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3 Idiotz - Idiots Hue Niraash..Vinu ki Talaash...! (Page 43)

nanditasingh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 6:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Pari76


 December 16th      

         Today was a nice episode with issues.

         Welcome back logic to some extent.

         There was no episode continuation.

         Execution was nice.


1.       Maan,  Geet & Dadi

      Today we see the couple fight for each other.   These types of arguments are worth it and they make sense.

      Geet has Maan on her mind.  She calls her love at her whim because she simply missed him and wants to spend time with him.

      Why is Geet trying hiding from everyone in KC when she is on the phone with Maan?  If she wants to have a private conversation, which she did, then why didn't she go into her cabin and call him?

      Geet really need to start calling Maan "Maan" and not "Maan Sir"!

      Maan who is at the door of Mr. Rathore's office, picks up his Mishti's call and at her request he gives the wedding file to Mr. Rathore's assistant and asks her to give to his sister and he leaves.

      This isn't a good.  How can Maan leave without the Gurgaon file?  The client's file which he has a meeting with today.  This is showing professional irresponsibility on Maan's part and because of Geet.  Hence will Geet be the reason Maan goes bankrupt?  CVs and Nissar DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.  MSK SHOULD NOT BE SHOWN AS LOSING IN ANY ASPECT TO AJRUN OR NT AND GEET SHOULD NEVER BE USED AS A PAWN AS TO WHY MAAN LOSES ANYTHING. (Caps for Emphasis only).

      Geet wants to get white roses for her Maan, but Maan knows his Mishti loves red roses; so they argue about this until the kids get tired of their avatar and left.

      Geet stumping her foot and about to fall holding her stomach indicates she and her baby will be in danger.  Maan's hand on Geet's hand which is on her stomach indicates that he'll be there for them not necessarily saving both or'

      How did Maan and Geet reach from the outside of KC office to inside KM?

      They are so into their arguing about the roses that they didn't even notice Dadi sitting in the living room.

      Dadi asks for help in deciding for wedding cards.  Geet picks up the red invitation card and admires it, then she notices Maan looking at the white and she forsakes her choice for his.  Maan also forsakes his choice for Geet and tells her that they'll get the red invitation card.

      Geet then says that she won't marry him and then Maan in turns says they won't get married.  While this was shown amdist the fight over an invitation card' But this isn't good as well'

      Dadi continued with her Masti.

      Geet walking to outhouse and self talking that Maan won't let her choose what she wants that she wants to choose his favorites.   I disliked that Geet said that she wanted to do this for him because he has done so much for her.  CVs and Nissar, do not let Geet ever use this line again as the reason why she wants to do something for Maan as it shows obligation instead of want to.

      Geet should decide to take her of words "they should communicate ..." and talk to Maan that they should incorporate both their choices in their wedding.  I know the red and white theme is boring and over done.  But this has been the color theme recently so'

      I must say that I totally loved Maan as his is always wanting to make Geet happy just because he wants to see her happy, because she is his happiness.


2.          Anwesha & Arjun

         Anwesha was just a little too happy to see that mirror.  After checking out area was cleared, she tend to fixin' herself up not realizing it was a one sided mirror.  Gosh she even blew a kiss.

         Arjun so patiently looked on while Anwesha prepared herself for their meeting'

         What an upper hand she has on her.  Realizing that they have met before he gives his back to the door so that Anwesha does not recognize him immediately.

         The conversation between them was good.

         It seems that Arjun did not know she was Maan's sister until his secretary mentioned Maan's name.

         In the same token it is clear that Anwesha does not know that Arjun is NT's brother.  Why doesn't Anwesha know that Arjun is NT's brother? Doesn't she know that Dev has married and to who? If not where was Anwesha all this time?  Why hasn't Anwesha asked for Vicky or NT?

         I think Arjun saw the file's name "Gurgaon" as the file was laying face up with something written on the front.

         The expression on Anwesha's face as she notices the one sided mirror' Priceless!

         Arjun uses the opportunity to taunt her using "yeh dil ki baat".


Precap:  I am not gonna speculate.



My speculations' (Edited a & b.)

a.       NT is structuring her own plan as she has lost and will lose trust in Arjun.  She trusts herself more than ANYONE ELSE.

b.      Arjun will use Anwesha to get to Maan, but will fall in love with her in the process and stop.

c.       NT's sentence to Adi will come into play once again "loyal employees of Maan Veerji, he'll need them."

d.      From Maan's repetitive dialogue about "as long as he is there nothing will happen to Geet" makes me think that may be for whatever reason he won't be there once due to circumstance and something will happen to Geet.

e.      NT brings in Sameera'

Here is what needs to happen'  (Addition 1, 2, 3)

1.    Why doesn't Anwesha know that Arjun is NT's brother?

2.    Where was Anwesha all this time?

3.     Whose daughter is she and is she Maan's real sister?

4.     GEET NEEDS TO START CALLING MAAN "MAAN". (caps for emphasis only)

5.    Would like to see Geet do something for Maan just because he is her happiness not because he has done so much for her' this reason seems more of an obligation rather than a want to.

6.    Who was NT's helper that dropped the chandelier which was supposed to kill Geet?

7.    The entire story of the entire Khurana Family and Family Members need to be told now.

8.    Anwesha needs to inquire about her bro Vicky and his wife NT and also Dev's Mom and Dev's sister.

9.    Dev needs to tell Maan everything that has happened from time he came out of jail because of NT to present including his deal with NT for exchange for family freedom.

10.  I want to know exactly when and where NT got POAs, cause it wasn't when Maan was in the


11.  Dev and Meera should go and speak to MSK regarding NT.

12.  Geet needs to give a public statement to the press saying that "she misunderstood the

 situation and acted rash.  Maan is nothing like Dev and Maan is and will always be reputable.   The answer to your question is yes, Maan and I are getting married."

13.  I would like to see Dev slap NT with open palm then bring back to another slap with back of hands.

14.  Sasha needs to be put out of commission once and for all.  She should not have another hand

in causing any more damages to Geet or Maan as for an employee she has already got away with too much.

15.  Dev's mother and sister need to be mentioned as part of the criminal crew and be punished


16.  Geet needs to know Meera's true ties to Khurana's family.

17.  Maan needs to become the ferocious tiger.  Remember his words to NT that if she made Geet

                  cried he would take revenge for each tear drop.  I don't think NT can pay this debt in its'

                  entirety in this lifetime.

18.  Maan still needs to know

                           i.   That NT poisoned Dadi's mind

                         ii.   That Dadi kicked Geet out of the house.

                        iii.   That NT lied to Geet about him not wanting to see her

                       iv.    That NT lied to Geet about the taveez and again Maan not wanting to see her

                         v.   That NT moved him from his original hospital room in order to prevent Geet from seeing

 Him and that she stopped Geet at the door of his hospital room from entering to see him.

                         vi. That Sasha is the reason why the story came out at the office.

                        vii. Nasty Attitude insulted Geet and threw her into the pool.

                      viii. Sasha is working with NT and locked them in store room.

                         ix. Maan needs to know Pindi was working with NT.











loved it as always

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reea88 Goldie

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 6:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by muniza75

@ Preeto - Luv u sweety, when you were her i wasnt....Missed you yesterday....Take care, cya...

 hey muni whats up? r u there now.. hey my family koi hain  keya yeha??
Rituparnaa IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by nanditasingh

hello girls

sweet & adorable segment .... about today's episode

been quite a while that i saw them fight for eachother..with eachother

i love such nok - jhok it shows love ....sorry in last few ones i missed seeing that....


this was the essence that was missing .... (Sri..Pooja ..Pari...right girls)

Maan likes White...Geet opts for white roses....walks in Maan..he knows his lady loves red he insists she get them instead..
if to believe the segment...they buy none ..poor kids confused with their bickering sure do leave.

THE red rose whispers of passion,
And the white rose breathes of love;
O, the red rose is a falcon,
And the white rose is a dove.

(John Boyle O'Reilly )


the segment also showed one more to add in the list of Geet's trip - Maan's catching followed by 'Mahiii' & eyelock = MaanEetians Khush

what more to look forward to.....Confused

Haan Arjun-Annie the made for eachother coupleLOL

Episode obviously yet to watch but precap gave me a thought...

The Glass Door

Maan's office door  is of glass  but a see through one....he has nothing to hide from his clients or staff or the world that comes to his door to meet the business tycoon Maan Singh Khurana
He is not afraid of anything ....he can stare & glare right into your eyes ...... He reads a person right of the reasons for his super success obviously judging people right ...
ex- he literary hated NT even before the knowledge of her criminal self.

Arjun's office door way mirror ...he can see the world but none can see him through it .... he is hiding , he has to hide his true identity coz of his mission ... its a precaution too.
He will know who is approaching him while the person on the other side has no idea he/she is watched & judged...

He watches Annie do her makeover...

i guess when Maan walks in (pic posted of his talking to the receptionist lady )... we will see Annie then notice she was watched when Maan knocks the door...(filmyLOL)

i'm waiting to see if Maan meets Arjun there in the office .....

why me did so much bak-bak?
my net is pathetic today not sure if or when i can be back....


nothing to edit guess i said what i had to say above itself weirdly before the

but would like to add this bit

I Love Maan....this man, this angel, this knight , this prince ...
who knows how to make his lady love feel & be treated like a princess

Making me feel special
Making me feel beautiful
   small things
   small gestures

Forever indebt to you
Forever in love with you


Hey nandu......I abosutely loved ur take dear ! Especially the glass door one so perfectly interpreted !How I wished that Maan would have seen Arjun there ! But lets see ...CVs have planned something else it seems!He already smelled fishy abt Arjun but am eager how he's gonna handling him !And the way he decorated the outhouse with Red n White curtains with that two Roses is absolutely breathtaking ! This man makes me crazy with each passing day !
Who else other than MSK knows how make his love Special in all the way !Heart

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Originally posted by muniza75

@ Preeto - Luv u sweety, when you were her i wasnt....Missed you yesterday....Take care, cya...

O Meri Muni
i to missed u my net was irritating yesterday khraab hogaya tha now its fine Smile
so today you have to bear me and my songsLOLWink
nanditasingh IF-Sizzlerz

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@Pari & Ritu - thank you so so much dear
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Originally posted by killerkinrul

Originally posted by muniza75

@ Preeto - Luv u sweety, when you were her i wasnt....Missed you yesterday....Take care, cya...

O Meri Muni
i to missed u my net was irritating yesterday khraab hogaya tha now its fine Smile
so today you have to bear me and my songsLOLWink
hay preet whats up.. btw i m reea.. member of this family..
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Originally posted by nanditasingh

@Pari & Ritu - thank you so so much dear
 nandu my dear.. u r rock.. i loved to read ur topics & analysis..Clap ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
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That was well said,
toh kisses toh magta hai boss,
Fatherly kissing os just too much

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