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DMG: Ab Kya Hoga (AR FF)new thread (Page 76)

Simrangills Senior Member

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 11:54pm | IP Logged
Hey Srish...Hug
Lovely part...Smile
Loved it soo much...Smile
Thanks for the PM...Embarrassed
and plzz continue soon...Smile

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ammyluvridzi Senior Member

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 9:23am | IP Logged
Cute part

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ujala26 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 8:59am | IP Logged
awesome update srish....
luvd it.....
n all da best fr exams...
cntinue soooon

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 8:25am | IP Logged

sorry for not replying back individually

but a big big thank you for all ur comments they really mean a lot since they are very encouraging nd motivates as well.
keep reading since many exciting things r coming up as well as shocking things/ surprising things are waiting for you all.
btw my exams are over hence my updates would be regular

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shonadesire IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 8:28am | IP Logged
hey srishti................
r u going update today????????????????????????
youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 8:29am | IP Logged



The whole night went chit chatting discussing teasing and soon all retired to their rooms Anjali and riddhima went to their room where as armaan and atul used the guest room.





Just outside the sanjeevni the interns clashed into each other seeing each other the memories rushed back how they fought yesterday in the caf teria and what was the fight all about. Seeing each other none of them smiled or greeted goodmorning to each other. Max behaved as if he doesn't know any one here ignored them and went to locker room where as priya and nazuk did say hi to each other and ruhan also said hi but some thing was wrong in the air the hi was not seeming like a friendly one.






Usually when they enter locker room it's full of chit chatting but when seniors entered today they saw a totally different site all the interns were there but so quiet it didn't seem like they are fine thought the seniors. May be there fight was a blow to their friendship but really a small tiff like this leads to break age of friendship thought armaan even they have had huge fights duing their internship but it didn't lead to the break age of their friendship nor had effected them in their profession since they very well knew how to keep a personal and professional life different didn't these interns have any clue about this.


To break the silence armaan spoke first "good morning interns" he greeted them with smile, all the interns looked towards him and smiled as a reply back and wished him too along with juniors seniors also looked at armaan and within inside they were thanking him to break the silence atleast. No matter how much seniors hatted the juniors for fighting but loved their non stop chattering and blabbering and today seeing them quiet they did feel as if juniors are missing, the fun they use to have seeing them all enthusiastic and energetic some where down the line gave them a smile and an energy to work more. It could also be to proof seniors are better or it could actually be their will to work more this one question had no answers no replies.



Riddhima very well knew the situation but to lighten it she spoke "kya hua itne udaas kyun ho?" this one question juniors didn't wanted to be asked or replied since they thought its their internal matter and within them it should remain one. No matter how good the seniors are or how friendly they are there is some difference between them and they might wanted to keep this fight as their privacy, it happened within the group it should be sloved within the group only. Riddhima saw none of the interns are replying to her question so she looked towards armaan, when armaan saw her looking towards him he read her face and understood the matter so he spoke "kya hua tum logo ko aaj" he made this sentence to give a impression as if they didn't knew anything about their fight which happened yesterday in caf teria to continue the conversation Anjali also spoke "kya baat hai aaj no chit chatting?"



Interns felt better since they thought seniors knew nothing about their fight since the ease with which they were talking felt like that so they relaxed a bit. Ruhan thought if none would speak this might create a problem further they will keep questioning them so he said "nothing we are tired doing the punishment as well" This statement brought a smile on seniors face they were right juniors didn't wanted to share their fight with them but its ok with them as long as it doesn't effect their work they are fine with it. Armaan checked his watch and said "chalo nurse station warna tumhe double punishment milegi or hume bhi for coming late" hearing this every one left for the nurse station smiling from inside.






Dr. Kirti was standing and waiting for interns and seniors to come meanwhile dr. shubhankar who was looking towards kirti was thinking how to ask kirti for a dinner date. After a few mins he saw interns and doctors coming he cursed them from inside since he thought they were obstacles between kirti and him. Seeing armaan he smiled and thought why not he takes an advice from armaan but how should he ask he cant come forward and ask directly since he is senior doctor after all so what to do he thought. After thinking for few seconds he had a smile on his face he waited for kirti to finish with her duty giving session then he will ask armaan how to ask kirti for a dinner date.


On the other hand kirti was delighted to see every one on time and had a smile on her face. Seniors knew kirti rarely smiles while giving duty it had to be related with them only and if its related to them then it could be nothing but being on time will only give kirti a smile at the moment. Soon kirti distributed the duties and also said she wanted to make an announcement, as soon as she said this every ones face was bit down thinking what could be the announcement whether good or bad. Will it create more fights or reduce wil it bring tention along or will reduce none knew what it could be.

Kirti spoke "the announcement is for the interns" hearing the name interns seniors gave a sigh since it had nothing to do with them, but at the same time interns face was down and shocked what new problem was waiting for them they had no clue about it. Kirti continued "dr. shashank wants to see your performance tomorrow after the duty hours" as kirti said this interns had a shocked look and they looked at each other with a question mark on their face what to do now they are un prepared for this, but cant even back out now since yesterday they only they said they are prepared thanx to max who lied on this issue now they are stuck. Every one had closed their eyes unable to think what to do how to control this situation and if by any chance the truth comes out their impression will definitely go for a toss.


Armaan had noticed them shutting their eyes he very well knew that yesterday they had a fight on which issue for that matter every senior knew about it but some how armaan thought he should help them they definitely needed a days time to prepare and show the performance so he took the initiative to speak up for them "actually dr kirti I was thinking rather tomorrow if u can see their performance day after tomorrow they need time to polish their dance and some how with the punishment they arnt finding time for it so if u can judge them day after tomorrow it would give them some time". Interns looked towards armaan he was definitely their angel since he helped them out to come out of this mess but the only question which was running in their mind was why did he helped them did he knew about their fight or about their lie, if yes then how will they face the seniors. Seniors might think we are liars and untrustable etc.


Dr. kirti nodded her head and said "theek hai dr. armaan we will judge them day after tomorrow and since they are unable to practice with the punishment iam freeing them for the time being for 2 days you don't need to do the punishment work " she said this last few words seeing towards the interns. Hearing this, intern's had a smile on their face and thought we better leave aside our fight and practice from today itself. No matter how much we fight internally atleast it should not effect our professional life at any cost. So they agreed to show their performance day after tomorrow. Soon every one dispersed from that place just when armaan was about to disperse nurse stopped him and said "sir apke liye phone hai"


Armaan waled upto the phone and received it and smiled since it was dr. shubhankar who was on the line. "Toh sir kya kaam hai apko" said armaan with a grin on his face "dr. armaan aap pehle promiss kijiye ki aap ye Kisi ko nahiin bataynge ki ek senior doctor ne apse help li" armaan had a smile hearing this things never change before also dr. shubhankar had taken his help on phone [for those who don't remember it was during kasu times only when riddhima tells armaan the truth about sanjeevni in trouble and armaan solves every ones problem if iam not wrong then its 27th October wala episode 2008 wala episode] he remembered that time and smiled after a long time he is helping shubhankar the same way actually main thing never change he thought. He gave an idea to dr. shubhankar for his dinner date and how to pataofy kirti for it. After this he went for his duty but while going he remembered his date with riddhima.


His date was a perfect one and definitely a success one too the moments he shared with riddhima came rushing to his mind as if a picture is running infront of him. Everything was clearly visible the kiss how he gave her the ring, how she proposed him after he insisted her. Remembering all the moments he spent on his date with riddhima he was surely turning badmash his mind was going in a wrong direction now he jerked himself out of the thoughts and said "basket here comes the badmaash again" saying this he smiled and while smiling his dimples were clearly seen and his eyes carried passion. Riddhima was passing by the fire escape door when she suddenly felt some one holding her hand and pulling her inside.



Riddhima protested to get herself free from someones hold but then stopped as she sensed it who it would be and slowly opened her eyes. They both looked into each others eyes for few mins this famous eye lock session has been their starter for the romance always. Armaan shifted riddhima in such a way that her back was against the wall and armaan was very close to riddhima. Armaan leaned forward and kissed her on her forehead and riddhima blushed. "Basket aaj ki meethai" said armaan and riddhima looked towards armaan in a shock before armaan could bend and take it riddhima had covered her mouth with her hands which made armaan frown a bit. "Come on yaar basket this is not fair" said a frowning armaan to a blushing riddhima. "Armaan kal ek din main jitni badmashi ki thi Na vo ek week ka quota tha so no more and plus ye hospital hai have some manners"said a blushing yet witty riddhima, riddhima was trying to joke with armaan at this moment when this was not funny for armaan at any cost he was just fuming in anger because he wasn't in a mood to take the joke so he said it in a bit rude manner "fire escape is our special place basket" even though being rude he said this with utmost cuteness he could say in anger. Riddhima starred at armaan and realised that she shouldn't be joking any more since armaan doesn't like it so riddhima hugged armaan from side since he was facing straight or towards the wall he wasn't looking towards riddhima. Armaan smiled when riddhima hugged him his anger vanished instantly and he hugged her back "oye hoye" said armaan to riddhima for this cute behaviour. "basket iska ye matlab nahiin hai ki mujhe meethai nahiin chahiye" said armaan and riddhima looked at armaan his eyes contained shararat passion mixture of both was clearly visible in armaans eyes which riddhima could make out while seeing in his eyes.



Armaan nuzzled his face in riddhimas hair and then whispered in her ear "I LOVE YOU BASKET" and bit her ear lobe after saying it which made riddhima shout "ar…. Armaan hato tum" but armaan didn't leave his hold he moved riddhimas hair from one shoulder to another and kissed her neck. Riddhima could feel the warmth with which he was kissing her on her neck.



Armaan after kissing her neck kissed her forehead and looked into riddhimas eyes and said "basket mien gussa nahiin tha Mazak kar raha tha" hearing this riddhima shouted "what…………. Armaan tum tum chode mujhe" "nahiin basket" was armaans instant answer to riddhima. "armaan tum hadh karte ho" said riddhima seeing into armaans eyes in return armaan kissed riddhimas cheek "vo hadh tha toh yeh kyat ha basket" riddhima was in ultimate confusion what to answer to such an silly question and if she answers him back it will only increase the argument or rather their bickering so she just tried hard to get free from armaans hold in return armaans grip was just tightening finally riddhima gave up and said "tum tum pagal ho"


"Basket decide kar lo mien hadh karta hun ya pagal hun" riddhima's irritation level was just increasing how many silly questions will armaan ask her she was thinking. Before riddhima could say anything she felt armaans lips on her for few seconds she protested back tried to push him but with the passion he was kissing her made riddhima respond back to him with equal force.

When armaan realised riddhima is responding back so he broke his kiss and said "pagal toh kuch bhi kar sakta hai hain na" (armaan winked saying this line to riddhima) riddhima blushed at his statement and again armaan kissed riddhima


Some one unkown who didn't knew whose in fire escape opened the door………………………………………





Coming up


1. Armaan riddhima caught?

2. Unknown person?

3. Interns finally start their rehersals

4. Seniors remember old days while rehersaling.




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shonadesire IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 February 2011 at 8:31am | IP Logged
hey srishti
awesome partClapClapClapStar.........................
loved it sooooooooooooo muchSmile.............
AR scene too goodBig smile..............
thanks for pmSmile
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue soon

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