16-12-2010,Thursday Episode's Written Update

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(Getting stronger,beware!!!)

   The screen opens with  Padma and son of Padma,Mr.Mohan in auto and the automan enquires a guy who looks like a henchmen where Mr.VenkatRaajan is and the henchmen started to give left and right for having said his masters name with no respect(hmm loyal henchmen,Build up?! Confused).then the Automan showed him the mother and child and told him that they are the ones who asked him to enquire.The henchmen then recognizes them as they are the ones he was told by Leela Madam and takes them inside a house which was shown onscreen as such showing a haunted house in thriller movies.
   There they are offered seats and the rowdy guy goes inside to get his master.On the way in a room a lady is there doing Panchaayat...I mean another young lady is pouring buckets of tears as her hubby tortures her and this old lady comforts her saying that she'll look after that and meanwhile notices the rowdy man and asks him where he is going.The henchman says he wants to see the master and after getting signal from that old lady he continues in his way to the upstairs from above which a loud scream reaches our ears and when the place is shown the big master,Mr.VenkatRaajan(Bank officer name maari iruku,idha poi rowdy master namenu solli comedy panraanga LOL) is practicing punching with a poor another rowdy man as punching bag from whom the loud screams have been coming.
   The henchmen who came to get his master asked him to come down as he is needed by the ones who is sent by Leela and the master hurries downstairs and sees them.After some usual starting conversation,both mom and child gives that Rava(Black sugar) to them and that old lady who was doing panchaayat checked them and signalled that everything is ok.Then after they left the place,the master asks his first son to enquire their whereabouts so that they can use them when needed and the son agrees.
   The gang master's second son bursts in furiously who is the none other the one who got a nice police treatment from our great Trouser Pandi,Mr.Anand.He was all furious and spat on his dad that someone touched and his father gives him a tight slap unexpectedly for having left that man alive and meanwhile a window of a room opens with a soft good BGM which goes unnoticed by everyone.A girl who seems to be in full make up opens it.Only her eyes and hands are shown.That girl listens to the conversation.That master says "If a person is touching you he must be really a stupid(Idhu venunaa correct Tongue LOL) else he must be a good strict straight forward Police",at these last few words the camera takes a turn to show that girl(what is this for? Does it mean that she admires that someone is there to stand against that master,aiyo mudiyala D'oh).Then the master and his first son leaves for the police station to confront AP with which the first scene ends.
   The next scene starts with the guys who robbed Deepa's Scooty.They surrendered the bike to a man in his office from whom Mr.VaradhaRaajan have borrowed some loan it seems.One guy asks another one who took the Scooty the need to do this job when he himself is so rich and he says merrily that it's all for some thrill(This is a good sign which indicates that India will become a well developed country by 2020 Ouch)
  The scene then shifts to Kanagu who is trying to write some poems with the dream bike ride scene in his paper and when the camera faces down and there lies a lot of papers on the floor who have to be in the dustbin.(Idhelaam ethana films-la paathrupom Sleepy).There our Hero,Mr.Tamizh and his friend Mr.Joseph gives entry to see their friend scribbling something in the name of poems and so many Love Poetry books lying on the table.Tamizh starts to ask "Unnai kavarndha kalli yaar,'adhu yaar idhu yaar"(Sry was difficult to remember the whole thing  but quite sure that he would have surpassed MGR or Sivaji'.I mean the classic heroes LOL) but Kanagu refuses to answer saying that he'll tell them after everything gets confirmed then the true friends left for having lunch.(I feel that he came here in fear because of his morning breakfast LOL)
  The scene then again shifts to that Financier's office where Mr.VaradhaRaajan is coming to plead to get his scooty back but unfortunately that was of no use,all he was able to get is so many stares shooted at him when that financier laughed at him nastily in front of everyone at his office when Mr.VaradhaRaajan said that it is his daughter's scooty ,then that man says that the RC Book is with him so it is his property now.Then Mr.VaradhaRaajan leaves the place dully.Meanwhile the rich robber was outside in the streets at a roadside tea shop with his friends who was bidding good-bye and was ready to take his car.Then again Mr.Varadha Raajan is shown walking in the road with his face down and again the scene is shifted to the rich robber who is driving the car smoothly until when his car stops at a place due to some problem in it.He gets down to see to that and is confused what to do and by that way comes Mr.VaradhaRaajan ,sees him standing in confusion and comes forward to help him introducing himself as driver who also knows to repair the car and the screen freezes.

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thank  u hema for the superfast update......Clap
What to say about today's episode....
Lots of new characters....sigh sigh.....
Heroines vida inga build up jasthi a iruke......Is she all attracted about anand's braveness, that someone dared to slap him(IDK who is he for her)......thapu kanaku podatha ma.....
I really feel bad for Kanagu...somehow i think he  wd not be telling his love to anyone even to Deepa.....
I feel bad for the new guy is gg to get introduced to deepa and that track wd move on i think....
TA, pls stop your romance skills with you....dont spoil others...morng anand...ippo kanagu......LOLLOLLOLLOL......summa iruka mudiyathu.....
Atleast tmrw will they show thulasi's reaction?????

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Thanks Hema for the fast update! Big smile I too think TA came to Kanagu for lunch. Poor fellow, LOL, mukiyaamana velai nu sollitu avan Thulasi's samayal irunthu escape. Ange Thuls etho mukiyaamana bank work nu nenaichu kondu iruka.

Wow, alot of new characters today, gundu Rowdies and locked up heroines (for whom...Anandh or Mohan?) But now definitely this TA is going to get involved in here some how. Hmm, I wonder who is Scooter thirudan is going to play into the story?

I think the director hates people with the initials VR. A new VR rowdy today, VeeraRaagaven (charu's daddy) and poor VaradaRajan (deep's dad) is a cancer patient. Confused

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Thanks Hema for the nice and fast update!Smile

So many new chars in todays episode! Still a boring episode.
OMG! All new set of villians arriving for TA. I think by trying to save Anand, he is going to be aimed by the Villians. That is how they will link him with ganja issue. Lets see, how he successfully comes out from this with his smart brains.Wink
I thought that TA said that he had important work to be done with Kanagu, but looks like he and Joseph came to see Kanagu to eat foodLOLLOLLOL. Semma Sappatu Raman! Looks like, after the sad Upuma he ran to Kanagu for foodBig smile. Thualsi, seekiram learn to cook.
With a new char introduced for Deepa, not sure whether this Kanagu love will succeedConfused
All scenes from Promo over. So TA and Thulz scenes only tomorrow! Wink

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Thank you for the fast and colourful update with your funny comments Hema Smile. And your comment about A.P.J.Kalam's sir's dream was really funnyy LOL LOL.

Too many new characters are introduced in one single episode, had the feeling of watching a movie. Everywhere rowdies, Mr. Kumaran, be realistic, don't make your serial too filmy. Until now it was somehow  close to reality, but after today's episode, i doubt it. 

Who is the new girl with those beautiful eyes. Is this the pair for Aanandh?!Confused I doubt it, i think like you Hema said, she seems to be impressed with that brave police constable who had the guts to beat her relative. Now they are going to go in search of Aanandh's adress, but guess by mistake they are going to land in TA's house, and hopefully that new girl won't mistake our hero for the man with guts and should not go behind him (OMG, my thoughts are becoming silly LOL). At the end everyone is either behind TA or behind Thulasi, kodumai LOL

I don't think Kanagu is going to express his love to anyone. So the rich guy is the hero of Deepa, he seems to be a nice person. I think the director thought of brining another guy to educate his wife or his girlfriend, would be too filmy. 

But the main theme of this serial is completely forgotten by the director and viewers. What could we say about it and they are going to bring too much commercialism into Thendral whereas films now tend to be more in a natural and realistic way, serials are being made with commercial purpose only (think was said by Deepak in the interview itself), but make the serial atleast interesting.

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@theiva - u were telling if the girld wd chase TA...
I was thinking if the rowdy men wd be behind thulz.....
Our mind is all spoilt with too much negative thoughts.......and already vishwas is against need to say....

And i was thkg if that girl falls for anand and viceversa.....If TA arranges the wedding....imagine....i know , my brain works over time......sigh sigh.....oru thought kooda positive a e ilatha thinking enaku

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@Shubba Akka:

Yesterday, i thought too, that the rowdy who got beaten by Aanandh is going to be behind Thulasi, still possibilities for it are there.
I thought like you said, this new girl was introduced like a heroine and as Aanandh is a joker in this serial, thought she can't be the pair for him, OMG Shocked, i became soo mean Angry.

But yes like you said, the love marriage conductor, our hero could join Aanandh and the girl and get into new problems through the rowdies. 

So we have more new characters in stock like the rich guy's mother and his family. Any relationship to Thulasi through that guy?! Confused

It is interesting to see in what way the director connects the new characters with TT. But happy we don't have to see psycho and GW in every single episodeSmile.

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Thanks for the update Hema.

Todays episode looked very different from usual Thendral. Romantic Thendral turning to Action based Thendral or more movie like Thendral....Confused
Looks like that girl in VenkatRajus house(only eyes shown so far) is the girl for Anandh...
and TA is going to help them unite and in the process get into all trouble.Shocked
Also he is going to save Mohan from that
Kanagu and that new guy in the car are going to clash for Deepa....that new guy is going to get Deepas scooty back and also help his Dad...
Now our Hero TA is going to help Kanagu and Deepa unite....(even I am thinking too much....)
So its going to be TA helping friends.....from now on...
So no pair for Joesph? 
Too many villains and villis.....Ouch
Already existing Villis Charu and TAs Mom are give trouble to Tamil and Tulasi....
ippo egapatta villains....
In between so many villains where is Tulasi going to Study, Romance...ellam.....Cry

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