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DMG: Ab Kya Hoga (AR FF)new thread (Page 84)

blessing-beauty IF-Addictz

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Posted: 27 February 2011 at 5:30am | IP Logged

srish awesome part dear

Cont sonn n thanx 4 the pm

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jiyaa_m IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 February 2011 at 6:24am | IP Logged
awesome update

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 1:37pm | IP Logged

simply amazing part....

i bet its RM...........on the fone.........

n senior junior tiff is gonna be amazing........

waiting for kirti's reply.........

thnx for te pm................

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 10:18am | IP Logged
hey every one iam soooo glad with your over whelming response it is truly an inspiring one thnk u thnk u soooo much
as i said for rahul muskaan's entry u need to bare 3 or 4 updates but something more is stored
and sorry i had promiss for updating it regularly but due to some seminar in college i couldnt manage to write an update so iam extreemly sorry for d delay
last but not the least thnk u to all the silent readers hope u liking the ff

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 10:25am | IP Logged




"Aap logo ki performance achi hai per" said dr. kirti after seeing the whole dress rehersal but stopped at per which was doing nothing but increasing interns curiousness. They waited for her comments…………..



Every ones eyes were on dr. kirti they were desperately waiting for her comments since all of them had prepared their performance in hurry within two days. Above all they were also doing their duties side by side though they were free from their punishment till this function so that they could reherse and practice for the function. Interns wanted a praising comment since that would make their impression on her and that would help in gaining marks. While kirti was thinking of her comments interns were judging her face trying to analyse what she must be thinking or gonna say. Everyones face showed how much they were waiting nd couldn't take this anymore they needed the answer right now.



Finally kirti made up her mind about what she has to say or suggest to these interns "aap logo ki performance boht achi thi aap logo ki mehnet dikh rahi thi per thoda sa cordination problem hai vo aap log practice karke improve kar lena overall aap logo ka performance bura nahiin tha it wasn't bad at all good job interns" said kirti while seeing the interns. After hearing to all these good comments they had some sort of proudness that they finally succeeded kirti was impressed by them and somewhere down the line this appreciating brought some morale booste in them. Every ones tension face turned to a smiling face and the smile was worth seeing. Kirti thought its was a work of more than 4 days but little did she knew that it was only a work of 2 days and that tooo they got this chance due to armaan otherwise situations would have been bit different.



"Back to work interns" said kirti which made all the interns come back into the real world. From a smiling face their face turned into a blank face cause this statement was something unexpected may be some more appreciating could have been done they thought she could have asked how we prepared all this and etc etc but rather said go back to work, this disappointed the interns to some extent but as dr. kirti said they had to return back to their duties. Interns left the auditorium as they were intructed.






"May I come in sir" said dr. kirti to which shashank nodded his head. Kirti entered the room and sat down on the chair which was infront of shashank. "sir I saw the interns dress rehersals" said kriti and shashank nodded his head which meant continue "it was good sir though some coordination problem here and there but iam sure they will work it out by today it self and wont mess it up in their final performance". "Well that's good dr. kirti I really wish the same" said shashank after hearing this kirti stood up and started walking towards the door but stopped mid way since she heard her name " dr. kirti" said shashank. Kirti tunred behind and walked back towards the table but this time she was standing rather sitting. "Yes sir" said kirti "just check once everything is fine since the whole management would be present I don't want any kind of mistakes "said shashank to kirti and she just nooded her head which meant yes she would recheck the whole thing whether it's perfect or not. After that kirti turned back and left shashanks room.



As soon as kirti came out of shashanks room she found shubhankar standing there and she got confused as to what he was doing here. "Shubhankar tum yaha" asked kirti with a confused face "hain VO….. vo mujhe tumse kuch poochna tha" said shubhankar while fumbling as of he was nervous, though he was nervous in asking kirti but he wanted to ask her. "Kya" said kirti in a firm voice which was her habbit but it scared shubhankar further. "vo kirti vo" shubhankar was fumbling on his word since kirti's previous firm answer kya and current looks were scaring him to deadth. So he decided he will ask her bit later when she is all calm down. "vo ………. Vo ………. Mera …………… ek …….. ek ……………… case hai" said shubhankar, though he tried very hard not to fumble much but seeing kirti he always fumbles and find hard to convey what he wants to. After saying this shubhankar left the place and kirti who was more thank shocked remained there standing as if she was a statue.  For few seconds she couldn't understand whats going on what happened just now made her stand still on her place for another few mins then she shook her head and left the place. 



On the other hand shubhankar cursed himself for not speaking what he wanted to "ullu (owl) tujhe kya ho gaya tha kirti ke samne ……………….. Pata nahiin vo kya soch rahi hogi mere baare main………….. Ab mien kya karoooo………………. Miene phir usse naraaz kar diya………….. ab vo mujhse gussa hai………….. Shubhankar soch kuch………… last time jab kirti gussa Hui thi toh miene…………… ummm…….. Hain miene dr armaan ki maddat (help) li thi" as soon as he mentioned armaans name he had a huge smile on his face since he got the idea.  "Yes dr. armaan afcorse apne hi toh date ka idea diya tha" said an excited shubhankar. He thought now only armaan can help him from this situation he is the perfect person to ask help from. He called on the reception to know where would be armaan at this moment and in return he got a reply that he must be in the auditorium for the dress rehersals.  Shubhankar thought that if doctors are there then even kriti would be there. This was the perfect timing armaan is there rehersaling he will try to talk to him and he might come uo with a brilliant idea which might work in favour of him. Thinking this shubhankar started walking towards the auditorium.




Cheers the sound came, all the ineterns had a coffee mug in their hand, and after doing cheers every one took a sip of a coffee "finally we did it" said priya and others smiled back as a response. "Hamari mehnat safal Hui" said nazuk who truly believed that their hardwork was paid off today after hearing the comments from dr. kirti. "yeah finally we did it" said max and to continue further ruhan also said "finally it was approved warna pata nahiin kya karte". Ruhan's this statement did shock other interns as they themselves didn't knew if this would have been rejected what would they have done they never had a plan B option with them. Thus this one statement did open their brains and all gave a thought to it they pondered over this statement for a while.



"seriously pata nahiin kya karte" said nazuk "hain per abhi sab theek ho gaya hain a so why worry" said priya she still needed a lesson may be to understand what if it would have failed then what she would have done did she knew to get her senses ruhan said "agar fail ho jata yab ek din main kaise naya performance prepare karte?"  He wanted to continue further by saying ki aadha din toh fight main hi nikal jata, by now he had started to understand these people he knew they fight on everything above all a meaningless one which would only waste their time and do nothing. End result would be apologising seniors for not being able to keep up to their wordings. To save their pride they had taken extra days rather was given 2 extra days just cause of dr. armaan otherwise their pride would have definitely gone down the very same day.



They did get 2 days to prepare which they fully utilized this was something a credit none fought over silly things refrained themselves from indulging in any silly arguments time management was something which they learnt through this. Over all this wasn't a waste they did learn something from this incidents perhaps this was what armaan wanted. He knew if given a chance these interns would seriously use it and not waste though intentions could be any, whether they wana proof themselves or proof seniors that juniors are best what ever the case was but these people would learn something this assurance was their in armaan or rather a confidence in interns.while doing the pranks though for judging he did observe these interns very closely so he did knew what was right and how much he could trust them. Armaans observation was perfect some changes were visible though not fully but to some extent were present. For present situation this much realisation for interns were enough. Even if one changes theres a possibility that others might change slowly if the remain in the same company. If a company can spoil some one it can even improve some one depeneds upon people, how strong their will power is.



Soon all interns changed the topic to lighten the moment they didn't wanted to go in details of it as they wernt interested as well. Soon people could hear them laughing and having fun after few while they got up and left for their homes.






Where one side juniors were relaxing, seniors were busy getting themselves dressed up for the dress rehersals. Unlike juniors they wernt scared or nervous about their performance they had enough time for practicing improving their stpes and faults if they were. Every one was smiling since that is what is most important while performing one need to smile continuously it makes the performance alive. All these tips they remembered when they had done save sanjeevni concert and play which they had done earlier during their internship.



Riddhima was getting dressed up in the green room when Anjali had left after getting fully dressed to practice with atul her part; she needed perfection in her performance since that's her habbit as always. But riddhima wasn't aware of Anjali leaving the green room she still thought Anjali is around getting herself dressed up. Armaan who was halfed dressed up was searching for a free room and while walking by the green room and peaked inside the room and found it to be empty so he entered the room to get fully dressed but unknown to him riddhima was getting herself dressed up inside the washroom. Both were unaware that they were in the same green room getting dressed up. Armaan started unbuttoning his shirt to wear it again properly since something was hurting him from inside so he wanted to check if some label has something pointed or not so he took out his shirt.



Meanwhile riddhima who was completely unaware of the fact something happened to her she could sense something "kya armaan aas paas hai" muttered riddhima her mind said no he cant be here this is a girls green room and plus Anjali di is outside he cant enter this place but her heart could sense armaans presence, her heart said he is around very near to her somehow she wanted to run out and check it whether he is there or not, but she thought she would get fully dressed and then come out what if he was really there then ……….. Riddhima thought over this if he is really outside then, and then what will she do if she isn't fully dressed so she made up her mind that she would fully get dressed up and then go outside. After getting fully dressed up riddhima stepped out of the washroom though she hurried herself while dressing up since her heart continuously said armaan is very close or near to her.



As soon as riddhima stepped out of the washroom she shouted and for a moment armaan froze he didn't knew whats going on he thought the room must be empty but little did he know he would have to face this now after few second when he came out of his shock he realised riddhima is shouting before any one else enters the room he better shuts her mouth or else he would have to pay for it later by facing his friends and may be seniors as well. Armaan ran towards riddhima and placed his hands on her mouth which stopped her screaming voice. Now there was a complete silence in the room both stared into each others eyes for a moment and then riddhima looked down on armaan which was a hint that armaan isn't fully dressed he still needs to tie his nada. Armaan noticed her eyes and then looked down only to realise why she was shouting he quickly removed his hands from her mouth and then ran inside the wash room to get dressed up. Riddhima who was way beyond shocked stood there like a statue.



Soon riddhima jerked out of her thought when she heard anjalis voice who was saying to open the door what happened. "Kuch nahiin di VO ………. Vo…… bas ek cockroach dekh liya tha aap jao mien theek hun"  said riddhima in return she wanted Anjali to go so that she can talk with armaan for a while since she was bit scared of performing she didn't knew why but something was scaring her and she needed armaans support as always. His wording his support is all what makes her feel better and prepares her too mentally to do best.



After few minutes when armaan came out of the washroom after getting properly dressed he saw riddhima sitting on a chair with her eyes closed and hands folded as if doing some prayer. Armaan said to himself "kitnu cute kag rahi hai" he watched her with a smile on his face she was looking like a innocent child who is scared of going on a stage, and praying to god for some strength. The site was really beautiful he thought, and then he saw her dress she was looking the prettiest women on this earth at this moment. He had a huge smile on his face even his dimples were clearly visible he walked towards her and stood infront of her. Her eyes were still closed and he was still watching her he wanted to capture this sight of hers as a memory he quickly took out his phone from his pocket and clicked a photo of hers.



As soon as riddhima heard the flash sound she opened her eyes and found armaan standing infront of her she was about to say something when armaan kneeled down and kept his index finger on riddhimas lips while muttering "sshhhh". Riddhima looked into armaans eyes and then for few mintues the eye lock session continued. During this eye lock session armaan was conveying through his eyes that riddhima nothing to worry when he is around her she shouldn't feel scared at all nothing will happen its just a performance that too a rehersal one not the final one. Riddhima on the other hand was getting the positive vibes unknown to her she was getting some strength within herself. But at the same time she was trying to convey armaan how much scared she is feeling at this moment.



After the eye lock session which went for few mintues armaan stood up and made riddhima also stand he took her towards the mirror and hugged her from behind. He rested his chin on riddhimas shoulder and said "riddhima tum kitni khoobsoorat lag rag rahi ho" he just wanted her to calm down and it was only possible when her mind gets diverted from the current situation. Hearing this ridddhima blushed. Armaan then turned riddhima and now both were facing each other. Seeing riddhima like this armaans heart was beating really fast he tried to control his feelings but in vien he came closer to riddhima…………………………………………………..






Coming up

1.       AR scene continues

2.       Armaan riddhima's talk on unknown call







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VaaniBhandari Senior Member

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 10:35am | IP Logged
nice update
loved AR moment in the end
do continue soon
thnx for the PMSmile

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-GoogleWithMe- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 10:39am | IP Logged
sris awesome update
loved it
very nice part
can't wait for RM entry
looking forward for more AR scenes
continue the next part soon

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prachi06 IF-Dazzler

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awesome update

thanx for pm

continue soon

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