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Hiii everyone Smile
u wud be just wondering what i've written  here with ma title being's true friends that the last few epis has had a huge impact on me that various thoughts kept crawling in my mind making me unable to get even a wink of sleep(this might be even due to the approaching exam Wink ) so here i up rite early in the's chill out here..thankfully i'm cozily wrapped in blanket...opened up am comp..instead of studying i'm going to do this bit of writing...i do feel that once i get all these feelings out of ma mind/system i'll feel a lot better n lighter!! so here i go!!
thanks to Dreamy Di for inspiration  Hug  n the epis that motivated me to jot down this!! it'll be like a jist of what everyone said..though mainly it'll comprise ma thoughts n feelings!! like in harry potter u've to look into the pensieve to enter the memory of a person...u have to lok into this to know what's going on ma mind!!(beware..coz this is a very very long one!!)
i start of with our hero...lallanpur ka devta...
the mention of his name itself makes the feeling of sadness crawl into my heart!! they say life is a complete circle n this is very true in his case!! barely few days ago he was the ruler...the mighty Ceasar of Lallanpur...but now he's no less than a normal criminal on the run!!! it seemed so that he was invincible n he just had to order men to carry his task out but now everything is the other way round!! "Pride goes before a mighty fall" though i defo do not want this to be true with Avi here but this is the harsh reality!! Arpi had warned him innumerous times but he never did care!! he was too confident about himself n this false prestige was boosted up by bhauji thus making Arpi's words fall to deaf ears!! a deep sense of pity is what i feel for Avdesh!! with the loss of his father n brother at the young age of 14 or so his sole protectors had been seperated from him!! where they to be alive Avdesh wud definitely be in their safe their shadows..far away from the dark-forbidden path he is on now!! imaging the feelings of a boy in that situation itself makes me shudder...what had life offered him...what had it snatched away from him!! there shud always be a balance in nature n that is the law of it...wen u give it...u get it...but what did Avdesh get to loose...his childhood innocence had been curbed out suddenly n he was no longer just a boy...he had to shoulder the responsibility of a man!! his childhood memories seem to be like a story taken fold ages ago with him moving nearer n nearer to the dark side of life!! looking at the way Avi has handled everything i feel proud of him...proud for whatever he's done..though it may be wrong but it was needed!! proud of his courage ...proud of his way of living!! had he been soft n easily giving up...he wud have lost the battle of life by now...had it been a normal boy...he wud have been shattered by now but Avi..he strived to once again strike a balance in his life as also his family's n i'm proud of it!! but i feel sorry for him that he's to learn the things the harder way...arre bhai..that's why we say life's not as easy n simple as we assume it to be!!! this reminds me of a regional song that says " is there dizziness or turmoil in your life is there confusion in your life, are you shaken in your life? So many things happen in life, there is pain/ problem or the other at each n every door-step..Whatever be the sorrow that comes your way, it wont run away if you remain dull and dejected....If you have a heart that can face anything, there is peace till the end. " whenever i listen to this i get reminded of Avdesh...that's what he's in..that's what he faces!! yet i say that he's  extremely lucky..lucky to be loved n cared by so many ppl..with arpita beside him at each n every step he's bound to overcome the hurdles of life!! in the last few epis one can see that his eyes are filled with sorrow n guilt...which he clearly expresses to her..he's guilty of not keeping her happy..for being the sole reason behind her tears n anguish!!! in love there's no debt...but the way Arpita has showered the unconditional love on him he's indebted to her forever!! but she being a true wife is satisfied with his mere presence n well-being n this is one of the best traits in her!! so Avdesh is this gunda with a golden heart whoise never expiernced the joys of life n is yet to discover the new path guided to him by is dear wife!! i dont expect him to completely turn over into a new leaf coz Arpita,myself n we all love him for the reason that though he's a gunda he's good-natured by heart!! so i want him to be as he is feared..respected n loved but just that a few changes in his way of living so that he can lead a better happier life -a life that he so definitely deserves!!  so once again i say i'm proud of Avdesh for what he is n no matter however he is he's always the BEST!!!
Arpita: she has emerged out to be a very strong woman!! though intially she was of the crying types(i dont blame her for that...anyone in her situation wud!!) she's turned be a very..very strong woman indicating all the way that womanhood is not what everyone assume it to's softness combined with combined with anger all in proportions!! if a woman can be the soft-spoken one at times she can be the one to be raging with fury n determination!! as i've always said...i like this new arpita for her determination n dedication!! the way she caresses her husband..tries to revive him everytime he faints...filling in hopes though she herself is in despair..tries to assure him that nothing will happen to him as long she's there...all symbolises her deep-rooted love for avdesh!! till now whatever she's done she's done it without any expectations n with the only intention in her mind that her husband has to be safe at all matter what!! there's no rose without a thorn..n so is life...troubles keep brewing up everytime!! but one shud not loose hope n that what arpi exactly is!! in all these circumstances..she's never said ufff...she's never ever told that life is not what she had dreamt it to be..she never mentioned that all her so carefully web-drewn dreams had shattered into innumerous pieces.. finally she's never ever lost her hope!! she is a true wife as she accepted avdesh n his reality with all his flaws n is now trying to pave a new way for her husband!! her courage,her determination, n her unconditional love for her husband truly evokes a sense of pride in me!! she's proved that though being soft, beautiful n tender yet she can be strong,mighty n powerful when the matter is related to her husband..her sole purpose of living!! she's left no stone unturned to ensure that her husband is safe!!! if at all avdesh could change it would just be for her or because of her!!! her love is the only one thing that has already conquerded him completely!! n this will always remain true in the future!! looking at the way arpi prayed in the temple yest i was reminded of oe of the songs that says " whatever we think/we wish/we dream if it all gets fulfilled within a second or rather if all our thoughts become a reality will we ever remember god??!! will his presence ever be graced n notified??!! but at the same time if we keep on pondering over what has happened(the bad n miserable) there will be no chance of peace n serenity in life." likewise in utter despair Arpita found solace in god..the ultimate!!! n like the song says if there were no troubles Arpita wud never have understood the true meaning of life!! though we do feel sad for Avita now for the situation they are in it's a blessing in disgiuse for them..helping them to understand n love each other even more!! their bond has definitely grown strong that the rustic iron chains(bhauji here) will not be able to break it!! Bravo Arpita n way to go dear!!
Bhauji: this woman has never n maybe will never understand the true meaning of love!! what she does not understand is that love is not just sex!!! for her lust is a form of love which it is definitely not!! by keeping Avdesh n Arpita physically far from each other she thinks n hopes that their love will die soon because of this!! mad woman!! n her intentions of a physical relation with Avdesh is a big dream - one that can never turn into reality!! even if avi is drunk to the core he wud never ever look at her in that way which she unfortunately doesnt seem to understand!! one hand i have hatred towards her for her lusty thoughts on the other hand i do pity her because even she's a woman..she might have had her own dreams but sadly destiny had other plans for her!! but the way she's trying to cover up by falling for her devar even after she knows that he treats her like his mother is way too disgusting!! sometimes she unknowningly has that motherly/elderly insticts towards Avdesh but as soon as she sees arpita guess these instincts vanish off n she is back to her reality with Arpita being her top rival!! if at all anyone's to blame for Avdesh's plight apart from destiny it wud definitely be bhauji!! she cud have brought up him in different manner!! let him be a gunda but not to the extent that it always makes him trapped in the clutches of death!! she is the woman behind Avdesh n i feel she cud have  moulded him in a differnt way!! she led him to the dark-forbidden path from where it's very very difficult to return back!!! i blame her for all the pain Avi is going through!!! like Avdesh she too is ridden with over self-esteem n self-confidence!! after all she must understand that neither she nor her babuaji are divine powers but just mere humans!!! she feels that power n money is can buy everything!! but she's absolutely wrong!! even if it's the doom day one can never ever buy happines or love with money coz these are not materialistic things but divine n eternal!! dunno whether she'll ever be able to understand all this...n i'm eagerly awaitng the day avi finds her true intentions!! he wud be shocked n shattered but priorly what i want to see is how he deals with her after that !! waiting to see this part of story unfold with keen eyes!!
Ranvijay: firstly i appreciate him for being such a sincere honest officer!! in today's frenzy world where everyone is into bribes he stands out as a different person!!! i respect his views n appreciate his guts n courage...for him work is worship!! n he follows it religiously!! his determination to end avdesh's rule is equal to avdesh's determination to finish off RV!! clash of the titans is all i can say!! first he had that little concern for arpi(she being a woman n her concern for her husband) but that seems to have vanished the minute he realised that arpita has foresaked her own morals for her husband!! what he doesnt realise is in his view this might be wrong but if he views from Arpita's eyes..the wife of Avdesh..then nothing is out of normal!! she loves Avdesh so much that for his sake she's ready to go against her own values n morals proving that love is blind n everything is fair in love n war!! RV's forgotten the fact that from now on he as deal to with not just a lion - a wounded lion!! Avdesh's ego has been hurt n his self-esteem is at stake!! if circumstances were better he's the last one to be on a run!!! once Avdesh is fit n fine..RV has to be ready to face difficult n tough days ahead!! Avdesh will never ever let him go!! i just hope that thsee two brave people who are poles apart in their characters unite together n i'm sure together they can create n achieve wonders!! 
finally i get reminded of the sayin  "I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach'" this is apt to Avita n i can vouch for the fact that they are "Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one."
n now moving to that cute..nope passionate Avita scene yesterday...i was on cloud nine!! it was so beautiful!!! he holds her hand n stops her in her track!! she slowly turns backn kneels down to his level!! the o saathi re song in the bg is so perfect for that romantic moment!! they have a nice passionate hug!! an embrace followed by a wild ecstasyic desire!! the warmth engulfed in added to their bodies desire n what followed..well i'm lost for words!!! it was too beautiful....n i'm all gaga over it!! i loved that scene so much!! quite intoxicating!! it just reminded of this song beautifully sung by Sonu Niigaam!!
Teri Bahon Mein Hum Jeete Marte Rahe(lemme live n die in ur arms)
Yuhi Hum Tumse Pyar Karte Rahe(lemme keep lovin u just like this) 
Hum Ne Dekhi Nahi Aisi Deewange(I have not seen such craziness in love )
Kam Na Hogi Kabhi Ab To Dil Ki Lagi(the ties of the heart will never reduce)
Jism Se Ruh Mein Hum Utar Te Rahe(I kept moving from your body in to your soul)
Yuhi Hum Tumse Pyar Karte Rahe(May we continue to love each other just like this)

Aaj Karo Tum Humse Bas Chahat Ki Baatein(today you talk to me just about love)
Kaat Ne Se Katati Nahi Ab To Tanha Ratein(now lonely nights will just not pass)
Khwab Bana Ke Tumko Aankhon Mein Rakhlenge(I will make you a dream and keep you in my eyes)
Bekarariyan Keh Rahi Hai Hum Chain Tumko Denge(my restlessness says I will give you peace of mind)
Aake Aagosh Mein Hum Sawar Te Rahe(in your arms I have become radiant) 
Jism Se Ruh Mein Hum Utar Te Rahe(I kept moving from your body in to your soul)
Yuhi Hum Tumse Pyar Karte Rahe(May we continue to love each other just like this)

Yuh Agar Dekhoge Deewana Kardoge(if you look at me this way, you will make me crazy in love)
Ishq Mein Hume Yaar Tum To Mastana Kardoge(you will make me intoxicated in love)
Baat Meri Tum Maano Deewanapan Chodo(listen to what I say, give up this craziness)
Na Karo Humein Bekarar Kasmo Ko Na Todo(don't make me restless, don't break any promises)
Khushboon Ki Tarha Hum Bikhar Te Rahe(like fragrances I kept spreading)
Jism Se Ruh Mein Hum Utar Te Rahe(I kept moving from your body in to your soul)
Yuhi Hum Tumse Pyar Karte Rahe(May we continue to love each other just like this)
this is one of ma fav song n when i listened to it yest night after watching the epi i was like yes..this is it...the perfect song for the situation!! i so loved avita yesterday!! Day Dreaming
abt today's epi after reading the tb article i was very glad...n happy!!finally Avita will be together away frm bhootni n she'll not be finally able to brainwash Avdesh!! alone in the village i love it!! looking forward to see some more intoxicating scenes!! Day Dreaming Embarrassed as for the part where arpita shoots RV i'm not pretty surprised!! she is true to the old saying - "agar hum kisi ke liye jaan de sakte hain tho jaan bhi le sakte hain!!"
and now coming to ma credentials i thank the CV's for creating such wonderful characters like Avdesh, Arpita,Bhauji n even the awesome 4!! i thank the director for picturising the scenes so beautifully n amazingly!! most of all i appreciate n applaud for the brilliant performances by the leads - Ashish,Tanvi n Niveditha!! Star to be frank i always regarded Nivi's performance to be outstanding n then ashish's to be very good n tanvi's good!! but they have proved me definitely wrong!! in the last few scenes both ashish n tanvi were superb n fab acting by them!!! Star Star the intimate scenes had taken me by surprise as now they are way better then before n it's more matured looking very real!! they surpassed all ma expectations n once again kudos to entire GKD team!! Clap Clap Clap the story along with the stunning splendid performances by the actors makes me breathe,feel n live in the world of GKD(n dat's why i'm able to write this)!! Embarrassed Smile
personally what i wud like to add is being a 17yr old teen i've seen many marriages fail(some of the close ones) n relationships getting snapped..i never ever believed in the concept of love!! believe it or not though i used to read these romantic novels n stuff i used to feel them just being a part of beautiful blissful dreams which can snap back into reality at any time!! i used to be like very detaced n love was never a part of ma priority!! though this might just be a serial but it has taught me a hell lot of things n i must say the visual impact has taken its effect on me!!now i've learnt to respect these feelngs or rather atleast have started to understand n care for it!! atleast i've got to see a lot of shades of it!!! 
so here i end ma long post...i do agree it's boring to go thro such a long post..but do have a peep in here!!! Smile
last but not the least i wud love to know ur views on this Smile
with lots of love, Hug
PS: had to post it early in the moring but in middle i had to go to i'm back just enjoy reading freinds!!!

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oh my my

i dont know what to say here

our emotions run very high with the show

and yet  some ppl dont understand what the show is about..

kudos to entire gkd team for providiing such breathtaking entertainment where the next scene is totally un predictable.

and finally  ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

for u to be able to write this

beautiful totally

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 9:46pm | IP Logged
oh my my sia
ClapClap Clap Clap
I am speech less. What an emotional postCry CryCry
great post dear
please keep writing.

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 9:59pm | IP Logged
Compliments MySpace Glitter Comments - stunner-glitter-comment-1.gif
u stunned me .....loved it very much it made so much speechless 

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I am speechless.....almost.SmileWink..Here's some hugs for youHugHugHug..and go back to bed if you can...though I can understand the insomnia..Wink

First of all, thanks you for making me the inspiration but the true inspiration is GKD, without the story of avita, none of us would be inspired. An age old story has taken hold of our hearts and is not letting go anytime soon.
Kudos to you, wonderful and your writing has your emotions just jumping up!...I loved reading it . Wow, I knew you can write..remember my post last week?...this is wonderful!....ClapClap
Keep it up, expect more from you.Thumbs Up

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Very well written..Aapke shaan mein kahne ke liye shabd kum padh rahe hai..I really don't know how to express but you will definitely get thisClapClapThumbs UpHugHug Loved every bit of your thoughts...WOOOOWOOOOOWOOOOOOWOWOOWOO good one

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sanamrahman Senior Member

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 11:01pm | IP Logged
hi sia

i m cleaned blowed.....wat a write up.....simply beautiful........

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very well written yaar. i always think same about Avi's courage. and i am still confuse that how can they show so easy to end up Bhayya ji's strength and rule on city and as well as on the people

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