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DMG: Ab Kya Hoga (AR FF)new thread (Page 100)

youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 11:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shilpI007

heyya Srishti
awesome part dearClapClapStar
loved it soooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhh
yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeePartyDancingParty.........i m so exicted to come back of RM n ANBig smile.........waiting reunion of gangTongue
thanks for congo
thanks for pm also
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz updateeeeeeeeeee soonnnnnnBig smile
thnk u soooo much
ur comments always encourages me Embarrassed

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youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 11:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by amruta04

hey Sri
nice update
loved it
waiting for RM n AN entry
do continue soon
take care and thanks for the pm.
hey amruta
thnk u sooo much
yeah their entry is n this partSmile
youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 11:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MaitreeluvKajen

Hey I LOVE this FF! Its such of a kind..Love ur writing style..Its just the DMG-ish style! Please add me to ur PM list! I send u a buddy req!
thnk u sooo much
fr the tareefEmbarrassed
 i miss dmg nd so do others so thought one ff on dmgs nameBig smile
youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 11:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ammyluvridzi

Nice part cont sun
thnk u  soooo muchSmile
youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 11:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by saniashzadi

hey dear...

lovely update...em so busy in my routine and ur ff is such a mind refresher LOL

superb update...

update nxt part soon



thnk u soooo muchSmile
im glad its a mind refresher fr uEmbarrassed
youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 11:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by friends_4dream

lovely part
thnk u sooo muchSmile
youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 11:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jiyaa

suparb part sriiiiiiiiiiiiiii i miss old ar
thnk u jiyaa di
i tooo mss themSmile
youth_showsfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
last but nt the least thnk u to the silent readers
hope u guys like this part since the long wait of rahul muskaan abhi niki will finally end yes they will enter in todays update.





It was a bright morning with bright sunshine; all the interns were well dressed and were standing in the wings ready to show their performance to their seniors. They were all excited about it infact their faces were glowing because this was their first performance in sanjeevni and first time they are gona show their talent infornt of not only the seniors but also the management. This very thing was making them feel proud of themselves and hence their faces were glowing. "Guys our first performance in sajeevni" said an excited max "yeah I know its sooo cool Na" said another excited intern priya. Both nazuk and ruhan knew how childish they were behaving at this age who gets so much excited just for a performance they arnt here in sajeevni for just performing on accasions they are here to be a successful doctor after completing their internship. But priya and max were so involved in their conversation that they hardly noticed nazuk and ruhan weren't talking much but just waiting patiently for their performance.



Finally their much awaited performance call came and all before going prayed for it. Each prayer contained only one thing common wishing it to be the best one. Max opened his eyes and saw nazuk praying in the most sweetest manner and this brought a small smile on his face, then he noticed her she was looking beautiful as well suddenly when he thought beautiful he shook his head and said "why am I thinking like this '''''''' no no focus on performance" saying this he left the place and went to left wing of the backstage that's the place from where he had to enter. Following him was ruhan since boys had to enter from left wing and girls had to enter from the right wing.  Soon the song began and they entered what ever dialogues they had to say they said it with full enthusiasm and the dance in between was also a mesmerising one. As soon as they exit after performing they heard loads of clappings which brought a huge satisfactory smile on their face. Finally their hardwork was paid off people really loved their performance, including the management as well.



"Finally hamari performance sabko pasand ayi" said an enthusiastic priya whose smile wasn't vanishing from her face.  "Hain sab theek ho Gaya" said nazuk who just wanted the performance to go well without any abstacles or mistakes. "Hamare senior's humse khush honge" said max whose brain was still working towards impressing the seniors so that he gets good points as well due to his reputation.  "Chalo its good it went great" said ruhan who wanted the performance to be fine since he knew they haven't practice much for it so what ever they had practiced or learnt it was beautifully presented that's all it matters. Every one was satisfied with their performance and went back to the green to room to change their costumes. After a while they came out and went to the auditorium and sat down since one of the management people was talking regarding sajeevni and its groW*H, also welcoming the new interns and was praising their performance as well. The lecture on sanjeevni's infrastructural changes were making these new interns a bit bore, since they were sitting quiet behind they closed their eyes and started sleeping. After a while when the audience clapped for his speech it made them awake and they also followed the suit of clapping with others though they hardly listened to what that person had spoke.






A taxi stopped and from that 4 people stepped out and they started entering the sanjeevni. Walking on the same path again after soo many months made them nostalgic they were getting emotional at every place they went be it caf teria or general ward or their famous locker room.  They went to the reception and asked "wheres the function going on?" the nurse firstly smiled at them since she remembered who they were and said welcome back maam and sir and then replied they are in auditorium. They smiled back at her and started walking towards the auditorium. They all thought after a long time they will meet that to with a surprise and whats gona happen next once they meet.




Armaan was still thinking about yesterday where in riddhima was talking to some one on phone and even promised she won't tell him he was thinking "with whom riddhima was talking?..................... why the person asked her not to share the talk with him?........................ did riddhima lied to him about this being a surprise?........................... kya meri basket mujhpe itna trust nahiin karti kya?...................... kaun hai vo jisse vo baat kar rahi thi ek baar mil jaye toh chodoonga nahiin" . while armaan was thinking atul was getting ready and even he was remembering anjalis mysterious talk and what she had told him after that he was way too excited for the moment to come though he wanted to share it with armaan the same moment when he came to know but he had sweared on Anjali he wont till they all come themselves and surprise them up.  Both the boys were lost while getting ready for their performance.



In girls green room both the girls were getting ready putting Compaq, blush on, eye liner, wearing earings and necklaces. In totality were dressing themselves as if they are princess, afcorse they were the princess so they had to look the best during the day. Riddhima was thinking about the surprise she is gona give to armaan tonight where as Anjali was thinking she is gona surprise both armaan and riddhima. Both the gupta sisters thought their surprise will rock though anjalis surprise was for the gang and riddhimas surprise was only for her armaan. Riddhima was thinking hope her surprise makes armaan happy and the angry mood which he is carrying also goes off.  Where as anjalis surprise though it was for the gang but indirectly it was associated with armaan and riddhima. Her main purpose was something related to both armaan and riddhima this will bring a smile on their faces.



Before the performance armaan wanted to talk to riddhima since with this angry mood he cannot perform. He went towards the girls green room and saw both Anjali and riddhima getting ready he knocked on the door which brought both of them out of their thoughts. "Kya hai armaan what you doing here" asked Anjali "vo mujhe riddhima se baat karni hai" said armaan with irritated voice. This made riddhima a bit conscious and thought what must have happened to him.  "Kyun performance ke baad baat kar lena" said Anjali to tease him but this made him more irritated and his anger was increasing. "Riddhima bahar aao baat karni hai" said armaan in anger this time hearing armaans voice Anjali understood she better shuts her teasing session since armaan is actually looking very serious. Riddhima now had to take the situation in her hand before it gets worst "di mien armaan se yahan baat kar leti hun aap doosere green room main tyaar ho jaiye".  Seeing the seriousness of the situation Anjali agreed to go out and get ready in other green room alought only bit of touch up was only left since she was almost ready so she agreed to leave.



Armaan: riddhima kaun hai jisse tum kal locker room main baat kar rahi thi

[Armaan didn't wanted to talk indierectly since his anger had reached its peak he though better they talk directly. On the other hand riddhima was shocked with his direct question she knew this would come since armaan had become suspicious but this soon she didn't expected it.]



Riddhima: umm ummm vo'. Vo

Armaan: riddhima ghuma firake baat mat karo just come to the point
Riddhima: armaan mien tumhe abhi itna hi bata sakti hun ki aaj raat ke 12 baje tak wait karlo
Armaan: kyun'''' kya hai 12 baje
Riddhima: please armaan '''.. please

[she said it with such cuteness that armaan melt down a bit he agreed to wait til 12 in the night since for the wait wasn't for a long time. Till now he had waited for some more hours won't harm much he thought]

Armaan: theek hain per usse zyada wait nahiin karoonga

Riddhima: mien usse zyada intezaar karwa bhi nahiin sakti

[this statement of riddhima made armaan look at her with confused face whats going on he thought, then he said its ok he doesn't have to much for the clock to strike 12 only few hours are left]



They were going to talk further just when they heard its time for their performance. All of them went to their respective wings from where they had to enter. But Anjali before coming had made a phone call to some one and informed them that's its gona be their performance and they better be ready with their surprise entry. After making this call she had gone to backstage for taking per position. Their performance was suppose to be a bit of play and a dance performance, but this wasn't all it had more to it their basic concept of the performance was to show how sanjeevni is how people are here and especially it was about their gang. This performance was to introduce themselves to the new interns and show them old sanjeevni. Before entering, they all did a group hug and armaan brought his hand forward palm side other kept their hands on it and they raised it while doing the hooting and wished all the very best to each other.



Armaan entered the stage and asked for a mike



Armaan: hello every one this armaan this side and I would like to mention that this performance is dedicated to our new interns and for their information its based on memebrs of sanjeevni from dr. shashank to dr. shubhankar to all of us.

[this statement made shashank roll his eye lashes they had added him as well what will they show about him dr. kirti and dr. shubhankar just smiled towards this. After saying all this armaan left the stage so that he can enter with every one else]



All entered the stage armaan was dr. shashank riddhima was nurse Padma atul was dr. shubhankar and Anjali was dr. kirti though they hardly needed to act especially atul and Anjali atul was like shubhankar in reality as well and Anjali was more or less like dr. kirti in life strong headed person. Soon they started with their dialigues



Armaan:  Padma mere liye coffee Lana please [he was sitting like dr. shashank on a chair and a table infornt of him where he was acting that he is working on some files.]


Riddhima: apko coffee pene ke liye please bolne ki zaroorat nahiin hai [riddhima was wearing the dark pink nurse dress which Padma use to wear]



Shashank and Padma who were siting in the crowd were just smiling off seeing their daughter and wud be -son in law perform that too their part. They felt bit proud seeing it and on the other hand juniors were bit shocked. They thought senior's khulam khula apne seniors ki band baja rahe hain, well these new interns always take things in wrong direction. Seniors were just trying to show how sanjeevni and its members are. By doint this performance they wanted to aware about how people here are what they see is just one side theres lots more to it. But to their luck the juniors thought they are teasing their seniors by enacting their scenes. To add to the cherry they also thought that seniors main boht himmat hai ki VO apne seniros ke samne unke moments dikha rahe hain iske liye un logo ne kitni baar chori se or chupke se dekha hoga. So they concluded seniors sabki batien sunte hain, slowly a negative impact was getting in rather they should see how cool and fun loving their seniors are.



Atul: dr. kirti'.. um um'.. aap kya'. 

[atul was trying his level best to behave like dr. shubhankar he was also wearing the lab coat like shubhankar wears]


Anjali: kya hai shubhankar

[Anjali said the dialogue correctly but not with the same anger which was required though she did this on purpose she wanted some one to interrupt it and speak. It was more or less like a clue for some one to speak up and shock people who are sitting here] but when she heard no one speaking she repeated her sentence again with a soft voice and also coughed as a signal but to her surprise atul asked "tum theek no na Anjali" thought not audibke to audience and Anjali gave a glaring look to atul and said "shut up atul" and looked towards the audience.  Where as max said "lagta hain dialogue bhool gayi hain aur" he couldn't complete his sentence since some one spoke



Soon came a voice "oye anjy gusse se bol gusse se" another voice came this time of a boy "armaan tumne dr. shashank ki tarah authoritative voice jaise nahiin bola" then after few seonds another girl's voice came "riddhima thoda aur sharmati yaar" and again a boys voice came "atul you are like dr. shubhankar only" with a laugh added.  Every one turned to see who the person was armaan and riddhimas eyes popped out seeing the person. Where as shubhankar and kirti stood from their seats including Padma and shashank. They were shock way beyond to see Rahul muskaan and niki abhi. They all were standing in a line and juniors were confused seeing every ones reactions they thought who they were who are standing in front of them. Though Anjali wasn't shock much since it was her plan only. She had called them sometime back since tonight was something special and she wanted to surprise armaan riddhima indirectly and what else she could do rather calling their old beloved friends without whom their gang was incomplete. Though armaan riddhima were shocked but along with them others were too and this was anjalis surprise for the day. All the four started walking towards the stage and once they reached the stage they hugged each other.



"Oye anjy sahi time pe entry maari Na" asked muskaan where as armaan riddhima were again shocked they wernt out from the first shock that is their entry now the second shock Anjali knew about their arrival. "Aise shock se mat dekh armaan" said Rahul while pinching him so that he can come out of his shock "ouch" shouted armaan and looked towards Rahul who was giggling. "Hey Amy" said nikita and came forward to hug him, "hey ridzy" said nikita again and hugged her too.  Then she went to atul "kaise ho atul" said while hugging him "mien mast hun tum batao" asked atul "mien bhi mast hun dekho" said nikita. Seeing this other smiled. By now shubhankar and kirti also came up on the stage to meet their beloved interns who have become resident doctors cum friends.  They also hugged each other and while meeting abhimanyu kriti said "welcome back dr. modi" "thank you dr. kirti" his reply. Abhimanyu walked towards armaan and both were looking into each others eyes and rest of the gang were praying hope they don't start fighting like old times. Every one was looking towards them only.






Coming up


1.       Abhimanyu takraar or dosti?

2.       Old gang's performance

3.       Juniors try to understand whats happening.

hope u like the entry and i was able to live up to every ones expectation. please share your views and suggestions.Smile

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