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DMG: Ab Kya Hoga (AR FF)new thread (Page 61)

ammyluvridzi Senior Member

Joined: 02 January 2010
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Posted: 29 January 2011 at 9:19am | IP Logged
Awesum part cont sun

ujala26 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 21 November 2010
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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 8:33am | IP Logged
luvly part....Embarrassed
cntinue soon....

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repercussion Senior Member

Joined: 06 January 2010
Posts: 660

Posted: 31 January 2011 at 12:36am | IP Logged
Hey there! Sorry I didn't comment earlier...but nonetheless, words need not say what and awesome you are doing through this ff....Although you have preserved the old, beloved DMG flavor, I love the creative developments form your side...from the very beginning....Riddhima's jog to the orientation for nw interns where the old gang reunited gets me so are unbelievably awesome!AR's bickering and romantic time-outs, Armaan's naughty spirit and so much is back through this ff that we always hoped we'd see on DMG...alas...we couldn't even see them get married, only engaged thrice lol! I really hope the rest of the old gang....Abhi, Nikki, Rahul, Muski, Sapna ; our beloved patients - Nana, Minni, Gappu, Harsh and Daadu will also find a place in ur ff! Also, the fact that Anjali still behaves the same with Atul cracks me do you manage to bring bck the charm of DMG back into lives...Incredibly written...the ff finds a place amongst my favorites and I apologize for the extra-long reserved comment I had put up here! Although, the update process is slowing's worth the wait! Looking forward to much more from you...thnx fr the pm and pls include me on ur list! Have a great day ahead!

Edited by repercussion - 25 February 2011 at 12:33pm

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amruta04 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 May 2009
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Posted: 31 January 2011 at 7:29am | IP Logged
hey sri
very nice update
loved it
do continue soon
take care and thanks for the pm.

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 22 March 2010
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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 10:32am | IP Logged
Riddss thnk u sooo much keep reading
kashndsel4eva thnk u iam glad u liked the part keep reading
saniashzadi armaan is d best undoubtedly lol thnk u keep reading
krazzy4armaan thnk u soo much and i wished the same but i guess destiny some how didnt wanted it anyways hope this ff keeps alive the magic keep readinf
 Ksg-Shona-JJ thnk u kangan i noe something we wished for which never happened and srishuLOL lol thnx fr d new name LOL thnk u soo much keep reading
 laizu thnk u sooo much iam glad u liked it keep reading
friends_4dream thnk u keep reading
arshbest iam glad u liked it and thnk u sooo much keep reading
vaaniKSGmallik thnk u sooo much for liking it keep reading and please update armaans basket soon
 deepsi thnk u sooo much for the lovely compliment i am glad i lived upto the expectation and it didnt fail and
guess its the KSG usse in person milne se chada hai..lollzz
 i feel the same lolEmbarrassed
shilpI007 thnk u sooo much for loving it iam glad u loved the part and my explaination along with it thank u sooo much d compliment keep reading
 prachi_mjht thnk u sooo much keep reading
 diyachill thnk u soo much
ARMAANKSGFAN  thnk u soooo much iam glad u liked the part and keep reading
qt4ever thnk u sooo much keep reading
ar.arsh hey hi wishing u fr u exams all d best and thnk u sooo much for liking my ff
Simrangills thnk u soooo much
simran45 thnk u sooo much im glad u liked it keep reading
jiyaa finally a comment i awaited di im glad u liked it thnk u sooo much
ammyluvridzi thnk u sooo much
 ujala26 thnk u soo much ujala keep reading
amruta04 thnk u sooo much im glad u liked it and keep reading

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 22 March 2010
Posts: 12827

Posted: 02 February 2011 at 10:33am | IP Logged


Armaan: riddhima ab tum propse karo or mujhe apna boyfriend banao (said with a wink)

[Riddhima looked at him with a blank face which armaan couldn't judge]

Armaan: riddhima iam waiting

[riddhima smiled and didn't knew what to do or say]

Riddhima: armaan mien kya karoo

Armaan: basket job hi karna hai karo miene propose kiya or tumhe apni girlfriend banaya ab tum mujhe apna boyfriend banao

Riddhima: per miene tumhe banaya na

Armaan: really kab mujhe nahiin yaad aa raha

Riddhima: armaan tumhari ring accept ki na

Armaan: basket tumne accept ki tabhi toh tum meri girlfriend bani per mien tumhara boyfriend nahiin bana kyunki tumne banaya hi nahiin (armaan winked at riddhima)

Riddhima: armaan tumhari yadaash kam hai kya

Armaan: nahiin kyun

Riddhima: yaad hai sabse pehle miene izhaar kiya tha

Armaan: oh vo OT wala jab miene tumhe 3 times I hate you bola tha

[riddhima was shocked hearing armaan]

Riddhima: um nahiin per jab mien tumhe manane panchgani ayi thi

[armaan remembered that and smiled]

Armaan: oh vo suicide wala

Riddhima: hain wahi wala

Armaan: wahan bhi I LOVE YOU miene pehle bola (armaan again winked at riddhima)

Riddhima: basket baal court main kiya jab I went down on my knees and proposed you

[armaan remembered and smiled but confused what to say now]

Armaan: hain per vo purana hai I mean past abhi phir se karo

[riddhima didn't knew what to do so she gave up and agreed to do something]

Riddhima: theek hai armaan  

[armaan had a smile on his face now seeing riddhima agreeing]



[Riddhima kissed armaan forehead which brought a smile on armaan face]



[she took her dupatta and placed it over their head]



[under her dupatta riddhima showed armaan the ring and kissed it]




[Riddhima kissed armaan and armaan responded back]



[Riddhima broke the kiss and whispered in armaans ears YOU ARE MY LIFE 2]



[Riddhima hugged armaan and armaan tighten the grip and raised her little bit form the ground and started taking rounds holding her in his arms]

After few mins armaan stopped and kept her down and was looking in her eyes continuously filled with happiness and passion before they could speak further riddhimas phone rang and both came out of their dreams and realised riddhima saw the watch and shouted

Riddhima: oh no iam late

[armaan too looked into his watch and realised it was already 12 and they had ro reach home by this time and which they haven't done it mean while riddhima walked upto the the table and saw her phone which was flashing moms call and she didn't knew what to answer her what reasons to give but picked up while being a scared]

Riddhima: hello mamma

Padma: riddhima beta kaha ho tum?

Riddhima: mamma vo… vo mien

Padma: vo mien kya riddhima its 12 in night you should be at home by now

[before riddhima could speak anything armaan took the phone from riddhima and spoke]

Armaan: aunty hum raste main hain bas thodi der main pohchne wale hain

[hearing these lines riddhima was shocked she didn't knew why armaan is lying and practically counting how much time they will take to reach home if they start immediately. What will she say to her mom how will she face the questions soon she came out of her thoughts as she heard armaan saying " ok bye we will soon be there" after saying this armaan walked towards riddhima who was staring at him as if she had tooo many questions in her mind which he needed to clear it out]

Armaan: kya hua riddhima

Riddhima: armaan tumne jhoot kyun bola

Armaan: what kaunsa jhoot

Riddhima: wahi ki hum thodi der main ghar pohch jaynge

Armaan: toh isme jhoot kya hai

Riddhima: armaan tumhe pata hain a ki hum agar abhi nikle toh kabhi bhi jaldi nahiin pohch paynge

Armaan: basket tention mat lo

Riddhima: kaise na lu wahan mamma meri wait kar rahi hai or phir mujhse hazaar sawal poochengi mien un sab sawalon ka jawab kaise doongi tum.. tum kuch samaj kyun nahiin rahe ho

[riddhima said this in one continuous breath and armaan just heard her saying all this trying to understand her problem]

Armaan: basket just chill abhi bhes (argue) karne se koi faida nahiin chalo lets go

[hearing this riddhima realised there is no point in arguing this will only add up to the delay nothing more than that so she nodded her head and went to take her purse which was kept on the table mean while armaan took the car out and when riddhima came drove towards riddhimas house. During the journey both armaan and riddhima had smile on their faces while remembering the most beautiful moment of their life which went perfectly perfect. Riddhima was staring at her ring which armaan gave her just few minutes hack. She still couldnet believe her self wanted to pinch herself but armaan sitting next to her she felt it wont be a good idea so hence dropped it but the smile on her face didn't go unnoticed by armaan seeing her armaan was over the moon. Remembering his meethai the smile just broadened rather than decreasing he couldn't believe that they had actually kissed. Now their relationship had moved a step ahead. During their journey riddhima didn't look at armaan was just lost in her own dream world. Every moment spent today seemed like dream come true to her she was over whelmed by how armaan managed the evening how he propsed her and in return she was made to propose him. Over all the date had fun masti romance cute moments, such days can be remembered all her life, this day was now close to her heart and will remain one.]

Armaan: riddhima ghar aa gaya hai

[riddhima who was lost in her thoughts came out of it after hearing armaan and she couldn't realise the whole journey was covered and they didn't even talk for a single second. The whole journey she was lost in her thoughts and forgot to talk.]

Riddhima: thank you armaan

Armaan: thank you for what?

Riddhima: for making this day the most memorable one

[after hearing this armaan had a huge smile on his face finally she said something she liked it she loved it all this armaan said to himself. He couldn't stop himself from hugging riddhima. He hugged her tight in return riddhima held him tight. Soon they parted as it was getting late and riddhima had to go back home and this thought brought back her fear of what reply she will give to her mother what questions will be asked will she have an answer to all or will she be scolded for coming soo late in the night. Armaan had noticed this fear so he asked her "basket mien chalu saath" riddhima looked at armaan and nodded her head. She thought if armaan would be there he might help her to handle the situation. Since in future they will be together and will have to face the situation together why not start today only. Both walked upto the entrance door armaan rang the bell mean while riddhima took a deep breath and mentally prepared herself for facing the questions. Soon the door was opened by Anjali. Seeing Anjali riddhima gulped her saliva down since it was time to answer the questions but to her surprise Anjali hugged her and said congratulations. Shocked riddhima looked at armaan who was smiling Anjali then looked at armaan and said "ab meri behn ko kabhi pareshaan mat karna otherwise I wont leave you" hearing this armaan had a wide smile on his face and Anjali and armaan hugeed. While hugging Anjali armaan whispered "sure anjie" which brought a smile on anjalis face as well. Riddhima was just staring at them trying to comprehend/understand what is going on rather than asking her questions her sister is congratulating her and hugging her.]

Armaan: anjie wont you call me inside the house or you want me to go from outside only

Anjali: as you wish armaan

Armaan: you mean you wont call me in

Anjali: I never said that I meant what ever you wana think, think that

[armaan started walking inside along with Anjali but soon realised riddhima is still standing outside with a confused or rather a shocked face. Armaan walked back and said "basket chale" riddhima came out of her shock moment and said "hun ….. hain hain chalo" then armaan and riddhima walked in. padma came out of her room hearing Anjali armaan and riddhima's laugh. Anjali saw her mom and greeted her "hey mom" both armaan and riddhima looked at her and riddhima who was laughing till now had a complete opposite face. Padma walked upto them and said "congratulations beta" riddhima looked at her mom and thought does she knows about armaan proposing her just like Anjali. She couldn't control her question "mom apko pata hai" Padma looked at her curious daughter and smiled and said "hain beta armaan ne hi bataya" now this made riddhima look at armaan with a angry face seeing dat face armaan said to himself ab toh tu gaya beta riddhima tujhe kacha chaba degi he kept his hand on his cheeks thinking riddhima would slap him. Where as on the other hand riddhima was thinking armaan told them when how if armaan was with her all the time then how he managed to tell them how did he managed to speak with them how come she didn't hear or see it. she left aside these thoughts and thought she would ask him later right now njoy the moment with her family. Thinking about family she thought does shashank also know about todays evening, how will she face her father if he knows it but then thought he isn't at home today how would he come to know but if di and mom have come to know about it then theres every possibility for shashank to know about it but then ridhdima thought she would leave it until he ask her and started enjoying the conversation which armaan Anjali and her mom were having. After a while armaan left the gupta house and proceeded towards his and the night passed away with beautifull memories and cutest moments ever]


Riddhima entered sanjeevni and air started blowing she had a glow on her face which she never had. Her smile was so beautiful which didn't go unnoticed by people who passing by her. Soon she reached the locker room where she found armaan sitting on the bench seeing him she had a blush on face her cheeks went red while remembering the kiss they had last night more over she couldn't imagine that she went ahead and she still didn't had a problem with nor felt bad like always she never stopped him as well may be it was the right moment or the perfect day. She walked towards armaan mean while armaan stood up and both were staring at each other though in between riddhima's eyes were moving round nf round since she was feeling shy to look into his eyes soon their eye lock session was interrupted by the interns.

Max: hi dr. armaan and dr. riddhima

[both armaan and riddhima looked towards him and greeted him back by saying hi to him though somewhere deep inside armaan hated him for interrupting their eye lock session or rather a romantic session but ignored it cause he was in no mood to spoil his mood today since yesterdays hangover wasn't finished yet. After greeting their juniors armaan and riddhima left the locker room]


[dr. kirti was waiting for the juniors to come since seniors were suppose to practice for the freshers day they were already informed regarding their duties but dr. kirti's anger was increasing minute by minute surely interns were gone today she said to herself. After few seconds only interns came and dr. kirti looked at them with anger]

Priya: aaj toh marr gaye

Nazuk: aaj late hog aye dr. kirti boht gusse main lag rahi hain

Max: ab toh bhagwaan hi bacha sakta hai

Ruhan: sahi kaha max


Coming up

1.       Interns punishment

2.       Seniors rehersals

3.       Juniors lie

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prachi06 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 10:45am | IP Logged
awesome part

continue soon

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saniashzadi Goldie

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 11:04am | IP Logged

nice update....

both AR r gr8 and there love is out of this world...

update nxt part soon



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