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pl be practical and answer this

shashi-roops Senior Member

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 9:24pm | IP Logged

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Leandra IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 10:47pm | IP Logged
let me say my piratical view

DP kill kala father but main point is it was accident. what datta can do about it he was 3 year old kid .

 Kala might have seen her mother's struggle, her pain and insecurities faced while bringing up 4 kids.

for 5 year AS took care of 4 little kids.

from the age of 8 datta is the one who taking care of AS family. so how long datta is taking care of AS and 3 evil witches for 21 year OMG

 Kala choose this way to take her revenge, which makes her happy(even though it is wrong). Kala never had a good personal life.. she never had peace of mind.. always she was busy in spoiling Dutta's happiness.  Please note : Kala doesn't have anything to do with Madhu, even though she is DP's daughter. She wants to torture only Dutta.. Kala needs some medical treatment.

kala was angry at datta because he is the main reason for the father death so she is getting revenge that no happiness come to datta life. but datta want all the happiness in kala life he arranged her marriage with kishore who is a good guy and he is taking care of his hubby and her son to. what he can do more than that.

8 years old girl cannot have maturity to understand the situation. In her mind it was rooted tht Dutta's father killed her dad and he took away her happiness in life.  Damodar patil was not around. she wanted to take her revenge.. she found Dutta.. I am sure from childhood she would have tried to grab his happiness. She don't wanted to see him happy. T

kala made up her mind that datta is the only reason for her father death so she want to take a reveng at datt but waht datta do to her taking care of her and her family for 21 year and arrange marriage with the good man kishore and datta is now taking care of kala family too. when he find out she hurt him and nakku for her happines he forgived her and bring her back home. what a man can do more than that.

here is saying "BHAGWAN KO BHAKTHSE JYADDA PAPI YAAD KARTHHAI" Kala is also burning in the same fire which she had put for Dutta..  I really pity her. She also knows that if she is caught or exposed she will loose everything ,, her husband, her mother and her son too. Still she is playing with fire, she want to justify her self saying she is doing right.

kala is digging a hole for her thing that she is digging for datta. kala and her happiness lies in datta suffering she don't care about her son she was ready to kill him , her husband never treated him as a hubby, and AS she is also hurting her and finding happiness in it. so is she have any thing to lose. she don't care about any one 

We have seen in Many movies Son grows up kills the villan who killed his DAD. We say "wah wah" for tht. kala also did the samething. Only difference was DP was dyeing still she killed him.

yes in so many movies when a  villain realize his sin hero will forgive him.but in kala matter it is different when DP realize his fault she did not forgive him. DP killed SP was a accident but kala kill DP is not a accident it is murder. so i think mathu can have all the right take revenge at her father death. for not giving a peaceful death to man who realize his fault. don't you think.LOLLOLLOL

But kala has her own valid reason to torture Dutta, She is torturing Nakku since she is connected to Dutta.

she has psychopath

IN a pratical world taking revenge for dad deathSmile that happen in only in movie and tve serial.

she has psychopath

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-Carrie- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 11:40pm | IP Logged
I have never once seen Kala grieve for her dead father Shriram Patil for whose death she claims she is dedicating her life to get revenge for. It was always in Dutta's thoughts that SP lived. Kala is nothing more than an extremely greedy,jealous & common woman. "Psychopath", "Trauma of her father's death", "revenge" "8 yr old witnessing of her father's murder" are just embellishements not at all fitting for this cheap woman. She knows very well that she & Leela have no legal right to be in PN. The fortune of the Patils wasn't inherited but was earned by Dutta. They are only living there due to Dutta's charity.AS & Roops (being unmarried) are just Dutta's responsibilities. This very important fact is the sole reason for Kala's behaviour. This fact instills bottomless fear & jealousy in her. Because there is no way her "good-for-nothing- free loader hubby will earn so much for her &  she herself has no talent to do the same.That is why she is scared of losing this golden eggs laying goose to some woman because she thinks all women are like her. The reason for inflicting pain on Dutta is that she knows and we too have seen so many times that its usually under extreme duress that Dutta immerses himself in work completely & makes the biggest deals thus adding on to the Patil fortune.But when he is happy he is usually in a forgiving mood, hates the work he does &  shows reluctance in doing it which wouldn't bode well for those whose sustenance depends on it.
Damodar Patil just gave her a noble excuse for this pathetic & foxy nature of hers.The reason for not telling her sisters about the death was she herself never gave it much thought.You are always entitled to your opinions but with due respect please don't waste your sympathies on this filthy woman because Shriram Patil was & is  nowhere near her heart or mind.
Edit: If I were in her place being eldest I'd have grabbed my sisters & Mom and walked out the moment I was capable of taking care of them.

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TheRager IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 11:43pm | IP Logged
If I was in Kala's place I would have walked away from my mother and cousin brother as soon as I was capable enough instead of shamelessly feeding on my cousin's wealth and prestige and justifying myself for doing so on ills perpetrated by my uncle.
Kala's hatred for Damodar can be justified...and also her dislike for Dutta(as her own mother dotes on him more) but not what she has been doing to Dutta.

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-Roopa- Goldie

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 12:05am | IP Logged

A good topic for the discussion..Smile
and here are my views..

Well, firstly kala's dad died accidently.. agreed that the fall was due to the fight he had with DP.. kala witnessed it and it has been imprinted within her till the that age her mind connected the death with DP and dutta..she later may have witnessed struggles that AS underwent to bring up the kids and she might have sacrificed a lot herself during this time..
her mind which was completely blocked by the anger towards dutta might have assumed that AS loves him more.. like it happens with the elder child when a younger child is born..

now if we look at dutta's life.. it is not as if that he had a very good life that kala would be jealous of after AS bought him home.. if kala gave up her education[if she has].. then even dutta gave up his and started to work from a tender age.. he too has sacrificed a lot [mainly his childhood] to look after the family..he worked hard day and night and gave that security and a good life to AS and his sisters..

when he fell in love.. he deserved that happiness in his life.. maybe kala played a role here we don' know, that seema left him and he turned to a dreadful life after that.. he led a life of loner for 10 years.. what happiness has he enjoyed during this time?.. he spent his days with a horrible guilt in his heart..i think for any person seeking revenge this must have been enough.. and here dutta was not even a culprit to get that revenge from kala..and in these 10 years he has given such a comfortable life for the family that maybe her father if he was alive would not have given them.. as a brother he has given all that love and care and has fulfilled his responsibility towards them..kala lost her father but so has dutta along with so many other things in his life as well..

as a true sister, she should have at least led and guided her sisters in a good way.. but what she has done.. she has sown the seeds of hatred in their hearts as well..she is so blind folded by the hatred and revenge that is she is not even worried about her sister's future..her husband or her own kid.. maybe not even her mother..

the fact that kala killed DP when he was already on his death bed, does not in any way justify her was just a brutal murder..and if madhu comes to know of this and she also starts behaving in the same manner as kala, there will be no difference between them.. today madhu might take away the happiness from kala as a revenge.. tomorrow kala's son will grow up and take the revenge from madhu.. so there will be no end to this..

if kala is burning in the same flame as dutta is, she alone is responsible for that.. except for the fact that she lost her father at a young age, she might have had a decent life after dutta started working and more so after he ended up as don..  dutta has suffered enough already.. for what he has not done..will kala ever put a full stop for all this...and if she needs medical help for her condition i think she should get it soon for the greater good of people around her..

if i was in her position, i would let it go because what my brain would not have seen my heart would have definitely understood the goodness of dutta..and definitely would have lived independently with my family..Smile

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lizdarcy Senior Member

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 1:59am | IP Logged

Hmmm...interesting topic!

Kala is one of the most evolved villians on television. I do not like calling her a vamp, for she is so much more than that! She is the shrewdest, the most reckless villian on television. The fact that she plays mind games with Dutta is proof enough. She doesn't stoop low and play cheap tricks like other villians, though i must say that her standard has fallen considerably of late. Could be the fact that she's losing her nerve, what with all her plans going awry.

She hates Dutta, and has made life hell for him. Her reason is valid enough. Dutta is the son of the man who killed her father. As an eight year old she witnessed something as devastating as that. So, naturally, it changed her whole life. She still would have been sane if her mother hadn't gone on and adopted the killer's son. I have always believed that AS is responsible for Kala's condition. She could have changed Kala, nurtured her with so much love as to change her outlook to life. SHe could have showered them all with the same love. But AS has always always given Dutta preference over Kala. Not because of motherly love, I suppose. It has more to do with the fact that Dutta is the breadwinner.

Kala has always made it clear that she doesn't want to kill DUtta. Just wants to emotionally weaken him, and keep him in control at all times. She enjoys the power she has over him. In a way, that is her revenge. His father destroyed her life. So, she plans to keep his son her slave. While her anger is justified, her actions are not! Dutta has never done anything wrong. It is not his fault that his father killed hers! Hell, he didn't know about it himself till recently.

Kala is morally bankrupt. It is no longer about her is all about herself. Her victory. She cannot see beyond herself. Neither her son, nor her sisters mean anything to her. She has crossed the point of no return. WHich is why I feel that she cannot be forgiven, or will not want to be forgiven. For she will never ever regret any of her actions. I still do not know what will be the worst punishment for her. Death also doesn't seem to be good enough. I have a feeling Nakusha's faith, the strength of her love and her unswerving belief in good is going to be Kala's undoing. Smile

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Wanderbug IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 2:20am | IP Logged
A good post...
If a child goes through trauma..they need medical attention..kala is a bad apple through and through...if kala witnessed the death og her dad..then dutta had a even bigger trauma..a motherless kid lost his dad and was introduced to a new family all be it better one...he woarked at a tender age..he struggled with AS for his sisters all other's said above....i agree wid them..kala is bad..because she is a bad vindictive pshyco.

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kadduu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 3:02am | IP Logged
Disclaimer - No offence intended here simply my point of view. ... if anything I have written here bothers someone please let me know and I shall remove that.

As far as Kala is concerned I can understand her dislike and the fact that she wants revenge from Dutta\DP. But the way she wants revenge from them is what I find absolutely wrong. 

Besides as a child what she thought must have changed to some extent after growing up, didn't she ever realize that just like she was a child of 8 when everything happened Dutta was also just a child of 3.

Still I would've understood her anger and hatred, she is after all hurt and of course its human to have prejudices and wrong notions and idea of revenge...but for how long?
Also, she is not openly against him rather she does sweet talking and mera bhau stuff so that she can then live a rich life that she enjoys. She is being manipulative and 2-faced and also has a very selfish motive that she wants to have a lavish life.

If she hates him so much she should go away from him why stay with him and be like a parasite on him for life, why be two-faced? Show her anger and hatred openly, its the manipulations part that i very much dislike in her character. If Dutta troubles her so much then why live with him at all ... to make him suffer and make herself suffer all their lives? If that is the case it makes me feel so sad for HER!

And apart from her dislike for Dutta ... As far as her character is shown she does not shower either her husband or kid with love. Isn't that a personality that needs some kind of help immediately? I mean, she can blackmail her own husband that she can harm her own son? That is height of evil (in my opinion). She has been seen to even manipulate AS at times just for her advantage...and what good does she achieve from this when her own mother who has already suffered in life is still suffering? Won't it be better to live a life where she actually makes up to her mom for the hard life by doing something good?

In the process of spoiling Dutta's life isnt she spoiling her own and her sisters too? I mean ... if you take out Dutta and revenge and evil plotting to spoil his life from the ET... apart from this does anyone in the ET have a life? So again its actually them who are to be pitied as you have also mentioned in your post.

And what about her love and respect for her father.. Okay she lost him and probably still loves him dearly but then he was shown to be a principaled man, has she ever bothered to do anything in his good memory?

So just hiding behind what she suffered in my opinion does not anywhere close to justify what she does... of course she was wronged... but being so wrong herself is definitely waste of a life i feel. 

Having said that honestly its very difficult to say what I would have done in anyone's place... because no matter how much you plan and think about your response in a situation....actually being in that situation can still change it drastically. So even if I will think I might do things differently I might still turn out to be Kala or more evil. But then I won't deny that such a person will need help!! serious help to get a life worth living for.

Just like we say Dutta needs to forgive wrongdoers in his life so that he can move on and be free of those prejudices he has(he is lucky to have nakku helping him and he is very very open about what he feels ... except his love for nakku of course.LOL).
 Kala needs someone in her life who can help her forgive Dutta and DP (entirely for Kala's good again in my opinionLOL) ...and move on and get on with hopefully a better life. 

Lastly, I think Ashka portrays Kala very well! She evokes so much anger in most of us LOL

Sorry, ye post jaraa jyadaa lambaa ho gaya LOL... I don't usually write this muchEmbarrassed ... but a very good and thought provoking  post shashikalasm! Clap 

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