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MG Revenge FF Thread One (Page 7)

avem Senior Member

Joined: 25 November 2010
Posts: 388

Posted: 19 December 2010 at 12:06am | IP Logged
awesome update geet is so innocent maan feeling guilty  can't wait to read the next update plz cont

shivangi783 Goldie

Joined: 11 August 2010
Posts: 2124

Posted: 19 December 2010 at 1:39am | IP Logged
Nice one.
Innocent Geet!
thanks for the PM.
continue soon.
ArjunKiAsh Senior Member

Joined: 22 July 2010
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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 3:18am | IP Logged
         Part -3A

she nodded her head... 

Maan : k... geet ... i got to go... if u need anything... call jenny and gayathri... and be a good girl...

Geet : where r u going? (innocently)

Maan : office... i will be late sometimes.. (smiled) an one more thing ... i hate calling me bhai... call me maan...k

she nodded her head.

2 weeks passed. maan finds geet's behavior weird. she acts like a child. she was really friendly with him. sometimes she used to cry thinking about her sister but he always distract her from this. he after that night, never touched her, other than a small peck on her cheeks or lip and a bear hug. he always sleep with her and she use his chest as her pillow. she always had her breakfast and dinner with him. she shared her small- cute secrets  with him. he soon forgot why he brought her here. he finds his tension vanish when she is near him. he sometimes loose his control when she wears short shorties and sleeveless t-shirt but he somehow manages to regain it. he goes for outing with her on weekends. they have their dinner outside on Sundays. he always give her gifts... he love to see her smile...  Now his world revolved around her and also her world was him. Sameera and Rahul made many efforts to find geet but they always fail. Sameera always cry at night thinking about geet but Rahul consoles her.

And there, Maan's and Geet's relation was growing. it was like Maan hated to leave geet for a second. when he reaches office , he used to call her and at lunch time, he again calls her to make sure she had her lunch. she always wait for maan at night to have dinner together. it was like, they almost forgets their problem and worries when they are together. in 3rd week Vicky, Adi and Dev came to visit Maan in U.S. they were sitting in couch and discussing something when Maan came in Red T-shirt and Black jeans. Thy were shocked to see him in casuals clothing. He always were formals in house other than waist coat.

Maan : hi...

Adi, Dev, Vicky : ConfusedConfusedConfused

Maan : how are everyone at home?

now they were really confused because Maan never ever talked about Family. they never had seen his this part. even when Sameera was with him also... he was little strict... but now they can see a big change in maan. Suddenly they heard a shouting ... and they saw Geet walking towards Maan... and yelling at him...

Geet: maan... how dare u? how dare u tell Jenny not to give me chocolates ?Angry

Maan : no more chocolates geet... subah ..subah chocolates khana health keiyae aacha nahi hai...

Adi, Dev, Vicky : ShockedShockedShocked &ConfusedConfusedConfused

Geet : o... really... i want chocolates  now...  i mean it... now... now... Angry

Maan : geet.. try to understand (lovingly)

Geet : no... now... ( she started to cry)Cry

Maan : k... k... don't cry...  come... 

maan excused himself and went with geet. and now... Vicky, Adi & Dev were still in shock... they were not able to understand anything... adi was first to recover from the shock..

Adi : was that Maan sir? Confused

Vicky : i really don't know... Maan bhai & Patience? Confused

Dev: he just obeyed geet... i mean... without any argument...  Shocked

They saw geet and maan walking together towards them more like a couples... and geet was having a big chocolate bar in her hand and she was smiling at him and he smiling back.. seeing this they almost fainted...  

Dev : bro is changing..( slowly)Confused

Vicky : already changed...Confused

Maan : wat is changed vicky?

Dev : nothing bro...  umm... we came here to talk about sam..

before he complete his sentence Vicky said..

Vicky : samrat's project...

Dev & Adi : ConfusedConfused

Maan : Samrat's project???? who is Samrat???

Vicky : woh... Mr. Khanna's son... Dev bro meant to say that... haana bro??? ( he looked at Dev ... )

Dev : haan bro...ConfusedConfusedConfused

Suddenly maan saw chocolate all over Geet's cheek and hands... he said taking a Tissue and wiping it...

Maan : geet... how much time should I tell u to eat properly without pasting it on ur hands & cheeks???

Adi, Dev, Vicky : ConfusedConfusedConfused

Geet : sorry... (giggled)..

Maan : jenny... wash her face and help her with her clothes...

jenny came & took geet with her...

Maan : ha... bolo ... Samrat ka project...

Vicky( still in confused and shocked state) : kon Samrat???

Maan : Vicky... u said Mr. Khanna's son...

( still in confused and shocked state) : really???

Maan ( in his old style) : vicky...(yelled)AngryAngryAngry

they back to real world..
Adi : yes sir...

Dev : ji... bro

Vicky : yes... bro..

Maan : wat happened to u guys??? why are u acting weird???

Adi, Vicky, Dev (in mind): u... u r acting weird...

Maan : kuch kaha...

Adi, Vicky, Dev : no... nothing...

Suddenly they heard Geet screaming... Maan ran towards the room followed by
Adi, Vicky, Dev. they saw her standing.. looking at the T.V and screaming... her eyes were filled with tears .. her face showed fear... 

Maan suddenly took the remote control and off the TV. he ran towards geet & hugged her...  she was hugging him back and crying...

Maan : its k... nothing happened...its k... (patting her back)

Geet : khoon... khoon...

Maan : shhh... nothing...

Geet : khoon... ( she fainted)
Maan lifted her... and laid her on the bed... she was still murmuring... he took the mob from the pocket and called Dr. After sometime the Dr. arrived ... he examined her and gave her a small injection...
Adi, Vicky, Dev saw maan looking away and pain in his face as if Dr. is giving him injection instead of her...

Maan : Dr. is she k?

Dr. : Mr. Khuranna ... u have to be very careful... I told u...

Maan : but... Dr. we didn't talk about any accident or anything related to tht??

Dr. : Mr Khuranna... seeing that in T.V also may make her scare... so plzzz try to avoid it...

Maan : but ... when she see blood ... she never make such mess... why is that?

Dr. : it doesn't mean seeing blood she should react like this... sometimes... only car-crashing may have such effect on her... and please take care ... she really needs rest... and support... make sure she is not hurt...

Maan :k... Dr. thanxxx

Dr. leaves. he shouts at Jenny & fires her... she pleaded but no use..
Adi, Vicky, Dev saw maan siting beside her... he removed the  curls from her face... he was slowly brushing his finger through her hair and face... they saw his eyes were filled with tears ... he was in pain...  they were confused... 

Dev : bhai...

Maan : Dev... not now plzzz... we will talk about it later...

Adi, Vicky, Dev went outside the room... they saw gayathri.. (another servant) standing there. they asked her about geet and maan...

Gayathri : maan sir & geet mam are always together... at first they used to fight... after that incident ... Maan sir always care about geet...

Vicky : which incident ? (curiously)

Gayathri : 2 weeks back ... geet mam was shouting like mad... she saw a pic in newspaper about an accident... she screamed and screamed and fainted... at that time only I and Jenny was here... We called Maan Sir... he took her to hospital... and after that incident...he never fight with geet mam... he always do wat she likes... he always call her 20 to 30 times when he is in office... they go outing every weekends and have dinner... they always shoppe on weekends... he always give her surprises...

Adi, Vicky, Dev : surprise? ConfusedConfusedConfused

Dev : maan bhai & surprise???

suddenly gayathri became quite... they turn and saw maan walking towards them... gayathri left them alone...

Dev : wat is this bhai???

Vicky : wat happened to geet??

they saw Maan breaking down into tears... it was 1st time they had seen him in tears... even when sameera cheated him, he never cried... and when their dad was hospitalized due to sameera also... he never cried instead he consoled his brothers and sister myra.

Vicky : bhai... plzzz say wat happened??

Maan : i'm not a human... becoz of me she is like this??

Adi : sir... its not ur fault... plzz say wat happened?

Maan : she is a patient... she is not like us...

Adi : u mean she is MAD???

maan held adi's collar and said...

Maan : she is not mad samjhi... tum..

Adi became scared... vicky and dev struggled to make maan release Adi... and slowly he left Adi's collar...

Adi : sorry sir ... i didn't mean it

Maan : its k... i'm sorry too...

Adi, Dev, Vicky (shocked to hear maan saying sorry)

Dev : bhai... plzz say wat happened?

Maan : she is mentally ill... if she see or hear anything about  accident... she will be... ( he again broke down )

Vicky : bhai...

Maan : Dr. said she is like a 12yr child sometimes and sometimes like 5yr old child... it will take time to treat her as her medication was left in the middle... its all because of me... 

Dev : plzz bhai... we'll try our best to give her best medication.. she will be alright... we'll sent her to best dr.

Maan : she is not going any where... she will stay with me... i have arranged for her medication...

Vicky : k... bhai... she will stay with u ... now relax... go to geet ... she needs u now...

Maan left them and went to their (geet's & Maan's) room..


   Pre-cap : sameera and rahul says pari (vicky's fiancee) the truth.

PART 2   

next-   PART 3B

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teri_susan Goldie

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 3:21am | IP Logged

Loved the change in Maan's behaviourSmile.Seems like there is some incident before that made Geet menatlly ill.Hope she gets good treatment nowCry.Loved the shock Dev,Vicky and Adi receivedWink.Continue...............

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untamedtigress IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 3:41am | IP Logged
omg i like the new change in maan,will maan be successful wid treament regarding geet,hope geet gets well soon and starts understanding maan,and his love.

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charmed ones

Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 4:11am | IP Logged
nice ff, loved it.
 update soon and pm me when u'll update.

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i rok IF-Dazzler
i rok
i rok

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 4:34am | IP Logged
Great update
ashi Goldie

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 4:39am | IP Logged
add me to ur pm list & continue soon

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