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pak. Goldie

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Posted: 09 March 2011 at 4:34am | IP Logged

Her first film was Rock On!! (2008), where she played the wife of Farhan Akhtar

Prachi had to leave her role of "Bani" in Kasamh Se to act in Rock On] Her next film was Life Partner (2009).[10] In July 2010, she appeared in Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai co-starring with Ajay Devgan, Emraan Hashmiand Kangana Ranaut.[
Prachi is currently working on her fourth film titled Joker opposite television actor Rajeev Khandelwal.[The film is set for release around December 2011. In March 2011, she will start working in her first Tamil project, titled Thadaiyara Thaakka opposite Arun Vijay, directed by Magizh Thirumeni.

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-purnima- IF-Sizzlerz

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Gujarati girls to rule TV shows

And while exploring the community, you simply can't overlook  Prachi Desai who took the nation by storm with her simple, understanding and sacrificing portrayal of Bani. She quit TV for good after she decided to take the big leap and try her luck in Bollywood and success continues to trail her. Not that the community is new to the glamour world as it seems that acting is in their genes primarily because they are associated with theater where they hone their acting talent.

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ashaj IF-Sizzlerz

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Arun Vijay, who has just returned from the United States, is all set to start his new project. The movie, which is said to be an urban entertainer, will be directed by Magizh Thirumeni.

Remember Magizh Thirumeni, a former assistant to Gautam Vasudev Menon, made his directorial debut with 'Mundhinam Paartheney', which had new faces Sanjay and Ekta in lead roles.

"It is an interesting story and will be a different attempt. I am thoroughly impressed with the script," Arun Vijay says, adding: "The movie will be an action thriller with many twists and turns."

On his trip to the US, he says, "it was planned before months and I was there to attend a family function and for sky diving. There is no truth in some claims that I stayed in the foreign country to escape from controversies."

(arun vijay is not a big star why prachi is acting with him she should act with ajith, suray &vijay)

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A Day into Prachi Desai's Life : Pink Magazine

A Day into Prachi Desai's Life

Mar - 09 2011 | 

Interviewed by Urooj Zulfiqar

Hey Prachi!

Share a bit about yourself to us, since there are a lot of fans who wants to know about your early career life and success.

1. How does it feel to be standing on this peak point of greatest achievement?

No no no'there are no end to peaks'it's just that with every peak one stands upon is at once a personal achievement and a temporary resting place'tomorrow you move!

2. Your journey from Television to films has been amazing so far, Rock On to Life Partner to Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, how has each experience been for you?

Rock On was the best in that it was a rare quality film that Bollywood will be proud of always, so understandingly, it's close to my heart'it was an art film that touched the hearts of audiences'Life Partner was just pop-corn amusement that clicked with the audience for it's fun-flavored comedy-cum-satire on marriage of the Indian variety as well as of the Western'so for me it was a fun-filled outing in a grand place like South Africa'while Once Upon A Time in Mumbai came through as a success because almost everything, production, direction, acting, photography, story, editing, screenplay and dialogue came together to form a symphony'it was a masala flick in the best sense possibly'well appreciated by both the audience and critics'and as it was a Balaji production, I'm specially happy to be part of it.

3. How has the experience changed you overall?

No doubt, every experience changes you in many ways, many of the changes beyond your awareness'but having done it are the important words'action is the only means given to us humans to change our lives, correct past mistakes, prepare for the future and avoid future pitfalls'without it, can there be any learning experiences? Experience is the best teacher'has not been an age-old proverb for nothing!

4. Which medium you prefer to work best in, Television or Films?

Both are almost the same, in the sense of acting'but in the ways and methods of work, they are vastly different'TV is more present-based, that is, it is made from day to day, to be consumed and done with, while films last for a longer time and reach wider audiences'then TV is pretty restrictive and regressive also, one can rarely be bold here as the audience is strictly local, unlike films which can appeal to universal tastes'then the working in TV is from day-to-day while in films, a set 2 to 3 months are set aside during which the film is completed'TV is regular work like a 9-5 job, while a film is a special assignment which after completion, is over'lastly, the money and prestige value of films far out-weighs a TV serial, and if successful (which, by the way, is just as hard), the 10 years one gets work in, can make your life both in money as well as reputation terms.

5. Which movie you think was the best of your work yet?

A. Certainly, Rock On'the first is always dear to heart.

6. You have worked with Farhan Akhtar in Rock On, how was that experience? What did you learn from him? As an actor? A director? And a Person?

Well, he is a successful director, very sober as well with a great sense of humor'with a great poet as father'probably learned plenty of things that's difficult to be put in words, but yes, his seriousness as a dedicated and focused worker is the bet lesson'as a person, he's vastly humorous and always joking and putting everyone at ease as if life was just fun'just join the party!

7. Then came the modern bahu role in Life Partner with Tushar Kapoor, how was that experience with him? What did you learn from him? As an actor? A person?

That was fine too'Tushar is a thorough gentleman and mature for his age, as he's already worked in many movies and has great experience'one always learns most from persons who give out positive vibes and people who are not stuck-up about their family status'as for acting, the best thing learnt is how to stick on and not lose faith in self ever, no matter what the criticism or success or failure'the outer world changes every moment, so without the inner anchoring by faith in oneself, one would be lost.

8. The most recent hunk you worked with was Imran Hashmi in Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, how was that experience? What did you learn from him? As an actor? A person?

Emran too, like Tushar, has worked against odds'both are sort of 'outsiders' in Bollywood'for example, Emran is a sort of a loner, not typical Bollywood material at all, yet the amount of success and reputation he has managed to carve out for himself is commendable enough'as an actor he's serious about his work and strives to give his best every time'as a person, he's humble, self-effacing and straightforward in attitude, which is certainly admirable.

9. Imran has been given the serial kisser status and you even shot a scene with him related to that, was it an uncomfortable for you? Was the scene difficult for you to do? If you did feel uncomfortable then how did you overcome that?
No, not at all'in acting, or for that matter, anything else, only the first time it's difficult'once that's over, fears and embarrassments are over too'knowing everything, the ins and outs of acting, there is little unease'also the willingness to do the scene helps as then positive feelings take over'also intimate scenes are a dime-a-dozen nowadays on films'so the mind is well-prepared in advance.
10. You also did some acting with Salman Khan in a washing powder ad, how was that? How comfortable or uncomfortable were you with him? I know he has a great personality as a human being so how was that?

Yes, that ad with Salman Khan was an extraordinary stroke of luck, and certainly, it was the high point of my career up till now. The fact that he has maintained his excellent reputation over two decades, not only as a reliable box-office actor, but also as a fine human being and the beloved of tens of millions of fans all over the world, his mistakes non-with-standing, speaks for itself. One can say that he is an actor's actor, and so of course, anyone can learn from him about the many things that acting demands. He is a thorough gentleman with a sense of humor that put's one at ease almost immediately. And the fact that he is very choosy about doing ads that don't deliver or harm one's health, says more than what other big actors practice. So yes, I'm proud and happy for myself for being so lucky.
11. Any new project in line for you for this year?
Well, I am supposed to sign a new flick in Jan or Feb'but not fully certain'things are difficult in Bollywood because of big producers, big directors and big stars who only want established actors and never consider newcomers who have only about 10% of screen 'space' to work in'originality is one quality lacking here and forever will as far as Bollywood goes'profits first!

12. You just won an award for your supporting role in One Upon a Time in Mumbai, how was that experience? Do you feel you have accomplished something?

The experience of winning an award (2, by the way'Apsara Gold and Zee Film Awards! and hoping for more)'yes, this is a tricky question as those who don't win awards somehow abuse them as being irrelevant and fake'so yes, I on my part have mixed feelings due to the fact that nominations as well as the winners can never please one and all'but there's no doubt about this for sure'all who receive and award do jump with joy and are mighty pleased! It's the same with me'I am hugely happy, definitely! As for 'having accomplished something''definitely yes! Because this is the beginning of my career and the award somehow proves that something has been accomplished'for a beginner, every acknowledgement is a milestone
13. Now more on a personal level so that your fans can feel a lot closer to you, what is the most memorable experience you have had so far from your work? From your personal life?

Well, as I said earlier, all action leads to something'if not success, then failure'and the great thing is that both are equally important for moving forward! Then there's that mysterious 'naseeb' factor which is present in every action'but God tells you to act first, think later'the results are in no one's hands, fruits will come as destined. From my personal life the lessons are that belief in oneself is itself the key to success, that failure is never to be afraid of and every stumbling is a new finding'that friends, family and love are the most important elements of life'that to be happy, one needs not much more than good health, a sense of adventure and the love of a few people'as Lao Tzu says'"He who knows he has enough, is the richest man."

14. What are three random facts about you that no one knows and you would like to share?

I am bone-lazy'I am never concerned about success/failure, just giving my best performance'and nothing in the world will tempt me against my heart'also, if I am hurt, I go into the silent mode, no explanations given'the other person has to figure out what he/she did wrong.

15. You started your career, in acting, as a teenager if you were to go back to that time again and was asked to relive that time if your life, would you take up acting? If not then what would be your next choice?

Of course, acting was always what I dreamed of, right from childhood'first and last choice probably'but if this failed, then it was a career in psychology with counseling and interaction with children.

16. What is one teenage dream that you always had? Did you live it yet or is it yet to be succeeded?

It was only being an actor'I am living it, but there's a long way to go!
17. What are the three best features about your body that you like the most?

My slim figure, my face and my good health.

18. How did you spend your teenage years?

This was school in Panchgani, a lovely hill-station'so studies, teachers, friends, sports, family'and the ups and downs related to all these. All such experiences are commonly shared by all.

19. What is your favorite food? Least favorite?

A. It's paneer as an addition to almost any dish'least fav are vegetables like karela, baigan and certain dals'home cooked food by mom is the best!

20. What is your favorite movie? Least favorite?

A. Amelie, a French movie'and least fav are just too many!

21. Are you a Pink Girl or Semi-Pink?

A. Semi-Pink'being an all-rounder is important to me.

22. What is your New Year's Resolution for this year?

A. As they say'No Resolution is my new year resolution'life changes from moment to moment, day to day'only idiots make resolutions and break them.

23. If there was one advice you can give your fans, around the world and Pink Magazine readers, what would it be?

I'm terrible at advice, as I never take any'but I would like everyone out there to accept life as an unending adventure'there is no difference between success and failure, they are 2 sides of the same coin'to attempt. to act in the living present, to be practical as well as imaginative'to embrace life as a whole, to experience all that life has to offer and above all, to take care of one's bodily health, as the entire quality of every experience rests upon this. The following quote that always comes first to my mind'"Success is not happiness, but happiness is success, for if you love to do what you are doing, that itself is success."

24. Anything else you'd like to share?
Be Healthy, be Happy, be Loving'find the joy that is in little things like bird music, flowers, interaction with friends, beauty of nature'live by feeling and not by mind'if the heart agrees, you are on the right track!

Enjoy every moment of life!

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Deccan Chronicle
Wednesday March 09, 2011                               

'I've bid adieu to television'

Prachi Desai, who is hot 'n happening on the Bollywood circuit after her glam role in Once Upon a Time in Mumbai is now set to captivate Tamil audiences.

The pretty actress is making her debut in K'town with an Arun Vijay movie titled Thadayara Thaaka and she's got a nice meaty role, too.

Prachi talks to DC about the compromises she made after starting her career so young, her crushes and her entry into the world of Tamil films.

You are said to be too 'pricey' to do a South movie…

I will never discuss remuneration with the press, but if we speak about my coming to the South, I have always been waiting for the right opportunity.

In spite of getting big offers, One needs to be mentally prepared before venturing into anything new. I just started in Bollywood. Now, when the time and script were right, I agreed to sign.

What led you to accept Arun Vijay- Magizh Thirumeni project?

I have always appreciated Tamil movies for their unique stories and strong cinematic technique.

Unfortunately, earlier my schedule did not permit me to work in any Tamil movie. But I did not want to miss the opportunity, when I did get it.

You have a touch-me-not image in Bollywood. With glamour being the norm for Tamil and Telugu heroines, where do you stand?

My image in Bollywood is absolutely not my contribution. Fortunately or unfortunately, these are the kind of roles I have been offered, hence the image.

But I am an actor and I want to push my limits and experiment with different roles. My next few films in Bollywood are golden portunities that I have been waiting for and these films are going to surprise a lot of people. I hope I get to do challenging roles in the Tamil industry too.

What's your favourite kind of role?

It's become easy to portray the subtle, intense and mature character. I want to pick up younger, spunky and glamorous roles, which are closer to the real me.

Which Tamil hero would you like to work with most?

I am greedy and I would like to work with all of them.

You started your acting career at a very early age. Do you think you have made compromises?

It depends on how you look at it. I am an ambitious girl and it is my ambition that has helped me achieve whatever I have accomplished.

But I am not overambitious, I have not been led to go beyond my ethics and I have not made compromises that have given me nightmares. But I have compromised by not giving enough time to my family and education.

Reportedly, you gave a new definition to the phrase 'Love is blind' by adding, 'But marriage is an eye opener'. Explain. Also, have you had any crushes? Who have you been dating?

If it is at all exciting, please let the boys of Tamil Nadu know — I am single.

Of course, I have had my share of crushes and heartbreak. And I do agree that love is blind, but parents are eye openers.

Have you bid adieu to TV?

Yes. After my debut on the big screen in Rock On I have never looked back.

I am going to continue doing films, hoping for the same love and affection from people and some more good opportunities from the industry.

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woow giret Interviewed  thanxx  Proud-BrownGirlClapClap
ashaj IF-Sizzlerz

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prachiaa &Proud-BrownGirl thanks for the article


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Originally posted by ashaj

prachiaa &Proud-BrownGirl thanks for the article


w c m Big smile

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