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DMG: Ab Kya Hoga (AR FF)new thread (Page 93)

youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 10:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by anumeha_rajat

that was really awsum.........

amazing part...

just loved it yaar.........

AR moments were sooo amazing........

so its a surprise.........

precap is awsum.......

thnx for the pm.................

thnk u sooo much
iam glad u liked the AR moments

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 10:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ammyluvridzi

Hey awesum parts cont sun
thnk u sooo muchSmile
youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 10:44am | IP Logged

NOTE: i really need this answer from u guys plz tell do u want abhi  nikki also back with rahul and muskaan or u guys just want rahul muskaan plzzz tell what u want do share it

last but the least thnk u sooo much to all the silent readers





Armaan had no words to speak he thought she is planning a surprise for me and I hurted her I will apologise her abhi. Thinking this armaan went out of the green room and started searching for riddhima then he realised she must be backstage because when the wardboy came to inform him that dr.kirti had arrived to see their dress rehersal and was waiting for all of them he understood that she would be there with atul and Anjali. He entered backstage and found riddhima there giggling with atul and Anjali as if nothing had happened. When riddhima saw armaan entering she gave him a look and turned her back towards him which made armaan think that she is upset with her due to his behaviour. Suddenly the thought came in his mind that if she isn't talking with or rather is angry how will she perform for her dress rehersal if she messes things up then dr. kirti will disapprove of their performance he certainly didn't wanted that to happen. He needed to clear the things with her first before they show their act to dr. kirti.



But he wasn't getting any idea of how to postpone the act for a while so that he can talk with riddhima and clear things out with her. For the first time armaan, the armaan malik lacked ideas he said to himself. Suddenly his phone starts ringing and he sees the name which was flashing it was of none other than shubhankar. Seeing shubhankars name flashing he had a huge smile on his face as if he got an idea. He picked up the phone.


Armaan: hello sir


Shubhankar: hi armaan

Armaan: apne kaise phone kiya

Shubhankar: VO…. VO mujhe…..

[Shubhankar was fumbling since he was scared how armaan will react if he asks his question]

Armaan: sir please theek se boliye
Shubhankar: vo mujhe kirti ko date pe le jane ke liye help chahiye
Armaan: per sir miene apko bataya tha na
Shubhankar: hain per jab kirti samne ayi toh awaaz hi nahiin nikli
Armaan: sir toh ab pooch lijiye
Shubhankar: nahiin nahiin she is seeing your dress rehersals abhi poocha toh gussa ho jayngi
Armaan: sir mien apko idea deta hun na
Shubhankar: theek hai armaan or date ke liye bhi dena
Armaan: sir wahi toh bata raha hun ki aap kaise poochoge date ke liye
Shubhankar: areee mera matlab date pe kya kyar karu

[Armaan smiled and mentally thought an idea of

preponing the act for about 10 minutes and that much time was enough for him to talk with riddhima and clear things between them]


Armaan said something to shubhankar and after the conversation when shubhankar had cut the call he had a huge smile which meant he was satisfies with armaans idea. "Kirti ruko mien aa raha hoon" said shubhankar while smiling and ran towards the auditorium. When he reached the auditorium and saw kirti sitting in the front row to see their dress rehersals he got but scared and started having second thoughts whether he should go and ask her for the date abhi or should wait, then his eyes felt on stage and saw armaan standing there.



On the other hand armaan was mumbling to himself "abbey yaar ye dr. shubhankar sab kharab kar denge" his eyes were still on shubhankar and was trying to give him hints that he should go and talk to dr. kirti. Meanwhile dr. kirti stood up and said "dress rehersal shuru kare?" armaans eye opened wide after hearing this statement, he didn't knew what to do at this moment where as other 3 said yes for it. he thought riddhima said yes for it how come if she is angry with me then why is she ready for the rehersal does that mean she isn't angry with me. Thinking that he sighed and then immediately saw riddhima coming near to him he smiled, thinking she might talk to him and does the performance gracefully without any obstacles. But when riddhima came and stood infornt of armaan with a smiling face he got confused even further, "has she forgiven me or pretending because every one is standing near us or rather around us" thought armaan in his mind. he returned back the smile to her and she turned her face to another side.



This was again a shock for him; he thought a while ago she was smiling seeing him and now again she is angry with him, "why she has soo many mood swings" thought armaan in his mind. He was about to speak something when kirti spoke "shuru kare?" though it sound as if she is asking per it was more of a order rather than asking.  So every one just nodded their head since no one had courage to say no to her they all very well knew if they say no a punishment would wait for them may be stool sampling or urine sampling, both of them arnt liked all of them hate these to test and dr. kirti who knows about it will have a huge smile while giving this as a punishment. But armaans mind was working in some other direction, he being armaan how can things go other way which he felt isn't good according to him he looked at dr. shubhankar who is still standing at the entrance gate and through his eyes he tried to tell him that go to kirti he was moving his head in that direction.



Riddhima who was noticing all this looked at him with angry look and was turning her head to see what armaan was doing was he telling something to some one. Armaan saw her turning her face so he asked riddhima by forwarding his hand "may I" riddhima looked here and there though she tried hard to control her blush but it went in vien it was clearly visible through her face how much she was blushing but she had to show anger to armaan so that he realises his mistake. Riddhima wanted to make armaan realise that in anger he can't just assume things and blame her or shout at her. Armaan saw her looking here and there but he could see the blush on his face so it made him satisfy that she is not that much angry with him as much as he was thinking.  Riddhima looked back at armaan seeing that every one was seeing her and she didn't wanted to create a drama nor wanted to give people hints that she Is angry with armaan so looked at armaan with a smile and gave her hands in his hands and he closed his hands and started walking towards the centre stage.



When he reached the centre stage he looked towards shubhankar who was looking confused as ever. His index finger was infront of his lips and other knocking his brain side just then he saw armaan saying something through his eyes. Shubhankar whispered "kya" armaan understood since he meant kya means shubhankar hasn't understood his actions so he raised his hands and was pointing towards kirti which meant go towards her. Shubhankar nooded his head he was scared to go and on the other side armaan gave a glaring look to him and kept pointing his hands towards kirti. Riddhima who saw his actions was confused "kya kar raha hai kisko ishare kar raha hai"thought riddhima so she traced his eyes it was going behind her to know who that person is she tried turning back. Withing a friction of second she was pulled back armaan who had seen her turning back had tightened his grip on her waist and and pulled her near his chest. Riddhima looked into his blue eyes and both started their eye lock session.



Soon armaan came out of his eye lock session when he heard shubhankars voice he was standing in the wings. Armaan just excused himself from riddhima and walked upto shubhankar. When riddhima saw armaan walking towards shubhankar she then went near kirti and sat down. Meanwhile kirti was watching Anjali and atuls performance. As usual atul was saying Anjali in between which was making kirti nod her head "somethings never change" said kirti and riddhima smiled on that line. Anjali who was getting angry by his instinct just tried to control her anger she didn't wanted to burst out but not some how she didn't wanted to be harsh on atul. Where as atul was feeling nervous performing in front of dr. kirti. Though he was nervous during his rehersals as well but not this much here he was very nervous.  Even though he was nervous but his performance was not getting much affected armaan had given him those steps which atul could manage even when he is feeling nervous. He knew atul would feel nervous and might even hamper his performance so he had given him those steps which suited him very well.  So atul could manage his steps very well.



On the other side armaan walked upto shubhankar

Armaan: kya sir aap dr. kirti ke paas jake bol kyun nahiin dete

Shubhankar: dr. armaan aap samaj nahiin rahe hain
Armaan: toh samjhaye na sir
Shubhankar: dr armaan vo…. Vo mien unke samne kuch bol nahiin pata………… apko samaj main aa raha hai
[Armaan smiled hearing shubhankars fear. Even after getting married to kirti he is still scared of her and can't ask his wife for a dinner date]

Armaan: hain……. I mean yes sir   

[Armaan thought for a while what to do what should he say which shubhankar can do easily]

Shubhankar: dr. armaan aap koi acha sa idea dijiye na

[Hearing this armaan thought and said too himself "abe yaar har baar mujhse hi idea lete hain or uske baad karte huye bhi darte hain kya karooo" thinking this armaan had a smile on his face]

Shubhankar: kaha kho Gaye dr. armaan

[Shubhankar spoke when he got no response from armaan. On the other side armaan was also jerked out of his thoughts]


Armaan finally got an idea which he was thinking he thought for a while to reconfirm it whether it will work or not but then he assured himself that it will work o he went ahead and whispered something in dr. shubhankars ears. While whispering in shubhankars ears riddhima who was watching from far off made weird faces and mumbled to herself "gadha…… khud ko kya samajta hai……………….. Mujhpe riddhima gupta pe gussa kya…………………. Jaye bhaad main mien usse baat nahiin karoongi ab………………………….. Per you shubhankar ke ears main kya bol raha hai……. [Trying to think what armaan could mumble in shubhankars ear]……….  [she diverted her mind from that and again started mumbling since the green room scene flashed in her mind and he shouting at her]………. Sorry bhi nahiin bola mujhe [crossed her hands infront of her chest]………………. Mien ab usse baat nahiin karoongi abhi chahe kuch bhi ho jaye, ab vo kitna bhi sorry bole mien nahiin sunne wali…[riddhima said this to herself while crossing her hands infront of her chest]



"Dr.armaan aap pehle dr. riddhima ko toh wahan se hatiye warna mien kirti se baat kaise karoonga" said dr. shubhankar. Hearing this armaans eyes popped out and said to himself "yeh mujhe marwaynge riddhima mujhse pehle hi boht gussa hai ab wahan se hataonga toh pata nahiin mera kya karegi …………. [Armaan thinking thinking and thinking]……………….. Kahiin keema na bana de mera riddhima" after thinking this armaan was imagining a scene where in he imagines riddhima with a knife and walking towards him and he taking steps behind. Riddhima's eyes was looking towards him as if he is some chicken who is gona be cut the next moment her facial expression showed that there is no mercy for armaan.  Soon armaan hit the wall behind and riddhima till walking towards him when he sees her right infront of her he gulps down his saliva and murmurs "riddhima" saying this he looked into her eyes which were still showing the same thing which was visible few seconds before. he first looked in her eyes then towards the knife she was holding in her hand, this was repeated for almost 20 times that too with a fast speed. Armaan folded his hands and pleaded "please …… please mujhe chod do" and after saying this he saw her raising her hand which had a knife and was ready to poke him, he screemed while closing his eyes.


"Kya hua dr. armaan" said dr. shubhankar after hearing his screem though it wasn't loud enough for others to pay attention at it. "k… kuch nahiin sir" said armaan moving his hand on his face "koi bura sapna dekha" enquired shubhankar "boht bura" came an instant answer though in bit low voice. "toh aap jaa rahe hain" asked shubhankar where as armaan started thinking what he meant by this since after imagining a worst dream he wasnt able to remember anything. "Kaha?" asked armaan since he was not able to recollect what was shubhankar talking about. "Dr. Riddhima ke paas unhe kirti ke paas se hatane ke liye" this statement brought armaan back into reality his eyes popped out now he remembers why he got this dream. It was cause of this fear that he had to go to riddhima and without delay he shouted "nahiin". Shubhankar looked at armaan with a confused face "nahiin aise kaise…. Apko Jana padega warna mien kirti se baat kaise karoonga" armaan who was still thinking what to do, said "nahiin sir mien aisa nahiin kar sakta aap samaj nahiin rahe hain" shubhankar thought for a second on his last few words and said to himself mien nahiin samaj raha per kya. "dr. armaan apko meri baat manni hogi aap jakar dr. riddhima ko wahan se hataye" armaan who was still not convinced said "nahiin sir nahiin" now armaans backing out was not being liked by shubhankar so he said "apko meri baat manni hogi kyunki… kyunki mien senior dr hun…………. Aur yeh mera order hai" saying this he pushed armaan onto the stage again.


On stage atul and Anjali were performing and were trying their level best to manage their performance as armaan was standing in such position which was objecting their performance.  "Yeh armaan KO kya ho Gaya hai aise kyun khada hai" said Anjali. Atul being his said "mien abhi pooch kar aata hoon" Anjali who was shocked couldn't utter more than this "atul", to which he smiled at her and she shook her head as she knew its pointless.



"This is not fair……………………….. armaan beta aaj toh tu pakka gaya…………… tune plan banaya tha riddhima ko patane ke liye dr. kirti ko hatane ke liye shubhankar sir ko plan main liya…………. Per ab ……… ab sab ulta ho raha hai……………… riddhima tera keema bana degi pakka se" armaan mumbeled these things to himself while shubhankar was whispering him to move forward. Armaan who was didn't knew what to do prayed for himself and wished riddhima aur naraaz na ho jaye.  He moved a bit forward when he saw riddhima looking towards him with anger "yaar yeh toh phullan devi lag rahi hai mujhe kachcha kha jaygi…………….. soch armaan soch …………. Focus kuch nahiin hoga". He looked towards riddhima and gave her signals to come here and riddhima narrowed her eyes even further and shook her head. Armaan again pleaded her in signals though not visible to others riddhima got pissed off and stood from her seat looking towards armaan in anger.





Coming up

1.       Anjalis mysterious call

2.       Riddhimas unknown call

3.       Freshers day



 how was it? was it funny? did i live upto ur expectations or didnt? plz do tell wud wait for ur comments.

and do tell do u guys want abhi nikki back with RM or not ?




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FarzuIrani IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey Shris
Suprise Maat Hone
Awesome Update Ii love the way you write FF
Congo mein tera Update Pada.

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prachi06 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 11:20am | IP Logged
that was mast update

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ARCaskettFan Goldie

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Nice part

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saniashzadi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 11:27am | IP Logged

awesome update...

update nxt part soon



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diyachill Senior Member

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u reached more tan our expectation...the part was very funny

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