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Nothing Can Keep Me Away From U pt 18 pg 22 (Page 8)

ambbiha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 December 2010 at 9:55am | IP Logged
awesome update
contnue soon
happy new year

Maneet13 Senior Member

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Posted: 31 December 2010 at 4:59pm | IP Logged
hi guys a happy new year to you all the readers and friends my this year bring to your life happiness and success here is the update enjoy

 maan was sitting his house when he receive a phone call from geet office saying he have appointment  with the judge the month ended and he did every think as was told gauri was was adopted for good geet was not office some other lawyer accompany him and every thing when smooth geet was with her mom trying to not give false promise but when she said
rano:"dadima Vicky gauri Dev are good family they will love you and maan will be a good husband he will protect you and dont worry he promise if you say no he will marry you i always supported you but today i need support please listen to me today and i dont want to hear no."
geet:"mom i have to tell you something gauri is maan singh khurana daughter and i can tell him and he will hate me if i marry him and tell him so i can do this please ask me my life and i will give you but marriage please mom."
dadima:"said i knew its his daughter but i never imagine it will his reallity geet i was listening you maan said this to dev too please i love my grandson and i want to see him married our life will change there will be bad days and good days but we will support each other."
geet:"dadima tum."
dadima:"ha beta i never love my husband before i get married but when i married him we became friends and he became my back bone please maan need some one who will cry with him he love his family but he will never listen to us tomorrow is his birthday and he dont know because he never celebrate but this year we will celebrate please come and i hear you have date tonight."
geet:"dadima maan dont know gauri is his daughter  i am his lawyer but i am gauri second mom who did every think but how could i tell her this is her real family."
dadima:"gauri started loving us if you come to our house as her mom and take care off her she will understand but one think you are her real mom sameera never liked babies because she wanted being millionaire the money off men but now i have the best idea you will tell him some other time i want to speak to you mom and its getting late go to you lover and tell him you love him because if you are late you may never know who will come and take him back."
geet:"mom i will come tomorrow i love you please dont leave me i know you think i dont know your hiding something i am lawyer that my job to know what you hiding see you wish me luck."
rano:"dont talk cases on your date."
maan was getting late to pick up his daughter and he was sure she will be mad  so he left office when he come to the school he saw her sitting withe watchman or guard and he said gauri get in the car.
gauri:"she sat in the back and said lets go."
maan:"come sit in the front why i am not your driver."
gauri:"i am not talking to you papa because your late one hour."
maan:"beta i am sorry i was in meeting and i have good news you are officially khurana family."for the rest of your life you will be with me come is with me."
maan:"sorry i will never be late ever again."
gauri:"you said that last week dad."and you said you will do any think i ask you so will you any think."
maan:"yes ask i promise i will do."
gauri:"marry mama geet."
maan:"not that something else."
gauri:"you promise you  will do any think what kind off papa are you."
maan:"sit in the front know."he was mad know.
gauri:"okay i will sit but i am not talking to you."
maan:"your wish is granted beta."
gauri:"what ."
maan:"gauri i promise my brother i will do any think if he ask i didn't give him his wish but today every one i saw who i love is saying get married and i will get married to the girl you my family chose its geet so your wish is granted."
gauri:"you the best dad in the hall world thanks papa."
maan:"beta you forget something."
gauri:"what did i forget."
maan:"i am angry with you i am not gonna talk to you until you remember."
gauri:"papa i didn't forget any think bakka ."
maan started driving and gauri give him a kiss on the cheek and said papa cant i ask you some favor."
maan:"ha beta."
gauri."if you and mama have children who will you love the most me or the new baby."
maan:"arre tum because you are the first and you call me papa so its you always beta dont feel threat because you are the best daughter."
and the she saw ice cream parlor and she said
gauri:"stop papa ice cream."
maan:"beta there is ice cream in out house eat that not this."
gauri:"please papa one and we will go."
after they came home and it was almost 7 pm he got ready and was about to go when dadima:" wait maan give me your phone."
maan:"why dadima you have one use yours i am getting late."
dadima"maan your going your first date after 6 years or 7 years dont you think you have to be care full and bye the way your brother is mad he did not eat since this morning."
maan:"dadima i will talk to him but i am not giving you my phone."
he go to  Dev room and he saw his brother was on the window looking their picture and maan said
maan:"it was long time we got angry one another why today Dev."
Dev:" you never cared any one feeling after your divorce but i always knew you loved us as much we loved i blame your divorce you babies and today i thought if you find some one  i will forgive my self but you are maan singh khurana who never listen any one."
maan:"Dev  i never blamed you my divorce you didn't love her and my babies one is a life i dont know where she live or because she said she gave my daughter adoption and yes you were the only one who think ed about me cry my sleepless night and yes i you wish is granted i will propose tonight if she say yes then  will be happy if no i will be devastated."
Dev:"maan i want you to be happy and have family and that is what every one in this family want."
Vicky:"come and said i have a family who is united i dont want my brothers fighting  please lets support always."
maan:" and Dev gave him hug and said Vicky there is some one who is younger then you in this family grow up."
maan:"its my first date with geet i dont want to be late so bye and wish me luck i forget how to date girls."
Dev:" all the best bro and take care i know she will say yes."
dadima:"maan you dont have ring how are you planing on proposing her with out ring."
Vicky:" we take care off that me and gauri here is the ring the most beautiful ring for bhabi."
gauri:"one day me and her go shopping and she said she love this ring so here papa."
maan:"no guys i have the ring thanks you and yes you can give the ring to her but this ring is and other gift have to come from so guys see you bye."
dadima:" no phone on business maan."
maan wear casual not business attire he wear this clothe and he looked hot.

other side geet was getting ready and she was looking she was looking all over the place and she go the beautiful dress long and elegant and she looked so beautiful.

and maan come out side her door and ring the bell and when she open god how good she looked and she looked top to bottom and said you look gorges
maan:"you look beautiful dear ."
geet:"thanks maan thats good to hear from you."
maan:"shall we leave."
geet:"yes i am all set to go."
maan:"okay may i." he gave his hand and she tool and he open the door for her  she sat on the passenger seat.
he drove to the restaurant and it was decorated and with candle light so he open the for her again and pull the chair they sat down a waiter came to them and said.
man:"any think to drink mam and sir."
maan:"lemon tea."
geet:"make two ."
note (guys i dont drink  alcohol n i dont know some one who drink so please excuse for using lemon and water.)
maan:"how was your day."
geet:"i was not so busy with mom and home and it was good and how yours."
maan:"it was fantastic."
geet:"how is every one in home."
maan:"they were good how is your mom i met her this morning."
geet:"thanks she is attach to you i dont know i never dated because guys always wanted my family money or to sleep with me but you she became to attach."
maan:"she is good mom thinking about you when she is sick and can even go outside."
geet:"i am lucky to have her in my life as i am the only child ."
maan:"did you ever think about getting married or settling down with your own family."
geet:"some times but  the guy i am looking is rare so i dont get in to thinking to much."
maan:"what kind of a man are you looking if you are comfortable only answer."
geet:"i am okay i cant answer it, they guy i am looking  is some one who will love me who i am being independent and supporting me love his family who work i dont like man who sit home and the women work gonna be my friend."
maan:"wow that is  good."
geet:"what kind of do you like."
maan:"a woman who are like you who care people feeling and love their family independent."
geet:"thanks for praising me its kind of you."
maan:"do you believe love first sight."
geet:" to love some one you need to know the person and to  love the person you need to live with him so i dont believe love first sight,"
geet:"do you believe it."
maan:"i didn't believe first at all but today i do."
geet:" do you love someone."
maan:"yes but she dont know so how do i tell her."
geet:"speak from your heart and she will except you."
maan bend down on his knees and said
maan:"after what happen to me i didn't believe i will ever do this in my life but you came to my life and you talk and talk but at least you make maan singh khurana love to smile i use to smile but not from heart and you make my family happy they fell in love with you and your mom told me that she needed me to get married to you because i was the right one but she was wrong because with out you in my life will be disaster  will you marry me geet handa and became geet maan singh khurana."
geet:"thanks but i need to tell you something before i answer your question and please dont be mad."
 maan:"okay what is it."
geet:"gauri is your real daughter i found this letter and it was from her mom and please dont be mad at me i wanted her find a her real family."
geet:"are you mad."
maan:"why would i be i have my daughter in my house she is my real daughter."
geet:"if you are not mad cant i have the letter and answer your question."
maan:"yes here."
geet:"the first day i saw you i though who is this hot  guy and arjun told me you hate women i try finding out but when you told me what happen i was shocked you talk to me after what that women did to you Mr maan singh khurana i never fell in love but today i am proud to say i am in love with dush danav but you are my dush danav yes i will marry you and he but this ring to her finger.

geet:"its so beautiful thanks for making me the happiest and luckiest women in the hall world."
maan:"i receive the best gift in one night gauri being my real daughter and the women i fell in love so i am luckiest man on the earth."
man:"what will you have as dinner."
maan:"Caesar salad."
shrimp linguini."
after 4 minute the man came and give their dinner they have the dinner and talked about their childhood."and the maan said 
maan:"would like to dance sweetheart."
geet:"of course."
and this song played
a moment like this

she got up and they started dancing

"If I told you it was all meant to be,
Would you believe me
Would you agree
It's almost that feeling that we met before
So tell me that you don't think I'm crazy
When I tell you love has come here and now

A moment like this
Some people wait a lifetime
For a moment like this
Some people search forever
For that one special kiss
Oh I can't believe it's happening to me
Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.

Everything changes but beauty remains
Something so tender
I can't explain
Well I may be dreaming but till I awake
Can we make this dream last forever
And I'll cherish all the love we share

A moment like this
Some people wait a lifetime
For a moment like this
Some people search forever
For that one special kiss
Oh I can't believe it's happening to me
Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this

Could this be the greatest love of all
I wanna know that you will catch me when I fall
So let me tell you this
Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this

Some people wait a lifetime
For the moment like this
Some people search forever
For that one special kiss
Oh I can't believe it's happening to me
Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this

Oh Oh like this

Oh Oh Oh Oh
Some people search forever, oh yeah yeah
Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this

Oh like this

and they were so close she rested her head on his shoulder and he was holding her waist and he kissed forehead
and he said
maan:"i have something for you gauri said you  will love it so much."
geet:"oh god you want to kill me tonight with happiness ."
maan:"if you leave i will come after you believe me."
maan:"come here sit on my lap i want to show you your gift."
geet got up and sit on his lab and he pulled her gift.

geet:"wow its so beautiful thanks and kissed him he responded back and they were happy tonight."
maan:"i love you geet but please dont leave me i dont want to lose you."
geet"i love you maan and i will never leave you because you are my soul and my life."
maan:"its getting lets go."
geet was about to get up and he held her and kissed her they were like that almost 3 minute and they break the kiss when maan phone ring it was gauri waiting what her mom said and he told her she said no,"
every one was mad. they left he dropped her and said jaan have sweet dreams and call me tomorrow we are going to your mom together
dadi Dev Vicky and gauri was waiting maan because they thought he did something to her to reject him.
dadi saw him coming and said
dadi:"maan singh khurana come here i want to know what u did that geet reject you."
maan:"dadi she said she found the husband she was looking for so she dont want to marry maan singh khurana."
dadi:"who is this guy she found."
maan:"his name is maan."
Dev:"maan but that is your name."
gauri:"so she said yes to maan."
Vicky:"i cant believe this why would she say yes to maan and not you."
gauri:"oh my family is dump dadi she said yes to papa he is maan ."
maan:"oh my god gauri why did you do that i wanted to play the game until tomorrow."
dadi:"so she said yes i am getting badi bahu."
maan:"yes  dadi good night i am tired i need to sleep."
gauri:"papa thanks for doing this for us."
maan:"i did this because i love geet and i want to see my family happy."
Dev:" so when is the wedding bro."
maan:"deb dont even go there ."
vicky:"bhai why sooner or later you will get married so why not next week."
dadima:"guys he is engage so we need to wait what the priest say so good night."
maan:"dadima i know you want to blackmail me but its not gonna work so good night."
gauri:"papa can i talk to mama."
maan:"you have phone call her."
gauri:"okay good night have sweet dreams."
maan:"gauri you have school go to sleep after you speak to mama okay good night Dev Vicky and gauri see you tomorrow."
Vicky:"good night bhai."
Dev:"good night bro."
gauri:"good night papa."
maan left to his room and gauri call her mom.
gauri:"mom congrats ."
geet:"thanks dear why are you a wake this hour its late."
gauri:"mama tomorrow is papa birthday and we are planing birthday party but we dont want him to know can you go out with him for  some far away."
geet:"okay i will try."
Dev:"let me talk to geet."
dev:"hey bhabi congrats."
geet:"thanks Dev."
Vicky:"geet congrats."
geet:"thanks guys its nice off you see you tomorrow." god night."

precap: maan your not going we have to go shopping please.
maan:" geet no i am not going to shopping and thats is final."
geet:"okay see you and i am not gonna kiss you or talk to you until you go shopping with me."
 what will maan do lets find out tomorrow.

guys please comment and hit the like bottom thanks and have a happy new year


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maaneetfan123 Senior Member

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Posted: 31 December 2010 at 7:21pm | IP Logged
amazing update loved it ClapClap
mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 December 2010 at 10:37pm | IP Logged
waiting waiting for next update ..wat maan gonna do ?
rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 December 2010 at 11:45pm | IP Logged
im soooooo happy geet told yes 2 maan
n precap is soooooo nice n geet is sooooo gud at backmailing
Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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nice, lovely part. loved it.
 continue soon.
ambbiha IF-Rockerz

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great update
loved it
Maneet13 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 1:39am | IP Logged

guys my computer is not working which i save the update i will update soon as i have to re write thank you for your patient


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