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DMG: Ab Kya Hoga (AR FF)new thread (Page 61)

deepsi Groupbie

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 7:44am | IP Logged

a relief to my nusy montonous schedule would be ur next part...armaan riddhima ---lalalalala

m in my dream world again...

maine kafi hopes lagi rakhi hai next part se...jaldi update karna madam..:)Dancing

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ujala26 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 9:04am | IP Logged
wow srishti.
it ws a luvly update.Embarrassed
luvd it...Embarrassed
luv AR.Embarrassed.
continue soon.....

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-Arushi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 4:48am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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prachi06 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 4:49am | IP Logged
hey, just read all parts, they were aazing

thanx for pm

continue soon

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 9:52am | IP Logged
saniashzadi_10 thnk u soooo much nd keep reading nd also thnk u for d previous complement thnk u sooo much for dat
blessing-beauty thnk u soooo much naaz keep reading
vidu87 thnk u sooo much and its ok how was ur exams hope they went well nd i am gladu liked the previous parts
 qt4ever thnk u sooo much iam glad u liked this part very much
 jiyaa thnk u soooo much jiyaa di
poornima-thnk u poornima nd keep reading
kashndsel4eva thnk u soooo much nd keep reading
ARMAANKSGFAN thnk u sooo much iam glad u liking the ff keep reading
laizu thnk u iam glad u liked my ff nd keep reading
Simrangills thnk u soooooo much keep reading
 arshbest thnk u sooo much and the next part would be more longer keep reading
 amruta04 thnk u soooo much amruta keep reading
friends_4dream thnk u sooo much
simran45 thnk u sooo much keep reading
 shilpI007 true interns samjte hain per hain nahiin nd iam glad u liking me ff keep reading
 ammyluvridzi keep reading
akufull2mad thnk u aakriti iam really happy u liked this part hope u like the next one as well keep reading
deepsi thnk u soo much hope i really live up to ur expection keep reading
ujala26 thnk u sooo much ujala keep reading
ar.arsh thnk u sooo much nd its k iam glad u liked them and how was ur paper hope they went really well
prachi_mjht thnk u sooo much iam glad u liked them and welcome nd keep reading

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 10:18am | IP Logged
NOTE: my only intention is too keep original dmg's magic alive and retain the character as they were hope u like it and this part bring back the sweetest memories of AR.
this one s a longer update according to me though hope u like it and please tell me how was the update.
since i met ksg last monday so its been 1 week now so sharing my happiness with this update hope u really like it and i dont dissapoint any one.
credit for the song: i sugsested and approved by aakriti nd sanyaSmile
 sorry for not asking i wanted to keep a surprise frm next time i will surely askSmile
Dedicated to AR's love magic


[Riddhima came back home from a most tirring day she had 1 surgery before coming which was complicated and took hours for her to do the surgery which made her drained out but while coming back she was undecided about going on to the date since the day had been one of the most tiring one so thought she would ask armaan to postpone their date for a day or two but when she entered her home she was shocked to see that Anjali and Padma were sitting and having a chit chat session she went up to them]

Riddhima: mamma kya batien ho rahi hain

[hearing riddhimas voice both of them looked at her]

Anjali: ridz acha hua tu aa gayi

Riddhima: kyun I mean kya hua di

Padma: kuch nahiin beta jao jake tyaar ho jao

[Riddhima who was shocked with this didn't knew how to react was her family going out for some dinner or party she was about to cancel armaans date for relaxing and now she would have to do this one as well]

Riddhima: kyun mamma

Anjali: jaldi se tyaar ho ja ridz warna armaan aa jayga

[Riddhima stood in astonished after anjalis words she felt as if the floor on which she is standing has vanished and she is about to fall]

Riddhima: armaan ( trying to behave innocent as if she didn't knew anything regarind it)

Padma: hain beta jaldi tyaar ho jao armaan ata hi hog

Anjali: ridz tu kitni lucky hai papa aaj hi delhi chale gaye kal subha aynge

Riddhima: lekin mamma mera mann nahiin kar raha

[saying this Riddhima sat on the sofa with her foleded hands, Anjali and Padma were shocked by her behaviour]

Anjali: kya hua ridz

Riddhima: di after todays tiring day mera mann nahiin kar raha

Padma: Riddhima beta kaam toh roz hi hota hai per aise mauke roz nahiin ate armaan ne kitni mehnat ki hai

Anjali: hain ridz you have to go. Go get ready

[Riddhima was soo much pressurised by her mother and sister that she had no option but to agree to go on a date with armaan she went to her room to get ready]

[suddenly a bell rang in the gupta house Padma went and opened the door]

Padma: tum aa gaye armaan beta

Armaan: ji aunty kya Riddhima tyaar hai

Padma: pehle andar aao beta

[armaan entered the house and his eyes were searching for Riddhima that where is she and then came Anjali who looked at armaan who was wearing a black coat with a red T-shirt and black pants completely in formals perfect for a date looking handsome Anjali couldn't stop starring at armaan armaan who could feel her eyes on him smiled away and went up to her]

Armaan: basket ne dekh liya na toh mujhe maaregi

[anajli after hearing armaan came out of her dis illusional world and smiled on her own action]


[Padma entered riddhimas room and was aghast to see her daughter who was looking amazingly beautiful today]

Padma: Riddhima beta boht khoob soorat lag rahi ho

Riddhima: thank you mamma

Padma: jaldi karo armaan wait kar raha hai

Riddhima: armaan aa gaya mamma

Padma: hain beta and he is waiting for you down stairs

Riddhima: mamaa bas 5 mins aur please

Padma: theek hai mien bata doongi usse jaldi ana

Riddhima: ji mamma

[Padma left riddhimas room to tell armaan about the delay that her daughter was making where as Riddhima hurried on her make up stuffs started putting her kajal earings compaq etc she was continuously looking at the mirror whether she is looking good or not that's what she was thinking every time she looked in the mirror by now it was 15 mins up and heard a voice "Riddhima beta jaldi karo 15 mins ho gaye" hain hearing this Riddhima just quickly looked at the mirror for the last time combed her hair and started walking towards the hall]

Armaan who was waiting patiently for Riddhima to come down was getting angry slowly and steadily since he had arrived her placve by 9:40 as he informed her and right now its 10 and she hasn't yet come down from her room Anjali was siting infront of the tv and watching some movie Padma aunty was working in the kitchen preparing dinner for Anjali and herself. By now armaan was completely irritated by the fact that Riddhima hasn't come down and was moving left right murmering to himself"aaj toh basket gayi she better pay for this waiting business"

 when he turned to move back he heard some voices of payal he understood Riddhima is aout to come so he decided he would keep an angry look and trouble her a lot but soon when he saw Riddhima his face had a wide smile with a tinch of blushness since he had seen riddhima who was looking her best in a red sari "sauce wala laal" murmered armaan. On one hand she had armaans kada where as on the other hand she had some silver bangles around her hand. A small silver white bindi and white colour danglers hanging down from her ears armaan was totally taken a back by seeing riddhima in this avatar and many thoughts rushed in his mind.]

Padma: aa gayi tum armaan kitni der se wait kar raha tha

Riddhima: sorry mamma (said with a blushing smile since armaan was staring her)

Anjali: wao ridz you look ausum hain Na armaan

[Riddhima and armaan both blushed where as riddhima spoke cause armaan after seeing her wasn't in present for sure]

Riddhima: thank you di

Padma: acha ab jao boht late ho gaya hai

Armaan: ji aunty

[Armaan and riddhima started moving towards the door when Padma said something]

Padma: armaan beta time pe vapas aa jana

Armaan: fikur not beautiful

[This gave Padma an assurance that her daughter will be back on time both armaan and riddhima moved outside the gupta house and towards armaans car. Before riddhima could enter armaan held her wrist and pulled her closer to him and said" basket lots of surprise waiting for you and you look beautiful hard to control my self" (armaan winked) hearing this riddhima smiled and blushed. After few seconds thought surprise whats gonna happen what has he planned. Suddenly she was brought back into present when she felt armaan had kissed her on her cheek armaan was shocked to see her shocked look and couldn't wait but ask "kya hua" to which riddhima replied kuch nahiin was just thinking about the surprise. "oh sooo some is very desperate for her surprise hun" saying this armaan winked at her. Soon riddhima sat inside the car and armaan drove the car to the destination where he had planned a grand surprise for her]

When they reached the place armaan tied a black cloth on riddhimas face and she who was scared and shivering held armaans hand tightly and followed him as he asked her to. After walking for a while they stood still she guessed it that she has finally reached her spot and her anxiety was increasing along with her heart beat. Armaan slowly unfolded her blindfold and she was dumstruck seeing the site in front of her

[they were near a beach house and the garden of the house was decorated and tent was put up with a table in centre surrounded by flowers of riddhimas choice and candle was kept on the table and tent on edges had the small colourfull lights the whole passage from, where riddhima was standing had red carpet till the table. The cool breeze which was rushing from the sea near by made riddhimas hair fly and since armaan was standing right next to her a bit behind, her hair was on his face due to which he closed his eyes and lived the moment. Mean while riddhima was astonished to see such a beautifull sight in front of her didn't notice about her hair being on armaans face she moved forwards towards the tent which broke armaans moment and when he saw her moving forward he followed her with a huge smile on his face]

Riddhima: its beautiful

Armaan: tumhe pasand aya basket

Riddhima: I loved it armaan thank you sooo much

[with this riddhima have a kiss on his forehead and then sat on the table where both were staring at each other. Quicky armaan opened a shampain for both of them and gave her a glass and kept one for himself. After drinking the shampian both ate food which was cooked by armaan himself for his lady love riddhima]

Riddhima: armaan ye khana kisne banaya hai

Armaan: or kisne afcorse the best cheuff ever

Riddhima: who

Armaan: basket mien or kaun

Riddhima: armaan please hun tell me seriously

Armaan: seriously miene banaya hai

Riddhima: armaan jhoot mat bolo

Armaan: basket mien jhoot nahiin bol raha you don't trust me

Riddhima: aisa nahiin hai per pehle jab bhi tumne banaya hai usme or isme boht farak hai

Armaan: basket over the time I have learnt cooking (said with a smiling face)

Riddhima: agar tumne banaya hai toh boht acha hai I loved it

[soon they started eating the food and riddhima ate the food much than her capacity cause she loved the food today. After a while armaan with a naughty mind asked her for dance in a typical style by sitting on his knees and forwarding his hand to which riddhima smiled and nodded her head saying yes and gave her hand in his hand. Armaan slowly got up and started moving towards the side of the tent which was kept for dancing. Armaan with a remote switched on the player and played the play button

Pehli Nazar Mein

Kaise Jaado Kar Diya

Tera Ban Baita Hai

Mera Jiya               

Jaane Kya Hoga

Kya Hoga Kya Pata

Is Pal Ko Milke

Aa Jee Le Zara

[Armaan put his hand around her bare waist and pulled her closer to himself giving her shiverings from top to bottom]     


Mein Hoon Yahan

Tu Hai Yahan

Meri Bahon Mein Aa

Aa Bhi Ja

O Jaan-E-Jaan

Dono Jahan

Meri Bahon Mein Aa

Bhool Ja Aa

[both staring in each others eyes and lost in their dream world armaan tightened his grip and losing his self control since riddhima is soo close to him]


O Jaan-E-Jaan

Dono Jahan

Meri Bahon Mein Aa

Bhool Ja Aa

[armaan twirled riddhima and now he back was resting on armaans chest and armaan put his face on riddhimas shoulder]


Baby I Love U, Baby I Love You, Baby I Love You, Baby I Love You ' So..

Baby I Love U

Oh I Love U

I Love U

I Love U So

Baby I Love U

[armaan nuzzled her neck with his nose and slowly removed her haid and placed a soft kiss on her right neck to which riddhimas head bent towards right with shyness]


Har Dua Mein Shamil Tera Pyaar Hai

Bin Tere Lamha Bhi Dushwar Hai

Dhadhkon Ko Tujhe Se Hi Darkar Hai

Tujhse Hai Rahtein

Tujhse Hai Chahtein

[riddhima turned her self and looked into armaans eyes and armaan again held her bare waist and pulled her closer to himself]


Har Dua Mein Shamil Tera Pyaar Hai

Bin Tere Lamha Bhi Dushwar Hai

Dhadhkon Ko Tujhe Se Hi Darkar Hai

Tujhse Hai Rahtein

Tujhse Hai Chahtein

[armaan kissed her on her right cheek first and then left cheek]


Tu Jo Mili Ek Din Mujhe

Mein Kahin Ho Gaya Lapata

(O Jaan-E-Jaan

Dono Jahan

Meri Bahon Mein Aa

Bhool Ja Aa ) '.. 2

[armaan went near her ear and whispered I love you and and kissed her ear lobe to which riddhima closed her eyes to absorb the moment]


(Kar Diya Deewana Dard-E-Kash Ne

Chain Cheena Isqh Ke Ehsaas Ne

Bekhayali Di Hai Tere Pyaas Ne

Chaya Suroor Hai

Kuch To Zaroor Hai) '.. 2

[armaan again twirled her and her back was resting on armaans chest and he sensuously moved his hand on her hand from top starting from shoulder to her palms]


Yeh Dooriyan

Jeene Na De

Hal Mera Tujhe Na Pata

(O Jaan-E-Jaan

Dono Jahan

Meri Bahon Mein Aa

Bhool Ja Aa) '.. 2

[riddhima realising the proximity between them she tried to run away but armaan grabbed her wirst in nick of time and she truned back urging him to let her go from here but armaan pulled her close to himself]


Baby I Love U, Baby I Love You, Baby I Love You, Baby I Love You ' So..

Baby I Love U

Oh I Love U

Baby I Love U

I Love U' ....

[armaans eyes were on riddhimas lips now and she understood that armaan moved forward to kiss herand she closed her eyes]


 as soon as the distance between their lips were 5 cms the song finished and riddhima opened her eyes and pushed armaan back and tried to run away but armaan caught her saari ka dupata tightly

Riddhima: armaan dupatta chodo

Armaan: basket meethai bina nahiin

Riddhima:meethai (she was shocked to hear meethai and confused too)

Armaan: new year yaad hai last time semi meethai se kaam chalaya tha aaj nahiin mien apni meethai lekar hi rahoonga

Riddhima: armaan choda na please (said while blushing)

Armaan: nahiin basket aaj meethai toh chahiye hi chahiye

[armaan started folding her dupatta and she had no option but to step backward and backward and finally armaan pulled her towards him and placed his eyes on her lips and moved forward to kiss her the distance was again of 5 cms''''''''''''''

Coming up

1.       Did armaan and riddhima kissed

2.       The romantic date continues

3.       Armaan surprises riddhima

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Hazel-eye Goldie

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 10:38am | IP Logged
Maza aa gya..waise dis Pehli nazar mein was suggested by me n sanya!!!!

n yeh CM's kya hai re....????
I don't lyk dis cm's please

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Alu- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 11:17am | IP Logged
ROFFL aakriti is taking credit
Lol cute part

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