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DMG: Ab Kya Hoga (AR FF)new thread (Page 73)

felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 February 2011 at 3:29pm | IP Logged

awesome update

loved it

loved AR and AA

reminds me of the old days

cant wait 4 da next part

con soon

thanks 4 da pm

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VaaniBhandari Senior Member

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Posted: 25 February 2011 at 5:55am | IP Logged
wonderful update
brought bak sum really great memories
miss AR & the whole gang sooo much
thnx for the PM
continue soonSmile

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 February 2011 at 11:14am | IP Logged
hey every one thnk u soooooo much for all ur comments and suggestions. all ur suggestions has been taken into consideration majority wanted rahul muskaan back so to be very honest i had already planned their entry but it doesnt ends here rahul muskaan means fun so their entry will also be funny so please bare with next 3 or 4 updates for their return it would be funny thats a promiss.
since when they will enter for few updates fun will be more compared to romance so before that i am giving you all a dosage of romance of AR.
this was our DMG1 sometimes more romance with bit of fun ka tadka and sometimes more fun with bit romance ka tadka and i would follow the same. till then enjoy the small twist in AR's life though it will be solved soon so no tensions till then enjoy btw the twist might lead to a another funny twist.
as i said earlier intersting things to come up to spice up things hope u guys like it please do share your suggestions i will try to fullfill it as always.

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 February 2011 at 11:21am | IP Logged
Note: please read the note i have pasted just before this update.






"Toh vo din vapas bhi aa sakte hain" said armaan and every one just looked towards him with a blank face or rather with a question on their face as to what he meant by this statement. His statement made one thing clear something mysterious happening in armaans mind but the question was what? What was going in his mind was a million dollar question since armaans mind alway think of something exciting and something really funny so all were curious to know what was it? Riddhima couldn't resist her curiousness so she asked "kya matlab or kaise aa sakte hain" armaan looked towards riddhima with a smile on his face a smile which contained naughtiness something mischivious. "Basket kisne kaha ki hum vo shetaniyan phir se nahiin kar sakte?" said armaan except Anjali none could understand it. "oh like that" said Anjali and atul and riddhima stared at Anjali with a face which was demanding her to reply them back or rather explain what armaan meant.


"guys don't tell me tumhe samaj nahiin aya?" said Anjali and both atul and riddhima shook their head armaan had a smile seeing them shaking their head is disapproval. "Di please batao Na" said riddhima with utmost cuteness, her voice sounded like a baby whining for something. "Ridzy he meant ki hum log vapas se vahi sab shetaniyaan kar sakte hain like sending dr. kirti out with dr, shubhankar and gets a free time nd watch movie or go for some hangout."  Armaan was happy the way Anjali had explained them and instantly gave an answer "right anjie". Riddhima and atul who now understood also started having goosebumps since their old masti and funny days were about to return. But something was missing something which made their gang incomplete; this thought brought a little sadness to riddhimas face which didn't go unnoticed by armaan.


"kya hua basket" asked armaan to riddhima "kuch nahiin" said riddhima with a low voice armaan knew something was definitely wrong with her so he insisted her again "batao na basket kya hua" this time riddhima knew she couldn't say any other excuse since armaan has understood something is wrong otherwise he wouldn't have forced her or asked her again with the same question. "Kuch logo ke bina vo masti or fun wapas nahiin aa payga" this statement again took all of them into deep thoughts that it is true they use to work as a gang and accordingly use to plan out the whole plan. This time only they 4 are here for this, and obviously the fun wouldn't be the same as it uses to be. But it was time they get to their original habit of being the most shararati people, so to cheer up every one armaan had to take the initiative as always "guys toh kya hua hum4 kisi se kum (less) hai kya?" to this every one shook their head by disapproving it. "then whats the delay for" saying this armaan kept his hand forward and expected people to pu their hand on his hand which always meant teaming up. Every one kept their hands on armaans hand and then raised it long with hooting "whoooohooo".



"So junior wait up to see your real seniors" said armaan and Anjali simply nodded her head "ab pata chalega ki hum kya chees hain" heaing all this riddhima thought these talks are hinting towards senior vs junior, and to maintain sanjeevni's discipline these kinds of fights wernt accepted "kya tum log seniors vs juniors soch rahe ho" and after hearing this Anjali spoke instantly "afcorse not ridzy per hum juniors se kam bhi nahiin hai" anjali's answer confused riddhima even more further and even atul. "kya tum log seniors vs juniors kar rahe ho" asked atul in an innocent manner and when he saw others faces he tried to speak again correctly he thought his question wasn't being understood so he tried speaking again but this time fumbeled since he lacked confidence on what he is speaking "ridz tum bhi…. Mera matlab…… tumhare kehna ka bhi yahi matlab tha na?" this time also every one had the shocked look but since atul targeted riddhima she replied "nahiin atul mere kehna ka matlab tha ki hope its not some jealousy war between seniors and juniors regarding whose best" after hearing riddhima atul understood what she was trying to say.



"oh acha samaj gaya ridzy" said atul with a sweet smile and seeing him smiling others too smiled and armaan while smiling nodded his head which meant somethings never change. Soon all of them retuned back to present and started talking about their past masti and fun and laughed out like there was no tomorrow. They were smiling and laughing like this after a long time and it was worth it. They truly felt as if they are gone back in the history while remembering all those days by traveling through some time machine.






Where seniors were enjoying talking about their past juniors were more interested in talking about their dress rehersal that was going to be today in the auditorium. With loads of hard work and with conflicting ideas they had managed to prepare a performance for the function. While preparing it also they had huge fights and heated arguments but at the end they finally managed to prepare a performance which they could show it to dr. kirti and dr. shashank. Finally they wouldn't have to apologise for not preparing nor would give their wrong impression to seniors.



Every one who were sitting were really excited about the dress rehersal "finally we will show our performance" said max who was more than happy than any one else since he was the one to take the permission for performing and he didn't really wanted to face a regret for this decision. "ya finally" said priya with a sigh of relief. "Thanks to dr. armaan agar vo 2 din nahiin mangte hamare liye toh pata nahiin kya bolte hun" said nazuk to which every one nodded their head in agreement. Yes it was armaan who was the one to extend their time of rehersal otherwise they all were doomed didn't knew what to do or say or how to come out of this situation. They were new out here so didn't wanted to spoil their impression. Since according to this new lot of interns first impression meant they would gain points and if they gain points they would be in the list of getting the best intern award.



What they forgot was that it isn't their medical college any more where impression on teachers work wonders in getting marks in the written exam, this is a practical place where they need to show their practical skills of handeling the patients. Since a doctor is the saviour he saves life and helps people with various deseases/problems, here mere impression won't work if they fail in treating a patient. So as it goes life is an experiencing field so these interns had to yet experience with the fact that here impression can not work at any cost what works is how good they are in treating a patient or hows their approach towards their work, their dedication, hard work, research on new medicines or methods is whats gona count and not their impression. Well every one learns this once reality is brought forward, the young generation might think they know every thing but not always it works some where down the line experienced people are needed for an advice. Same goes for these interns they need some one to guide them or to advice them the real thing which is gona work for them in getting their best intern award.



"When is the rehersals" asked ruhan "it's at 8 pm after our duties" said max and every one registered the time in their mind so that they arnt late and get a scolding. "And what time is seniors rehersals" asked priya since she wanted to see how seniors are performing and hows their performance. "I have no idea" said max since he actually didn't knew when seniors dress rehersals is. Dr. kirti and dr. shashank had made a point that none of the batch sees each others performance so they had come on a conclusion that they would first see the interns at 8 and then after 2 hrs that is at 10 they would see it for the resident doctors and would send the interns by that time so that they arnt in hospital to guess where are the resident doctors and trace them and end up seeing their performance before the actual one since it was a surprise for them so it better be like that only.



"kash hum seniors ki performance abhi dekh pate" said an enthusiastic priya after hearing that max didn't knew the timings of their dress rehersals. "Hain toh Hume pata chal jate ki voh kya perform kar rahe hain toh u know hum thode se improvisation kar pate" said max who still wanted to say or proof they are better than these seniors. But he didn't know one thing that he hasn't seen the real seniors, jab panga hoga tab pata chal hi jayga ki kaun kisse zyada mahir hai. Max was still underestimating his seniors since none of them have seen how seniors are once when they start their pranks and all then no one infront of them can actually survive. But this, seniors real identity was yet to come out in open.






After discussing their old and most beautiful day's atul and Anjali got a page saying they had an emergency in their respective duty areas so they left the place leaving armaan and riddhima alone. Riddhima was startled when armaan wrapped his arms around her waist from behind kissing her neck and then her cheek. As she turned around to stop him he pecked her trembling lips and grinned widely at her pale face. She glared at him with an astonished face and said "why do you have to do things at wrong time?" armaan's smile widened more with this statement of hers. "Wrong time ya place" said armaan to tease riddhima. Hearing this riddhimas mouth opened in shock and thinking this guys is seriously out of his mind or what at this moment also he can think of some funny answer "aahhh what ever per armaan seriously agar koi aa jata toh?" asked riddhima to armaan. "Toh aa jata waise bhi logo ko hamare baare main pata hai" said armaan while winking at the last word.



Riddhimas angerness was increasing to no limit but she still controlled it since she didn't want to shout or create any scene or fight between them any more. "Armaan this is not funny" said riddhima trying to make armaan realise that his shetani's can wait till they finish their duty hours atleast, if they are caught on duty then they will have to face the wrath of dr. kirti for negligence to their patients. But riddhima some where down the line did feel good such moments were the only moments to cherish life long and smile at them while remembering it then.


Soon riddhima was out of her thoughts when she heard her phone ringing. Armaan who was staring at riddhima cursed the caller for distracting their moment, above all it took him few minutes to create this atmosphere of romance and this caller spoiled it in just one second. Armaans face showed bit of frown which riddhima didn't notice since she was busy opening her locker for the phone. When she managed to open her locker and took out the phone to check who that person was she had a bit of shocked look on her face which was noticed by armaan. Seeing her shocked face armaan thought for second who it could be? Why ridddhima is shocked to see the callers name is she hiding something from him is something wrong or is riddhima in some problem all these thoughts were running inside armaans mind seeing her shocked face. But then he thought after the call he should ask her about it or not? But then thought riddhima would tell him before even he would ask her.



Meanwhile riddhima clicked on the accept button and started to speak "hi". After hearing hi from riddhima armaan again went to his thoughts that riddhima is pretty cool now she doesn't seemed shocked at all, who it could be again the same thought ran in armaans mind. He was getting curious to know who riddhima could be talking in such friendliness manner. "hows you" said riddhima and after that armaan noticed a smile on her face since she heard the callers reply now this was something unexpected she smiling and armaan doesn't know whom she is talking to. Armaan was slowly turning into a possessive boyfriend who wanted to know with whom his girlfriend is talking to who is that unknown person again thought armaan.To add up to armaans delimma riddhima moved away from him and started talking and armaan who is now away from riddhima cant hear her at all. Before he could here anything further he heard riddhima laughing and this brought a small frown on his face. He didn't knew what the hell is happening why riddhima isn't talking infront of him whats the need of her going away and talking not to forget she is laughing also.



Now armaan thought its time he ask riddhima who the caller is. "its enough" whispered armaan to himself and in few seconds he started walking towards her. Till the time armaan reached his was bit disspointed since he heard "bye see you soon" from riddhima. Till the time armaan reached riddhima had finished talking with the caller and all he could hear was a bye from her and see you soon "what she is going to meet that person" thought armaan in his mind. Now armaan really needed an answer from her who that person was, but thought I guess now she will tell me since she has finished talking.



Riddhima turned back and smiled at armaan this smile made armaan again think "now I guess she will tell me who it was?" but to armaans surprise she said "armaan tumhe kuch kehna hai" this statement did disappoint him since he thought she would tell him who the caller was but she didn't she was asking him that did he wanted to speak what the hell is going on why is she hiding this thought wasn't going to leave his mind till he knows the answer to his questions which were running in his mind.



"Mujhe laga ki tum kuch kehna ya batane wali ho" said armaan with utmost cuteness since he didn't wanted to show riddhima about his delimma so he tried being very innocent while speaking. "Nahiin armaan mujhe kuch nahiin kehna" this was a limit she is still hiding so armaan asked her directly "kaun tha phone pe basket" he didn't wanted to sound like a possessive boyfriend so he said it in a cute voice as if he is asking in general though from inside he was getting possessive who it was. "oh vo koi nahiin jaldi pata chal jayga" saying this riddhima left the locker room for her duty since it was time for juniors dress rehersals and resident doctors were suppose to be on duty. Unknown to her she left an confused armaan behind who thought he would get his answer but all she said was baad main pata chal jayga that's it nothing more?.  "Basket tumhe batana toh padega bach ke jaogi kaha abhi toh dress rehersal hain na" saying this armaan winked.






The juniors dress rehersals were on dr. kirti was sitting in the first row and seeing their performance, seeing that she had a smile on her face which statisfied the juniors that the performance was fine and not a bad one. Since this dress rehersal was a work of 2days and still they managed to perform well without any errors or forgetting of their steps, the coordination also seemed perfect though some fine tuning was required and they still had 1 more day for it that is tomorrow and its enough for them to do the fine tuning.



"Aap logo ki performance achi hai per" said dr. kirti after seeing the whole dress rehersal but stopped at per which was doing nothing but increasing interns curiousness. They waited for her comments…………..




Coming up

1.       Kirtis answer

2.       Seniors dress rehersal

3.       AR scene



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diyachill Senior Member

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possessive one

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KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 February 2011 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
awesome update
loved it
loved da old gang
cant wait 4 da returm on RM
more masti and pranks
loved AR
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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Rhea.KaJen Goldie

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Posted: 25 February 2011 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
Hey srishti!  I'm a new reader !
will read the whole thing and comment :)

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 February 2011 at 1:06pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by repercussion

Hey there! Sorry I didn't comment earlier...but nonetheless, words need not say what and awesome you are doing through this ff....Although you have preserved the old, beloved DMG flavor, I love the creative developments form your side...from the very beginning....Riddhima's jog to the orientation for nw interns where the old gang reunited gets me so are unbelievably awesome!AR's bickering and romantic time-outs, Armaan's naughty spirit and so much is back through this ff that we always hoped we'd see on DMG...alas...we couldn't even see them get married, only engaged thrice lol! I really hope the rest of the old gang....Abhi, Nikki, Rahul, Muski, Sapna ; our beloved patients - Nana, Minni, Gappu, Harsh and Daadu will also find a place in ur ff! Also, the fact that Anjali still behaves the same with Atul cracks me do you manage to bring bck the charm of DMG back into lives...Incredibly written...the ff finds a place amongst my favorites and I apologize for the extra-long reserved comment I had put up here! Although, the update process is slowing's worth the wait! Looking forward to much more from you...thnx fr the pm and pls include me on ur list! Have a great day ahead!
thnk u soooo much for this lovely comment
im glad u liked my ff
nd yeah suggestion taken slowly slowly u can expect people to return
nd i try my level best to update soon but in between due to exams
my speed did slow down but wont continue i will update regularlySmile

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