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Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 7:45am | IP Logged
-Anj CVz have taken ur cheapstake thread to their heart... everydayy they are trying to prove it..
First he gifts Gith a Cell Phone
Then he gifts the whole Office a cell phone
and today bangless
though I am doubtful abt the qualityErmm
-And kurri Runs to givee a hug awww I guess Munda knws he wants a hug gift her sumthinLOL
So we have 23 Hugs in 7 MonthssApprove
-Awww I loved what Geet said and the body language was so perfect as soon as geet said you have put me in your control.Maan hugs her even more tight and then the smile with a sigh of relief..EmbarrassedI loved it..GC nd DD u were great thereeStar
-OMG They were not even having a lip-lock and the screen goes Mistyy..
So do we have to imagine whole SR in Lightss OffStern Smile
I am HopeLess nowGeek
-So preparations already on so when its gonna be happeningg she has to carry tht gift box with banglessLOLeverywheree and sit with it on the bedd...
-Sweet Talks there where he says how his life bcumss dull if she is angry with himEmbarrassedyou add fragrance to my life..Geet: You are my life.If you are close to me..The whole world is at my feet..Dhillon Good jub thereeClap
-OYEEEEEEEEE Errr--Jun My Dad is out with his Talwaar..No putting nazar on my mum's Namee U betta call her Anniee..Angry
-I hope Geet doesn't mean changing herself for him coz even Maan has said before and I will say it again
"Koi Pyaar kare toh Tumse Kare
Koi Tumhe Badal ke Pyaar Kare
Woh Pyaar nahi Sauda Hai"
-Maan in his CasualssEmbarrassedBig smileAww was soo longing to see him in this purple one ever since tht amristsar episode and thank god they are not playing matching matching todayy...LOL
-MSK training Kurri to be a Purfectt Housewifee.... I am tellin ya He ix Experiencedd...Cool
-nakewl's backBig smilehis expressionss wen kurri was gonna tear the cardROFL
-Awww daadi nd geet's scene was adorableeBig smileI lovedd how Maan is so happy tht she is bonding with his closed ones the way he smiled wen he saw geet hug daadi nd annie bothEmbarrassed
Nikunj is improvinggBig smile
-Geet asking for Opinion and he NODS at eveyrthing coz he is too buzzy checking the girls out in the magazine he was readingROFLROFLAnd then he covers up by praising her Khoosbsurati and Kurri falls into his trapp..I knw Munda has been there done tht for sureeROFL
-Ermm dun knw if I am right but I think he was trying to tell us tht their love is not Materialistic it is their love tht matters for each others companioinship, he don't give a damn abt wat they buy or wear...Big smile
so it does not matter how much he gifts her..his love for her is enoughEmbarrassed
A really Sweet Episodee all Happy happy Big smile
-Editing Goof-ups Sandip and Gunjan even we can make out the real and reel life's timings..Annie was there wholee day while it is evening for maaneet huh and wat did she do in those 18 hrs wid errjun STRIP stripp...Shut Up Shut Up... err u think we r dumb...
And 2morrow she is gonna get stuck wid him in the lift huh..Thankshh for showing tht precap most ppl will give up 2morrow's episode coz of the horror movei we hav to watch 2morrow....
Pull up ur socks star one Ur promotion Tactics are not workingConfusedOuch
GC nd DD were fantastic with tehir comic timings expressionsStars etc Love yaa guyssHug
Was drooling ova MSK after agessDay Dreaming
-Ok so this is supposed to be my 1st ever set of sigs for geet..I left sig-makin ages ago but now i am back to it after 1 year and 5 months huh coz I had to stop VM-making toh dusra time passROFL
So its pretty Crap I totally forgot to use itWacko.It took me an hour to make these sigs huh
Dun even ask why and WAT is this
Diff version
This is for Cacoo
a bit diff one
I think this is the only one tht came out ok..

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ainaGURTI IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 7:46am | IP Logged
JOYfully ve jumped to RESErve but dunno wat ll write after seeing toDAY!!! 


itS so many days since i wrote anything!!! Dead

&& ceratin things i wanna stress upon!!! ( ll try my level best to write a decent analYsis ) LOL


1. GEET & MAAN nok ghok is driving me blUSHIng!!! lovve DD & GC..... Embarrassed

2. am liking ANNIII ( sowiee ) ...... actually she is not tat BAD!!! LOL

3. show adi pinky spiCE up !!! Clap


will write after watching!!

&& ^ i loVE whiTE ^ Wink

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BgblZoolander69 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 7:46am | IP Logged
without even watching today I will say based on previous performance that the new writers need serious improvement. If I were to give them a grade it would be a 50/100. That is a major fail. You would have to get at least an 80 to pass. What I fail to understand is why we are stuck in one point in the story or why scenes are so repetitive? What kind of creative team is this if they are not creative at all? bottom line, start thinking of new ideas! There are so many loops to be closed from before, your running out if ideas? Then re-watch your own show and find the questions you have left unanswered and answer them! The script is just plain lazy, stop writing while your half asleep. We would like to see things that make sense. Take inspiration from great literary works, but don't copy exactly. Everything comes from inspiration, so find something inspiring.

More after I watch...

Today's episode was alright. I would have liked it more if scenes and dialogues were not so repetitive. How many times have we heard "tum mere zindagi ho" from Maan and Geet? Many times, in different words. It is very clear cv's are running out of ideas. What a shame since they just hired new writers. The episodes are getting too redundant at this point.

Bangle scene: It was good, would have enjoyed it more if i did not see similar scenes before. How many times will we keep seeing forehead kisses and ones that last forever too? The human body consist of many other places to kiss...i wonder why the forehead is so famous on Indian television. At this point it is boring. Two people about to get married, only tell each other "you are my life and my happiness". Yeah we get it, now move on!

Anvesha-Arjun scene: I don't have much to say about them. They need more improvement. They need more work and time. Though I like Arjun better then Anvesha. Editors, I would like to know why Anvesha went to meet Arjun in the morning and was still leaving at night? You guys were doing well so far, don't falter with silly mistakes. This scene could have easily come before the Maan and Geet scene.

Daadi-Maan-Geet Scene: This scene felt odd. It was as of it was only there for the sake of adding it. Yes there was meaning in the scene. Maan indirectly teaches Geet that just because they will get married she does not have to sacrifice her wants and needs for him. There was some nice Daadi and Geet bonding, which i guess showed that she has become apart of their family and the doubts she had about not being accepted may have been erased.

Bridal shop scene: This scene also showed Geet being accepted by Anvesha in to the family. I liked this scene only because Maan's stupidity made me laugh. Its good that he is finally complimenting her.

Maan and Geet's love is so selfless that I have diabetes. I wonder how many times we will hear the same things being said and done. Lets hope they are selfish about their love say if some Samaan from the past comes along.

CV's I will suggest of following Pride and Prejudice or Mahabharata as inspiration. Get inspired and make it your OWN.

Lastly, I will call my future fiancee "sir" because according to Maan and Geet's epic love story it is a term of endearment. Yup! Its not weird at all if you call your fiancee "sir" really means "Jaanu" in GHSP dictionary.

For Maaneet romance scenes how about...
1. A walk on the beach or steamy night in the water
2. Maan trying to sneak in Geet's maayka at night.
3. Going on a date
4. Geet cooking and Maan "helping" with other intentions.
5. Geet watching Maan workout and him catching her and "teaching" her some moves again with other intentions.

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sharmishtha01 Goldie

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 7:50am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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shreya_l IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 8:01am | IP Logged
Tumhari pasand ko apna banaya, aise tumhe maine apnaaya.
Khushi tumhari hai sabse ooper, rahegi aisi hi ab jindagi bhar.
Ek tohfa aur hai khaas, jo rehega sada tumhare pass.
Choodiyon se bhari hon tumhari kalayi,
Laal aur safed rangon se jo sajayi.

Yun aagayi hoon tumhare paas, mujhko bhi na raha yeh ehsaas.
Muskurahat ho sada ab hoton par,
Meri moom ki gudiya tum ho sir ankhon par.
Tohfa sajega us din tumhare haath, jis din humare milan ki ho raat.
Khud ko mujhse tum door mat karna, veerana sa lagane lagta hai yeh jahan.
Rang aur sugandh ho jaate gum, dil ho jaata hai gumsum.
Duniya tumse hai meri roshan, tum nahin to andhere mein hai yeh gulshan.

AA batteries karein behas, naam par rachate hain ruckus.
Maine jo bataya use pukaro,  Anvesha bula mera mood aur mat bigado.
Naam hai yeh pyaara tumhara, yehi bulaon lagata hai mujhe nyaara.
Kaam tum apna bhool gayi, jo hai mere paas voh kahin aur na paaogi,
Mujhe hai yeh yakeen.

Geet badalne ko taiyaar, pasand ho piya ki aisa hai uska pyaar.
Nayi subah naya vesh, acchi patni bano Dadi aur Maan de rahe upadesh.
Khane se lekar kaam tak rakhna hoga tume hi dhyaan,
Patni dharm nibhane ka de rahe hai gyaan.
Geet hai pareshaan, khoonte se mujhe baandh diya,
Gaay nahi main hoon insaan.
Shaadi ke patra inte me aaye, Geet kahe deti hoon inhe sulagaye.
Apni pasand se main chaloongi ab, Aapki pasand nahi chalegi ab.
Dekha patra to the uski hi pasand,
Dadi kahe Maan raat hi hogaye the razamand.
Geet ke ab samajh aayi, kar rahe Maan aur dadi uski khinchayi.
Jaanti hoon Maan hain shaitaan,
Kya dadi aap bhi un sang mil kar rahin mujhe pareshaan?
Dadi jataye pyaar aur dular, ek baat aur bata doon yaar...
Arjun ko hi hai rakha Anvesha ne, shaadi ki sajavat wahi karenge taiyaar.

Shaadi ki kharidaari ke liye aaye Geet aur Maan,
Anvesha hai wahin par ja rahi karne kuch aur kaam.
Geet deti use dhanyavaad,
Mere liye itna kiya, nahi bhoolongi rakhongi yaad.
Anvesha kahe swaarthi hoon mein,
Bhai aur bhabhi ko abhi se pata rahi hoon mein.
Apne bhai ki khushiyan hain mujhe pyaari,
Isliye shaadi ki kar rahi hoon taiyaari.

Geet dikhaye jo bhi Maan bharein hami,
Geet ki kuch samajh na aaye ho rahi use hairaani.
Maan ko usne ulajhaya, sherwani pehnoongi yeh bataya,
Maan ko bas Geet ka dhyaan, baki sab se woh anjaan.
Reeti aur reewaj ke kahein yeh hai naam,
Rishta humara hai badhata maan,
Sang rahein hum sada yeh hai Maan ka armaan.

Sulagana = Ignite, Patra = Letter, Dhanyavaad = Thanks

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shonuu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 8:02am | IP Logged
Scene starts..

."mid night... Un-vesha.... running towards the which Ur-jun is waiting  for her to bhagaofy her .... she settles her self in the car and finds MSK-dadi and Geet sitting on the back seat.. and MK offeres a bag to her and says..."acha kaam kerne ja rahi ho,, jewelary aur kash toh leti jao, aur wapas mat aana. plsss"ROFL.... wake up alarm rings... and shonuu gets up realizing it was a dream.....ROFL

back to the episode.....

well i know you guys are wise enough to discus the technicalities of the y should  i waste my little knowledge for that???

ok one general question...

What do  you guys do  for ignoring Un-vesha scenes???

A, go to washroom for doing nothing...???ROFLROFLROFL

B,  try to find if your body need waxing/ threading ???

C, text naughty/dirty messages to your friends...????

D, try to talk louder or shout at your maid/nephew/nieces/pet...???

well i try all above mention things to avoid watching listening Un-wanted, Un-bearable, Unm-vesha...Ouch

 but today i couldnt watch my Ur-jun because of that chick....Angry....

Maaneet and their future planning....

first let me praise Barry jee for some brilliant dialogues... specially that mom-batti one.... dekha my threat of making him Un-vesha's spot boy worked....Cool.... ok.... that hug??? it made me remind of  my sister's bidai...when my dad and brothers kissed her forehead to bless her.......
ROFLROFL... and the song "babul ki duaien leti jaa....tujhko sukhi sansaar mile" dumbo couple.... now when dadimaa  had allowed them to take time and decide about the card in whole night... they didnt bagged the opportunity.....Angry.....

a gift with double benefit........
ok few points....

1, dont you guys think the jewelry box was much better than the bangles???

2, he played this card to make her hooked to her decision of marrying him...considering..MSK ki kanjoosi dekh ker ladki bhaag gai..

3, he used these bangles very smartly.... ek set bangles se two times khush kare ga... KANJOOS...Angry

another addition in the romance coverage areas.....

1, office romance...
2, conference room romance
3, outhouse romance
4, under table romance
5, elevator romance..
6, bath-tub romance,
7, I.C.U romance,
8, maternity ward romance
9, shopping mall romance..
10, BED ROOM ROMANCE...(sorry wrong entryOuch)

all.. who are excited for lastly mention type of romance will never ever happen..... humare baal safed ho jaien gay... wrinkles aa jaein gi... daant nikal jaien gay.... but that will never happen,,,


because maan cant see anything  beyond GITH's face???

but that was some extra-exaggeration... because i think he cant see anything other than her FOREHEAD....ROFL
bechari GITH....Cry

 trust me if a guy tells me that he wanna marry me mainly because he loves my face...Angry.  i would never ever marry him.... face is not everything... he should consider my inner beauty as well.... oh hello inner beauty mean heart, soul and compatibility.... nothing else...ROFL


for all who wants to see some real action seek for forgiveness to ekta maata..for making PHUN of her shows.... and promise to give her  much needed respect... because she was the only cv.. who believes in action instead of words.....ROFLROFLROFL

i still remember those days when i used to witness a rape/ bhool CON/ adultery/unconsciousness CON (due to over dose of alcohol) and random tabela and log house adventures....every week
 but since i've quit watching her shows....

 meri toh aankhein taras gai hain..


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starlite7 Goldie

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 8:03am | IP Logged

Helloo Nissar, Ved, Sudhir, Vikas, Barry, friends, et al … I liked today's epi…a nice build up to a shaadi …enjoying the beauty in simple things like selecting a wedding card, a dress, decorations…same but still unique…because Maaneet is unique.  Liked the confirmation from Geet FB that it will be on a HUGE scale.


Aap meri zindagi hai


Continuation … Red or white, whatever u like, my choice is in ur happiness, says Maan's note.  Brings a smile to Geet's lips. She turns around sensing, hoping he's there …but no.

She moves to her bed and finds another gift waiting for her …with another set of red/white rose combo….Meri pyaari si would-be wife, meri Mishti ke liye, it says….which brings a delighted grin to her face…awww.  Geet opens the box to find a set of beautiful bangles.


Are you happy now, Maan asks from the doorway.  Happy, Geet rushes into Maan's arms.  U r bad, says she…u've  bound me so that even if I want to I cant be mad at you…turned me into playdoh….moulding me anyway u want.  So I would want to see this moam ki gudiya always smiling, counters Maan.


Geet I didn't give u these bangles to wear,,, keep it.  I will put them on you myself on our SR day (?)  A collective awww from the viewers…with reservation…knowing Maan's speed of action….LOL…but happy nevertheless for he uttered the SR word.


From now on everything will be per your wish Geet…including the wedding cards. 

Geet, Maan confesses, pls don't be angry with me ever. When u r angry, everything fades.  You paint my life with colors, you fill my life with every fragrance.


Aap meri zindagi hai, confesses Geet, when u r with me the world is at my feet….awww scene…Maan cups her face in his hands, looking at her adoringly and then kisses her forehead….scene fades…matlab use ur imagination.


AA batteries


NE storming out of Arjun's office with him following her.  She gets ticked off at him for calling her that….more finger pointing by NE ….quit that NE…looks rude….only Geet can carry that off with aplomb.  Arjun, must say you have a very good voice…so much so that NE sounds like a screaming banshee.  Again, like the BG score.


So Arjun trying to charm NE … and finally succeeds (by challenging her) …in convincing NE to look at his designs.


Oye hoye, today Arjun NE ka haath pakadta hai….yeh maamla kya hai ?


One good thing, Arjun comes across cool, calm and cunning ? calculative? Manipulative ? or just besotted?  Well, time will tell.


Battle of the wills…NE wins this round …. But walks back into MDs office to check out the designs.  After all her goal is to give her bro and Geet a fantastic wedding.




Maan ki khushi is Geet , Geet ki khushi is Maan….so who wins …viewers, of course.  So Geet decides to make Maan happy which will make her happy and decides to pick his white card and paint it with the colors of his happiness.


Next morning, loved the way Maan-Dadi pull a fast one on Geet on how to be a dutiful wife….and she falls for it…hook, line and sinker…LOL ! 


It was fun to see Geet's enlightened moment ! Maan's moment was when Dadi hugs Geet…the 2 most important women in his life … loved the satisfied look on his face.


@ the Bridal Boutique


The boutique is booked specially for Geet…just like how Maan had booked the hospital for her first checkup.  NE is there to confirm that Maaneet keep the appointment. 


This time NE pulls a fast one on Geet….seems like a family day for taking phirkees of Geet.  But I loved the thought behind the gesture.


Since Nissar is so much into symbolism, why does NE part Maaneet when she is leaving ? Hmm…stop it V… it probably has something to do with the precap…look on the bright side, will ya.


When Geet thanks NE for helping her with the wedding…loved NE's sense of humor…Big bro seems to have gotten it this time.  Another satisfied look on Maan when he sees Geet and his sis jelling with each other.


So now on to the important task of dress selection.  I loved this scene…how many men like shopping ? But when u r in love, shopping is therapeutic to them…they are at the most patient time in their life…LOL !  Maan seems to be totally at ease, not impatient, not in a hurry, nothing….while Geet is making her selection.  Loved the head nodding going on…even though there's no one else in the store…LOL !


But very soon, Geet doubts the constant agreements he gets from Maan…is this guy for real or is he thinking of work ?  What Maan says next when Geet confronts him with the sherwani …summarizes all his love in that dialogue…Barry….maar daala.


Can I tell u something Geet ?  Jab bhi tum mere saamne hoti ho to tumhare chehre ke alaawa mujhe kuch dikhta hi nahi.  Tum jo kuch pehnogi wo hamesha achcha hi lagega.  Shaadi key eh kapde mein kewal rivaaz ke liye khareed raha hoon Geet.  Mujhe koi farq nahin padta ke mein aur tum kya pehen rahein hai.  Hum log saath mein hai, bas, yehi mere liye mainey rakhta hai…haan Geet.


Precap – Tasha trying to enlighten NE on Geet.  Now is she standing in for the MIA Sasah ?  Par Tasha to dhakkan hai….khair…kal dekhtey hai


So let's look at the likes and dislikes today –




  1. Maan's gifts and the way they were presented, the red-white symbolism.  Even I decided to change my profile pic to show this symbol of unity…LOL !
  2. Maan's note to 'his would-be wife, his pyaari Mishti'
  3. Barry's dialogues
  4. Maaneet chemistry has been upped a bit today…good…keep jacking it up….after all its their wedding.
  5. Maaneet's costumes. Loved Geet's pink patiala and Maan's casual shirt…also sporting his mangalsutra…I mean taveez.  Bahut dino ke baad nazar aya wo taveez.  Of course, wedding day is coming closer, so taveez has to make an appearance.
  6. The satisfied look on Maan when he see the 3 most imp women in his life happy together.
  7. Maan's big bro manner kicking in when Dadi says the MD of the EM Co. has an attitude.
  8. Arjun-NE – Arjun seemed more natural than NE
  9. NE-Maaneet convo in the boutique.  NE seemed much more at ease.




  1. Editing - The discontinuity of timing in the scenes.  The red bedroom scene was at night, followed by NE-Arjun meeting…which was during daytime correct ?  Followed by Geet's bedtime musings.  I was confused. Is it day or night ? No wonder even the writers are confused as to should it be called SR din or SR (night).
  2. Arjun's hairstyle…minor…but me don't like his 'Sadhana' cut….totally at odds with his deep voice.




  1. NE-Dev/NT mulaakat
  2. NE-Meera mulaakat
  3. Maaneet finding out who their EM person is
  4. Mehendi ceremony
  5. Sangeet ceremony…rope in Madhuri Dixit !
  6. Invite the Dhaaba couple with kids, Pinky's dad, Geet's parents and siblings
  7. Does Dadi know about the baby ? Bring her up to speed.  She can  help Geet as the pregnancy progresses
  8. Start off Arjun as manipulative, then make him fall in love with NE, let him find out about NT's true colors, NE finding out Arjun's relationship with NT … Arjun's decision– NT or NE
  9. Arjun-Dev faceoff
  10. Dev/NT sent back to jail
  11. Sasha exposed – her role in the sari fiasco, the Chopra party, for leaking to the press, ganging up with NT and Pindi Queen.
  12. Tasha's come uppance….straighten up or lose the job.
  13. Adi – beef up his role…make him a confident CFO of KC…able to face off NT/Arjun's machinations.



Nissar – good execution…barring the editing mixup…will chalk it to the technical issues u had today.

Barry – good dialogues

Gurmeet, Drashti – U succeeded in bringing back the chemistry …need more as the days move towards Maaneet's Big Day…especially Maaneet's Big Night and thereafter.

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ash08 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 8:06am | IP Logged
Look into my eyes - you will see
What you mean to me
Search your heart - search your soul
And when you find me there you'll search no more
Don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for
You can't tell me it's not worth dyin' for
You know it's true
Everything I do - I do it for you

Look into your heart - you will find
There's nothin' there to hide
Take me as I am - take my life
I would give it all I would sacrifice
Don't tell me it's not worth fightin' for
I can't help it there's nothin' I want more
You know it's true
Everything I do - I do it for you

There's no love - like your love
And no other - could give more love
There's nowhere - unless you're there
All the time - all the way
Don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for
I can't help it there's nothin' I want more
I would fight for you - I'd lie for you
Walk the wire for you - Ya I'd die for you

You know it's true
Everything I do - I do it for you

- Bryan Adams

A song for Maan and Geet. A song to celebrate their oneness, A song in anticipation of their union, A song for their dreams and future, A song that will lead them to a lifetime of fulfillment.

The phase of engagement to marriage - as said by Sooraj Barjatya - is a beautiful phase. And Maan and Geet are enjoying this phase. Its not only about choices, its about understanding the other's tastes. Its not about wardrobe, its about companionship in things they do. Its not about errands, its about time spent together. A time to open up to your partner, a time to understand their preferences, a time to feel cherished and treasured and above all - a time when the feeling that you belong to someone just sets in and overwhelms your heart.

A good episode on the whole. Its always good to see Maan and Geet happy. It makes us happier.

The precap of Tasha and Annie was something I did not expect. That was quite a bouncer. But I am not worried. Considering how Annie is, I am sure she will clear it off with Dadi or MSK immediately. But a positive thought on that scene was maybe Annie will know about Sasha and Tasha? Or am I expecting too much??

One thing though - Can we please let the sister remain just that and not a meddler in her brother's life?

Overall a good episode. And GC and DD - I don't say it often, but you guys just ROCK!!

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