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ArjunKiAsh Senior Member

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 9:19am | IP Logged
Just 2 or 3 hours guys...

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smj1977.shruti IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by kingu

Just 2 or 3 hours guys...
so this is what you call SOON
see you tomorrow

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ksasi IF-Rockerz

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will be waiting for update.
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sorry for any mistakes, had no time for correction.

Part 8



Geet was sitting on her bed and was in deep thought. When Maan came inside she looked at him with fear written all over her face. When he locked their room, she gulped the lump in her throat with fear. Maan saw this and was in pain seeing his Princess scared of him. He came near and sat beside her on bed but she moved a little from him.

Maan : Geet( called her lovingly)

Geet : Jii (Stammering)

Maan was hurt by this. He remembered that GEET who loved him a lot and who jump in his lap when he come back from office.

Flashback (before pregnancy)

Maan was very tired after the stressful work at KC. He had many meetings and presentations but still he managed to complete it. He went inside their room and found Geet playing with her bunny (Toy). He smiled seeing this and went near her and sat beside on bed. She saw him and smiled. Next thing that happened made him shock. She jumped and sat on his lap encircling her legs around his waist and kissed him on his cheeks. He was really shocked but soon a smiled played on his lips. He hugged her and pulled her closer to him. He kissed her nape gently and nibbled her ears. She giggled and started to pull away.

Maan : hmm' Geetu stop it.

Geet : No you stop it. It's really ticklish. (Giggling again) Maan stop it'

Maan : No'

Geet : stop it' (Giggling) oww' no please please

Maan : hmm

Geet : Maan Maan

Reluctantly he pulled away and looked into her eyes and lips. She was smiling at him; he went near her to kiss her lip but suddenly she hugged him tight. He sighed and smiled hugging her back.

Maan : Kya hua Geetu?

Geet : Kuch nahi.

Maan : Hmmm

After sometime, she pulled away from the hug and asked him.

Geet : can I ask you something?

Maan : hmmm..

Geet : I wanna go to zoo tomorrow.

Maan : Zoo? Aachanak ye Zoo wala idea kaha se aaya?

Geet : TV se. Please ''

Maan : Par Geet, tomorrow I'm really busy. In fact the whole week I'm busy Jaan.

Geet got up from his lap and asked him to change and come to dinning hall. She went down with a long face. He felt bad for her but was helpless due to his busy schedule. After taking shower and changing into black vest and track pants, he went downstairs. He saw her waiting for him. He sat down on chair and pulled her and made her sit on his lap. He fed her and him the food. She was really quiet which was really unusual of her character. Maan saw her upset face. After dinner, he carried her to their bedroom and made her lay on the bed. And kissed her goodnight and lay beside her. After 3 or 4 hours later, he heard a weeping from her side. He gently made her face him and saw her tear stricken face. His heart was in pain seeing her tears. He hugged her tight and consoled her.

Maan : OK Geet baby, we'll go to Zoo tomorrow. Don't cry

Geet : Nahi, I don't (Sob) want to go to(Sob)  Zoo. I wanna see(Sob) Rahul bhaiya and didi.(Sob)

Maan : Honey, I told naa we'll see them soon.

Geet : I miss(Sob) them. Agar bhai(Sob) hota tho woh mujhe (Sob)..

Maan : Shhh'(placed his index finger on her lips) I told naa. Stop crying sweetie, Please.

Geet : I wanna see them.

Maan : OK we'll see them soon. Now go to sleep. Tomorrow we need to wake up early.

Geet : Kyun ?

Maan : bhool gaya? Hume Zoo jana hai naa? So now sleep.

Geet : Really??

Maan : Yup

Geet : you are the best. (Kissed his cheeks and hugged him.)

He smiled seeing her happy face and kissed her on her forehead. They slept hugging each other.

Flashback END

Maan : Geet , go to sleep.

Geet : Jii.

She lay on bed beside him and kept a little distance between them which made his wounded heart again hurt.

Maan's POV

I really deserve this for spoiling an 18 years old girl's life. Only I know the real reason for kidnapping Geet. It was not for taking revenge from Sam but for my selfish and disgusting desire. I still remember the day I met Geet. She was wearing a beautiful bunny Pink spaghetti and shorts making her curves really aware. Her hairs were open and face filled with innocents. But my mind ignored that innocence but instead my eyes were on her beautiful curved body. She smiled at me when she saw me and that made my heart skip a beat.

I came to Sam's apartment to invite Sam and Rahul for party organized at KM. Rahul aka Ranveer was Sam's so-called cousin brother (it was the relation that was told by Sam and Rahul to everyone.)He and Sam's baby sister was only Sam's family member. Rahul stayed with Sam but her baby sister was living in boarding school at Ooty. I didn't know her (Geet's) name that time but know that Sam and Rahul loved her to core. She was their life. She is a 11th Std student and come only for 1 month vacation.

When I went inside her apartment, I saw no one there. But the door was open. Then I saw a small cute little figure sitting on couch and seeing TOM&JERRY, wearing a beautiful bunny Pink spaghetti and shorts. She was really busy in that, she didn't see me standing beside her. Then suddenly she noticed me and stood up and came near me. She smiled at me making my heart miss a beat. She was really a cute creature with pink cute lips and hazel eyes. Suddenly, I felt an urge to pull her and kiss her on her lips but I controlled my urge.


Maan : Hi. Who are you and where are Sam and Rahul?

Girl : Didi aur bhai yaha nahi hai. Woh lokh bahar chali gayi hai. Aap kaun hai?

Maan : I'm Maan. Sam's bo err.. Her friend. (Was about to say boyfriend but for some unknown reason said friend.)

Geet : I'm Geet. Didi aur bhaiya ki laadli.

Maan : So you are the one. Sam's baby.

Geet : Aur aap hai Maan bhaiya?

Maan heart broke into pieces when she called him 'bhaiya'. He doesn't want Geet to call him brother. So decided to tell her not to call him bhai but before he speak she spoke asking him to sit on couch. He smiled at her and sat beside her. She then started to talk to him about Sam, Rahul and her and he was pretending listening to her but in actual he was checking her out. He came closer to her every moment without her knowledge but before he touch her Sam and Rahul came.

Sam : Hi Maan (Stammers) what a pleasant surprise??

Maan : Hi Sam Hi Rahul

Rahul : tum kab aaya?

Maan : just now (lied)

Geet : Didi, you brought ice-cream?

Rahul : Hmm.. Yes but now your didi but me.

Geet went and hugged him and gave a small peck on his cheeks saying 'thank you'. Maan suddenly felt uncomfortable seeing Geet hugging and kissing Rahul.

Maan : (Self-talk) ye achanak mujhe kya ho gaya? Geet is hugging her brother then why am I feeling uncomfortable? Moreover, She is my to-be saali. Then why I'm feeling connected to her? Maan stop it, you love Sam and moreover, she is a kid. May be 15 or 16 year old kid. You should treat her like a sister not like'. Errr forget it. I should control my feeling or else if Sam or Rahul come to know about this, they'll kill me.

Geet : Didi, pata hai Maan bhai also like TOM&JERRY.

Sam : acha?? (Smiled at her sister and kissed her nose)

Geet : no' don't kiss my nose I hate it.

Rahul : Sam meri Barbie doll ko thang mat kar.

Geet : love you' muaahh (kissed Rahul's cheeks)

Maan didn't like it when she said 'love you' to Rahul. But was helpless. Geet saw Maan looking a bit lost and asked him.

Geet : Maan Bhai, you want Ice-cream?

Maan : Geet don't call me Bhai for god sake.

Maan saw Sam's and Rahul's eyebrow up in question and gulped the lump in his throat.

Maan : I mean you can call me jijj.

Geet : Jijj?? (Confused)

Maan : haan, jijj means ji'

Sam : Geet, tu anthar jaa.

Geet : Par kyun?

Sam : bowl le ke aana.

Geet : for eating Ice-cream?? (excited)

Rahul : Hmm' Ab chal.

Geet : OK.

She went inside the kitchen. And Maan was dragged into a room by Rahul and Sam, they closed the door.

Maan : Guys, whats the matter?

Sam : Please Maan, don't tell Geet anything now about us.

Maan : Par Kyun?

Rahul : Because we don't know how she will react when she come to know about this.

Maan : I didn't get you?

Sam : Maan, Geet is a kid. She won't be able to take it when she comes to that I'll soon come to your house leaving this apartment.

Maan : But she can live at KM. After all she is your sister, that means she is also my '(Maan's heart stopped him to say the word 'sister'.)err I mean my family.

Rahul : I know that but the problem is that ..(paused)

Maan : what??

Sam : She thinks that I'll marry Rahul.

Maan : what?? (Shocked) But how can she think like that? Rahul and you are siblings right?

Sam : yes, but remember that we're cousins.

Maan : so what???

Rahul : well, its like this that we both are like father and mother to her. So she always wants us to be together but we cannot see each other like that. If we all of a sudden say this to her then she'll be in a shock. Please try to understand this.

Maan : OK. But I don't want her to call me Bhai.

Sam : Please Maan, for me please adjust it.

Maan : OK (with half-heart)

From outside Geet called them out.

Flashback ends

From the first meeting onwards, I was attracted to her but always kept my feelings bottled-up. I never saw Geet as my sister and only I know that I always find an excuse to come near her. I still remember the evening party, when she came wearing a beautiful white cocktail dress above her knees. She looked like an angel.

Pre-cap : Maan's POV cont..

                Flashback cont.

Note : Maan was unfaithful to Sameera. He was a big Casanova but decided to marry Sam because she was the only beautiful girl in the whole college who refused to sleep with him and who never was trapped in his plan. She was really beautiful and modern girl. And also, she was Rahul's cousin sister. ( Rahul told everyone that sam is his cousin sister and only family. She lived with him because of that reason.) Rahul was Maan's friend. Maan made many moves to trap sam but failed and then he decided to marry her and proposed her but she asked Maan to seek permission from her cousin brother, Rahul. Rahul was really happy and said that he is ready to give Sam's hand to him but on one condition that Maan will nevercheat on sam. Maan agreed to this. Later Maan came to know that Sam and Rahul had a baby sister who stayed in boarding school. She was really younger to them. Maan agreed to marry Sam for his selfish reason and it was not love. And also Maan's initial feeling for Geet was not LOVE but INFACTUATION and LUST.

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.Lilith. IF-Rockerz

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Fab update gal...loved it

GAAAWWWDDD...Maan is such a Censored urrgghhh ha8 him
He might have sudharofied himself but that doesn't mean things can b easily forgotten.
Sumwhere I feel he needs this treatment from geet as he has done a grave mistake.

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ninavi IF-Dazzler

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loved It ...
thnx for update dear 
looking frwd to next update 
waiting for Maans Pov 
cont sooon Smile

rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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updated after a long time
luved ittt
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loved it

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