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DMG: Ab Kya Hoga (AR FF)new thread (Page 134)

youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 April 2011 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ar.arsh

lovely update di............................Clap
thanx for the pm di

thnk u sooo much
glad to noe u loved this updateEmbarrassed

youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 April 2011 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by simran45

finally i m back lol to comment
well as usual u had improved lot shrish the cake fight is best n shahshank is alos in the fight hahaha i love ths
good part i like it lot
thnk u sooo muchSmile
glad to noe u loved this updateEmbarrassed
mimee0991 Senior Member

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Posted: 13 April 2011 at 12:18pm | IP Logged
pls update

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 April 2011 at 4:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MatreeluvKajen

Srishti Aweessoommme Part <33 Loved it Totally !! And I Loved How ArmaanRiddhima shared a really intimate moment and then he teased her<33 Awwww So Cute!! Please cont asap...Loved it!

hey maitree thnk u sooo muchSmile
glad to noe u loved the part
nd esp AR sceneEmbarrassed
Originally posted by shilpI007

hey Srishti
awesome part dearClapStarClapStar
loved it soooooooo much
cake fight was amazing.........remind me DMG cake fight..........but i think now this time result will oppositeWink.........shanky ki punishment is baar kuch alag hogi
thanks for pm
plzzzzzzzzz continue soon

ohhh yeah ALL D BEST FOR EXAM.........KEEP ROCKINGGGGGGThumbs UpThumbs Up
hey shilpa thnk u soooo muchSmile
glad to noe u loved the part
esp the cake fight Embarrassed
nd what if i say its gona be a shocker thng frm shankys sideWinkLOL
Originally posted by prachi_mjht

loveliest update yaar

loved it

thanx for pm

continue very soon
 thnk u sooo much Smile
really happy to noe dat u Embarrassed
found d part one of d loveliest one
Originally posted by saniashzadi

hey dear...
awesome update u recreate dmg yar...always made me nostalgic ...lovely update...update nxt part soon

thnk u sooo muchSmile
i guess i miss dmg a lot may b thats y while writing
also i think abt dmg nd what ever i type cums out to b like dmgBig smile
nd glad to noe u found part ausumEmbarrassed
Originally posted by Ridss

nice part
continue soon

thnk u sooo muchSmile
glad to to noe u found it niceEmbarrassed
Originally posted by redprincess

awesome part....update soon....
thnk u sooo much Smile
glad to noe u found it ausumEmbarrassed

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 April 2011 at 4:47am | IP Logged
hey frnds as i had told u my exams hav started i have managed to write a part [80% writen] have a paper tomorrow will cum back and complete the part since next paper is on tuesday and after completing the part will post it as soon as possible till then njoy the promo
my frst promo ever for this ff
"ab toh gaye seniors"
"Mujhe nahiin lagta see he hasn't yet reacted"
"What the hell shashank tu aise kaise kar sakta hai yaar"
"array yaar yeh sir ne toh kamaal hi kar diya mujhe nahiin pata tha ki sir aisa bhi kar sakte hain"
"nana kya bol rahe ho miene nahiin atul ne pheka hai"
"armaan sir yeh kya tha"
"koi nahiin anjy basket ko manane main boht maza aat hai '''' wait mien aata hoon"
this was the promo will update tomorrow

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mimee0991

pls update
will update by tom morning (acc to IST) Smile
29priya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 April 2011 at 3:23am | IP Logged
nice promo..........

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 April 2011 at 10:34am | IP Logged
hey guys sorry i had told u i wud update on friday evening after coming back from the exam but i couldnt manage to complete the part then hope u all had seen the promo on pg 134Smile 
mimee0991 i was trying to send u a pm but it was showing iam nt allowed to send pvt msg to u i dont noe y plzzz recheck ur settings so that next time i am able to send u a pm fr d updateSmile
thank you to all the silent readers
njoy reading





 When they saw a piece of cake landing on shashanks face they were stunned firstly he didn't react to all this didn't tried to stop it and secondly a cake on his face who dared to do that they gulped down their saliva seeing shashank standing and looking at Padma billy and ananya they thought something is worst coming up and looked into that direction where as seniors wernt bothered they were contining their cake fight.  "ab toh gaye seniors"said priya who knew dr. shashank possess lots of anger and once he bluters it out no one can speak infront of him. "Mujhe nahiin lagta see he hasn't yet reacted" said nazuk who thought if shashank was angry he would have shouted at the same moment when the cake fight had started right now it would make no sense. Though she was true in her mind but still she had some doubts: that's why while speaking her voice was bit low.




"Kisne kiya yeh" shouted shashank but others were soo engrossed in their happiness that hardly any one heard him. He looked at three people and the piece of cake which he had in his hand threw it billy. Now it was a shocker for Padma ananya and billly where as the gang which was busy with the cake fight stopped hearing billy's voice. "What the hell shashank tu aise kaise kar sakta hai"shouted billy and other looked at towards them with a shock the gang couldn't believe their eyes. They couldn't digest the fact that shashank the shashank gupta did this. Muskaan mouth was left open and spoke "array yaar yeh sir ne toh kamaal hi kar diya mujhe nahiin pata tha ki sir aisa bhi kar sakte hain" others just nodded their head. "Di papa aisa kar sakte hain"asked riddhima who herself was shocked with her fathers behaviour she in her wildest dream hadn't thought about shashank doing something like this. Anjali on the other hand was herself shocked and didn't know how to answer riddhimas question. Armaan and Rahul just looked towards each other with shocking faces.




After few seconds they heard shashank laughing pointing his hands towards billy and billy saw ananya giggling at him he took a piece and rubbed it on ananyas face while saying "tumhe badi hassi aa rahi hai". Ananya's anger rose even further she couldn't take it that billy had actually rubbed her face with the piece of cake.  "Billy"shouted ananya and billy gulped down his saliva due to fear armaan who was standing far away just shook his face. His parents will never change means never they will keep fighting for ever in their life.  Armaan from behind was trying to give hints to their parents for keeping shut but all his actions were going in vien none of them were looking towards him.  Ananya picked up the cake to throw at billy but to her bad luck he ducked behind him shashank ducked but Padma couldn't so the cake landed on her but none noticed it.  "Haha tumhara nishaana kitna kharab hai ananya"said billy while laughing shashank too was laughing while shaking his head as well. "Shashank" spoke Padma in a low voice when he turned he looked at her for few seconds and then burst out laughing.




Seeing them every one standing out there be it the hospital staff patients or resident doctors or the new interns were surprised by shashanks behaviour. Where as the gang was thinking differently they were elbowing each other and trying to convey things to each other through eyes. Soon every one nodded their head and had a huge meschivious smile on their face armaan said "1... 2... 3.... and go" the moment armaan said no the gang threw the cake pieces on shashank Padma and ananya billy. Interns mouth were left open they couldn't believe that their seniors were actually throwing cake on the head of sanjeevni that is shashank arnt they scared of the punishment they might get, since this was the only fear which was keeping them away from this cake fight. 




"What are you guys doing"shouted billy since they were continuously being bombarded with the piece of cake from them. "Billy enjoy" said armaan while winking. "Billy uncle maza aa raha hain a" shouted Anjali and muskaan in chorus. "Its billy .... Not uncle remember that" come billy's instant answer. Both the girls giggled while doing hi5. There came nana's commentary again "shashank pe hua hamla armaan ne pheka cake apne hi sasurji pe" hearing this armaan shouted "nana kya bol rahe ho miene nahiin atul ne pheka hai" while having a naughty smile hearing this atul who was busy throwing piece of cake on billy stopped and shouted "armaan mere bhai jhoot kyun bol raha hai miene kab pheka" atul looked at shashank and said "sir seriously miene nahiin pheka aap pe" before he could continue armaan threw a piece of cake on atul and spoke "jhoote" and looked towards shashank and said "sir seriously miene bhi nahiin pheka". Shashank was now hell confused whats going on but ignored it and started laughing seeing that both armaan and atuls mouth were left open. They didn't know what has happened to shashank why is he behaving so weird today. Shashank on the other hand was continuously laughing holding his stomach and seeing that Padma billy ananya were also confused.




Shashank picked up a piece and threw it on armaan and atul and shouted "kaha kho gaye boys"  and atul and armaan looked at every one and found every one was standing liking a stuatue and staring at shashank just like them. Armaan wanted to throw a piece of cake back on shashank but didn't what if he get angry currently seeing his changed behaviour every one is smiling and enjoying he didn't wanted to spoil it so he looked around and found juniors. He saw juniors were standing in one corner and none of them were having the effect to cake fight they were completely neat and clean he picked the piece and threw it on max.  max couldn't believe a piece of cake was there on his face he shouted back "armaan sir yeh kya tha" the gang got diverted and started laughing at max while doing hi5. Max didn't know how to react whether he should throw a piece of cake back on armaan or not then he thought no since he is assisting him what if he gives him less marks. He then saw nazuk laughing at him then he picked up a piece of cake and rubbed it on her face. "Max" shouted nazuk but she being a shy girl she didn't do anything rather trying to clean her face. Priya who didn't like it a bit picked up a piece and aimed at max but max ducked at the last moment and the piece of cake was on ruhans face. Ruhan didn't like it a bit and threw the piece of cake back on priya at one go. Soon juniors also started their own short cake fight.




Seeing juniors doing the cake fight brought a smile on the gangs face finally they are opening up that's all what was required from the interns.  Soon they started doing their own fight armaan who wanted to talk to riddhima about their fight walked towards riddhima "basket yaar meri baat toh suno" said armaan but instead of listening to armaan she just rubbed his face with cake and walked away. "This is not fair" shouted armaan "everything is fair in love and war remember" shouted riddhima immediately back. "Hhmmm basket wants to play so lets play it basket" thought armaan and smiled.  He heard nana giving the commentary again "juniors fighting amogst themselves and seniors fighting amongst them lagta hai seniors or junior's darte hain ek doosere se" this line of nana didn't go unheard by both seniors and juniors looked at each other. "nana apko seriously aisa lagta hai ki hum inse darenge" said Anjali who didn't like any one saying that they are scared of interns cause they arnt actually scared of any one.  "hain nana hum kisi se nahiin darte" said muskaan who also didn't liked the idea of being scared from these juniors. On the other hand juniors were feeling bit bad since even they arnt scared of them but since they are seniors that's why staying mum over this issue.




Armaan who understood where this talk might lead to hi picked up a piece of cake and threw towards and shouted "nana koi kissi se nahiin darta" and started laughing seeing this the rest of the gang also started throwing the cake on nana. Armaan shouted "hey interns throw cake on nana" and all the interns nodded since they were waiting for the right moment to take their revenge thought they knew they cant speak but throwing cake was a superb idea. "Apple tu dost hai ya dushman" screamed nana while the cake was hitting on his face his hair his shirt. Thus the moment was lightened up for the moment. Armaan after diverting the topic he looked around and saw Padma shashank billy and ananya enjoying themselves juniors hitting nana and amongst themselves also the gang was also hitting nana and amogst themselves seeing all this his eyes got bit moist since after a long time sanjeevni was looking sanjeevni.  The same sanjeevni when he had joined years ago but the only change was shashank who always punished them for all their mischivious today he actually been a part of it. Something which will never be discovered what made him do this.




After lots of hungama and masti they all left for their respective homes since it was night max opted to drop nazuk home since her home was in his way and ruhan went to drop priya. While dropping nazuk max was smiling seeing her scared. "Kya hua nazuk" asked max in utmost sweet voice "ghar itni late ayi hun pata nahiin parent's kya kahenge" said with a confused cum tensed face. "Oho mis darpok mujhe nahiin pata tha ki tum sach main itni darpok ho"said max while trying to control his laughter. "hahaha very funny ek toh mien late ayi hun upper se ek ladke ke saath ayi hun can you even think with your small brain what does that mean" said nazuk and for the first time she could speak something like this to max ever since she had met him she wanted to answer him back but didn't since they are interns and would have to maintain cordial relationship so that nothing effects their work or internship but today after such a hectic day full of surprises and above the cake fight which has even spiled her dress. Max was taken aback by her behaviour he had never seen her talking like this to any one she was a shy girl but now he understood that she would by shy as long as none would mess with her. "Well then I guess I should leave from here only you go inside and handle it your way since if I go things will really worsen up as you said"said max while looking straight into her eyes. While seeing into her eyes he felt different he had some feelings which were unknown to him. He shook his head to brush off these feelings which he wasn't able to understand. "kya hua"asked nazuk since she didn't understand why he shook his head there was no need of it. "kuch nahiin tum jao ..... bye goodnight"said max and turned to leave. He didn't understand why but he felt like turning and see her entering her house when he turned she was no where to be seen then he thought may be she has entered her house and left the place.




On the other hand priya was continuously blabbering things out which was irritating ruhan like hell. She was asking questions and replying it herself only like "aaj ka function acha tha na Hain acha hi laga hoga tumko iam sure, kyunki mujhe toh acha laga nahiin infact boht acha laga. Wiase hamare senior's itne bhi bure nahiin hain. I mean agar bure hote toh hume cake fight main kyun indulge karte" and bla bla bla she kept on saying while ruhan was just trying to avoid her but her voice was so loud may be because the road was silent and they were on bike so he couldn't hear anything except her voice so it was hard to avoid it.  Finally he stopped his bike and priya who again started blabbering "areee bike kyun rok di chalo chalo jaldi chalo hum late ho jaynge" without realising where is she. "Agar tum bolna band karogi aura as paas dekhogi toh tumhe pata chalega ki hum tumhare ghar ke paas khade hain" said ruhan with an irritating voice he couldn't understand how can some one be so talkative. "Um um oh ok sorry"said priya since she didn't knew what to say and got down from his bike. "Bye goodnight" said ruhan and left the place seeing him going priya had a smile on her face she shook her head and turned to go her house.








Since the gang had met after a really long time they wanted to be together and spend some more time more over it was armaans birthday tonight and riddhima wanted to be with him and this was a perfect excuse for both of them though they didn't show it to any one that they are really happy about this night stay.  Though the girls were sitting on the bed happily where as boys were either on the couch which they brought from hall or chair which they had brought from the dinning room. All had something or the other to eath either popcorns of paratha made by Padma or sandwhiches or plain bisucits or chips. "toh where were you guys all this time" asked armaan since he or for that matter none of them were connected to each other until today. "tu vo chod pehle tu bata uss hadse(refered to 21st sept 2009) ke baad tu kaha gayab ho gaya tha hum sab toh phir bhi connected the" said Rahul but then he saw armaan and riddhima lowering their head may be this topic wasn't required to discuss upon. "waise abhi toh tu poora fit lag raha hai ek dum wahi shetaan armaan hain na ridzy"said Rahul to change the atmosphere. "Um'. Hain sahi kaha Rahul bilkul wahi armaan ban gaya hai" said riddhima while glaring at armaan. She remembered the fire escape scene so it hit her mind why she was angry with armaan so she wasn't gona answer properly she thought.




"Aisa kuch nahiin hai guys" said armaan to save him with the tag of being the old armaan though he didn't mind that at all but he knew riddhima was referring to his behaviour he did in the fire escape. But he was just teasing her she took it seriously thought armaan and then again he thought tonight he will clear out the things between them.  "yani ki tu yeh kehna chahta hai ki tu pehla wala armaan nahiin hai per mujhe toh mera pehle wala hero pasand tha" said muskaan while laughing out totally in her style. This made every one laugh holding on to their stomach where as armaan was cursing every one under his breath today is his birthday and they all have ganged up and teasing him only. "Mere kehna ka matlab yeh hai ki....... agar jungle billi nahiin badly toh mien kaise badal sakta hoon" said armaan while winking to riddhima. "kya jungly billi....... armaan tumne mujhe jungly billi kaha"asked riddhima "hain kaha kya kar logi" come armaans instant answer. Riddhima picked up a pillow and threw it towards armaan but to her bad luck armaan had catched the pillow. She corssed her hands infront of her chest and said nothing but armaan could notice anger on her face and eyes especially.




"Basket tumhe bura laga" asked armaan in the sweetest voice. "Nahiin boht acha laga Mann kar raha nachoon" come riddhimas sarcastic answer and armaan just couldn't control his laughter and started laughing loudly and others just smiled they knew this is leading to a further fight so they just smiled. Riddhima became more furios and got up from the bed and went out of the room towards the kitchen. "armaan kuch zyada ho gaya" Anjali said and armaan nodded his head "koi nahiin anjy basket ko manane main boht maza aat hai .........wait mien aata hoon" said armaan and he too walked out of the room in search of riddhima. After searching for few minutes he saw her in the kitchen trying to make something he walked towards her. Before entering the kitchen he saw riddhima and he was stuck their. He started admiring riddhima from bottom to top though he has done that many time but every time he does he has this question in his mind how come riddhima be soo beautiful with simple dressing style. "oye hoye" he mumbeled and it wasn't loud enough but the room was empty and their was a pin drop silence so his oye hoye riddhima could heat it and she turned towards him and saw him checking her out she blushed and started doing her work again. When she heard armaan not saying anything she thought may be he is still admiring her "kya hua yahan kyun aye ho" said to bring him out of his thoughts.




"umm ummm kuch nahiin bas yuhi"said armaan he didn't wanted to bring that topic again rather which happened up stairs though he was for an apology for calling her jungly billi but seeing her he changed his mind. "Toh phir yahan kya kar rahe ho" asked riddhima "nothing tum kya kar rahi ho?" asked armaan. Riddhima as such wasn't doing anything the water was boiling and she was waiting for it to boil so that she can mix the necessary ingredients for the coffee. "Nah nothing much making coffee you want some" asked riddhima and armaan nodded his head. Armaan came forward further and he could smell riddhimas fragnance since she had just taken the bath after their cake fight and armaan was loosing himself. Riddhima gasp when she felt armaans hand on her waist, he was holding her from behind. "Armaan..........................................





Coming up


1.       AR romance continues

        2.    Gangs first day in sanjeevni
finally updated i noe i have stopped it at a very wrong time but thats wat the title say ab kya hogaWink so keep thinking till the next update. LOL 
waise i hope you guys like this update cos i have written under exam pressure please give ur views sugestions and commentsSmile

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