SHE WAS NOT THERE, Arjun and Arohi kab se phir se ek saath hote,,, Stupid ugly villain!!
Arohi always helped Gauri... and thats her thanks??
Arrey unki shaadi ho chuki hai...Why cant she just move on with live and accept the LOVE BETWEEN ARJUN AND ARJUHI!!!

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