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DMG: Ab Kya Hoga (AR FF)new thread (Page 132)

youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 April 2011 at 3:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by vaishiksg

hahahahahhahaa...awesm upd8 loved it, loved the romance
hey vaishnavi
thnk u soo muchSmile
happy to noe ki u loved it nd this update made u laughEmbarrassed

youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 April 2011 at 3:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by prachi_mjht

that was really rocking update

thanx for pm

continue soon
thnk u sooo muchSmile
happy to noe u found this update rockingEmbarrassed
my exams finished will update very soon nowBig smile
youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 April 2011 at 3:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ARMAANKSGFAN

awesome update
loved it
sooo much masti
loving it
loved da water fight
loved da ending
AR r adorable
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm
thnk u sooo muchSmile
happy to noe ki u loved this update Embarrassed
i always wanted to see a water fight in dmg LOL
yup love AR Big smile

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 April 2011 at 3:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by amruta04

hey Sri
awesome update
loved AR moments
waiting for the next update
do continue soon
take care and thanks for the pm.
hey amruta
thnk u sooo muchSmile
glad to noe u loved the AR momentsEmbarrassed
diyachill Senior Member

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Posted: 26 April 2011 at 11:06pm | IP Logged
AR romances too gud...under the table scene was outstanding and hilouros.plz continue

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 April 2011 at 8:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by diyachill

AR romances too gud...under the table scene was outstanding and hilouros.plz continue
thnk u sooo much
glad to noe ki u loved the AR scenesEmbarrassed
will update in few minutesSmile
youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 April 2011 at 8:26am | IP Logged
hey guys good news my exams are over and hence i would be able to update regularly from now on.
this part s for gupta.additi20 (sorry dont noe ur nameEmbarrassed) she wanted to see rahul muskaan fight infront of the interns and their reactions hope u like it.
thnk u to do silent reader of the previous update
its a bit long update according to meLOL hope u njoy reading




To break the silence shashank spoke "chale hospital Padma pata nahiin itne din ke baad yeh sab hospital main wapas aa rahe hain pata nahiin kya khurafaat machaynge" hearing this every one started giggling "dad don't worry kuch nahiin hoga"said Anjali while trying to control her giggles. "hain hain dekhte hain tum bache aaj bhi utne hi shetaan ho jitna pehle the hope god saves my sanjeevni"said shashank while the gang was looking into each others eyes as if the planning had already started.  Every one stood up and started to leave when shashank came back and spoke "Padma tumhe yaad hain na kal raal raat hum sab ne conference room kya baat ki thi" Padma just nodded her head in agreement and shashank continued speaking "toh ek baar phir se baat karlena ananya ji se theek hai" saying this he left and Padma went to call ananya.








"Welcome us back sanjeevni" the gang said this together while standing infront of sanjeevni the place where their entire journey began. Anjali remembered her first day in sanjeevni when she had stepped in though her dreams arnt yet fulfilled but during these years she had surely made some greatest friends and thanked her destiny for bringing her to sanjeevni. Rahul muskaan remembered their fights how they use to fight all the day how they had lied about their marriage and from then on their love journey had began somewhere deep down some bitter memories did come when Rahul had left and gone outside india since his dad wasn't well but then he returned for her for his love things haven't yet settled between them but a small smile did erupt on their faces which clearly showed that they were remembering their past. Meanwhile atul is staring at Anjali and remembered when he had entered sanjeevni he didn't like Anjali much but now he can't stop thinking about her sweet memories brought a smile on his face. Abhimanyu remembered how he had come to change sanjeevni but never thought in his wildest dreams that at the end he would only change.  He had come here with a motive and at that time these people who today are his friends were against him use to hate him and now their new friendship is soo much that they enjoy being with each other. Nikita silently thanked sanjeevni for letting her meet her love her abhimanyu while remembering how they often use to banter and how she use to trouble him.




On the other hand the beloved couple were staring at sanjeevni with a huge smile they never thought that their journey in sanjeevni would be so out of the world every corner of sanjeevni has their memories of bickering/fight/prank/separation/confession/romance. "Armaan"said riddhima breaking their thoughts "hmmm"said armaan with a smile on his face which meant he is remembering their sweet times spend in sanjeevni. "Aaj boht dino ke baad hum saare ek saath sanjeevni main phir se kaam karenge"said riddhima still looking towards the sanjeevni. "Basket kaam nahiin"said armaan with a naughty smile riddhima looked at his naughty smile and asked him "matlab". "Oho basket tum kitni bholi ho jab hum sab saath hain toh kaam kaise ho sakta hai"said armaan before riddhima could speak he continued "or tum saath ho toh definitely kaam nahiin ho sakta"said while winking. Riddhima was about to say something for the first line but hearing the second one she blushed and looked at the ground as of searching something. Seeing her blushing armaan couldn't help but speak "oye hoye" this made riddhima blush even further.




"Guys andar chale ki yahi khade rehna ka irada hai"said nikita who was eagerly waiting to enter sanjeevni after a long time. "Hain hain chalo"said Anjali and they all started walking towards the entrance of sanjeevni. They walked in the corridor with Anjali atul armaan and riddhima in front where as Rahul muskaan abhi and niki behind. They were walking in the corridor with pride and why not after all it's their sanjeevni. While walking they remembered how they had saved sanjeevni if they wouldn't have thought of an idea they wouldn't have been able to take sanjeevni out of the financial crisis and later the consequence could have been worst may be sanjeevni would have been demolished or something. But why think negative when it never happened. All the nurses and other resident doctors were looking at them with a smile on their faces. Every one greeted them with especially Rahul muskaan abhi and niki with flowers and cards and in return they smiled andthanked every one.




They entered the locker room and went back to the flash mode where all of them first met how they have shared sorrow happiness here how much masti they have done here it all came back to their mind Rahul running away from muskaan atul looking at Anjali along with his plants. How Nikita hiding from abhimanyu and armaan riddhima playing pranks on each other, romancing, bickering. These flashes brought a huge smile on every one's face.  "Guys kitna acha lag raha hain na yahan per aaj itne din ke baad aaj sab ek saath" said Anjali. Every one just nodded their face at the same time armaan held riddhima's hand she looked at him with a glare as if trying to say leave my hand. Armaan just made a face as if asking what you are trying to say. Riddhima looked into armaan's eye and then down at the hand which he was holding trying to convey again that leave my hand. This time armaan understood and smiled though not just a simple smile but a naughty smile and next moment he shook his head as if trying to tell her that he won't leave his hand. Riddhima was twisting her hand in his hold to get her hand free from his tight grip; her efforts were going in vien since armaan was doing nothing but tightened his grip on her hand.




"Guys kyun nahiin aaj hum sab apna pehle din maza kare?"Said Anjali with a wicked smile as of some interesting plan was in her mind. Every one looked at her with a questioning face what? She gave them a naughty smile and asked them to come closer they all hurdled up in a circle with every ones hand on each others shoulders and their front bent down Anjali explained every one in whispers. After explain every thing she brought her hand forward and every one kept their hands on hers and then lifted their hand in air while shouting wohoo. "yo anjy ausum plan boht maza ayga" said armaan who was really happy after listening to her plan it will surely bring back the masti in sanjeevni and today is the perfect day since its his birthday. "Oye hero pehle mujhe yeh bata Hume party kab de raha hai" asked muskaan and Rahul just shook his head hearing this and thinking will muskaan ever change. Armaan smiled and tried being innocent as if he knows nothing "party kaise party kal raat hi toh party hui thi". Every one looked at armaan with a confused face and then atul spoke "armaan muskaan tumhari treat ki baat kar rahi hai kal raat toh humne tumhe surprise diya tha". "Oh really mujhe laga wahi party thi"said armaan while looking at every ones face and couldn't stop his laughter any more. He laughed holding his stomach and seeing this every one understood armaan was joking with them. "Guys apne chehre dekho"said armaan while laughing at their faces and continued "afcorse tumhe aaj raat party milegi be ready by 9 pm sharp and venue I will msg you all soon".




"Ok guys yeh sab chodo lets go to the nurse station for the plan of action" said nikita who firstly wanted to stop armaan from laughing at them secondly she wanted to actually have fun in sanjeevni again.  Every one just nodded their head and started walking towards the nurse station. While going towards the nurse station every one looked around and saw the colours of the walls and stopped immediately where as atul Anjali armaan and riddhima were walking since they were use to of this colour. "Guys mujhe yeh colour nahiin pasand hai walls ka"said Rahul hearing this other four who were walking ahead stop and turned back. "Hain yaar mujhe bhi nahiin hai"said muskaan as if crying seeing this colour. "Idea why not we paint sanjeevni back into white what say"said nikita and abhimanyu sided with her saying "brilliant idea niki". "Niki hum doctor's hain painter's nahiin"said armaan though he himself hated the coulour and wanted it to be changed but whats the need of them painting just hire painters and pay them once they are done with their jobs.  Nikita looked towards armaan while giving him a glare and wanted to speak but just then Anjali spoke "hey niki I agree mujhe bhi nahiin pasand and wao painting that would be really fun". "Hain Anjali tum job hi sochti ho acha hi sochti ho"said atul while smiling and Anjali just shook her head though she wanted to bang her head into a wall but that would just hurt her. "Hain it will be fun di"said riddhima and armaan looked towards riddhima with a questioning face that why is she not siding with him. Now every one looked at armaan and when he felt every ones gaze towards him he smiled and said "well agar sabko docter se painter banna hai toh mere paas koi option hain rather than agreeing to it so yes iam in".




"Great toh phir kab paint karna hai"Asked Anjali. Every one looked into each others eyes "hmmm I guess not during the week days cause sanjeevni becomes a crowded area during week days with loads of patients"said abhimanyu and every one nodded their head in agreement. "Toh phir Sunday that's the day when we have less rush and also senior's arnt present"said Rahul and every one looked at him with a smile. "Oye Rahul kya baat hai yaar sahi kaha toh hum Sunday ko sanjeevni ko wapas white paint kar denge" said muskaan. "Phir hamara sanjeevni pehle jaisa sanjeevni lagega wahi apna pan mehsoos hog"said nikita and every one just smiled and nodded their head. Somewhere deep down armaan was feeling really on top of this world he wanted to show how much happy he is he also didn't liked this colour he so wanted to have white and the same look of sanjeevni since that look would bring back their memories which were associated with the white colour more rather than this colour. On the other hand yellow just makes the scenario look duller where as white always looked decent and great.  Soon he was out of his thoughts since riddhima had said that they should now be going to the nurse station.








All the interns were standing and chatting about yesterday night's event how in one night they got to see so much firstly the gangs return their union and then the surprise party along with the cake fight. They had never imagined that sanjeevni had something more to it which needs to be found out they were wondering what else seniors can do when they saw seniors coming towards the nurse station. "kya yeh bhool gaye hain yeh senior doctors hain"said max and other gave him a "kyun" look so he continued "nahiin inhe toh pata hoga na inki duties kaha hain doctor kirti inhe duties thodi na assign karengi" to this others just said "hmmm" in chorus. It was right they are senior doctors and they don't need to wait for the duties to be assigned to them they can freely choose what they want or where they wana go. "Hey interns good morning"said armaan with a smile where as every intern just wished their seniors good morning. 




"guys dr. kirti ane hi wali hongi plan shuru kiya jaye"said Anjali and the gang just nodded their head where as interns looked into each others eyes thinking whats gona happen next what plan are seniors talking about but chose to keep quiet and be silent viewer. "Armaan dr. shubhankar kaha reh Gaye phone karke pooch unhe"said nikita and armaan nodded his head and went towards the reception and called dr. shubhankar. After few minutes he kept the phone and came back and said "guys plan is on don't worry sab perfect hai"said armaan with a huge smile. Juniors were wondering what plan they are talking about what they are gona do this curiosity was just increasing second by second after hearing their seniors. "Hello every one"said shubhankar and the gang sighed seeing him "acha hua sir aap aa gaye warna pata nahiin kya ho jata"said muskaan and the gang just smiled along with shubhankar but interns were thinking what is dr. shubhankar doing here is he a part of the plan is he with the seniors who are conspiring against dr. kirti but how can he be a part of it isn't she his wife after all. Interns were just confused they were just trying to join the points like solving a jig saw puzzle.




"Good morning interns and senior doctors" said kirti but when she saw shubhankar there it just added to her confusion she didn't know why he is here so she asked "dr. shubhankar aap yaha apki koi surgery nahiin hai kya". Hearing this shubhankar head shot up he forgot everything well this isn't something new when ever he sees kirti he tends to forget everything due to nervousness. The gang looked at him and then to each other and were giving hints that its them who have to handle a situation now they knew shubhankar does end up being nervous when kirti is around.  "VO dr. kriti dr. shubhankar ko apse kuch baat karni thi"said Rahul. Hearing this kirti looked towards shubhankar and asked "kya poochna tha apko dr. shubhankar" shubhankar took out a hankerchief and wiped out his sweat on his fore head and said "nahiin kirti ''. I mean nahiin dr. kirti ''''. Mujhe''.. Mujhe ''''''.. Apse kuch nahiin poochna tha" he was fumbeling a lot while speaking. The gang just shook their head and thought that there is plan is about to to fail cause after hearing this kirti looked at Rahul with glaring look as if saying why the hell did u say a lie and seeing that Rahul understood he is great trouble now. Just when kirti was about to speak armaan spoke "umm dr. kirti dr. shubhankar ko apse kisi case ke baare main poochna tha" hearing this all the other gang members just said "hain hain dr. kriti" in chorus.




Mean while the interns were highly confused if dr. shubhankar wanted to say something to dr. kirti then why isn't he speaking and how come seniors know what dr. shubhankar wants to speak then they thought may be this is plan even dr. shubhankar is a part of it but why is he a part of it what benefit would he get being a part of it above all what will these seniors gain from it whats the motive of all this interns were busy connecting the points where as Kirti again looked towards shubhankar. "Hain vo'' hain voo"said shubhankar when he saw kirti's look he understood that he is dead so he was fumbeling a lot. "Kya baat hai dr. shubhankar"said kirti while stressing each and every word. The gang was just looked at shubhankar and giving him hints to speak up.  "Hain vo mujhe koi important case discuss karna tha toh kya aap mere cabin main chalengi" said shubhankar in one breath. Kirti looked at him and thought may be it is important otherwise shubhankar wouldn't have come all the way here to tell her this he could have even paged her. She nodded her head and said "interns aap kal wali hi duty resume kar lijiye and doctors armaan riddhim anda atul anjali aap logo ki kal wali hi duty hai and aap logo ki (pointing towards the rest 3) duty wahan notice board per hain so do check"saying this kirti and left and the moment she left abhimanyu came and said "finally guys step 1 done now step 2" rest just nodded their head.




Hearing step 1 done interns looked into each others eyes if this was step 1 then what was step 2 and what are they doing what will they gain from all this. "Waise guys aaj toh maza hi aa gaya mujhe toh laga ki hamara plan flop hone wala hai"said muskaan. "Hain mujhe bhi laga tha per Rahul ne bolke sambhal liya"said riddhima and armaan looked at her wasn't he the one who saved the plan. "Oye riddhima is kankhajoore ne nahiin mere hero yani armaan ne plan bachaya"said muskaan and looked at her with a smile finally some one is clever to notice it was him who saved the plan. "oye kankhajoora kisse bola or waise bhi sabse pehle miene hi bola ki shubhankar sir ko apse kuc poochna tha"said Rahul "tujhme dimaag nahiin hai kya akal laga akal tujhe bola aur kisse or ullu ke pathe tu bhool gaya uske baad bhi kuch nahiin hua tu hi phasne wala tha who to armaan ne kaha ki shubhankar sir ko kisi case pe discuss karna hai agar who nahiin kehta na toh tut oh marta" said muskaan. "Abbey oye mere main dimaag hain shayad tujhme nahiin hai or waise bhi mien khud ko phasne deta pagal samjha mujhe"said Rahul. "Hain samjha hai kya kar lega tu hain bol ''. Bol bol hun" said muskaan who went and picked up a stick in her hand. Seeing this gang understood whats gona happen next but interns eyes were popped out seeing muskaan holding a stick and though what will she do with it ab kya hoga




"Muskaan tu kya kar rahi hai danda pakadke chod usse"said Rahul who was scared seeing a stick in muskaan's hand it wouldn't have been a problem if it's some one else but when it comes to muskaan she is very furious kind of a girl who and she can surely be a harm to others. "Oye Rahul darr Gaya na tu"said muskaan and started laughing in her typical voice. "Main Kisi se nahiin darta samjhi na" said Rahul pointing his index finger towards muskaan. Seeing rahuls finger pointing towards her muskaan's anger rose further and she said "abbey oye ungli kisse dikha raha hai tu hain" Rahul replied her immediately by saying "tujhe or kisse andhi hai kya jungli billy". Now this was a hight for muskaan "jungle billy kisse bola hun" while saying this she held rahuls hair in her hands and was puuling it while shaking it right and left. "Muskaan chod"said Rahul and was repeating his statement again and again but it didn't affect muskaan even a bit she continued what she was doing.




Mean while when all of this was on the gang just shook their head thinking will they ever change. Where as interns got a biggest shock of their life seeing Rahul muskaan fight like this they thought wernt they suppose to be friends?  They were watching all this with open wide eyes "I thought they are friends"said max who didn't knew or rather understand that their seniors were very close friends but seeing this kind of fight they doubted on their own thought. "seniors kuch kar kyun nahiin rahe hain aise putle ke tarah khade hokar kyun dekh rahe hain"said priya who was confused when some friends fight normally other friends come in between and stop it rather letting it continue but here they were just standing smiling and watching the whole fight. "Armaan sir aap inhe rokte kyun nahiin hain"said ruhan who had heard priya though she wasn't loud enough and after hearing the voices of Rahul muskan surely her voice wouldn't have reached the seniors.




Armaan looked at ruhan and smiled while shaking his head and said "koi faida nahiin hai ye log aise hi hain inhe maza aata hai aisa karke" he didn't wanted to tell them that this fight is actually love. Hearing this interns were again confused aisi fights karke maza aata hai fights could be verbal or could be in an indirect way but physical fight isn't it bad. Mean while Rahul was successful in taking muskaans hand out of his hair and started running he went behind armaan and said "armaan madad kar yaar" armaan shook his head with a grin on his face seeing that Rahul again spoke "abbey kaise dost hai tu". With this muskaans instant answer came "acha dost hai hero mujhe support kar raha hai Rahul ke bache tub ache ga nahiin aaj". Seeing this nazuk spoke "armaan sir Rahul sir ki madad kyun nahiin kar rahe hain or ye muskaan maam aise kyun behave kar rahi hain pagal hain kya" it wasn't loud enough it was kind of a whisper which only the interns could hear. "Miss Bholi agar muskaan maam ne sun liya Na toh jo haal dr. Rahul ka ho raha hain a vo tumhara hoga isi liye chup rahiye" said max nazuk looked at him and shook his head and thinks why he always answers her back and hurt her.




By now Rahul was taking rounds of their group who was standing in a line though they wernt helping him by stopping muskaan but indirectly they were since they wernt moving or breaking the line and also standing so close to each other that muskaan couldn't come from between. He thought kaise dost hain bacha bhi nahiin rahe hain or indirectly help bhi kar rahe hain.  "guys yeh log dost hain shayad boht ache dost hain"said ruhan who himself was confused but still last nights event came into his mind the groups union and their behaviour with seniors and seniors behaviour with them made him think that they are friends may be very close but they don't know that they are more than friends. "Oh really mujhe nahiin pata tha ki best friends aise jhagadte hain"said max with a sarcastic voice. "Oye koi aise kaise fight kar sakta hai"said priya though she was enjoying this Tom and Jerry kind of fight.  Nikki who was now getting irriated with all this shouted "bas yaar hadh hoti hai koi tumhe dekh kar kahe hi nahiin sakta ki tum dono ek doosere se pyaar karte ho"hearing this statement of niki interns were about to get a heart attack and shouted together "what ye log ek doosere se pyaar karte hain" niki bit her lips for bluttering it out they very well knew that things havnt yet solved between them  though these small small fights were bringing them closer to each other again like it did before but now what will happen will they again go back to their avoiding routine or behave the same. Now intern were looking towards the gang and the gang was looking towards Rahul muskaan who after hearing nikitas comment had stopped in their places.

Coming up


1.       Rahul muskaan's reaction towards nikitas comment

2.       Step 2 of the plan

3.       Are seniors caught???

hope u liked this update and yes there more to it in armaans party armaan will surprise riddhima and riddhima will be surprised with armaans surprise along with others. keep reading to noe armaans surpriseWink can just say it will surely be a good one. please leave your comments suggestions and views.

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shrishti...i was waiting for sum AR scens yaar... koi nahi.  guess u wud shw in the next part

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