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Bhaskar Bharti
Bhaskar Bharti

.:|:. One year Anniversary of BB's Finale .:|:.

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my dear BBians Hug
One Year Anniversary of the ending of an ERA....called
Heart Bhaskar  finding  true  love  with  Payal Heart
Armaan  meeting  someone  who  he  thinks  is  his  Bharti
Yes friends, its 17th December 2010 ..... one full year to that star-crossed date of 17th December 2009 when one of the most unique, amazingly entertaining and memorable show ended its DREAM run on Indian Television Ouch
From the day of its debut Bhaskar Bharti became the talk of the town and an instant rage amongst the youth .....thanks to its peppy.. pacy and crisp episodes with some unforgettable performances by its Leads... Eijaz Khan ......Ragini Khanna .... Aamir Ali.... .. Aanchal Sabharwal and its amazing supporting cast with Rukhsar ... Jai Kalra... Vivek Mushran ...and several others!! With a unique theme and a classy direction, it mesmerised the classes... but alas the TRP hungry forces didnt let it run its course Cry and on 17th December 2009 ....BB breathed its last!! Broken Heart
So friends today lets take out a few minutes from our hectic real & virtual lives to sit back and relieve that very last episode of a show that was and i believe continues to be one of our  ALL TIME FAVOURITE........Embarrassed
-:: The Episode ::-
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
-:: The Written Update ::-
Short Update
Bhaskar & Payal run away from OK's place. Bhaskar keeps a note for Armaan before leaving. Armaan is disheartened reading the note and sad about Bharti going away. Bhaskar returns to MU and apologises to all..!! Everyone including Gyaan/ Vinitha/ AJ celebrate n rejoice Bhaskar's return. Armaan congratulates Bhaskar on his return. Bhaskar goes to Armaans cabin and tries to pacify him. As Bhaskar comes out of Armaans cabin he sees Payal and Paykar smile at each other and leave office. Armaan gets a call from Bhartis mobile and comes to her cabin and as he is talking on the phone someone comes who looks like Bharti ... Paykar drive away to the sunset happily grinning at each other Embarrassed n ArBi too share a smile Smile 
Detailed Update Link
So guys.... lets join in together to relieve the magic of one of the most SPECIAL shows on the Indian TV for a long long longggggggggggggggg time ....

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Blueberry_07 IF-Sizzlerz

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First of all Happy One year Anniversary Bhaskar Bharti! Party

Okay not technicallyLOL One year Anniversary for it going off-air i meant. LOL 

Yea we shdn't be rejoicing because of that but rather because of the fact that we  managed to keep this forum alive for one year plus! PartyPartyParty
Wohooo! So kudos to ALL of us for still being part of this forum n finding every little time we got to post something. Big smile It may not be often but i do know when there's a huge event, like this, MOST of us are always gathered here!
WOW!! Time really passed SO FAST! I can't believe one year ago, on this day, i was waiting eagerly for the last episode. Of course deep within i felt sad that it was gonna be the last episode of BB. Cry It meant no more Armaan-Bharti,  no more "I am the MAN" attitude, no more Payal-Bharti moments, no more Gyaneeta, no more word of the day, no more Payal-Bhaskar n last but NOT the very least, NO MORE MEN UNIVERSE! Cry BUT, yes there is a BUT Wink we always managed to keep those BB memories alive thru videos from Utube n of course, in our very own home : The Bhaskar Bharti Forum!
I still rmb how i sat 10 mins before the original time just to be prepared for the finale. LOL I had alot of hopes that ArBi will unite back again n i really wanted some full swing Armaan Bharti moments but alas..all we got were BHASKAR moments majorly n Payal-Bhaskar moments Cry 
Not that i disliked them but being an ArBi loyalist, it was only right that i wanted Armaan Bharti instead! Though yes it's the story of Bhaskar but towards the end he transformed into a women n the feelings within him were for Armaan!  BUT NO, instead the DJs did the oppositeAngry When i think about it, i still do get angry! LOL Till date i've only watched the finale once.  Coz really it didn't live up to our expectations! Just the day before the finale episode, they showed Armaan-Bharti-Jia as a family. (that hug scene) N that moment gave us HIGH hopes that'll we get a picture perfect family ending! Instead the last episode had no Bharti moments at all, till the very VERY LAST SCENE, of her smiling to Armaan.
I felt for Ragini coz this show belongs to her TOTALLY! But how sad that even in the finale, we only got a glimpse of her n that too, apparently it was body doubles for Armaan n Bharti Cry She didn't even have ANY DIALOGUES!! Stern Smile Just three words of "Mr Armaan Sinha"
Anyways it's happy times now! Time to celebrate instead!
So lets think of the good stuff!
Episode write-up specially for this DAY! Big smile
It starts of with Bhaskar n Payal making a run out of  Omkar's house. This scene was hilarous, no doubt abt that. Coz the expressions of Bharti when she found out that she tunred into Bhaskar was HILARIOUS! Eijaz Khan! Excellent acting! Clap I still rmb how held onto his towel for his dear life ROFLROFLROFL N then Omkar's expressions were a whole level of laughter riot ROFLROFL That bedroom scene was Hilarious to the MAX!
Next we had some Nanhe n Bhaskar moments. It was sweet i gotta say. The expressions on Nanhe's face when he saw Bhaskar walking thru the door. Really touching, the hug they gave each other. Just for this moment here, i felt happy to see Bhaskar back coz the Brother relationship that Nanhe n Bhaskar had was a very sweet one. Embarrassed Best part was Bhaskar was still stuck in his towel ROFLROFLROFL
One last time to catch a glimpse of MU
Everyone welcoming Bhaskar back. Most of them being surprised that he actually made it back. Almost everyone EXCEPT for AJ LOL
AJ was really fuming here ROFLROFL
AJ's lines to Bhaskar claiming he can't come back to MU :
No information, no solution n therefore now, NO ADMISSION !!!
And who can forget! *Music puh-leaseeeeee*
AJ's WORD of the DAY! (The last word)
AJ claiming that Bhaskar is sounding like Bharti instead. Saying that his words  for the first time had been spoken true from his heart.Embarrassed Of course it has! Our Bharti has taken over the Bhaskar now! Approve N his heart is yearning for Armaan ONLY! Embarrassed 
N then makes the entry of Armaan Cry All sad BG score. Him being so lost, probably his mind caught up with Bharti. Where she is, how she is doing, him wanting her back. Armaan congratulates Bhaskar for coming back. Welcomes him again but doesn't stick around to join in the celebration. Instead he goes into his cabin.
Of course Bhaskar who has no been transformed into Bharti feels sad as well.
Here we get a glimpse of all the MU staff celebrating. LOVE LOVE LOVE watching all of them dancing! LOLLOLLOL
Armaan-Bhaskar moment
Okay this scene was in a way weird. Coz this Bhaskar was Bharti speaking. So a lil' bit of gay moment going on from exterior. LOL But from within, we know it's all about ArBi! Day Dreaming So Bhaskar gives Armaan some advice that was the EXACT same advice Bharti gave Armaan before she turned into Bhaskar. It was a nice moment. Kinda sad too. Great acting by Aamir n Eijaz! Clap 
Payal- Bhaskar moment
Alright so THIS part was weird becoz just before that Bhaskar was speaking to Armaan. So we all thought it was Bharti inside Bhaskar who was sarcrificing her feelings BUT when he makes a walk towards Payal, this SAD Bhaskar totally changed 360 degrees n started flirting with Payal? ShockedConfused Did some kinda magic spell happen inbetween when coming outta Armaan's cabin, that made the Bharti in Bhaskar dissappear?? When he was walking towards the receptionist, Bhaskar was wiping his tears. Fair enough, we knew the reason why. BUT upon seeing Payal, it felt that this person no longer had an inch of Bharti within him. Confused
N then comes the PHAMOUS COLGATE smile moment
Aamir Ali's n Ragini's teeth have never been this white before! Man they shd've just gone for some colgate advertisement instead. ALL WE GOT was just a SMILE from a distance!! Broken Heart At least a HUG would have been better! BUT wait, there's MORE problems! Was this REALLY the Bharti?? Or was it some kinda supermodel who LOOKED like Bharti...?? Confused
So Payal- Bhaskar in a car happily talking to each other N then Armaan-Bharti (?) smiling from afar? ConfusedDisapprove
Whatever the DJ's thought of achiving by giving us sucha a crappy ending only god knows! This rubbish ending ONLY had us in CONFUSION n FRUSTRATION! Angry If that were the case, they shdn't have showed us Bharti-Jia-Armaan moments AND Bharti begging KK to not change her back moments previously! Those scenes ONLY raised our hopes HIGH only to have come crashing down right back at us! Angry
Alrighttt! Phewwww! I forgot we're supposed to be celebrating! LOL
So the last episode, HONESTLY speaking was BAD. BUT for the concept, the starting early days of "I am the Man" Bharti, the FINE calibre of Actors i would still say BHASKAR BHARTI remains as one of the best show on Indian TV! It had humour, romance, entertainment, Drama, action almost EVERYTHING in it! It was unique in it's own way. Though yes it was an adaption from the original version LaloLa, Bhaskar Bharti had a specific desi touch to it! Cool
We really miss this show. N though chances of it coming back are so very slim, we can always still hope! No harm in that i suppose! Wink 
Till then, this forum n the people here N the videos of the show shall keep us entertained! Wink Have fun recollecting the memorie guys! Hug

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And well whats a Anniversary without some light


Here they are..

With BB's promo ROFL  on Cool

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Will be posting on Saturday as I am busy!!!

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Awesome post tanu di ClapClapThumbs UpClapClap

missing my ARBI & BB so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
BB was the first show i ever watched in my life before that i hated watching serials & i hate sony 4 what they did 2 my BB but now i m watching sony again 4 only jhalak that tooo 4 my ragipie
Anywayz thank u so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh tanu di HugHug

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Woooooooooow Awesome post tanu girlClap..............okay the cocktails look sooooooooooo good ......lets have a blast PartyDancing Party

I miss BB every single day and years to come BB Rules Always
thanks  tanu for the video' Bhaskar& payalLOLand Our heart rob Armu  the dashing smile on his face says it all Embarrassed o god i wish we had ArBi hug that would hv been icing on the cake for ArBi fans
man i miss them sooo much.........HugHopefully we get to see their magic again in the future

  and to all my Awesomely sweet crazy buddy's that i'm sooo glad i met Hug who are simply outstanding rock stars Starrocking BB forum every single day  wishing all of you guys 


Loads of luv always

Keep on rocking Guys

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