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DMG: Ab Kya Hoga (AR FF)new thread (Page 96)

youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 11:21am | IP Logged

FarzuKSGian Shockeddi mien pakka shock hui hun hain LOLper thnk u sooo much iam really and glad and soooo happy ki apko meri ff ki writing style achi lagi thnk u soooo much

prachi_mjht thnk u sooo much iam glad u found it interesting
krazzy4armaan thnk u sooo much keep reading
saniashzadi  thnk u sooo much iam glad u liked the part
diyachill  thnk u sooo much iam happy i lived up to every ones expectation
karan-007 thnk u sooo much karan iam glad u liked the part and yeah armaan is super cool
kashndsel4eva thnk u sooo much iam glad u loved this funny part
ARMAANKSGFAN  thnk u sooo much iam glad u loved the part and yeah thnx for d sugestion i have taken into consideration
laizu  thnk u sooo much well the priority will always be for AR it will never change but the return will only help the old gang to be like old gang the most naughtiest gang ever.
-poornima-  thnk u soooo much im glad u liked the part
friends_4dream thnk u sooo much iam glad u liked the part funny
 AMMY12 thnk u sooo much
Simrangills thnk u sooo much iam glad u found them ausum and hope ur exams went well
  qt4ever thnk u sooo much iam glad u liked the part
shilpI007 hey thnk u sooo much iam glad u loved the part and yeah somethings never change btw congo for being a glodie just saw it
teenorchid thnk u sooo much iam glad u found it funny and welcome to this ff i have added u in my pm list though u havent written but i guess u wanted to be added hain na
amruta04 thnk u sooo much amruta iam glad u liked the part keep reading
 Riddss thnk u sooo much keep reading
anumeha_rajat thnk u sooo much iam glad u found the part superb and liked it as well, and found that keema wala scene funny and yeah ur suggestion taken into consideration keep reading
 Ankita.M hi di no problem iam glad apko meri ff amazing lag rahi hai and even my style of writing . <3 u di
 ammyluvridzi iam glad u liked the part funny and yeah ur suggestion taken into consideration
last but nt the least thnk u to all the silent readers as well Smile

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 11:31am | IP Logged





Armaan again pleaded her in signals though not visible to others riddhima got pissed off and stood from her seat looking towards armaan in anger. Armaan made a cute puppy face and with his folded hands requested her again, this time riddhima did melt down and went from there towards back stage. Armaan took a sigh as nothing dangerous happened as compared to what he was thinking or rather imagining. He laughed at himself how much he is scared of riddhima no wonder every one says "pyaar main side effects bhi boht hain…………. But I love it………….. riddhima tumhara gussa utna hi pyaara hai jitni ki tum" saying this he also moved towards the back stage but before going he signalled shubhankar that he can go and talk to dr. kirti now the line is clear.



Armaan went backstage and saw riddhima marching left right left, the smile he had few minutes before just vanished seeing her like this. He thought "its time for your murder armaan" after thinking this she sighed for a minute and then moved forward towards her thinking of how to control her anger and reduce so that he is save. But when he went towards her she looked at him and tried speaking but before she could speak armaan smacked his lips on her. He didn't want to give a chance to riddhima to blutter her anger out and murder him; above all he didn't want his dream to come true. Riddhima who was totally not prepared for this closed her eyes suddenly but at the same time tried hard to push armaan due to which constantly she was hitting him on his chest.  to stop getting hurt he held her hands and twisted them behind her back, which brought her more closer to armaan.



Soon when riddhima gave into the moment armaan left his hold on her hand and brought his hand on her face such that his hands were below her ears and he pulled her more cloe to himself. They soon started kissing each other passionately and explored each others mouth. Riddhima pushed armaan since she was getting out of breath and started breathing heavily this sudden reaction of riddhima made armaan angry and he became angry to such an extent that he pulled her closer to him and again placed his lips on hers. Riddhima who hadn't finish tasting the first one was gaving another one but this time she could feel anger in him, it didn't happen due to love or something but just because she pushed him or rather backed out first made him angry and in return he kissed her again. But soon armaan realised his mistake and jerked himself out the kiss. He too was out of breath now since after the first one he hadn't taken enough breath to prepare himself for second one it was a mere mechanism which made him do this.


On ther side riddhima who was breathing heavely was shocked to see armaan in such aggressive manner. She had never seen armaan like their 3 years of relation ship, she knew he gets angry very easily but to such extent she never thought about it.  then she thought may be their relationship has moved a step ahead where in she is getting comfortable in kissing him where as before she just use to shy and run off. So she did agree that their relationship which was stagnant for 3 years had moved a step ahead so may be these kinds of changes in the behaviour will also take place. Since changes are always welcomed since it brings new excitement in life and changes the monotonous life for a while so same thing happening in their relationship since it has moved a step ahead their life has changed from the monotonous stuffs they use to have before like just staring or hugging and the change was required in their relationship to continue. At the end of all her thoughts she chose to ignore this behaviour of armaans and agreed to forgive him for her previous acts as well.


On the other hand armaan who was feeling bit ashamed of his acts was batteling with his own thoughts "I was never like this …………….. How come I behaved like this…………… kahin mien…………kahin riddhima mujhse aur naraaz nah o jaye……………….. Kya soch raha tha mien uss waqt…………….. kyun nahiin hua control mera gussa………………… kya yeh gussa tha ya phir……………kya mien dheere dheere possessive banta jaa raha hun. Armaan came out of his thought as soon as he heard riddhima calling his name.



Riddhima: armaan

Armaan: hmmmmm
Riddhima: mujhe kuch kehna hai
[she thought of forgiving armaan for his present and as well as previous acts as well]
Armaan: mujhe bhi kuch kehna hai

[He thought may be riddhima wants to talk to him about his present behaviour and before she accuses him he wanted to clear her wrong interpretation by just saying a sorry to her, which he thought might melt her down]

Ridddhima: pehle mujhe
Armaan: nahiin pehle mujhe
Riddhima: miene pehle bola
Armaan: hain per mujhe Jo bolna hai vo zaroori hai
Riddhima: hoga armaan per mujhe bhi kuch zaroori hi
bolna hai
Armaan: basket pehle mien

[Riddhima who was getting irritated thought to give up]

Riddhima: fine bolo
Armaan: um…………….. ummm…………….. iam sorry abhi jo bhi miene kiya…….. I didn't really mean it

[hearing this riddhimas eyes popped out she thought hear she wanted to say sorry but its vice versa but she wanted to say sorry for behaving badly after the previous green room scene but not for the present one. But this sorry made riddhima smile since she found this behaviour bit different but had thought to brush it off and forget it but if he is saying sorry then she shouldn't exaggerate it further though she thought once for teasing him]

Riddhima: armaan even iam sorry mien tumse gussa hui thi na pehle mujhe nahiin hona chahiye tha


Now it was time for armaan to get a shock his eyes popped out riddhima said sorry to him from his previous encounter riddhima never use to say sorry instead he always had to say and run behind her so that she accepts his sorry. But also another thing striked his mind at the same time and that was that before while saying sorry they use to have ego clashes but currently they said sorry without any difficulty or ego clashes. Like last time to say a simple sorry they had written it in a card and today they just said it. May be due to the reason that their relationship which was taken a step ahead just few days back during their worlds most romantic date (parts 16,17,& 18). Armaan started realising the change in his relationship and thought does riddhima thinks the same or feels the same.  Armaan hardly knew that riddhima had started feeling the change in their relationship, he thought he would ask her but then brushed off the idea from his brain may be because still they arnt comfortable discussing about their relationship like this without any difficulty. May be some more time is required to openly talk about their relationship.



To avoid the situation he said "chale dher ho rahi hai hume performance dikhani hai" hearing this riddhima also came out of her thoughts and nodded her head and both went backstage to check whether their performance chance has come or not but what they saw was beyond shock. They saw shubhankar pleading to kirti for her approval.


Shubhankar: please kirti please chalo na

Kirti: shubhankar tum pagal ho gaye ho kya yahan itna saara kaam hai
Shubhankar: kirti please na please chalo na
Kirti: shubhankar tum samaj nahiin rahe ho mien senior doctor hun toh mujhe sab supervise karna padega
Shubhankar: toh mien bhi toh senior doctor hun………… ek kaam karte hain kaam baant (distribute) lete hain isse kaam jaldi khatam ho jayga or phir tum mere saath aa sakogi
[kirti was stunned cause shubhankar came up with an idea shubhankar ……………… and that tooo the idea was a perfect one]
Kirti: theek hai shubhankar

[kirti said this with a blush on her face]



Seeing this view armaan and riddhima smiled that things are changing in every ones relationship not only theirs. Seeing this riddhima thought may be changes are natural in a relationship with time where as armaan thought changes are not bad for a relationship. Here he was scared whether its good or not but it isn't bad if both are still smiling from heart after these changes so there is no harm in it rather its just strengthening the relationship. But then both sae towards the stage and saw atul and Anjali, in their usual way Anjali scolding atul since he was forgetting his lines and making Anjali cover up. Seeing them both thought some things never changes in a relationship until they will to. In Some relationship people need to change their behaviour on their own rather waiting for it happen naturally. They both had a huge smile seeing atul and Anjali, in the same way they use to be but still it was better off over these years Anjali's behaviour towards atul has melt down she doesn't gets angry sooo much. May be from within she has started liking atul and is waiting for him to change his kiddish habbits to a mature one so that it suits her. Anjali was smiling after showing her anger on atul since she thought that may be his kiddish style is the reason to attract me to him if it changes will I still like him or not, where as seeing Anjali smiling atul automatically smiled.



This was their sanjeevni thought riddhima where love is the only way to connect to people and love is the only way to bring a huge smile on their faces. Few years back when they had entered sanjeevni little did they knew that their life will change and it will be a beautifull one. Over the years they all have shared each others feeling and supported each other in every way possible, be it punishment by dr. shashank or while celebrating any festival party etc they have always been there together. But something is missing the group isn't here it's not complete the fun and masti is missing which we all use to have together thought riddhima. She started remembering the past where atul and muskaan use to sing the entire day muskaan running behind Rahul as if she will kill him if he is caught. The lonavala trip which they had gone the first one due to punishment and boys became girls just to take their revenge by kidnapping her incident just made her giggle and armaan looked at her with a confusing face.



 "Kya hua basket" asked armaan in the cutest manner "vo….. vo mujhe yaad aya jab tum sare ladke ladki banke aye the lonavala main hum ladkiyon se badla lene ke liye". Armaan looked at riddhima with a bit frown on his face since he was feeling embarresed that they were caught boys turning girls was something which shouldn't have been caught. "Hain or tum sahi mien kidnap ho gayi thi remember………… tumhari bevekoofi ke vajay se" said an irritated armaan "hain……. Hain toh mujhe……. Mujhe kya pata tha ki………. Ummm ummmm…………. Ki tum nahiin asli kidnaper's aa jaynge" said riddhima while fumbling a lot on her words. "Hain toh ……… tab tum itni childish thi toh……… toh isme meri kya galti thi hmmmm" said armaan who knew this going to another level but he didn't think much went with the flow. Hearing this riddhima's mouth opened "mouth band karlo warna koi makhi ghus (enter) jaygi" said armaan and then riddhima came back to her senses and said "haaaawwww tumne………… tumne mujhe childish kaha" asked riddhima "hain kahan toh……. Or vaise bhi tab childish thi tum……………. Baat baat pe gussa ho jati thi…………… reason toh sunti hi nahiin thi bas……………. Bas naak chadakar beth jati thi" came armaans answer without realisng what all he has bluttered out.  "mien……….. mien nahiin sunti thi………………… toh …………………. Toh tum aise kaam hi kyun karte the ki mujhe gussa aye hhmmm" said riddhima who was getting angry with this increasing argument. "hain toh kya galti koi insaan poochke karta hai bas ho jati hai na" came an instant answer of armaan. "fine mujhe tumse koi baat nahiin kari" said an irritated riddhima "hain toh mujhe bhi tumse koi baat nahiin karni" said armaan and hearing this riddhima stompped her feat and turned her back towards armaan and same armaan did it. their backs were facing each other suddenly atul and Anjali spoke who were witnessing all this "ye log kabhi nahiin badlenge" and hearing this riddhima thought few minutes before she thought her relationship took a step ahead and now back to square one. On the other side armaan thought the same and cursed himself for even thinking that their relationship had moved ahead. They both couldn't understand one thing was that their relationship did move ahead but how can the base miss, their love's base was these small and cute bickerings which they have been doing ever since they had met in basket ball and this was the reason for them to fall in love. How can the reason vanish if it vanished their love will also vanish. Both of them went in different direction.



Anjali was about to go behind riddhima to calm her down when her phone started ringing and she picked it up and said "hey hows you…………………… iam fine tooo…………………… nahiin bas yahan pe freshers day ki performance practice kar rahe the you tell……………………………. Hmmmm……………….. wao that sounds really good………………………….. great idea………………………… shock arreee dhamaka hog dhamaka……….. Hain……………….. Theek hai……………….. nahiin koi nahiin hai……………….. theek hai phir………………… shaam ko baat karte hain……………… wao that's great news yaar…………. Hmm chalo theek hai bye then" and Anjali kept the phone and looked around. She saw atul staring her and she knew he is confused as always "kya hua atul" "kuch nahiin Anjali ……………… tum kisse baat kar rahi thi" asked a curious atul. "Anjali said yahan nahiin kisi ne sun liye toh sara plan kharab ho jayga" while saying this Anjali held atuls hand and walked towards the green room to explain him whats going to happen onn freshers day.  After hearing this atul couldn't believe his ears he was sooo excited and was waiting for tomorrow to come soon he wanted the time to fly like a rocket. Anjali smiled seeing him happy.



Locker room


Riddhima entered the room cursing armaan" gadha………….. ullu…….. khud ko kya samajta hai jo mann mien aya wahi bole jaa raha hai……………………. Idiot. While she was cursing armaan her phone rank and in anger she said "hello" hearing the other side voice she said "umm…umm im…im sorry…. I …. I was….. just angry" she fumbled a lot while speaking. "ji…………………. Hmmmm……………. Nahiin nahiin armaan ko nahiin pata chalega………………….. hain ………….. oh ok…………….. ji………… bye" riddhima hit her head that in anger she forgot to see whose phone she is picking up. Armaan who was following riddhima for apologising her he heard hey saying armaan ko pata nahiin chalega now this was a nail to his anger she has tested him enough he saw her coming so he hid himself riddhima went away outside sanjeevni. "Mien usse kal baat karoonga" said armaan in anger.





Coming up


1.       Freshers day

2.       Rahul muskaan and abhi nikis entry





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gupta.aditi20 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
hey i m sure anjie woud be talkin to abhi nikki n ridz to rm....

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 12:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by gupta.aditi20

hey i m sure anjie woud be talkin to abhi nikki n ridz to rm....
hmm lets wait fr d next update Wink
btw u want me to add u n my pm list?
ARCaskettFan Goldie

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 1:18pm | IP Logged
Hurrah! cnt wait 4 Rahul-Muski to cum bck
Missing their Tom n Jerry fytz sooooooooo much!!!!!!!

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by krazzy4armaan

Hurrah! cnt wait 4 Rahul-Muski to cum bck
Missing their Tom n Jerry fytz sooooooooo much!!!!!!!
LOLLOL can see ur excitementSmile
yeah their entry will pakka bi a dhamakaWink

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diyachill Senior Member

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 1:28pm | IP Logged the old flavour of dmg

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 1:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by diyachill the old flavour of dmg
thnk u sooo muchSmile
im glad u liked it nd yeah d flavour s backWink
nd n d start only i said my ff will be based on original lines of dmg
thodi masti thoda romanceEmbarrassed

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