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DMG: Ab Kya Hoga (AR FF)new thread (Page 64)

ankitajain94 Goldie

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 5:07am | IP Logged

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 10:45am | IP Logged
 akufull2mad thnk u aakriti iam glad u liked it nd i have given u d credit lol 
Kajenaliya thnk u aliya sooo much
krazzy4armaan thnk u soooo much
kashndsel4eva thnk u soooomuch and ya hopefully every ones wishes to come true keep reading
ARMAANKSGFAN thnk u sooo much keep reading
friends_4dream thnk u sooo much keep reading
Riddss thnk u sooo much
qt4ever thnk u sooo much hope ur wishes come true and armaan is one in its kind hard to find perfect people
arshbest thank u sooo much well ab kya hoga only sugest suspense had to end on a suspense lol keep reading
ar.arsh hey hi Hugand good to hear your practicals were cool and thnk u soo much iam glad u liked it
ammyluvridzithnk u soooo much keep reading
shilpI007 thnk u sooo much iam glad u liked the song selection and the part keep reading
Simrangills thnk u sooo much iam glad u liked it keep reading
 amruta04 hey amruta iam really glad u liked this part keep reading
 prachi_mjht thnk u iam glad u liked it and said sweet keep reading
 jiyaa sure jiyaa di taken into consideration
deepsi iam really glad i lived upto ur expectation and u liked the update and my ff too thnk u sooo much keep reading
  Asra_KSG thnk u sooo much keep reading
 ankitajain94 thnk u soo much
thnk u once again for liking my ff Smile

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 10:48am | IP Logged
hope u like this update brings a smile on your face keep reading


[armaan started folding her dupatta and she had no option but to step backward and backward and finally armaan pulled her towards him and placed his eyes on her lips and moved forward to kiss her the distance was again of 5 cms armaan this time holded her hand so that she doesn't protest much riddhima finally gave up after trying hard to run away and kept coming closer the distance reduces from 5cms to 4 cms to 3 cms to 2 cms and finally 1 cms armaan wished now nothing stops him neither phone nor some'''''''''and after a few seconds their lips touched and riddhima closed her eyes further where as armaan got his meethai slowly riddhima started to njoy the moment it was new to her and for their relationship they kissed each other for another mins and broke since the phone had rung]

Armaan: abe yaar aur thodi der ke baad nahiin baj sakta tha

[hearing this sentence riddhima blushed while her face turned completely red and thanked inside her mind that it run otherwise she wouldn't come back to the present world and would have stayed like that for god knows how many sec/mins/hours]

[seeinf riddhima that now she is completely red while blushing to make her comfortable and to lighten the atmosphere he started it again]

Armaan: basket meethai itni buri bhi nahiin thi

[hearing this riddhima came out of her dreamy world and took a second to recollect things around her and she turned her face opp to armaan seeing that armaan hugged her from behind]

Armaan: hey basket iss meethai ke liye tumne mujhe pata nahiin kitna tarsaya tha hamesha tum lucky rahi aaj meri luck was at its best

Riddhima: armaan please (said with a blushing voice)

Armaan: kya basket new year pe bola toh tha agli baar no semi meethai ab tum bhool gayi toh mien kya karoo bhulakad

Riddhima: mien bhulakad armaan tum' tum chodo mujhe

[riddhima saying her words tried to remove armaans hand which were folded on her waist but he tightened the grip]

Armaan: basket chodne ke liye thoda pakda hai

Riddhima: armaan tum badmash ho

Armaan: acha

Riddhima: hain

Armaan: toh badmash ne badmashi kar li

[this sentenced made her realise again about their intimacy and their kiss again and had no words to continue further]

Armaan: basket ek aur dance ho jaye

Riddhima: armaan ek din main ek badmashi abhi chodo mujhe

Armaan: or ye kaunse rule book main likha hai

Riddhima: riddhima gupta ke rule book main

Armaan: basket this is not fair

Riddhima: tumne voh famous line nahiin suni armaan

Armaan: kaunsi line riddhima

Riddhima: everything is fair in love and war

[hearing this line armaan had a smile on his face and definitely some shararat was cooking inside him he turned riddhima and gave her a small kiss again. Riddhima was shocked with this behaviour and closed her eyes armaan soon parted off by saying"everything is fair in love and war you said yourself how am i not suppose to follow it" riddhima stood shocked and tried to recollect what happened and what he said and shouted" armaan you" and started running behind him to hit him (guess what tom and jerry started)

Finally armaan stopped and riddhima came and started hitting him on his shoulders and armaan stopped her by holding her hand from her wist and he looked into her eyes and the eye lock session began after few mins

Armaan: basket ek aur meethai dene ka irada hai

[hearing this riddhima came out of her thoughts and recollected the sentence he said and smacked armaan on his shoulders again and then both of them hugged each other. Then when they parted away armaan said to riddhima basket the "surprise hasn't finished yet" to which riddhima looked into his eyes with a question in her mind and the question was ab aur kya surprise bacha hai. Seeing in riddhimas eyes armaan understood her question as if her eyes were an open book which he could read easily after a reading her eyes he said " basket pakka meethai nahiin loonga phir se kuch aur hai" and saying this armaan winked which took riddhima into deep thoughts kiss ke alawa whats the surprise what else is pending

Riddhima: armaan can we go back home please

Armaan: basket itni jaldi kya hai

Riddhima: vo'vo''vo 12 bajne wale hain mumma ne kaha tha na ki

[before riddhima could continue armaan stopped her by putting his index finger on her lips which made her stop speaking while nervousness was increasing inside riddhima regarding the surprise]

Armaan: sshh basket abhi boht time hai fikur not hum time pe pohch(reach) jaynge

[riddhima ran out of excuses now she didn't know what to say how to go out of this place since after the kiss she was feeling embarrass to face armaan and his pending  surprise was increasing nervousness further. Now riddhima couldn't wait further the qy=uestion which was in her mind she wanted to know she needed the answer]

Riddhima: armaan kaisa surprise

Armaan: oye hoye basket apne surprise ke liye itni utawli (impatient) ho

[riddhima lowered her eyes since all this was increasing her embarrassment only and she wasn't in a position to face armaan for the day ]

Riddhima: utawli or mien nahiin toh armaan

[her eyes were moving left right but wernt looking straight in armaans eyes and armaan sensed something was wrong with riddhima]

Armaan: kya hua riddhima

Riddhima: kuch.. Kuch bhi toh nahiin

Armaan: basket mujhse jhoot bol rahi ho

Riddhima: nahiin armaan

Armaan: basket koshish mat karo sach bolo

Riddhima: sach main armaan kuch nahiin hai

Armaan: kya tum hamare beech ke kiss se pareshaan ho

[after hearing this riddhima raised her eye brows and looked into armaans eyes which were speaking volumes. Armaan sensed the problem now]

Armaan: sorry basket agar tumhe bura laga toh

Riddhima: sorry kyun bol rahe ho

Armaan: tumhe ajeeb laga isi liye

Riddhima: ajeeb toh lagega na pehli baar kiya hai per pata nahiin kyun armaan shaadi se pehle ye sab itni closeness

[after hearing this armaan understood riddhima didn't mind it but being a typical indian girl she found it bit embarrassing after few seconds he smiled]

Armaan: basket next surprise ka waqt aa gaya hai ab aisa mujhe lagta hai

Riddhima: surprise

[it reminded her of the pending surprise and hearing its about time she was eagerly waiting but at the same time was feeling nervous of what it could be]

[armaan walked upto the music player and played the song and went up to the end of the table]

(You And Will Be Together To The End Of TimeI Promise I'  Ll Never Let You Go Now That I Know You Love Me)- 2

Armaan bent down on his knees and took out a blackcard saying I LOVE YOU it brought a smile on riddhimas face

Chalu Main Tere Pichhe Pichhe Baaki Saare Bandhan Tod Du

Jo Tere Tak Na Jaaye Uss Raste Ko Chhod Du

Har Khaab Mera Ummid Meri Main Tujhae Jod Du


Armaan started walking towards riddhima and his hands were behind his back which, his hands were holding a plate which had red roses petal as soon as he was near riddhima he threw on her


(You And Will Be Together To The End Of Time

I Promise I' ll Never Let You Go Now That I Know You Love Me)- 2

Jud Gayi Jud Gayi Tujhse Yeh Meri Jindagi

Maine Toh Paayi Tujhamein Meri Har Khushi

Keh Gayi Keh Gayi Mujhse Khud Yeh Baatein Teri

Aksar Khayaalon Mein Hoon Tere Main Kahin

Dekhu Main Tujhe Lamaha Lamaha Har Pal Apne Sine Mein Rakhu

Har Subah Tujhse Milane Ki Chaahat Mein Main Jagu

Ik Tu Hi Toh Hai Honto Ki Hasi, Chehare Ka Noor Tu

Sab Rishte Naate Haske Tod Du

Bas Tujhase Dil Ka Rishta Jod Du, Jod Du

Sab Rishte Naate Haske Tod Du, Bas Tujhase Dil Ka Rishta Jod Du


Armaan then pointed towards a board which was kept in the garden with the remote he switched on the projector as soon as it was on it the 1st frame said "you are the most precious person in my life my love" second frame said "be with me forever and fill our life with fragnance" third frame said "my love for you is more than my life" fourth frame said "may you keep smiling cause your smile is mine" fifth frame said "I love you basket"

Seeing all this riddhima had tears n her eyes


Bas Gayi Bas Gayi Mujhamein Abb Hai Yeh Bas Gayi

Saanson Se Aaye Har Dam Khushabu Jo Teri

Chha Gayi Chha Gayi Mujhapar Yeh Jo Hai Chha Gayi

Badali Hai Shaayad Yeh Tere Ishq Ki

Yahin Hai Mere Dil Ki Hasrat Peharon Tujhse Baatein Main Karu

Ho Saari Baatein Tujhape Khatam Aur Tujhse Ho Shuru

Phir Waqt Bhi Yeh Ruk Jaaye Wahin Ho Jab Bhi Saath Tu

Sab Rishte Naate Hasake Tod Du

Bas Tujhse Dil Ka Rishta Jod Du, Jod Du

Sab Rishte Naate Hasake Tod Du, Bas Tujhse Dil Ka Rishta Jod Du

(You And Will Be Together To The End Of Time

I Promise I' Ll Never Let You Go Now That I Know You Love Me)- 2


Armaan moved towards riddhima after the presentation and saw tears in her eyes was little worried but thought he should continue his plan he went up to riddhima kissed her cheek where her tears were there and then bent down on his knees and took out a box opened it which had a ring a diamond ring and said "basket will you marry me


Hearing this riddhima was emotionless she didn't knew how to react whether be happy or be over excited or jump while showing her madness she didn't knew how to react so was standing their without any emotion i.e emotionless and armaan seeing her face couldn't judge her answer

Armaan: kya hua basket tum khush nahiin ho kya

Riddhima: armaan this is '..    (she had no words to express her feelings)

Armaan: this is what aage toh bolo

[some how riddhima recollected the moment and came back into the reality and saw armaan still sitting on his knees with the ring in his hand seeing that she smilled which was noticed by armaan and he relaxed thinking atleast she responded back]

Armaan: basket poora toh bolo

[riddhima who was still thinking and who was lost in her thoughts regained her strength to give her answer to armaan while shaking nervously completely]

Riddhima: armaan I LOVE YOU (said while blushing a lot)

[armaan stood up and looked in to her eyes filled with glory happiness without a second he hugged her as if he got his world another life after hearing this answer]

Armaan: I love u 2,3,4, raise to infinity

[Hearing this riddhima had a huge smile on her face]



[armaan looked at riddhima with passion in his eyes along with happiness since riddhima wore the ring given by armaan few mins back]



[armaan picked some rose petals from down and again threw on riddhima]



[armaan went behind riddhima and hid his face in riddhimas duppata to feel the same moments which he had with riddhimas duppatas]




[armaan held riddhima by putting his hand around her waist]



[armaan whiseped in  riddhimas ears YOU ARE MY LIFE]



[armaan turned riddhima and she was facing him armaan raised her hands and kissed the ring that riddhima was wearing]



[armaan looked at riddhima and kissed her on her cheeks]







[armaan then places his lips on hers and they kissed each other and showed how much they loved each other and had waited for these moments for soooo long]


soon they broke their kiss and looked into each others eyes

armaan: basket ab tumhari baari

riddhima: kaisi baari?

Armaan: miene tumhe propse kiya

[riddhima didn't let armaan complete the sentence and intervened by saying]

Riddhima: jo miene accept kiya

Armaan: porri baat toh suno basket

Riddhima: bolo

Armaan: miene tumhe propose kiya or apni girlfriend banaya per tumne kya kiya

[hearing this riddhima remembered their scene in the lift she had said the same thing but it was vice a verca (for those who cant make out remember the lif scene of kasu when she said miene apne pyaar ka izhaar kiya or tumhe apna boyfriend banaya per tumne kya kiya hope now you remember it) as she remembered this a smile was on her face]

Armaan: basket ab tumhari baari?

Riddhima: per mien apne pyaar ka izhaar kar chuki hun na armaan

Armaan: really kab kiya mujhe to yaad nahiin

Riddhima: armaan

Armaan: riddhima ab tum propse karo or mujhe apna boyfriend banao (said with a wink)

[Riddhima looked at him with a blank face which armaan couldn't judge]


Coming up

1.       Does riddhima propose armaan?

2.       Interns get scolding





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Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 11:34am | IP Logged
heyyy dear,
nice part
continue soon


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felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 11:37am | IP Logged

awesome update

loved it

cant wait 4 da next part

con soon

thanks 4 da pm



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saniashzadi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 12:00pm | IP Logged

really awesome update...

armaan is sooooooo sweet and cute...loved their lovely moments....

update nxt part soon



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ARCaskettFan Goldie

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 2:46pm | IP Logged
Awesum part!!!
luvd it!!!
wish it wud have happened 4 real
-.Kangan.- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 3:00pm | IP Logged
OMG.. awww.. what a cute scene! Embarrassed.. i can totally imagine it! Blushing.. something i always wanted to happen in DMG.. but stupids! Angry.. oh well lets not go there..LOL

awesome part.. loved it srishuu... Wink..

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