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ArjunKiAsh Senior Member

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Posted: 09 September 2011 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
before reading, i'm warning you. read full and please don't come to any conclusions. And Read the note Below after reading this FF. And if you feel that, now story line Sucks then please say. i don't mind discontiniuing it but no hard feeling towards meCry, please.

Part 14

Maan : Please Rahul. I wanna see my son.

Sam : No. I won't give you my Geet's babt. I was a fool to give you a chance. You still wanna take revenge on us. Rahul was right.

Maan : Please hear me. That's not the truth.

Before he say anything Dr. Yuvraj came with a worried face and said.

Dr. Yuvraj : She is sinking.

Somewhere in London


Man 1: How could you miss that chance? It was easy to kill MSK at that time. But now, after that incident, he has increased his security for him and his family. Now its difficult for us to finish him.


Man 2: But sir, I don't know how I missed him. I was aiming at him but that girl came in front of him and I shot her instead. But please give me one more chance; I'll kill him this time.


Man 1 : I don't believe in giving another chance. A person never gets opportunity twice. So once you miss the chance, you should be punished. And the punishment is DEATH.


Saying this Man 1 shot Man 2. Man 2 died on the spot. Man 1 called 3 men and they took his dead body and went away to bury it. 


Man 1: MSK, now I don't wanna kill you. I know your week point is that girl and I'll make sure you die every second remembering that girl.


He made a call and talked about 1 hour. He asked the person in mobile to do something. After cutting the call, he laughed and said " Here I come Miss Geet Handa".




Maan and others were worried. Sam and daadi was still unconscious and baby was under doctor's observation. Rahul and Maan never left hospital. At last NT and Meera coaxed them to go and freshen up. They went hesitatingly and both were silent. Pari took them to KM. 


1 week after



Khuranas took baby with them. Daadi was now better but Sam was still in hospital. After many argument and cajoling, Rahul allowed Khuranas to take the baby. Rahul at first was adamant that no khurana have right over baby even to touch but Daadi, NT and Meera told him that Sam needed him now most and he can't take care of baby and Sam at same time. He then allowed but he put a condition that Maan should not come near Geet and baby. Every khuranas were at KM except Vicky and Meera, who were with Sam and Rahul.  Geet slipped into coma and was in same hospital. Sam was now back to normal. They took her to KM. As Sam was brought back to KM, everyone went with her. Nobody was there in hospital. Sam went to baby's room and saw Geet's baby on bed smiling at her. Sam's eyes were filled but she smiled at went near baby.




She lifted the baby and kissed everywhere on his face. Baby was giggling at her. Everyone (Khuranas and Rahul) saw this and their eyes were filled with tears. Suddenly they heard a shout from living room. Everyone except Daadi and Sam went to living room, they saw Pari's horrified face.


Vicky : Pari kya hua? Why were you shouting?


Pari pointed towards TV with same expression. It was news saying XXX hospital was on fire and force where trying to control fire. Maan and Rahul saw this and they rushed to Hospital. Others followed them in another car. But when they reached hospital, whole hospital was nothing but a huge cinders. They asked hospital authorities about Geet but they said no one survived. Only few doctors and relatives of patients survived but they were only 100 in numbers and Geet was not among them.


Maan and Rahul were crying like mad but there was no use. Others took them home. Everyone was crying as they didn't even get a glimpse of her body. Baby's crying brought them back to reality and Rahul, Sam and Maan rushed to baby. But Sam didn't give baby to Maan. She was cursing him for killing Geet and herself for falling in his trap.


Maan : Please Sam, I just wanna hold my baby once.


Sam : No, once I believed you. I trusted you but you took my Geetu away from us. You killed her.


Maan : No, I didn't kill her. I loved my Geet. Trust me.


Sam : No never. Go away from here.


Rahul : Sam, give him the baby.


Sam : What?? Are you out of your mind? (Shocked)


Rahul : No' give him the baby. He is Baby's father.

Sam : No. how can you say this? Geet never want us to do this.


Rahul : It was Geet's wish.


Flashback (Before slipping into coma)


  Rahul walked inside and saw a pale Geet. Rahul came near her and held her hand in his.


Geet : jijju promise me, that whatever happen to me, you'll be there for my Baby and Didi.


Rahul : Nothing will happen to you princess.


Geet : Promise me please.


Rahul : Yes, I promise.


Geet : Promise me you'll never fight with anyone including Maan.


Rahul : What?? Because of him, you are in this condition and still you care for him?


Geet : Please jijju.


Rahul : Yes, I won't fight with him or any Khuranas.


Geet : Ask Maan to name my baby 'Armaan'.


Rahul : You love Maan vey much. Don't you?


Geet : I want my baby to have his father's love and his name. Please don't keep my baby away from him. I want everyone to be like one family. Promise me.


Rahul : I promise.


Flashback Ends


Rahul : Please Sam, its our Geetu's wish.


Sam gave Maan baby. He took baby and kissed his forehead and whispered"Armaan".


4 years later in New York City




Man : Where is Sonia?


Woman : Party mein hai.


Man : Its 12 night.


Woman : Late night Party.


Man : what is with this girl?


Woman : Same with youe Son. He is also there.


Man : What??


Party House


A girl is dancing with many boys. All girls jealous of her as no boys paying attention to them.

I need you'.

Jaana mera janam tu, aur mein hun teri jaane jaan
Aisa boloon waisi mein latki hun kahan
Tujhe dil de dun mein, aaja tera dil le lun mein
Aisi waisi batein mujhe aati hai kahan
Kya hun ek raaz hun, baby bindaas hun
Saach itni khas hun, koye mujhsa hai khan

Sing it
Hey ya, ladki hun ya bhala
Sing it
Hey ya, sing s for soniya
Hey ya, dil chahe jo piya
Sing it
Hey ya, sing s for soniya

Soniya, soniya, soniya, Sonia'

Hey come on, leke thokar mein duniya sari
Girls come on, apni thokar mein duniya sari
Raston se hai apni yaari, humko rokhe kaun
Moving on, Come on'
leke thokar mein duniya sari
saach full on, bas mein aab na rahe dil mera
Aasmaan yeh kahe ki tera, Sapna de ke jaa..

Sing it, hey ya..ladki hu ya bala
Sing it, hey ya.. sing S for Sonia,

Soniya, soniya, soniya, Sonia'

Har kahin, tuta dil le ke sab rehte hai,
Har kahin, it's a mess, yeh to sab kehte hai,
What a stress, yeh to sab kehte hai
Yeh hai jeena kya

No no no..nahin,
Hum banayenge aisi duniya,
Haan yahin, Hum banayenge aisi duniya,
Har taraf ho jahan pe khushiyaan,
Gum naa ho jahan..

Sing it, hey ya..ladki hu ya bala,
Sing it, hey ya..sing S for Sonia,

Jaanu mera janam tu,
Aur mein hu teri jaane jaa,
Aisa bolun waisi, Mein latki hu kahan?
Kya hun ek raaz hun, baby bindaas hun
Saach itni khas hun, koye mujhsa hai khan

Sing it
Hey ya, ladki hun ya bhala
Sing it
Hey ya, sing s for soniya
Hey ya, dil chahe jo piya
Sing it
Hey ya, sing s for soniya


Man : Sonz, the party is over.


Sonia : No' I wanna party more.


Man : No you are high today. No more Sonz.


Sonia : C'mon Ron. Please 10 more minutes.


Ron : No way babes. Its night, so now its my wish your command.


Sonia : Yeah yeah, I'm all yours.

Saying this they disappeared from the crowd. Many girls were trying to seek Ron, the Hot guy's attention but he just ignored them and walked out with his Love.




Raichand Mansion


Man : there comes your laadla beta and beti.


Woman : Shut up Neel. Now please stop shouting. They are tired.


Neel : Really Siya? (Sarcastically)


Siya : Neel Please.


They saw Ron carrying Sonz in his hand and walking towards their bedroom. Ron was whispering something in her ear and she was giggling. They walked past Siya and Neel as if they don't exist.


Neel : Ron'


Ron : Not today Dad. We're tired.


Sonz : Goodnight dad Goodnight Mom


Siya : Goodnight Honey


Ron took Sonz upstairs towards their room and shut the door with his leg.  Siya and Neel heard their giggling. Siya ignored it but Neel sighed in anger.


Neel : I think its time to get them married. It was my mistake to accept their relation. Now whole world knows about them. Living like this is not accepted in our society.


Siya : Ohh Please Neel. Give me a break. Everytime you find fault in something. Whats wrong in their relation? For God's sake, it is accepted in our society. We're living in New York in modern world.


Neel : True but living like this without marriage. Its disgusting.


Siya : Shut up Neel. Sonz is better than anyone. And you know your son is a criminal and no good family will give their daughter to him. Sonz is perfect to our family and status. She is a top model and also helps Ron in business too.


Saying this Siya went to bedroom leaving Neel behind


Khurana Mansion



Sam and NT are running behind a 3 years old naughty boy. He was running and jumping giving the ladies a very hard time to catch him. Soon a hand scooped him and lifted him in air. The ladies sighed in relief.


Rahul : Young man, why were you running like that?


Armaan : I hate milk. But they are forcing me.(in baby language)


Rahul : But you should drink milk and you will get strong muscles like me and your papa.


Armaan : But I hate it but I wanna be like papa. I'll be strong like papa?(in baby language)

Rahul : If you drink milk, you'll be strong like him.


He drank the milk in one go and made a face. They all laughed seeing this and took him inside. Rahul saw Armaan looking at the door with anticipation.


Rahul : What are you looking for?


Armaan : Papa. I wanna sleep with him today.


Sam : He will be late Ammy. Go and sleep now.


Armaan : No. I wanna see him today.


NT, Pari, Daadi and Veer heard this and felt sad seeing his face. Armaan everyday waited for Maan but he Maan always comes late. He never saw his Dad or played with his dad.


NT : Ammy, we'll call you when he comes.


Ammy : No. you won't call me. Today I'll wait for him and see him.


Rahul : OK. Sit here and wait for him.


Ammy after sometimes, slept on sofa waiting for Maan. Pari took him to room and laid him on bed. She closed the door kissing his forehead.


Maan came late from KC and saw everyone waiting for him excluding Ammy. He ignored them and tried to pass them but was stopped by Daadi.


Daadi : Maan why are you late?


Maan : Daadi please, not today. I'm tired.


NT : No veerji, today you have to explain your behavior. Your son everyday wait for you but you always come late. You don't have time for him. Everyday, I see him longing for your one glimpse but you'


Maan : I was busy in KC.


Pari : Is work more important than your son?


Everyone where giving their piece of mind to him except Sam and Rahul. He was listening to their complaints but didn't say anything to defend him.


Rahul : Stop it everyone. Have you ever thought about what is going through him? He too love Ammy more than us. His life is only Ammy. Maan, please tell them why are you behaving like this.? Please just once open up.


Maan : Ammy's eyes look like Geet. He reminds me of Geet. That's why i'



He left the sentence incomplete and left from there leaving everyone sad. Maan went to his room and saw Ammy sleeping. He kissed his son and left to another attached room. The room was filled with Geet's picture. He was crying looking at Geet's picture.


Maan : Why you left me Geet? I know I've done a big sin but how can you give me and our son such a big punishment? Please come back.


Rahul and Sam came to his room. He put his hand on Maan's shoulder to console him.


Maan : Thanks for understanding me Dude.


Rahul : I'm doing what Geet wants me to do.


Raichand Mansion



Ron was sleeping peacefully hugging Sonz. Sonz, after sometime got up but was again pulled in by Ron. Ron saw Sonz looking lost.


Ron : Kya hua? Missing them?


Sonz : No, I don't miss them. I hate them.


Ron : Lier.

Sonz : yeah, I miss them. But that doesn't mean I forgive them. I hate them. They used me for their selfish motives. I hate them.


Ron : Geet' I'm sorry.


Suddenly she got up with a jerk and looked at him with anger. Ron saw this and gulped his saliva seeing angry Sonia.


Sonz : Its Sonia. Not Geet. Geet is dead for years ago. This is my last warning, never call me Geet. I hate that name.


Ron : Sorry Sonz.


She got up from bed and wore Ron's shirt. She took her dress and went to wash room. Ron saw her going inside washroom. He, today was scared to join her as she is angry mood. He sighed and lazily hugged his pillow and went back to sleep cursing him for ruining their romantic shower together.


Sonia aka Sonz

Pre-cap : Sonia meets MSK and Sam.

guys before going into any conclusion, i wanna tell you why Geet chose to be Sonia and who she hates and why she hates, but only in next update. Please don't throw chappal at me for making Geet look Bad girl. But after this solving this twist, i promise you a fresh Maneet romantic momments. Pakka. But please support me.

I'll update soon when i get enough LIKES and comments.


Raichand Family - Sketch below

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Mr. Neel Raichand & Mrs. Siya Raichand  

 Abhijith, Jaishanth and Raunak Raichand's father and mother. They are rich but never had a good back ground. Siya is modern and hates traditional views. She always love to party. They have resorts, hotels and other illegal business like drugs, killing, etc. Neel respects traditional views but in business, he is completely a different man. Money comes first, then relation. This is their policy. Siya loves Sonia, her son Ron's GF. She hates Reva, her elder son's wife. She thinks Reva can't fit their status and society. Neel likes Reva but doesn't accept her as Siya hates her. Neel wants Ron and Sonia to marry but Siya is OK with Ron-Sonz relationship. Siya always protect Sonia and loves her as Sonia is famous model.


Abhijith Raichand aka Abhi.

Elder son of Raichands. Hates crime world and believes in hard work. Is married to Reva, a middle class girl from good family. It was a love marriage and they live separately from others. He is a software engineer. Knows his mother's hateness for his wife, but ignores it. Reva is his world. Sad for his brothers, as they are ruining their life. 


She is a girl from middle class family. Loves Abhi and married him. Scared of his family. Tried to gain Abhi's family love but never got it as Siya hates her. She is a good wife and crave for love. She only had a sick father, who passed away after giving Reva to Abhi.

Jaisanth Raichand aka Jai

second son of Raichand. He is a criminal. Have killed many people and he use drugs. He has a secret that links Geet's life. Hate to interfere in anyone's life and hates anyone who interefere his personal matter. He is a playboy. Don't have any problem with Reva or Sonia. he handles business along with Ron and Sonz.

Raunak Raichand aka Ron

Youngest son of Raichands. He is also a criminal and use drugs. More concentrated on running Resorts and Hotels. His brother Jai looks after illegal business mainly. Was a playboy but after meeting Sonia, fallen in love deeply. They live together. Will do anything for Sonia and also supports her always.

Sonia aka Sonz (Geet)

she is top model and GF of Ron. She helps him in his business. She believes that she is in love with him. They stay together. She hates her past realations and believes that they are selfish. There is a secret behind her which is covered by lies, mysteries,  etc. Jai has a big role in her today's life. Siya loves her to core and protects and support her always. She takes Siya to her important modelling project and media promotion, etc.

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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 September 2011 at 12:12pm | IP Logged

superb update.

love it.
ammy is so cute
srilu_123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 September 2011 at 12:14pm | IP Logged

nice one 

but why geet is bad
Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 December 2010
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Posted: 09 September 2011 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
awesome twist...

geet has moved on with ron...but has she really..??

waiting to know y she chose to b like this...

continue soon...
Arsheela Goldie

Joined: 16 October 2010
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Posted: 09 September 2011 at 12:19pm | IP Logged
Thanks for a wonder ful update
And We R with U do as u planned for this ff
waiting for next update 
-Zahra15- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 22 January 2011
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Posted: 09 September 2011 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
nice least rahul n maan no longer fight like before...n maan...that was so sad...he refuses to be with his son because he reminds her of geet...n now geet...i wonder y she is being like this...continue soon...
love4all IF-Dazzler

Joined: 17 February 2011
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Posted: 09 September 2011 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
oh GOD what is this 
geet is sonia no way
i cant believe that
she is bieng so cheap
is she really know 
who use her
they or this ron 
i want to kill this ronaq
please update soon
geet is only maan and there
she is with a ...
i cant eccept this 
update soon as possible as u can

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