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MG Revenge FF Thread One (Page 65)

ksasi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:55am | IP Logged
interesting part.

maaniqra IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 6:41am | IP Logged
ur ff is awesomeee plzzz add me in ur pm
ArjunKiAsh Senior Member

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 7:01am | IP Logged
updating ... will update 2mrw morning or today night...

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Loquacious_Aash IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by kingu

updating ... will update 2mrw morning or today night...
waitingDay Dreaming
kkaavvyyaa Senior Member

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wowww,,,m excited!!!!!pm me plzzz
---nishu--- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 9:50am | IP Logged
their is no love
angelwords Goldie

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
luv this stry...add me in ur pm list
ArjunKiAsh Senior Member

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Posted: 30 May 2011 at 9:51pm | IP Logged

Part 9

Maan : OK. But I don't want her to call me Bhai.

Sam : Please Maan, for me please adjust it.

Maan : OK (with half-heart)

From outside Geet called them out.

Flashback ends

From the first meeting onwards, I was attracted to her but always kept my feelings bottled-up. I never saw Geet as my sister and only I know that I always find an excuse to come near her. I still remember the evening party, when she came wearing a beautiful white cocktail dress above her knees. She looked like an angel.

Flashback ( Evening Party)

Maan was anxiously waiting for Geet's arrival. Now his new interest was that 16years old girl. Although he never got Sam in his bed, he was bored with her. After seeing Geet, his interest for Sameera vanished. He knew that Geet was really nave but it didn't matter to him, in fact it only added his interest. He now wanted Geet and want Sam's chapter to be a closed one.

GEET…. He thought, was the most beautiful lady, ooops no, Girl he have ever met. Her Smile, her eyes, lips and cute gestures made him attract towards her. Maan was eagerly looking at the entrance door of the party hall. Each and every second felt like a long time to him. Many beautiful girls approached him for dance but he refused them. This was not gone unnoticed by his family members, they thought that Maan changed. Even though he was engaged to Sam, he was still the play boy. His elders advised him but he just shrug it off. They were really worried about him, but today seeing him showing no interest in others girls made his elders happy. They thought that Sam's LOVE changed him.

He was now really impatient now. So he decided to call Sam. When he was about to dial, Sam and Rahul entered the hall. He was happy and his eyes were searching for Geet. Sam & Rahul came near him and hugged him. He hugged them back. He eyes was still searching for Geet. When he found no signal, he asked them.

Maan : Sam, Geet where is Geet?

Sam : Kyun? (Raising one eyes brow)

Maan : C'mon, I'm her to-be jiju. Can't I ask about my saali?

Rahul : Well, Princess is coming. See.

Maan looked back and saw Geet coming inside the hall wearing a sleeveless white cocktail dress which is above her knee length, her hair open. She was wearing a matching pencil heel and earring. She looked like an Angel. He was mesmerized by her beauty. His were wandering from head to toe and was shamelessly thinking about disgusting things. Sam's voice made him come back to reality. Geet came near them and hugged Rahul and Sam. She smiled at him.

Maan : Hi Princess

Geet giggling: Why are you calling me Princess Maan bhai? Only Rahul bhaiya call me that.

Maan was really irritated when she called him "Maan Bhai" but was helpless. He made a plan to come near Geet by winning Sam's and Rahul's trust. So for pleasing them, he has to show them that he considers Geet like a sister.

Maan : Because you are a cute little princess of my angel. (Winking at Sam)

Geet : Aapka angel kaun hai? (Innocently)

Rahul : meih hu.

Geet : Kya??? Aap?

Rahul : why can't I be an angel?

Geet : Nahi, aap super angel hai. (Kissed his cheeks)

Rahul : Princess, do me one favor. Get my Mobile from Car naa. Here is the key.

Geet : OK. (She went outside)

When Rahul made sure Geet went out, he turned towards Maan angrily.

Rahul : Are you out of your mind? I told you naa , we will say this to her later. Then why are you giving her hints?

Maan : Sorry, but I want her to accept me.

Sam : I know Maan but please give her some time.

Maan : OK, I have a plan. I'm sure after this she will accept me.

Sam & Rahul : What Plan? (Raising their eye brows)

Maan : well, I will spent more time with her and win her trust. Then she will like me and will accept me.

Sam & Rahul : NOOO

Maan : Kyun nahi?

Rahul : well, we'll make her understand. No need to waste your time.

Maan : Its Ok. I don't think it as a waste of time.

Sam : No need Maan baby. She will accept you soon. Don't worry.

Maan (self) : Damn it. This Rahul and Sam will never allow me to come near Geet. I have to find another way. Ohh, today Geet is looking really YUMMY. I really feel to gobble her. That white dress really suits her. I have to do something fast. First thing to do is to make her stop calling me BHAI. It really irritates me hearing that annoying word.  C'mon Maan think fast for spending time with her. (Looking at Sam and giving her a fake smile)

Sam (Self) : Maan spending time with my baby Geet. NO WAY. I can't trust him. He is a womanizer ready to pounce on any girl. No, my angel is really innocent. She don't know his cruel intention. I have to protect her from him. (Looking at Maan with a fake smile) Maan, if you look at my sister with your lusty eyes, I swear to God I'll take your ball from your socket. BEWARE…….  I can even kill you too, if you dare to go near my baby.

Rahul (self) : I will KILL you Maan, if you dare to go near my Princess. You really think, I don't know your intention. Well wrong man, because I can read your disgusting thoughts. But Maan, just remember, one wrong move YOU ARE DEAD. I swear to God.

Geet came running and suddenly bumped into someone. She looked at the person and saw a lady of nearly 60 years with white sari and diamond ornaments. The lady smiled at her and she too gave her cute smile.

Lady : Are you OK beta?

Geet : Yes Daadi, oops sorry aunty.

Lady : Its OK you can call me Daadi. (Smiling) Who are you beta? Never seen you before.

Geet : I'm Geet. Didi's and Bhai's laadli. (smiling) Aur aap?

Lady : Geet. Nice name. well, I'm Daadi. (Playfully)

Geet : Kiski Daadi? (Innocently & confused)

Lady : Sab ki. (Playfully)

Geet : Really??? (Innocently) So that means you are also my Daadi right?

Lady : Haan. (Patting her cheeks)

Someone from back called " Savtri Deviji" and the lady turned back. She said that she is coming.

Geet : Are you going? (With Sad Face)

Daadi : yes. (Saw her sad face). Do one thing, you also come with me.

Geet : Par didi is waiting naa..

Daadi : Don't worry, we are going to see her too. Now come with me.

Geet : OK Daadi. (Kissed daadi's cheeks)

Daadi (self) : I don't know who this Geet is but she is really an angel. Her talk and cute gestures is really innocent. She is full of energy.

Geet : Daadi … Chaale.

Daadi : Hmm..

Veer Singh Khuruna saw his mother walking with a girl nearly 15 or 16yrs old. His mother was laughing. Veer went near them.

Veer : ye kaun hai? (looking daadi)

Geet : I'm Geet. Didi's and Bhai's laadli.

Daadi : aur meri bhi.

Geet : Sach??

Daadi : much..(Playfully smiling)

Veer : Tell me naa.

Daadi : This is her identity Veer beta.

Geet : Aap kaun hai? (Innocently)

Veer : Veer Singh Khuruna…

Geet : Naam nahi. Aap kaun hai and what are you doing here?

Veer : Kya ? (Shocked)

Daadi : (Laughing) Geet beta, ye hamari son hai.

Geet : Hi nice to meet you daadi ki beta.

Veer : hmm ( amused)

Geet : So daadi ki beta, tell me..

Veer : Ek Min…. why are you calling me daadi ki beta ??

Geet : because you are daadi ki beta.

Veer : Don't call me that..

Geet : then what should I call you ?? hmm let me think… OK PAAPA.

Veer : PAAPA (Amused)

Geet : you are my daadi's son naa???

Veer : Hmm

Geet : So you are my Paapa.

Veer : OK. (Smiling)

Veer (Self) : iss ladki meih kya jaadu hai? When she called me Paapa instead of getting angry. I agreed. Her smile makes me happy.

Geet : Paapa what are you thinking?

Veer : Nothing but if you call me Paapa then I will call you … err..

Geet : Princess. Bhaiya calls me that.

Veer : Ok Princess. Paapa ki Princess. (Smiled)

Geet kissed his cheeks.

Scene change to Rahul, Sam and Maan.

Sam : Where is this girl? (Tensed)

Rahul : I don't know. It's nearly one hour. (Tensed)

Maan : there she is.

Sam ran towards her and hugged her.

Sam : Geet.. What are you doing here? We were really worried for you baby. Never go anywhere without telling us. (Cried)

Geet: Sorry didi… Don't cry. Please. I promise I'll never go anywhere without telling you.

Rahul : Princess … Baby are you OK?

Geet : yes bhaiya. I want you to meet …. (she turned towards) Daadi, Paapa, Dev bhai, NT Bhabi, Meera Didi, Yash jiju , Pari Didi and Vicky bro.. nahi Vicky.

Vicky : Why are you not calling me bhai?

Geet : Vicky bhai … err.. I don't like to call that. I'll call you Vicky only.

Maan : Kyun nahi? (Angry that she is calling Maan Bhai when he hates it but calling Vicky by name when Vicky wants her to call him Bhai.)

Geet : my wish. (Angry)

Maan : Ek Min.. ye sab kya ho raha hai? (Suddenly noticed that she called his dad "Paapa".)

Geet : Uff meih bhi naa… I'll introduce properly. Ye meri daadi, meri papa, meri bhai (Dev), bhabi (NT), didi(Meera, Pari), jiju(Yash) and friend Vicky.

Daadi : Geet beta ye lokh kaun hai? (Playing as if they don't know Maan, Sam & Rahul)

Geet : Ye meri Bhai hai Rahul aur ye meri didi Sameera. Aur ye (pointing towards Maan) didi ka dosth Maan Bhai.

Daadi : hi Sam, Rahul , Maan.

Veer : Nice to meet you…

Dev : Geet what are they doing? (Asking as if he don't know them)

Geet : didi and bhai are working  @ KC but I don't know what Maan bhai is doing?

Meera : Matlab? (Controlling her laugh)

Geet : he don't have job that is why he is coming daily to our house to meet didi for asking job.

Maan : who told you this?? (Gritting his teeth)

Geet : Rahul bhai (innocently)

Maan : Rahul ki bache , You are dead. (Maan chasing Rahul and Rahul running for life.)

Rahul : Listen to me dude… I told this for your sake.

Maan : Really, but before telling this to her, you should have think about your health for your sake.

Pre-cap : Past cont..

 Note : when Geet asked Rahul why Maan is coming to their apartment daily, Rahul told Geet that Maan is jobless and he comes to meet Sam for asking job. He told this lie to Geet because he doesn't want Geet to know about their plan.Maan's family loved Geet but Maan only had lust. Sam and Rahul were really scared of Geet's safety.

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