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ArjunKiAsh Senior Member

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 10:16am | IP Logged

sorry...  will post in morning, little more to finish. can't complete because mom is scolding me.... sorry guys.... but in morning be ready....

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chubzy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 10:39am | IP Logged
Ok! We'll b waitin:-)
shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 11:37am | IP Logged
cant wait for it.
ArjunKiAsh Senior Member

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 12:10am | IP Logged







Maan and Geet were happy in their life. Vicky, Adi and Dev used to visit them frequently. Geet was friendly with them too. They used to give her chocolates and toys. Maan on other hand loved her small naughtiness. She used to play prank on him. But he never scolds her. She never allowed him to work on Sundays. She says that it is holiday and it's a day to have fun. On Sundays they were not allowed to be disturbed. She almost forgot about her didi and jiju. But she still called Dev "bhai". But was scared to call Maan. Once when she called Dev by his name, Maan told her to call him "bhai". So she asked him that if she can call Dev bhai, why not she call Maan "bhai". Maan ignored that question. He was possessive over her. Once when they went outside for their dinner, a man came near Geet and asked her for a dance, Maan became angry and punched him when the guy touched Geet's hand. He was over-protective and over-possessive about her. Adi, Dev and Vicky understood that their relation was deep and strong, so they never teased her playfully also. (Scared that what Maan might do to them, if they made Geet cry)


It was Monday, Maan went to his office. Vicky, Dev and Adi were in LONDON Khuruna Mansion. They were discussing something important. They saw Geet coming towards them with sweet smile on her face.


Geet: u guys didn't tell me when u came' (Sadly)


Adi : sorry Geet, we just came now only.  So how are u?


Geet : fine'. How are you? (Sweetly)


Adi, Vicky & Dev: fine'


Geet : pata hai'. Meine aaj pudding banaya. I'll bring it now.


Vicky : what? Par kyun? I mean, why you entered kitchen. Agar bro ko pata chala'


Geet : nothing will happen.


Adi : add to u. but he will kill us.


Geet : don't worry mein hoon naa' kuch nahi karaga woh.


Dev : par Geet, he don't like you do work.


Geet : do you want pudding or not?(angrily)

Vicky,Adi &Dev : yes'


Geet : wait' I'll bring it now.


She was walking but suddenly she felt dizzy and was about to fall but Vicky caught hold of her. But she was unconscious. They all got scared and lay her on her bed. They immediately rang the Doctor and also Maan. Doctor came and checked Geet. She told them that Geet should be hospitalized immediately.  Gayathri, Vicky, Dev & Adi rushed her to hospital. They were standing outside the room where Geet was in. They were restless. Doctor came outside and all four ran towards her and enquired about Geet. But Doctor asked them one question which made them silent.


Dr. : Who is her Husband?


Vicky, Dev, Gayathri & Adi were silent and didn't reply.


Dr. : see, this is important. I need to talk to her husband. Who is her husband?


Adi : no one. (Same time)


Gayathri : Maan sir (same time)


Dr. was confused and also other four. Gayathri thought Maan was Geet's husband but when she heard that Geet is not married to Maan, she was confused thinking what is their relation if they are not married. But other three were confused because Maan wasn't married to Geet and thinking why Gayathri said Maan as Geet's husband.


Dr. : dekhiyae' its really important. I need to talk to her husband now.


Dev : please, you can say to us. We are her family.


It was first time; Dev approved her as his family. And they all worried and cared about her.


Dr. : sorry, but is she married or not? I need to know that.


Vicky : but why doctor? What the connection between her dizziness and husband?


Dr. : Because she is PREGNANT and that too in this young age. I think she is hardly 18. But she is 3 months pregnant. And she is too weak to give birth to a child. But, we can't abort the baby because its too late and also due to her weakness.


Everyone was shocked hearing about her pregnancy.


Suddenly Maan came towards them. He was tensed and asked them what happened but none spoke. He was now really tensed and shouted at them. Doctor saw his concern and thought that Maan was Geet's husband. She called him to her cabin. He went with her.


Dr. : You are Mr?


Maan : Mr. Maan Singh Khuruna. Please say what happened to my Geet? Is she ok?


Dr. : Mr. khuruna. I have a bad news and good news for you.


Maan : what Doctor? Please say. (Tensed)


Dr. : Mr. Khuruna, your wife is pregnant.


Maan : what? Geet pregnant hai? (Shocked) but how?


Dr. : kya? (Confused)


Suddenly he remember the night they reached U.S. he closed his eyes remembering that night. He was shocked @ first then he became happy thinking that he is going to become a dad. Suddenly remembers that Doctor mentioned about bad news and he looked at Doctor.


Maan : whhhaat iis thhe bbaad nnewws? (He stammers)


Dr. : Mr. Khuruna, your wife is weak and too young. How old is she?


Maan : she is 18. (Tensed)


Dr. : Mr. Khuruna, she is too weak to deliver the baby and also too weak for an abortion.


Maan was shocked when he heard the word abortion.


Dr. : she really needs rest. And also she needs to be taken more care as she is too young. If proper care is not taken, I'm scared that Geet and baby will be in danger.


Maan : Doctor, is she ok now?


Dr. : hai Mr. Khuruna but please take of her.


Maan took necessary information from the Dr. and took geet home. He appointed 4 nurses and more servants. He was careful about each and everything of her. He was always at home with her 24/7. His love for her was increasing more and more. Vicky, Dev and Adi were feeling bad for Geet because they know that they were too responsible for Geet's this condition. They know that Geet doesn't know anything about pregnancy and all other related stuffs. She was just 18 and on the top of it, she was mentally ill. They really loved the way their brother took care of Geet but they didn't like the fact that their brother impregnated a girl who is mentally instable and who is too young. Maan was 30 years and Geet was only 18. She was too young for him. Vicky was 25 years old, Dev and myra were 27, Sameera was 29 and Rahul was 30 years old.



Maan always took good care of her. She had morning sickness but Maan was always there for her. Geet didn't know why she felt dizzy and why she was vomiting and about her food crave. When Geet asked Maan about this weird feeling, Maan told her first that she was sick. But eventually, to make her take care of herself, he said that she had a small baby in her stomach. She was excited hearing the word baby. She always patted on her stomach and talked to the baby. The 4 people in the house felt sad for Geet and the baby because she didn't know the aftermath of Maan's action and she belived him to the core. She was not married and was going to be unwed-mother. Days passed, Maan was happy and sad at the same time. He was scared to loose Geet. Vicky, Dev, Adi and Gayathri always took great care of her. They loved her more now. Dev took more care of her because he never had a child after 5 years of marriage. It was like he had a feeling for that baby. 1st baby in this generation of Khurunas. Dev now was living in U.S and he rarely visited India. When he is in India, he would call Geet 10 to 15 times enquiring about the baby. Now, he loved Geet like his own sister and Vicky & Adi too loved her like their own sister.






Pari and Myra promised Rahul and Sam to find about Geet's whereabouts. Rahul didn't want them to leave the Apartment until Maan return Geet back but Sam insisted him. They always tracked Dev and Vicky but failed to get any information. NT got suspicious by the way Dev behaved. She talked to Myra about it. Myra and Pari told her the whole truth. NT was shocked when she came know that Rahul was Dev's elder. She too joined them. During 2 months, they didn't get more information about Geet. They only knew she was outside India with Maan. But one day, NT found out that Maan and Geet were in U.S. they made a plan to get Geet back.





IN U.S (KM)     


Maan was getting ready for taking Geet for Dr.'s check up. Dev & Vicky too joined him. they too were very excited to know about baby. They went to the doctor; she checked Geet and said she is improving. Then they all went to restaurant as Geet insisted them. But they were not aware of the fact that someone was watching them. The person who watched them pointed a revolver from distance to shoot Maan but accidentally it was geet who was shot.  It hitted a part of her head. Maan caught hold of her and screamed "GEET". And Dev & Vicky were shocked seeing Geet's bleeding head. They rushed her to Hospital. Doctor told them that she needs a surgery. Maan, Vicky and Dev were tensed. Its been 6 hours they are standing outside.

 Suddenly, Vicky's mobile began to ring. It was Adi. He told Vicky that whole Khuruna Family is in U.S and asked him to do something before they find about Geet.

But before Vicky could do something, he saw his family and Sameera & Rahul coming towards them. Dev was shocked to see everyone. But Maan was only worried about Geet.

Sameera came towards Maan and tried to slap him but Rahul caught hold of her hand.


Sam: where is my Geet? (Angrily)


Maan didn't reply because before he say anything Dr. came from the operation theatre.


Maan : Dr. How is Geet? Is she ok?


Dr. : don't worry Mr. Khuruna, your wife and child is out of danger. You can see them once she is shifted to Private room. You are really lucky that nothing Happen to Baby because we thought that we won't be able to save the baby.


With that Dr. left. Maan, Dev and Vicky sighed in relief. But others were shocked.


Sam: Baby? (Confused) somebody say what's going on?


Pari : whose baby and wife? Vicky what is this?


NT : Maan veerji is married? (Shocked and confused)


Myra : and he is going to become a dad? (Super confused)


Dadi : Maan beta'' please say, whats going on ?


Maan : woh dadi'. Mein woh'(stammers)


Rahul caught hold of Maan's collar and grabbed. Rahul understood what the Doctor said. He now know that his baby sister was pregnant with Maan's child. Maan took revenge in this form by ruining his baby sister's life.


Rahul : how dare u ruin my sister's life? Meine kaha tha naa, it is between you and me. How could you stoop this low? I never thought that you will do something like this. How could you? Whatever I and Sam did is wrong, we know but how could you take revenge from our sister who is not mentally stable. She always considered you as her brother. I told you naa damit, she doesn't know anything about my and Sam's plan'.  (He cried a loud after finishing this)


Sam was shocked when she realized what Maan did to Geet and all other Khurunnas too. she came near Maan.


Sam : you want to know why we played with your feeling naa? Well it was not for your damn money. (And Sam told him about what Veer Khuruna did to Rahul's mom and also to her. she told him how Veer made all 3 orphans.) Well you now know that it was not for your money what we did all this. Money was never our motive. We took your money because Geet met an accident and to operate her we needed money. It was only for that. But the moment we got our dad's insured saving's money, we transferred those entire money and property back inyour name. You can ask Pia, your secretary and Abay your trusted employee. (angrily.)


All khurunnas were shocked when they got to know that Rahul was Veer's illegimate son except NT, Myra, Pari & Veer. Dadi looked at his son veer and grandson maan. She was about to say something when sister came and told that Geet is in her room and can see everyone. Maan was about to enter the room but Rahul and Sam stopped him.


Sam: now you got all your money, property and also your revenge. Now please leave us alone. We don't want to see you again. Don't worry, Geet and the baby will never be a burden to you. Baby will never know that you are baby's dad. Geet will never see you again. So now please leave.


Maan : Sam' Please. I want to see Geet. Woh meri bacchi ki maa banne wali hai. How come she is a burden to me? She is my everything to me Sam.


Rahul : stop this drama Maan. I had enough of you Khurunnas. Now leave us alone. Hadn't get enough satisfaction yet?


Veer : Rahul beta, woh'


Rahul cut him off'


Rahul : don't you dare call me beta. Mr. Veer Singh Khuruna.




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Viji79 IF-Sizzlerz

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Well, I know whats coming........Geet would have regained her memory back and would not recognize maan now.
ambbiha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 12:26am | IP Logged
really great updateWinkWinkWinkWink
i think geet will be normal now after her injury hope she wil not forgot maan EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
bono_jostna Senior Member

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 12:30am | IP Logged
Thanks for the superb, long, twisting update which changes the whole tract!!!!!!!
ah haa!!!!! now really feeling bad for everybody........Geet is a baby herself so how can she take care of a baby??? and the precap!!!!!
it is shocking itself!!!!! now why is maan shocked???? what's gonna happen to maan?? so many question arising.....
PLZZZZ..continue soooooooooooooooonnnnnnnn
shivangi783 Goldie

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 12:31am | IP Logged
What an update!
So many things happened in this part!
The story is getting too interesting now.
Hope you give the next part soonEmbarrassed

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