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~deewangi~ MAANEET FF thread 2 (Page 70)

vrsharma IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 9:01pm | IP Logged
Thx for the coffee muskaan,
waiting for the update

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muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 9:16pm | IP Logged

part 16

maan - tumhe kya nahi pata? main ne khud tumhari revision karvaye thi,
u answered them all correct.
geet - they all know, but I don't know
maan cupping her face & lifting to meet her gaze about what?
crying furiously - about periods
maan froze hearing those words. His face was blank with no reaction, it was so unexpected
he was embarressed, feeling odd,unconforatable he almost loosened his grip on her face not able to look into those innocent questioning eyes. but more than him it was she who needed him. he couldn't shy away or shut her innocent mind & letting someone else filling it with crap. he just
gathered all his strength to look back at her calmly & trying not slip the momement into an odd situation.
geet - mujhe batavo na periods kya hota hain?
maan cleared his throat thinks for a while looking into her eyes
she looked so upset & disturbed - periods is shedding of the uterine lining
geet - uterine lining?? woh kya hota hain
maan - the inner layer of the uterus
geet - uterus..???
maan - womb
geet - womb main tho baby hota hain na
maan was definitly not sure where all this was leading to, he tried to remain calm
maan - jab baby nahi hota hain tho womb has to be cleaned regularly to
be safe for the baby right thats why.
geet - periods sab ko hota hain?
maan - umm
geet - aap ko bhi?
he almost laughed but couldn't dare to hurt her
maan - geet have u heard of boys having babies
geet nodeds for a no
maan - then how can I have womb
geet smiles convincedly  - womb nahi hoga to cleaning bhi nahi hoga..yeppy!!!
so no periods for you
maan was turning red in embarrassment.
geet - mera bhi womb hain?
maan - umm
geet - phir mera bhi womb ka cleaning hoga?
maan looking away knowing the next obvious question - umm
geet - kab?
that was a tuff one maan was losing all his options
maan - when u are grown enough
now that was a hurting answere. she felt bad, even he feels she is
not grown up enough..leading her to feel more insecured about herself.
she almost had tears in her eyes. maan tried to correct himself
maan - I mean when ur womb is grown enough
she sighed in relief. she immediately went & looked at herself
in the mirror & scanned her stomach lifting her shirt.
she turned left & right trying to get a full view of her stomach
he closed his eyes & sat on the bed covering his face with his long fingers murumuring
sach main deewani hain
geet - mujhe yeh sab kyun nahi pata?
maan - because it is in you class 8th ka portion hain not 7th
geet - then how come they all know about it
maan - unke mama yah sister ne bataya hoga
she looked bit convencied before she could ask further
maan - tum bhi rano mama se kyun nahi pouchti
geet - mama ko kaise pata hoga, mama ne tho meri books nahi padi hain
maan was almost losing his patience - kaha na mama se poucho
she made a baby face
maan - aur kisi se nahi pouchna
geet - kyun aur kisi se kyun nahi pouchna?
he rubbed his temple - they may make fun of you like your friends did
geet - woh kyun?
maan - ek bara kaha na aur kisi se nahi puchna tho nahi pochna..UMM
geet looked at him & nodded umm
she hugged him feeling much better. he sighed in relief.
geet - I love you you jumping & hugging him & kissing him
aap ko tho sab pata u
maan smiled with his hand itching to hold her. he wondered how she always
made him lose himself. even the slightest of her touch made him feel alive
like all his body cells aching to feel her.

she feeling very happy that she knew what it meant but now the curiosity was
on why her womb was not growing sooner. she kept looking at her curves &
stomach every now & then. she still felt some where down the line felt maan didn't
love her beacuse she was not upto him. but all her inscurities never got words
they were just bottled deep under her.

it was their 2nd birthday together. they celebrated it in similar way as they did last year
except that geet was prepared for the havan & latter in the day they had their
cake cut & offcourse their cake eating part. she managed to always leave him wet & panting

School elections for school captian
the election itself was not required, it was know fact that no one could stand a
chance infront of Maan Singh Khurana. Guys still teased pari linking with him
pari also began to feel attracted to Maan. she couldn't not take the part he ignored her
& never left a chance to insult. she stood second in 11th std.
maan hated the sight of pari & this hateredness of his was making pari fall for him
she was among the most desired girl in the school & maan treated her like a piece of shit.
she just wanted to impress him now. she tried every thing, she tried to share notes,
agree to his views in class discussions. she tried to sit next to him. she tried even
talking to him few times. pari was getting desperate now.
pari & maan were chosen to represent the school in a debate competition.
this gave a chance to pari to get closer to him. But he was totally shut ...
she began to flatter him with words. maan intrestingly enjoyed ...
it was bosting his supressed ego. her flirtishness was quiet evident to maan
he never got fooled but enjoyed it wickedly. like a payback time for them
pari & maans closeness was evident in school. it became a topice of gossip
they couldn't avoid eachothers company since they were to travel to participate in
diiferent schools. they made a winning team.  pari interest in maan was increasing
she began to interpret his closeness differently. As if maan cared, he never bothered
geet did hear about maan & pari. but had no reason to believe it. because there was nothing
different between them. they always had their lunch together, their tuition come drooling
session, nothing seemed to change.
Election Results - Maan was clear cut the Captian of the school
geet & her friends came running to wish him & stood rooted to see pari kissing maan on his lips
geet friends dragged her from there, without making their presence felt they just ran away from there. pari passionately kissed him slipping her hand into his hair, pulling him closer
maan stood cold, as if it felt nothing to him. her touch, her passion, her kissing his
lips, biting into his lips. he didn't respond, his hands held her out in a jerk & walked away.
pari held him from back - I don't know how but I really started to love you
he laughed wickedly & just walked away.

geet delighted!!Shocked

ShockedShockedShockedShockedPLEASE PARTICIPATE!!!PollON MUSKANShockedShockedShockedShocked
Thanks guys for all ur love & support...hope u like this update as well
Please please do comment
Love muskan

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charmed ones IF-Sizzlerz
charmed ones
charmed ones

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OMG...Muski dear..!!!Wink
i w8 only enough 4 it.. u knw..its nearly 5 d morning lolzz...LOLLOLLOL
awesum n wonerful...StarClapStarClapStarClapStarClapStarClapStarClapStarClapStarClapStarClap
deep in detail...Big smileBig smileBig smile
well planned...ClapClapClapClapClap
superb...... they again cele bday together...yet geet being naughtyLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL.... poor hard 2 control...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOLLOLLOL
WAT...he told her n full...lolzz..almost ..i mean told her...!!ShockedShockedShockedLOLLOLLOLLOL
ROLF......that was funny...keep asking Qs...LAMO...
seriously...maan was being patiences n clam...Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
OMG...pari goes wat..????????? he started 2 like...oppsss luv him...!!!!Shocked
moreover she KISS...Him...Geet's Maan...!!!ShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked
wat will happen now...!!! Geet surely burst out in tears...!!!!CryCryCry
Luv Sugary....!!!

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JanuableSanu IF-Achieverz

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yayyyyyyy me 3rd woohoooo anyways omgg poor maan he was all embarrased wen she asked him abt periods bt he eventally told her heheh she was so so happy dat he knew dis lol n heheh so innocently she asked can u get dat lol hehe anyways n den hayee der hug jst loveee dem man n den oh noooooo dis pari falling for maan n she even kissed maan nooooooo cant wait for geet reactions do continue sooon

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love_lavnyamuskanp..shreyaa..charmed ones

mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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pari kissed maan ???geets reaction ?

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Noori93 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 9:22pm | IP Logged
muskan dii,your such an awesome writer..I love maneet...plz pm me when you update and update soon didi!

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smj1977.shruti IF-Rockerz

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vrsharma IF-Rockerz

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Now feeling really bad for Geet.

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