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Nothing Can Keep Me Away From U pt 18 pg 22 (Page 17)

.hayaat. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 6:46pm | IP Logged

Awesom part
I wish geet won the case and sameera loose i want to see her face when she loose
Wow very nice promo loved it.....
Plz di continue soon
Can't wait for the next part................

Maneet13 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 11:50pm | IP Logged

Hi guys sorry for the confusion here is the update that will clear you head

Part 15


Maan and geet Dev and Vicky came to the conference room geet started and said tell me something good guys 

Adi' came in and said mum I have good news but I will give in to the court

As dadi told me to give you in there or it will but your life in danger'

Maan' okay what do you want me to do geet'

Geet' maan I want gauri a safe place I don't her to get questions'

Sasha was calling geet and she did not get the phone Adi saw the phone blinking and said geet mum your phone is ringing

Geet' sash yes why did you call me tell me good news

Sasha' geet the is some bad news and some good news which one do you want first'

Geet' bad news first' maan and Dev was looking at her when she said bad news'

Sasha' remember the lawyer who won the case that was on the rape is her lawyer and he is mad that you except so he promise he will win this case' and the good news he don't have no idea what your are to the khurana and how you saved gauri and he don't have case against you but he have case against your husband abuse case'

Geet' what abuse means she said maan beat her oh my god how low will she go'

Sasha' and yes I found something about her she kill her husband I mean third husband and his family take over the money he came to know what happen to her and maan she lied and he found her talking to her mom and came to know the hall truth'

Geet' that is good can you get one person who will stand bye her side that I can flip means I can blackmail that is con to'

Sasha' off course dear Tasha she loves her mom and will do anything if you tell her that sameera killed her mother not manav she will tell the hall truth and you can get what you ask dear'

Geet' my be I don't need her I will do it bye my self after all I am good lawyer and thanks to you for your help Sasha see you in court tomorrow'

Sasha' geet I am here because off you save me and give a job I believe you more then my self and yes if you're married please don't give up on your staff you are billionaire and we know you don't need us any more but geet you are our mother'

Geet' if I win this case I will not give up being a lawyer and helping the needy ones but I lose Sasha I don't think I can ever think about being in court any more because if I  lose this case I will lose gauri which I don't want  to'

Sasha' I promise you will not lose gauri it's my promise I will break the law but you will not lose I will be in the office tonight call me if you need anything'

Maan' geet please don't give up you can win the case if you have confidence and strength ask her where she was when gauri was in the trash crying and why did she leave her to get back at me or to not have responsibility I  don't know about being lawyer but I know how much I cried to lose my baby' geet I don't want to lose my daughter if I am not the father off gauri who is it and why sameera said I am the father she wrote on the letter and why did she said I am not the father did she cheated and if she did how can she know I am not the father'

Sasha' geet I am sorry but we did not get the evidence we wanted to get back at her which is the hospital report'

Geet' maan I told you I can win this case because I don't know her weakness and strength'

Mystery "person call and said who said you can't win (guys I thought I will write this mystery person coming face to face but I want to unfold on the court)

You dad always says that his daughter will make him proud why don't you in make him proud in this case geet if you can do it then no one can because you are the brave girl which you don't know I now you can do it there will so many parties and celebration because off you wining this case so go ahead and win your biggest case off you life"

Geet' who are you and how do you know my dad you're my be younger then me or older then some years'

Mystery person said you will find out soon don't t worry I am not your enemy I am friend of maan which he don't know' and family so please take care off them'

Geet said lets call it today I will go to mom maan call the detective and dev go to some place they cant fine about gauri I will kill you if any one find out and Vicky go with Sasha and find about some thing no one knows about this lawyer and why he accept this case he is criminal lawyer means he deal with people who die and who kill them why is he dealing this case'

Geet promise to win this hook ya crook

Next morning geet and maan came to the office to get every think clear maan was testifying and geet didn't want him to get questioned so she told what the other lawyer will ask she was waiting Sasha for what the other take this case

Sasha' geet he want to teach you that you are women and cant win a case against a man that Is why he took the case'

Geet' how did you find out'

Sasha' my friend works for him that's why and she told me that he will make you testify or but you on the witness box'

Maan' geet he can do that right you are the lawyer'

Dev was coming when he saw Tasha there and he called the police and said she was suppose to be in jail why

Inspector she was bailed out that's why

Maan heard the police from inside and was gone to the out side'


After an hour to they came to the court geet was getting ready and Adi did not give her the evidence he got from some one the hall khurana employee was helping this case first they hated sameera to the core and now she is back which they did not want her in maan life because he will be back the angry young man which Adi did not want so he research where she was he find out she had other children and she left them with nanny she wanted gauri because of child support.

Geet wanted to win this case because she had hall staff that did not know her but wanted to let her win but it was difficult she was thinking about her mom

And the man who came to geet house sameera hired her and the detective had a lot off thinks against her but will she win will the court allow this (guys I live in the

U S A and the law is they have to open with argument so I will open with argument which will let the jury or the judge know what is this case about)

The other lawyer started and said my client was abused bye her husband and she run away for her life Mrs. khurana will argue she was not abuse but judge she was and she left her daughter with letters so she can tell every think about her father and who he was I have a tape that maan abusing his girlfriend Tasha and he again they will say she was not the girlfriend listen the truth and decide who fault is this divorce that is all'

Geet' I am sorry if she was abused I am not here because off divorce but how can a mother leave her baby who was born hours ago and live like nothing happen and came back after 9 years or 8 and month and claim she is the mother if you are mother or a father what would you feel love for your child or you will take revenge because you did not get what you wanted money  sameera was married to the khurana and she married because off money not love maan loved her but she loved his younger brother dev why would you love  your brother in law if you have husband who works hard so you can get what ever you want sameera left her gauri and she is back to take revenge please don't let her go because if you do she will ruing a happy families and you don't want that to happen you may think I am married to maan Singh khurana that's why I am defending him I am not defending any one but I am defending the law India have and I don't want some one like sameera to ruing gauri life please convict her support the truth I know  you will pay attention to the little thinks that tells the truth I am here as a mother I don't have my own baby but I didn't know gauri was maan and sameera or any other man but I know she needed mom and I promise her I will protect her no matter what happen so please help me to protect her from her own mother who want to use her for own motives'

The court started and ajay called maan

Ajay' Mr. Maan how did you met sameera'

Maan' she was one off my brother friend'

Ajay' Dev or Vicky'

Maan' Dev

Ajay' he was dating her right'

Maan' no she was friend means she was a friend not a girl friend'

Ajay' I ask you question was he dating her yes or no'

Geet' objection judge he is butting my client mouth'

Judge' over ruled'

Maan' I will answer judge  she was friend yes but why did she meet me why did she chose to be friend with Dev its long story you should ask her I can tell you but you don't want any think against her right'

Ajay' because she did not do anything Mr. Khurana '

Geet' Mr. Ajay judge have to decide that so if you finish can I have my time'

Ajay' I finish my question judge'

Geet' Mr. Maan how did you find out she was cheating at you'

Maan' I came home and find out my dadi and Dev talking saying they did not want tell me how she needed my money and how she aborted my baby'

Geet' did you ask her why she did it'

Maan' but she pretended nothing was wrong and about the baby she did not want to have babies with me because I was cheating at her with another women which she never gave the name'

Geet' did you have affair with the women she said you had'

Maan' I didn't have time for my family I never left office and I came home I always send my brothers or on of my staff outside meeting  so I didn't have affair I loved her like anything but she had other motive to accuse me'

Geet' you said she had the save key what happen'

Maan' my dadi gave her when she came to my house as she was the eldest khurana bahu'

She called her mother now and then and gave the money as they wanted me to have bankruptcy which didn't happen as I was richer every time they took money I saw camera from the save that she took 5 crore one night that night I throw her out it was that same week I thought she will change and she told me she loved dev and only wanted him'

Geet' that is all Mr. Khurana judge can I call Miss Sameera'

Judge you allowed'

Sameera was getting angry bye the minute but geet was not letting her sit there and pretend she was innocent'

Geet' hi sameera it's nice finally to meet you after how many thinks a hear about you' geet was mocking sameera and khurana family was enjoying her mocking

 Sameera' get to the point miss geet'

Geet' dear sorry I am not miss like you I am Mrs. Geet maan Singh khurana (geet said that with attitude which make maan laugh)

Geet' sameera you are mother right'

Sameera' do you have doubt about that Mrs. Khurana'

Geet' yes I do because a mother will not leave her child a cold and trash can a mother will not take revenge for giving up her child a mother will not abort her unborn baby a mother is not some one who plays a child means who is the father'

Sameera' what do you mean who is the father its maan off course'

Geet' are you sure because there was a man who said I am the father' in my wedding do you want to listen'

(Guys Vicky recorded the conversation on the wedding)

Geet play the tape and sameera was taken back she did not know Vicky was so smart'

Sameera' I never send that man'

Geet ' I never said you send dear but thanks for telling us you did send him'

Sameera' I never said that'

Geet' I never ask you if you send him but I have to but him witness box to ask that'

The man was butted on witness box and geet said

Geet' who send you in my wedding and who told you that you are the father of gauri'

Ratnesh' sameera gave me money and said this wedding should not happen because she wanted to be Mrs. Maan Singh khurana again'

Geet' but sameera how dump do you think maan is to take you back'

Sameera' this man is lying judge' I don't know him'

Ratnesh' you honor why would I lie and how did I know there was a girl named gauri how did I know there was wedding'

Sameera' Ratnesh u can't do this to me'

Geet' Ratnesh you can leave from the witness box'

Geet' sameera why are you back why did you left your daughter on the trash can why miss sameera'

Ajay' your honor she is asking too many question to the witness'

Geet' Ajay let me correct you she is the suspect'

Judge' geet get to the point'

Geet' sameera you left your daughter some letter which said you want her to find them and take revenge from her family because they threw you away from their house but gauri is not like you she will never be and I promise that but answer one question if gauri is here will you recognize her'

Sameera' she is my flash and blood why not'

Geet called five girls and said who gauri is'

She did not recognize and said she is the middle one'

Geet' gauri Is not here because I don't want her to see you and let her know she was mistake which she is not so sameera one more questions how many children did you abort'

Sameera' one why'

Geet' five is the correct number dear '

Geet' how many men did you sleep with'

Sameera' how many did you sleep with geet you can count why would I count'

Geet' sameera I don't sleep around like you because I have career I am rich and I married maan Singh khurana which means money so I don't need to sleep any man but my husband' like it says I am one man women

Sameera was losing the case Tasha was convicted and sameera was convicted and was arrested and geet came to her and give her a slap and said its from gauri and this is for dadima and this is for maan and she left holding maan hand'


Precap' let's start afresh  

Reception geet convincing her mom to leave the out house so she can take care her to


Guy I am tying to update regularly which is not working but I will update if I have time so enjoy this update and please

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minnie_tweetie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 12:04am | IP Logged
nice update..............! waitin to knw what happnd next
preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 12:51am | IP Logged
nice update....................
mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 2:28am | IP Logged
awsome one yaar..loved it 
Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 2:38am | IP Logged
awesome parts. loved them
update soon.

.hayaat. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 4:12am | IP Logged

I'm so happy geet won the caseSmile
Sameera a big looser ,stupid.......
Can't wait for nextSmile
Eagery waiting for next part.................
Love ittttttttttttt[>:D<]
Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 5:57am | IP Logged
Just read your FF, it's Awesome!!
continue soon and please PM me if you can...

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