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DMG: Ab Kya Hoga (AR FF)new thread (Page 101)

youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Riddss

heyyy dear,
nice part
continue soon

 thnk u soooo much
keep readingSmile

youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shilpI007

hiii Srishti
awesome partClap
loved it soooooooooooooooooooooooo muchTongue
Muskaan always like that...kabhi nhi badlegi.........
wowwwwwwwww gang perfomance to good...loved them.........
hahaha interns r really dumb, they took everything wrong......... Tongue
waiting nxt part n ofcourse gang n Ridz SURPRISETongue
thanks for pm
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee soonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


thnk u sooooo much Smile
im glad u loved it sooo much
nd also d performanceEmbarrassed
well these kinds d fiff r always present Big smile

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 5:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by blessing-beauty

Awesomee updtessss Srishhhh
Loveddd the partss
I'm soo sorry 4 commentingg soo late evrytimeeee :(
Thanxx 4 the pmzzz
Cont sooonn
thnk u soooo much naazSmile
iam glad u loved d partsEmbarrassed
youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 5:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by amruta04

hey Sri
awesome update
loved it
do continue soon
take care and thanks for the pm.
thnk u sooo much amrutaSmile
iam glad u loved the partEmbarrassed
youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 10:49am | IP Logged
NOTE: sorry for not updating before i would have done on tuesday but due to college work i couldnt but finally i managed to write a part hope u njoy it since its gangish one and sorry for the delay.
last but not the least thnk you to all the silent readers hope u liking the ff




It was night time around 11 when riddhima came running to the green room and snatched her phone from Anjali and ran inside the washroom to talk. Anjali muskaan nikita were shocked by her behaviour they looked into each other "what was that?" said Anjali she didn't knew what reaction was that she had never seen her sister like that "pata nahiin" said nikita who had never seen this kind of behaviour of riddhima "oye hoga kuch bata degi chill maro yaar" said muskaan and other went back to take out their make up and heavy jewellery which they were wearing. Though they were shock due to riddhimas behaviour but while changing they diverted their mind from that topic and started discussing.


Anjali: aaj toh maza hi aa gaya sabka chehra dekhne layak tha

Nikita: sahi kaha shubhankar sir or kirti maam toh ek dum se uchal pade
Muskaan: oye humne dhamakedar entry ki thi toh aisa toh hona hi tha
Anjali: yeah right muskaan or tumne armaan riddhima ka chehra notice kiya tha
Muskaan: oye nahiin kyun
Nikita: unhe toh vishwaas hi nahiin ho raha tha ki hum aa gaye armaan ne toh apni aakhen bhi rub ki thi

Muskaan: oye niki pehle batati mien usse pinch kar deti

[Hearing this all 3 started laughing]

Anjali: waise maza toh ab bhi aye ga itne dino baad mile hain
Nikita: I know yaar masti dhamaal karenge
Muskaan: hain or mien uss Rahul ki band bajaongi
Nikita: muskaan ab toh sudharja bichare ko chod de
Anjali: hain yaar muskaan kitna pareshaan karegi usse
Muskaan:  jab tak mera mann karega'. Anyways guys yeh ridzi itna time kyun laga rahi hai

[This statement brought them to reality they realised riddhima is still not out from the washroom]


Where as on the other hand in the boys green room boys were having their gala time they were enjoying the moment since all of them have met after a really long time. They were all so excited that they couldn't believe that finally they are together. "Mujhe toh yakeen hi nahiin ho raha tum sab log yahan ho" said armaan who was still not out of the moment. Hearing this Rahul came close to armaan and pinched him hard "ouch" shouted armaan "ab yakeen ho Gaya" asked Rahul while trying to control his laughter. Though atul and abhimanyu started laughing loudly and seeing other laughing armaan frowned "yo moodi bas hain'''. And champ mere bhai tu mujhpe hass raha hai" sad armaan who didn't like people laughing at him.  Then he looked towards Rahul who pinched him "and you rahoool''''. How dare you pinched me" said with angry face again Rahul came close to him and pinched him again "aise" said while laughing loudly. This time all three of the were laughing and armaan made a frowning face and sat down on the sofa which was kept with hands folded infront of his chest.  the three of them looked towards each other and again started laughing and this thing frowned armaan even more. "Sorry yaar itne din ke baad mile hain thoda Mazak karne ka mann kar raha tha" said Rahul and hearing this armaan smiled while standing up and hugged Rahul. "Tujhe kya laga hmmm'''''.. Rahoool mien Mazak kar raha tha" said armaan and this time he laughed at him joined by abhimanyu and atul also.



Atul: kya entry maari thi tum logo ne

Armaan: hain yaar mien toh soch raha tha yeh kaun hain jo hamare performance ke beech bol raha hai or keh raha hamari acting thodi achi nahiin thi
Rahul: armaan tujhe kya laga ki kisi aur ko sanjeevni ke baare main pata hoga hamare alawa. Per hain dr. shashank ka future damad ne unki acting achi ki
Armaan: hain na mast thin a
Rahul: bilkul mast
Atul: oye mien bhi unka future damad hun
Rahul: hain hain kyun nahiin atul pehle tum Anjali ko pata lo
Armaan: hain champ Anjali pategi tabhi toh tum shashank sir ke futue damaad banoge

[saying this both armaan and Rahul hi fived each other where as abhimanyu smiled and shook his head thinking nothing has changed they all have met after a long time but still they are the same.]

Armaan: yooo moodi kya soch raha hai
Abhimanyu: mera naam abhimanyu hai moodi nahiin
Rahul: really hume toh pata hi nahiin tha

[Again armaan and Rahul hi fived each other]


Like this boys were also having fun like girls. Since they all met after a long time they were having the fun session that is teasing each other. None knew that this isn't yet over they would have to deal with their juniors as well.






Max: tum logo KO nahiin lagta ki yeh performance was to show how they are?
Priya: what do you mean by that max?
Ruhan:  max please elaborate
Max: well mera matlab yeh tha ki they wanted to show through this performance ki they are the best vo jo chahe karte hain koi unhe kuch nahiin kehta ''''' ummm I guess it was an indirect challenge for us
Ruhan: what rubbish''.. Mujhe laga ki they wanted to show how their gang is '.. I mean how they are
Priya: mujhe laga ki this performance was only masti without any concept

[All three had different analyses regarding the performance and they looked towards nazuk to know her answer]


Nazuk looked at each and every one since every ones eyes were on her, seeing that she understood its her turn to tell what she felt about this performance she gulped down her saliva since she didn't knew what she should say though what she felt she if she says that will her friends believe her or not what will they say to her she gained her full strength to speak "um''' ummm '''' vo''. Vo'''. Mujhe lagta hai ki'''''. Ki they are fun loving''''' I mean friendly with full of life'''''. Ek doosere se boht pyar hai'''''.. I mean ek family ki tarah lagte hain" saying this she looked at others in their eyes all she could see was a mix reaction that is bit of shock and bit of confusion. "You are very nave nazuk" said max and hearing this nazuk gave him a glaring look. "nazuk tumne toh kuch ulta hi dekha mujhe lagta hai" said priya ruhan though agreed with her in his thoughts but didn't speak he very well knew none would agree especially this max who sees things from a wrong direction that too always for once can he see the right thing from the right direction.  All the interns left the hall.






Riddhima came out of the washroom after a long time and when she stepped out all she could see was all three of them standing right infront of her and looking at her rather asking her whats the matter she thought she's gone now she would have to reveal it but how it was her surprise. "Itni der kisse baat kar rahi thi ridzy" said Anjali who was waiting to know whats her little sister upto. "Kuch nahiin'''''' kuch nahiin di" said riddhima nervously and when she looked up at other she saw they were staring at her "aise kyun dekh rahe ho aap log mujhe" while saying this she lowered her head down. "Ridzy yaar batana '''''' aise chup mat khadi reh ab" said muskaan. Riddhima was battling inside her mind what to do it was her surprise for armaan and she doesn't wants to disclose it before the right time if she tells them and by chance they leak to armaan then what her plan will become a flop but if she doesn't tells them then also the possibility of flopping is there cause who will bring armaan to the place. While battling within her brain others were just staring her and were looking at each other with confused faces.



"Ridzy kaha kho gayi"asked nikita and riddhima jerked out of her thoughts and shook her head "kuch nahiin" said with a low voice "oye kya kuch nahiin kuch nahiin laga rakha tune ridzy chup chap se bol na kya baat hai" said muskaan seeing her so hyper others smiled she hasn't changed a bit she is still the same, she still possess the same bubbliness which she use to have before nothing has changed even a bit. "acha bataongi per ek promiss karo" all said it together "kya" she smiled at their answer "yahi ki armaan ko aap log kuch nahiin bataoge" this promiss confused them even further they looked at each other riddhima wants to hide it from armaan but why she loves armaan how can she hide it from him. They had no choice but to agree to her promiss so that they know whats going in her mind why she wants to hide it from armaan. They all nodded their head which meant yes they wont tell it to armaan, riddhima smiled since now her plan will completely be a successful one.  Riddhima started narrating her surprise for armaan. While listening all had a huge smile on their faces and thought they were getting scared without any reason. "That's great ridzy" said Anjali while muskaan couldn't wait and spoke "oye ridzy tune yeh Hume pehle kyun nahiin bataya''''.. or promiss ki bhi koi zaroorat nahiin thi" seeing this nikita thought even she should add the spice "hain ridzy tu bina promiss ke bhi batati na toh bhi hum armaan ko nahiin batate"  



Riddhima looked at her friends where as Anjali was smiling since she understood they are teasing her so she kept quiet didn't say anything but riddhima took it bit seriously and said "sorry'''.. Sorry vo bas''''''. Vo bas mien" she couldn't complete her statement while she heard muskaan nikita laughing holding their stomach then she realised that they were teasing her they didn't mean it. "Ughhhh" said riddhima and stomped her feet on the floor and went on the sofa to sit with her hands folded. "sorry yaar ridzy" said muskaan "muski mujhse baat mat kar" said an irritated riddhima "ridzy yaar hum seriously Mazak kar rahe the itne din ke baad jo mile hain" said nikita which made riddhima smile it was true they all had met after a long time and even she use to miss them their teasing their fun masti everything and when its happening she is getting angry may be because this surprise was for armaan and she didn't wanted it to flop nor she wanted any kind of trouble in between so she wasn't really in a mind to think whether its teasing or whether serious. She hit her forehead with her hand and started laughing and looked at her with smile on their faces. She stood up and all had a group hug.



"Toh ab plan of action kya hai" asked nikita and other looked at riddhima "meri taraf kya dekh rahe ho'''''.. Mujhe nahiin pata" said with a cute face which meant they would have to think about the plan also. All started thinking about what to do when muskaan raised her hand all looked at her with enthusiasm as if they got it but then muskaan shook her head since mentally she thought it won't work all shook their head in disappointment. It was 5 mins up and no one was able to think of an idea. Suddenly Anjali announced "mil gaya" and all looked towards her whether she is sure or not like muskaan first too got an idea but shook her head which disappointed them so they were just staring at Anjali. "Guys kya ho gaya hai tumhe plan toh suno" said Anjali who wasn't able to understand why they arnt coming closer to her for listening the plan. Hearing this they realised Anjali really had a plan so they all came closer to her and kept their hands on each others shoulders and bent forward Anjali revealed her idea to others and while telling every one was having a smile on their faces. "wao anjy kya mast plan hai" said muskaan who loved her idea "hain di ye kaam karega shayad" said riddhima who still wasn't sure whether this plan would work or not she doesn't wants her plan to flop at all since its for armaan she wanted everything to be perfect.  "Kaam karega ridzy" said nikita who was sounding confident.




"Last time bol raha hun mera naam abhimanyu modi hai moodi nahiin" shouted abhimanyu who was getting irritated by armaans constant behaviour of calling him moodi. All laughed hearing him shouting the guys were having loads of fun since they met after a really long time and they missed this teasing session a lot. Suddenly atuls phone started ringing and atul checked his phone it was flashing Anjali seeing that atul started jumping and others looked at him with weird faces.  "kya hua champ kyun khood (jump kar) raha hai" asked armaan who was shocked seeing him jumping all around "Anjali ne phone kiya hai" atul murmered and every one hearing it had a smile on their faces "acha cha lab utha le warna doobara nahiin karegi" said Rahul and both armaan and Rahul h fived each other atul saw them and then clicked ok button the phone.


Anjali: hello atul?

Atul: hain Anjali bolo
Anjali:: kya tumhare aas paas armaan hai kya?
Atul: hain per kyun Anjali
Anjali: acha ek kaam karo washroom main jake baat karo
Atul: kyun Anjali hamari private talk hai
Anjali: shut up atul jaise kaha hai vaisa karo

[Hearing this atul went inside the washroom}



After a while atul came out of the washroom and he knew he would have to listen to the teasing but he had to do as Anjali had told him to do he didn't wanted ridzy's surprise to fail so he was thinking what he should do when the teasing began "atul tum andar kya baat kar rahe the" said Rahul with a smiling and in teasing tone "champ aisi kaunsi baat karni thi tujhe jot u hamare samne nahiin kar sakta?" asked armaan while chukling. Without answering to any one he pulled Rahul and whispered in his ears and Rahul looked at him and then through his eyes he blinked saying he is with them in this surprise and then he told abhimanyu to come out of the green room. "Kya hua guy's mien bhi aata hun" said armaan who was getting confused whats happening he wasn't able to get it. "Nahiin armaan will tell you its something else" said Rahul while leaving armaan stood their where he was standing with a confused face first riddhima isn't telling him things and now his friends then he thought "kahin riddhima ne hi toh inhe kuch nahiin bola Anjali ka bhi toh phone aya than a atul ke paas". This thought was increasing his anger to its peak, he saw his watch it said 11:25 and he murmered "riddhima tumhare paas sirf 35 mins hain agar tab tak tumne mujhe nahiin bataya toh'''''''''''''''''.






Coming up

1.       Gang brings armaan to his surprise

2.       Juniors receive a messege



 finally updated the part how was it? please do share your views and suggestionsSmile. i noe you must be missing AR romance dont worry riddhimas surprise does contains some romantic moments of AR,Embarrassed keep guessing and reading to know whats riddhima's surprise for armaanLOL. will open it soon thoughWink

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geetika_263 Groupbie

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 11:05am | IP Logged
amazing part
thanx for d pm
loved it
continue soon

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by geetika_263

amazing part
thanx for d pm
loved it
continue soon
thnk u sooo muchSmile
good to noe u loved itEmbarrassed
SankiPagal IF-Sizzlerz

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amazing part................ 
love dit ..waiting for the next part soon

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